First name: Samuel,
Last name: Rainey
Aka: Kyle Mahoney
Age: 54
Location: houston,Texas
Address: 4014 lavender st ap 12
Phone: 6692536682
On websites: okcupid
Report: I was signed in OK Cupid online dating and I had this message from this man that claimed he was sergeant kyle mahoney and he gave his number and if I wanted to get in contact with him for a constant and further contact I had to text to him in that number. In the beginning I read his profile it looked as someone serious but still had to contact with him and know more about one another. So I texted him and he got back to me the same day, he introduced himself and gave a wide description of his career, and if I wanted to talk more with him I had to give him my email address so we could communicate more and exchange pictures as due to his mission in Afghanistan they don't have other options to communicate with their relatives.. Anyway until now was normal because when you are willing to know someone you provide at least ways of communication. We exchanged emails he sent pictures of him and his daughter. While in emails he was telling me a story that he lost his wife in an accident about 5 years ago and he had only his daughter and his mother that they were living in Texas to a cousin of hers as long as he would be on duty. This for about 2 weeks he promised me the earth and the sky that I was the one he was looking for and dye for anyway I was playing the game as I know that until I meet him in person I wouldn't trust him 100 %. Then he asked me to sent his mom and daughter money as they run out of cash because he left them some money but weren't enough and he thought that he wouldn't stayed this long over there... Anyway I asked him where to send the money and how still playing his game and he told with western union or money gram or any exchange store I could, and he gave me his mothers cousin name Samuel Rainey and his full address. Anyway still in my heart and mind I knew something was wrong but still I wanted to try I didn't sent him the amount he asked, though I could. And then I provide him with the transaction number through money gram. Then I was tracking the money. They (I mean him)didn't picked them up until 3 days I sent them, another trick he used to convince me. During this time I keep on comunicating with him and he called me
First name: Richard
Last name: Miller
Aka: Richie
Age: 46
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Phone: 870-466-4996
On websites: Facebook
Report: contacted me initially via FB messenger. Chatted for a few weeks then escalated to phone calls, including phone sex. Said he accepted a contract in Alaska for LNG, even emailed me a copy of contract to prove this. Gave me his bank account info and said he had no internet connection, asked me to xfer money to this Chinese vendor to pay for piping materials for this job in Alaska. He even had Chinese vendor emailing me. Then vendor said the proposal was for materials only and not for shipping costs. Said he needed help with the 38k shipping costs - he said his mum got him a 30k loan and another friend was giving him 5k, could I come up with 3k.
First name: Brad
Last name: Michael
Age: 49
Location: Sacramento, CA
Address: 95834
Phone: 800-768-6020
On websites: Mingl2
Report: I was on the site and he contacted me. After chatting and exchanging emails, I thought it would be nice to send flowers to tell him thank you to his business he said he owned. Bmichael Computers, co ( I received a call the next day that the business location was an empty building and not one occupied the place. It has been on the market for a long time. In his emails it came out that he had no parents, died, only child, grew up in Russia, etc. I attempted to contact him again and gave him an opportunity to explain and never had a reply.
First name: Steve.....gough
Last name: Leslie
Aka: Thomas Harthog
Age: 59
Location: USA, Accra,Ghana, afganastan, london
Phone: +1 (718) 513-9766
On websites: Badoo,,,,ok Cupid, and more
Report: He asked to talk to me on one of the dating sites about 2 1/2 months ago . We text on the phone about 2 weeks. He told me he was a jeweler , he designed jewelry, that he lived in olive branch , Tenn. After about 2 weeks he he said he had a contract to go to London for 2 months. After being there about a month he said the ATM machine took his bank cards. And that they had been mailed to the USA. He asked for a loan of $2000. Which I ignored and blocked him.
First name: Stanley
Last name: Young
Aka: Leonardo Fabio
Age: 58
Location: USA Texas
Phone: 1-956-887-0016
On websites: Yes
Report: This man contacted me on OKCUPID as Leonardo Fabio around the second week of December 2015. We are at present time still corrosponding and he has called me about three times on the phone. He has not asked me for any money yet as relationship is still fairly new. But the odd thing about him is claiming his love for me so soon and that he is very certain I'm the woman he's been waiting for to spend the rest of his life with. He HAS sent me flowers & stuffed animal, THEN asked if anyone else has ever done that. I thought it very strange of him to ask that question.
First name: Bruce Allen
Last name: Fischer
Aka: Greg Allen Fischer
Age: 49 & 60
Location: United States Sioux Falls SD, Minneapolis MN
On websites:
Report: I'm Bruce Fischer By Name And I am from Sioux Falls, SOUTH DAKOTA. I'm 49 yrs I stand 6'01
First name: Wingstrom
Last name: McCoy
Aka: Richard Songstrom Miles and Greg Tanner
Age: 38
Location: Africa
Email: n/a
On websites:
Report: He has contacted my friend on badoo, I have researched his photos, found Richard Songstrom Miles and Greg Tanner. He also has a username Caveman73
First name: Kevin Dean
Last name: Powell
Aka: Kevin Love,David Castro Mooris, David Rogan Mooris, David Dm Morris
Age: 53
Location: Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, California, New York, New York
On websites: Love and Seek, Facebook
Report: Scammer contacted me from Love and Seek dating site. Claims to be a contract engineer with a daughter Kellie. He claims to worked in Dubai. The business he worked for is called Robertson Group, Ltd. based in Scotland for 20 years, but now is an independent contractor, self employed in the commercial infrastructure in northern Europe, Asia and Middle East. Scammer has only emailed me. I have no phone numbers. I see his pictures on different dating websites under many user names. I emailed him about a month before I told him I no longer wanted to contact him. By the time I stopped conversations with him, his Middle Eastern Project had suffered a few deaths and loss of money. I did not get involved with his
First name: Willie
Last name: Brown
Age: 62
Location: Houston, Texas and Geneva, Switzerland
Phone: 281-324-0588
On websites: AfroRomance, Interractional People Meet
Report: Scammer contacted me thru Afro Romance dating site. His user name is WB99537. He claims to be from Geneva, Switzerland and moved to Florida and from Florida now living in Houston, Texas. He claims he cannot access his email address to send email messages, but he texts and calls me. I checked phone number but it says it is a landline in Houston, Texas, but no other information is found out regarding phone number. Scammer does not have an accent familiar to Switzerland, but an accent I've heard many times before most like in the Russian territories. Scammer claims to be a self employed Architect with a son named Simon and of course his wife died of lung cancer. I have only met him in the last 2 weeks. He has not asked for money, yet, but I have had many scammers from dating websites to eventually ask for money or ITunes cards, or someway to get to my money.
First name: Daniel Gerald
Last name: Wyatt
Aka: Jack Redd
Age: 58
Location: Pretoria South Africa, 0116
Address: 418 Emily Hobb House, Pretoria North, Gauteng, South Africa
Phone: 213-267-9174
On websites:
Report: He contacted me several weeks ago on match and we corresponded through email and skype. He presents himself as CEO of Eltron Engineering based in Redding California located at 700 Dana Drive, Redding California. He says he is currently building the Mall of South Africa and his project will be completed the last week in February. He sent a picture of his son, Dennis, who is actually a model named Blake, that you can see on a Haian modeling agency site. Two other scammers are using this boys face as well. Daniel had me send him a game for his sons birthday. He just started talking about the IRS freezing his accounts because of a 2.8 million deposit made for a previous job and was worried about having money for groceries. I had his African phone number but started deleting his info when I realized he was a scammer. I can get that number off of my phone records. Where do I submit the picture. The one you have is the same one that shows up on his Eltron Engineering site and I have two others.
First name: Mark
Last name: Thomas
Age: 56
Location: Kabual Afghanistan
On websites: facebook
Report: He first wrote 1/8/2015 . But I did not answer until 6/4/2015 . He said he was born 12/9/1950 in Canada to Irish Canadian father and Polish Canadian Mother was educated ar Royal military college Canada. Had 2 tours of duty. Afghanistan in 2004 and next on 2008. His wife died in Canada of breast cancer . Had one daughter Nancy. Brother died world trade center. He ask me to receive box of money from Afghanistan I told him no. We talk back and forth for whikle then he stopped cause I would not take money. I have since learned he is Chandler Johnson in your files.I have emails.
First name: Daniel
Last name: William
Aka: Frank Heinrich, Roland Davis, David Weck, solomon kahi, Edlin Attardi
Age: 47-56
Location: USA, Afghanistan, Ghana, Germany
On websites: Skype
Report: He contacted me on skype first with account
First name: Mack, Mark
Last name: Jackson
Aka: Kevin Smith
Age: 50
Location: America Los Angeles
On websites: Badoo, skype
Report: He says he is a surgeon, plastic and is in Syria to help UN wants money to leave. Pretends that you are the wife he is looking for.
First name: Robert
Last name: Conroy
Age: 60-65
Location: Uk
Email: Unknow
On websites: Face book and LINE
Report: He's said from uk. Have mom and daughter live in german wife been pass cause cancer . He's said he's independen contruction that's what he do . He's said he got contract with gorverment in Malaysia so he's be there for then stay there then worth so much money for this job . Then got financial problem asking for help for get through and peomiss will come to see you. Pay all money he's borrow of couse never happen . Sent me the fleak ducument ( job contract ) passport from UK. I block him on fb. And LINE Already . But i wondering anything i can do for get him. And posible i can get my money back . I want him to go to jail . Im sure he never stop to do this with another woman who's one like me( dummy ) actually always look at thing positive. I'm scare for be good person good heart always help people . I want to stop him and want him to pay back
First name: George
Last name: Yates
Age: 48
Location: Nigeria / lagos
Phone: unknown+1 (917) 310-4471
On websites: Badoo
Report: Usa army sgt !!!somebody Contact me and I try to convince me to send money
First name: alfred
Last name: garcia
Age: 54 september 20 1961
Location: startford CT
Address: 100 Euclid Ave Stratford CT 06614
Phone: 203-528-0033 cell
On websites:
Report: He claims he is away on business in another country and talks to you through email and text messages. Tells you how he already fell in love with you after talking for a week and can't wait to see you when he gets back from business. States he is making 1.5 million the following week when he is done with the job. Then a few days before his return he tells you he might need a favor as there are issues on the job. He's under stress. He'll let me know the favor on Monday (2 days away) I assume he is going to ask me for money and I bring up that I didn't now if this was real. He went from being so nice to telling me I had trust issues. I know the next move is him asking for money to finish the job so he can come back and get married and we'll have money. He has you send him your address as he states he wants to send you flowers which you never receive. He also tells you how his parents died when he was 15 years old in Italy and he lost his wife Rose 5 years ago. You feel bad that he had so much death. He claims he's been away for three months working on this project and has two weeks left.
First name: Tony
Last name: Brown
Age: 47
Location: Los Angeles, CA New Delhi, India
Address: N McDonnell Avenue E Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 3234021385, 3234864521, 917838764146
On websites: Facebook
Report: He contacted me on Facebook Messenger. He quickly said that he loved me. Two weeks before Christmas he had a contract job in New Delhi, India. He took his son Charles Brown with him. His son got sick and he had used all his money for paying workers hotel and food. He needed 3500 dollars to pay the doctor and get a flight back to the US to be with me. When I did not have that kind of money he proceed to send me an online transfer from his bank due to his mastercard was not working. I did not send it due to I checked it out with the id and passwords he sent to the original Bank of America and Royal Bank of Scotland and they did not work. He has not answered my e-mails since then. Our total amount of contact was 2 1/2 months every day until he would not answer my questions on his e-mail.
First name: Kirill
Age: 26
Location: Russia
On websites: manhunt
Report: He can date for a long time with gay people in order to get money
First name: Vincent
Last name: Murphy
Aka: Sam, Adam, Guli, Carlo Arrigo, Ehibor Monday, Gianni Muphy, Baldwin Armstrong, Richard Carl
Age: 49
Location: Johannesburg (South Africa); Lagos (Nigeria)
Address: 42 Montrose Avenue, JHB, South Africa, 58 Crudas Rd. Sapele, Nigeria
Phone: +34806877330, 2394914156 2394914157 7272167379 6789184994 2406680399 2096257214
On websites: Facebook, Yahoo messenger
Report: 01/03/2016 I received a friend request on facebook. I accepted request and asked how he found me (my settings are all private) he said it was fate. He told me his parents died in a car accident when he was 9 years old and that he was raised by his Granny that passed away last year. He said he has a 12 year old daughter named Sandra that was in boarding school in Canada. He said his ex wife stabbed his daughter in the back when he was not home and it cost him over $11,000 to fix her. He said his ex wife is a cocaine addict. He said he works for Chevron Staff and is at sea in Romania but a private jet would pick him up and take him to another ship in Germany. He said he hasn't seen his daughter in 1 year. He said he was born in Germany but lived most of his life in Canada, Edmonton. He said he owns a house there with a maid. He said his contract with Chevron ends in March of 2016 and he will invest in his company and run his business in the United States. I was already suspicious of this guy because 1. The first time I looked at his profile on Facebook he had several female friends. The next time I looked there were no friends. We chatted a lot on Yahoo messenger, facebook IM and I received 1 email from him with a very long romantic letter. 2. He said he was not home when his ex wife stabbed his daughter in the back, then a few days later her said his ex tried to stab his daughter and he was grateful he was home to stop it. 3. He said he was from Canada but never used the word EH? in a single conversation we had. 4. He said he bought a camera so he could video chat with me this weekend. Wait, isn't he on a ship? Do they sell video camera's on ships that are out to sea? 5. He said he was taking his daughter to Florida, Disney World when he was home in March, then he said he was bringing her to Texas to meet me. 6. His name kept changing. I looked back at our first messages and he said his name was Guli. His Facebook name is Adam Sam, then he said he was looking for a Mrs. Guli. I told him I was confused and asked him what his real name was. He said Adam Sam Guli and that Guli meant Love in German. He also said his Dad was a German Loverboy. I did several searches for who this guy really is. Nothing showed up on Google or anywhere else until a friend told me of this site. This guy is a smooth talker. I have all the emails, texts and messages from this fraud. I will share all. Upon further search, I found a photo of a man in one of ?Mr. Guli?s? photos that he posted on his facebook. The man was on and his profile said he was from Vineyard Haven, MA. The website shows his last login was April 2015. 7. Eventually Mr. Guli put me in contact with his daughter. She contacted me and said she would like an IPhone 6 plus/gold and $1000 for her birthday and asked me to send it to her. I told her I would if her Dad was o.k. with it. (Not really, I just played along with the game to find out as much info as I could) Mr. Guli contacted me today and sent me an address to mail the IPhone to. It was all very confusing. He requested that I send it to a lady named Dalia Raposo in Canada. The story changed throughout our conversation and suddenly Dalia had to go to orphanage in Nigeria where she keeps kids. I was given specific instructions where to send the phone to and was assured Dalia would get it from the people who pick up the phone and Sandra would get it in time for her birthday. The fun part was that I went to the Verizon store and they let me take a photo of a gold Iphone 6 plus to send to Mr. Guli and his daughter to show that I had it to send. Then Mr. Guli asked me to send $2000 to his daughter. Going back to his daughters name?Mr. Guli had a photo of him and his daughter on facebook and it was labeled Daddy and Jasmie. I asked him about this and he said he calls her both. When I chatted with his daughter I asked her what she would like to be called and she said Jasmie. She also called me Mum and said her Dad told her we were getting married in March and they were moving to USA to be a family. I never thought I was talking to Sandra, aka Jasmie. I have a feeling it was Mr. Guli or whoever has started this scam. I have filed a report with the FBI already and have put together all the information I have. Mr. Guli keeps saying we will video chat this weekend. I told him I have a special surprise for him when we video chat. I want to keep his interest up. After reading what other scams he has pulled, I fully expect Mr. Guli to have internet issues on the ship and be unable to video chat. I?m sure he will be waiting for the Iphone and money to be sent as he has already asked me to tell him when they can expect delivery. Either way, I will be sending Mr. Guli a huge surprise in the way of all of the data I have collected. I will send it to him either email or IM and Facebook. I fully expect him to delete all traces of himself but it is too late. The FBI already has the information and I have plenty more to give them. This man or group needs to be stopped and prosecuted for the scam they are pulling. I am not the first and I am sure I won?t be the last unless more victims report the scam. I DID NOT send Mr. Guli any money or items. I simply played along with his scam to collect evidence. Feel free to contact me with any further questions.
First name: Donatus
Last name: Clonne
Age: 61
Location: Florida, Canada, Ireland, Wales, Africa
Report: He poses as a very wealthy man and can really sweet talk. He is really a very handsome man, his mother is in a nursing home in Canada, he has a son and granddaughter. He says he owns a business and it going to his son that works with him. He says he has traveled around the world for his business butt spends time in Africa, that Africa owes him 56 million dollars for work his father did for them.
First name: Diego
Last name: Torres
Age: 55
Location: Madrid, Spain and Electric City, Washington
Phone: +34 631 29 78 83. And 425-381-2711
On websites:
Report: Met this guy on and over few months he claimed to be a widower and has two daughters. He went to work in Spain where he is from but always ran into trouble resulting in his asking for money. He does try to fly to States but always gets arrested at airport by security. Of course, he needs money to be released. I fell for this the first time but yesterday he tried it again. I cut this guy lose.
First name: Carlo
Last name: Filipo
Age: 48
Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA
Phone: 718-504-0389
Email: do not have his email
On websites: Senior People Meet
Report: Says he is a father of one, raised in the UK, but of Italian extraction. Claims to be an art dealer. Travelled to Cambodia and then claimed to have injured an young boy and needed money to pay for the child's treatment. Asked to borrow $5000.
First name: Benjamin apena Nathan carl
Last name: Uzoma Israel
Age: 55
Location: Turkey Scotland
Email: Nathancarl66@ ogoisrael @ gmail .com
On websites: Viber
Report: Use Timothy sisk at my space Don't send money to Nigeria or turkey or any where These people are terrorist just wanting money I feel they are hurting hearts and minds that's sad we don't know who gets money I'm tired of scammers taking money for what report them government says something fishy turn it in save lifes They've taken her life savings because she's thought they needed helped same old 419 scammers
First name: Carlos
Last name: Moss
Aka: Frank Darden
Age: 53
Location: New York, Chicago
On websites: Facebook
Report: In September 2014 we connected via Tinder. He was French but lived in New York and was planning on moving to Chicago. He had to travel to Nigeria for business (some kind of travel/tour business). While in Nigeria, he was unable to collect from his clients and needed money to get back to the U.S. After that, he found out that his cook in the U.S. had been in a car accident and was in the hospital. The doctors would not operate on him until they received money to pay for his hospital bills. This went on for a couple of weeks. I cut it off after I did research on these types of scams.
First name: Simon
Last name: Cruz
Age: 51
Location: San Fernando and Miami, USA. South Africa, Lagos, Nigeria
On websites: Plenty of fish
Report: Very romantic. Will send gushing emails and text. Say you are the woman he has always dreamed of. Wants you to be his wife. Still pretends to have a hearing issue. Still doing the scam of starting his own company and getting work in africa, but needs your help with money.
First name: Rory Joseph
Last name: Burchatz
Aka: Rory
Age: 54
Location: Usa Alexandria, Va
Address: 3805 Riverwood Road Alexandria, Va 22309
Phone: 5407241385
On websites: facebook
Report: Began the approach with simple terms. He has been single for a very long time. His ex wife hurt him terribly and he just cant get past that.Then his career was taking him on a trip. To Cyprus. He is a Civil Engineer. He is the one in charge. He has an agreement to pay a missionary $350.00 a month, and dont want to not be responsible. Then he didnt take time to open an account for me to help him with bills and etc, while he was in Cyprus working. He was needing me to open an account at Bank Of America he can add funds to it while he is on the work trip. Then,Christmas time came into play, he is from Munich Germany. His family is there and is traveling there where he can tell them he has fallen in love with me and will soon be taking the next step. He was very serious. Then he made the trip back to Cyprus to be at work. His contract is in effect. His job in Virginia is for the Us government and he drives a long way each day. It is a higly secrective job.
First name: Jean-robert
Last name: Fabre
Age: 52
Location: Sheen (London), Paris, Montpelier
Phone: +33 7 88 25 43 59
On websites:
Report: He contacted me; wanted to chat on Skype. Always just by typing, rarely with video. Sent 2 photos which matched his appearance. Highly charged, very romantic, declared love for me within 2 weeks. We communicated in a mix of English and French. He said he lived alone, his (English) wife and their 5-year old son had died in a car accident 3 years earlier. This explained his low profile, he said he'd been
First name: Christian
Last name: Ayo
Aka: Christian Johnson
Age: 28-30
Location: Nigera, Hartford CT
On websites: Okcupid
Report: Contacted me on Okcupid. Seemed nice. Claims to have grown up in US(whatever city he chooses he always lives near a landmark) mother died at five so he was raised by his aunt in Africa. His father died and he is here to take over his business. Will quickly get off the site and give you his email. Then he will tell you he?s back in africa because his aunt is sick with malaria. We spoke for 3 days before he attempted to come back to the US and shocker could not afford the plane ticket. Wanted a ?small loan? I said no. He kept asking, then tried to tell me he had money in his apartment in Hartford but the key with him in Africa. After I informed him I?m a lawyer and my family are in several arms of law enforcement he went silent. Then tried again to get sympathy because he really wanted to see me on his birthday which was a week away. We never exchanged money. But beware I googled his letter and he sends the same ones out every time. i was tipped off because not only is he too good to be true but some of his emails appeared copy and pasted not in prose but the formatting would be different. can?t figure out who?s pictures he is using but it?s always a good looking white man.
First name: Daniel
Last name: Oliver
Age: 51
Location: london, england and houston, texas
Phone: 817-769-8509
Email: danieloliver660@yahoo and daniel4949@icloud
On websites: okcupid as daniel1111
Report: This man contacted me for the first time in September 2015, on okcupid and continued to message me once a week until i finally replied in December 2015. I have 880 text messages and 2 emails both containing pictures with him and others that he claimed to be his son, grandfather and a coworker. He claims he was born in Germany, to a german mother and american naval commander father. He says he was married to a girl from texas whom he has a son. After the divorce he moved to DC where he lives in a townhouse not far from the South Africian Embassy. He works as a project manager for a government conractor and is currently working in London England. The only money he requested was in the form of itunes cards on 2 seperate occasions. I ignored the requests. He said he was coming back to DC on Dec 26th but of course that did not happen. He now says he will be back on Jan 26th if he is able to get enough money together. I told him on Jan 2nd that I had no money to send him and since then his messages have stopped.
First name: William
Last name: Caldwell
Age: 56
Location: Says Georgia and Now in Syria
On websites: Skype
Report: This so called general William Caldwell tried to add me on Skype out of nowhere. He has a pic of that real general. I searched on fb. I think he found it and copied it from FB. Anyway, I added him on Skype just to c how he would try to scam me. I asked how he found me. He said he looked for a friend and saw the same name me and liked it. He said his wife died 5 years ago and just half and hour after he messaged with me, he said his son is on a school trip to Ghana. Then he said he just read the email from his son's teacher that his son had an fatal accident and the doctors will not help him unless he pays 850 Euros. Wow, just half an hour of message and he couldn't wait to ask for my money ! I wondered how he was going to fabricate the story to ask me to send money? Then he said he is in Syria now for UN and cannot send money. Aha ! And he asks me to help him. I asked him but how? He said to send to Western Union to his son's teacher by the name of EDI CANIS in Ghana. I said ok !! I will do that first thing in the morning. But the I will message him a fake or to say a sample western union control number and scam him back.