First name: michael or mason
Last name: jones
Age: unknown
Location: ghana
Phone: 233243196024
On websites: facebook, whatsapp, hangouts
Report: He first told me his name was Micael Jones then later said it was Mason Jones. His English is very good, well educated, said he was in army getting ready to retire.
First name: Richard
Last name: Johnston
Age: 55
Location: Sydney, Australia
Email: Unknown
On websites: Face Book
Report: Claims to be a 54yr old widower with a 16 (nearly 17) year daughter. Johnston claims to live in Sydney, Australia and is a contract project manager for BP allegedly working a 90 day on / 5 week off work rotation on deep sea rig in Texas. His daughter allegedly lives in the US with her guardian, and was apparently a missionary. Language skills are quite good, but lacks the understanding of common place Australian slang.
First name: Bob
Last name: Williams
Age: 55
Location: Colorado
Phone: +852 5808 6553, +27 631018802, 701-354-8902, 630-489-9130
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: This individual contacted me via Christian Mingle. We talked via email and Yahoo IM for about a month. Two weeks into our communication, he Began to inquire about my occupation, the balance on my mortgage, my annual salary and very personal and intrusive. He bragged about his opulent lifestyle. Yet he asked me to help him financially. I refused because I think it is rude, in poor taste and lack decorum to ask someone for money; especially someone you have never seen. I also have an aversion in women giving money to men. He also claim to be from New Zealand, but spoke with an African accent. I will forward email from Bob Williams to Male Scammers
First name: Lucas
Last name: James
Aka: james raymond
Age: 55
Location: kabul
On websites: POF
Report: Claimed to be a chief warrant officer stationed in Kabul, widowed with 16 yr old son, retiring next month.
First name: Michael
Last name: Alvaro
Aka: Zach Douglas
Age: 52
Location: New York and Aberdeen, Scotland
Email: Zach.
On websites:
Report: Zach Douglas, known also as Michael Alvaro contacted me on Christian Mingle. We have been texting and emailing back and forth for over a week. He says in work on at Montrose North Sea oil rig in Aberdeen, Scotland. I had some red flags. He could only text or email and no video, skyping. He said he could not call me. He ask him how I felt about long distance relationships. He said he was a God fearing man who loved the Lord and he would do what ever he could to be sure we are together. Crazy talk for just one week.
First name: Don
Last name: Raymond
Age: 67
Location: UK, Malaysia,
Phone: +447749833483, +447031919942
On websites:
Report: Scammer contacted my mother who is widowed on facebook a few weeks ago and started chatting without becoming friends. Within a few messages told her that he loved her and wants to have a good life together with her and then talked about marrying. His profile is very limited, talking only about his university Cambridge, and his company
First name: Robert Emmanuel
Last name: WILSON
Age: 57
Location: Seattle
On websites: Facebook and yahoo massenger
Report: He introduced as Brigadier General. He used the photos of GLT Jeff A. Sorenson and he has destroyed my life. I have a lot of debts and I will never be able to trust or to love again. He left me yesterday and my only wish is to die.
First name: Timothy
Last name: Lonsdorf
Aka: Timothy Linsdorf
Age: 63
Location: Colorado
Phone: 715-602-0904
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: Timothy expressed interest on April 25. After two email messages, suggested to cancel my membership. First clue he was sincere when he asked if I had received some photos he sent and wanted to confirm the email. He wanted me to confirm as he stated he did not want to say the right thing to the wrong person. Meaning he was falsely pursuinga someone else. He reported that his wife died of lung cancer, his daughter, son-in-law and one grandson died in a car accident. He stated that he had a grandson John that he was caring for since the tragic death of his family. He reported that he had to travel oversees for contractual assignment. Two days post his arrival, I received a text message from his supposedly to alert me that his grandfather was mugged and he needed $17k for surgery and medical care. I immediately stopped all communication. They contacted me a few times but have never responded.
First name: ryan
Last name: Cecile
Aka: richard lowe
Age: 48
Location: USA
On websites: facebook
Report: He told me his name was Richard lowe. That he was a going to Dubai for a job. That was a year a go this month. Told me many times that we were going to be married. Made manu promises. Asked for a lot of money that his wallet was stolen and his daughter Sandra was with him. For along time kept saying that he was going to be back in the states over many months.stolen hundreds of dollars from me. If I wouldn't have seen this picture and a different name I would have never known. The phone number I have is for california.this is devistating.
First name: Jim
Last name: Carrabba
Aka: obi mark, mersha kaye, lawrie vance
Age: 47
Location: chicago, nigeria
On websites:, Whatsupp
Report: Jim is a charming man, wrote me for months everyday,promising love, a good life, marriage.He has 1 child, named Williams,and is a engineer.He writes letters everday in your email, will talk to you on the phone and is intimidating when you don't send money. Jim goes away on business and is delayed in south africa on a business trip where his machinary is detained and needs thousands of dollars to get them released. He asked for that loan and then his flight is detained and then his visa expires, then his son gets sick and dies, they are starving, and they live in the london airport.he scammed me , me sending help for his son and money for food, I was fooled thinking he would return and pay me back. The latest i heard is he gave my phone number out as his own, because he know i don't answer if i don't know who they are.
First name: mg
Last name: Krugert
Age: unknown
Location: manassas
On websites: various for me flirchi and aol.
Report: first contact on Flirchisite he requested my email and used this site to send emails. was told all was secret and he wanted to move money from the middle East to the states. sad e would pay me to help then wanted me to pay huge so called customs charges. he was told he would forward any charges and I would not invest any thing in his what appeared to be a scam. he got mad then said he would lower customs charges by a half. I suspect his deal was a scam and that he was fraud in saying he was a maj general in the American army.Its illegal to impersonate a military person in all shapes and forms Edmund Biggs
First name: james
Last name: jarvis
Aka: sampson noah
Age: 51
Location: accra ghana
Phone: 233242775951
On websites: match
Report: Have sent money to james by way of sampson, military man, retiring, stuck in ghana, crazy stuff, sampson works for UN, helping
First name: James
Last name: Jarvis
Age: 50
Location: Accra Ghana
On websites: Match
Report: Met on match..said he was in Afghanistan. Retiring.
First name: John
Last name: Wright
Aka: General Wright John
Age: 47
Location: Accra, Ghana and Afganistan, Kabul
Email: and
On websites: Facebook
Report: Profile on Facebook says he is a 4-star General in the US Army. It says he is from Anna Marie, Florida and went to school at Florida Air Academy. He claims to be a widower with a 13 year old son named Alex who goes to a military school in Ghana, Accra. He claims to be resigning from the military in 30-days and will be returning to Florida. Had me check into several properties for sale, which I did and even e-mailed propery photos to him. He used yahoo messenger to text me and we spoke often. He told me he wanted to marry me when he returned home. He told me his son's birthday was coming up on the 24 the of July. He also had his son send me emails. His son told me how glad he was that his father had found someone and he even called me 'mom.' I asked the son what he wanted for his birthday and he said he wanted a dog. When I asked how much was the dog he told me $950. I emailed him that was too much money and he told me he was happy to get whatever I sent him.
First name: Kent
Age: 60
Location: Ogden, UT
Phone: 801-644-7080
Email: Unknown
On websites: POF
Report: This guy said I should go to 2 different sites and I could make money. One is Iraqi dinar and the other was dinar guru. I am sure this guy is a scammer. He goes by naturerich55 on POF. Said his name was Kent.
First name: Dennis
Last name: Olsen
Aka: Beckham Landis
Age: 64?
Location: Kent, UK, TX, who knows where else?
On websites:
Report: Same picture recently popped up on New Scammers report. I read the emails posted by 2 women, and they are almost EXACTLY the same as ones I received last year. AND, due to a wonderful man at a credit union in Pennsylvania, I have found 3 other women who share the same letters. Additionally, the phone 3 he used with me is the same as used w/ one of the other women -- different name & picture though...he was using the name of Williams Berry with her. I had even made him send me a picture of his passport. But those too can be easily faked. And he must be using a burner phone. The line about his dying wife throwing red meat at him??? We all heard it. He claimed ot have a daughter who wrote to oneof the ladies I'm in touch with now. I just wish this site did more toward cross-referencing pictures! These men have obviously stolen these pictures -- probably from poor innocent, unknowing men.
First name: Robert
Last name: Lewis
Age: 68
Location: San Jose
On websites: yes
Report: We began on Badoo he said he was in London. He then said that he had to go back to the USA due to his daughter being ill. He then was supposedly in Benin we chatted for over 1 year. He persuaded me to receive funds into a bank account from his supposed clients. I received monies into bank accounts and sent the monies via Western Union. This was for his workers who worked for Shell in Benin. He purported to be in Benin West Africa. managing an oil rig. I now know that he never was in Benin due to having received an e-mail from him from his place of residence. I did manage to find him ofn a scammers site he had been reported by another. There were only details about himthat he was a scammer. Due to having IT qualifications I managed to find his actual address and IP address.
First name: Lucas
Last name: Fredo
Age: 49
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Phone: 3213367184
On websites: Zoosk
Report: The man contacted me through Zoosk, an online dating community. Followed up with private emails. Texted me two days ago asking if I would purchase his daughter a $100 itunes gift card stating that she had an American account and she could not get the card in South Africa. I told him I was unfamiliar with itunes. He called me today and told me his daughter was robbed of her ipad and cell phone and asked if I could help. I said no, I am not comfortable with doing that. He said, don't you trust me? I said no, we barely know one another. The phone went dead...
First name: Felipe
Last name: Zamora
Aka: benjamin
Age: 48
Location: USA.Orange city fl
Address: 615 poinsettia ave
Email: Felipe chino
On websites: Badoo
Report: He is a scammer claiming to be an engineer going to India on a 2,450,000.00 contact.sent pictures of a phony contact from a Nigerian based co.
First name: Jonathan
Last name: Glover
Aka: Minister Jonathan Glover
Age: Born 1977
Location: United States Ohio/California
Address: Ohio surrounding areas
Phone: 5136147576
On websites: Facebook Instagram LinkedIn
Report: He asked for money on several occasions saying he needed to get his apartment and that he had to tale care of business and on several occasions he stated that he was going to pay the money back and sent several emails promising and with exact dates but never kept his word. He continues to lie until this day. I have all of the emails and proof to stay away from this man when you see him. He is labeled a a habitual con artist and liar. Employers and women be aware.
First name: Gregorry
Last name: Clydde
Age: 37
Location: Texas, durban south africa
On websites: Gmail and uses hang outs google
Report: We have been speaking for 5 months. Very early he started calling me his wife and so in love wanted to get married, then his daughter needed medication but he coudnt get it to her because he was on this oil rig from durban. Eventually i sent money via western union to a cira rivera in the bronx ny to get the mefication for her. R150 000. All together. I have pictures documents drivers licences all falce, the photos that he is using is of a representative of california senator daniel davis. He even has a video of the family and of their children, that is supposidly his daughter. He is currently looking for r300 000 from me. I am refusing. He keeps on contacting me.
First name: Andrew Marlek
Last name: Collins
Aka: Andy Cole
Age: 47
Location: London, UK . NY, USA
On websites:
Report: I had a profile on and he contacted me. This was January 2014. We exchange email addresses and he wrote to me everyday. After a month, he said he would come to visit me and he would request retirement from the company he was wowrking in London UK. He wanted to come and marry me. He had a child, suzi cole.13 years old. He wanted us to be a family. Then so many things happened, he didnt pay taxes sso they blocked their bank account and needed money to pay the taxes..I sent him the money. then the moneoy was not enough because he owed some money to a friend. So I sent him more money. Then he decidednot to wait for his retirement money which would be around 250,000, and come...buth e needed the money forthe plane ticket and BTA. so I sent him more money. then his daughter got sick suddently and needed surgery and he used the money for that. So, he asked for more money, and the story jusst goes on. I sent him around 30,000 us dollars.
First name: David
Last name: Maartens
Age: 51
Location: Tulsa, OK,, NEWPORT Beach, Ca Dubai
Phone: +1 (918) 623-4637
On websites: Christian mingle
Report: Met on Christian mingle and begin corresponding through a private email then text. It has been approximately three weeks and today he texted and emailed that his wallet has been lost by his child and he needs money loan for just a short period while he waits for credit cards to be reactivated
First name: Micheal
Last name: Greene
Aka: Greene Collins
Age: 47
Location: New York, USA
On websites: Zorpia, Facebook, Tagged
Report: This chap initiated the contact. Sent long emails to pursue a relationship when I barely knew him. Immediately I terminated this contact.
First name: Martin
Last name: Bryan
Age: 56
Location: Center City, MN USA, Cape Town South Africa
Phone: 480-582-3774
On websites: Match
Report: I was recently involved with this man meeting originally on Match end of May 2015. We exchanged many emails, texts, spoke by phone at least three times a day. It was appearing to be serious and we were supposed to meet and spend time together, but he suddenly had to go to Cape Town South Africa to make a major purchase for a bridge project he was working on in Minnesota. He claimed the bill was more than stated, taxes were also added and that he was unable to get a hold of his bank account money because he had placed a block on it from previous fraud. He stated he doesn't have any credit cards due to this either. I fell victim to his very convincing story and foolishly wired money to help him out
First name: Richard
Last name: Tom
Age: 55
Location: Long Beach CA
On websites: facebook
Report: This man asked me to friend him and I did. He talked to me for 2 and half hours, asked lots of personal questions. I did tell him I live alone and I own my own home. He wants to talk again tonight. I will not be talking to him. He said he lives in Sandusky Ohio, and he is working in Long Beach Ca for two more weeks oil drilling. He didn't ask for money, but I'm sure that would be coming next.
First name: brandon
Last name: michael
Aka: justin michael
Age: 56
Location: Sacramento, ca usa
Phone: 9164097980
On websites: plenty of fish, okcupid
Report: Justin michael is back at it as brandon michael, and now he is targeting gay men. He gives a sob story about his parents being killed in a car accident and having to leave his cheating boyfriend. Fortunately I was wise enough to do an internet search, and because of sites like this, I have learned before being burned. He is still claiming to own a computer company (B&M computers, 840 richards blvd, sacramento, ca) which even has a website with ads and sales. He sends beautiful pictures and letters and is pretty persuasive as a loving guy who you are just perfect for.
First name: Rodolfo Robin
Last name: Quinones
Age: 43
Location: San Antonio, TX, Houston, TX
Phone: 972-413-8230, 828-484-1401
On websites: Christian Mingle. OKCupid, Facebook
Report: Rodolfo made first contact. His screen name on CM was Alvaquin. We communicated April 27 through July 28, 2015. After about 3 days on CM he asked for my phone #. Said he can text me if I gave him my number. That would be faster and easier. I was skeptical, but gave him my number to see where this would go. He's from Argentina. He's an only child. His wife Simone died in a ghastly car accident in Texas. His daughter Melody now lives with his mother in Argentina since the car accident. He gave me his email. I created a new email just to correspond with him. He had me download Viber and we use the 972-413-8230 to talk and text. He's a civil engineer, He has a company called RRQ Constructions and the address is 306 Sunset Rd, San Antonio, TX. He builds custom homes and repairs roads and bridges.He went to the Dominican Republic in June to repair road and bridge. July 18 his daughter has appendicitis. Needs $7k - $8k before surgery. He only had $4K. I did not send him any $. ?Pics he sent me -not him. He never sent me a selfie. No more communication. He knows I suspect a scam.
First name: Zach
Last name: Douglas
Age: 52
Location: New York New York
On websites: Christian Mingle and google hangout
Report: Zach Douglas initiated contact through Christian Mingle. He ask me start texting and we have been texting for 3 days now. Strange event. He texted me last night and ask how I felt about long distance relationships. I responded and he said he works on an oil rig drilling for oil in Scottland. He wanted to know how I felt about that. His city and state on Christian Mingle says New York New York. He seems very nice but I want to make sure this is for real and not a scammer. He said he has plans on retiring next year and wants to settle down.
First name: David M.
Last name: Bell
Age: 56
Location: Lake City; actually South Africa
On websites:
Report: Person contacted me on chemistry and claims to be a widower that lives in Lake City Utah. Rather his IP address is from South Africa. He is new to site, and was reported so that he is removed. He claims to be an engineer making $250k. His profile says he has children, and lives with pet. He claims tho be an engineer that is self-employed. Please beware ladies he is not who he claims to be, but he is new on this site and I am sure will be back under another name.