First name: Gray
Last name: Mark
Aka: Kyle Olsen (real person)
Age: 40
On websites: Facebook, Linkedin,
Report: Connected through facebook. Messages sent are through emails. Did a google on his photos and found his photos were on most scam websites
First name: Benard
Last name: Vincente
Age: 24
Location: Norman, Oklahoma
Email: benvincente91
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: Hello, I'm not sure if the is the same Benard Vincente ( but I came across the am name but the user name is benvincente91. I have pictures if needed from the website
First name: Edward
Last name: Lloyd
Age: 50
Location: Claimed in Houston, tx but living L
Email: edwardlloyd@hotmail
On websites: Vietsingle but took off
Report: Edward Lloyd is scammer. His phone number in U.S: 9179795252, and other phone number in Malaysia which use scam people: 601116656639
First name: Mark
Last name: Laurence
Age: 57
Location: Oregon, Florida, San Francisco
Phone: 305-767-2651
On websites:
Report: 1) I initiated contact after receiving an email from a woman who claimed her friend was taken by my profile on 2) I was contacted 4/7/15 by email from ( who claimed to have a friend not on internet dating sites saw my profile using her log in while visiting her in Colorado. She described what appeared to be a nice guy & gently encouraged me to take a chance and email him back. 3) On 5/21/15, I took that chance not giving any information other than a friend had contacted me on his behalf. I also asked that he respond with something from my profile to help me ascertain that he was indeed the one identified in the email. He responded back that day & since then we have been regularly emailing back & forth. 4) Strange events was his cell is a Florida #, his friend was in Colorado, yet he mentioned that he had been visiting her for her engagement party. If you are getting engaged, you would not have an active profile. There also appears to be 2 locations for - one from Colorado which was in the email and the other when I clicked on report a concern, it then showed that's location was in Wyoming. Further, his
First name: Rogers
Last name: Davies
Age: 53
Location: Phillipines/London/L.A.
On websites:
Report: We met on and emailed back and forth every day for about 2 weeks. I did not think anything was wrong since I was the one who initiated the conversation about his profile photo. He even shared photos with me of his family (mother and a teenage daughter) and friends. I've had communications with couple of scammers before this guy so I decided to test him before we go on for months. I told him I was pretty much broke, even though I'm not. He stopped emailing shortly after that. He never got around to asking me for money or anything else. Thank god a friend asked me to check out this males scammers site. I found an exact email he sent to me in someone else's report.
First name: Philip Anthony
Last name: Jones
Aka: Richard Abiola Shekoni
Age: 33
Location: South Africa
Phone: +27746559137 / +27842924923
On websites: Gayromeo
Report: Is working and gets paid when the contract is over, one or two weeks. Calls you and sounds really sweet. Texts you all the time. Sends you beautifull pictures. Says he's come on over and will receive a lot of money when the contract is over but in meanwile he asks for money... You have to send it to Richard Abiola Shekoni, 10 church street, code 0002, ID number A04119987, date of birth 14-04-1988, phone +27815893991
First name: Hector
Last name: Lorenzo
Age: 56
Location: USA; San Dimas, CA and Kountze, TX; also Pretoria, South Africa
Phone: 858 633 3419
On websites: Match
Report: Very smooth talking gentleman. Emailed me on Match, after a couple of emails there he asked for a personal email address and gave me his. Stated he was new to Match and internet dating. Hector claims he was born in Lisbon, and spent over half his life in Portugal. He states his father was from Portugal and his mother was half Austrian and 1/2 American. Both parents are deceased. He also says he has a 17 year old son. He states he lives in San Dimas, CA but has a home in Kountze, TX that he inherited from his mother that he was currently remodeling. We exchanged emails starting on May 4th for a couple of days when he gave me his phone number and also asked for me stating that phone communication was a much better way to get to know each other. We started texting each other on May 5th. From May 5th to May 17th we texted on almost a daily basis along with emails thrown in and an occasional chat session on Yahoo messenger. On May 17th the individual flew to Pretoria, South Africa to wrap up on 'job project' he had been working on. He stated when he was done with that he would be flying to where I live to spend as much time as I could with him and to talk about our future. On May 26th he contacted me on Yahoo messenger, we talked for a minute or so before he sent the following message:
First name: joshua
Last name: wayne
Age: 40
Location: LA and serbia
On websites: badoo uses viber to communicate
Report: contacted me asked me to meet him after chatting for 24 hours i couldnt then we arranged to meet later that week he told me within days he loved me woke me up to poems every morning had told me he was a widow and had a son kelvin 7 told me about the nanny carmen and his chef tom sent me videos and pictures called me daily and messaged me constantly all of a sudden the day before we were meant to meet he said his son was ill had to fly home had said he was in london looking at properties had to go back to LA he asked if we could move in together had asked me to move to LA to run one of his businesses he sent me pictures of gifts he had supposidly bought me told me he had a big bid to do for a contract in serbia couple of days later called me to say he had got it had to fly out the same day said wanted me to go there also then got a message from someone called angelo josh had an accident was ok would contact me later he called to say there was an accident on the site his worker was injured he had to go make a statement at the police station said they were horrid to him and froze his money said his lawyer was with him trying to sort it but he need money as he had to pay for his workers operation asked me for money i had already found out about him and confronted him he never became abusive he actually said what he does he knows is wrong i didnt deserve it and said sorry i blocked him then from every part of my phone he used the name joshua mccoy at present he is on badoo using the names michael wayne and wayne michael the pictures he uses are of tom kashty
First name: Lucas
Last name: James
Aka: James Duke
Age: Unknown
Location: Afghanistan
On websites: Unknown
Report: Tried to contact me through e-mail. Saying he is NATO army stationed in Afghanistan and that he would like to know more about me.
First name: Frank Sean
Last name: Walker
Age: 49
Location: Said from Texas USA but in South Arica
Phone: 0019042572564
On websites: Facebook
Report: Met him through a facebook request. He said he was in Texas and have his own business selling trucks. He send pictures of him and his children. We chatted on FB messenger and Viber and he started asking for gift for his one son Sean for his birthday a playstation 6 and and a Iphone for himself for his birthday. I told him that I found out that he is a scammer and we can go on talking if he tell me the truth. He said ok and made me promise not to let anyone know his identity. He said he was a Nigerian man aged 32 and he live in Cape Town South Africa. I stopped contact with him completely before sending anything. I know he send other woman friend request as well. I have pictures of him
First name: Michael
Last name: Cannon
Aka: Mike
Age: 67
Location: inglewood, california
On websites: eHarmony
Report: He sent me the same email message I saw on your website. He used the same tactics you describe: i met him on eharmony, and he immediately want to talk on a private email. I've exchanged 4 or 5 emails with him.
First name: david
Last name: palmer
Aka: garry david
Age: 1/1/1960
Location: turkey
On websites: facebook
Report: says in turkey but mobile phone can be diverted to anywhere this person says in turkey with a usa passport with a different name and signature never given me e-mail addres or address exactly where he is been working there since January 2015 which I find hard too understand as only allowed a 90 day working visa...asked for money too help with goods !!!! like a stupid idiot sent money thousands involved...and now asking for more to get documents so he can pay me back come to the uk and buy me property.....he is so convincing sounds a wonderful genuine person ....convincd me with loads of tears as well.this has been going on for months...what an experience I feel very hurt and annoyed with myself for getting involved just want other wmen to be aware and careful
First name: Timothy
Last name: Witt
Age: 54
Location: Little Rock, AR
Phone: 501-301-4159
On websites: Okcupid
Report: he contacted me on we talked for 2 days and he claims he is in love with me. he did not ask me for money. i searched his pictures on and they showed up
First name: Burwell
Last name: Bell
Age: 63
Location: Iraq/Afghanstan
On websites: OKCUpid
Report: He contacted me on He said he is in the army and is on a peace mission in Iraq or Afghanistan. He did not ask me for money.....we only talked to two days and he claimed he was in love with me. I searched his picture on and it showed up.
First name: Spencer James
Last name: Johnson
Aka: James Nortton /Peter Allonso/glen Edwards
Age: 54
Location: London (he says)
Address: 63 Clayponds Gardens Ealing
Phone: 0044789964033
On websites: Match be2
Report: Very experienced sense he had been grooming vulnerable women for years!! Never gives a landline always cell no.s Will never Skype (always an excuse) emails romantic messages with references to love songs. Starts to call you until if he scents money can call 2-3-4 times a day. Says he lost his wife who died in childbirth and is. Civil engineer for rail around the world. Can't wait to sell up and settle with you the love of his life.Sends photos of himself ....(well some tall good looking guy!!) reels you in. Is part of a big scam group and gets them to talk to you and they say how
First name: Kennedy Ryan
Last name: O'Brien
Age: 56
Location: Los Angeles
Address: 11177 Penn St, Southgate, CA
Phone: 323-484-8487; 27613542238
On websites:
Report: He contacted me initially through another woman's account on May 25, 2014. Claims to be a civil engineer working with own business called Keno Construction and Materials (fake web site) he stole from Thor Construction, says he lives in LA. He is dangerous, has elaborated scam going on. Pretends to be millionaire, gives you (fake) power of attorney to fake Cadence bank site and has you move around his money. All a set up, and not real. Has fake contracts. Business email is Claims to loose luggage at SA airport, then has all money tied up due to online transfer issues. Wired money to non existent companies in UK for construction materials via Barclay Bank. Claims to have an 18 year old daughter at Oxford studying medicine names Annabel. He even gets a SA woman to call you, but refers to him as Ryan. Number called from is 447767417092. All an intricate scam, please beware he is really good, and very convincing.
First name: louis
Age: 47
Location: new york new york
Phone: 347-580-1990
On websites: BPM POF FB
Report: pls click line for full details and photo used by this scammer
First name: Richard
Last name: Gustavo
Aka: Richard Martin
Age: 59
Location: League City, Texas
Phone: 213-761-8824
On websites:
Report: I was contacted on Delightful by steviesman and later he asked for my email address. He began sending me poems and letters. When I asked questions, he would not answer them but continued to send letters and pictures. I was a little concerned at this point. So when he asked for my telephone number I agreed thinking he would call me but instead I only got texts. I researched the company he said he owned (fp-fieldmarine) and came across a list of letters he had sent to Karin in Finland.
First name: Desmond
Last name: John
Aka: John Desmond Abraham
Age: 40-45
Location: Essex, UK, West Africa, Lagos, Nigeria, Canada
Phone: +447045794381, 9193918724
On websites: Online People, Facebook, Yahoo Messenger
Report: I met Desmond John back in July 2011 on Online People. He told me he was from Essex, UK. He told me he was a foreman for a construction company. We chatted on Facebook for a few days then he told me that he would be more comfortable talking on Yahoo Messenger. We chatted there for a few weeks getting to know each other better.Talking about family and friends We talked about our childhood. Then he asked me what was the worse thing that happened to me when I was a child. I explained to him what happened. When I asked him the same question he said that he had only one male friend and when he was 12 years old his friend John died while playing football. Then I asked him if he has any friends today. Said he had one male friend who lived with him for two years. Desmond explained how his friend turned his back and left on him when he lost his job and needed $3000. We then exchanged mobile numbers. At that time his mobile number was +447045794381. On July 17, 2011 he told me that his company awarded a contract in West Africa. Then on July 20, 2011 he told me that he was worried because he got a call saying that he should use his own money to start the project in West Africa first and they would pay him back. Told me he would fly out on July 21, 2011. A few days after he got in West Africa he called me. He also sent me emails via Everything was going fine for a while. He told me that his contract was for building roads and bridges. He hired laborers to do the construction work. On July 27, 2011 it was time for Desmond to be paid by his company but they wanted to pay him through bank account and there are no bank in West Africa like that. Immediately Desmond asked me to open a Bank of America (BOA) account for him in the states. I told him I would think about it. But on Aug 1, 2011 I did open up a checking account at Chase bank because I had some trouble with BOA in the past.The amount that was to be transferred into this account was $50,000 and I would Keep $300. Sent routing number and account information to Desmond over the internet.Soon my account was closed because of suspicious activity. On August 11, 2011, I opened up another checking account at Citizens Bank. Sent routing/account to Desmond over the internet via yahoo messenger. Amount to be transferred into account would $10,000 and $40,000. On August 14,2011, I would withdraw $10,000 out of the account. Keep $300 for myself then go to the Western Union and send the remaining $9,700 to Receivers Name: Kelly Morison, Address: Lagos, Nigeria, Amount to be Sent: $, Text: Question/Answer, Sender's Name: Amount Sent: MTCN (control number). On August 18, 2011 I would withdraw $9,990 from an account at Bank of America.I was promised $500. Would have to wait for Bank Officer to call with instructions. Most of the time the bank schemes failed. So they started using Western Union. Because of Desmond I cannot open bank accounts, credit cards, can't take out a loan. I was really dupped. I have
First name: Bruce
Last name: Armstrong
Age: 54
Location: Accra Ghana
Phone: 44 161 850 3573
On websites:
Report: This's man has contacted me via the website mentioned and after many emails says he loves me, says he is half Scottish half Indian America. Has a son called Karl who is studying to be a pilot in the United States. Also he said he is widowed, lived in Scotland and now lives in Leytonstone. I believe this person is a scammer. Please help. He said he is an Engineer and building a shopping mall in Accra, Ghana. He has asked me to send me to the United States to a Traci Ashburn as a surprise present for his son whose birthday it is today.
First name: Harry
Last name: Herbert
Age: 50
Location: Capetown-saps@saps south sfrica
Phone: 281-675-2168
On websites: Wayne
Report: Romance scam ...asks for money from money gram.
First name: Fred
Last name: Louw
Age: 50
Location: South Africa
Phone: 27744177807
On websites: Facebook
Report: Has 6 profiles. Contact women. Tell them after a shart while that he loves them Use words like love, babe, angel, honey in his letters, Says his wife died in motor accident. Says daughter is Karen and lives with his mother in Madrid. Says he is a engineer and work most of the time outside RSA on contracts. Need money to complete his contract and ask women to help and he will pay back when back in RSA.
First name: Cort
Last name: Henrick
Age: 52
Location: Ghana
Email: Cort.henrick001
On websites: Skype, tango, viber, whatsapp
Report: Known him for almost a year and he has encouraging tactic, he uses kids and a lots of stories to get money. Until now he's still active. Please do something to catch this man. Thank you so much on this site that I saw his name because in just a minute I need to send again for him.
First name: Youn
Last name: Jae Pil
Aka: Callum
Age: 15 June 1975
Location: London, United Kingdom
Address: 135 Bishopsgate, London
On websites: linkedin
Report: Youn Jae Pil initiated the contact. He wrote to my email and sent proposal letters. Been in contact strictly through emails for few days. He (Korean) claimed to be a NATWEST employee and my suspicion came for 4 obvious reasons: Firstly, the email he sent to me was never used in public or private. Secondly, he called me by my user name I used in online sites for games etc. which is not connected with my email address. Thirdly I checked NATWEST website and there is no such person in their employ and lastly, his LINKEDin PHOTO and his passport and NATWEST id shows two different men. I stopped communicating with him
First name: Kelvin
Last name: Young
Aka: military
Age: 46
Location: Syria
Phone: 347-308-9604
On websites: meet me, viber
Report: Kelvin Young contacted me on meet me, he suggested we use viber messaging, we talked for about a week and I looked him up online to find him listed as a scammer on romance says he is the military, army, deployed in Syria.He says he is from California.His pics are very believable..He will say he father is deceased and comes from money, all his accounts in the US are closed..Beware!!!! he is setting u up for a scam...
First name: Raymond
Last name: Andrew
Age: 46
Location: Scotland United Kingdom
Phone: 447849293040, 447937464457
On websites: Vietnamcupid
Report: My father has passed away and my mother is still alive she live here in London with my daughter and a maid servant . I have been married with one daughter but my wife dies three yrs ago in a breast cancer And would love to get married again with the right person. I am originated from Netherlands ,the Capital City of Republic Of Netherlands and based in Scotland United Kingdom but right now am in USA i will be coming back to Scotland tomorrow i went to visit my friend. I'm an Architects and Real Estate Management do Architectural Engineer, meaning i took after my Dad's profession, i was to be a biochemist but my dad and mum advise me to study engineering which am happy with today, i design and construct houses, roads , bridges and shopping Malls . i do also the sales on building Materials ..i love my job coz i do travel some parts of the worlds..and I have a Master degree, a good paying stead.
First name: Werner
Last name: Hibbach
Age: 58
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Address: Bristol, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 7594 364863,+44 7937 445128,+60 11 3306 0215
On websites: FaceBook & Yahoo Messenget
Report: I been scammed by this guy is from Bristol United Kingdom at present he said that he had contract work with Malaysia Government Ministry of Work
First name: John
Last name: Maitland
Aka: Rupert Marc-Andre
Age: 52
Location: Miami Florida
Phone: 7865407795
On websites: through woman contact on
Report: This man John Maitland is already noted on this site however the pictures he sent me are different from the ones that I saw and I was contacted by a female who was on She said her friend John saw my profile and she contacted me to say he was interested in getting to know me. This is one of the emails I received:
First name: Michael
Last name: Golden
Age: 42
Location: Colorado City
On websites: Badoo
Report: I was victimized by this man .He told me to be a sergeant of Us Army He needed help so I sent him a lot of money.He promised that he 'l l refunded all money but I don't know where it ended.Sometimes he sends me messages from yahoo messenger or through mail .
First name: Charles
Last name: Presten
Age: 55
Location: Accra Ghana
On websites:
Report: This man used to love your best photos .Really, working in groups as a network has contacts in other countries that act as receptors money from scams . even uses fake link banks in the United Unido. I guess this network is associated with native of Nigeria .I skype contact with each course friend and employee of a bank with an e until recently he remained active . I regret having fallen in love so foolishly .The knows advantage of the weakness of women .Today just ask God to do justice for all women have have been victims of these sociopaths . These experiences are very traumatic and inexplicable . I still wonder how I could fall into this absurd .. my vulnerability at that time. I want to alert as the ladies who have published their testimony here others do not make the same mistake.I just hope at some point to pay for their misdeeds. if the law of man failsdivine law ..HE is a vile bastard human waste.