First name: Mike
Last name: Miller
Age: 52
Location: Reino Unido
On websites: Skype
Report: Menssage of scammer: Mark Miller quiere anadirte a Skype hola Como te va. Mi nombre es Mark Miller Soy originario de Reino Unido. Soy un oficial militar britanico aqui en Siria, Quiero saber si podemos hacer una buena relacion mi madre es de Espana. Me encontre con tu perfil en Skype, y me parecio buena. Soy viudo hace 3 anos. Tengo un hijo. ?Podria usted por favor, dime algo mas sobre ti mismo. ?? ?Cuanto tiempo esta solo. ?? Tiene hijos. ?? Digame algo mas sobre usted y su trabajo en mi correo electronico, Direccion de correo electronico .... gracias, y espero con interes volver a leer de usted pronto. muchos saludos de Mark
First name: jeffrey
Last name: Dyer
Age: 47
Location: afghanistan
On websites: yes
Report: Claims to be in military. Gets you to send him things he needs, and ask for phone so he can call you. But he never get it because it gets held up in customs due to an explosion. He also claims to be trying to get his luggage threw customs to send it to you, but its confiscated at airport by customs because he was paid in minerals for duties there. Then he needs 3k to get it out. Then once you send him that, he'll tell you they still won't release it because now there's more paperwork for ownership to transfer minerals ownership and he ask for 12k. It just goes on and on. Trust me don't send him a penny! He a scam...
First name: eton
Last name: greylife
Aka: Grey, Roger
Age: 51, 54
Location: La, california, Houston, Tx., Ashland/Greenville Mississippi
Phone: 16624718087
On websites: Online People
Report: This man has 3 different Profiles on Online People. Goes by the name Roger from Houston,Tx., Age 54, Leo, Profession: Project Supervisor, Grey from La/ California, age 51,Capricorn, Profession: Engineer and Eton Greylife, born January 9, 1964, from Ashland/Greenville, Mississippi, email, phone 16624718087. Profession: Buys and sells goods. Look i am certain he is trying to scam me. Met on April 2015, Site was Online People via Facebook, Correspondence 1 week. He did ask for money to help his daughter $200.00. I did not send it.
First name: Billy
Last name: Giroud
Aka: Billy Johnson, Billy Brown
Age: 37
Location: Gainesville Texas
On websites: facebook, airg
Report: Says hes a Sgt. In the united states army. Hes from texas and is on a special mission in Nigeria.
First name: Kelly
Last name: Cruz
Aka: Dr. Kelly Cruz
Age: 54
Location: Los Angelos CA, Gahna
Phone: 011233237501227
On websites: yahoo and skype
Report: contacted me and we started talking. After short time said was in love and wanted to come here to get married. Said was a widower whose wife was a reporter and was killed while in Afghanistan. Supposedly has son but quit talking about him after I didn't send money when son was sick in Ghana and he was stationed with UN in Somalia. I sent money on numerous occasions in what was supposed to be to get him here to me. When I ran out of money, took out small loans to try to get him here. Now getting story that since I didn't send enough on time to get his plane and hotel bill paid for, he has been put in jail until I come up with money. Watch out ladies real smooth talker.
First name: Michael
Last name: Butler
Aka: Mike
Age: 48
Location: Africa
Phone: 716-992-0805
On websites:
Report: He clams his from texas but lives in olean ny that he works for alliance Constrution Company and his in ghana building a refinery but he can't get all the materials because the government there is holding them and he needs $1600 to give to the ghana government when I asked why he couldn't tell the company he works for this he said you don't understand I have to do this on my own when I told him sorry I couldn't help him he got mad and stopped talking
First name: Gregory
Last name: Martino
Age: 65
Location: United States Plainfield
Address: 13466 Tall Pines Ln
Phone: 815-867-8710 815-862-2792 +971 52 978 7553
On websites: facebook
Report: I met this person on a dating site. He has asked me for $10,000.00. How can I stop this?
First name: Raymond f
Last name: Chandler III
Age: 57
Location: Iraq Ghana California Washington
On websites: Military singles
Report: Thus man says he is a sgt major in the army stationed in Iraq. He is not a nice man. He says he is not married and I know he is marred. He is a very bad person. I have several pictures of Raymond chandler and two different photos of Raymond and then he sent other photos of himself.
First name: walter
Last name: davidsky
Age: 37
Location: texas city
Email: walterdavidsky@
On websites: badoo
Report: Walter Davidson claims he is a soldier in iraq. I said I would be his friend and got mad because I said if he was real. Then told him I will never send him money. We got over that now he is claiming he needs money to come home. He write extremely broken english. Has very cute pictures.
First name: Benny
Last name: Holmberg
Aka: Benny Dwight Larsson
Age: 55 or 50 - different ages
Location: Madison, Texas. Uddevalla Sweden
Address: Berga 325, 45194 Uddevalla Sweden. Storgatan 51a,
Phone: +46 76 969 05 40 and +34 911 981 184
On websites:
Report: He initiated contact. He sent a flirt on and sent a flirt back. Then we started chatting on messenger (Facebook) We corresponded about 6 weeks. Didn't notice anything strange - everything seemed perfectly all right. The money request was because he had lost his wallet and credit cards and needed to pay some workers and flightticket. It was benny Holmberg, that requested the moneytransfer, but to be recieved by Kelvin Benson in Malaga Spain, where Benny was located on board a oil rig. Luckily I never sent any money, because I found out about him before doing so. I told him what a fucking asshole he was + other things and he finally cut our chat off.
First name: martin
Last name: kemp
Age: 58
Location: south africa
On websites: singles2meet
Report: Scammer was emailing me for two months in Afrikaans and sent me photos which I googled and realised it was from American websites.
First name: Johnmorris
Last name: Brayern
Age: 41
Location: United kingdom
Phone: +919650806635...
On websites: facebook
Report: He contacted me through facebook..At first he fall inlove with me..I was suprised that in a short period of chatting with each other he said he is trully inlove with me..Until he ask me for my naked photos whereby I refused so he told me not to worry about anything as he will suort me & my family...with everything...after few days of chatting he ask me if I have a passport..I told him he told me hes going to send me 150,000GBP...through my bank account for my visa & other documentation to travel to we could get married there....He told me he has divorced with one child name Brown & hes 4yrs old...He told me he really loves me & will marry me & will live happily esver after...So upon sending money with all my account details he told me he will send from his account branch on bank name Royal Bank of Scotland...At first I was thinking why do he have to use that bank when he himself is in UK...and he want to send money from Scotland...From there I realised hes trying to scam me...I did received an email afterwards stating the money has been wired but cannot come into my account unless I pay bank fees of 3000US...Lord gracious...I call him & inform him regarding the email but he told me to pay that amount immediately to the bank Royal bank of Scotland...He sounds angry @me..for delaying the payment....I was frightened I block him from my facebook account but I felt sorry for others because I knew he is scamming others also...
First name: Davis
Last name: Clement
Age: 56
Location: U.S. Naches, WA
Phone: 509-653-5478
On websites: Christian
Report: This person contacted me through Christian on 4/22/15, he began asking questions about my net worth. the next day, 4/23/15, he said he had to wire over $350K to South Africa to pay for drilling equipment on the contract he had just secured. He complained he was running short of money. He had reportedly borrowed over $2mm on his home close to Naches, WA to secure the silver mine contract that would ultimately produce over $62mm in income to him. on 4/28/15, he called me indicating some equipment was not operating and he needed new bits and could only secure this from a US company and needed in excess of $11K to purchase the equipment. He sent me the invoice with the wiring instructions for the money. I stalled as I believed this to be a scam. I have the invoice he sent and can provide. The company name on the invoice did not show up anywhere via a web search; t actually referenced the Department of Labor in Washington, D.C. I did check the bank routing number on the wiring instructions and it was for a legitimate bank, of course.
First name: John
Last name: Helms
Age: 48
Location: Glens Falls, ny
On websites: bbwadmire, tagged
Report: He claims to have a 7 year old son and to have lost his wife in death 2 or 3 years ago. Sometimes says from car accident or cancer. Claims to be a Christian and a loving father ready to find his one true love that can make him feel happy again. Claims to work in construction (bridge and roadway inspector) and that he studied in Oxford University. Says he had to go to west Africa for a large contract but that he spent all his money fighting to win the multi million dollar contract so he now has no money for the hotel in Nigeria. He is evasive when answering most personal questions and is eager to profess his undying love in order to gain your trust. He asked for $630 to be wired to the hotel manager and when I couldn't, several days later he asked me to go to money gram and pick him up some money to wire to him.
First name: Larry
Last name: Woods
Aka: milsboy
Age: 61
Location: Dudley NC
Address: 3128 Walworth Ave
Phone: 5133218557
On websites: AARP dating site
Report: He is very attractive and very convincing, says he is British and educated in Austrailia, has a daughter Lydia whom advised him to get on AARP said wife cheated on him Used Waldrup 53. Has a home in Paris and S Chelsea England. All high rent areas. Is presently (supposedly in Spain on a job as a electrical engineer) at the Taragona Refinery and has just won a million dollar bid for a job. But all of a sudden he needs more money!
First name: Kurt
Last name: Schneider
Age: 67
Location: Beverly Hills, CA
Phone: 424-239-5598
On websites:
Report: I met him on about mid-March, 2015......and the web site vanished a couple of days later. We texted and talked by phone for all this time.......he claimed to be in NYC writing a proposal for a Gucci contract for fabric.. I went to Japan on 4/1/15 and he went to China to get fabrics about mid-April. We continued to text and have phone calls very frequently during all this time. I got home from Japan on 4/21 and on Friday 4/24 he texted me and asked to go buy him 2 $500 iTunes vouchers as he could not get them in China. The Apple store sales person alerted me that this was a frequent scam. I cancelled the Credit Card charge. He continued to send me reassurances and documentation of his flight to Hong Kong. I called my iPhone Tech support and they suggested that I send a copy of his photo to Google Image. When I did that, he came back........very same photo..... as Tony Pankhurst with another website saying his photos had benn used for scamming.
First name: Martin
Last name: Bryan
Age: 55
Location: Portland and Antioch TN USA
Phone: 480-582-3774
On websites: match
Report: Met on March 10, 2015. Texted, spoke, emailed for 2 weeks. Said dual citizenship in Britain and Hungary. Said was a widower with 15 yo daughter. Said mother and father died in a car accident and he was an only child. Said he built roads. Instead of visiting first he said he had to go to Capetown, South Africa to have supplies shipped to States. Came up short for taxes on shipment and needed money wired. Did a background check and all pix and passport was fradulent. Then on March 22 saw him matched with me again on match with different pix and this time another location in TN and instead of 55 was now 57. Blocked immediately.
First name: Jason
Last name: Brookes
Age: 61
Location: South Africa, Malibu California
Phone: 011-277-474-44191 323-366-6049
On websites: yahoo chat
Report: This Person contacted me through a dating site called Plenty of Fish. We chatted on there for sometime, then started texting and calling however, I ALWAYS had to call him. He wracked up my phone bills. When I started asking questions he started getting very aggressive with me. I told him no more texting or calling as it was costing me to much,
First name: Johnson
Last name: Fredrick
Age: 46
Location: Iraq Nigeria USA
On websites:
Report: Begs fir money from females saying he is broke and hungry.
First name: Anthony
Last name: Reid
Aka: Jack Redd
Age: 50
Location: Bakersfield California USA
Phone: 6613746481
On websites:
Report: Anthony Reid said that he lives in Bakersfield California. He said that his father was sick and he had to visit him in Colorado which is why we couldn't meet. When we spoke on the phone, he spoke very softly and in emails he was very kind. He sent me daily emails sweet talking me, sending e-cards and talking about his job and family. He claimed he had a daughter, and worked as a neurosurgeon. He sent me pictures that were photoshopped and pictures of his
First name: Robert
Last name: nicholas
Age: 52
Location: london UK
Phone: (52) 15540751681
On websites: skype
Report: he says he works in Pemex oil rig , fell in love with me, he is a widower with one child called David he wants me to send money because a friend passed away and the Mexican government want him to pay for the funeral, I have pictures and data of the bank
First name: lewis
Last name: B kartel
Aka: Micheal Hudson
Age: 53
Location: Bakersfield, california
Phone: 661.368.5640
On websites: facebook
Report: Talked of love , marriage , coming and getting married , but when ask anything would get mad.say don't you trust me , asked for $5000. Said no , then asked for phone , then asked for $2000. Got nothing . I knew who he was from the start. I checked on male scammers . He does say nice things . Knows all the right things to say , BEWARE of this man .I have pictures.
First name: Derrick
Last name: Nicholas
Aka: Nicholas Derrick
Age: 50
Location: UK, Malaysia
Address: Jalan PJU 6/1A, Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Phone: +601133987801 +447937437146 +447937429597
On websites: facebook
Report: I have been contacted on facebook by Derrick Nicholas, received the first email on 14 Sep 2014. He wanted to continue communicating via email at first and soon after that wanted to talk on the phone to hear my voice, so he claimed. At first I did not want to get involved but soon he started telling me that he felt a strong connection with me and wanted to become involved romantically. He send me a copy of his alleged UK passport and I believed him. We talked via phone many times and also communicated by email. He also send me some information telling me that he was a widower with a daughter, who lives with his mother because he travels a lot due to his business. About 4 weeks later he first went to Texas buying equipment for a contract he supposedly had been awarded in Malaysia. After that he traveled to Malaysia to take care of the contract business. He did send me a phone number from Malaysia, which I called many times and was able to get through without any problem until beginning of December 2014, I was no longer able to call him. He then told me that I can call his UK number and if I miss him he will return my call. End of October he started to tell me that he needed money for an insurance on the contract and he told me he had asked people in the UK to help him, since I was his business partner as well as life partner, I was naive enough to believe him and send him money, first via Western Union and Moneygrams on 29 and 30 Oct 14, later by bank wire transfers. In order for me to believe him, he emailed me papers showing me that he had the contract and I was his business partner. I wanted to meet him in person and he promissed many times that we would meet soon, after everything is finished at the contract site. Then he needed money for taxes, telling me that he was not able to open an account at the bank before paying these taxes, so here again I send him money, supposedly half of my share. He even send me a certificate via email stating that the taxes were paid. He also wanted a copy of my passport, which I emailed to him, and now I am afraid my passport might be used to cheat other people. Again he promissed that this was the last step and after that he would come and meet me. Meanwhile, he constantly called me his wife and told me how much he loves me and misses me and every time I had doubts, he knew how to lure me into believing him. When I did not want to help him anymore, he cried on the phone and I fell into the trap again, felt sorry and helped him with money. After the alleged Taxes had been paid, he was going to come and see me. After my last wire transfer my bank called me and alerted me that I may have been scammed. Unfortunately, I called him and asked him and he got upset and said I should believe my
First name: Christopher
Last name: Smith
Aka: William Bagwell
Age: 50
Location: Newark NJ07106 USA
Address: 48 Saint Paul Ave
On websites: badoo
Report: Sergeant in South Soudan soon to retire, contacted me true datingsite BADOO than wrote to me by e-mail and skype for weeks and than wanted to send me a package with money and documents by a diplomat named David Jackson. Package was blocked in Ghana and asked 1.600 euro to release it but i didn't wanted to pay so we lost contact. I already knew it was a scam and i found him here. He is really great in what he is doing. A big scammer !
First name: ALLEN
Last name: HOFFMAN
Age: 65
Location: usa
Report: As I was looking on your database I Founded JACK REDD, his picture looks exactly as the ones I received from ALLEN HOFFMANN, the person that I has been communicated for almost two months. I need your help ! How can I send you the pictures I have in my possession? I want my name and the information I am ready to handle to you, to be absolutely confidential. Thanks very much for your reply Mary B.
First name: Charles
Last name: Presten
Age: 55
Location: ghana
On websites: face
Report: Thanks for letting alert other damas.Yo I was swindled by con ignore this pagina.Este is a clever person knows his oficio.No can do nothing but scam .Parece women who had no mother. The I associate my facebook with my contactos.Durante two weeks maintained a chat, said he was engineer and work on a ship in Africa, a widower with a son, a student at a boarding school in one week said Londres.Pasada need a laptop and telephone in Ghana for failing alli.Dias after invention helps to transfer money from his contract finished in the next two months and would pay interest on this if one .All has facilitated contacts were made in London bank and which has its accomplices Use non working alone .I gather that he is a Nigerian and that this attractive photo is stolen .Although his voice is soft and seductive on the phone accent in English is strong accent does not sound africano.Tal time to Russian.The truth is that continuous web doing his job and making more victims to please his life at the expense of incautos.Para these monstrosities of hell, punishment from men not only the punishment of God in their last days ...
First name: John
Last name: Morrison
Aka: David A Nelson
Age: 62
Location: Auruoa, CO, Malyasia
Phone: 281-946-6708
On websites: Okcupid
Report: we met on okcupid. we talked for a a week then we got off the site and started talking through yahoo messenger. after about a month he got a contract in Malyasia to build a condo. while in Malaysia his bank froze his account, he got sick and was in hospital. He did ask for money after a while and i did send him $1,600. after sending him this money so he can get his plane ticket home.....he got into an accident on a bus with his worker and his wife and he was in a coma and his workers wife needed a operation so his co worker spent that $1,600 so his wife can have the surgery to save her life. Now he needs another $1,600 so he can get home. he had a friend wire me money to my bank account but wells fargo told me it was fraudulent and they closed my account. after 4 months trying to get money he had a friend western union me money then i send it to his attorney's sec. Charity (do not have her last name or the reciepts anymore)
First name: john
Last name: moccio
Age: 61
Location: Texas, Cairo
Phone: 7133528850
On websites: AshleyMadison
Report: This very clean cut gengleman like contacted me saying he was looking for a long term relationship. His bedt friend and fiance' had betray him and he was heart broken for the last 6 years. I dont want to give much more for obvious reasons.
First name: Ahmad
Last name: Perigard
Aka: Ahmad valle Perigard
Age: 40
Location: New Jersey USA
On websites:
Report: Hello, I received the message below from someone on the dating site mentioned above. When I googled snipets of his message, I found most of it similar to another letter which was posted on your site here~ This was the 2nd message he sent me. He emailed me thru the site so I don't have his email. My full name is Ahmad valle Perigard l am originally from Palermo Italy, but live and work in New Jersey . and i have been living here for Almost All my Life. My dad was from Italy and my mom was from Bosnia . (Both Late now) am an engineer also an independent contractor, am mainly based on Oil rig and bridges construction both on-shore and off-shore work on my own, i rather would say am my own boss. i Negotiate with big Oil firms requesting for project to be handed to my firm, btw i have an engineering firm. i used to work with Exxon before now. was an Exxon staff for 12yrs, an am still a part time consultant for Exxon so i apply for contract and once all presentation are complete and contract has been awarded to me, i go take it on, so you sure know what that means, my job permits me to travel a lot but that sure wont be a problem cos since i did start my own first am able to post my own on ground engineers to any working destinations meaning all i gotta do mostly is supervision. also i would want you to know that distance is not gonna be a problem also as am open for relocation. Am moderately religious. though i must admit not as much as i would like to but i try to grow as much as possible. I never miss any of my prayers. I fast during Ramadan, I have not yet been able to perform Umrah. which is the greatest Challenge am facing now, as something always comes up. But Insha Allah soon i would get that done. I try grow in Faith Everyday. I would tell you a little big about the relationship aspect of me. i have been divorced for 4 yrs now and ever since then i have tried out several relationship, but its like it has never been my lucky year, i keep getting responses from ladies who would probably want only ONS(One Night Stand) or some short term stuff but nothing serious, and this is something which i am not into. am serious and i want to find someone to spend the rest of my life with and am not willing to settle for anything less. and i hope we are on the same page. well that's all i can say for now and like i said earlier, feel free to ask me what ever you would wanna know about me and i would gladly answer as long as it helps us in getting to know each other more. what are the qualities you want in a man? what are you hobbies? what kinda work do you do?
First name: Andreas
Last name: Andy
Aka: Andy
Age: 42
Location: USA
On websites: Lovelinks Singapore
Report: This is a copy of his email: Thanks for the message. I am glad we have taken this chance to get to know each other better. I am only looking for someone serious for a long term relationship. I am not just looking for friends or friends with benefit. I am looking for a mature woman. How was your day and I hope you are enjoying yourself. Work take up majority of my time and I do have free time too for fun and other extra curricular activities.I do not cheat, i am trustworthy. I do have free time now and its the time to find the woman to make her right for me. I love your pictures and I hope to know more about you pretty woman. May I ask a few questions? Where do you live at and what do you do for a living? Do you love what you do for a living? Do you believe in love at first sight? Are you caring person? Are you ready to love and be loved back? What's your experience with online dating because I am very new:). I understand these questions may be a bit much but they will help me get to know you better. Take Care, Andy