First name: Daniel
Last name: Oliver
Age: 51
Location: london, england and houston, texas
Phone: 817-769-8509
Email: danieloliver660@yahoo and daniel4949@icloud
On websites: okcupid as daniel1111
Report: This man contacted me for the first time in September 2015, on okcupid and continued to message me once a week until i finally replied in December 2015. I have 880 text messages and 2 emails both containing pictures with him and others that he claimed to be his son, grandfather and a coworker. He claims he was born in Germany, to a german mother and american naval commander father. He says he was married to a girl from texas whom he has a son. After the divorce he moved to DC where he lives in a townhouse not far from the South Africian Embassy. He works as a project manager for a government conractor and is currently working in London England. The only money he requested was in the form of itunes cards on 2 seperate occasions. I ignored the requests. He said he was coming back to DC on Dec 26th but of course that did not happen. He now says he will be back on Jan 26th if he is able to get enough money together. I told him on Jan 2nd that I had no money to send him and since then his messages have stopped.
First name: William
Last name: Caldwell
Age: 56
Location: Says Georgia and Now in Syria
On websites: Skype
Report: This so called general William Caldwell tried to add me on Skype out of nowhere. He has a pic of that real general. I searched on fb. I think he found it and copied it from FB. Anyway, I added him on Skype just to c how he would try to scam me. I asked how he found me. He said he looked for a friend and saw the same name me and liked it. He said his wife died 5 years ago and just half and hour after he messaged with me, he said his son is on a school trip to Ghana. Then he said he just read the email from his son's teacher that his son had an fatal accident and the doctors will not help him unless he pays 850 Euros. Wow, just half an hour of message and he couldn't wait to ask for my money ! I wondered how he was going to fabricate the story to ask me to send money? Then he said he is in Syria now for UN and cannot send money. Aha ! And he asks me to help him. I asked him but how? He said to send to Western Union to his son's teacher by the name of EDI CANIS in Ghana. I said ok !! I will do that first thing in the morning. But the I will message him a fake or to say a sample western union control number and scam him back.
First name: joshua
Last name: gire
Age: 45 and 48 used both
Location: mali africia
Address: french base mali
Phone: 2348155912168
On websites: meetme yahoo
Report: he did ..he sent e-mail saying im staff sergeant josh gire i saw you on meetme i dont use meetme ...two and half years .june 7th 2015 he made a phone call happy 2 years together had a nigerian accent...then demands for larger amounts of money june and july i saw the name gire came up on my profile on facebook i googled the name gire found staff sergeant gire killed in afghanistan 2011 the photos of him were the same as the man i was writing to sent me i never sent money for 2 months but i needed something to prove he was lying christmas i lied and said post office needs to know who the moneys for i need your psc address to show he sent me sfc josh d gire psc 1294 box12945 apo ae 96604-1294 it seems wrong to me ..laptops..ipad.vita and and christmas money..also ?500 he said for his children ?25 each time fo the person who collected moneygram all these things were sent...oripeloye smart oluwole monthly except october november 2015 1 moneygram 1 parcel to billy copeland texas over ?4000..havent spoke to him since 23rd december 2015
First name: harry
Last name: jones
Age: 36
Location: Miami
On websites: facebook and kiki
Report: I first met harry though a Christian dating site And he message me and we stared talking, he told me he was looking for his soul mate and I told him I was just looking for friendship the next day he was being deployed to Nigeria And asked me if I had kiki so I download it and we talked more aabou the first day he told me he forgot his iPod and would be bored without it and it was his birthday in a couple of weeks and was I going to send him a birthday present, so I did but he never got it as it was lost by royal mail, and then 2 weeks after that he told me his phone was going to be cut off due to him oweing scription And his bank account had been frozen and he had no access To any money could I send him money though western union or money gram to his d/a which I find quite strange And questioned Him about this anyway I did send the money and then later he has asked for more and now I just Ignore the request for money as I really don't know eleanotif he is fake or not, he has sent photo and days he is coming over when he is on leave
First name: Jeremiah
Last name: Clarke
Age: 62
Location: USA San Francisco
On websites: LoveandSeek
Report: Dearest in heart, Thank you very much for writing back the woman that looks so beautiful in my eyes, and I guess you should truly know who I am. I don't really know how this is to work, but hey! Here is an exclusive. If at my age i do not know what and when to say, then what would i be? When a wise man sees he has probably spent over half of his time in life already, he begins to assess his main goals in life. What could be more important than a happy ending? LOL,. A man needs to live his life full of joy and happiness. No matter his achievements, he is reduced to nothing if he has no crown to complete him and that is a woman to call his own wife and Best friend. A woman who knows that even while arguing they still need to hold hands; a woman whom i can call a partner in crime (Just Kidding); A woman whom you can tell anything. How could you think anything can make you happier in life than finding a love that knows no bound? To make you know more about me, I will break this down to segments and it would be like a case study. Please let me know about your online dating experience? How many people have you met online and what was the outcome of it? Your past marital experience if any, Just tell me all I need to know about your experience online and your marriage life in general. MY BACKGROUND I was born to a loving couple, a home, by an Irish American man from the New Castle area of Delaware, and a Caribbean Mother from Montserrat. My father was an international business man who met this Caribbean orphan whose family was close friends. She says there was something about the man that no woman could ever resist. Sometimes she says she sees same in me, lol. Due to the nature of my father's job he traveled a lot and that made me spend most time growing up with my mum in Montserrat (that is how I got my accent). After high school in Montserrat on the Caribbean island, I left to study in Lethridge, Alberta in Canada where I got the first degree in electrical Engineering and, before I finished college my father and mother were already settled together in SAN FRANCISCO CA . Then i later moved on to join them. I'm living here in SAN FRANCISCO CA My father died and she was left alone. I met my deceased wife and best friend in Venice, Italy at a fashion show, she was a fashion model and she was very good at heart. I lost her to cancer and ever since then there has been a vacuum in me that has been longing to be filled. I have no siblings, no biological children; my deceased wife had some medical complication while trying to give birth in the early stage of our marriage.I have some tragedy in life but my profession has in some way complimented for that tragedy. I pray that a woman like you will be there to compliment the rest of it all and in return I do the same. MY JOB I am a global Engineering contractor agent, Am into Installation of a Gas turbine, engineering job has taken me to over 22 countries of the world ranging from Asia, Middle east , Europe , Oceania and Africa. I do basically rig constructions and renovations or over water bridges. We have worked at many countries across the globe. The present project is my last on the field and i shall quit field works and continue my works from my home office while my men do the field ops. I think i really have gotten to this height cost embraced work for so long. Now i feel i can settle with a woman I love and love me. MY DREAM I have told you how my typical dream day would be like, i just want to spend the rest of my life enjoying the fruit of my labor. I just want a woman who would be my best friend and everything. You know someone whom we would still love each other more as the days pass by, even when we can't make love anymore and all we could do is play bingo and ping pong ,LOL. I am a total package; I only need someone who understands the value of a good smile. I can't wait to hear back from you. Pls write me soon my dear and tell me about your story, your background, and your profession, and so on Your turn!
First name: Smith
Last name: Williams
Aka: angelica Cabayacruz Francisco
Age: 51
Location: syria
On websites: facebook
Report: He asked me for $500 for his adopted son's emergency surgery and when I said no, this is the response. He told me he was working as a doctor for UN mssion in Syria. Angelica Cabayacruz Francisco I can send you Akim's teacher detail account information. Are you saying i'm a scam? Answer me By this time tomorrow you will have been dead already I already have the picture,your picture you sent to me For labelling me as a scam I'm blocking you now Say your last prayers,next time don't accuse innocent person
First name: Kyle
Last name: Mahoney
Age: 35
Location: Houston Texas usa
Address: 4014 lavender st apt12 77026
Phone: 6692536682
On websites: OK Cupid, mocoscop
Report: I was signed in OK Cupid online dating and I had this message from this man that claimed he was sergeant kyle mahoney and he gave his number and if I wanted to get in contact with him for a constant and further contact I had to text to him in that number. In the beginning I read his profile it looked as someone serious but still had to contact with him and know more about one another. So I texted him and he got back to me the same day, he introduced himself and gave a wide description of his career, and if I wanted to talk more with him I had to give him my email address so we could communicate more and exchange pictures as due to his mission in Afghanistan they don't have other options to communicate with their relatives.. Anyway until now was normal because when you are willing to know someone you provide at least ways of communication. We exchanged emails he sent pictures of him and his daughter. While in emails he was telling me a story that he host his wife in an accident about 5 years ago and he had only his daughter and his mother that they were living in Texas to a cousin of hers as long as he would be on duty. This for about 2 weeks he promised me the earth and the sky that I was the one he was looking for and dye for anyway I was playing the game as I know that until I meet him in person I wouldn't trust him 100 %. Then he asked me to sent his mom and daughter money as they run out of because he left them some money but weren't enough and he thought that he wouldn't stayed this long over there... Anyway I asked him where to send the money and how still playing his game and he told with western union or money gram or any exchange store I could, and he gave me his mothers cousin name Samuel Rainey and his full address. Anyway still in my heart and mind I knew something was wrong but still I wanted to try I didn't sent him the amount he asked, though I could. And then I provide him with the transaction number through money gram. Then I was tracking the money. They (I mean him)didn't picked them up until 3 days I sent them, another trick he used to convince me. During this time I keep on comunicating with him and he called me
First name: Perry
Last name: Hilson
Age: 49
Location: Ghana
On websites: Tango not sure if in other sites
Report: I was scammed back in October by a person claiming to be Perry hilson from Scotland working as an engineer in Togo Africa wanted to come here claimed he was getting vacation then said he had an overstay needed money to get out claimed he couldn't access his money there had a fake barrister white contact me several times . Claimed he was at the UN in an apartment and couldn't leave til he got money for a flight when I told him he took everything from me they kept on til finally he disappeared he lured me onto Facebook in the beginning . I would have never thought in. A million years that I would have been scammed by someone . Phone numbers hat the fake barrister used are 233-273062032, 233-3549529428, also this is a phone number that the actual scammer used to call me and when he did I told him he was African his excuse that I did not buy was he had to change his accent so the people there could understand him I wasn't stupid that was from what I could hear was a white African phone number he used it 233-553880434
First name: Robert
Last name: Davidson
Age: 55
Location: Accra, Ghana. Harvey, LA.
Phone: 233546470614,504-662-3292,504-459-9358
On websites: Skype- Robert.davidson795
Report: Robert contacted me from Widows and widowers website and soon switched to private email listed. Has ask d for and received funds for business use, said he was a merchant dealing in construction equipment and gems. Also said he was ill, his child was ill, and needed funds to return to US. I received exact emails( and many more) that Fay did except they were addressed to me. He reported he lived in Harvey, LA and was doing business in Accra, Ghana. I have a copy of an Italian passport for Robert Davidson reporting birth date of June 23,1960 and birthplace of Bologna, Italy.He says he has a ten year old son. Very charming but command of written English not always correct. When I reported to him that he was on this website as a scammer he said his email was hacked and that was reason he was on here.
First name: Srinath
Last name: Krishnaswamy
Aka: kris, amcy
Age: 37
Location: Chennai, India
Address: Plt No. 1, Dno. 1-B, Balaji Nagar, Tambaram
Phone: 9840306078, 9566026576,
On websites: ,,,
Report: The scammer starts with friendship and tells that he has a political and influential background. Traps girls in the name of providing job and marriage . He will tell his parents were sick and both had cancer and he struggled lot serving them for 18 years. He will play with emotions and time and money . After you trace him ... he will return back money with abusive words and say the relation is over and he is no way a scammer and no body can pluck his hair. He says he is an individual and has right to choose out of 100 women. Even though one can get money ... Your valuable emotions and time is lost ... in his postponement of marriage for various reasons. He is a very good hypnotizer over phone. He seduces women over phone and leaves them in confusion blackmailing them ...with all the recordings . He has accounts on different sites what he has removed. He wants a woman blindly to believe him and finally plans to escape saying he is getting married. Whatever a women does to trace him ... he would say she is wicked and characterless and make her feel emotionally down to act further. He even does manhandling. He shows his white passport and says he worked for FBI . He claims his rent house to be his own house. He says his father is advisor of TVS groups in India and he studied in Russia and US. The details he tell and information he provides are partially true and have lott lies behind.He is careful in his vocabulary and uses the situation and his words the way he wants. If you enquire about him he has a circle of friends that nod head to all his stories. He is jobless and lives on the money of others. He rotates money and keeps trying to prove himself genuine. He is a planned criminal who argues to get all points to defend himself. He is a good orator to catch people attention or hypnotizer to divert mind. He contacted me first on Indian Cupid. He proposed me in a week and started seducing over phone. He got all my details but was hesitant to provide any information about him ... he claimed he is chairman of Infinity Logistics . Inbetween he told due to japan Tsunami he lost crores of money and has debt of 5 crores indian rupees. He said he is in loss at business but speaks nonsense that he has influential background. He will scare saying politicians names and vip names . At the same time he says he has no food to eat and is in a very pathetic state. He will take money from one person n gives it to others. He is an emotional blackmailer too
First name: Sascha
Last name: Hilarius
Age: 45
Location: Manchester, UK
Phone: +447937410098
On websites: OKCUPID APP
Report: I search same email in the net, and repeatedly all mails are similar Hello my dearest Lashmi, How are you, my dear? I was thinking about you last night and I couldn?t sleep after reading your emails again and again. I want you to know how much I sincerely appreciated you and have decided to spend the rest of my life with you. You mean so much to me and it truly seems like I have known you for a long period of time and I honestly can't imagine life without you now. There will be no looking back, no regrets. I want you and need only you ...and that our love will only grow stronger. I have looked for all these years to have a soul mate for the rest of my life. You are beautiful dear, you are so kind and I am proud of you. I want to be yours now, than ever before. I want to fall on those great arms of yours dear, Oh I want to feel them around me. I?m blessed, I am feeling greatly humbled darling to think you are my future wife. I promise, you are the woman I want to love and serve until the rest of my life. I can see us accomplishing our purpose. I am believing that our love will keep growing and our relationship metamorphosing into marriage. I am overwhelmed darling. Thanks for everything. Thank you dear for being there for me. I know it is not easy to have distance relationship but our persistence and commitment should be our driver to better life ahead. It brings two people together in a strong way. The love we have for each other has made us strong. To be honest with you, I found you to be a very interesting woman with a kind heart and that's the way I started to feel some affection towards you from the start. That feeling even grows stronger, until I found myself longing for you. I thought it was only a fling between two lonely people who longed for special affection, caring and attention. But it was becoming different as the days passed by. I started to fall in love with you! You let me fall in love with you; your kindnesses, warmth, sweetness, respect, and trust in me. I really appreciate I have nothing much to say than to thank you for loving me, ... until we meet in person in no long time, what I know was that I just want to make you happy and be with you forever. I have no intention of playing words with you. I never forget to miss you because I know you are always with me, even in this situation and when we have many roads and miles between us. I can?t thank fate enough for having found you. I only felt a bit sad because we are a bit far from each other. I am sad for not being with you now and always? But here?s a little secret, which can also be a life motto:
First name: David
Last name: Magid
Age: 53
Location: Donetsk Ukraine
Email: Unknown
On websites: Tinder, Viber
Report: After chatting on tinder for a few days, he asked me to download the viber app. He told me he was an orthopaedic dr. I asked him if he had done a particular operation. He informed me that he doesn't operate. I thought this was strange as I don't know of any orthopaedic doctors that don't operate. He refused to issues. He got annoyed when I asked him a few times if he was real. He said everything a woman wants to hear. But the lies were a bit to hard to believe. When I asked him about being a scammer, he didn't answer and still hasn't. I told him he wasn't a very good lier.
First name: Peter
Last name: Sunleaf
Age: 53
Location: Accra, Ghana
Phone: 233572777050, (357-277-7050)
On websites: yahooI
Report: I really am devastating to find Peter ' s picture on here as Daniel Burns and all the many, many reports. Each time I would ask information etc. Hotel name, street name, could never confirm. Always came up not found. Problem is also I am a widow and live on meager income. He reassured me each time I had questions he truly loved me. I met Peter on My husband passed 3 1\2 yrs ago and finally after 2 yrs. a friend told me about Just to give it a try I signed up for 3 months..during which time Peter responded to my profile. Although there was 16 yrs difference he reassured me age was just a number and it he was ok with difference. He says he lived in UK has two sons and a wife that cheated on him. Needless to say I fell deeply in love with him and he said me as well. On May 5, 2015 he ask me to marry him. Everything is fine as long as I don't ask questions. He reluctant sent me pictures after much begging. He is always having network problems so we now only get to talk once in am for 30-1 hour and then evening maybe same:about an hour. In the last 18 months since 7/27/14 till current date 1\5\16...I ~I have sent him a total`of $7401.00. He sent me a fake document saying he was being fined for drugs found in one of his export/import cars when they arrived in port. Speaks with thick accent even though he claims to be from USA and UK.
First name: Ronald
Last name: Gilbson
Age: ? 59
Location: Pretoria, South Africa
On websites:; gmail
Report: Exact same in formation and story Mia from Sweden wrote . Only difference was picture was different. He scammed me out of over $2000 and kept wanting me to send more. COULD NOT get out of South Africa..wanted my bank info which I did not provide. Responded to profile on Three contacts on that site and all turned out to be scammers. I REPORTED to This was in July 2013
First name: Robert
Last name: Evans
Aka: Hogson Robs & Masonme
Age: 58
Location: Tempe, AZ USA
Phone: 213-471-7115
On websites: Bikerkiss
Report: Contacted me Dec 29 on the site. Dec 30 traded email addresses. Dec 31 traded cell numbers. Jan 1 was head over heals in love, wanted to get married. Has a 15 year old son that lives with his 87 year old mother while he serves as an engineer in the military in Afghanistan. Been widowed for 7 years. Needed shoes, clothing, underwear and a very expensive military grade watch. The money for all of these things was to be sent to a friend in LA who would then purchase the items and have them shipped to him. I checked the cell number the calls and texts were coming from and found an LA Country area code and prefix. Nothing was adding up. Found this site and found the phone number and email already reported and ended all communication.
First name: james
Last name: William
Age: 51
Location: south carolina and new York
On websites: Facebook and hangouts
Report: He call himself for Preston Charlene Huff on Facebook He informed about his name was changed on the profile on Facebook , because he was in Syria. On hangouts he's name is James William. He requested money for his son he claimed is on a school in Germany. He has requested money two times . I sent some money the first time but not second time. He is still on the profile on Facebook.
First name: James
Last name: Harrison
Age: 60
Location: U.S.
On websites: Hangout
Report: James introduces himself trough linked in as a U.S. Dr Col of the U.S army.currently in Iraq as director of health facilities. After few exchanges he loved me. Then he had to go for a 3 days mission against ISIS where they found money of terrorists and decided to keep them. He was supposed to send to me a briefcase with 2500000 Euros. He gave the whole to a diplomat called Fran Edwards he got stuck at Heathrow custom asking me for money providing certificate from custom. James could not pay since he was not allowed to use his money in Iraq. I the end I parked 2800. Unfortunately I found this site and check the custom to late. When I discovered them they disappeared. I hope you register this case. I have pictures of my James and the fake custom certificates.
First name: Jude
Last name: Clark
Aka: Jerry
Age: 50
Location: Benin, Brazil, UK, SA (Kempton Park)
Address: Mamora Road, Sao Paulo, D04, Brazil, 8901
Phone: 22998510684, 22998071405
On websites: outlook, yahoo and yahoo IM
Report: Met online, went to Republic of Benin to finish work and get paid $1 300 000 for work done (even sent me a pictute of cheque). Got stuck, needed money for guest house bill
First name: Ralph
Last name: Aepler
Age: 46
Location: London or Liverpool or Manchester , UK
Phone: (44)7452017745
Email: No email address
On websites: FB, LinkedIn, other
Report: He approached me end of Sep 2015 on . He used the pic of a pediatrician called Jeroen Dudink( later checked out) as his pic. And he also used a lot of Jeroen Dudink's pics on other things. He even has a website called Health for the Poor Foundation, which also used Jeroen's publication pic. If you click ABOUT you can see it on this link : And this man claims he is a pediatrician himself , pretending those pics of Jeroen's to be his. And he has posted Jeroen's pic on a dating site too. Here is the link : This fake man has an African accent as he talked to me on LINE chat. His LINE ID is Jeric4u. I think he is Nigerian. And after three months of talking on line and Skype( he used another man on Skype , maybe a video ) , he said he was in Chad, as a contract doctor and he overshot his expenditure, so asked me for 5000 British Pounds. Of course I did not send him. He said he was gonna meet me in December but did not come, because he said he needed to solve the money problem. He kept on asking me for the money, and then I said I know his name is fake. I told him I know this etc, and finally he admitted he is a scammer and stopped talking to me. I have a question : on Skype ( he said the voice machine does not work so I could only c the man ) I saw a white man . But is it possible this white man was just a video he displaced on Skype to pretend he is white ?
First name: mulla
Last name: ferrer
Aka: michael kurt / agueda espinoza
Age: 46
Location: chicago ill
Address: po box 2583 san rafael cal.
Phone: 760 393 0483
On websites: facebook
Report: 46 year old man frended me and anoter female friend. hi i like your profile. comes over people you may know. started chatt.says he is from chicargo ill. and a drilling contractor. who is going to be working texas. starts romancing me gave me address. and pictures on facebook and email address above.. ims.says has 10 year old daughter. alot conversation did not add up.he calls me on phone number above. and voice does not match . i questioned that and said thats cause his mother is spanish and dad scottish. well he sounds like more.negro.etc. then spanish. then he says something on his drilling equipment has gone wrong wrong and need 2000 to fix it. of course i know something was wrong almost in the begining. especially when he wanted me to sent money to his sales rep above po box. and asked for company name ect.
First name: Juan
Last name: Leonardo
Age: 38
Location: East Oakland, CA and Cape Town South Africa
Address: 13495 Bancroft Ave, San Leandro CA
Phone: 321-926-2821 and +27 611-331-157
On websites: SilverDaddies
Report: Juan initially contacted me on Solver Daddies, and we chatted for a few weeks, then he said he had to fly to South Africa to claim his Father's inheritance (he claimed it $3.2 million and $3 million in diamonds and gold). He arrives, then contacts me and needs $600 because his bank account had been compromised and could not get any money from an ATM. I sent money via Moneygram. Then he needs $1,800 for the Golden Acre Security Company where the money was held. I sent money again via Moneygram. It just went on and on with the amounts becoming larger. I finally cut him off and his reaction was the typical wild crazy behavior and threatening me. He has some help from Barrister Marco Johnson Cape Town, SA; Mary D. Davis in Hiram, GA; Daniel Farmer in CapeTown, SA, who contacted me via gmail. 3 receivers for Moneygram in Cape Town, SA.
First name: Johnny
Last name: Mayka
Age: 46
Location: Kentucky, USA/Dublin, Ireland
Address: 55 Palmer Road, Rush, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Phone: +353768887285
Email: Peter Paul (
On websites: Badoo, Facebook
Report: Met this chap online on Badoo. Has an account with Facebook but was deleted. Saw him on Skype and it is the same person on the numerous photos he sent me. Chatted on wechat and claimed he works in the Oilfield business. Spoke with him for over a year and found many lies concorted by him, asked for money on numerous occasions. He gave me his residential address and I actually sent a postcard with my email address on it. The real owner of that address sent me an email to confirm there is never such a man staying here (another lie). Most likely he is the scammer himself. Have stopped communicating with him and felt I need to report this scam case and have his photos out to warn ladies of such scams.
First name: Wong
Last name: Liong Sheng
Aka: Unknown
Age: 49
Location: America
Phone: +18022311823
On websites: Don't know
Report: I want to comfirm he is a scammer or not.He find me through Facebook.we always chatting using whatapp.His job is pilot.he tell me that he want to send me something for Christmas gift and when receive the parcel need to pay some fees.and he put some money inside the parcel.after that courier company call to pay the fee after send the parcel to me.after I pay,courier company call me that scan the parcel have USD so need to pay for the certificate fee after I pay the huge amount I haven receive the parcel until I want to comfirm this is scam?
First name: Richard
Last name: Mertens
Age: 49
Location: Sydney, Australia
Address: 101 Bathurst Street Sydney
Phone: 282942151, 390204596
On websites: Zoosk
Report: This guy said that he was Danish and a chemical engineer working on oil rigs in Timor Sea and Aberdeen Scotland. He claimed that he had dual citizenship with The Netherlands and Denmark. He claimed to be a widower and his wife had died from breast cancer a few years ago. He had been living in Sydney for about 5 years. He claimed to have had his wallet stolen whilst travelling between Timor Sea and Aberdeen, Scotland. Everything was going great for about 3 weeks until the engineers 'made a mistake' and everything froze in the pipes. He needed money for the new chemicals which he had mostly paid for. There were a few more problems whilst on the rig which he needed money for and then whilst proceeding back to London he was detained for tax evasion. He needed money for a lawyer, then the tax bill. Then he got mugged. He had sent me a passport, a document from the UK saying that he had been detained and was required to pay tax, as proof that he had been detained. Then he got sick, needed to go to hospital. Then his father got sick and he had to go back to Denmark to visit him. He gained my trust by pretending to be loving, envisioning holidays that we would go on together, having children etc. He even asked me to pick him up from the airport. On his 'way home' to Australia for the 2nd time he was stopped in Hong Kong International Airport saying that he was vomiting and they wouldn't put him on the plane. Then he got mugged, and then he got arrested for assault. This entire 'affair' went on for 6 months and I cannot believe I fell for it. He had obviously done this before. He scammed a lot of money out of me - I didn't realise the documents were fake. He also sounded Danish too. Please be careful.
First name: Richard
Last name: Jeffrey
Aka: MrJef6543
Age: 60
Location: USA Chicago
On websites: Yes
Report: Scamming for money . He wants you to setup offshore online account for the two of you for millions on oil deal he makes . He can't let his company know or he will be fired. He proposes two deals. Marriage proposal and Business proposal. He says he has a ring. Later ,he claims he sick needs treatment. Please send money.
First name: William
Last name: Caldwell
Aka: Johannes
Age: 59
Location: Belgium
On websites: Tinder
Report: On Tinder, I had a doubt on his Dutch name but US looking and as soon as I 'liked', I had directly a match and a message 'happy new year to you my lady'. Not a way Dutch men talk...
First name: Frank
Last name: Warren
Aka: Christopher Smith, Stephen Murphy
Age: Sept 17,1959
Location: London, UK
Phone: +447709161148 and 1-330-769-6896
On websites: met on,, Google+,
Report: I met Frank Warren on in Aug, 2015. I have corresponded with him until today, Jan 1, 2016. Several events should have told me he was scammer.Money requested for buying his way out of Army early, had to give Commander $2000,Money Gram sent to Felix Seglah, Delivery Paks 230, Accra Ghana, money for phone$450, money to travel to London $5000 all to Felix Seglah. Got arrested at Heathrow for smuggling gold bars,$14,500 sent to atty Richard Marfo from Caxton House law firm, acct name Napps Trading, Acct.#51133567 Santander Bank in London,UK, for bail. He has been living with R. Marfo, so he says. Also Money Grams of $1,000 to Richard Marfo, $500 to Claire Watson in Yorkshire for food for Frank while in jail, MG also to Linda Patrick from Nebraska (friend of Felix Seglah)for$2500. I also wired $2500 (cash advance from my credit card), personal loan for $30,000, and $20,000 from savings to East West Bank, Houston, TX, acct Southwest Intl, Inc, acct#1131143.Said he had to pay fine on gold so they would give it to him. Then needed $10,000 to travel. Total=$87,950
First name: Will
Last name: Warren
Aka: Keyon
Age: 35
Location: Long Beach, California
Phone: 5622565479
On websites: iconosquare, instagram,interracialdating(tangowire)
Report: We met on a dating site and he was nice at first. We started talking privately on Whatsapp and then he began to beg for money , sent me pics of his empty fridge, pics from bills he soon has to pay. He said if he cant pay his phone bill, he would not be able to talk to me again and so on. I was stupid and believed him. I sent him money twice (about 450 USD) and he was still claiming for more. Soon i realized i got scammed by him and told him that i dont sent money anymore. He stopped talking to me. His phone number still works and I am concerned that other women got scammed by him.
First name: Lawrence
Last name: David
Age: 63
Location: Plano Texas
Phone: 1214 702 9280
On websites: Mature
Report: My report about this scammer is the same as Debbie USA reported in Nov.2015. all about being in England and fixing the turbine, then money for tax in England and 2650 for ticket and luggage to come home. He asked for huge sums of money with great reasons.
First name: Rick Maxwell
Last name: Burr
Aka: Vaal Derk
Age: 51
Location: Aleppo, Syria
On websites: Facebook
Report: This man sent a friend request to my website on Facebook. For some reason, I accepted and a few days later he contacted me just to talk. And then the con began. The complete time line for our discussions was from 12/15/15 to 12/26/15. He tried to convince me that he needed to help his son over the holidays. I refused to send any money, A few days later he contacted me again and wanted to deepen the relationship. When he thought he had me convinced that he was legitimate, he once again tried to talk me into sending money to South Africa. I cut him off at that point. .I reported him to Facebook, but I think he still has active websites going.