First name: David
Last name: Garnier
Age: 03/08/1964
Location: Toulouse, France
Address: Rue de Pablo Casals, Toulouse, France
Phone: +33787974675;+22556124797
On websites: Google, FB (but got taken off) LinkedIn
Report: Becomes very romantic almost immediately. He is quite forthcoming about his identity which is all completely false. Te storyline is that he is widowed with a young daughter suffering from Trisomy21. He chats or emails 99% of the time in French. He sends poetry (copied off the net) announces he wants to visit almost immediately. He hinted at needing money almost immediately and after a shot while came up with that his daughter had been diagnosed with a brain tumour, the operation to save her costing thousands. He told me that he was in the business of exporting motor vehicles to Africa. This business does exist at the the address he gave but belongs to someone else. He explained this by saying he used the name of his deceased father, a phone call to the address and business confirmed that they had never heard of him. He said that he was in Morocco to sell his cars after which time he would be visiting me. Within two days of allegedly arriving in Morocco he wrote that he had been attacked in the street and that everything of worth had been stolen and he needed monetary help from me as he couldn't get his cars released from customs. He said that he couldn't access his bank account etc., etc. when I refused the amount requested was reduced. A reverse search couldn't find the identity of the person in the photos that were sent. He went to a great deal of trouble trying to convince me of his sincerity, fake passport (used by at least 5 others), fake French ID, fake video loop on Skype.fake airline ticket. Incidentally he also asked me to pay for an airline ticket for him to visit me because his circumstances had changed and all he wanted was to be with me. I had my suspicions from the startI played along
First name: charles
Last name: Scott
Aka: Honestcharles47
Age: 47
Location: North Carolina
Phone: 336 5738786
Email: honestcharles47@gmail
On websites:
Report: looked up his email on scammers and it was there on charles scott. he sent his e mail said he was for Germany
First name: Craig
Last name: Yawson
Age: 49
Location: Afghanistan
Address: Martin tn
Email: Yawsoncraig
On websites: Skype. Mate.1
Report: Told me he was military that he was coming home soon birthday Nov.24 1966 that he lived me an wanted to marry me.used the same story on Skype couldn't talk because the boy's were sleeping
First name: brian
Last name: carn
Age: 27
Location: jacksonville florida
Email: he is using prophet brian carn
On websites: google hangout chat room
Report: I met this man on the google hangout chatroom.pretending to be prophet brian carn.he has sent me photos of prophet brian carn saying its him.he is using prophet brian carn identity to get me to send money to sister Mary's orphanage home in Nigeria.he said that told that I was his wife.he keep on asking me to sow this what he says:god's people are commanded to care for afflict orphanage.if you turn a deaf ear is can olny contact through the secretary on the program :sister Mary's orphanage home send contruibute to the secretary osamede Williams in the country of Nigeria.send amount through western union or money gram.i have not sent any money.but I want him stop before he trick someone else.i have him was he prophet brian carn he says yes.the real prophet carn lives in Jacksonville florida but I don't know who this person is pretending to be prophet brian carn .its making the real prophet brian carn name look bad and putting him in danger by using his and this imposter talk every day.he has of photos of me.i should not have done that
First name: James
Last name: Raymond
Age: 52
Location: London UK
On websites: dating direct,
Report: Using a typical scam. Sent me an email on Match asking for my personal email (I gave one that does not reveal my real name). He then wrote with the old story...widowed, wife died in child birth, he raised the baby daughter on his own (always a daughter) and now is looking for love and he is certain he has found it with me. He writes daily and each day the grammar in his emails gets worse and the writing more rambling. He is in the military (military contractor) but cannot tell me what he really does at it is so confidential to security.Have seen this story many times with small variations He hasn't asked for money yet, but I will not reply
First name: Johnson
Last name: Kelly
Age: 53
Location: California / Afganistan
On websites: SKYPE
Report: SKYPE: esde-esde and johnsonkelly584
First name: adan wayne
Last name: johnson baracco
Age: 46
Location: new jersey ,usa
Phone: 18188649165
On websites:
Report: i have been scammed on badoo dating website the scammer send me a request with a fake photo of him as a military working for nato.and said he is from german origin but grew up in usa and he said his name is adan johnson Wayne Baracco. we correspond on badoo site and he said he is a widow with a 7 years old daughter living with a babysitter name Helen Akhimien in New Jersey .He then send email and romantic letters and contact me regularly through viber .Then after sometime the daughter contact me and called me mom .then atfer some times she asked me to tell her dad that she need money to travel to Holland for study program.THe scammer pretend he is blocked in Afghanistan .I send money to holland to some Imasuen Ikponmwonsa.I send 2475 dollars total
First name: Dr. Russ
Last name: Vianni
Age: 54
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Phone: + 19513387888
Email: ;
On websites: was active in globalpenfriends site
Report: The person had 3 profiles in globalpenfriends. He contacted me on 25 may, 2015, claiming being an orthopedic doctor. Then he claimed to have gone to Syria under UN , [ fake indeed] and as usually asked for monetary assistance to get hold of his huge money. [ as usual style]. I did notify the globalpenfriends admin division, and they have de-notified as a scam mailer, scam.
First name: Richard A
Last name: Holleb
Aka: Elvis A Lucas
Age: 55
Location: Northbrook, Illinois, USA
Address: 4030 Applewood Lane
Phone: 847-410-1556
On websites: Mingle 2
Report: Started talking on the Mingle 2 website and then he wanted to talk through the email address which then led to texting and then actually talking on the phone. So he had told me that he was originally from Germany and that he ran his own company which dealt with Electrical components and he hadn't worked in awhile because he had been too depressed from the death of his wife an children which had happened 18 years earlier due to a car accident. That he had been emailing these companies to try and get a contract through and no one was emailing him back. Few days after we started talking he all of a sudden got a response from this company and that they wanted to have a meeting with him to discuss a possible contract which of course if he got the contract would take him out of the country. Well after a week of talking he was offered the contract and then stated that he wanted me to look over the list of countries, which I did and the first country on the list was Germany which I thought would be good for him because he was originally from there so that is where we decided he would go. Then he stated that he needed to get his one tool serviced before he left because it was a very important tool to him. So he got the tool serviced and of course he had to leave within the next 2 days because this company wanted to get the project started so he also stated that there was this one gentleman from Germany that knew his father so he wanted to contact him and let him know that he was coming which he found out that he had passed away about a year earlier but he was able to talk with his daughter. So, he told her that he was coming. So all of this time I was getting more skeptical because I had been down this road before, so he left for Germany and then he emailed me and stated that the cab driver that had dropped him off at the hotel took off with this important tool which then really made me suspicious and I asked him if got the cab drivers name or license plate number which he then stated he could read it because it was in German but that was where he was originally from, now I am even more skeptical and then he was just going on about the stated there was noting that the Police could do for him and then I suggested that he find a place to rent the tool which of course he never thought about and then he started asking me for money well actually begging me to get a loan from my friends because he needed to get this tool so he could start on this contract which I told him that I didn't have it and I was not sending it to him. Which I had told him the other men that had tried to scam me and so he kept telling me it was because of them that I wouldn't help him and of course trying to make me feel guilty which didn't work. So, finally we just decided it was better if we went our separate ways and conversations stopped for about 2 weeks and then he tried contacting me again which again I said I am not understanding why he is contacting me because we had mutually decided to go our separate ways and he again was offended by my response and we haven't talk since then.
First name: smith
Last name: turner
Aka: victor s
Age: 58
Location: los angeles calif
On websites: yes many names
Report: From: smith turner ( Sent: Sat 4/26/14 5:41 PM To: Yahoo email team ( I trust Always show content. Active View 1 attachment (41.0 KB) Click for Options Download as zipSave to OneDrive I'm glad to write you more emails, I just had a warm shower, having a glass of win and thought i would write and tell you more about myself. However, I'm glad we have been able to share some few things about ourselves and I must confess that am interested in you and if we continue to share things about ourselves this way, we would know each other better and if we are compatible and share common interest, we can proceed from there. All I can say for now is
First name: Lawrence
Last name: David
Aka: David Lawrence
Age: 65
Location: plano Texas
Phone: 214 702 9280
Report: Met male on about 3 months ago. Claimed he was an engineer. Soon after got off site and claims he moved to London to install a gas turbine for the government. Two wks later he needed money for shaft as someone left a wrench in it and it tore up shaft. Then it was for fuel to start turbine, then more fuel. Then it was a trip home. Then, he owed taxes to England for money he made in England. He also conned another woman for same.
First name: Chris
Last name: Howard
Age: 45
Location: New York from London England
Phone: 646-883-9004
On websites: hornet
Report: Called to tell me he was worried about me and just wanted to help me find a job
First name: Scott
Last name: Downs
Age: 52
Location: Ghana
Email: Unknown
On websites: Tinder
Report: I have just read a post about the above person and have experienced similar this week. Messages on Viber and numerous photos and declarations of deep feelings... No request for money - just an appeal to register with the US Govt as his fiancee so he can get leave and a free flight to where I am. All very, very dodgy...BLOCK!!!
First name: David
Last name: Wales
Aka: garinclaire50
Age: 50
Location: plano, texas
Phone: 469-277-9752
On websites:
Report: He sent a smile from christian mingle and then advanced to emails and calling on phone along with sms messages. I have known him only 3 weeks and he wants me to move to his home when he returns from south china on business. Except he was on pnone with me when he alledgedly arrived airport at 0830 hrs. on 10-19-2015. He telephones at 1630 hrs to say he is there but he had been there about 3 hrs I receive a pic of his contract, the alledged rig he is working on and later i received an email stating his trip to scotland went fine. On 10-23-2015 he text me, i called him, amazing there are cell towers i middle of ocean that i could reach him on cell phone provided by YMax Communications, scammers use these numbers to benefit financially; maker of majic jack. He said someone turned on drilling and he was attempting to flush system and it pushed all his chemicals into ocean. He wanted me to send him $2500.00 because he couldnt access his bank from there for security reasons and stated he would have to make personal appearance at bank, which is impossible beczuse he is stuck in middle of ocean
First name: Kingsley
Last name: Brooks
Aka: Willis meterson
Age: 59
Location: Los Angeles Ca
Phone: unknown2138067126
On websites: Match
Report: Claims true love. Claims to be a Civil Engineer whose accounts have been frozen. Working over seas on satellite contacts .
First name: Bjorn
Last name: Nelson
Aka: Nelson Bjorn Hyatt
Age: 58
Location: Khabul Afghanistan
Address: Kansas City and Oregon city
Phone: 913-725-8354
On websites: Zoosk
Report: Didn't feel right, started asking for gift card then advanced to reporting leave from military but needed $2,500 in fees and tickets to be able to get the leave approved and he was getting a one month leave from the military. Very charming and also called me his queen. Saw the picture and knew this was the same man. He really pulled me in telling me how much he loves me and I was his world. I did confront him and he reeled me in again after his sweet talking making it that I was insecure and he would love me evermore. Some of the letters are identical which I saved and read from his other attempts. Thank you for this site and your help. I was so close to being taken too!
First name: Clark
Last name: Tomson
Age: 51
Location: Tamales Ghana
Phone: +233543034908
On websites: Facebook /WhatsApp
Report: Posing as Staff Sergeant E6 in Army...
First name: Miles
Last name: Taylor-Remirez
Age: 50
Location: From Dallas, TX in Iraq and Nigeria
Phone: 1-606-930-4224
On websites: facebook
Report: He asked to be my friend on facebook and he would chat with me there and after a few chats his chats would be removed as spam or abusive. He always got back on somehow and we chatted on Messenger most of the time. He was 30 yrs younger than me but he said that didn't matter...I didnt believe him, of course, and he asked for $100 to replace his phone he had ruined....First clue. Then he began asking for I tune gift cards. I sent one $25.00 one by giving him the code on from the back of the gift card.. He would then ask me to open a checking account in my name which I wouldn't do.....second clue. I received a check for over $2200. and he wanted me to put it in my acct. which I didn't....I turned it over to our bank fraud dept. Yet he still kept coming back continuing to ask me to open a bank account and when I refused for a 3rd time....He took me off facebook as his friend. This went on for about 3 months. I don't have a picture of him since he unfriended me.
First name: Blake
Last name: Adanson
Age: 50
Location: Gainesville, Florida, USA
Phone: 352-415-3946
On websites:
Report: I contacted him on a dating site figuring he was legitimate! We have communicated with each other since the end of September, 2015! He has finally asked me to borrow some money but I sent an e-mail to him earlier and told him to move on and I would do the same! I haven't contacted him again since!
First name: Timothy
Last name: Williamson
Age: 70
Location: USA
Phone: 956-377-0037
On websites:,
Report: Timothy contacted me on We e-mailed each other for a few days and I realized he was a scammer when he said he had to go to Turkey on a business trip! That is how they all start and then I checked his cell number and had it traced back to Santa Clara, California! I stopped e-mailing him after telling him that I thought he was a scammer! He hasn't contacted me since!
First name: Harvey
Last name: Ray
Age: 55
Location: Newyork
Address: buffalo
Phone: Call's on facebook messager
On websites: Facebook
Report: This man as been chatting to my mother for 18mths now. and as had a large amount of money from her.and is now left without anything that she had saved all her working life. he said he as a boy called dixon. That he is coming to marry her n take her to live back in new york. plus loads of lie's over other stuff. anyway lot's n lot's of garbage. please be careful of this man he as took everything away from my mum.
First name: Marcus
Last name: Lucas
Age: 55
On websites: MESSENGER
Report: He wanted me to say that I am his wife and beneficiary to collect a package on his behalf. He said he was working at an oil rigg in Ghana and was there on a contract and could not leave.
First name: Tommy
Last name: Walker
Age: 59
Location: USA Va
On websites: facebook
Report: He told me he loved me then a couple months later he asked me to send him money I get so tired of this scenario.
First name: lim
Last name: kimwei
Aka: aka
Age: 42
Location: sabah malaysia
Address: chinese temple beside road kampung masak .keningau.sabah malaysia
Phone: 0168436549 or 0128215785
On websites: facebook
First name: anderson
Last name: deigo
Age: 58
Location: madrid spain/
Phone: +12064262159
On websites: Twoo
Report: flew from madrid. spain to me in south africa, instead of landing at OR Thambo in johannesburg, he and his daughter princess......accidently went to cape town. and his bags in went to johannesburg. then at the airport, that was the friday...8.10.2015...... was sold a sim card of $50 . and airtime of $20 all the money he had on him. called me from +27840031646. called me and told me that the officials told him he can only get a fleight back to johannesburg on monday 11.10.2015. and he had no money on him and wanted me to send him R5000.00 so that they could stay at a hotel. for the weekend. which i told him i dont have cash.....and when i wanted to send my friends that stays there to meet them he got angry...said if he could not stay with me, then he will stay at the airport. he did not want me to speak to the officials either. and said if i dont trust him he will fly back on the monday to johannesburg to collect his bag, and fly back to spain.
First name: Alejandro
Last name: Pedro
Aka: Alberton SA
Age: 58
Location: South Africa
Address: Alberton
Phone: 0604575165
Email: alejandropedro997@gmail
On websites: TWOO
Report: Dont sounds like the real man, I met a lot of scammers on TWOO and dont trust men on there anymore.
First name: Rex
Last name: Darron
Aka: Victor Peterson, Andre K Jones, Robert Swenson, Alexandre Duvall
Age: 50
Location: Toronto, Canada
Phone: 1 2179844355
On websites: Facebook, Zorpia
Report: Request friendship. Gave his mobile number to connect through Viber and found there is a different man on the profile page. Googled the photos he sent and found many sites on him
First name: Prince
Last name: JMichael
Aka: Prince Brown Michael Prince Michaelp Charles Morgan
Age: 53
Location: Accra, Ghana Accra-Kasoa, Ghana
Address: Optimal Travel & Charter Service Accra-Kasoa, Ghana
Phone: 233572117527 233246520489 Charles Morgan 2184330302
On websites: Facebook
Report: This gentleman contacted me through Facebook, and ask if he could friend me. He very polite and complimentary. Advised he lived in N Miami Beach, FLA. US. Widowed for 7 years and raising his two children. Advised they had a caregiver. Advised he ran his own business in the Gold Business buying and selling. Advised he was leaving for Ghana, and taking his two children with him and would be gone for about two weeks. A few days after arriving he contacted me asking for $250 approx. because his Credit Card was denied for hotel expenses. Saying he would have to wait past the weekend to get all things straightened out through his bank in the USA. Sent the money later than his expectations. He was not happy about that but seemed thankful. Advised everything was going good had purchased his gold for shipment, and would be ready to leave the country even though the process had been interrupted due to the problem with his bank. Prince, then states he has a problem with the security and needs 228500.00 to pay for security, and shipment and had no idea about this cost. Saying he is done! Asking for any assistance that I might give financially. Ask me to contact the buyer of the gold to let him know there was a problem. So I did contact the Charles Morgan of Ontario, Canada with a Minnesota phone number. Apparently Charles Morgan sent $10,000, and a friend of Prince did sent another $10,000. I sent the $2850.00. Emailed an itenerary of his flight from Accra, Ghana to Phoenix, AZ. Showing his name Prince Michael, Clara Michael, and Christian Michael. Texted back about 12 hours later after the flight had taken off saying he was in London and there was a problem. Advised by Customs that he failed to bring a Certificate from the Country of Ghana with the signature of the President allowing he Gold to leave the country. States he has to fly back with children to get the certificate. Two days later he advises he needs $1500.00 to receive the certificate from the Foreign Ministery Department. Ask if I can send money for food, and hotel bill since he is pretty much broke. Sent $50.00. Later he ask for $200.00 which I did not have to give. His buyer then texts me shaming me for not doing the right thing. I sent the $200.00 that I needed. All the time we had text back and forth his phone would give out. Prince ask if i could send him a new phone. I cannot do this. i have a used one that is in good condition. Tried to break off the relationship not out of greed, but because i became curious. Found out the pictures he sent to me of himself and his children is another man named Alec Coursa, and his children. Faced him up in his story, and he advised that he is telling me the truth about the need for the money and does have two children only. Found out more information and similar story. Told him we are done! Sent him my proof that he has been a phony. Calls me from another phone and says he loves me, and denys that he has done any such thing. Advises me he does not want any more money from me. Advising that when he comes to the states he is paying me back all that he has ask for, and will not bother me again. Advised he will send me true pictures of himself and his children, but he is coming to my door to see me because I still love him. And I do love this person that I can't see. Yes, I know it sounds dumb. He is a true gentleman, and could no be any nicer to me. I have been very mean to him because he deserved it. There is no cursing involved no foul anything. Just a great relationship. I just want to know if he is what he says he is. An Italian business man down on his luck and stuck with two children in a foreign country. And truthfully I think this is a ring of people working and using the photos of Alec Coursa. I have actually Skyped and seen this man and watched his mouth speak to me. Made it very easy to believe he was so real. Just want some truth here.
First name: patrick
Last name: johnson
Age: 44
Location: USA texas Nigeria Ekiti
Phone: 2348124932403
Email: dont have it
On websites: facebook Badoo
Report: he wrote in Badoo and sent me letter in love sothe fact that I fell in love letters He quit the army and said that required a pass card for 350 dollars so I said I could not get on your behalf; he had an officer who would receive the money for it. Then they were 1000 dollars to complete the return was arranging my documents that come for me; we would get married and we would go to live in his home in Minneapolis. I sent a flight itinerary and boarding pass (where I realized that it was false) and said his commander was blackmailing him and to let him go but needed $ 1000. I told him I did not have and should complete its mission.then I saw your picture with more than 30 different names and military romance scam facebook I found a lot of women in my same condition
First name: Jordan
Last name: Declan
Age: 54
Location: USA
On websites: Zorpia
Report: He ask to write zo UN for his ritarement...