First name: mark
Last name: nelson
Aka: mark
Age: 55
Location: malaysia
Phone: +60102952969 / +447937461590
On websites: facebook
First name: Rodolfo
Last name: Quinones
Age: 45
Location: Lithonia,GA
Phone: 718-305-1381
On websites:
Report: He messaged me on the dating site. We messages a couple times. He then said if I gave him my cell number we could text easier. Then in a text he said we could message longer messages easier if I gave him my email address. I did. I started having a strange feeling so I googled his name and found his picture on your site and saw he did the same thing to another lady then asked her for money. He has not done that to me yet but I am going to cut off ties with him now.
First name: Eric
Last name: Davies
Aka: Ericd37
Age: 44
Phone: 608-620-8794
On websites: was on Christian Mingle
Report: This scammer, who was on Christian Mingle until I reported him, wanted me to sign documents he wanted to send to me for a business deal with his so-called Auto Transporter job with a company he made up
First name: Richard D.
Last name: Michael
Aka: Smith Turner
Age: 58
Location: From Texas but works in South Carolina
Phone: 205-340-8377
Email: I never wrote to am email address
On websites: Facebook
Report: On your site under many different names. With a couple of different photos.
First name: Ryand
Last name: Simnacher
Aka: Ryand Nash
Age: 44
Location: Lagos Nigeria
Phone: 334-564-4057. 908-652-3932. 586-221-0647
On websites: Google+(Wesley) Badoo (Simnacher) Facebook (Simnacher)
Report: Have sent this man thousands of dollars over the past two years. He was claiming to be in Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee. Finally confessed to bring in Lagos Nigeria. Had me wire money in the names of Deji Frank, James Olasunkanmi and Obgeni Major. Shows on Google+ that he lives in Lindale, Texas. Says his mom's name is Patricia Manstrano and sister's vname is Diann Podwell living in Michigan. Has a daughter by the name of Cynthia, age 5. Evem wired money to Tennessee to a Billy Carr and to Missouri go a Jackie Tortonti
First name: Peter
Last name: Pace
Age: 60's
On websites: skype
Report: He is waiting for me to accept his friend request on skype. Havent conversed with him much.
First name: Brandon
Last name: Frank
Age: 50
Location: EEUU
On websites: tagged
Report: Este hombre se hace pasar por Ingeniero en construccion y dice tener un trabajo en Nigeria entonces cuando esta alla dice no poder usar su tarjeta de Credito y que yo le envie $ 300.000 dolares para poder viajar a mi pais a verme.y casarnos , como tenia la duda sobre si era verdad , cuando lei en esta pagina me di cuenta que el era un estafador de mujeres.
First name: Diego
Last name: Torres
Age: 55
Location: Electric City, WA.....Madrid, Spain
Phone: 34 631 297883......425-381-2711
On websites:
Report: Started corresponding with this guy after meeting on about 2 weeks ago. Claims wife died two years ago. Has two daughters. I even talked to one daughter. He supposedly got work in Madrid, Spain where his daughter lives. Other daughter is in New York. Well, three days into contract, he needs $7,000 Euro to continue with work. At first I had doubts about this guy as he immediately claims deep feelings and in love. I went along with this ploy to see if I could trip him up on his scam, more pictures. I googled David Roth the singer and discovered the pictures Diego sent me were from Roth's Facebook page. I immediately ended contact and filed this report.
First name: Nicholas
Last name: Pedro
Age: 55
Location: United Arab Emirates
On websites:
Report: I have been talking to a Rakes Bernard Randall that contacted me thru facebook and have texted, emailed and spoken with him since the end of Sept. Supposedly he is working on an oil rig and is home on 26 November. He wants to send me a package to take care of for him that contain his earning from the oil rig supposedly. He says he has paid 12000.00 dollars to get the package from Scotland to Pedro at the address above. He want me to help him come up with 5,880.00 to get the package delivered here to me. He also goes by the name Ted Allen Bogart but states that is his fathers name. I am not sure how to handle this.
First name: Francis
Last name: Gregory
Age: 52
Location: Nigeria
On websites: Facebook
Report: honey, I'm finish, i'm not good at this moment I'm having a problem with the bank.I went to the bank this morning to withdraw some money from my credit card to pay the hotel bill and food supplies,and also for the tools i will need for my contract, but the director of the bank refused..the bank said that I'm not from Africa, i have to open an account with them and access it with some of $350 dollars.before I can withdraw money here in Africa..i begged them to let me withdraw some money to allow me open an account at your bank that I have no money on me right now,but they refused,,they said i have to activate my account,with that amount before they will allow me withdraw money with my credit card,Sweetheart'm So confused right now do not know what I spend all the money on me yesterday waiting to withdraw some today,,I do not know why the bank is doing this to me...honey what am going to do ... you are all I have to share this with.i don't have any other person to share this with,, please i really need your help,my love this was the message that he send to me today
First name: William
Last name: Davies
Age: Says he is 47?
Location: Glascow. Scotland
Phone: 447874625688
Report: Received friend request.Said he worked for a shipping company.His wife was killed in car accident and he had one daughter Talked for 2 months before saying he was going on a voyage to Australia and had trouble with the ship and feared sea pirates. Wanted to send me his valuables so wanted all my personal details. I googled a lot of his conversations and found they were taken from letters on various sites. There was nothing on his wall till he received a couple of birthday messages. I contacted these women to let them know. I found the photo he was using belonged to British Actor , Bernie Hodges. I messaged him also.
First name: James
Last name: Palmer
Age: 52
Location: porthland, oregon
On websites:
Report: 1. James palmer claiming to be master sergeant of the us army 2. 3. A week 4. He sent the same message to me and my friend. 5. He told me he found two military trunk boxes with cash, he needs money to ship it to the state. 6. He told me to send my personal details to a courier diplomat who will ship the two trunk boxes to my adddress. The courier diplomat email address 7. I realize it was a scam, so hopefully i did not fall for it.
First name: Colonel Kevin
Last name: Hagar
Aka: Colonel Michael Warner
Age: 42
Location: Us Syria Camp
On websites: Unknown
Report: He messaged my father he had 14.2million US dollars some where in Africa. He is a Colonol in US Army. He earned it through oil business in iraq n iran. But he can not get involved in business due to his job. He want me father to transfer his funds in our account and.he will give us 35% of it. He has Abdur Razaq Abdulai who will cahrge $3000 for legal documentation.
First name: Toni
Last name: jones
Aka: Chernor sulaiman bah and Boubacar bari
Age: 35-45
Location: Uk and ghana
Address: 3whitehall Ct. London, SW1a EL Uk
Phone: +447534356814
On websites: skype toni45 and Fb duke jones
Report: I would like to report this male scammer pretending to be a fake soldier. And they are highly professionals even they make letter, emails, chat, and all the acts of being a soldier they fake it. Going to the camp, meetings, and sounds of bombing in syria they copied it. Ask his colleague to talked to me regarding the special mission they found out big amount money and gold in the isolated area during their mission. Asking to if i could keep it as a secret and for few 3-4mobths of conversation he was really polite gentlemen and really hooked myinterest to him and promising to meet my family and he will retire soon just to be with us. I never thought that he is one of the stupid scammer. Because im trying to looked his name everywhere he is not in the directory. But i want to sent every documents the proof that i send money to him and all the emails transaction to him and they are not only one but their are girls involve included with this transaction. I was sick for two weeks for the amount i sent to them ?2250 is not easy money. i was fooled by this scammer i want them in jail. God will give them punishment. I want also protection for my identity because i sent them my two id and pictures.
First name: Richard
Last name: Rupert
Age: 46
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, EUA
Address: Avenue 15yh Charlie Close
Phone: +16179416163 +16174181298
On websites: skype: urupert
Report: Esse homem e muito convincente.Ficamos trocando mensagens por muito tempo e eu nao desconfiei.Chegou a me passar uma pagina de banco do reliancebank com login e senha, onde constavam mais de 3.000.000 de dolares como prova de confianca. Tenho o link do banco, os dados de acesso, links com ip de emails, sites com as fotos que ele me mandou, fotos e tudo o mais dele. quero enviar tudo. Elee e muito convincente mesmo, tudo o que fazia me mandava fotos, eu vi ele na cam, com a filha, com a mae, com amigos. Se diz ser um engenheiro de oleoduto, depois de tempos de conversa, disse que foi a Londres a trabalho, levando com ele 360.000 dolares, que ficaram presos na alfandega, e so podia ser liberado depois de pagar uma multa. Implorou pra eu ajudar, so entao eu desconfiei. Se precisar eu conto todo o caso e envio as provas.
First name: John
Last name: Harden
Age: 45
Location: UK london and nigeria
Phone: 447035920166 and 2349052404820
On websites: Yes
Report: Same msg and samenities everything but his name
First name: Albert
Last name: Schimek
Age: 54
Location: Kokomo, Indiana
On websites:
Report: Hello Angel, Thanks for your message and your sympathy.I am truly a magnanimous man.I treat others the way i wanted to be treated.Well,you have pass through some bad moments too.I am sure it makes you a stronger person.Well,i admit we all are human struggling to get to where we are today.I am Glad you trusted me enough by telling me all this.I feel sober for you.I love the part of being a hardworking woman,I am also a hardworking Man.Well,I can see the reason while you may not want to rush into any relationship.Sincerely,i pray God gives me the opportunity to win heart and to make you happy for the rest of your life.You deserve happiness .You need the hands that will pamper you and care for you. Everything that happens in life is Destiny.We need to accept our destiny day by day. We need to forget the past in order to be able to move on to the future. Change is the only constant thing in this life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.The past is never where you think you left it.The future influences the present just as much as the past.So we have to move on with our life. Well,I''m God's sent to wipe your tears away.True love is not easy to come about at our age.True love is what everyone talks about but only few has experience it.If we believe in this honest communication,we can be part of the few that will experience it.This is the best way to learn more about each other.I want to be your friend and let's see where it leads to.Every relationship starts with Friendship. Honestly Love can sometimes be magic.But magic can sometimes... just be an illusion.Love is never lost. If not reciprocated, it will flow back and soften and purify the heart.Baby,clearly,Now i can tell much about you,your past and your life.I promise to care for you if given the chance.You will never have reason to regret being my friend.I will be glad if u can send me more pictures of yourself and i would love to tell you more about my girl Lisa Like I have told you earlier i have a 22yrs old daughter who study in the UK, ever since the death of my late wife, i haven't go on dated, i have been so busy raising Lisa all alone and am so happy to be a proud Dad today ,Lisa is now in 3rd year in University and she tends to be a very smarty pant girl with good heart, i will surely be writing her an email and tell her about me doing the internet dating of thing then i can share few details about you with her, at least she needs to know what dad is up to lol haha..i will stop writing now and i will be patiently waiting to read back from you. Signing off for now. Hope to hear from you soon. Albert.
First name: Alex
Last name: Thames
Age: 50
Location: Dallas Iowa
Phone: unknown515-912-6479
On websites: Badoo
Report: Wooed me and then scammed me out if me. Claimed his machine for his job was broke!! Knew exactly what to say..
First name: Dave Desmond
Last name: Eric
Aka: Hosanna Aleye Ajayi
Age: 53?
Location: Houston, TX USA
On websites: facebook, yahoo messenger
Report: He has been contacting me since Aug. 8th, 2015. He does all the typical scammer things. I refused to send him money. I refused to open accounts for him. I then had reported him to facebook. He now stopped contacting me. He claimed he was from Ohio. Now lived in Houston with 5 year old daughter Chloe. Was given a contract to work in Turkey. (he sent that to me). He worked there 4 weeks. He said his bank acc't in USA was frozen. Needed no avail.Claimed to be back in TX. Continued trying to take advantage of me.
First name: Rostex
Last name: Urjasz
Age: 55
Location: Scotland
Phone: +44 7520 699087
On websites: whatsApp
Report: On the 31/10/2015 Rostex contacted me through plenty of fish dating site said he was from Poland and lived in the United States his daughter is married and lives in Canada he moved to Scotland and that he works for Grangemouth Refinery as a free lance contractor . We had been in contact by email and sometimes on whatApps one day I rung his number by mistake and it said I could not call this number as my phone is not allowing it so I typed a message and asked if he was abroad but of course he denied it and said it company phone made a excuse.. I had a feeling that he may be a scammer because in some of his emails said how much he loved me and he could not live without me. I thought okay let's see where this will go he said he would meet me, but then he change the arrangement said he had to go away to fit some equipment for 2 weeks I just knew that he was a scammer he sent me a email today 15/10/15 to ask me to ring a number in the states to ask his friend if he sent the funds I wrote back and said I could not do it as it not my responsibility. I would like to know if he is a scammer.
First name: John
Last name: Campbell
Age: 59
Location: Afghanistan
On websites: SKYPE
Report: He keeps askkng me to send money to people so they can deliver money to me. It has not happened yet so I naturally think he is a scammer. He calls you his wife and tells you to do this or do that....and he expects you to do everything helt tellse you......He makes you open up bank accounts so he can transfer money to you but he never does. I have been involved with him for over a month now and nothing ever comes of what he says he is going to do .
First name: Francis
Last name: Morgan
Aka: Anderson Witt, Mark Ferguson
Age: 50
Location: Damascas Syria
On websites:
Report: He scammed me out of a lot of money, Isent him watch top of the range phone and other items he said he was serving in Syria with the US special forces, and he wanted me to send him money towards shipping costs for gold nuggets to be shipped out of the Syria. After stopping any correspendence with him he tried to befriend me again on He also got a man to inpersonate a CIA AGENT to look over me.
First name: Shmariyahu
Last name: Levi
Age: 47
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Phone: 609-903-9560
Email: I didn't get one from him.
On websites: Plentyoffish
Report: He contacted me on Plentyoffish. We only spoke n the phone for a few days. He said he was a fashion consultant that moved to Pittsburgh, PA about 6 months ago. He told me he was born in London. he wanted to meet me one night but that day I did a little digging. I asked him where he was staying and he told me. I called that hotel and they said they didn't have anyone registered in that name. Then he told me it was a different Hotel. I called that hotel and they said they were still under construction and will not be open until February. They told me they had another location, I called there, and got the same answer that there was no one registered there by that name. When I confronted him about it he called me a stalker. I just asked him to prove that he was staying in Pittsburgh and he couldn't do that. His picture looks so very familiar to me and I thought I recognized him from here but wasn't sure. after I asked him once again to give me proof that he was staying at that hotel, he hung up on me. He kept texting me and wanted to talk to me. I then reported him to plenty of fish as a scammer and then they deleted him. .
First name: David
Last name: Anderson
Aka: Williamson
Age: October 18 do not know year
Location: Akron, Ohio
Address: 3540 lido ct, akron, Ohio 44319
Phone: +19379851165
On websites:
Report: He initiated the chat first, could not figure out where I had met him. Finally I found out that he got all my info from Google+. He is still sending me messages, trying to explain everything i call him on. Like contacting me with both names he uses, sending me letters that I can find on the internet and he says it is all from his heart.
First name: Brian
Last name: Best
Aka: Gil
Age: 55
Location: London,ghana
Phone: 07448755952
On websites: Dating sites
Report: Hi his name is brian best or Gil he is 55yrs old he speaks 10 languages he is English /Spanish he work as a architect /contractor he was married he has took ?300:00 from a pensioner I need him found
First name: Kelvin Michell
Last name: Morgan
Age: 48
Location: UK (Hanley Stoke-on-trent), India
Phone: 011 91 8287 184790
On websites: Facebook, skype
Report: 419 scammer, scammed me out of my life savings. Ashamed to quote the amount. Lost my house. Sent me a promissory note. He is still residing in Sikkim, India, invested my money on his civil engineering business. Can someone advise me as to how to report to him, so that he gets arrested.
First name: Ben Olsen
Last name: Jenkins
Age: 55
Location: Syria, Brook Park Ohio USA, Norway
Email: and
On websites: Tinder application Passport function
Report: He liked my profile on Tinder. Being 7835km from me, he got on my search even though I had the free app with 100km search criteria. I checked with Tinder and with the paid application Passport you can search anywhere. After the 3rd text he asked for my email. We communicated for more than 3 weeks almost daily. His commanding officer mentioned I could ask for a special/vacation leave with the reason that we met through the internet and we would like to meet in person to discuss future plans. I received the documents from the department of defense Military leave request form signed Louis Lambert US Defense Dispatch Unit Under Authority of, GEN Raymond T. Odierno Chief of Staff United States Army After filling this and sending my driver's licence and passport (which are now red flagged with the government), the next step was to send 2650$ to this bank: TCF BANK Bank Address: TCF BANK 1130 S SIGNAL BUTTLE RD MESA, AZ. Account number : 2426032725 Account Name: MARLA J. HACKETT Routing : 122106183 Owner Address: 2055 E HAMPTON AVE MESA, AZ. 85204. and it was signed Col Harold Seamus, I did an internet search and I found the same letters on this site. He was very romantic in his email and seemed honest. I didn't sent any money. He said he was rich and the money would be re-imbursed by the army once the army would have confirmed his arrival to Canada. I want to thank you for this site.
First name: Chris
Last name: Harry
Aka: Major Chris Harry
Age: 46~48
Location: Afghanistan London in the United States
On websites: Google plus and hangouts
Report: This a dating scam where he sent me a message privately because he seen my Google plus account information and then sent a private message to me in hangouts and little did I know that hangouts was a dating site because I'm happily married but it went fine for a month or so and he would send me poems or poetry and then pictures of him and his son Felix which is in a broadening school in London and then things started to take a turn for the worse then ask me to pay for a soldier to take his place in Afghanistan because their getting to send him on a 3 year mission from Afghanistan to Syria And he got hateful with me because I wouldn't send him or his so called general the money for either of t
First name: Colin A.
Last name: Heaser
Age: 49
Location: London, United Kingdim
On websites: Yes
Report: Posing as Active Duty marine In Iraq or Afghanistan
First name: Hams
Last name: Jefferson
Aka: Hams
Age: Jefferson
Location: California USA
On websites:
Report: Hams jefferson contacted me like 2 months ago, he's very nice but then lately I suspect he's a scammer. The email tha he sent me he said he will be sending me money and a box that contains gadgets like phone, laptop and camera. The amount of money is 79000 USD and that's a lot of money and I dont think you can just simply sealed that to a box and send it to someone. And I didn't ask him these things. My susupicion arises ao I searched his name and I was directed on this site. His emails to me are actually on this site. Beware of him. I have sent him my contact infos but fortunately I did not sent him infos of my bank account.