First name: rupert
Last name: marc andre
Age: 48
Location: GA
On websites: chemistry
Report: Ive several photos of Rupert and his10 yr old
First name: Tristan
Last name: Karl
Age: unknown
Location: London
Phone: +447031862984
On websites: linkedin
Report: Customer is phishing for information about me. Pretended to be an Engineer and sending suspicious emails.
First name: claude
Last name: laud
Age: 50
Location: New Mexico Albuquerque
Phone: 6367646905
On websites: skpe/military date finder
Report: He stating that he lives in Albuquerque New Mexico and he is a engineer
First name: Elvis
Last name: Ford
Age: 48
Location: Austin Texas
Phone: (512)765-4956
On websites: Tagged, facebook
Report: He goes on date sites and talks to women making them believe they are the only one. he tells us that he works for Unicef and he is in mexico doing a bid on a job. he needs money to get back to be with me he said. He also has a son named albert, and a mother named cinthia who lives in Portigul . He lives in Austin texas. I had different other women contact me and he tells them the same thing
First name: John
Last name: A
Aka: Andrew
Age: 58
Location: Chicago Ill.
Phone: 8722121998
On websites: Badoo
Report: First met this gentleman on dating site. He was a widower with a daughter. Owned own business. Of Irish descent. Took a job in Ukraine in which customs had confiscated his equipment. Needed money to get his equipment. Then it was to pay his men. Then it was to get back to US. All kinds of stories. Tried to bully me into giving him the money calling me greedy etc.
First name: duane
Last name: Norman
Aka: Eddy Sylvester
Age: 45
Location: Levittown
On websites: datingrsu, 1st
Report: He is a male black man from Nigeria. He Has An Active Face Nook Account under eddy Sylvester. He Uses DUANE Norman As An alias.
First name: Carlos
Last name: Perotti
Aka: Michael Abate
Age: 48
Location: Moldova, Nigeria
Phone: 561-247-8342
On websites: OKCupid, Match, POF, Ourtime
Report: Met Carlos Perotti on in 2014. He said he was working on an oil rig in Gulf of Mexico and then became stuck in Mexico for months due to injury. Claimed he owned a foster home in Moldova that his mother helped run and it burned and he needed money to repair it. Also asked for money for the mother who needed medications. Then asked for money for his daughter to have surgery.
First name: Kendrick
Last name: Hisey
Age: 58
On websites: okcupid
Report: USES USUAL LETTERS AND FAKE OCCUPATION TO LURE WOMEN INTO SCAM I am a global Engineering contractor agent, Am into Installation of a Gas turbine, engineering job has taken me to over 16 countries of the world ranging from Asia, Middle east , Europe , Oceania and Africa. I do basically rig constructions and renovations or over water bridges. We have worked at many countries across the globe. The present project is my last on the field and i shall quit field works and continue my works from my home office while my men do the field ops. I think i really have gotten to this height cos i embraced work for so long. Now i feel i can settle with a woman I love and love me. ** I was born to a loving home, by a US Man and an Carribean mother from Monserrat and now i live in Austin TX. My father was an international worker for shipping company who met this Island orphan whose family was close friends. She says there was something about the man that no woman could ever resist. Sometimes she says she sees same in me, lol. I met my deceased wife and best friend in Monte Carlo, France at a fashion show, she was a fashion model and she was very good at heart.
First name: Dennis
Last name: Olson
Age: 58
Location: Delray, FL
On websites: Craigslist
Report: I respond to an ad on Craigslist. The letter he sent me was exactly the one on here, exept he was going to CA not tx. He never responded when I asked where in CA he was going. The correspondence continued for approx. 2 weeks when he suddenly has to go to Australia. He never directly answered any of my questions about his family and repeated a lot of stuff. I was suspicious from the beginning, but.thought it was because English was not his first language.. Within a few emails he was professing love. Fortunately, I found his letter on this site when I decided to do some research on him. He had not gotten to the point where he asked for money so no harm done to me except a waste of time.
First name: Frank
Last name: Rob
Aka: Smith Brown
Age: 45
Location: London
On websites: Facebook
Report: He msg through Facebook.. saying he wanted a marriage with me and sending me flowers. I DONT trust at all n i saw his face in this website so i block him immediately.
First name: Christopher
Last name: Smith
Aka: Benjawan Wongout
Age: 49
Location: USA -Ghana
On websites: Facebook, Skype
Report: He contacted me on Skype and wanted to chat with me. I told him OK, but not to ask for money because I'd been scammed before. Told me he could get my money back.- and
First name: Nathan
Last name: Willian
Age: unknow
Location: Manchester, England
Phone: +447937410098
On websites: okcupid
Report: For an unimaginable reason I tried joining in Ok Cupid. Probably it was more of curiosity on my part. Then somebody sent me a message. His name was allegedly Nathan William according to his profile. We exchanged email address and then we started emailing each other. For the first email, my curiosity got the best out of me and I started opening up to him by telling him bits of information about me. We even exchanged photos. But the second email he had send made me hear the warning bells ringing loudly. That's when I took the time researching the contents of his email. What I found out astounded me because his email was a plagiarism of a poem which he made it seem like it was personally written by him. I'm not a natural born English speaker but his email was filled with inaccuracies with grammar and for me it was another warning sign. My second step was to google for his name on some of the popular websites like Facebook and Instagram. He was nowhere to be found. Then I stumbled upon your website and I found a very similar email posted on your site that was emailed to me by this fake Nathan William.
First name: Donald
Last name: Wilson
Age: 54
Location: New York City, NY
On websites: Tagged
Report: Military scammer - fake Native American - Image stolen
First name: Irizarry Thomas
Last name: Liza
Age: 59
Location: Florida, Italy, Greece,
Phone: 302-251-8366
On websites: Facebook
Report: Were you contacted first or did you contact him? He did. Which website did the first contact initiate from? Facebook How long did the correspondence last? for a month What was odd about the correspondence? This jerk asked me for money What money was requested? $3850 USD For what purpose? To get some money to purchase raw materials The money was requested by whom, and for how much? That jerk using the name Irizarry Thomas Liza asked me for $3850 How many times did this person ask for money? Once and that was one time too many What happened at the end? My friend and I had the correct suspicion that he really was a scammer because he finally asked for money and that his conversations were replicas of a scammer's profile
First name: Steve
Last name: Moore
Age: 53
Location: Los Angeles, Ca
Phone: 3107744397
On websites: Zooks facebook, yahoo
Report: He said he had to fly to Singapore for business. Then 3 days later asked me to send him LOADIT card. for 500.00 I asked him your on a business trip and u dont have access to 500.00? It then made sense, He would never send me a pic of where he was, or give me his address. said he owned a home in Berlin and his wife passed away 5 yrs ago, he had one son. He even sent me pictures of he and his son skiing. then a picture of he and his dad. He was younger, Then one with He and his father in front of his first car. I found 3 more on the internet. Any way I checked this morning the face book page is gone. This was so dumb on my part He was already in love with me after a few days of talking...He used the word AM instead of I am. I feel so stupid.
First name: daniel
Last name: burns
Age: 58
Location: united kingdom or syria
On websites: facebookk chat
Report: befriended me on facebook in middle of dec.2016 accepted using name David Brown with all pics of Mr brown as a Orthapedic surgeon with the UN in syria. Said he had a daughter Sharon and his wife died using someone elses info and pics. The pics he used do not resemble him at all. Confronted him and said I was nuts.I really would like to know who the person is in the pics he used with his daughter.We have talked everyday since and I have suspected something wrong. Another name he uses is James Oleque. Please notify me of results. thanx
First name: Capt. Kelvin Osprey
Last name: kelvin osprey harry dolan
Aka: Joel Ejort Jr
Age: 55
Location: unknown possibly Maryland and/or Ghana
On websites: Skype
Report: This man is known to me from past scams I am certain it is the same man because he contacted me on skype using the same greeting greetlingas he did when he scammed me before. Beware of a Skype contact request! The above information will appear pn tje Skype details. I blocked him and reported it as abuse.
First name: bailey
Last name: gonzalez
Age: 44
Location: oklahoma kabul
Email: kik portal no email
On websites: Facebook and tinder kik
Report: a person claiming to be bailey gomez with an array of different pictures including the one above contacted me on tinder. He claimed to be ending his deployment in kabul in august 2016 and wanted to come live in uk with his daughter sharon age 8. Said he was brought up in uk with english mum and spanish dad. Also said his mum and dad had passed away, totally charming , texting all day and night with occasional claims of going on patrol a few hours s day. Claimed he was special ops s7 sergeant in kabul. I asked to Skype he said he couldn't. That made me realise he was not real. Went on Internet and found there are lots of scammers taking advantage of vulnerable women using this process.
First name: Donald
Last name: Wilson
Age: 54
Location: New York City, NY
On websites: Tagged
Report: Military scammer, fake Native American. Image stolen.
First name: Robert B.
Last name: Abrams
Age: 55
Location: Kabul Afghanistan - Ghana
On websites: Skype
Report: contacted me on skype, claims to be in Kabul, Afhanistan Skype accounts : jjjjjjjj4780 - rrrrrrrr9942 - rrrrrrrr7514 - robert.b.abrams61 15 years old son of who studying in united states 18/11/1960 - 55 years Started talking on Skype, he wanted to know everything about me, because he was so deeply in love with me. He couldn't call or video talk because of security reasons. ip adres : opens his mail in Accra-Ghana
First name: James J
Last name: Robles
Aka: Joe J Robles
Age: 58
Location: Ohio, Malta
On websites: Tagged
Report: Fake soldier - image stolen from Former USSA CEO Josue Robles, Jr
First name: John
Last name: Douglas
Aka: Johnny
Age: 53
Location: Manassas Park US, Italy, Dubai and UK
Phone: +14422489027
On websites: Wayn & Viber
Report: Declares his dying love for me wants to visit me and tells me about all the millions his got and then all of a sudden he was robbed and don' have money to pay his hotel bill. Did not believe him, he also told me his mother died and he had to fly to her for her funeral
First name: Roy
Last name: McCarthy
Age: 52
Location: Chula Vista, CA
Phone: (619) 500-3603
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: We met on Christian Mingle and I initiated contact. I corresponded with him for a little over four months. Roy's emails had allot of misspellings and when we spoke on the phone he had an accent. Even though we both live in Chula Vista, CA we never met face to face. When we were going to meet he said his parents were in an accident and he had to leave immediately to New Jersey to be with them. While he was in New Jersey he told me he was awarded a contract he had bid for a year ago and had to leave immediately for China and Genoa, Italy. While still in New Jersey he asked for money so that his dad would get a life saving surgery. He asked me to send the money to his secretary's, Carlotta Santaniello's (also known as Mildred Lafleur) account at Bank of America in New Jersey. The contract Roy won in Genoa was to set up a new company with photography equipment, printers, etc. Once in Genoa Italy he said he needed money sent to his secretaries account because the Genoa port authority was levying a huge fee for him to get the supplies off of the ship he had used to get all the equipment from China to Genoa, Italy. Roy said the contract had to have been fulfilled within one month or there would be huge penalties and he could lose the contract and he would be ruined. According to Roy he's still in Italy and it's been almost three months. He says his secretary hasn't been able to get all the money he needs to finish his contract.
First name: Kelvin
Last name: Smith
Aka: Engr. Kelvin Smith
Age: 43
Location: United Kingdom
Phone: +447014216289
On websites: facebook
Report: He sent friend request to my fb page. He wanted me to receive his money and business documents coz his ship have to cross the pirates inhabited waters.
First name: Jude/Samuel/Jerry
Last name: Clark
Aka: jude/jerry/Samuel
Age: 55
Location: Republic Benin/South Africa/Kempton park, Capetown
Phone: 22998510684, 22998071405/2347050493342
On websites: dont know
Report: Scammer!!! Very polite, came up with a different story everytime. Even got a man from the police to call me, open an offshore account
First name: James
Last name: Sheriff
Aka: This is what you have for him: Alexander Malls James, Duke Haggard, Dave James, Charles Duke Lamptey, Nathaniel Babbington, Rick James, George Wilson, Jerry Balmer, James Ronald, James Morgan, Gregory Martino, Stuart James, Harry Steele, James Roc
Age: 52
Location: IRAQ Austin TX USA
Phone: (219) 940-5280
On websites: FACEBOOK
Report: He sent a friend request, since another of my friends had befriended him I did. He sent me a pm first. Monday (2/1/16) - Saturday (2/6/16) We started chatting.
First name: Jefferson
Last name: Paulo
Age: 48
Location: Colorado springs colorado
Phone: 17193576410
On websites: Linkedin
Report: This man contacted me on linkedin talked to me on phone texted three times a day for four months he had a scam of being on an oil rig and his machines broke down needed to fix them he said the right things emailed me sweet things told me we were getting married i was going through a divorce so i was stupid enough to fall for it now im in debt by 75000 no stocks left nothing. He said he was widow wife died in car accident he has a daughter 14 and a mom with breast cancer. He says he is italian/scottish. Supposedly sold his house in scotland to raise funds to get off oil rig.
First name: josph
Last name: muir
Age: 46
Location: Los Angeles ca
Address: 1911 E. 77th st
On websites: Facebook and Facebook messenger
Report: I friended me on Facebook then said he had to go to Russia. After supposedly arriving in Russia he said he got robbed and needed me to send him 500$. When I told him I didn't have it to send he blocked me and disappeared
First name: Bill
Last name: Sierra
Age: 43
Location: St. Croix Falls , WI
Phone: 801-382-7088
On websites: zoosk the dating site
Report: He is saying he is in active duty in Syria for UN peace core Convey and been texting me and almost stole my heart and asked me to write a letter for his leave from the military as his fiancee He full name is Bill Oleaka Sierra and his info Lt Bill Oleaka Sirra Forece Number:UN00220060UN and he asked me to send the letter to to get the form and fill out.
First name: Greg
Last name: Rodriruez
Age: +/- 62
Location: San Antonio, TX
Report: His first name was given to me by his