First name: michael
Last name: davidson
Age: 52
Location: holt florida USA
On websites: meetme, tagged, hi5
Report: I meet Michael on Hi5 and we started conversion and than went to yahoo messenger and talked there. Said he had to go to the UK on a job site and once he got there he said he left he wallet in a cab and so he needed money and ask for my help. wanted my bank info and l told him no to send me a check and when he did it was fake and to bank call the police and I ended it. oh he asked about three time for money I turned him down everytime.
First name: Gregory
Last name: Spencer
Age: 56
Location: HongKong
On websites: fdating
Report: Wir lernten uns uber fdating kennen. Zuerst waren die gewechselten mails sehr nett und freundlich. Plotzlich sprach er uber Liebe. Er sagte, seine Frau sei tot und er sei allein erziehender Vater einer 8-jahrigen Tochter. Nach einigen Wochen schrieb er eher beilaufig, seine Tochter habe Schmerzen in der Brust gehabt und er habe ihr eine Tablette gegeben. Eine Woche spater brauchte sie dann eine OP, die 16.000.-- ? kosten sollte. Er meinte, er hatte nur 8.000.-- ?. Da er mit geschrieben hatte, er sei bei Interpol beschaftigt, sagte ich, er sollte versuchen, ein Darlehen mit Hilfe seines Arbeitgebers zu erhalten. Ich fragte auch nach seiner Krankenversicherung. Er meinte, die Versicherung gelte nur fur Amerika, da er amerikanischer Staatsburger ist. Das machte mich skeptisch und ich uberprufte die IP. Seine mails kamen aus Mountain View in Amerika. Die Telefonnummer, unter der er mich anrief, hatte die Vorwahl von HongKong. Ich schrieb ihm, dass ich kein Geld hatte. Dasnn horte ich einige Zeit nichts von ihm. Plotzlich kam eine mail, seine Tochter hatte einen Bypass erhalten. Jetzt sei alles in Ordnung. 2 Tage spater die Nachricht, sie sei wieder im Krankenhaus und er habe kein Geld mehr. Sie musste sterben. Zum Schein ging ich darauf ein und sagte, er solle mir die Rechnung schicken. 10 Stunden spater kam dann eine Rechnung des Wentworth - Douglass - Hospital in HongKong. Diese Rechnung war absolut identisch mit der Musterrechnung des Hospitals in Amerika. Ich hatte zwischenzeitlich im Internet recherchiert. Ich schrieb dann zuruck, die Rechnung sei ein Fake. Ich sollte uber Western Union an einen Herrn Lqing Yu uberweisen. Ich schrieb auch, dass ich uber WU keine Zahlung leisten wurde, da ich diese nicht verfolgen kann. Darauf kamen noch einige mails mit ublen Beschimpfungen.
First name: Dario
Last name: Littera
Age: April 7, 1966
Location: California City CA USA
Phone: 571-535-4607
On websites: Facebook
Report: He used Facebook Messenger to contact me under the pretense of romance. After about 5 weeks his son went to Nigeria and was hospitalized he was asked for money. After I contacted all agencies in Nigeria including RED CROSS his son all of a sudden was sent to US for treatment. Hospital in Nigeria did not exist, Hospital in Indiana USA does not exist. For the last 5 days he is asking for money for the hospital. He is a scammer looking for women to give him money and is using Facebook.
First name: Raymond
Last name: Wohl
Age: 55
Location: England London
On websites:
Report: We met online 6months ago at
First name: Samuels
Last name: Jeff
Aka: Samuel Jeff/jefferey
Age: 41
Location: Turkey/ Istanbull
On websites: gmail
Report: he tried saying I had to pay for a replacement and since I did not he had a friend name Matt or Andrew say it was my fault Sam is in jail and hurt.
First name: Douglas
Last name: Jackson Harrison
Aka: Rutherford Truman
Age: 48
Location: L.A California also claim to be in Afghanistan
Phone: +13472949242
On websites: Facebook and Skype
Report: He contact me by Facebook on 4 months ago. in the first two months was pure love until the time came he sent me some pictures of Afghanistan as a war. He is a widower and has a daughter named Jessica, the only son his mother died when he was 13, his father died in 2005 and his wife died in a car accident in 2010. a month ago I sent him $ 900 so he could pay the fee for him to get out of Afghanistan, sent by Masheriq Bank in Dubai where he told me he has an American military camp, he said he never received the money and make 2 weeks ago he asked me to borrow some money so he could leave the country, so I contacted the American base in LA where he told me I might be being deceived. and when I asked him about all this I did not answer me. I do not know if he a scammer or not I just want to warn everyone to take great care.
First name: Denis
Last name: Hans
Age: 14/11/1968
Location: Brighton Road, Victoria
On websites:
Report: He contacted me on dating website Got me to send my email address we we could correspond away from website. Left message originally on 20/07/2015 and emailed contact from 27/07/2015. Never phoned only used email. Claims he is a widower wth 11y.o. daughter and wife die in car accident. Claims to be mixed race - American, Dutch, German background. Professes love quite quickly sends photos when asked (which i believe are fake but can't trace anywhere). Still in contact as he tries to help me pay for goods held in Malaysian customs. I'm stringing him along. Hoping police will get on and catch him. known as rcruz841 on website
First name: Thomas
Last name: Antonis
Aka: Michael Hutchinson
Age: 48
Location: london GB
Email: dont know
On websites: facebook
Report: i saw the picture of the new scammer, he contacted me last august under the name Thomas Antonis.....i have a picture of him
First name: Lucas
Last name: James
Aka: Charles Morrison
Age: 55
Location: Maryland/ Baltimore/ Afghanistan
On websites: skype, gmail
Report: I`m german and i have met,,Charles`` 4 weeks ago by the dating site loovo. He was such a nice man. Please me to go out by loovo right now. Told me about, that he is a Major in Afghanistan( pease keeper) and soon retired. Middle of september. His wife are died in a car crash.Years ago. He has no family, only his son. He wants to marry me,want`s live together with me, was falling in love in 6 days. Than he wantes to send me a package with personal stuff from Afghanistan. Because he wanted to come to me to Germany for living. But than the package are to much weight. Every contact was with a diplomatic guy.. during the time..the package was on the way.. Because ,,Charles`` are in the war zone.. His name are Mohammed Qasim. He ask me fo 1000 Euro. Because Charles are not gave him enought money, befor he left with the package trunk. I was soo stupedly and paeyd him. Than he told me, that the money are not on his account. The account of James Gooding. Charles( Lucas) gave me problems. I thought, that he was playing around with me. I was checking the situation and told him..I?can`t send him more. Than he goes upset and told me how much disappoint from me. Until this time i checked out in the internet, that he looks like Lucas James. I don`t have that much pictures of him. But i have 2, 1 in uniform and 1 in Army dress..He looks like LUCAS JAMES. He send me same of Afghanistan, but I don`t know how old the pictures are?!Cos of the rules i got not new ones. One pictures he send me of his son(11years old). He is Baltimore?? he gave me not adress, phone numbers, nothing at all.. Now i think he used 3 names..the diplomat name: Mohammed Qasim, he was sending me his passport, other names was Michael Hackman. To him he wanted me to send money with Western Union. And James Gooding, that was the guy in UK(account) where my money goes on.. At the airport, where are the diplomat could not pas because of the package.. On his account are goes the 1000 Euro. FOR JAMES GOODING with BARCLAYS BANK: Phone numbers he use from Ghana but with different name( Michel Hackman 00233264223981 e-mail of the diplomat he use his e-mail I`m send him my address and pictures of my kids I was soo stupedly. Just now i`m thinking Charles Morrison are all of them..and the whole time, where i was racing time..he was to the same time everybody.He have use nice words..he is a big scammer. Please stopt this guy, befor he use other woman. I will live in pease. Will never happening again in my whole life. As i told him, that I`m not trust him anymore, He probably is someone else?! Of sure.. he have to give me back my money, he not contact me, until yet. Since today.
First name: Wilson
Last name: Edgar
Age: 45
Location: West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
Phone: (484) 588-2427
On websites: Plenty of Fish
First name: Eric
Last name: Davies
Age: 44
Location: Lagos, Nigeria; Madison, Wisconsin
Phone: 608-620-8794
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: He contacted me on Christian Mingle. His profile, Ericd37 states he is in Madison, Wisconsin. During the first texting conversation I mentioned that there are a lot of scammer even on Christian websites. He stated something to the effect that that was horrible especially on Christian sites and he'd be interested in finding out how to check on these scammers. Needless to say I didn't tell him. He did not call me dear or honey, etc. and was very respectful and okay with taking things slowly. I traced his IP's and pics and became suspicious because one went back to Sunnyvale, CA and I believe one may have gone to Washington state. I talked with him on the phone and low and behold he has an accent which he states is German. I have a friend who is German, his is NOT German. I asked for a selfie spur-of-the-moment. He stalled a bit but then did and he even tried to video chat to show me his face. He is the person in the pics. Well, I checked the selfie with
First name: james
Last name: charleston
Age: 56
Location: Afghanistan Kabul,Calgary Addison Ramstien Duitsland
On websites: Dating-Site
Report: Thank you so much He contacted me on the chat by Lexa datingsite 13-08-2015 He wrote love letters and fulish girl i am,i also had feelings for him.My friends warned me for scammers,so when he asked 26-08-2015 for money for his son Mark,My instinct warned me and i said that i must talk to my brother ,because he must give me permission to got money from my saved account. I went today to our police station and ask what to do,they said dont give your money away.And I didnt, Iwill contacted him when I talked with my brother. A son from my friends said i must go to the site for scammers and so I am here ,and saw the picture of him.please can you give me advice how I can help you to stop him,or whats the best for me to do. Many thanks for your scam site. greatings Ineke Niels
First name: Derry
Last name: Olan
Aka: Derry Olin
Age: 61
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 00447523185638. 60111260972
On websites: Facebook. Google+
Report: Same as Celia from SA He invited me as friend on facebook but because I have had nothing in common with him I blocked him immediately I had a previous scammer called CARTER BROWNHILL from California and would like to add him on this site He had the exact same old same old son story When I finally told him I refuse to pay the money and are very weary of scammers he insulted me verbally and abused me emotionally Scammers like these should be stopped dead in their tracks I'm greatful for this site
First name: Alexandro
Last name: Gomez
Aka: unknownEugene
Age: Late 50's
Location: Southern CA
Phone: 16193501860unknown
On websites: No
Report: Scammed hundreds of thousands of dollars from me over 4 years. First met on quickly switched to,yahoo and phone/texts. Had me help run business contract and distribute money worldwide through MoneyGram and western union Posed as an architect/builder. Accident prone. Children had medical problems. 2 grown children. No other family. Sweet, funny, intelligent, Mac savvy, persistent, rarely angry.
First name: Samuels
Last name: Jeff
Aka: Samuel Jeff/jefferey
Age: 41
Location: Indiana
Report: He has ask me 2 times to send west union, one for 600 and now 400, and send to Turkey?Instanbull, SGT. Johnson Muldon and second name Nigera, Abeokuta to a Mark Sunday
First name: SGT. Johnson
Last name: Muldoon
Aka: Samuel Jeff/jefferey
Age: unknown
Location: Turkey/ Istanbull
Report: he trying steal 400.00 but I am scared.
First name: Denzel
Last name: Green
Aka: Wison
Age: 35
Phone: 15128121688
Report: he was on facebook and a dating site called topface and he told me he need money to leave the army. then when I said no threaten me.
First name: Rupert
Last name: Marc-Andre
Aka: Ryan
Age: 48
Location: Bowie MD
On websites:
Report: So I have now gotten an email from the person that previously contact me and I report. He now sent me an interest and wink on Chemistry under the name Lollyman. The same picture used in Flowman for Pittsburgh, PA. I don't think he realizes he already contacted me.
First name: Glen
Last name: Bradford
Age: 52 or 58
Location: Dorset UK and/or Damascus, Syria
On websites: Senior dating
Report: He responded to my ad on senior dating, apparently from Christchurch, Dorset UK. Exchanged several emails and cellphone texts, he asked to chat via Skype. He was never able to connect for voice or video, only messaging. Said he is working as aircraft engineer for Dyncorp International in Damascus, expecting to be home by end of Aug. Sent more photos of himself in UK locations but displayed very vague knowledge of these places. Declared himself in love with me within a week. Soon asked for money to buy a phone with camera so he could send me photos. (I didn't! !!) Eventually asked for ?475 to pay taxes on goods being shipped to UK from Nigeria. I am maintaining contact to see how much further he will go! He has just asked me again for the money on skype, when I said no he disappeared!
First name: David
Last name: Robinson
Age: 45-50
Location: Anchorage, Alaska USA
Phone: 214-509-7098
On websites: okcupid
Report: he contacted me on we started talking then he gave me his cell number. he did not ask for money right off the bat it was about 3 weeks.
First name: Robert
Last name: Shawn
Age: 50-51
Location: Texas
On websites: Mingle2
Report: he contacted me on Mingle2. we started writing through email. he wanted to talk through phone and he gave me his number and it was an international number...i do not have his emails or number any longer......
First name: Ryan
Last name: Branagh
Age: 58
Location: Claimed from Malibu, Los Angeles and Baltimore, USA
Phone: 1-410-779-9798
On websites:; Zoosk
Report: Hi! I knew this guy from Zooks early February,2015, but I also saw him at WidowsWidowers. At first he said he has a house in Malibu, Los Angeles, but he was working at Baltimore at that time as an engineer and even said that he owns the company as this website: (the website works at the time when I knew him, but then it said that it is under maintenance.) Actually, his website was a fake and the original one is: and he even changed the picture of the chief engineer's picture on the real website to his own picture. He called me several times and then said he got a big contract from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and will fly to see me in Asia. Before he flied to see me, he said he needs some money to clear his tax from the custom of Malaysia and I refused. He then never contacted with me again.
First name: Joseph
Last name: Williams
Age: 52
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Phone: 233205033539
Email: ;
On websites: facebook
Report: Joseph Williams initiated contact on facebook by friend request Still in contact and it has been about 2 weeks. He didn't know who Donald Trump was and he supposed to live in Florida I sent $500 after video chat with Josehp by Western Union to Jennifer Gallagher in Massachusetts it was to send for food and phone for his son Now he wants $1000 by Western Union to get box from Scource Security: OGUNBIYI OPEYEMI LEO in Accra, Ghana. I did not send the money. Still going I think He has my address, phone number everything
First name: Lucas
Last name: fredo
Age: 44
Location: south Africa south Chelsea london
On websites:
Report: He initiated contact with me. We met on and he immediately wanted to correspond thru private email. He sent me emails that I had seen other men use. After a week he asked me to send his daughter an iTunes card. That was the last contact between us. He said he was working in southbafrica but would be finished with his job there soon. He was too good to be true and I suspected it was a scam
First name: maxwell
Last name: Smith
Aka: ziem faame lawson Jane
Age: 48
Location: Ghana
On websites: Facebook, yahoo
Report: He wanted to come to me but I had to send money.
First name: Burk
Age: 55
Location: South Africa
Phone: 902-800-1289
Email: Unknown
On websites:
Report: Man claims to be from Playa del Rey in CA, however distance comes in at 7463 miles from Las Vegas-- so he is not where he claims to be. He states that he has daughter, not living at home, that will be getting married on November 21. He uses term
First name: Adams
Last name: Williams
Age: 43 date of birth: 15/12/1973
Location: Glasgow, UK , Canada, born in Kiribati
Phone: 447724290996, 07704026116, +60149324390
On websites: Saw profile on
Report: I met this person claiming to be Adams Williams/ Adam Williams on the indian matrimonial website He had initiated contact with me on this website first since April this year and claimed to be staying in Malaysia to claim back inheritance money owed to him on behalf of his late father. He explained he was staying Malaysia until the claim process was completed. Only recently in August 2015 he was asking me to send money to pay for a certificate to release the claim fund. As I was not willing to send the money to him he did not want to communicate any longer.
First name: Chales
Last name: Presten
Aka: Sean biunno
Age: 57
Location: London
Phone: 00447843938851
On websites: meetic
Report: he ontacted he was at Meetic/ Lexa maiing and on skype during two weeks nope, no strange events the money was for his life assurance, he wanted me in it ?1000 no request, We caught him before We told him he was a scammer and after that there was oby silence
First name: David
Last name: Roger
Age: 62
Location: Afghanistan, Columbia, SC
Email: davidroger388@gmail
On websites: OK Cupid
Report: I met David Roger on OK Cupid August 10, 2015 when I received a free weekend from the site. We immediately hit it off . He said he was Major David Roger , a special OPS agent for the CIA (a senior officer) working with the US Army in Kabul, Afghanistan for peace keeping. Everything went wonderful until he asked me if we could talk on the phone. He told me I would have to get clearance from the military and there would be a charge of between $850-$1,200. That didn't sound right to me that the public would have to pay to talk to a soldier. I went on line and found out he was scamming me. He told me he was retiring in December and he wanted things to be set up so he could come home to me.After I told him what I found out on line that he was scamming me, I never heard from him again
First name: Christopher
Last name: Martins
Age: 42
Location: London
Phone: 447417509202
On websites: yes
Report: This man sent me a friend request at face, I accepted and we started talking. Two days later he asked me my email and my whatsapp. We started talking by whatsapp and he sent me very romantic emails every day. He told me that his name is Christopher Martins and he is a general in the British Army on a peace mission in Syria. A few days later I was already madly in love and wanted to know how much I earned and could pay for his vacation because he wanted to take a vacation and get to know me and marry me because I was the woman of his life. At that moment I decided to research scams on the internet and found several pages talking about the scammers, including the pictures he had sent me. I spoke to him what had happened and he swore to me he was the victim of scammers who used the photos improperly. He went on wanting me to do the payment has your vacation to the United Nations. I sent an email to an address he gave me and I received a document authorizing the official holiday by paying an amount of 2,500 deposited in the name of John Tonya Abilla, in Ghana bench. My luck is that I suspected all love and money order. I not deposited anything. Confirmed here on the site that it was hit.