First name: Damian
Last name: Howard
Age: 55
Location: Netherlands/ Germany/America
Phone: +254723775249 +254731774663 +12062595107
On websites:
Report: I have had contact with him about a year,In the beginning and even later on he was a real gentleman and thats why I understood so late he is a scammer, I had contact with him from 10 nov 2014 till 14 sept.2015 when he disapeared without saying anything. then I saw his picture on dating sites like my love. ru. and as also on the linkedin site he had 2 different names with the same picture on that site.
First name: David
Last name: Malley
Age: 60
Location: Germany
On websites: Finya and skype
Report: He contacted me on Finya and later on skype. He was looking for a women he said for the rest of his life, for when his contract will be end about 14 days. He asked after one day to be his wife he is in Syrie he said. and will go back to USA. His skype ID is david malley 429. I want you to know that there are a lot of scammers on skype, I can pick them out because they have me cheated me once,so I know how they work and their writing.
First name: Todd
Last name: Smith
Age: 44
Location: South San Diego California USA, Melbourne Australia, Cape Town South Africa & Perth Australia
Phone: +1 619 457 6680 & +1 234 421 7146
On websites: Facebook, & Viber
Report: I met this guy on a Dating Site call he's name is Todd Smith and he works as a Architecture and Interior Designs. He is Widowed with one daughter call Susan (3) and she lives with her Grandmother in Cape Town South Africa. Todd Smith's is a Australian man from Melbourne who is now working in South San Diego California USA for a Contract Job since August-December 2015
First name: Hooper
Last name: Renteria
Age: 40
Location: Los Angles
On websites:
Report: same photo as the one listed as Peter Renteria on this blog!!
First name: Taylor
Last name: Stover
Age: 62
Location: France
Phone: +33 780799484
On websites: Latin Love
Report: He contacted me and send me some pictures, I have a few emails from him. My daughter told me it was a scam. Thanks
First name: Ralph Thomas
Last name: Hennecke
Age: 58
Location: Manchester, England
Address: 307 Nitram Court
Phone: +011-44-793-741-6687,
On websites: Face Book
Report: Ralph Thomas Hennecke contacted me via Face Book. The relationship lasted 6 weeks then he tried to get me to send him $3,500.00 to purchas supplies in Malaysia. He said he had a 12 year old daughter named Niaomi, he said his wife died 5 years ago in a car accident. Four weeks into the realtionship he proposed to me. He said he was a God fearing mand and was looking for a God Fearing woman. He has another FB account under Hennecke Ralph Thomas with a different picture. When I refuse to send him money he tried to make me feel guilty then finally cut off all ties and blocked me...LOL! Oh well, easy come, easy go.
First name: wilson
Last name: jones
Aka: Golfmilman
Age: 42
Location: Florida, USA
Address: 32244
On websites: skout
Report: he is an military of afghanistan but he said that he need money for get married with somenone
First name: Hendrix
Last name: Maxwell
Aka: Amari Verati
Age: 57
Location: Cape Town SA
Phone: 0631095277
On websites: whatsapp, datingbuzz
Report: Beware of this person, writes you long serious love letters, phones you, whatsapp you. Then he starts complaining his business is in trouble and asks for a loan. Everywhere i googled he was listed as a scammer.
First name: David
Last name: Williams
Aka: David
Age: 38
Location: Poland and Cote d'ivoire
On websites: Tagged
Report: He contacted me and we started exchanging emails, he told me he was trully in love with me, I said I'd like to talk to him on Skype, he never said anything about it, until he told me he bought a lot of things to me, and he wanted to send to me he wanted me to give him my phone number, my full address along with the passport number or ID card, I know it is not him.
First name: Thomas Powers
Last name: Fresen
Age: 49
Location: Houston, Texas
Email:, frezen,
On websites: Mingle2, Meet Me, Dateolicious.
Report: I know this man is a scammer because I know he got me for almost 600.00. I am now talking to another female that he got just a few days ago for almost 600.00 too. He accidently slip when with his finger on camera and she caught a glimpse of him. His profile shows him as a white male and he is actually a black male. His profile pics are all of a white males. We both have spoken to him on the phone and he sounds like he has an African accent. He claims to work at Muir Fine Art Gallery-5769 Fern Garden in Humble, Texas.
First name: Aaron
Last name: Mantini
Age: 69
Location: UK. London
Phone: 410-635-0258
Email: Arnmantini@hotmail. Com
On websites:
Report: Aaron Mantini ani connected on He said he was here to take care of his only Aunt who lived in Sedalia, Mo. Shortly after meeting online. He had to go to Poland to finish his retirement. Shortly after his visa expired and he needed money to get back to the states. Sent lovely letters. I sent him an extreme amount of money and money was coming into my acct by the thousands and I was sending it to Suara Olaitan among others in Nigeria. I sent clothes cameras iPhone computers among other things to Nigeria. Finally after 19 months there was 20,000 dollars went into my acct and it was stolen from someone else's acct. I found another woman he was scamming under the name of Tommy Fallace. We then confronted them and it all started to fall apart. They have not changed there addresses. In all I found eight other women and One man bring scammed by the same group. I have receipts from every penny sent. Address and names of Nigerians.
First name: John
Last name: Cole
Aka: Andrews Mike Johnson
Age: 25
Location: Nigeria
On websites: facebook
Report: Met a guy on facebook , he told me his name was Andrews Mike Johnson and he was from London and getting ready to leave for Afghanistan, he said he was 48 , send me pictures. We talk online for one year . We fell in love , or now i should say i fell in love. Everyday he would get up with me . Told me he loves me and we would be together , when he left Afghanistan. . Yes i lost about 12,000 sending him for something all the time. To make a long story short i got to where i didnt trust him , i got a private investigator to check out where this money was going and to who after i would send .. well he did , i would send to Andrews friend and he would pick the money up and that minute send it to another. Well by the help of agents in Nigeria , found out all money i sent was being sent to a black 25 year old in Nigeria. . When the investigator gave me the updates , i thought i would die. I was so hurt , so angry. . So then they did arrest the john Cole , he admitted he scam me and other women at the same time . They found out he had a big sum of money in his bank , so he account was frozen until he went to court. They took his laptop and seen my details along with pictures of me. When court day came , they called me to record me , when asking questions , i broke down and cried sothen they had to start over. Court day just got over 2 weeks ago and he got 15 years with hard labor. And thy had to decide how the mmoney would pay the victims, so only the ones that did speak out and could prove they sent money through western union or money gram. I really think only three women spoke out . . Now the john Cole told the judge he was so sorry for what he did to me for one year and he learn his lesson and wanted to ask for permission to call me and say he was sorry. They ask if when the time came would i speak to him on phone ,i said i will but not for him to tell me he is sorry , because i want to talk to him and him to shut up until i was finish. I have plenty to say to him that will not be nice. So now i receive 13,500 in a few days . Got my money back . So if you play it right and save all details about your scammer there is help out their. My life was wasted for one year .
First name: Jovan
Last name: Bilic
Age: 59
Location: Netherlands Rotterdam
Email: Bilcjovan@gmail.comjovan bilic
On websites: Lexa
Report: Met him on Lexa in june of this year, he had a great profile on lexa and what made me contact him is, ghat he has two questions; what makes you sad today, and what makes you happy today......he is an engineer on a oil and exploration ship, he has a crew of 10 people working for him. Material failure......wanted money, 2000 and 1600 , was sent to me to a Barclay Bank in Essex. In september another amount of 2250 to get off the ship, in order to cash his check he received from the client he worked for.....last week he wanted another 1300 to complete the money for a chopper. Did not send that, simply i don,t have it. Why this whole thing stopped it that my daughter felt that there was something wrong with me, depressed, not myself etc. So she checked his picure, and that picture belongs to mr Pere Ribera, an paint artist in Valencia, spain. That oopened my eyes and now i want revenge.
First name: bobby
Last name: dwayne
Age: 40
Location: USA virginia
On websites: okcupid
Report: I communicated with this guy on okcupid. Soon he asked for my email address. I created a new email address just for him. Two months in he told me his daughter was in the er with cancer and that he needed to pay 750$ but he only had 250$. He needed an additional 500$ Who puts the dollar sign after the dollar amount. I told him I knew someone who was interested in buying his plane. He dropped off the face of the earth. Then I reprted him to okcupid.
First name: Robert
Last name: Tomasz
Aka: Lewis Britz Kartel
Age: 54
Location: Ohio
Phone: 44 141 280 2083 - 001 281 249 9684 - 44 745 203 2137
Email: roberttomasz43@gmail;com -
On websites: Skype, Yahoo, Linkedin
Report: contacted me early 2013 had loads of conversations, and letters from him even on video, but always something wrong with his micro, but have recognized him on the video's posted here. Send him a few times money, when I told him I couldn't anymore, he told me his secretarry's boss would send it to me and I had to transfer it to someone else in Accra, Ghana, checked it out and could be possible because he has a profile on Linkedin too. But now I'm afraid he's scamming that other lady too, so I told him to let her send the money herself to that person and I wouldn't do it anymore. He contacted me last time 3 weeks ago once more for money and asked him what part of NO he didn't unerstand. He said I din't care anymore for him and that's the last thing I heard from him. Though a few months ago after a money transfer I got a Skype call from someone, with a heavy African accent telling me I was be scammed talked with him about it but he's an unbelievable master in deception, so I gave him the benefit of a doubt.
First name: Uriah
Last name: Thompson
Age: 57
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
On websites: Facebook
Report: Out of the blue, I get a request to be somebody's friend on Facebook. The photo of this person showed him to be a young man in uniform, my first thought, without any suspicion, was that he just may want a pen pal, but once I accepted the request, the photo was changed to an older looking man, and he right away, he started giving me compliments, that he fallen for me, that he loved me and would love me till the end of time. He stated that he was with the British Army in Afghanistan and his unit was training the Afghan soldiers. That he had been there 18 months, and had another 8 moths to end his tour. He wanted to request a compassionate leave but..I needed to talk to an agent, Robert Hannen, in West Virginia.Uriah Thompson stated that he would retire in 3 years and would relocate to Miami Beach, FL in about 3 years and wanted to marry me, etc. We were going to meet in Miami Beach, Fl but I had to send another $5,000, which I totally refused to do..I know I was totally naive and trustful, but better late than never, I realized this was a scam. I have information and a document that I could provide.
First name: lawrence l
Last name: bale
Age: 50
Location: london england
Phone: +447851713010
Email: london england
On websites: facebook meetme .viber. kik
Report: He's a scammer for money .Sends messages for months then says he's flying into Toronto Canada and sent me the copy of flight .Went to meet him. When I'm in the airport someone from Washington airport where he had a 1 hour stop phones me and says that Lawrence has come in with 200k pounds and has to pay 5000 k duty. They want me to send the money to .Person at Citi bank. I knew it was a scam. I called Washington airport immigration and they told me if someone comes with alot of money they just have to sign papers and are sent on to their destination .When I told this to Lawrence he said he was flying back to London. He never left London as I checked the manifest of the flight number with United airlines at the Toronto airport.
First name: Chris
Last name: clarke
Age: 49
Location: Paris Accra
On websites:
Report: I have transferred 33.000 euro to him. He claimed to be in export business. . Being a contractor. He first went from Heilbronn Germany .. then I transferred the first 560p euro to a German contact. A lady called catharina semisch. Then he went to Paris where the business didn't go as planned. Then he went to Accra for his containers where he needed import tax money of 20.000 pounds. He git then sick and couldn't pay his hotel bills.. until I reported him... called him a scammer then he was gone.
First name: Christopher
Last name: Muller
Age: 55
Location: Coronoda, California, USA
On websites: and Google+
Report: I thought he was the real thing until he asked me for money for his trip to South Africa. He reports as widowed, young son, lives in California. I have pics of him, but he says he has none of his child, what dad would not carry at least one photo of his child.
First name: Johnson
Last name: Miller
Age: 55
Location: Ohio, USA
On websites: Google+
Report: I thought from the start that he was a scammer, so I was waiting for him to hangs himself, so to speak. He says he is in the Army stationed in Cuba, a widow and a son 13 yrs old. He quotes letters that when i look up what he say in the letters, it comes up with scammer emails. So I am thinking that he is a scammer.
First name: John
Last name: Smith
Age: 52
Location: south Africa, Ghana, Vlirgina
Email: uses KIK
On websites: scout
Report: He said I was who he's looking for. Asked me to allow him to mail me Gold Bullnumbersion , needed my home address. I told him we get our mail at UPS I played along knowing he was a scammer. He said he was from GA but had a ph number was Virginal. He said he was robbed needed $2000 .I told him to file a home owners claim. I told him I knew he was a scammer of course he accused me of being the same. He has black hair, every picture is in sunglasses
First name: Ciro
Last name: Donatello
Age: 55
Location: Gordonsbay/mosselbay
Phone: 0616890718
Email: No email address only phone
On websites: Elitesingles
Report: Comes from italy with his daughter wife dead 5 years ago , engineer on oil rig mosselbay of course. Then his daughter is in biarding school in stellenbosch and its her birthday and needs money to pay for the birthday party. Tracy donatello 062 478 1903
First name: daniel
Last name: Muller
Aka: black man
Age: 54
Location: ghana accura
Phone: 233 23 131 7774
On websites: whats app and face book
Report: Met him on lovoo dating site said was in new York, had job through UN for construction in ghanasm
First name: Matins
Last name: James
Age: 54
Location: Afghanstan
On websites: facebook
Report: He contacted me through facebook. He claimed to be a pilot in Afganstan on a peace keeping mission. At first I thought he was a lonely soldier so I corresponded with him. He claimed he was retiring in three months and could not wait to get out of the service. Told me he lived in Tampa Florida and had a 14 year old son. We never discussed his son. After just a few emails he stated his undying love for me and that he wanted to marry me. I knew something was not right, but kept emailing him. Eventually he told me he would not be retiring due to Washington keeping troops in Afghanstan until the end of 2017. At that time he told me of not being able to get money he needed to pay off people in Washington to put his retirement papers through. He stated he needed $75,000 to give to officials. I told him I did not have it. At that time he stated his team raided a Taliban camp and found money. Instead of turning the money in they split the money up between the team. He said he put his share in a box, which he wanted to send to me. He claimed there was 5.5 million dollars in the box. I refused to accept the box and he deleted me from facebook. I have not heard from him since then.
First name: Sean
Last name: Pederson
Age: 50
Location: USA. Afghanistan Basra
Phone: 2392054843 or 309628010
On websites: skout app
Report: He is saying he in Afghanisten Basra Military
First name: rey charles
Age: 61
Location: accra ganhna
Address: ninguno
Phone: 233267173521
On websites: facebok skype
Report: lleva un ano hablando conmigo y siempre me pide dinero
First name: Mark
Last name: Miller
Age: 45
Location: Uk ,US newgersey
Phone: +233 237 459676,=233 279 468574
On websites: skype as Mark Miller, facebook : Osebe Izkan was blocked as Osebna Izkanica and Oseb
Report: facebook: osebe Izkan, His first contac was 09,15.15 from skype Mark Miller . He stopped chatnig with me on 11.01.15, but didn't blocked me yet. Firs time he ask money for his son
First name: John
Last name: Fisher
Age: Unknwon
Location: UK
Phone: +447924587443.
On websites: Gmail
Report: Accomplice of Alejandro Marvin aka Mark Williams. Pretends to be a financial consultant with Fidelity Investments in the UK. The two work together to lure people in to a funds beneficiary scam that they requite an 'Admin fee o be paid to release funds tot he ndividual
First name: Sgt. John
Last name: McFarlane
Age: 36
Location: Afghanistan and New York City
On websites:
Report: Contacted my profile on SilverDaddies, then request using the alternate email address. Nice exchange of emails, some with British syntax and spellings. I Googled his writing and it immediately opened to Male-Scammers word for word. I continued the correspondence out of perverse curiosity and he said he was going to a conference in London. (You know that sergeants in the military go to lots of conferences.) He sent me some more photos. From
First name: David Heller
Last name: William
Age: 53
Location: Kabul (Afganistan with the US Army)
Address: unknown but born in Kansas City,
On websites: I love
Report: He contacted me as I die a profile on I love but was not a memeber yet, asking me to write to him on his Email address. I did. He said he is in Afganistan and will go home soon and retire from the Army. This was supose to happen in Dezember 2014. After a month of conversation with lots of lletters full of love poems he said he will leave soon and if he can send me a parcel. There are personal items in as he will come directly to me, and some things that are very valuable and we will need to make our life beautiful. He send me all the papers and pictures. An Canadian citicien was suppose to bring me the parcel through Red Cross, but I had to pay him when he was in England claiming he needs a certificate of no opening. I sent him 1900 Euro,but that did not stop, he wanted additional 2000 for an antiterorist certificate. Meanwhile there was no news from David William, as he said he will leave Afganistan for Christmas 2014. I did not write any longer till a request came from Belgium, the parcel were there and I should pay 1600 for delivery- Meanwhile David wrote to me claiming he was injured and will come with the next Army relief on Eastern. He sent me picture and I belived it. On Eastern he came, called me from UK and asked me to send him 5000 Euro , he has paid for visa and his stay, and had to take the parcel who was in Mastrich ready to clear but must pay taxes. I declined and he then wrote to me from US, asking me for my Bank details. I did not give it to him as I was very suspicious and so heard of him again. I am only wondering where from did he get all the certificates that he sent to me. He wanted to marry and sent them to me. On the I love he claims to be from Colorado Springs US