First name: Lewis
Last name: Britz Kartel
Aka: James Green; JA Green
Age: 56
Location: North Fork, USA; Sea platform in Algiers
On websites: Skype (Live:monroejames505); Internations
Report: He wrote to me through the Internations website on 19 November 2015, and told me to give him my email address. This is the first mail I received, with pictures of him and his
First name: Micheal Billy
Last name: Bruck
Aka: Billy Bruck, Micheal Billy
Age: 50
Location: Accra, Houston Texas, Florida
Phone: 00233 20 936 8535, 0019728073716, 0014079071871
On websites: Connecting Singels, Facebook, yahoomessenger captainbilly52
Report: He works in Kuwait and have got a box with money and gold in Ghana and he need 25'000 ? to get the box.
First name: Matthieu
Last name: Gilbert
Aka: Michael, Michel
Age: 50
Location: Costa Mesa California, Arborg Manitoba,
Phone: 213-237-1466 and 647-360-5980
On websites: Elite Singles
Report: Same story as that listed under Ann from Ireland, when his name was Michael. Twins aged five, boy and girl, born on Christmas Eve when wife died of maternal death. They live with his mother Christine, the Saint. Apparently lived in Arborg Manitoba for 12 years, UN Intelligence Officer same 12 years. Exact same wording and terms of endearment and improper grammar and back story as is in his emails posted by Ann from Ireland. Same person as in your profile photo, just different pictures. Had to be shipped off to Syria and couldn't use personal phone there so required me to pay for a Satellite phone he was having shipped as couldn't make financial transactions. Money was to go to an account in Winnipeg. Claims he doesnt bring along anything from his personal life including credit and debit cards. Then claims he wants to leave the current assignment and then he wants to retire from active duty altogether because you have given him a reason to begin living again. But he needs funds to pay his replacement, then funds to pay expenses in order to receive his pension benefits and will have to be shipped out to have a medical in order to return home. He somehow ends up with gold bars given to him as a gift for helping a wealthy family escape, and of course needs help in buying a license to have them in his possession etc.
First name: Larry
Last name: Brenton
Aka: Gilles
Age: 49
Location: Albuquerque New Mexico
Phone: 1-2037140966
On websites: Oasis
Report: This person was communicating with me 12 months. He asked money from me on numerous occasions for different reasons such as money for his sick mother who had had a stroke and her medical insurance had expired. I sent him little amounts and he promised to repay me and he even organised to have stolen money transferred to an account I set up just for this purpose. He continued to try to scam me all this time. In the end he organised for a fake freight company to send me a check but they asked me to pay 850US for shipping and insurance.
First name: Frank
Last name: James
Age: 52
Location: NJ and Syria
On websites: Millionaire Dates
Report: Was contacted via the millionaire dating web site, I have all the emails from this person and photos that was send to me of him. He is supposedly in Syria, Captain with the US Army Intelligent and will be back in the states in 3 weeks when we were to meet face to face. we have been communicating via yahoo messenger for 2 1/2 weeks and email. He said he was divorced with 2 adoptive children and his home base is in NJ. All the emails and communication was pretty normal but the last email from him he was asking some pretty detail questions and it sent a red flag up so I did a detailed search which lead me to your website and the picture showed was one in uniform. Looks the same as some he sent me. From reading your report I feel he is a scammer and I just found too soon for him to ask for help or money.
First name: Daniel
Last name: Lovejoy
Aka: Gary miller,
Age: 58
Location: Ghana, USA , North Carolina , New Jersey
On websites: Mingle2
Report: This scammer is a real romantic type, loves you , love you to death. Then draws you in for the kill . Mine was with the gold bar scheme. He said he lived in Shannon NC . His dad had had left storage building unattended for 10 years and he had to settle them, then he had to go to Atlanta , Ga to clear the documentation of the gold bars that were left in the buildings. Worth millions, I played along, because I have been scammed before I knew the scenario he was building up to. It took him 2weeks in Atlanta, very patient , then he went to UK, where someone was to meet him with the gold from Ghana. There were problem at the airport with the poundage . Daniel had already paid $660,000 for insurance and handling of the gold . That's where I came in, Daniel text me asking if I would go to my bank take out $6,500 and deposit it into an account in New Jersey. I agreed to do so closed our text . Blocked this him in every way.
First name: patrick
Last name: Donald Johnson
Age: 43
Location: ekity
Phone: 2348146568773
On websites: badoo
Report: is a romance scam asked me money to leave the mission and for a pass card; google your photo was found to have multiple profiles with different names on facebook
First name: Frey
Last name: Waltraud
Age: 49
Location: Manchester United kingdom
Phone: 00447925375078
On websites:
Report: He initiated contact me. He text me first, say he like my profile and ask me reply back to his hotmail at waltraudfrey412. We started email from Oct 01, 2015. Everything was normal until he told me that he will travel to an asia country. After 2 days at that asia country, he says he is waiting his friends help him with 8113 pound. I tell him I know what he is trying to do. I have no money at all and cannot help him. Then he text to my cellphone that his friend help him with 6513 so plz help him with 1600 pound. The lucky thing that i didn't send money to him because i find some information about cheating method that occur when dating online.
First name: Bruce
Last name: Armstrong
Age: 54
Location: Thorpe bay Essex
On websites: Fifty plus
Report: He contacted me on fifty plus and told me same story that he had told another . Says he is 54 from Thorpe bay Essex but originally from Scotland, sends lovely emails pictures of his son and says he has been a widow for 10 years , always puts off meeting up says he is busy with building contract in West Africa
First name: Josephe
Last name: Pasteur
Aka: Jean-francois Garnier, Bernard Lecroix
Age: 55
Location: France - Venasque - region Vaucluse
On websites: Facebook - Google +-
Report: Contacted me through Facebook claims to live in France, Venasque, region Vaucluse Occupation exploitant forestier or forestry Agent 55 years old widower no children his wife died a few years ago Asking if I was on my computer, he send me this link by messenger for more pictures of him, I clicked on it and already found it weird they asked for my FB log in details while I was on Facebook, . stupid enough I did it but got straight after a message from FB that I was logged in from another location Cote d'Ivoir, Ivory Coast. I immediately changed my pw. Reported him on FB and blocked him. I just notice the message with the link in has been removed by FB :
First name: Gaufrid
Last name: Arndt
Age: 41
Location: Rancho Santa Fe, CA, USA; Florida, Madrid, Spain
On websites: Zoosk, Yahoo Messenger
Report: Gaufrid I thought I had met a great guy online, but it turned out to be a catfish and a phishing attempt for money. His name on the site is: goodguydr, and he gave his real name as Gaufrid Arndt, 41, Rancho Santa Fe, CA. He states in his profile, he is a Christian, and tells a sob story about his ex taking his five-year-old girl away and that is why he moved to the United States, to get a new start. He claims he is a civil engineer, and two days after we started communicating online, he says he has an overseas job in Spain for six weeks. At first, everything was going well with his job, and that he may come back December 7. Then, a week or so later, he says his tourist ticket is on December 14. He complains of the cold weather in Spain and says he misses me. States he has a condo in Sarasota, Florida - but there are no property records of the purchase. He asked me to call him in Spain. We talked a little more than a week. The last few days, he started to hint at work difficulties, that there was not enough money, that he needed $2000 from his account in Florida. But he didn't trust his friends, and he has no family. I was going to send him a handwritten letter but he refused to give me his hotel or his home address in Florida. After that, I think he felt he
First name: Sgt scott
Last name: Jones
Aka: Toni jones Anderson
Age: 48
Location: Andover, Mass. Deployed to Nigeria 11/1
Phone: 2348065018767 and 9785823587
Email: and
On websites: Yes
Report: He poses as a widower with two young children and as a soldier in the army, a Sgt / consultant/special agent for deployment strategy . He Was going to be deployed 11/13/15 to Afghanistan but suddenly was deployed to Nigeria on 11/1, only days notice. He Requested money to meet me before leaving, then he requested more money to purchase a phone to call his children and myself. Then he requested connection fees for the Internet . And the last request was for me to set up an account for him to send his money to, because he couldn't access it in Nigeria. Then I could send him what he needed from these funds to him Via Western Union. He was loving and charming until I said no about setting up an account. Then he got nasty And withdrawn. And tonight I saw his photo on an alert I received from male scammers. I talked to him on the phone only a few times and they were very short conversations, he mostly texted. I had a hard time understanding him on the phone with his thick accent. He told me he was born in Germany and was raised there until he was 22 . At that time his parents died and he came here to be with his uncle who he greatly admired. He was returning from his deployment the end of January. Would retire by the end of March to be with me and his children.
First name: james mario
Last name: louise
Age: 23 junio 1962
Location: norwichc londres inglaterra alabama eeuu
Phone: 447708628307-44756042972-
On websites: twoo face tagged
Report: el inicio todo twoo fue muy amable casi tres meses empese a sospechar del momento k segun el envia regalos caros luego la multa de $ 900 deberian ser pagados en malasya no lo pague gracias a dios y luego el se enojo y corto toda comunicacion
First name: mark
Last name: peterson
Age: 60
Location: san jose ca
Phone: 415-9371384
On websites: facebook,
Report: I HAD BEEN approached on facebook, then yesterday he told me if he got another contract he would name me next of kin. he then asked what I would do if he asked me for money, I blocked him, he told Me his birthday is October 1, 1955, he was quite charming, he is in a black shirt on facebook on his profile, also theres a picture of him STanding by a white double set of doors, a pic of him on his profile standing in front of a wood stove, also theres some pics of him, BLACK HAIR , standing in a wooden deck, gosh I have a list full of these jerks blocked, I wish I had used my head and stayed away, I have had issues in my marriage is how I let myself get in to this mess, I had called his cell number got a google voice mail. he got mad at me after t he money conversation. and stopped talking to me, he claimed to be and engineer of buildings, bridges, he claimed to also be Italian and have a daughter age n11, he acted smART TO A DEGREE, BUT AVOIDED MANY QUESTIONS., HE CLAIMS TO VE DIVORCED AND LIVES IN SAN JOSE CA, UNFORTUNATELY I GAVE HIM MY HOME AND CELL NUMBETS, SO FAR TODY I HAVE NOT HEARD FROM HIM, THIS IS SO COMMON ON FACEBOOK, FACEBOOK NEEDS TO BE MORE AWARE OF THESE SCAMMERS MAKE AND FEMALES, TY
First name: Bryan M
Last name: Walker
Aka: chis alexandra
Age: 60
Location: istanbul turkey
Phone: 1203-491-0069
On websites: match,our time,
Report: i spoke to this man for approx 10 montths and he said he was working in turkey and needed money to come home,, he called crying numerous times saying he needed to get out of there, said was in a car accident and even sent me pictures f the car, (i have also received numerous calls and emails from people unknown) sasid needed surgery and could not walk fo rmonths after the surgery. again, CALLED SOBBING AND CRYING saying he just wanted to come home.... I was SCAMMED... talked to him for about 10 months then started really asking question which he never had an answer for. his phone number omes up as someone else, his address where he says he lives in newtown ct. (COULD FIND NO SUCH PERSON) SAYS HE BOUGHT THTE HOUSE AND UT IN SOMEONE ELSES NAME BE AUSE HE IS ONLY IN STATES ON A WORK VISA ... says work visa will expire in 2017...... he is a sociopath and he is also on romance scammers as a REGISTERED SCAMMER......... HE GETS NASTY WHEN HE OESNT GET WHAT HE WANTS...ALSO I BELIEVE NOW ???? CAN CRY ON DEMAND, AND HE IS VERY CONVINCING... I SKYPED HIM ONECE AND HIS IS HIM,,,,WE SPOKE EVERYDAY FOR ALMOST 9 MONTHS NUMEROUS TIMES A DAY AND TEXTS WERE MILLIONS. HE ALSO USES . HE IS A REGISTEREED SCAMMER ALSO ON PIG BUSTERS . i believe he has ccontacts in the bank in istanbul that helped him, man name serkan ozer, and a dr supposedly at a hospital he said he was in named tnn institute also known as nihat hospital
First name: Mac Donnie
Last name: Van
Age: 54
Location: Lagos,Nigeria. Miami,Florida
Phone: 617-418-3317. +234-703-627-4066
On websites: Yahoo, Facebook
Report: He promised marriage after his business in Lagos was done (oil exporter) Then he claimed to have monetary troubles $ he would pay me back ASAP. It never happened.
First name: Hams
Last name: Jefferson
Aka: Hams
Age: 44
Location: Riverside country ,California USA
Phone: +1(951)382-30607
On websites:
Report: I report this guy hams Jefferson male scammer.,he already sent as the same message in your wall,I notice that this guy is one of avoiding person and this person is trying to prey me..please do something to stop this kind of modus.
First name: David
Last name: Lewis
Age: 59
Location: San Diego California
On websites: Ok
Report: He asked me to use his email to communicate asked me tons of personal questions professed love after a few communications than he told me he was robbed at gunpoint and he needed a laptop because he was in a foreign country and couldn't purchase one
First name: Dan
Last name: Alvarez
Age: 56
Location: USA, Fl
Email: -352-639-4813
On websites: OK Cupid.
Report: Email Contented thru Ok Cupid. Import and Export of cocoa beans. Had to travel last minute on a huge contract he was awarded over seas. Froze his bank accounts here, credit card stopped working. Want me to open up an account so that he could have the buyers send me the money and then I could in turn send him money for the supplies. He would pay me back when he got home. Had a son in college sent me his photos and had me speak with him because his son wanted to make sure I was real and that I would not hurt his father.
First name: Gibbons
Last name: Vasco
Age: 58
Location: Canda
Phone: 5107303598
Email: And
On websites:
Report: Claims to be from Canada and has a daughter. Engineer. Doing a project in Africa. Starts out asking for a phone card or two. Small amount for his daughter. Then boarded the plane with his daughter for a once in a lifetime trip for her to be on. All the photos, laptops, wallets, passports and such are in her back pack. She losses it. They are stranded. Asked for a few things. Then sent a list of wanting a new $600.00 phone, Apple lap top and money. When you refuse he gets upset and demanding. I came to him thru Chemistry and Match. Com. A women wrote me saying she was his friend and he saw my photo and just couldn't stop asking about me. So she thought he was such a wonderful guy that she wrote me giving me his email and that I should write him as I won't be disappointed.
First name: James Lopez
Last name: Woodgate
Age: 49
Location: Kabul Afganastan
Phone: 402-765-0020
On websites: OK Cupid
First name: Albert
Last name: Smith
Aka: Anthony Edelson and John Wilson
Age: 55???
Location: Claims from New York but living in Liverpool. Currently in Accra Ghana
Address: Gave this as his home address : Holmswood Dr Liverpool, Merseyside,L37.
Phone: +44 7935 276356, +233 269040523, +233 545954432
On websites: PolishHearts user name Wandik
Report: I was contacted by this individual through PolishHearts. He requested my email address for communication and I agreed since I did not have an account on Polish hearts only a profile. This person claimed to be living in Liverpool but was in the English Army stationed in Syria. After maybe two weeks or less of communication this person started to ask for money. His first story was that he had received gold bars from the Syrian government. He said that this gold had been given to all of the high ranking English Officers and that it was not safe for him to keep it there with him so he needed to send his gold to England. First he asked to send the gold to me but I refused this and also did not want to give out my address. So he asked me to send 3000 plus dollars to someone named Olivia Harriet Martin in England so that she and her husband ( his supposed friends) could go to the airport and pay the custom fees and some stamp fee or whatever nonsense and pick up the gold for him. At first I pretended that I would send money to see what he would do.but I said over 3000 was too much so he then went to 1500. I then pretended that I would send this amount and for a few more weeks this went back and forth with him thinking I was trying to send the money to this women but that I was having trouble to send it online. Then by some miracle he was able to leave his military duties in Syria to return to England to solve his gold problem. Supposedly he had told his commander that his 15 year old son living in Ireland with his ex wife was very ill. Instead of returning to England however he went to Accra Ghana instead to see a sick friend suffering from a stroke. Then the poor unlucky liar had new money problems and again started to ask me to send money to people in Ghana for him. He said that he could not receive money there himself because he did not have the proper ID. First he needed money to pay his 1500 dollar hotel bill because his credit card did not work there. This seemed like a large amount for 3 nights at a hotel in Ghana and I said that I could not afford to send that money. Then he developed some strange illness himself and had his friend
First name: Jason
Last name: James
Aka: Jason
Age: 55
Location: Beaumont
On websites:
Report: Reused letters and history from previous scammer!
First name: anthony
Last name: sylvester
Aka: Michael Duarte
Age: around 60
Location: syria and London
On websites: skype google +
Report: A man with many talents, He must have a good memory remembering all those lies. To me he said he had a daughter, she needed a phone, hehe she was in a borderscool, and he was a doctor in a un camp...
First name: Valentin
Last name: Dasilvaaig
Aka: Valentin dasilva
Age: 54
Location: Liverpool Aigburth Merseyside UK AND CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA
Phone: +44 7700 309227 and +27 0730576706
Email: Valentinsilvada@Outlook. Com
On websites: Face book whatts app
Report: This man is very persistent. He friend me on Facebook, I ignore his facebookmessenger messages for a while. He kept calling me baby. Later on I said I insist that he send me my name written on a paper that he hold in front of him, to see if he is existing. Two days later he send it on Facebook messenger. Two photos of him holding a paper with my name. Then we started to communicate daily on Facebook messenger and whatss app. He said he is a construction engineer, studied at the university of Spain. His parents died both in a car crash when he was 7 years old. He then grew up at his father's father. He got married at 37 years old to Megan and they had one kid girl named Ashley, now 8 years old. He wrote his wife died 4 years ago in 2011 due to lung cancer. He is since then both mon and dad to his kid. He send me 4 photos of him and his little girl. And 5 photos of him alone. All of it was send through Facebook messenger. So, he told me he fly to SA on 16 Nov 2015 to Johannesburg, then to Capetown to take care of a contract he had with Telkom SA, to supply them with heavy underground cables. It was worth 50 million SA RANDS. He lied further, telling me he uses a agent called Paul van Vuuren. This Paul job was to fetch him at capetown airport, and taking valentin to the harbour where the supplies arrived. Valentin told me he had to pay taxes and duties of R230 000.00 to the authorities. Now it cost him a further R110 000. 00 to put this 6 x 40 foot shipping containers on lorries to get it from Cape Town to Pretoria. Then only the deal is finished and will he get paid by Telkom. He phoned and whatss app me today to say he has trouble, he call himself Superman. He said now Superman needs rescue. I phoned him then. On the phone he said he just needed R32000. 00 to pay the transportation of the supplies to bring it by lorries. He would fly from Capetown to Johannesburg, to come and stay at my house as it will take a few days for the road fright to arrive in Pretoria. Long stories short, I told him I cannot lend him the money. He must contact his bank and ask for a overdraft or a loan. Or he must offer his house in Liverpool as security against a loan for his bank to gave him such money. He send me a few what's apps there after telling me he did not succeed to obtain such loan. I told him I am trying to see if I can make a plan, I never intended to borrow him money because I'm fully aware he is a well established scammer. Especially because he did wrote my name on a paper x 2 and send it to me. It tell me he is having
First name: Jack
Last name: Matta
Age: 49
Location: Unknown
On websites: Facebook
Report: I have been in contact with Captain James Van Thach from the US Army about Randy B Hayford, Ken Adams Jones also Jack Matta . They are all fake soldiers using impersonating real soldiers profiles pictures. Just wanted to share this information l got from the Captain James Van Thach and very happy with his help.
First name: wilson
Last name: harry
Age: 48
Location: liverpool new york
Phone: 559-967-4036
On websites: facebook
Report: Is on face book going by the name Wilson Harry.Gets you to send pics ,says he loves you .says he is a widow with a daughter.than he starts asking about your job and banking .Beware of him as he is a smooth talker.
First name: Harry
Last name: JOHNSON
Age: 61?
Location: Kabul
On websites: Facebook and fb messenger
Report: He asked me to marry him yesterday by sending a picture of a diamondring, then today he asked for my phonenumber and adress so he could send me money to by a car and a house, And sending prefabricated mails i have a picture but how can i attach it here?
First name: Mark
Last name: Oliver
Age: 53
Location: South Korea or Afganistan
Address: 417 W 17th street, NYC
Phone: +1 815 580 4358
On websites: ok cupid and facebook
Report: This man is a very very good scammer who works close with Malaysian scammers pretending to be bank officers. They open bank accounts for you, send you 'original documents' and so on. The passport I have got seems to be original.
First name: Ernest
Last name: Heyne
Age: 60/55?
Location: Australia, Monaco
Phone: +617 3040 2309
On websites: AussieCupid
Report: Once again I stumbled on a person, who writes syrupy letters. Now I got suspicious right away and checked the letter and found out that he uses exactly the same phrases as has been used before on male scammers.. Here's a part of the letter: