First name: Captain Kelvin Ethan
Last name: Wessel
Age: 55
Location: Great Britain
Phone: +441246488235
On websites: PenPal World
Report: Is pretended to be a Captain , who serves in Syria. In oder to avoid military actions he asks to be his fiance and to pay for his Leaf. Very smart and inspires love. Unfortunately was scammed.
First name: Remy
Last name: Makker
Age: 50
Location: Florida, United State
Phone: +18135406652
On websites: Filipininocupid
Report: we talk august 11 we chat by yahoo.mail sometime only because he say he is busy in her work preparing going to france and then he say he send package to me
First name: David,
Last name: Rodriguez, alias. Edelson
Aka: Anthony Edelson
Age: 55
Location: Afghanistan, Kabul
Address: From USA
On websites: Match
Report: He wanted kontakt on, and he send me one email and tell about him self. He send me some pictures and I find the same pictures here in . He told me he was widower.He have one son ,14 year. His work in US army in Kabul
First name: Mark
Last name: Baron
Age: 51
Location: Florida, USA
Phone: +1 406-763-1820 & +1 407-680-1352
On websites: Meetme
Report: Cheated money by sending gifts and documents that will never arrived.
First name: Gunther
Last name: Nachbras
Age: 70
Location: Decatur, Georgia
On websites: Facebook
Report: Initially looking for romance. Claims he is a widower originally from Panama and raised in Turkey. Has a contract in Malaysia to build a gas station. Needs over one thousand dollars to get his supplies out of customs. Also wants a birthday present...I-phone or laptop. Becomes sarcastic and demeaning when he is refused the money.
First name: James
Last name: miller
Age: 65
Location: dubai
On websites: yes
Report: James Miller, POF dating site he initiated the correspondence, said son died while over in Egypt, he is from Ireland gave home over 50k
First name: Mark
Last name: Daines
Age: 50
Location: New York, USA / Lagos (Nigeria)
Address: Flushing, Queens
Phone: 0013477147365 / 00393496972762 / 0022348095148772
Email: /
On websites: LinkedIn
Report: He approached me as a single father, based in New York, his wife passed away two months after giving birth to their son named Joel. He sent me pics of himself (very good looking) with his sweet dogs, with his beloved son. He said he found my profle on LinkedIn extremely interesting and my photo beautiful. He said he was looking for the woman of his life (the Queen) on internet because he did'y have time to go in public settings etc etc and so on and so forth. Said to be Landscape Designer, travelling all over the world, been twice in Europe and other times in Australia. Then, all of a sudden, he was called in UK for an important contract and the day he came in Europe, namely to London, he signed a 6 million $ contract with the Nigerian Gov for a big project on horticulturism. He insisted to send me the certificate, so-called Award Contract Certificate. Two days after he pretended to be in Lagos, best hotel, internet connection so that he could be online to chat continuously with me. He is a master of word, expressing himself so well, saying he madly loved me, that I am the most beautiful woman, clever, smart, sharp and that he wanted to start a new life with me and our kids (I have a son too), sending me pictures of his gorgeous swimming pool in NY and his wonderful cars (Lamborghini,Jeep). Only after one month and a half I became aware that all my doubts were well-grounded when I discovered that all his nice words, poetry and declaration were cliches easily to find out in internet, especially as samples default in stop-scamming site as this wonderful of yours. He did not manage to ask me for money because I made in on time to rumble and figure out what was going on.
First name: Charles
Last name: Preston
Aka: David Walker
Age: 53
Location: Orange County, CA
Phone: 714-907-4470, 714-922-3182, 233 208135364 (Ghana)
On websites: BBWCupid
Report: He said he was a gem scientist from CA and took a trip to Accra, Ghana to buy gold. He sent me flowers and poetry, lots of poetry. I fell for him hard. I also sent him $13,000.00 in the course of 6 weeks. To Ghana. To have the gold sent here and we would be rich. I should have listened to the warning bells when he first asked for money. Western Union and Moneygram. Should have listened to them too. When his business partner called today and said David would need $3000.00 more because he was now being detained for forged documents, I remembered reading about just that kind of scam. And that's when I started investigating this whole thing. I found lots of pictures of him with different names on various scamming sites. He's very good at this. I just wish I had known how to check before I was so stupid.
First name: Tommy
Last name: Burton
Age: 52-53
Location: original from Californa moved to Africa=ghana
On websites: yahoo messenger
Report: I met him first on Wayn website, then we strated talking a lot on he said he was a plastic surgeon, And he worked for a company name L.A Familia as a plastic surgeon' He had 2 kids, his wife die of cancer. we talk for about a month then he was telling me he had falling in love with me and wanted to put some money in my name, like 5 million dollars, I told him no, but he said he did it anyway. Then he had to go to the U>K to work for 4 months, and he send me a message , saying before they could put my money in my account I would have to pay a cost of transfer fee, which I knew nothing about and he said he didn't either. There was a man named Mark Molar who called me and said he was from the Barclay Bank, and wanted me to send payment of 100, and 250,and 125. I told him I didn't have it he said if I didn't send it, I would be in trouble ,so I send it western union, we still talk and he said I couldn't get the money till I paid the rest, I told him I couldn't pay it, I wanted my money back now or I was turning him in. he never reply to me,
First name: John
Last name: Raymond
Aka: Daniel Raymond
Age: 46
Location: Afghanistan
Phone: +963 87 518 4546
On websites: skype
Report: This person is threatening and harassing me to deposit monies into an account. He is calling me a bitch and swearing to me. He says he loves me yet can't call me. Says he's based in Syria and needs money to fly home for leave. He won't leave me alone and says he has access to my personal information that he will post on FB. I would like to warn other ladies who make contact with him on Zoosk Australia as he preys on innocent victims. I have reported him to Zoosk HO.
First name: David
Last name: Francis
Age: 63
Location: Afghanistan
Phone: unknown+168373999
On websites: Yahoomessenger, skype
Report: He contacted me first at skype, then we started to chat on Yahoo, he have been asking for money., he is still asking , he says he will come and wisit me,
First name: Jean robert
Last name: Fabre
Age: 53
Location: Orleans
On websites:
Report: He has emailed me every night for 5 months. Reported to be an Architect on business in Africa. Asked for money to help repair a machine needed for building his orphanage . Asked for money for hospital bills when he supposedly had typhoid . Asked for money to pay his accountant so he could return home.
First name: David
Last name: Martin
Aka: Mikkel Martins
Age: 58
Location: USA, Dubai
Address: 101 West 129 South; Logan, UT 84321-8236; Al qasimi st, Sharjah, UAE
Phone: 616-803-9196; 011-971557650856
On websites:
Report: Mr. Martin contacted me through We established a relationship via email, texting and telephone calls. About three weeks into the relationship he claimed to have been awarded a contract in Dubai for some architectural work that would last three weeks. Invited me to come along. Two weeks into his being in Dubai, he said his payment check got held up and all his money was invested in the project, needed help getting a ticket back to the US to claim the check in person. Gave him $5K to help get the ticket, then surprisingly he was asked to leave the plane due to unpaid taxes on income earned there. He convinced me to send him funds to pay for the fine in increments that were supposedly set and then we would miss deadlines. To this point he has gotten $40K from me. I soon discovered he had another victim. We are working together to try to keep him actively engaged until the FBI can catch him.
First name: Felix Alan Scaife
Last name: Gibson
Age: born 2/14/65
Location: Washington DC
On websites: Facebook and/or Facebook Messenger
Report: I was contacted by this man on Facebook.
First name: Raymond
Last name: Thompson
Age: 50
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
Phone: 447518979542
On websites: Zorpia
Report: This chap tried to friend me through Zorpia. Got connected through Whatsapp on mobile. Sent me photos and I googled him. I talked with him and he sounded like a black nigerian man. Claimed he is german and widowed with a 12 year old daughter. I have blocked and deleted him, and I saw him on many dating websites
First name: lucas
Last name: fredo
Age: 50
Location: cape town
Phone: 3213367184
On websites: zoosk
Report: Everything he did fits a scammer completely: went off zoosk site to personal email and phone number to text. Emails and pictures were beautiful. Less than one week he wanted to marry me and telling he loves me...asked me to help him transfer money. Then the week after asked me to get itune card for his daughter then asked me to transfer money $35000 to his account because he was in trouble at the airport with the police . Ask if I had a Wells Fargo Account to send him some money.
First name: Morgan
Last name: Padmore
Age: 57
Location: Ohio, Calif, Turkey, Cyprus, Spain
Phone: 216-438-3010, Overseas 35722030402 , Spain 334911986416
On websites: unknwn
Report: Met on Christian Mingles, from Cleveland, Ohio, Petroleum Engineer with Ricos Engineering site and addresses in Long Beach,Calif and Cleveland , Ohio. Quickly charmed his way into trust by overused words of charm and affection. Ended up scamming me of a lot of money , 'needed money for parts for work' ( Contract of BP , fake paperwork) , was in need of money as his assets were frozen in US, not able to get to them. Suddenly became ill with heart issues , miraculous recovery after money sent. Went to Spain to get relative to give money towards what was 'owed to Turkish Govt
First name: mikkel
Last name: martins
Aka: david martins
Age: 59
Location: seattle washington st louis mo dubia uae
Phone: 424 442 9620
Email: mikkel martins
On websites:
Report: this scam is currently still going on. i have discovered another victim we are working together to keep him involved still in hopes someone can help us. we have filed reports with local police and thru the suggested fbi web site of IC3 we are currently talking to him, several times a day he has taken me personally for 7000, and the other victim for 45,000 who is currenlty on disablity. yes, we are stupid, but, we ar both 58 and have good heads on our shoulders. we just got scammedl
First name: Mario
Last name: Bertolini
Age: 65
Location: USA NewJersey
Phone: 0612145892
On websites: No
Report: Wrote to me from South African IOL Dating site. Said he was a Civil Engineer working on a project in Mossel Bay, Western Cape. Wife died 5years ago. Has a son of 18 years old who stays in USA, New Jersey with an aunt of his. With second contact he erased his profile on IOL dating site. Very quickly starting to talk of falling in love with me. On several occasions asked for airtime giving excuse that his son was taken up in hospital in USA. Said he had a brother called Antonio in Italy who was getting married and that he had to fly there to pay and arrange the wedding. Promised that he will! Purchase property in South Africa and that we will get married and that he is bringing his son to S A. Apparently left SA for Italy on 25th July 2015. Next day after landing in Italy called me to tell me that FNB put a hold on his accound and that he desperately need R100K to pay for wedding items already purchased. He was actually crying on the phone. When I told him that I can't possibly send that amount he immediately became insulting and blaming me of all kinds of things.
First name: Greg
Last name: Plasencio
Age: Unknown
Location: Alabama
On websites: Skout ,
Report: Says is in south Africa in army .needed money so wouldn't lose hands or need for phone.then hacks your bank an email account
First name: Charles
Last name: Boucher
Age: 60
Location: syria
On websites: HI 5 Tagged
Report: Yes my love there i am okay over here but there is a problem with me getting my leave i have been trying to see how to get a solution to it but to no avail , i was asked from NATO to raise $10,000 for te PERMIT to be granted, so i want to ask you in the name of God to assist me with the requested funds so i can get the PERMIT and be able to come over to you in South Africa and as soon as i get off from here i can repay you back or better still i will redouble the money for you when i arrive to you, there is no means or way for me to send money over here in the war zone because i don't have access to my financial institutions over here but i want to assure you and i want you to take my words and trust me as soon as i come over i will refund back to you every money you sent in assisting me. I await to hear a positive response and news from you in regards to this.... Show original message
First name: Timothy
Last name: Gibson
Age: 49
Location: Iraq
On websites: Facebook
Report: I was contacted by a guy calling himself Captain Timothy Gibson his profile picture was of Leading Seaman Stephen Murphy who I have since found out has been used many times for profile pictures of Scammers. He approached me ( on facebook) by saying he was a widower with one son aged 14 called Kevin who was away in boarding school in Turkey. He was serving in Iraq at present on a peace mission and hadn't been in a relationship since his wife had died 5 years ago. We started to communicate but by day two something didn't register right he was typing good English but sometimes words were backwards and what he was saying was just not right after just meeting. So I decided to do some research and have since found that this poor guy Stephen Murphy's photograph has been used for years with scammers on Facebook and many dating sites. He wanted to talk on Skype ( his ID being q123457543) knowing I had started to doubt him and he actually did a video call but said it would be short and he wouldn't be able to speak.He looked like Stephen Murphy but it still didn't seem right and I have found out they can access videos of military personnel. I am one of the lucky ones no money had been asked for and I have since found out that his Facebook page for Timothy Gibson is no longer there. I have blocked his emails and deleted him from Skype and I have not confronted him with what I have found out. I have seen that there is a profile on Facebook of Stephen Murphy 41 this too being a fake so I wanted to warn you of that too.
First name: James
Last name: Martin
Aka: James Johnson,
Age: 55
Location: Syria
On websites: MyZamana
Report: Vazeni! Tento pan, jak jsem zjistila je velmi aktivni na techto strankach, kde pusobi skutecne jako profesional. Nejprve se mnou hovoril na Skypu, ovsem bez kamery, a kdyz jsem ho pozadala, napsat mi neco o sobe, poslal mi tento dopis,dokonce i s fotkou sveho syna, ktery prikladam. Mozna to pomuze varovat jine zeny. Na Skypu hovoril o sve horouci lasce ke me a to se me samozrejme nalibilo. Zkusila jsem ho hledat a skutecne jsem ho nasla mezi podvodniky. I was born in California June 7 1960, I grew up with my single mother in Cali, but i later with to military collage, that was when i graduated to the US military 1980, i got married when i was 25 years old , and after all i lost my beloved wife when she was in the giving birth to my only son, i have been in the military for 38 years now, i am working on my retirement after my mission in Syria, i will retire from the military, i want to happily with my son, now i am staying in my house in Ohio, that is where i am spent half of my life, i have no parents anymore, i am all alone with my son in this world, this is why i need you in my life, i have every evidence to show you that i am really James Martin from the US military, My son is schooling in UK, His name is Alex, i will send you his photo, please promise me that you will always give me your heart, i believe i have told you a lot about me, can you tell me more about you and your past bad experience. This is Alex my son's photo.
First name: david
Last name: magid
Age: 52
Location: Ukraine
Email: na
On websites: tinder and asked me to use viber
Report: Chatting on tinder for couple of days asked me to download viber sent some attractive picture of a grey haired man white jeans nice shirt stood at a desk. Then this evening the messages got intense not sexual but deep... all I could get out of him was he was a DR. specialist in Orthopedics working with UN at the moment in Ukraine. Threatened me tonight once I said I had checked him out. Saying I have cause massive problems for myself. I have just contacted my friend who is a police officer He has since deleted his profile off tinder ( but I reported him before he deleted it) also reported to viber.
First name: Austin
Last name: miller
Age: 48
Location: texas
On websites: big church
Report: Austin, claims to have 48 years and 5 years widower. a daughter. Being petrochemical engineer with his own company. traveling to Saudi Arabia for a contract. I request that I sent this money as to lose the contract which will be financial ruin. ?? send my mail and photos of the contract.
First name: robert
Last name: larry
Aka: Sgt Bruce McClane
Age: 50
Location: Kabul Afghanistan
Phone: 707-820-2924; 239-234-4377; 233267395210
On websites:
Report: On as i_believe396; Goodfavor272; LivingSmile4Ever; SpecialWiner38 I know him as Bruce McClane. Stationed in Kabul Afghanistan. In Camp Garbrines which doesn't exist. Neither does Bruce McClane. He conned a computer out of me along with some clothing and food and $800. Our relationship lasted for three months. He is very good at sweet talking. Also makes you feel badly for him being in the desert and on patrol every night. Told me he was wounded. Told me there was an explosion on his FOB killing two of his men. Needed the computer to transfer his personal documents to for his future business. Would pay me back. Needed the $800 for shipping from GHANA!! That is where he truly is located. I have pictures.
First name: mark
Last name: nelson
Age: 50
Location: MALAYSIA
Phone: 60102952969 447937461590
On websites: UNKNOWN
Report: he is using the Govender of Russia's profile photos - I have been talking to him for 4 months now - he has declared his love for me - has promised me three times that he will be visiting me but everytime has money problems I sent him money and now he wants more money to release his funds from a bank because he has to pay to open an account for the amount of 3,5 million dollars - I have been scammed
First name: David
Last name: Mavah
Aka: David Ray
Age: 56
Location: Los Angeles
Phone: 3234264905
On websites: Okcupid
Report: He told me he was working in Turkey and he exhausted all his money and needed 6700 usd to pay for materials I immediately said do not call or text me again.
First name: Leui
Last name: Rafael
Aka: Antonis Ariston
Age: 53, May 21, 1962
Location: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, San Jose
Phone: 650-666-2533, 626-387-0234
On websites: e-Harmony, where he contacted me as a match
Report: He initiated contact on August 12, 2015 on eharmony as a match. I have been corresponding with him since then, via email and text and phone. He has spoken to me. Strange requests, yes, he asked for $2000 to help him finish up a business deal because he ran out of funds and was unable to do the bank transaction from Malaysia. Never shared any personal information about his family, etc. The posted emails from him on this site are the exact ones he has sent me! Right from the beginning of the emails.
First name: Allan
Last name: Williams
Age: 57
Location: Houston, Texas and Cairo, Egypt
Phone: 832-608-7412, 239-384-7132 and +1-201157611544
On websites:
Report: Met Allan Williams online thru dating website. He claimed to be from Houston, Texas and working as an electrical engineer with his own company. He claimed to have secured contracts in Egypt, Dubai, Bulgaria and Germany .