First name: Ronald Damien
Last name: Dexter
Age: 53
Location: londen UK -Fairbanks AlaskaUSA -Queens NY USA
Phone: +1(718)264-7649
On websites: Datebook-facebook-meetme
Report: we met on meet me. he said something about my smile. Asked to talk through ms messenger. We had contact from february until june in messenger. than I reported him as spam in facebook. he asked me for money all the time. he said he was a federal agent and could not pay anything with his personal bank account because of that. he. Was working for the UN Already thirty years and would retire earlier because his wife died two years ago. the children where left allone with the nanny. he still had to work. I felt so sorry for the children thats wat trickered me. 29 th of june he would come to the Netherlands. I paid him a bog amount forhis childrens tickets. total amount I have send him through this months is euro 3685 cash through Western Union payment to his Nanny Mrs Michelle mc Ghee in Winterhaven. Another person send me a message by mail on ghe night of 28/29 june that he had a serious accident and was in a coma. but he would be al right. i should not worry. He says now he woke upfrom his coma and sends me messages to my email. he says he will pay me back when he will be back home.His phone number is probably fake. I tried a fewtimes to call it. but it was mentioned on facebook.
First name: Ryan
Last name: Cecile
Age: 46
Location: USA
On websites: I don't know
Report: He ask money and when he called me he was using a Malaysian number. Can provide his photos.
First name: Raphael
Last name: Parsons
Aka: Rose Asumpta
Age: 58 or 62
Location: Toms River, NJ & Lagos, Nigeria
Address: 1114 Fairview Drive
Phone: 732-930-1534 and 2342314555
On websites: He is listed on Romance Scam.
Report: November 2013 - he contacted me thru email He asked to go on Yahoo Messenger. Different amounts of money were requested at different times over a period of over one year. Approx amount sent was about $18,000.00
First name: johan cary
Last name: van Willems
Aka: James Norman
Age: 54
Location: Amsterdam, Istanbul
On websites: Lexa
Report: The contact was initiated through the scammer on Lexa, said to be living in Amsterdam. After 2 mails he suddenly had to travel to Istabul for a building project. From there on he started writing several mails per day, which I answered. Some sentences caught my attention: they didn't seem to fit to the person as he described himself. I copied and pasted them and found the exact same words in a mail to Carla, also in the Netherlands, but from someone called James Norman, on this website. On another website I found the same mail from a Ryam / to un undisclosed woman who actually sent him money. And on yet another site I found his photograph under the name of Christopher Edward Spears. I did not inform 'Johan' about this. He continues to write, I answer now and then, telling him I'm very busy. He had some 'accidents' on the site, an injury, a broken laptop, so I expect a request for help/money anytime, as that seems to be his pattern.
First name: Johnson marcus
Last name: Fredrick
Aka: Fredrick, Marcus, Johnson
Age: 47
Location: Nigeria, Lagos, Ghana, Iraq, Baghdad, Hawaii Nevada
Address: P.o box 3792 reno nevada
Phone: 2349035174061. 2348139469841
On websites: Cupid, Facebook Twitter military singles hi5 eharmony match
Report: States he is in need of money because he is broke in the military. Had told me he love me and want to be my husband and needs 1600 to come home and start a life with me. Says he is is second lietuant in the imitated states army. I asked for his APO address and says he can't give it to be because of the nature of his job. He call on the phone and only talks for about 30 seconds and the line goes dead. Says his son James is in Hawaii. When I ask for his sons email address he says he can't email because he broke his dad's computer. Do not send money to this man. He says he is due to come home in August for six months and then goes back for a year to finish his your. I believe he isnot in the service and is scamming women out of money. agsin do not send money to this man.
First name: Nixon
Last name: Ellison
Aka: Vengas
Age: 49
Location: Texas USA/Iraq
Phone: +12019120747
Email:, &
On websites: Facebook & Skype
Report: I met this guy in a Dating Site call he's name is Nixon Ellison Aka Vengas (49) he is originally from Texas USA but now he is working in Iraq as a US Soldier-United Nation in Iraq under Peace Keeping. He is Widowed with one daughter call Tracey she is 17 years old (College Studying to be Nurse)
First name: Ben
Last name: Pedro
Age: 49
Location: London
Address: 28 Lochaber Rd London SE13 5QU UK
On websites:
Report: My story is as follows. Just received letter number 6. On your page from a man who must be stopped from swindling money off an innocent woman like me and immediately wish to share my experience with you to avoid others falling prey to these unscrupulous individuals. This man was registered on website which is where I came into contact with such a person and now am regretting how absurd this person has swindled me with US$ 1,400.00 approx. alleging urgent need to assist his 10/11 year old daughter during a trip to Africa after falling sick with malaria. Following this scam involving a minor and producing hospital bills from Nigeria (webpage on internet non existent) not satisfied with supposedly obtaining money transferred to his name, he then added other
First name: Richard
Last name: Fisher
Age: 50+
Location: Dallas, USA
Address: unknown2200 N. Pearl St, Dallas, Texas 75201
Phone: +1-469-423-7149
On websites: UNKNOWN
Report: Contacted me through email. I do not believe in such scam letters. I received two emails from him.
First name: Sgt. Rambo
Last name: Rapu
Aka: Sgt Edwin Rapu, Sgt Edward Clark
Age: 40
Location: Columbia, MD
Phone: 210-846-9787
On websites: BAdoo, Mingle2
Report: i met Sgt Rapu on Badoo dating website. Mr. Rapu, stated that he was a widower currently on deployment in Afghanistan. We chatted nicely for a while but then he said he was getting ready to come home and needed help with his plan ticket. Money was sent to help but he kept telling me that he needed more and more, so i sent more and more, thinking that we would have a future together. We have been corresponding for a year and half and he claims to be in Thailand now and need money for that plane ticket. I finally got tired of asking for fund and sending funds so i did another background check and hit jackpot. SFC Rambo Rapu is currently married, living in Columbia,MD working on Fort Hamilton Army Base. If more information is needed please feel free to email me. I wasn't able to find the place to upload pictures but i have plenty..
First name: Scott
Last name: Briscie
Age: 50
Location: Chicago, USA
Phone: +447031933599, +233248298191, +2347068508515
On websites: Facebook
Report: Contact through Facebook. Claimed he is from Chicago and working in a ship. Sought help for money transfer. He said he would come to meet me but after money was sent there were no news from him since. That was done last year.
First name: Jerry Freeborn
Age: 48
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Phone: 447544730741
On websites: Badoo
Report: He contacted me through Badoo. Never trust this website as there are so many Nigerian Scammers. He gave me his mobile number and said he has whatsapp. Since the past 2 weeks been in touch through whatsapp. I asked for his photos and he sent me two. Claimed his mother is from Lisbon, Portugal and his father is from Dublin, Ireland. And now he is living in Liverpool, UK. I googled his photos and found that he stole the photos from Art Lyle, an actor. The photos are also in another site:
First name: Nick
Last name: Anderson
Age: 62
Location: Goodyear, AZ
Phone: 707-205-4388
On websites:
Report: This person contacted me on chemistry, and is not who he says he is. He has been reported to pig buster as a scammer so ladies beware! I never contacted him via email or phone, and his profile was removed. He is active , beware.
First name: Wesley
Last name: Wilson
Aka: George Williams
Age: 54
Location: Afghanistan (stated as so)
On websites: POF (profile removed once contact made)
Report: Contacted form POF, sent photos to me immediately - not same guy as on POF profile but he tried to convince me it was an old photo. have communicated by email them Hangouts since mid April 2015. All the photos he sent are on this site. Said he worked as security advisor for BAE systems in Lancashire and lived in St Austell, Cornwall, but kept calling it St Austin. Also apparently drove from Lancashire to Cornwall in just over 2 hrs (its 350 miles!). Said he had to go to Afghanistan for 6 weeks -that was start of June. Used web chat couple of times - same guy - clear as anything. He reacted to my messages while on the cam so photos not being used by someone else. Says he has a son Charlie 13 and a dog Rocky, and that wife cheated on him when he was in Iraq with work. Professed his love very quickly - new life etc when he gets back. Secured contract worth millions which, strangely, today went wrong and he need money to get a shipment through customs. I ave all emails and Hangout chats, text messages and mob phone no. used etc
First name: William Scott
Last name: Hagrid
Age: 45
Location: Atlanta,GA
On websites: Facebook
Report: I was friended on Facebook by this guy and we have been communication for the past 11 months. He claimed to be in the Army stationed in Afghanistan. After talking a few weeks I asked if I could send him a care package. He gave me an email address to his diplomat for direction due to his APO being down. I recirved a response from the diplomats explaining why the packages were being routed through Ghana as the are contract solders with the Kofie Ana Army. I doubted him through these 11 months, even asking for a picture holding a sign or sticking his tongue out so I would know it was him in the pictures. He was upset that I doubted him but I did receive the picture from him. In the 11 months I have come across two Facebook pages using his pictures with different names. The first time it was under the name Owens, Eric. When I questioned him about it he gave me a story that his pictures were stolen and were being used by a scammer. I friended that page and this Owens Eric immediately gave me a story that he was overseas in Iraq and adopted a son from Ghana who needed help. I reported him to Facebook and his page was taking down. Just this week I came across the second page using the name Williams, Scott, this te I had a friend friend request the page and this guy immediately told her the same story and said he was not able to wire his sons school fees to him. We messaged with him for a couple of days while he asked h
First name: Antonio Mark
Last name: Waggoner
Age: 38
Location: USA - Texas City and Nigeria
On websites: Connecting Singles, Facebook
Report: He contacted me saying he was in the US Army for 17 years, that he was a single dad and that his mum had custody of his son. Said he was on a peacekeeping mission in Nigeria to help fight Boko Haram. He wanted me to send him pictures of myself but I also had to send a package of items he needed like underwear, bible, cookies, cream, body wash, boxer shorts, and testosterone supplements. He also wanted me to send him my iPhone so he could make contact with me. Said had an iPhone 6 that he lost on duty. When I asked him for the address to send the package he told me to send the box to Lance Joe, 33d Army Barracks, Nigeria.
First name: Peter
Last name: Gruff
Age: 46
Location: USA
Phone: +17205052572
On websites: skype
Report: 1. Peter Gruff 2. Skype his skype id is verona-lak 3. Almost one month 4. In Malasya 5.The money is requested sequentially, three times first 650 eur, second 2000 eur and last 550 eur. It was completed by western union transfer 6. The money was sent three times. First time in Accra Ghana to Patricia Kponton, second time in Kuala Lumpur Malesia to Emerald Johnson and third time in Ghana to Patricia Kponton
First name: david
Last name: magid
Age: 53
Location: uk syria
Address: kings lynn and damascus
On websites:
Report: Several women hv told me same hes says hes orthapeadic dr wrking for UN in trisheen hospital damascus syria.divorced 1 daughter 22yrs. They in wales.hes wrking in war zone starts saying things u wnt 2 hear then adks 4 money 4 toieyries 4 home coming farw as protocols dnt allow his access 2 his mobey etc total cheat n scan n scum!!
First name: ibrahim
Last name: rashid
Age: 49
Location: london turkey
Address: east london
Email: ibrahim rashid
On websites: single muslim
Report: I hv had the sane emails iv seen in this report in june 2015 he jerps emailing and pretending to own a co which he dsnt and us a tiral scam and lie
First name: derrick
Last name: randoll
Age: 48
Location: cape town
Address: ocean view
Phone: 0839400334
On websites: facebook
Report: this bastard contacted me before,i wrote him off but he had the audacity to come back shameless he says he was a engineer diving instructor. he was based in cape town. when i asked to meet with him he all of a sudden had to go to repair a pipeline in the UK sea. he would ask for airtime to call his daughter Sofia. Then when it was time to come back there was an accident as he was resting and some men that worked under him had gone diving and there was a big accident. this led to an investigations and he was kept there for a whole year. no money or airtime. He could charm a monkey out of a tree. now being June he was coming back asked for airtime so that when he arrived at the airport he could call me to pick him up. He has now disappeared off the face of the earth I am adding his I.D Document and a picture of him and his so called daughter at her birthday. with that documents of a contract he wanted me to sign as a partner in a million dollar deal in Angola.
First name: Michael Jeffery
Last name: Caldwell
Age: 56
Location: Charlotte, NC, Nigeria, Lagos
Phone: 704-412-6157
On websites: Plenty of
Report: Start off as conversation on POF, then ask for your phone number would text and ask for email address. Then would send you wonderful emails making you heart just melt than after a week text you on your phone. Start like nothing is wrong but then says I need to ask you something. Say he has a inspection that is going to start that Monday and he has to have a test done to make sure he has no disease so that he can get paid for his contract, then goes on to tell you that he doesn't have enough money to get the test done and needs 550.00 to get it done and says he'll pay it back as soon as he gets back in the states.. He says he's a widower and divorced and has a 24 year old daughter. He is a business man working from home and international, Finance Investor, that he lived with his uncle since he was 12 and he was a very rich man, he has relocate to Charlotte for the past two years but his profile on POD says he was 61, widower,with bachelor degree. Have pic's but don't know where to list. Oh and by no means did I send any money...Dad didn't raise no fool!
First name: Godwin
Last name: Palmer
Aka: Alan D. Patterson
Age: 60
Location: Georgia USA, New Jersey USA, San Francisco USA, on an Oil Rig in the Gulf of Mexico
Phone: 956-335-2198
On websites: Christian
Report: Alan contacted me via Christian and immediately requested that we move our conversation to email and than texting. After a few days he professed his love and solicited me for $3900 to help fix a piece of equipment on the oil rig. Supposedly his wife had died three years ago and has a daughter named Clare at Oxford in the UK. He sold everything to finance being an independent contractor for this Oil Rig deal for 3 months with British Petroleum. He said his birthday was 2/28 and that his parents were killed in a car crash when he was 20. He said he lived and worked abroad for 15 years. I can't believe I fell for this!! Ladies be aware.
First name: Steve
Last name: Books
Age: 53 to 56
Location: Washington DC
Phone: 925-269-7572 or 234-228-747unknown
On websites: Yahoo
Report: Steve Books,has been in Lagos Nigeria, Toronto Canada , Kusitia, Georgia, presently is in Washington DC. Is home is in Miami, Florida. He claims be a construction engineer. Was on a on construction job in Malaysia when we started texting on Yahoo and some phone calls. Then he took a job in Lagos, Nigeria, when this job was finished left went to Canada he has con me out if about $15.000. For plane tickets, but never did show 4 different times. Medical bills, claims was involved in car accident in Georgia medical was $3,000. doctor kept passport until I'll was paid. I paid the bill. After this need money to fly home to States. Gave him $500 for the trip home. He made it to the states, Washington DC .Claims had another accident at the airport, fell and hurt himself was knocked unconscious, suffer concussion , Hurt his chest severely. Now he wants money to pay the doctors and hospital in Washington DC. I have refuse to pay the bills. In the year and a half I had known this man he has conned me out about $15,000 on me. In the year and a half I had known this man he has conned me out about $15,000 out me. Claims to be born in Salvador is a US citizen by birth his mother, is parents are dead. Claims to be born in Salvador is a US citizen by birth his mother is parents are dead, also has a sister that is deceased mother and sister killed in car accident .. Has a nine-year-old son with him by the name Jake Anderson Books
First name: Michael
Last name: Lind
Age: 42
Location: San Francisco
Phone: 3212823361
On websites:
Report: Says he is a USA army sniper weapons specialist on contract with marines to be deployed in September. Sent current pictures and also asked me to marry him and bought rings and asked for money. Sent photos of his family also. Told me I was being scammed by other man I had met online and he was the good guy looking out for me. I looked online for the other man and found his photo. He uses yahoo messenger and is online all hours of the day and night.
First name: larry
Last name: james
Age: 51-55
Location: syria
On websites: FACE BOOK
Report: just trust me he is already in your photos
First name: Adolf
Age: 57
Location: Copenhagen
On websites: Be2
Report: Hi, I have found out that a person already in your system with a name Joseph Dunford is now on the dating site Be2 by the name Adolf, Title: Military Service and education: Bachelor. I am trying to get a mail from him. so far without any luck. The picture shown in Be2 is exactly the same as in your system.
First name: Ted
Last name: Matthews
Age: 60
Location: Henderson,Nv
On websites:
Report: HE contacted me.I met this man 2 weeks ago on, he doesn't have a profile anymore. Spoke such words of love ,etc. After 2 weeks, he's in Dubai bidding on a job, he's 99% sure he has the job, but it will cost him 120,000.00 to close the deal, he's gotten 60 from friends and he has 38, wants me to get him the other 22,000.00. I said GOODBYE
First name: Mark
Last name: Hunt
Aka: Wesley William
Age: 55
Location: Syria, Accra, Ghana, San Jose, California
On websites: Badoo
Report: Hi my name is Laila Mackeldey, I live on the canary Island in Spain. I have contact to a love scammer for allmost a year now, and just today found out that he is a lovescammer, by registreting on your website. I have allmost all my correspondence with him on my laptop, from skype and email, several fotos and fake documents and bills, that had to be paid for. His scammer name is Mark Hunt, but real name is Wesley Willam, (that I have seen in here) He has a son called Kelvin Hunt(he writes). The adress he gave me in Accra Ghana is Glory side hotel 3rd,Tantra Hillstreet,00233, Accra, Ghana. The adress he gave me in the states is 7211 Via Colina, San Jose, California. He claims to be an armee medical in Syria to start with. Then he come to Accra en Ghana, and with money from me now
First name: John Mike
Last name: Philip
Aka: Jack Redd
Age: 54
Location: Malton, North Yorkshire
Address: 28 Cherry Avenue, Malton, North Yorkshire, UK
Phone: 447934594065 / 447010120615
On websites: Tagged
Report: Met in Tagged. We chatted everyday on Whatsapp for a month. Then he told me his mother undergo a heart operation. Operation is not successful and need to go for another one and needed British pound 30,000. I suspected him to be a scammer. Questioned him about this and that is the first time someone tried to scam me. Now I am wiser and can detect one easily.
First name: John
Last name: Walker
Age: 48
Location: Afghanistan and North Carolina USA
Phone: 828-388-7809
On websites: dating sites
Report: My name is Margaret. I have been chatting with this man John Walker for approximately 6 weeks. He claims to be active ARMY military based in Afghanistan. He claims he has been there for nearly 18 months. I am very suspicious of him for many reasons. His speech pattern is very strange, he misspelled many words he claims to have dual citizenship for USA and ITALY. He is constantly begging for money because he claims his bank account is frozen. I need to know if he's telling the truth. I have been so close to sending him $ on numerous occassions but have not done so yet. He has charmed me beyond my wildest dreams and has convinced me that he is in dire need of $. Plzzz help me! I desperately need to know if this man is a scammer. Thank you so very much, sincerely Margaret
First name: joel
Last name: ferguson
Aka: george lewis
Age: 49
Location: florida usa
Address: concord street orlando florida
Phone: +18135406652
On websites: skype,asian kisses
Report: he fooled me claiming that he sent me a gifts and told me to pay for the custom clearance tax before i receive the package, i did sent the money to world cargo services and they texted me that the package was already in manila and i will be able to send them 300 dollars for the sais custom tax, i borrowed money so to send to them and its too late that i found out that he is a scammer..i don't know how to pay for the borrowed money..