First name: David
Last name: Moore
Aka: Tony
Age: ?45
Location: US / North East Africa
Phone: +15185075304
On websites: FACEBOOK
Report: We have proven records from several women who have approached SCAMMERS BUSTED relating to this man having scammed and trying to scam different women by getting involved with them on social media, more specifically FACEBOOK and asking their assistance financially in order to join them to be with them
First name: robinson
Last name: james
Age: 45
Location: Afghanistan
On websites: hangouts
Report: Being scammed through the military
First name: Kenny
Last name: James
Age: 54
Location: Iraq, Baghdad
On websites: Facebook as Giovanni Christian
Report: States he is a captain in US Army. Stationed in Iraq on a classified mission. Ask for money for ipads, cellphones, shipping charges. States he lives in California. Has a 19 year old daughter, Elizabeth. She stays with his uncle while he is deployed. Tells you he is going to retire from the military in March 2016 after 22 years of service. He will tell you that a women from Russia is trying to give him a bad name and the FBI is trying to locate her.
First name: Christopher
Last name: Gossage
Age: 49
Location: United States Oak Park
Address: 847 South Wabash, Chicago Illinois
Phone: 3127888731
On websites: OurTime
Report: Catfish fraudulent information
First name: David
Last name: Martin
Aka: Davey
Age: 58
Location: Dallas TX, Los Angeles CA
Phone: 760-920-6013
On websites: okCupid, Facebook
Report: We messaged on Messenger. We exchanged phone numbers. We talked on the phone. He told me that he lives in Los Angeles, that he's a Widower, that he has a daughter, Sharon, that she's 14 years old, that she attends boarding school. He told me that he was going to Texas for
First name: Kurt
Last name: Schneider
Aka: Tony Pankhurst, C Boucher, Gerald Mazzetta
Age: July 16, 1948
Location: Tacoma, WA; San Diego, CA; Santa Barbara, CA; Brunswick, NJ; Washington, NJ; Hampton, SC
Phone: (201)623-3843;(201)949-8558;(310)307-0896;(206)317-1582; (412)748-0707
On websites:
Report: I met the man named Kurt Schneider on a senior's dating site, Our Time, on August 20, 2013. I wrote first, saying his photo was handsome. He was very assertive after that and wanted an exclusive relationship. It has continued as a love relationship (I thought) for 2-1/2 years until January 6, 2016 when a friend sent me your website with his name. He wanted to get married, but wanted to finish business in Ukraine for a contract with Adidas before he came here. He said his identity had been stolen in September 2013, and he needed money to complete his contract. He is in the fabric business, originally from Netherlands, he said. He has been in the US since about 2004, he said; widowed in 2007. One daughter, Kate, in Massachusetts. I ran the photos he sent me through Google Image a few days ago-something I just learned about. The photo came up with another name, not his. He is using a stolen celebrity photo of a man named Gary Glenn, a public figure and film maker in Australia.
First name: Bryan
Last name: Arnold. Walker
Aka: bryan battaglia. Usmc retired , nicholas Arnold
Age: 51
Location: Florida
On websites: Tinder
Report: Admitsvto using fake military photo to meet women thenvtells all about his Sad life. Found his pictures on And was also on speed date As Nicholas Arnold and romance scams.
First name: Gaydou roy
Last name: Smith
Age: 50
Location: USA
Phone: ?+234?806?426?8436?
Email: Don't know
On websites: Skout
Report: A army deployment in South Africa and ask for money order since cannot access bank account
First name: Micheal
Last name: Lawson
Age: 56
Location: Jersey city USA
On websites: Facebook
Report: We met through Facebook . He began to write great letters in which talked about himself. He said that he was a widower, and he passes on hard times in his two weeks he would ask me about my life and about myself a lot.. He introduced himself as a talented architect and kept saying that he is very busy.He said that he would be a business trip to Thailand. he began to send Email from Thailand and one day he called out. He had a very strong accent. He made up a story that grew up in Italy. Then I began to suspect that he's lying.Very soon, he wrote that he was robbed. but he is not concerned because he has a Travel check for $ 680,000 but the next day he said that the local bank does not want to change money for him.I realized that he was a crook, and wrote to him about your site. he disappeared and never wrote to me.
First name: James
Last name: Aston
Aka: Lucas James,
Age: 3.3.1963
Location: Tampa FL and Kabul
On websites: InterNations Community, Skype, Facebook
Report: Facts: 1. James Aston, born on 3rd March 1963, has been acting and using pictures of Mr. Stuart James, pilot of U.S. Army, from Memphis (details about SJ on FB) 2. James Aston set up a profile on InterNations Community and on Facebook. 3. James Aston communicates via Skype. On Skype he has many accounts with his name, from Tampa Florida 4. He
First name: Jorge
Last name: Chavez
Age: 45
Location: London, UK
On websites: Tagged
Report: I met this guy in tagged. After we talked via email for few days, he wanted me to become his girlfriend. I felt uneasy about it. Few days ago, he said he wanted to sent me a package and kept asking me my address. Actually, I don't want to give it. I kept postponing it until this thursday. I gave my address and he said he has sent me the packages and he also sent me an airway bill. I have been curious about the bill since there are a lot of mistakes and the courier website also has a lot of mistakes. I searched about scammers and found the similarities story with my story. So, it made me feel uneasy. I tracked the ip gmail address and found the ip address is in Australia. Luckily, I like searching on internet and never trust anybody.
First name: Alex
Last name: Anderson
Aka: Brandon Anderson
Age: 46
Location: New York city
Phone: 4343216908
On websites: mingle2
Report: I thought he was okay. We wrote, phoned and texts for almost 6 months. His accent was unusual and I spoke with his daughter who sounded Brittish and older than her age not like a young college woman from NY, He was supposed to come and meet me after a business trip to Europe but then he asked for my account number so he could send me money to send to his assistant on a buying trip in Nigeria. When I said no he became angry and began to bully. I do not have this in email form because it happened by text message.
First name: Terry
Last name: Walter
Age: 54
Location: USA but he say stationed in Afghanistan
On websites:
Report: The first time he contact me on the dating web site I am register We begin corresponding back and port for a month and he knew what to write the right things, but at first I notice that his writing style does not seem American he told me he is Military officer in the united state army he is going to have his vacation and he will came to visit me in my country for us to get to know each other. That he told me a story full details about military operation he has to go he described details of city names in Afghanistan and what happened there and there are overpowered the Taliban and exposed the hiding place after everyone escaped they cache huge weapons, as well as a lot of money and gold, he went into details that it looks really so genuine and included pictures about this military operation. He also told me how he and others received their share in the money and gold Then he will have to stop in London on his way to see me and deposit the money in London bank, already than it seems very strange that an officer would act this way but I did say anything.
First name: Richard
Last name: Mudd
Age: 50
Location: Pretoria, Cape Town South Africa
Address: First Name : Thembi Last Name : Balogun City : Pretoria Country : South Africa Zipcode : 0002 Mtcn : 3428401810 Amount : 150$ Richard Name : Richard Mudd Address : 969 Morris park ave City : Bronx State : New York Zipcode : 10462 Richard
Phone: +1 (847) 915-4939. 1 (847) 737-9630
On websites: Facebook
Report: Met Richard on in early 2011. He claimed to live in illlinois USA as a contractor for a construction company but was in the process of taking a contract in South Africa. February 3rd 2011 he moved to Pretoria Cape Town South Africa and all his tools and equipment got held by customs so he asked if I could help with his getting other supplies sent to him. He also had me collect his pay and wire to him via western union or moneygram Soon he was having laptops, clothes, and cell phones shipped to my address which he had me send to him in Pretoria. It wasn't until April 7, 2015 that I learned all items were purchased with stolen credit card information and I was accused of identity theft and fraud.
First name: richard
Last name: rodriguez
Age: 62
Location: reno, nevada
Report: I did a search about this person and found 2 of the pictures he sent me on the instant search on image raider. He claims to be from Reno Nevada and is an engineer. He has only sent me two emails but I became specious quickly. He sounded to good to be true. He contacted me through someone else on e-harmoney. Sad that people do this type of thing
First name: Kennedy
Last name: newton
Age: 47
Location: Edinburgh england
Email: no email contact
On websites: facebook
Report: Have many FB account.use same name in all FB account Claim engineer work at mobile exxon at Edinburgh. Also claim have big contract with petroleum /pertonas Malaysia. First add me as friend.just a few day fall in love.afterthat told got the contract at my country and am curious.but he sent some document. Am still curious because the signature or owner the wrong person , because that person just retired from petronas. Am already block him.but when write again his name still appear with new FB account but still use same name.
First name: Joseph
Last name: Wayne
Age: 54
Location: USA, Miami, FL
Phone: 727-201-3603
On websites:
Report: January 3, 2016 I was contacted by this member. We exhanged two emails and after letting him know I would rather speak on the phone for further correspondence he waited 2 days before he texted me on January 8, 2016. We spoke the first time on Monday, January 11, 2016 and spoke every evening for an hour with ongoing text and email communication inbetween. We were scheduled for our first dinner date to meet in person Friday, January 15, 2016 when I received a long email that morning indicating that he had been awarded a contract in South Africa and had to be there within 21 hours for a ceremony. Our date was off. He had been so excited to meet me, so it was then that I became suspcious and googled some of the language in his email. Your scam site came up with some of the sampling emails I had received from him. Later that afternoon I asked to drive him to the airport and he stopped communicating. I have reported this person to Chemistry and to the local police station. He had an association with Priority Aviation LLC (Arkansas) and Konstruct Engineering (New York). His number is from Pinellas County on the West Coast of Florida. Do I have anything to be concerned about?
First name: Terry Bryan
Last name: Reyes
Age: March 12, 1969
Location: Ponte Vedra Beach, as well as Jacksonville Fla.
Phone: (904) 686-9994
On websites: facebook, Messenger, Tagged, Badoo...
Report: Terry Bryan Reyes, comes across as a very personable, and respectful man.. He is very direct and very much believable when he communicates... He sends you his autobiography, as introduction, makes you believe he's being truthful.. After you get into a dating relationship, he asks for photos of yourself regular and private, as well as he provides photos, as you get more comfortable, he tags you along for a good three to four months, before he starts feeding you stories, about his sons getting hurt or injured to the point of needing surgery, to save his life.. Thats when the request for funds come in, When denying him any requests he demands from you, he then starts threatening to expose you on facebook or any media sites he knows you are affiliated with, as well as with your kids, family members and friends.. He is a smooth talker...
First name: Charles
Last name: Presten
Aka: Anthony williams
Age: 51
Location: Ghana
Email: mail circle of friends
On websites: Google Circle of Friends
Report: I recently received an invitation by Anthony Williams to join his circle of friends on I accepted the invitation but when I went to his profile there was no information just a list of his other circle friends.... All females. I immediately blocked him and today while reviewing new male scammers identified his picture which is the one posted on It claims he has over 2000 followers but these pictures were not visible to me.
First name: David
Last name: Magid
Age: 53
Location: Donetsk Ukraine
Email: Unknown
On websites: Tinder, Viber
Report: After chatting on tinder for a few days, he asked me to download the viber app. He told me he was an orthopaedic dr. I asked him if he had done a particular operation. He informed me that he doesn't operate. I thought this was strange as I don't know of any orthopaedic doctors that don't operate. He refused to issues. He got annoyed when I asked him a few times if he was real. He said everything a woman wants to hear. But the lies were a bit to hard to believe. When I asked him about being a scammer, he didn't answer and still hasn't. I told him he wasn't a very good lier.
First name: Jonathan
Last name: Mcdavidson
Age: 60
Location: USA, New Zealand, Turkey
Phone: 3053703175
On websites:
Report: Jonathan contacted me within a week of joining He asked for my email address in order to communicate easier. Within a week of emails, he asked for my phone number. I never gave him any truly personal information. He would call me on the phone once an evening and talk for a couple of minutes. My phone would often drop the call. On Christmas Day 2015 - he told me that his computer and phone were stolen and asked me to purchase new and next day to him. I did not. The next day - he asked me to buy him $300 in iTunes cards to buy software online for his new computer. Again - I told him that I would not be making any purchases for him. I received the EXACT email for the computer as he sent to someone else.
First name: Gilbert Asher
Last name: Jones
Age: on Israel passport ( fraudgilant)says 53
Location: New York and Dubai
Address: Gilbert Jones Ventures, 522 E 74 st, New York, 10021
Phone: 6464705999,+971522023549,+971557901439
On websites: Was on
Report: Gilbert Asher Jones emailed me through on 10/16 2015. Saying that he loved my profile and sent me his cell#6464705999. Within a short period of time he went to Dubai on a Construction job before I got to meet him. He emailed me long romantic letters daily, called me, we talked for hours. He sent me photos, copy of his contract, copy of his passport. I fell for him! Within a few week period, he lost his wallet, had serious financial issues, got arrested, got sick....hired an attorney. I sent in total 76,000.00. I became stressed, told a friend, hired an investigative firm. I just got report last night. Serious fraud, criminal activity. The phone # and email linked to other scams. The man known to me is still texting me wanting more money. He does not know what is happening. He calls me often also. He checks to know where I am several times a day. I have all the documentation and am also contacting FBI. I have heard other men's voices in background. I am scared, he has sent flowers and e-cards to me and he has so many photos of me. I want to catch this man, I have the photos he sent me
First name: david
Last name: Williams
Age: 38
Location: usa (ny) poland Africa
Phone: +22504737962
On websites: unknow
Report: I meet him at dating website.. him ask me for email..and whatsapp..then we chat there..around half month.. his like to talk very sweet everyday in email very long word..and say now his must move go to work in Africa around 1 month..his ask me send full detail address card.. phone no..his said his will send flower ,labtop apple ,samsung galaxy'watch..,gold necklace,perfume,cosmetic set..big 100000$ inside bigbeer..will send to my address.. his send by air forcelogistic reafy for diplomatic delivery..but his need me to send money tranfer for dilivery in western union 48 hour..then next day have man me.. I much pay 750$ to get shipment..but I say I don' t have much money like that..later him much I have? I say don't have ..that's why ..I have I ask police here.him say .it's scammer..i just want everyone to know.
First name: Robert
Last name: Davidson
Aka: James Huth
Age: 53
Location: Phoenix Arizona, Tuscon Arizona
Phone: 602 313-1307
On websites:
Report: This man really had me convince. That is until he demanded me to send money to his son Anthony, for his 9th birthday. I am very embarrassed about it all. I fell hard for this man. I know, he fooled me. He asked me to be his wife after a few weeks of dating on the site. I never met him personally, I did see him through chats. Google hangouts. Yes I have the same picture that he has on this websit and more. He even sent me pictures of him with his son. Wow. That is my weakness, CHILDREN. How did he know that without ever talking to me? This is so embarrassing. I am a widow, he used that also. He wanted me to send money to; $320.00 To Derik Amatey Ghana Accra 00233 The email that he gave me to send the Receipt. Number: +233576808334 Child email addres
First name: Han
Last name: Levin
Aka: Hanli Levine
Age: 51
Location: Dronten-Armsterdam Netherlands & Uniting Kingdom
On websites: Facebook, Tagged & Skype
Report: I met this man on a Dating Site call and he's name is Han Levin (51) Aka Hanli Levine born & raised in Amsterdam Netherlands but he now lives in Uniting Kingdom. He works as a Distributing Manager for the Royal Institute Of British Architects in UK and he also a Developer and a Investor! I am just giving you some information before I forget Han Levin is Widowed with one daughter call Chadia
First name: Steve
Last name: Morgan
Age: 52
Location: Buffalo, NY
Phone: 646-4945313
On websites: okcupid,
Report: This man asks for money and that you buy articules as computers or cel phones.
First name: Clark Douglas
Last name: Dwayne
Aka: Shawn Anthonydowney
Age: 54
Location: Nigeria
Phone: +2348086828566; +2347086698325
On websites: Facebook
Report: He made contact with me a week ago via Facebook. Declarations of love happened soon after. He even went so far as to let me speak to his so-called workers that was with him. He is exceptionally good at what he does. I honestly believed that he was a widower, two daughters in USA, Weatherford, Texas. The photo he sent to me of the girls should have been my 1st warning, but as it is with idiots like us, we fall for the words - too romantic for our own good. The photo was of two girls next to a old Justin Bieber poster in a mall. JB was about 14 in that picture. Well, I am now USD500 out of pocket as I
First name: Steve
Last name: Oche
Aka: unknown ark klok
Age: 46
Location: Stockholme
Email: Not no his email
On websites: Facebook
Report: Not sure if his scammer but has sent this name to send him money also under the name mark klok sandiego Please let meno anything ifi suspect is right
First name: Taavi
Last name: Taddeo
Aka: Clive / Rochus
Age: 50
Location: Miami Florida / Melbourne Australia
Email: or
On websites: Facebook, Viber, Messenger and Wayn
Report: Was contacted through Wayn and Facebook by this person. He wanted to become friends although I told him that I am married
First name: Michael
Last name: Rogers
Age: 56
Location: Syria, US
On websites: Skype account dsdsds2412
Report: contacted me on skype today and came straight to the point I must say. He wanted me to receive a package for him. And asked to pay for it