First name: Thanaletcumi
Last name: Shanmugaveil
Age: unknown
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Phone: +60168418300
Email: Unknown
On websites:
Report: He worked with Spinach David who I have already reported and uped this site. I have found his different name Morris-Albert on Facebook but I think his real name is Thanaletcumi Shanmugaveil cus he collected my sent money so he had to show his ID. I did not know they work as group in Malaysia. Address: D 40 -4 Mutiara condominium, Seri Kenbangan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Maybe phone No. has been changed. Because they are scammer. I have checked his Facebook page but now hidden. Wish never happen to another innocent woman in the name of love.
First name: ROBERT
Last name: BOROWICZ
Age: 48
Location: REINO UNIDO .. USA
Phone: 00447579487913 005412200001
On websites: GOOGLE+
First name: Jude/Samuel
Last name: Clark
Aka: Jude/Jerru
Age: 55
Location: Republick Benin/South Africa
Phone: 22998510684, 22998071405
On websites: yes
Report: Went to Benin to finish work and get paid. Sent me a photo of the payment cheque. Even deposit $100 000 into a offshore account he created with an lawyer in UK. Even got a marriage certificate!! Nearly $30 000 paid via money gram to him. When he finally flew back to SA there was a terrorist on board, got stuck in Togo but cell nr keep on showing Benin
First name: Alex
Last name: Cole
Aka: Texas, Huston
Age: 55
Location: Texas Huston
Phone: 1(361)238-0398
On websites: be2 dating site
Report: He claimed he on business in Texas, purchased oil sale to Sydney Australia. the oil quantity to big short of USD15k shipping fee. I told him no money. after a month he asked help for rental to the apartment USD1,200.00 I wired to his so called house owner Andrew Joel Johnson(this is his real name) due to he can collect money from Western Union. I know Alex Cole this fake name just for scam ladies around. total all and all he asked for 4,500.00USD, After send the last money. Andrew email me that Alex was cough by Police while he gonna return back my money through western Union and Alex was charged as Money Laundry. I will wire money to him cos he scan his Canada passport to me that so that I no fear that he will runaway. I send a mail to Canada Embassy asked for help him attached with his copy of passport. Canada Embassy reply that this passport is fraudulent. I suspected he is not African. He can speak fluent and written good English. I feel shame of a man just scam money to feed his family.
First name: George O.
Last name: Brown
Age: 53
Location: Lagos (Nigera) and Corona, California
On websites: Tagged
Report: This ammer is on Tagged using the name Wills C with location Baghdad, Iraq His age on Tagged is 53 yrs old
First name: Allen
Last name: Mensing
Aka: Aly
Age: 56, or 58
Location: Folsom CA - USA
Email: -
On websites:
Report: We meet on and have mailed about 3 months. He was very quic tell me he love me. He told me he was American, live in Folsome,CA , USA. He tell me he is a vidow and he has one dougther. She's name is Elle and she is 5 years. He told me about his life and work. He is graduated with a business degree and school of oseanography. His work going on all over the world. His last trip going wrong and he need my help for money. Can you help me with 2500 us I have not money fore him. And I think he have other friend and colega he could ask before he ask me. We have never meet. Only on email. It is little fun for me. I think he want to cheat me.
First name: Eric
Last name: Bradford
Aka: Eric Harry
Age: 49
Location: United Kingdom
Phone: 44 7546 16 0177
On websites: Meetme
Report: I met Eric Bradford at He said is a single father and his daughter's name is Gemma. He works at Coca Cola Company in Liverpool. He talked to me for two weeks and then he asked for money because of emotional reasons, he called me crying, saying he was hungry and nobody wanted to help him. He said was in India and his ATM card didn?t work. So he needed money to travel Bumbai to fix his problem. When I told him I couldn?t help him, he was so angry with me. He said it was my fault and
First name: Edafe
Last name: Ogbetuo
Aka: Gen Mark Walter
Age: 45
Location: Ghana/Accra
On websites: Facebook
Report: This man came on to me on Facebook with the Facebook Name Leonora Briones and introduced himself as Gen Mark Walter from Texas, serving as a soldier in Afghanistan. He wrote to me he's widowed with a son of 16 years. I knew straight away it's a scammer and went along with writing. From the beginning he told me his son is on an excursion in Africa. After just three days he asked me to transfer 420$
First name: Benson
Last name: Kelly
Aka: John Ben; James Martin; John Benson Kelly
Age: ?45
Location: South Africa; Cape Town and Aberdeen / UK
Phone: +447700308306; +27739771878; +27110770953
On websites: Facebook, Messenger and social sites
Report: Romantic Scammer using what seems to be stolen photographs on his profiles (HE HAS 3 PROFILES THAT WE COULD LINK), builds relationships and promises of a better life. Then wants to send his valluables and cash using false waybill documentation. The lady recipient must then pay the customs and delivery which amounts to thousands. All documentary evidence is available. The following banking details were supplied for deposit: Bank: Capitec (South Africa) Acc Holder: Mr R A Nyathi Acc No: 1442099737
First name: Frederick
Last name: Hodges
Aka: LTG Frederick Benjamin Hodges
Age: 57
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan; Libya; Syria
On websites: Hangouts, Messenger, Skype
Report: Military Romance Scammers Also used LTG Frederick Benjamin Hodges. Also Benjamin Hodges, John
First name: Michael
Last name: Wayne
Aka: Joseph Wayne
Age: 54
Location: Miami,FL
Phone: 727 201-3603
On websites:
Report: Met January 27,2016 on He immediately asked to correspond via email then phone. He is still using the same emails. If you Google the contents, you'll find his emails word for word. Same person pictured as in the scam report here on
First name: Norman
Last name: Wills
Aka: Marco Romanov
Age: 51
Location: Nigeria &, Mechanics Falls, ME USA
Phone: 3134447214
On websites: Match
Report: Matches report submitted by Sophia in 2015
First name: David J.
Last name: Raymond
Aka: David Raymond
Age: 54
Location: San Francisco/Danvers MA
Phone: 978-539-7027
On websites: Okcupid
Report: He claims to be widowed for 14 years, daughter named Ariel; from San Francisco; successful, handsome, gave a phone number it turned out to be a landline from Danvers MA. Did not ask for money (as of yet), said he was an American working in Dubai, he gave an excuse for his accent when I speak with him. When I asked him to send me a selfie holding a piece of paper with my name on it he emailed back angry note refusing to do it and with a factual inconsistency in the email and told me to email him
First name: Andy
Last name: Anderson
Age: 56
Location: USA , ATLANTA, GA
On websites: TINDER
Report: SCAM EMAIL Hi , I am so sorry that I am now just responding to your mail. I have been busy but i know i should not have been too busy not to say hello.. My holiday was great and the new year has been productive with unexpected surprises with work. However, how are you doing today and your family...?? I just want you to know that I very much appreciated receiving your letter every moment I check my mail! Your answers are great and I feel comfortable in your words, you sound like all I want, you are my perfect match. You are a very special person who I SERIOUSLY wants to explore the possibility of building a long term friendship with, that will in time turn into a marriage and family. That is my dream, and I hope to make it come true with you! In my heart I feel you have all the qualities it takes to make me very happy...I'll like to tell you so many things about me, so I?m going to put enough effort in this mail... Since i first viewed your profile, i felt a great impulsion in me and ever since then i have been thinking about you , i thought you might be an end to my search and that is coming to be true and i pray and hope it does.I will go on the site and delete my profile because this is what i have been searching for the past 18 years and i would not trade this for the whole world , so i want to see where this go and being a one man woman , i will give this a total chance and i am sure it will take me to where i want ....When I was a little boy,I dreamed of that one person that I would share my dreams, happiness and energy with ... I could not see her face but she was there. I always felt like she was out there, I just needed to feel her. I visualized the bond we would have and the courage she would give me to endure life's obstacles. All these years I was with others, and feeling my way through life, learning lessons that later on would prepare me to become the person that I am now. I have felt alone and sad. Then one day my eyes opened and I became that little boy again ... realizing that she is here now. Here in my world was the woman that I had dreamed of and I'd hoped would not miss our meeting in life ... that woman is you. I'm sure you'll be wondering what a guy like me is doing on a dating site like i asked in my previous mail, Well.... I was cheated, My Ex Gf and Best Friend cheated on me and i just have to let go forever and ever, this happened 3 years back when i decided to go into a relationship after a long morn over my late wife ... It happened one Saturday I was to travel for a business trip to Chicago in Illinois , and she dropped me at the airport and left...But suddenly i couldn't make my flight that day cause, my flight was re scheduled to be the next day due to weather condition and I have to go back home, to get her informed that flight was re-scheduled....Getting home, I couldn't find in the sitting room so i have to check her in her bedroom, on getting there...I couldn't stand what i saw!!! I CAUGHT HER MAKING LOVE TO MY BEST FRIEND Frank. i was mad and crazy...don?t know what to say or to do. So i just started crying and she was trying to make me understand that its the work of Devil and not her intention, and ever since then i was single, lonely and far from sex for 3 years plus till date. My reasoning which I understand is very strange in today's world, but my belief is my heart, soul and the passion that is in it is very unique and special, so I made the decision and made a promise to God that I would not be sexually active for the sake of just wanting sex or to have sex for someone else?s own self gratification. Knowing the passion that is contained in my heart and soul is very unique, I made the decision to abstain from sex because I want this special gift to be shared with the person I am dedicating the rest of my life to, as her Husband. After times past and i had a discussion with Paul and he said he needs me to be happy and since he will be going to the university soon, i think i should give it a trial again, Am presently looking for a woman that will be able to listen to me, communicate her feelings to el, make me laugh and i see that woman in you...It is very important for me to build a life of stability, security, and opportunity for the special person I hope to share my thoughts, feelings, experiences, dreams and fantasies with and I also do enjoy my job Professionally, Honey in me you are going to find a man that was blessed with an over abundance of passion to give to the ones I share my heart and soul with. For you to really know me you will have to experience me, as the love that makes up my heart is like a waterfall, where the water never stops flowing down. In this case my heart is the waterfall, and the love and passion that flows endlessly is representing the water. I am a very unique person for many reasons, but one of those is the fact that I can never get enough of romancing that special someone. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to build this special friendship with you!. You will be rewarded for it through the passionate love that makes up my heart and soul!. I am so excited to be able to do what I do best and that is romance you with all the passion that makes up my heart and soul!. My special friendship with you is something I want to make permanent and eventually build into a family to call our very own! Directly from my heart to yours Your Future King! (I hope!} Andy SCAM EMAIL Hello Donna, I am deeply sorry for not replying all these while, i just checked my spam and figured your email was in my spam and since the 23rd of December... How are you and the family? please do get back to me as soon as you get this Thanks Andy Hello Donna, I am not a robot lol, you said you prefer to talk over the phone or meet and at the end of the mail i asked for your phone number but you never gave me and what was the question you asked ? I am still interested Andy SCAM EMAIL Hi Donna, How are you doing, thanks for your reply and i am happy that we are getting along and i am sorry i am replying to your email late ....Here is some more little things about me that i think you should know and we should know about ourselves, Can you please read below and answer all the Questions for me too: About Me; I am Andy Anderson , a widower, Easy going, Kind and loving.. Favorite things to do and why: I really enjoy reading the Bible; I do that 1 hour everyday. This helps me to build my faith and my hope in Christ. Daily Routine: Wakes up 6 am, Read the bible and pray for an hour, take a walk with the Dog, Go to watch golf, Play games sometimes with my son so as to put that smile on his face, Make lots of calls because i talk to my client mostly on the phone so as to get contracts, Not so exciting really??? I need someone to change that part of me...Hopefully you hehehe Do you like music, if so what kind? I Love listening to Simple Rock music...songs by 3 doors down,Nickle back,Linkin Park,Micheal leans to Rock Green Day, Matchbox 20, Creed, Sarah MacLachlan, Seal, Black Crowes, Ray Charles, AC/DC, Beethoven, Chopin, Dvorak, etc How long have you been involved in this career? For More than 10 years now What kind of pet(s) do you own? I have 1 Dog Friends: My Best and Only Friend is my son because we have been together since he was born and mother died ...Apart from him i have no close friends because all my friends have done nothing but lied and hurt me, So decided to be on my own for a while..i am a lonely guy that just needs someone to make me happy, Someone i can call my own, my family, Someone who is honest and wont ever hurt me, someone who will be kind to my son as well , Someone who will be with me in Good and bad times and Someone who will respect me... Likes...Honesty and Respect And dislikes...Liars 3 things i am not proud of: I trust easily,...Which have done many damages to me in the past Easy crying when my feeling hurt I am a Jealous Man...That means i don?t like my woman btw men LOL Favorite food: Seafood Where are your favorite places around: Reeder's Alley, Hauser Lake, Helena National Forest to mention among few Least favorite food: Eat almost everything Where are your favorite places to eat: Mediterranean Grill, Staggering Ox, Benny's Bistro Pet peeves: Smoking, selfishness, negativity, bad attitudes, disrespect, manipulative control freaks Favorite color: Black and purple Last movie you saw: Fury Glass half empty or half full: Half full Last book you read: My Bible Favorite holiday: Christmas Favorite season: Spring & Fall (love the new smell in the air, it rejuvenates me) Dream job: Accountant Favorite dessert: cinnamon rolls, cake Morning person or night owl: Night owl What drives/motivates you: love, making a right out of a wrong, helping others Smoker or non-smoker: Non-smoker! Favorite band/music: Coldplay, REM, U2, Duran, Live, Pet Shop Boys, dance music, 80?s music, etc. Vacation spot: anything new or exciting? Hawaii, Caribbean cruise First thing you physically notice on a man or woman: overall look, eyes, hair Favorite male actor: Alpacino Favorite female actress: Angelina Jolie Traits you find appealing in a woman or man: Intelligence, charm, confidence, sense of humor Boxers or briefs: Briefs Favorite animal: Dogs Work: Engineer You Like your work: YES You making your desired Amount from it.: YES.. Attractive: YES That is all i can think of for now Can you Please answer these Questions for me???? and can i have your contact phone number so we can talk over the phone and hear how we both sound and we plan on where and when we can meet.. Hope to read from you soon. Andy SCAM EMAIL Hi Donna, Thanks for your email. I find you very interesting. I'm looking for a woman who will take time out to communicate and bound gradually with me, share the deepest thoughts and feelings through communication before meeting in person, if we both feel our chemistry and understanding passes the test of time, then, I am ready, willing and able to venture forth on a journey that will leave the past behind while preserving the best memories and forgiving the ones that were hurtful and usually unintentional. I live life one day at a time. I am in search of the healing power of love physically emotionally and spiritually... It's my first time trying a dating site and I am hoping for the BEST. How long have you been on it and has it been such a good encounter for you so far? One thing I'd like you to know about me is my Background. I'm mixed French and Australian. I hope you can excuse my English and my grammatical errors Lol. I relocated to GA over a year ago and still settling in. I will share more about my reason for relocating in my next message; I am widowed and have not been in any relationship since the death of my wife, i have a son and his name is Paul... He his my everything because we tend to spend time together. I want to develop a friendship first and see where it leads us as I am in no hurry. I believe communication is KEY to developing a solid friendship/relationship. So, I'll like my friendship/relationship to have a steady communication and always be open to each other. I will stop here for now... I will appreciate if you can tell me a little about yourself and also ask whatever you wish to know about me. I look forward to your reply. Andy
First name: Philip
Last name: Harris
Age: 52
Location: Toronto, Canada
Phone: 011 27 618 336 104, 647-489-9886, 559-702-6077
On websites: Match
Report: He sent me the exact same emails as Phil Morrison did to Mary, and his daughter was supposedly named Anita, but in Mary's emails, her name is Lucy. He has a thick accent, maybe Slavic, not british, Italian, French. He claimed to be construction engineer with 2 job offers, one in Spain, one in South Africa. He chose the one in SA because it was shorter, so we could meet sooner.
First name: John
Last name: Williams
Age: 63
Location: Clermont, fl mUSA
Phone: 323-425-9812
On websites: none
Report: I was contacted through his friend who is on the dating site called plenty of fish. His profile name is blackcomm and he used the name of James. He said that his friend saw my profile and liked it and wanted me to text him which I did and he responded right away. We started a conversation hehe sent me photos of himself and I sent him some of me. all went well and he wrote me several email and within a very short time he was telling me that he was in love with me. I knew he was lying and I let him keep going and soon his elaborate story began with him leaving for Switzerland because he was awarded a contract which he emailed me as well as his plane itinerary. But when I checked on his itinerary I found that that flight had been cancelled but I kept going with the charade to see how long it would take him to ask me for money.I took him three weeks of his I love yous and I want to marry you balony and then he had a catastrophe that need money to fix to the tune of 5,000 dollars. I told him I could not help him because I had debts of my then he asked for my bank account numberI then cut him off.
First name: Gary
Last name: Brudner
Age: 66
Location: Kilgore, TX
Phone: 846-708-0707
On websites: Yes
Report: I was scammed once. This message brought me memories of the first time romance letters send to me. We communicated for two weeks, I realized by the questions he asked me what he was planning. Do not let him know I am reporting him. Thank you. Don't want to have any problems. *********************************** Hello, Thanks for your message off the site. It is really nice to stay in touch with you through email. My name is Gary Brudner. I am 66 years old. I was born in Geneva, Switzerland. I am the first born of my parent. We are two boys. I came down the states to finish my Education in 1980.. I had a Degree in Electrical Engineering. I decided to reside permanently in the States after my degree program. I met my wife at the College and we both got married in 1986.. I have two lovely daughters from the marriage. Unfortunately, i lost my daughter to an auto wreck in 2004 and my wife too in 2010 to cancer. I will share that with you some other time.. Presently, I live alone in Kilgore, Texas, My other daughter lives in Germany with the grand kids. After the demise of my wife and oldest daughter, I decided to stay alone for the rest of my life. But now i realized no one is destined to be alone so I just decided to give online dating a trial because i am tired of loneliness. I miss a special kiss, a warm hug and holding hands in public.. I am now willing to enjoy life, spend and share time together with that lovely woman that could make things right between us.. Being single has been a challenge for me.. I have a good sense of humor. I still work full time because i own my company. I am an Electrical Engineer.. I install Electronics appliances, transformer, Generators for Private and public sectors, Houses or Companies. I am a happy man with so much love to give but take honesty as the first step in doing anything and also friends first, we could take it from there and see what develop. I am a Christian with a sincere, caring, loving heart and hope of a better tomorrow because when there is life our hope should always be high and we should never give up until we finally make our dreams come true. This is the reason why I am taking this chance because we aren't meant to be alone forever. I am a very Independent, romantic man with a nice sincere heart of taking care of my own woman. I will respect her and give her all the love she deserves because I want a woman that I can't live without and same in return irrespective of the distance or miles that might lies between us. I am a very optimistic man and love to meet new people with my smile, I am very easygoing, non smoker and Social drinker.My favorite color is Blue and white. I will leave you with my thoughts. I hope everything makes sense to you. Feel free to ask me anything. I look forward to your response.. Tell me more about yourself too. I hope we can become close friends and perhaps even more. All good things, great relationships take time to develop.. I will be waiting to hear from you.I attached few recent pics of myself. Hope to read from you soon. Gary
First name: George
Last name: Lambert
Age: 41yrs. (01/13/1976)
Location: USA, Santa Ana, CA
Phone: 1-773-432-2967
Email: Unknown
On websites: Facebook
Report: I friended him. He had 25 female friends (not a single male friend) says he is a telecom contractor. Says he alternates work sites, one month in Santa Ana, CA and next one in Chicago, Il. Just happens he had to go to Manchester, England
First name: John
Last name: Stockel
Aka: unknownjohn david stockel
Age: 44
Location: Brooklyn, new york, kabul,Afghanistan, Knoxville, Tennessee
Address: Unkown
Phone: 8653158531
On websites: Badoo, hotornot
Report: Claims to be stationed in kabul and needs help with next of kin paperwork. Wanted me to send $200 to a lawyer named charlie little in cherry hill michigan to get a military affidavit for next of kin and retirement papers. Dob is 1/1/1972. Says wife Mary is deceased has a son in boarding school. He hacked my facebook account and sent messages to my contacts about a us grant. Changed profile picture and password removed my cell number and put his number in its place
First name: Christopher
Last name: Adam
Aka: Jack Redd
Age: 52
Location: Afghanistan, Boston US
On websites: skype
Report: Skype : youssef12375 claimed to be a surgeon Doctor, presently with the United Nation (U.N) Soldiers in Afghanistan 52 years of age widower and a son who will be 18 years of age this month He send me loads of pictures who I've seen here under Jack Redd He was looking for a mature woman, and I was the one, told him I was not interested he gave up contacting me after a few days.
First name: martin
Last name: hammond
Age: 53-56
Location: Morocco, UK, Nigeria
On websites:
Report: Also got to know this guy as Luis Lewis UK, Elliott Parker UK and Nigeria, Wilfred Carter UK, Moore Phlip Rabat Morocco, age between 53 and 56, sometimes having child sometimes not, says is an engineer, unfortunately deleted all his mails when I found out who he is and before I became a member here.
First name: MICHAEL
Last name: TOOV
Age: 53
Phone: 503-765-6393
On websites:
Report: We met on He claimed to be an engineer doing contract work repairing and maintaining oil pipelines. Born in Norway, lived in Netherlands, Received a bachelor from Oxyford University in London. Widower for 9 years and
First name: Joseph
Last name: Adam
Age: 46
Location: Malaysia
Phone: 4915735988003; 601112282183
On websites: Tinder
Report: We met on Tinder and he claimed to be an archeologist. He was out on the sea a lot and promised to keep in touch as much as possible. We emailed, text and talked over Viber for about 6 weeks start to finish. He had pictures and a FB account to back him up. He said that he was diving for artifacts and found medallions that he had to then take to Japan to sell, and then he would be counting down the days to see me. He wrote over the top love
First name: Wilson
Last name: Thomas
Aka: Wilson Thomas (Nesbitt)
Age: 1961
Location: Corpus Christi, Tx. and Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: 575 448 3188
On websites: Facebook, Twitter, G+, OKC
Report: This man was grooming women to see where their weak spit was. Several of them contacted me. My Achilles heel was making a profit so I was a crime of persuasion. The usual story, widowed, toddler daughter died after mother. He cares for his Mother and 8 year old son. An independent oil engineer on a work visa here, he took a job for offshore drilling in Nigeria for 6 weeks. After 6 weeks, he didn't know Nigerian law was that you had to have the taxes on your paycheck before they would release it. He got his mother and son begging me to get him home by Christmas. Ling story short, I lost $10,500 and he was gone.
First name: Frank
Last name: Ham
Aka: General
Age: 52-53
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Email: Facebook user
On websites: Facebook
Report: Without a doubt, this guy is a scammer. communication began on December 22, 2015. Find all his mails below. Frank Ham 2:07pm Jan 28 My darling, How are you today?I hope you are doing great. Thank you so much for your sweet mails, I don't know what to say but one thing I am 100% sure is that I have gotten a perfect wife, a God sent wife, Prophetic Visionary Person, a woman that befit my status. I believe you so now you show me much love ''',actually with all my heart do I trust thee.. I give you this heart of mine and ask nothing less or nothing more but just that you don't go breaking my heart. My love and trust is all I have to give to you, sealed with honesty throughout and as time goes by, may it grow stronger to fulfill your heart's desire and i pray that this great feeling towards us must come through i have trusted you and i believe you so i must tell you everything now, concerning our relationship i took this relation very serious because before we met and started communicating i have prayed and fasted for months and luckily we met and i strongly believed that you are God sent to me cos by your words and care of love to me even in my dreams i known that you and i were meant to be, and i don't want to waste any time or delays on this nice chance between us,my dearest love I really loves you Neema Nima with all my heart so please do not disappoint me Then regards to what i want to tell you,actually i have about ($5,000,000)$5 million Us dollars here with me in a security company and this big amount of money was given to me as compensation by United Nation here in Afghanistan as a General of the Army because I lead some operation to eradicate Terrorist and dealings that sponsored Al-Qa'ida and Jama'at al-Tawhid wa-al Jihad Group here in Afghanistan and during this operation we succeed in sending the Group off the city as well a lot of money was recovered from the assignment. So the United Nations and Afghan Government called my group and show appreciation for our job well done by give us some money to shared within ourselves which my own portion is $5 Million Dollars and now that you are very close to me and agree to marry me and we have agreed to be faithful towards each other, so i want to move this money by diplomatic immunity courier service to you so that you can save and keep the money for me until i come to meet you soon for our marriage and future plans. Honey,Since i am working for the government i cannot keep these money and cannot send it to US for time being so i just want you to act as my wife and next of kin to receive it and if i fail to move this money out before i leave this country i will lose it and it might also exposed me to the Government. When you receive the money you can take $500,000 Us dollars for your personal use and job well done and keep the remaining one for me until i come to see you and put it in your account, save box in the bank or secretly keep it in your private room that nobody should be aware of it I assure you that this transaction is risk free and its success 100% percent guaranteed. As you know because of the crisis problem here, you cannot move such big amount of money by bank or western union so I can only move it out by diplomatic immunity delivery. To move the money all you need to do now is to send me (1)YOUR FULL NAME (2)YOUR FULL ADDRESS (3)YOUR PRIVATE TELEPHONE NUMBER, Thanks and remain blessed my sweetheart Honey this matter is my life and can end my beautiful career so you must keep it top SECRET and CONFIDENTIAL that nobody should know about it only me and you I waits on your reply and your full information I love you forever my darling and God bless you always my sweet darling!!!!!!! Again honey you must keep it top secret and confidential i waits on your immediate reply I love with all my heart Frank thanks. ? Thursday ? 1/28, 8:47am Frank, my dear, how are you? How have you been? Long time uh! Yes I know, sorry I was gone for a while. Are you still in Afghanistan? Did you read my last mail my dear? I had informed you in advance that I would be gone for about two weeks, remember?. I am actually coming from an Ebola country, I hope am ok, will know in the next two weeks when I go for testing. Hope all is well with you, let me know where you are, and how you have been doing. Much love, kisses and hugs from me. ? 1/27, 9:31am Frank Ham Hello Dear how are you doing today?i hope that all is well with over there please my dear am still waiting for your reply thank you and God bless Frank Ham 2:15pm Jan 14 Hi darling, How are you today? I hope you are doing great. Please forgive for late reply. Darling I so much happy how you open your heart and your feelings to me I so much appreciate that from you honey. Honey now you show me love and agree to marry me, I will put my trust in you for everything and forever. Darling am ready to prove my love to you, if you can keep my secret as my wife. I have something I will like to do with you and it will be a top secret between me and you and nobody again will hear about it because that is my life and my future and both our kids future and you as my future wife. It's so much important to me do it with you who is sincere, honest and faithful to me like you. But you have to assure me of your
First name: Steve
Last name: Williams
Aka: skype name:derrick.james97
Age: 43
Location: The Netherlands
Phone: +1(661)2387235
On websites: tinder, facebook
Report: I was contacted by a Canadian guy named Steve Williams, divorced with 3 kids, engineer and working for Railway projects at the moment in Athens(I have some picures in case you needed) so he gave me his phone to chat on Viber. For almost 2 weeks we were in contact however they were many weird things, too nice, writing poems and promising to come to The Netherlands in 3 weeks. I insisted him to see on skype and afer being really annoying with this he managed to skype although I couldn't hear him but at least I saw he was the same guy as on the pictures. A friend of mine found out that he actually was reported as a scammer on facebook by a German lady so I blocked him but before ( perhaps it was not the best idea) I told him about what I've found and he denied it but I blocked him. He is not real and I'm very sure he is a scammer cos I contacted this german lady on facebook, completely the same story and she asked her to transfer money to Athens. I hope this will help other women. he is very good and his modus operandis is brilliant. he has answers and excuses on everything. be aware!
First name: Lopez
Last name: Zoltan
Age: 59
Location: Afganistan and New Haven Conneticut
Phone: 203-551-9149
On websites: Tinder
Report: Same information as was already reported here. I met him through Tinder and then he had me download Viper to chat. He is very charming and says he's looking for true love. Says he is a Lt. General in the army. Why would a 3 star general talk to someone older than him and live so much further away? I just recently started chatting with him, then googled him to find out he is a scammer. He said all the same things to me. I am blocking him from my phone,,,,is there anything else that can be done?
First name: duane
Last name: Norman
Age: 51
Location: Levittown
Phone: 347-669-4943
On websites: navy dating service, date a cowboy
Report: He states he is a captain in Afghanistan. He claims to have a mom with skin cancer and a young son named Joe. He is a smooth talker. He used another woman by the name of Rebecca Robinson, Dunnellon FL for his money scam. Please be aware of him. He will be registering on several online dating sites.
First name: Rolland
Last name: Mccoy
Age: 45, just turned 45 on Dec 19
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Address: Manhatten NY USA
Phone: 16467809943
On websites: Badoo
Report: Rolland Mccoy, age 45, from NY, USA (supposedly) contacted me on January 15, 2016 on Badoo within an hour of joining the site. His account on Badoo is Rolland, age 45. He asked me for money Jan 26, 2016 and I ended the conversation rather rudely, he sent three texts after that and I haven't heard from him since. Even my spam email dropped because he had my email address and we sent me a few pics to each other. I ran the email header (original email function) and his email IP is He said he was a contractor- built bridges, factories, big buildings, he's divorced, has a son age 8 - Cesar, he supports his Dad, the divorce has put him in debt. He's very good at what he does. Loves you almost instantly. He really plays on your emotions....I was developing feelings for him. He wouldn't speak to me or have a video chat because he couldn't afford a good phone, I called his number all I got was voice mail. He phoned me and said he couldn't get thru to me. He said we will talk in time once he gets enough money to get a new phone... I questioned him a lot about getting a new phone. Talking about him getting a new phone made him stressed and overwhelmed! He got a big construction job in Texas on January 25, 2016, but he was short a large sum of money to get ready for the job, pay for his son's school fees and his Dad's bills! He couldn't sleep because of it! Honestly, I was suspicious a few times during our conversations. I never gave him any money. He does have my email address which I already said and he has my cell number.
First name: jerry
Last name: dvis
Aka: Richard dvis
Age: 60
Location: Illinois USA
On websites: facebook
Report: Here I want to notice this man. He add me on facebook .He claims ?his name jerry dvis. Claims age 50 yrs old.but when i saw his profile his age is 60 yrs.. Civil engineering and have owned company , have a big partnership at asia. From Illinois USA..but hometown at Italy. Give his fb ID..( ) And give me his password. Forced me to give my FB account.but I didn't give to him. Talked nicely and plan to come to my country for business. I feel curious the way he talk. And I try to open his FB account..and what ?a surprise..? He had a conversation ?with the other scammer ..that a women?are also do the same think. So I block him. After that I try to open his FB again but his had change his password. Today when I open my FB ?, suddenly appear his photo with a new name ..Richard ?Dvis but still use same profile and same picture.