First name: Lucas
Last name: fredo
Age: 44
Location: south Africa south Chelsea london
On websites:
Report: He initiated contact with me. We met on and he immediately wanted to correspond thru private email. He sent me emails that I had seen other men use. After a week he asked me to send his daughter an iTunes card. That was the last contact between us. He said he was working in southbafrica but would be finished with his job there soon. He was too good to be true and I suspected it was a scam
First name: maxwell
Last name: Smith
Aka: ziem faame lawson Jane
Age: 48
Location: Ghana
On websites: Facebook, yahoo
Report: He wanted to come to me but I had to send money.
First name: Burk
Age: 55
Location: South Africa
Phone: 902-800-1289
Email: Unknown
On websites:
Report: Man claims to be from Playa del Rey in CA, however distance comes in at 7463 miles from Las Vegas-- so he is not where he claims to be. He states that he has daughter, not living at home, that will be getting married on November 21. He uses term
First name: Adams
Last name: Williams
Age: 43 date of birth: 15/12/1973
Location: Glasgow, UK , Canada, born in Kiribati
Phone: 447724290996, 07704026116, +60149324390
On websites: Saw profile on
Report: I met this person claiming to be Adams Williams/ Adam Williams on the indian matrimonial website He had initiated contact with me on this website first since April this year and claimed to be staying in Malaysia to claim back inheritance money owed to him on behalf of his late father. He explained he was staying Malaysia until the claim process was completed. Only recently in August 2015 he was asking me to send money to pay for a certificate to release the claim fund. As I was not willing to send the money to him he did not want to communicate any longer.
First name: Chales
Last name: Presten
Aka: Sean biunno
Age: 57
Location: London
Phone: 00447843938851
On websites: meetic
Report: he ontacted he was at Meetic/ Lexa maiing and on skype during two weeks nope, no strange events the money was for his life assurance, he wanted me in it ?1000 no request, We caught him before We told him he was a scammer and after that there was oby silence
First name: David
Last name: Roger
Age: 62
Location: Afghanistan, Columbia, SC
Email: davidroger388@gmail
On websites: OK Cupid
Report: I met David Roger on OK Cupid August 10, 2015 when I received a free weekend from the site. We immediately hit it off . He said he was Major David Roger , a special OPS agent for the CIA (a senior officer) working with the US Army in Kabul, Afghanistan for peace keeping. Everything went wonderful until he asked me if we could talk on the phone. He told me I would have to get clearance from the military and there would be a charge of between $850-$1,200. That didn't sound right to me that the public would have to pay to talk to a soldier. I went on line and found out he was scamming me. He told me he was retiring in December and he wanted things to be set up so he could come home to me.After I told him what I found out on line that he was scamming me, I never heard from him again
First name: Christopher
Last name: Martins
Age: 42
Location: London
Phone: 447417509202
On websites: yes
Report: This man sent me a friend request at face, I accepted and we started talking. Two days later he asked me my email and my whatsapp. We started talking by whatsapp and he sent me very romantic emails every day. He told me that his name is Christopher Martins and he is a general in the British Army on a peace mission in Syria. A few days later I was already madly in love and wanted to know how much I earned and could pay for his vacation because he wanted to take a vacation and get to know me and marry me because I was the woman of his life. At that moment I decided to research scams on the internet and found several pages talking about the scammers, including the pictures he had sent me. I spoke to him what had happened and he swore to me he was the victim of scammers who used the photos improperly. He went on wanting me to do the payment has your vacation to the United Nations. I sent an email to an address he gave me and I received a document authorizing the official holiday by paying an amount of 2,500 deposited in the name of John Tonya Abilla, in Ghana bench. My luck is that I suspected all love and money order. I not deposited anything. Confirmed here on the site that it was hit.
First name: Dennis
Last name: Goodmann
Aka: Greg Derellson
Age: 2/28/60
Location: Saratoga Springs,NY and Lincolnshire, UK, and New Jersey
Address: 5 Washington Ave, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866, and 5B Tennyson Street, Lincoln LN1 1LZ UK
Phone: 518-977-6445, 862-259-8489, 85281254090
On websites:
Report: on 5/14/15 Dennis Goodmann started speaking to me on We corresponded up to 7/22/15.He said that he was an international trader of household goods, buying in China and selling to South America, mostly to Chile. He had gone to the Philippines to get his goods shipped to a warehouse there, and would have them sorted for shipping to South America. He said there was a terrible accident where a crane onsite killed one of the local men. He said the government was after him for alot of money or he might end up in jail. He had me send $10,000, on 7/10/15 by wire transfer from my bank Chase, to recipient Wuqiang Huihuang Fiberglass Factory, account # 101504670807 Swift No:Ebei, China, BKCHNBJ220. He told me that his friend, Greg Derellson had set this arrangement up for him.This occurred one time, although he again asked me for money, I told him that he is a scammer, and would not send anymore money to him. He had me send some documents to his
First name: Joseph
Last name: Mathew
Age: 48
Location: London
On websites: Facebook
Report: 1. He 2. Using Facebook, only on chat 3. Almost 6 weeks 4. He repeated several phrases from one message to another, using Google translate to speak in my language. His profile on Facebook. Few days ago I checked his photos on Google images and I found that the photos belonged to Steve G, Jones (an american hypnoterapist I never heard before, but very famous in his country) 5. He didn't ask me money, just to marry him, but he asked me my e-mail adress 6. None 7. We are no longer friends on Facebook, but he continues to send me messages by chat, including 2 new photos, he claims to represent him (I checked these images, but I didn't find any information)
First name: Travis
Last name: Gallante
Age: 51
Location: Canada, Calgary
Phone: (587) 773-3263
On websites: Senior Dating 50 Plus club
Report: Profile on the site: Am Originally from Portugal, Am very kind and easy going person with sense humor,i truly enjoys the simple things in life, i enjoy what i do and almost everyday i am generally happy, i love the outdoors especially on a sunny day and doing just about anything,, I?ve been living in CANADA for years, I love to learn about new places, people and cultures. I like to be in harmony with the world around me. Wow, that sounds new age, but I?m very down to earth,i love cooking,swimming,riding bicycle,reading.... I am looking for someone with honesty and integrity. Please be who you say you are?please no time waster!Today the weather here is beautiful, I just wish I had someone to share it with. Picnics, walking hand in hand, how nice. I like a woman who has passion in her heart and romance in her eyes. Am looking for a woman who has HUMOR, COMPASSION, HONESTY, INTERGITY, LOYALITY, FAITHFULNESS, and who is a good communicator,someone who can make me laugh even in the worst of situations; someone who brings up my mood when I'm feeling really down.She isn't the sexiest woman out there, but she is pretty attractive in his own way. I don't pay much attention to looks,height or weight; it's mostly secondary to me. Personality is what reels me in.Someone funny. Stupid jokes, bad jokes, it doesn't matter, as long as you have a personality. Someone who knows about the world and has some sort of passion in life, who motivates me when I wanna give up. who want a companion who she can trust in life, she would never get bored of hearing about my day and vice-versa. she would love to lay in bed for hours just talking and holding hands.The distance is not a problem as am open to relocate within the country..The age is not a problem too, All i want is a woman with good heart and ready for something serious with good communication. Message he sent me from dating site Hello How are you doing today?hope you are good?its my pleasure to write you this short mail because i have gone through your profile and i think we have something in common so i hope we can communicate via text messages if you don't mind.Am not on the site due to my work schedule Here is my mobile number (587) 773-3263 and you can also send me your mobile number so i can text you if you don't mind, Am Travis Galante Regards Travis Said he was from Calgary, but when I asked for a meet up gave me excuses, out town etc. When I took him about how some guys are dating scammers, he broke off all contact, have not heard from him since. He also gave the typical scammer story. Mother from Canada, father from Portugal. Claims he is a real estate broker.
First name: George
Last name: Mourad
Aka: George Mitchel
Age: 49
Location: new York (USA), Damascus (Syria)
Phone: +13153041230
On websites: LinkedIn
Report: He is scammer. I have fallen for romance scam with this person George Mourad who claimed to be a medical director working with United Nation in Syria, lost his wife, have one daughter, called Nichole.His parent passed away. First contact is on September, 2014 thru LinkedIn. He wants to get married after finished his assignment in Syria by May 2015 and come to Indonesia to start a new business. In May 2015 he said that his lawyer has arrange to deliver his family haritage money to my account, USD 1,750,000 thru Diplomat courier company in London.
First name: Jack
Last name: Clifford
Age: 64
Location: Ghana, Africa
Address: Pfafftown, NC
Phone: 336-459-3357 442030953937,
On websites: OURTIME
Report: Start out very shyly saying he was just getting started back in since his wife died 4 years ago with encouragement from his son Curtis. He said his son was in school in London,and he would be traveling there to purchase some gold, yes he said he traded in fine metals, and to visit his son.During this time many talks and messaging also very romantic cards sent, instead of coming home when scheduled he had to travel to Ghana to personally sign for the gold shipment and he first asked for me to send the new Iphone along with gift cards, then of course the shipment was delayed again, then I was told he needed money to buy relapsed insurance before they could ship the gold I reported him to OURTIME where I first met him, now reported to you,
First name: Gary
Last name: Wernher
Aka: Gary Bircher. (On this site)
Age: 69
Location: Kansas City, Missouri United States
On websites: Our Time
Report: This man contacted me on Our Time. He stated he is presently working in the Phillipines and will be finished in two weeks. I was able to tell he is a scammer after reading almost identical E Mails from scammer listed as Gary Bircher on this site. I am very grateful for this site as I did not waste any more time corresponding with him. He is definitely a scammer and actually not a very bright one having used almost the same name and E mails to the other ladies. Thank you so very much!! P.S. Attached are e mails and pictures. He is using totally different picture and name.
First name: Richard
Last name: Mancini
Age: 48
Location: San Jose, California
Address: 757 Feller Ave San Jose, CA 95127-3514
Phone: 408-785-8862; 8134387313
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: He initiated conversation on Christian Mingle, had a very good knowledge of scripture, moved things along quickly, was evasive with some questions and requests, travels with his own business, states he is a submarine tech/engineer, he has a 12 yr old son and is a widower, he is originally from Florence Italy, asked for $4,000 3 weeks after we started talking.
First name: Walter
Last name: Wyeth
Age: 58
Location: Climax New York Florida
Phone: 407-255-2554
On websites: Ok Cupid
Report: He is on the web site He contacted me on OkCupid and asked me for my email address and my phone number so he can call me and text me I sent them my email and my phone number he called me he sounded like he had a very heavy accent may be Ghananuan or possibly Nigerian I know he was not an American voice he had told me that he built an orphanage in mylasia he also told me that he has a home in Florida and he is from climax New York he told me he has visited 80 countries and he has two countries that he has not visited in his bucket list Cyprus and Italy he also told me that he's going to finish his business in New York and he wants to come to Chicago to meet me I know something was fishy when he did not want to talk on the phone any longer only by text and then he emailed me tonight to let me know that he wants me to join a google chat or some sort I do have a much clearer picture of him as he sent me two pictures of himself without glasses if you would like me to email them to you let me know what email address to send them to and I will be more than glad to do it he did not ask me for any money Because supposedly he's a big tycoon if it sounds to good to be true it probably is not I have all his texts if you need me to send them via e mail
First name: Robert
Last name: Van Macaulay
Age: 45
Location: cyprus
On websites: skype
Report: He had borrowed the money from me and i had sent the money at Nigeria to DR Bright Adu, address 10 Asha Street Ogharefe Sapele Nigeria. And phone number the Doctor +2348146553849, +2348146553845, and +2348077027238, and this email I sent the money to Nigeria Cause the money will be used for his daughter at Nigeria. On august, 4 -5 th 2015 last time i had talked with him. He said still at dublin ireland. He promised that he will be paid all the money that he had borrowed. But now he had gone. I had called the doctor and that Mr Robert get coma at ireland cause he had tried for suicied. I ever had talked with Mr Robert on cam at skype. Real and his pict were same. I have pict Mr Robert. Please help me for find this guys and prove that Mr Robert and Dr Bright adu are scamer and they are partner.
First name: Ryan
Last name: Taylor
Age: 48
Location: Georgia
Phone: 404-666-2460
On websites: He had been on
Report: My email is below and he is reported on the romancescas site with some of the same pictures. I also located 2 of the pictures he sent me on Tineye as used by scammers. I just found him on the site Different id on This time:Flowman 48 | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Same A note from Flowman Wow, Such an incredible profile you have here...i find it so inviting and i decided to drop you a note to see if we can chat to know more about each other. Please go through my profile and see if you will like the things there about me...You look beautiful,stunning, calm and gorgeous.The smile on your face really shows how beautiful your inside will be.I would really like to chat with you if you don't mind... My name is Ryan. I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I registered on the site when i was doing a job in Pittsburgh, PA. I hope the distance will not be an issue.Distance is a thing of the mind that can be countered by good communication . It is just a flight ticket away.My subscription on the site will go off anytime soon and i am not ready to renew it.I will like us to keep in touch through other means like email, phone call or text.I will beg that you give me your email address so that i can send you a more detail email or alternatively you can write to my direct mail address.. ryantalor300 (at)hotmail(dot)com... It is a hotmail dot com email address. . I don't mind charting.I hope to hear back from you soon. It will be my pleasure. Have a great day. Sincerely Ryan My darling Lori, I hope this mail meets you well. I know this is not the mail you want to read. Please read it with all understanding. My hands are shaking as i do this mail to you.This is not my plans at all.My company has just been approved of a very lucrative contract in Cape Town South Africa.The Nelson Mandela country. The contract is for 12 million dollars. The contract award ceremony is taking place at the Cape town international conference center.(CTICC) on Sunday night.This means that i am suppose to leave for South Africa on Saturday so that i will arrive on Sunday... The news came as a big shock to me as i was not expecting it to be so urgent.I have been working on the job in the last three months but the approval came at the wrong time... The terms of the contract states that i will be paid at the end of of the job.I will be going to my bank tomorrow morning to commence the process of obtaining a loan from my bank to commence the job. I am so happy about this contract as this is the first time that i will be doing an international job but i am sad and very sorry that i will not be able to visit you again as planned.I am expected to be leaving on Saturday .I am going to start shopping for for a few clothes as i have just googled the weather there. I also need a good suit for the contract award ceremony which will be attended by the high and mighty in South Africa.I will like us to still keep in touch with each other.I will be traveling with my laptop and i will be sending you mails on a daily basis.I will buy a new line and we will be able to talk on the phone all the time. I am deeply sorry for the way this contract came about and my sudden departure.I will make it up to you.I am going with Jordan also as she has been on her long holiday this while.Her school resumes in October... I promise to keep in touch. I will talk to you later again. Please do not take this the wrong way..I will be gone for a few weeks.. I wrote your name in the sand but the waves washed it away.I wrote your name on my hand but I washed it the next day .I wrote your name on a paper but I accidentally threw it away.I wrote your name in my heart and forever it will stay. I am going home now...I will talk to you later..I am so scared of calling you... I am so scared to call you..My heart is sore..Please do not take this wrongly.. I hope to hear from you. Love Ryan
First name: Jack
Last name: Redd
Aka: David Mark
Age: 50
Location: Ghana
Email: david
On websites: was active on Facebook as as David Mark
Report: Contacted me saying was an oil rich person, stuck on his oil boat in a storm... concerned for his children's wellbeing alone at a boarding school in Ghana without a mother, who had died in a plane crash. Then asked me to help send money for school fees, tb repaid... then daughter ill with epilectic fit in hospital, then son in carcrash ! ... Initally felt sorry for children, but, why did he not get air lifted off boat when storm calmed to be with and finanically help his children ? ..... said I could not help, but would need name of teacher, school, headteacher. His 'children' contacted me also saying about their needs. Then their teacher Sandrah Appaiah...., then his face book suposedly went down, asked to email me.... SO 'his' facebook, email and also a phone no given for their 'teacher' Sandrh ! Also a letter from a 'prophet Ubert Angel saying I should help this family ! ....All gone too far.... A waste of valuble time...thankfully not ?3000 !!
First name: Stephen
Last name: Murphy
Aka: several
Age: 41
Location: Leicester UK Atlanta GA USA
On websites: facebook, about me
Report: Steven Murphy is his real name used by scammers and stolen his pictures ?? but you can find him on facebook under the name Stephen Murphy41 Atlanta USA and under the name Stephen Murphy Leicester UK. Pictures are the same, Accounts are new and he is on now with his real story that he is a Sailor who developed a boat for the US governement but is from the UK (This is in a UK news paper in 2009 ) I wrote him about the 2 accounts and different countries and military grades and which was the correct one but he only replied with his facebook account Stephen Murphy41 and wrote 17-8-2015 5:32 Stephen Murphy41 Look woman ,am not who you thing i am,am Stephen Murphy and i have heard a thousand times of scammers using my photos on the web to scam women and ask for money ,am only on this page so people could contact me and know me ,and am not wanted by anyone am just me and there is nothing no one could do ,i don't scam women scammers do ,have a nice day. My guess is that both accounts are fake ? He is a Sailor by grade but on his pictures you can see that there are military costumes from the UK and military costumes from the USA. I believe he is soooooo good in scammig that this is his proffesion and a proffecionel because when you read letters from other victims he writes perfect several languagues ! So who is Stephen Murphy ?
First name: godfred
Last name: parker
Aka: Michael burnette
Age: 58,52,55
Location: accra guana,irac
On websites: ok cupid
Report: Beware this handsom charmer is good. He will say he is the army in Iraq serving as a general . His parent, wife, children, and uncle are all dead. He is retiring and wants to come to America . He will say he needs his package delivered to your home, in which you have to pay for. He will insist on your love, trust, and for you not to talk to your friends and family about him. Always claiming the danger he is in. He works off of email, skype, and Yahoo messenger . He has a face book account under the name Godfred parkero.
First name: Bill
Last name: RIley
Aka: Bill
Age: 47
Location: Bismarck, North Dakota (USA), London (UK)
Address: in UK; Zenith. Suites 540-541. Stratford Centre 54A. The Broadway. London E15 1NG
Phone: in US: Tel. +1(218)308-8984, +1(315)203 3047 (Whatsapps), +1(315)6251748 (Viber)
On websites: LinkedIn
Report: He is scammer. Connected thru his LinkedIn profile: awd alds owner bei contracting and exploration Hamburg Area, GermanyUtilities Current contracting and exploration Previous exploration, chamber of commerce He sent e-mail mentioned that he just wanted to say hello while hoping we can be friends and explore possible areas of cooperation. He requested to communicate via their direct email addresses - By 3rd week he mentioned that he need to travel to London to taking care his business profit before flying to Indonesia. And he started asking for money USD1400 and USD 400 coz his credit card is over limit. I ignored him and made this report.
First name: Goffredo
Last name: Orlando
Age: 45
Location: Abredeen Scotland
Phone: 267-338-3311
Email: and
On websites:
Report: His wife died 4 years ago, raising his 7 year old daughter, owns his own business, wants to relocate out to San Diego California, went to India to renovate a house his late father left him was selling it for $2000,000,00 USD, then flying to meet me in 2 weeks..
First name: Michael
Last name: Smith
Aka: MagicMikeNC
Age: 58
Location: Ghana Accura
Phone: +1(980)238-4800
On websites:
Report: He tried to capture my heart and everything was love. Then he ask me to buy him several things at BestBuy.
First name: Gary
Last name: Bircher
Age: 63
Location: Manila, Philippines
On websites: Our Time, Senior People Meet
Report: He is using the same story, I kept getting repetitive comments that his sister and sons come to visit 4 months ago for 2 weeks the the same grammatical errors....I sent him the following email just a little while ago....
First name: Lucas
Last name: James
Aka: Jeffrey M Scott
Age: 53
Location: Achimota, Ghana
Phone: 636-352-4845
On websites:
Report: This scammer has taken me for about $2,400 trying to get him out of Afghanistan. Waiting for me to send him another $120 to get his baggage out of customs in Ghana so he can fly home. A fraud unit from Ghana monitoring Western Union contacted me and they are setting up a sting via western union whereby he will be arrested. I hope he is and taken down for a while. He is a disgusting human being. He plays on the sympathies of women who support our military and want to bring our people home.
First name: Lyle
Last name: Lantl
Age: 52
Location: Beaver, Pennsylvania USA
On websites: Inter-Chat
Report: From Inter-chat. have been corresponding with this guy for a week or so.
First name: Donminic
Last name: Benson
Age: 54
Location: Bristol, England
Phone: 60163715806
On websites: facebook
Report: It started with befriending me on facebook I didnt even invite this person . Then he started sending love letter messages. Started May 2015 and ended June 2015. Reason is I was not able to lend him 5000US$ to pay his hotel accommodation in Malaysia for his credit card was on hold for 15 days and hotel was collecting bills. Then blocked me on fb. I have not saved his UK contact number.
First name: Leslie
Last name: Owusu
Age: 36
Location: USA Bronx, New York
Phone: (347) 396-1941
On websites: Christian
Report: This man is posing as a woman. Says he is studying for her nursing license. Asked for money to help her buy a telephone, obtain her nursing license, move away from her abusive uncle while she is attending school. Goes by the name of Leslie Owusu. She/He says, today is her/his birthday. Was registered on Christian After a few days of communication, she/he will ask you for money to help her out. Be aware. This person is a professional.
First name: GEORGE
Last name: LAXY
Age: 61
Phone: 215-874-6619
On websites: OURTIME.COM
First name: Owen
Last name: Van Harrison
Age: 55
Location: U k
Phone: 447 700 308 664
Email: Unknown
On websites: Facebook and whatsapp
Report: Makes friends saying about love thensays buys you gifts then when package gets here , a woman phones saying you need to pay for clearance to receive parcel giving a bank account details, he tries to talk to you saying I included money for you .......