First name: Charles
Last name: Nelky Abel
Age: 46
Location: USA
On websites: FACEBOOK
Report: Was first on Interpals, now on FB. Uses the pictures and videos of Adam Maggio. I have several photos.
First name: Dean
Last name: Davis
Aka: Carlos Moss
Age: 54
Location: United States, New Orleans, LA Annapolis, Maryland
Phone: 410-775-5389, 985-200-9139, 233233736373
On websites: match, millionairematch, okcupid
Report: I initiated contact on Match via match email We corresponded for 20 days There continued to be reasons/situations that prevented us meeting. He started asking for money and his answers were not logical as to why he was needing financial assistance from me. First request for money/financial help was yesterday, He very specifically requested 2 Apple IPhone 6S Telephones, an IPad Mini, and an Apple Laptop. Clothes, very specific list, Timberland Boots, Sunglasses, as his luggage was lost/stolen upon arrival in Accra-Ghana.
First name: ricardo
Last name: garcia
Aka: joseph russo
Age: 53 6-29-1962
Location: torrance california usa
Email: russo
On websites: facebook,yahoo,yahoo messenger
Report: he sent me a friends request on face book..then we exchanged emails,yahoo messenger also;he never gave me a phone number..i wouldn't give him mine..we started talking mon sept 28,2015.. were still talking..he sends emails,pics,so far he hasn't ask for money..but he said he was on a oil rig..he was retiring in 2months to spend time with his son..wants to get married.. i get a email of a list of scammers for some reason something told me to check the scam list & there he was..thats the pic he gave me to...
First name: Paul
Last name: Tyler
Age: 65
Location: Nigeria
On websites: POF
Report: He claims to be from Paris raised in USA. He looks for money to alledgley come home to Chicago And needs airfare, or overstay which doesn't exist. Talks a lot of crap to have you give him money,
First name: William
Last name: Mata
Aka: Anthony William Mata, David smith
Age: 49
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan Atalanta, Georgia
Phone: 2392173896
Email: Unknown
On websites: Facebook and Whatsapp
Report: He friend requested me on Facebook today so I accepted he told me he was an E6 staff sergeant on a peace keeping mission in Kabul Afghanistan. Told me be would be retiring at the end of the year and returning to Atalanta, Georgia to his 5 bedroom home. I was already thing bs but I thought let's see what's next later in the same day he told me he loved me. The whole time he was blowing smoke I was searching for him online.
First name: frank
Last name: reed
Age: 61
Location: england
Address: unnotti
Phone: 00447934868643
On websites: match.clm
Report: Aktive still use the name Frank Johnson blooked him when he needed money
First name: Wills
Last name: William
Age: says he is in his late 50's
Location: says he is from Chard in Somerset
On websites: POF
Report: Hi I think I am the victim of a scam. I have been receiving emails from Wills (William) who says he is from Chard in Somerset according to his POF profile which is now disappeared. He asked me to text him and gave the following number: 0090 533 8766 055. When I checked the 0090 bit out it appears to be a Turkish number.
First name: dave
Last name: martins
Age: 49
Location: kentucky
Report: this man scammed me of ?20,000. He claimed he was from Kentucky but is actually from Nigeria... His Nigerian numbers are as follows,,002348151559260,..002348111609448...002348115872179 He was using this US number which is now coming up as invalid 0016063934631 Just hope this is caught..met him on Connecting Singles website
First name: Mikkel
Last name: Martins
Age: 50
Location: Seattle, WA
Phone: 424-219-9511
Email: Unknown
On websites: OkCupid
Report: Mr. Martins contacted me via a dating website, told me he was a Danish born Architectural Engineer with his own private firm. Claimed to have been in Dubai for 2 weeks, and would be there for 2 more weeks. Then stated that he could take a break for 4 days to come back and finalize contracts to get paid, and also to meet me in person. Said he needed my address to send something to me. Now wants money. His cell phone has a Irvine or Gardena, California prefix, but he claims to live in Seattle.
First name: John
Last name: Amsden
Aka: Mark West
Age: June 17
Location: Ireland
On websites: Facebook
Report: He send a request to befriend me in facebook. I accepted it and he wrote and chat with me. Told me that he is a divorcee from United States, and is a geological science residing in Isle of man Europe located in Irish sea in Ireland. Said I am pretty and he is attracted to me, and I must be hurt by my divorce. While chatting, he will try to fish out information about where I work in, what is my company's name, and what my company is dealing with. As we chat, I began to be suspicious of him. I checked his photo on the website and found that he is a scammer named Mark West from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), London and Liverpool (UK). I suspect he has other names too.
First name: Richard
Last name: Collins
Age: 47-51
Location: NIGERIA
On websites: google+
Report: I knew this scammer as Carlous Brills hes now on google+ same old pictures with six different names and infor.
First name: michael
Last name: green
Age: 50
Location: phoenix arizona
On websites: Skype
Report: Osoba koja se predstavlja kao Michael Green.
First name: Larry
Last name: Wolfe
Aka: David Lopez
Age: 44
Location: California , Nigeria
Phone: 423-405-0019
On websites: Facebook
Report: Sent friend request on facebook . After 2 days he was sending emails and songs . Saying he was in love .
First name: Richard
Last name: Anthony
Aka: Richard Tony
Age: 61
Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana USA, Orlando Florida USA & Italy
Phone: +1 (941) 404 3085 & +1 (941) 322 7770
On websites:, Viber, Whatsapp, Burkina Faso Dating, Malawi Dating, Vietnamese Dating & Addis A
Report: I met this man on a Dating Site Call he's name is Richard Anthony aka Rich Tony (61) from Orlando Florida USA. He is a Divorced with one daughter call Jennifer (24) and she is living with her mum in Texas USA. Richard Anthony's Jobs is Self-Employed by Building Contractor and also do supply Chemical to Oil Companies/Works Computer Industry.
First name: Micheal
Last name: O'Brien
Age: 41
Location: Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, USA & Pretoria, South Africa
Phone: 856-887-1358 and 27622986430
On websites: OkCupid
Report: He initiated contact through OkCupid. Corresponded with him for almost 2 months starting in July 2015. He stated he was in the U.S. Army based out of Fort Irwin, CA. U.S. Army sent him to Syria then to South Africa. In our chats he mentioned that I needed to complete a form for his army profile to show that he has a fiancee/girlfriend so he can request leave. When I saw the form and it asked my personal information such as home & work address, date of birth and social security number, I knew it was a scam. The form was a good forgery. I googled the form number and could not locate it in the public records of the U.S. Army form database. I had a friend in the U.S. Army confirm that the form was fake. I never returned the form to him. Also, reported him to OkCupid who deactivated his profile. I ceased all communication with him.
First name: George
Last name: Logan
Age: 40's
Location: was Geneva oh changed to Miami, FL
Address: supposely in Ukraine Army Ranger
Phone: 6174312375
Email: did not give me one
On websites: Facebook
Report: he messenged me called me Beautiful said he found his Soulmate things were fine, until today he asked me for 50.00 that his son he is adopting needed 50.00 for school material also said he has someone helping him adopte this boy , profile has 2 pics not ones I have seen before. He removed as a friend and I blocked him . I'm a Military mom , and if he is pretending to be Army Ranger thats really sad ...
First name: David
Last name: Jeff
Age: 50
Location: Ottawa, Canada - Republic Of Benin, Cotonou
On websites: Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Messenger, OKCupid
Report: First contact was made via OKCupid. Communication lasted on that site for less than a week. Gave me his Yahoo Email account. Insisted that I communicate with him on Yahoo Messenger via his IPhone. Says that he is an Oil Facilitator on a 4 month contract. Never mentioned who his employer is. Asked many personal questions but refused to disclose anything about himself. Emails were vague with plenty of bad grammar (spelling errors). I refused to have any further communication with him. However, he persisted to continue sending messages. Finally blocked him after 14 to 16 days of game playing.Never asked for money.However, was very persistent on a romantic encounter.
First name: Max
Last name: Harvey
Age: 52
Location: Manhattan and charlotte
Phone: 7046667669
On websites: Christianmingle
Report: Scammed my mom, would not meet her in person. I was able to find him on other web sites through image search. Took down fake Facebook. Still on Pinterest as max Harvey. He sounds like he is from Africa. Stated he is an engineer heading to Nigiera on business. Has not asked for money yet.
First name: Paul
Last name: Kilbarger
Aka: Jack Redd
Age: 67
Location: Sunshine Estates, Florida
On websites: Facebook
Report: He messaged me for about a month on Facebook. Claims to be a neurosurgeon based in Syria. Will be out of service in about two months contracted by the U.N. He asked that I send $2,000 in lieu of receiving a suitcase of money worth 2.5 million. All this done through email agend Surname: ahemed other name: abdelhamed, Nationality Egyptian Date of birth 7/12/1952. Place of Birth London passport issued 20 april 2007 date of Expiry 20 april, 2017. Passport under: United Nations. Passport No. 98002877 Type P Country UNGT. So called Dr. Kilbarger said he gets 2.5 million for peackeeping assignment in South Africa. And he ask3d me to beneficiary. Now they have my email address!! We were to SKYPE tonight. Until I caught on to the scheme. Communication all done via Facebook, messenger
First name: Solomon
Last name: Smith
Age: 40
Location: Tamale Ghanna
Email: Andasin Ackerman @yahoo. Com
On websites: Facebook
Report: Scamming money for son in Tamale as well to return home
First name: Robert
Last name: Van Macaulay
Aka: Andrew William Scott
Age: 48
Location: Raleigh, NC
Address: 103 Dixie Trl
Phone: 414-973-8835
On websites: okcupid
Report: I met Andrew William on OKC, we started an online relationshp, widower for 5-8 years, with a 16 year old son. honestly everything checked out he even forwarded me his Chief Engineer employee id with Cunard, supposed Chief Engineer at the Quen Mary 2. Provided an address that validated that was for Andrew William- no reports of scams under his name. Until I saw his photo or one of them with the name of Robert Van Macaulay. We set a wedding date for October 24 this year, he said it was responsibility to pay for everything I sent him the hotel link to submit payment via credit card and he said the link was not working that he was going to transfer funds to my account to cover for all the expenses, wedding, honeymoon, moving, etc. I paid a transfer fee of $1100 and then received an email with a link to transfer the money that asked for COT code which by then I had red flags and the supposed bank manager asked for $8000, which I did not remit and canceled the wedding. My supposed fiance reacted as if I was betraying him- and like not understanding the fraud part from the bank- or that it very well includes him.
First name: lucas
Last name: james
Aka: james chandler west
Age: 55
Location: afganistan
On websites: OKCUPID
Report: He had a profile on OKCUPID and we chatted there and then moved to email. His original story was something about how his wife betrayed him and took all his money. I think he said he had a son. When we started emailing, he sent very romantic emails about finally finding the right love. I see from your photo library that he is one of the most active scammers.
First name: alade
Last name: mustaphaiyanda
Aka: john mack
Age: 29
Location: lagos nigeria
Phone: 2347054494606 2348063055018
Email: and johnmack1948@yahoocom
On websites: facebook
Report:!/Haji1948 this is haji musty facebook accourt he is a scammer from nigeria his tel is 2347054494606 useing fake names and emails like john mack and the model james bill making out his from the usa scammed me out of lots of money saying his in a car crash and his son is in coma just to con ppl he has no son plz watch out for this guy or report him he users blackberry message 7f6cefa6 also on instgram by the name haji1948 Haji Musty
First name: Terry
Last name: Holly
Age: 40
Location: United States of America, Carlifornia
Phone: +13056768330, +27817171803, +27625673340, +2781516722
On websites: Zorpia
Report: I met Terry Holly on Zorpia and his profile on his picture said verified. He asked for my number and we began to chat on whatsapp. He said he was working on a ship in Carlifornia but was also based here in South Africa and working on contract. He said he liked me and wanted us to be involved as in a serious relationship. He said his wife passed away 3 years ago and he has 2 kids and is an only child. We began to chatting on whatsapp, sometimes on the US number and at times on the SA number coz he said he was roaming the number. After sometime of professing his love he said he wanted to send me a parcel and would include money in the parcel coz they couldnt send money on the ship and they weren't allowed to do so. He said he wanted something better for me to do and I could start my own business with the money he was sending me of US $50 000. All i would be required to do was to pay for immunity charges then the parcel would be delivered to me. So he sent the parcel and sent me the airway bill and said the shipping company would call me as soon as the package arrived . I got called and was told my pckage had arrived and had to pay R3000 for clearence . I deposited the money into an account. I had checked the shipping company online World Shipping Express and the website loos legit.On i emailed the copy of the deposit slip and then i asked when I would receive the parcel. It was then that I got an email saying the package had been siezed by the aviation authority as this was not allowed according to aviation llaws, so I was required to pay 1% of the amount that was in the package. They said the scanning machine picked up that there was $50 000 inside. Thats when it rang a bell that how would the machine know the exaact amount and I was now required to pay a further R6920 To have the package released. I told Terry who said I must Pay. so i told him to transfer money from his account and send it through Western union so that I would be able to receive the package.That is when he said I must look for the money and I learnt then that I had been scammed. I sent him a whatsapp that he is a scammer and God will judge him and vindicate him and he will never know peace. and he did not even respond.
First name: Bettino
Last name: Giovanni
Age: 55
Location: dubai
Address: 1010 kenfield ave Los Angeles, ca
On websites: our
Report: Hi I'm on business in Dubai. I live in California, I had a worker die to I feel really bad for the victims. I have called him what as ass he is.
First name: ZACK
Last name: JONES
Age: 50
Address: 13386 savanna, Tustin, CA...USA..92782
Phone: +1 831 216 7804
On websites: INTERPALS
Report: this man get in touch with me a few days ago. Started telling me he needed me to pay for his ads (he sells arts) and his credit card was not accepted in my country. i stopped the conversation. Says he has dual citizenship, American and Italian.He sent me an e mail and I discovered the same on this site. But he uses other pictures on Interpals;
First name: larry
Last name: woods
Aka: Thomas Olsen
Age: 55
Location: Muldraugh, KY
Phone: 502-785-5393
On websites: OK Cupid
Report: Said his name was Thomas Olsen and that he lived in Kentucky and that he traveled the world selling machinery. He called a number of times on the phone and it was very difficult to understand him due to a weird accent. He said he had fallen in love with me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Sent me lots of pics of himself I tried to find him through an address/name locator service and but could not. I discovered this site and paged through lots and lots of pic and found him under the name Larry Woods. I have several pic of him phone. There is no mistake. It's him
First name: Fred
Last name: chris
Aka: Franklin shemens Burton astoram
Age: 53 to 55
Location: Bulgaria and etal
Phone: un517 290 2090known
Email: freshman 45 okcupid
On websites: all dating sites
Report: He is now on ok cupid as Fred Chris was on Christian rmingle telling me he loved me as Franklin shemens and he has rodrick Spence and Burton a storm as names.I also have one now from Arizona as Anthony and his e mail These dating sites are now eat up with them.I had to freeze my credit and bank accounts after my ordeal with Franklin shemens aka Roderick Spence Burton a storm and now Fred chris. Thank you sally thompson email
First name: James
Last name: Richard
Aka: Charles Presten
Age: 55
Location: Canada Toronto
On websites: Skype james.richard (b2756487).
Report: The mentioned person found me on Skype as james.richard (b2756487). He introduced himself as James Richard, marine engineer from Canada, Toronto, widower, raising alone after the death of his wife Rebecca his son Kelvin 16 years old. He informed me, that he is on the sea with United Nation mission and namely in Libya. I corresponded with him by e-mail and on Skype during a week. It seemed strange for me, that his romantic letters came from some different IP addresses, all located in Ireland (one can check the mail traffic data on my PC) I turned to the portal and found, that all his IP addresses are well known as the addresses of scammers: 2a00:1450:4010:c03::243 Advance fee fraud, Loan scam 2a00:1450:4010:c04::243 Loan scam, Advance fee fraud, recovery scams 2a00:1450:4010:c03::242 Advance fee fraud 2a00:1450:4010:c03::241 Various financial scams 2a00:1450:4010:c03::232 Romance scam, Advance fee fraud, email scams targeting, recovery scams 2a00:1450:4010:c03::22d Employment scams, Advance fee fraud, recovery scams Some later I found on the web site his picture (he was like a photo but it looked very tired) with corresponded information and understood whom I was dealing with. During our last chat, he asked permission to give my email address to his son Kelvin who is studying in Ghana at Kofi Annan Military School. I let him do it, and 10 minutes later I received a very strange letter from IP address in USA also known as scam. After our last chat I stopped all contacts with this person and blocked him on Skype and email Thanks for your work
First name: Ross
Last name: Nelson
Aka: Gary Carson, ABDOULAYE DIAKITE, Renate Heisier
Age: 46
Location: USA, New York
On websites: Tinder
Report: Gary applied as railway engineer in Rotterdam, but had to finish his work in Greece. He's been paid by cheque, but in Greece, he couldn't cash that cheque. First he lost his wallet...and wanted money to live. Then the Albanian workers wanted to be paid before he left Greece. Then the rest of the Greek workers wanted cash money before he left Greece. And I was so enormously stupid, me as down to earth, to transfer that money. First by Western Union to ABDOULAYE DIAKITE. And all the rest to a Belgian banc account, on the name of Renate Heisier. He didn't have enough money yet...Taxes came...and he should pay taxes over the cheque he can't cash. For this, he wanted me to take a loan...This was the moment I did a reverse picture lookup...