First name: Prince
Last name: JMichael
Aka: Prince Brown Michael Prince Michaelp Charles Morgan
Age: 53
Location: Accra, Ghana Accra-Kasoa, Ghana
Address: Optimal Travel & Charter Service Accra-Kasoa, Ghana
Phone: 233572117527 233246520489 Charles Morgan 2184330302
On websites: Facebook
Report: This gentleman contacted me through Facebook, and ask if he could friend me. He very polite and complimentary. Advised he lived in N Miami Beach, FLA. US. Widowed for 7 years and raising his two children. Advised they had a caregiver. Advised he ran his own business in the Gold Business buying and selling. Advised he was leaving for Ghana, and taking his two children with him and would be gone for about two weeks. A few days after arriving he contacted me asking for $250 approx. because his Credit Card was denied for hotel expenses. Saying he would have to wait past the weekend to get all things straightened out through his bank in the USA. Sent the money later than his expectations. He was not happy about that but seemed thankful. Advised everything was going good had purchased his gold for shipment, and would be ready to leave the country even though the process had been interrupted due to the problem with his bank. Prince, then states he has a problem with the security and needs 228500.00 to pay for security, and shipment and had no idea about this cost. Saying he is done! Asking for any assistance that I might give financially. Ask me to contact the buyer of the gold to let him know there was a problem. So I did contact the Charles Morgan of Ontario, Canada with a Minnesota phone number. Apparently Charles Morgan sent $10,000, and a friend of Prince did sent another $10,000. I sent the $2850.00. Emailed an itenerary of his flight from Accra, Ghana to Phoenix, AZ. Showing his name Prince Michael, Clara Michael, and Christian Michael. Texted back about 12 hours later after the flight had taken off saying he was in London and there was a problem. Advised by Customs that he failed to bring a Certificate from the Country of Ghana with the signature of the President allowing he Gold to leave the country. States he has to fly back with children to get the certificate. Two days later he advises he needs $1500.00 to receive the certificate from the Foreign Ministery Department. Ask if I can send money for food, and hotel bill since he is pretty much broke. Sent $50.00. Later he ask for $200.00 which I did not have to give. His buyer then texts me shaming me for not doing the right thing. I sent the $200.00 that I needed. All the time we had text back and forth his phone would give out. Prince ask if i could send him a new phone. I cannot do this. i have a used one that is in good condition. Tried to break off the relationship not out of greed, but because i became curious. Found out the pictures he sent to me of himself and his children is another man named Alec Coursa, and his children. Faced him up in his story, and he advised that he is telling me the truth about the need for the money and does have two children only. Found out more information and similar story. Told him we are done! Sent him my proof that he has been a phony. Calls me from another phone and says he loves me, and denys that he has done any such thing. Advises me he does not want any more money from me. Advising that when he comes to the states he is paying me back all that he has ask for, and will not bother me again. Advised he will send me true pictures of himself and his children, but he is coming to my door to see me because I still love him. And I do love this person that I can't see. Yes, I know it sounds dumb. He is a true gentleman, and could no be any nicer to me. I have been very mean to him because he deserved it. There is no cursing involved no foul anything. Just a great relationship. I just want to know if he is what he says he is. An Italian business man down on his luck and stuck with two children in a foreign country. And truthfully I think this is a ring of people working and using the photos of Alec Coursa. I have actually Skyped and seen this man and watched his mouth speak to me. Made it very easy to believe he was so real. Just want some truth here.
First name: patrick
Last name: johnson
Age: 44
Location: USA texas Nigeria Ekiti
Phone: 2348124932403
Email: dont have it
On websites: facebook Badoo
Report: he wrote in Badoo and sent me letter in love sothe fact that I fell in love letters He quit the army and said that required a pass card for 350 dollars so I said I could not get on your behalf; he had an officer who would receive the money for it. Then they were 1000 dollars to complete the return was arranging my documents that come for me; we would get married and we would go to live in his home in Minneapolis. I sent a flight itinerary and boarding pass (where I realized that it was false) and said his commander was blackmailing him and to let him go but needed $ 1000. I told him I did not have and should complete its mission.then I saw your picture with more than 30 different names and military romance scam facebook I found a lot of women in my same condition
First name: Jordan
Last name: Declan
Age: 54
Location: USA
On websites: Zorpia
Report: He ask to write zo UN for his ritarement...
First name: Alex Gonzales
Age: 48
Location: Dallas Texas
On websites: Badoo
Report: Request money for phone usage! Lost his wallet for he lost his calling card.wants money to send to his son who is in gahna With his mother. Also ask for care packages or better money cause the army food is bad.
First name: Dustin
Last name: Corey
Age: 60 ?
Location: Nigeria? Uk? Usa?
Address: 179 oasis dr, saint George, Utah,USA?
Phone: +13852442403, +14355541594
On websites: Facebook, viber, yahoo messenger
Report: He say he lived in uk, later moved to usa. But all money i send was send to nigeria and south africa. Scammed for 13 000 pound
First name: Eric
Last name: Johnson
Age: 61
Location: Malaysia, New York
Email: Ericlove222@yahoo
On websites: Oasis Dating
Report: He was on Oasis Dating
First name: Ryan
Last name: Branagh
Aka: Joseph Eugene
Age: Cincotta
Location: Malaysia
Phone: 410-988-4726
On websites: OKCupid
Report: Contacted me to get to know one another. He claimed he had to fly to LA on business to get a contract negotiated for a engineering job in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Supposedly got the job and flew directly there for his last engineering job before he retired. Wanted to come back to US but needed monies for registration and taxes, etc. Then requested money to pay more taxes to get his first payment on the job. Gave me his bank account number for, 0689275136 and his social security number 200-52-7213. Couldn't really validate anything except that the Joseph Cincotta name was on the bank account. I have also contacted the poor guy who's picture he was using as his own.
First name: Hams
Last name: Jefferson
Age: 44
Location: Oakland
Email: Hams_jefferson
On websites: Filipino cupid
Report: He send me same email, that was posted on this website
First name: James
Last name: Collins
Age: 69
Location: Monee, IL
Email: On websites: Our Times
Report: He has contacted me several times and he said he is in construction, has a son in medical school at Oxford, England, he is Irish, and the last email I received he said he was in Cario, Egypt and he lost business equipment shipped and he only had $10,000 to repurchase equipment in Egypt and needed $3,500 to be able to get item needed. He ask me if I would borrow $3,500 and he would pay me back with interest. I have pictures of him and his so-called personal information.
First name: Frank
Last name: Dickson
Age: 55
Location: New York but out in Iraq in the army
Address: Unknown
Phone: Unknown
On websites: Unknown
Report: Frank Dickson was on U. S single military site. He contacted me by email on regular basic. His emails are long and similar to others that I have received. He has not asked me to go on any message sites to speak but it all been by email so far. He says his wife has died and got a 14 year old boy. Sends pomes to me and long details about what he likes and wants in a relationship. I have looked through profiles and pitches to see if he on your site but cannot find the information. I believe he may be a scammer.
First name: Steve
Last name: Nash
Aka: Staham, stahamnash94, steve4u2
Age: 42 - 47
Location: Abuja, Nigeria
Address: Agents Name: Adeniyi dada Address: No 15, bodija estate ibadan state: Oyo state Country: Nigeria Zipcode: 23402
On websites: FetLife, Mingle2, yahoo messenger, kik
Report: He looked me up on FetLife as steve4u2 and told me about being a single dad in the Army Corp who is stationed in Nigeria and is trying to come home to retire. He pledged his love to me and asked if I would ever relocate to Auburn, WA to be with him and that he is originally from NY state. We have chatted online kik and messenger apps for a couple weeks and he requested I send him $250 via Moneygram to his agent listed above so he could buy some good wine for his birthday today, so I foolishly did giving him the benefit of a doubt. Since then I was unsure so I investigated and have caught him unable to answer for numerous issues with his name and family information. He will say his daughter of 8, Anna R Nash, lives with his sister Marjorie Nash in Auburn, Wa while he is deployed. I have done photo recognition and he pops up all over the place for numerous scams. This soldier in the pictures is obviously innocent but his face is very popular with scammers and they have used him under multiple aliases and many with the last name Nash. I have many pictures from him also.
First name: Tim
Last name: Vanpa
Age: 51
Location: Chicago IL
Phone: 1-872-205-4615
On websites: OK Cupid
Report: This fake person started contacting me in late September on OKCupid and what alerted me was that when the said person wanted to go straight to email he sent more photos and I could have sworn, it was not the same photo as on OK Cupid but I also noticed that my questions were not answered and the flowery prose came right away. The typical, I am living in the US but have a government contract right now in said country, this one is in Burma. I saw his pic on your site for a flash and I didn't see the name that he is using right now...Tim Vanpa Canadian/English 51, PHd in engineering, did live in NYC, but currently in Chicago. I have copies of the copied prose, pictures, and his email and phone number. I also have info on another said person with pics, email, and doc. because this one started early in the game with requests for financial help.
First name: Walter
Last name: Whyte
Age: 58
Location: Accra, Ghana; Dubai
On websites: Google+
Report: I spoke with this guy about two months & made the HUGE mistake of giving him my personal information because he wanted to help me financially. He went into my checking account t (allegedly to make a deposit) initiating bill pay. He wrote checks on my account that, thank God I caught and notified my bank immediately! He contacted me again a few weeks ago having this elaborate reason why all of that happened and even proposed to me. Now he's begging me to open a PayPal account for him
First name: Larry
Last name: Gary
Age: 52
Location: afganistan, ghana(Accra)
Address: 11 spintex road,Accra
Phone: +233271979228
On websites: skype,VK
Report: Claims to be a military pilot in Afganistan(yea right),says similar stories that he is forbidden to use camera on Skype: dfcbktdcr1970 ,yet he used it before but not anymore,-looked totally different man to this popular pic of Lucas James here on your site. as I found out painful way this man made out of ice,has no conscience or shame,will lie through his teeth to get what he wants, his son Sammy,15yo(uses pic of a model from Hawaiian agency Blake) is stranded in Accra hotel since his Bday in February as all the docs and phone and credit card are stolen...when I have suggested to contact the US embassy in Ghana,he said his son is not allowed to go there to restore his docs,as he(Larry) is on secret mission in Afganistan and his identity can't be revealed.the reason he is staying there is he is trying to get his credit card back which apparently is loaded with money,when I suggested just to block the card and get a new one when Sammy(stranded son) is back to US,he said it can't be done...I can't believe how stupid I was...OMG..this world is full of us,-fools
First name: Fritz
Last name: Hill
Age: 47
Location: Nigeria and Afghanistan
On websites: no
Report: Hi. My name is Victoria Beavers this claims to be inn the military said he loves me in two days. Wants me to send money for a ts2 phone. Internet connection so he can hear my voice. See each also he said I think. I had to send a email to this address defencemilitary@gmail. Com.he wants 300.00 dollars. Please help me. He says we won't be in contact anymore if this payment isn't paid by 20th of October. Thanks. Victoria beavers
First name: Fisk
Last name: Sorensen
Aka: Anton Sorensen
Age: late 30ies
Location: Nigeria
On websites: tagged, FB, skpe
Report: He contacted me on hi5, claiming later to be a soldier, deployed in Nigeria. Later asked for personal items, clothes, food and finally money. The scenario was the usual , money to be sent trough moneygram or western union, the ''handler'' who would pick up the money was named, Taiwo Tosin, Nigeria,Apata city, nr22. Bail House. I did not send any money to him and then he became rude and called me full of........... I have several pictures of him and his kids, but my guess is that those are stolen pictures used by a scammer. In case you need it, I will send it to you. best regards.
First name: johnson
Last name: kelly
Age: 54
Location: california - san fransisco
On websites: skype - libero - yahoo.mail -
Report: love story - sending money to clear a parcel with money and gold
First name: Steven r
Last name: Martin
Age: 48
Location: Nigeria
Phone: 2348142195751
On websites: Match . com, black people meet
Report: On dating website, asking for money
First name: james
Last name: white
Age: 46
Location: rhodes island nigeria
Phone: 210 6173275
On websites: facebook yahoo messenger
First name: Pires
Last name: Du plaisir
Age: 54
Location: Capetown south africa
Phone: unknown0787641144
Email: Pires_duplaisir33@Hotmail. Com
On websites: Zoosk whatts app
Report: This man, Pires du plaisir met me on Zoosk. His photos was not verified. I asked him why, then he didn't want to answer me. He use two photos. One in a hotel room of which the date reflect as 13.12.2012, he send it out as if it was taken in 2015. And a photo of his backside on a boat. I got tired of all of his rules about never wanting to talk to me on the phone. And he send only what's apps to communicate with me. Very important he insist on writing to me in French. Then I must translate it to English. When I tried to phone his cell it goes to MTN voice mail. He is very charming and send beautiful messages to me of his construction company (which he refuse to tell me the name of it). And he become very angry when I beg for a real photo of where he currently is. I am sure he stole his 3 photos (the 3rd one he send by whatss app. The date on it is messed with it shows 10.09.2218. When I asked him why he become furious for not trusting his word. He refuse to give any adress, or work address. He only tell me he is going to work till he is 60 years old, then he want to retire to FRANCE
First name: Gerald
Last name: Ardan
Age: 54
Location: Cape Town, So. Africa, London; Chicago, Ill
Phone: 127749684592
On websites: Facebook
Report: I was contacted by this guy as friend on Facebook. It later developed in our writing and phone calls outside of Facebook. I met him February 2015 through September 2015. He was in Chicago, Ill until he got an engineering job in South Africa which lasted for months. We got very close and after couple months on job he started having job issues and needed money. Much to my disappointment I did send him money. He never did finish the job nor return to the States. It was after his so called daughter, Karen Ardan, died in So. Africa that I finally woke up to this scam. I can afford to lose the money sent but other women may not so I want to report him to your site in hopes of preventing this from reoccurring to someone else. Most of the emails, hundreds, were destroyed by me but I do have a few recent emails to submit and well as pictures. After this experience and a more recent one which I did not send money, on line dating is history in my life.
First name: Eric
Age: about 55
Location: Johnston, RI
Phone: 347-741-7978
On websites: POF
Report: this is a person that contacted me on POF recently. He wanted to talk off the site right away as he doesn't go on the POF often. We communicated a few times by text message. This morning I texted him and he sent me a message that he needed 3000 to pay for his daughters school project (he supposedly has two daughters going to school in Texas) he states he has 2400 of the money and needs 600. He then sends a message, can you loan me 600 till we meet next week (we had not even discussed meeting yet). I stated no, he then called and I still said no, he then hung up right away. His profile disappeared shortly after we started texting from POF - yes with this I was very weary. Dear Dellafun, Erikahryan1 just sent you a new message on at 11:09:33 AM on Sunday, October 11, 2015 (Pacific Standard Time)!
First name: Lucas
Age: 50
Phone: 386-401-5289
On websites: Craig List
Report: You have him on the file and he just contacted me with this:
First name: John V.
Last name: Gustavo
Age: 60
Location: Salt lake city
Phone: 239-491-4157
On websites: Match
Report: States he is a widow, born in Portugal, retired oil consultant from Qatar. Now working in rough or raw gems. He states he has a son in London named Mark who is married and his wife's name is Helen. He leaves for gem buying and then runs into trouble in customs and needs thousands of dollars to get the raw gems out.
First name: Enoch
Last name: Etornam
Aka: James Brown
Age: 35
Location: Ghana
On websites: mingle2
Report: After confronting him about inconsistencies in what he said I received this email: My dear (Cathryn) To err is human to forgive, is divine. Forgiveness is not something we do for other people , but we do it for ourselves to get well and move on . Am asking for your complete forgiveness because i relaise i have sin against God and human kind . I am not who i said i was ,i got introduce to this new way of making money from the internet by an old class mate which i meet some few days ago after i explain my financial problems to him . Am so stupid and a shame of my self and i see no reason why i have to continue this because i do not want to offend God and human as a whole . Am not a military man and am not in Iraq or London as i post to be , all those are fake pictures and words they just sit back copy and paste to make good money out of . Please don't take my apologies as yet another selfish attitude, and as if am only thinking about myself . if you are noble enough to forgive me you will find out that I can really a good man . I know you must be upset and I can perfectly understand why. Am aware of the extent of my mistake and I have even tried to put myself in your shoes. I understand the sad and uneasy situation that I have put you through just because of my stupid and ungodly act , am so so sorry dear one . Am a young man of 34 years old from Ghana,an electrician as profession ,widower with a son of 4 years old and good christian . I lost my wife an hour later after my soon has been born . My business is down now and my son and i are living from hand to mouth , that is the main reason why i got my self into all this . Please do not report me to the authorities , i seek for your forgiveness because am ready to change and find a something to do and take care of my son . please i will not like you to get hurt by another on the internet , so am explaining all this to you and you have to be very careful about online dating ... 60% of dating profiles now are fake and i will like to draw that to your attention . Nb , i will not attached my pictures for you to see me now until you have accepted and find a place in your heart to forgive me dear one ... once again am so sorry , wish you a Blessed evening and may God be with you . Yous faithfully , Enoch Etornam .
First name: Robert
Last name: Chester
Aka: Rob
Age: 58
Location: San Diego, CA; London, UK
Address: 1330 Market St,San Diego CA 92101
Phone: 619.383.3699; 447045716457
On websites: Zoosk, Yahoo Messenger
Report: Were you contacted first or did you contact him? I contacted him on Zoosk dating site. Which website did the first contact initiate from? Zoosk How long did the correspondence last? 2 months What was odd about the correspondence? Slow correspondence but quickly moved to wanting a relationship, said he had to go out of the country (USA-UK) to settle father's estate. He had San Diego cell phone number and UK forward number. What money was requested? $2000 For what purpose? To return to US The money was requested by whom: from him directly. How many times did this person ask for money? twice. What happened at the end? I was able to do a Google image search and found that his pictures belonged to a Bob Herson, he did not graduate from University of Kansas & IP address kept changing. I confronted him via email and he disappeared.
First name: Alejandro
Last name: Marvin
Age: 51
Location: San Jose, California, USA
Phone: +14083891466
On websites: LinkedIn
Report: Have copies of fake documents used to con money out of me. Used excuse to sound that he was in deep trouble and needed assistance but stories did not gel. Pretend to visit and was then told he was detained by the airport for carrying too much cash and he was jailed and the money confiscated and needed for ancillary help to get bail. Boarding g pass sent looks fake. Verified with the airline. He has taken a lot of money from me and now denies the money was for him
First name: Jerry
Last name: Schoor van
Age: 52
Location: Nederland, Ukraine,Amerika
On websites: Dating site
Report: Hij doet zich voor als ingenieur welke woont in Nederland en voor werk zit in Ukraine.
First name: Anthony
Last name: EDELSON
Age: 55
Location: Australiano...en Kabul Afganistan
Phone: 4155787993
Email: christophermichael19844@
On websites: Accra (Ghana), Afganistan
Report: se hace pasar por Christopher Michael... cuenta que esta en Afganistan Kabul en una base militar en el desierto como Medico Militar, Haciendo una mision humanitaria .dice ser de nacionalidad Australiana ,,con un hijo de 18 anos, su hijo dice que esta en UK en un colegio,viudo, sin mas familia, y que lleva un ano y medio en la base militar como medico militar. lo conoci por internet ..el se presento en Skype en mi direccion de Skype, me ha estado enamorando durante 6 meses y me ha pedido dinero,,,me ha estafado 200.000,00 euros, he perdido mi apartamento. Me ha dejado sin dinero y el corazon destrozado. Deseo denunciarlo a la policia, para que me devuelva todo mi dinero ....trabaja con un socio que se hace llamar Philip Winn, a ese no le he visto la cara...pero a Christopher (o Anthony Edelson ) si me ha mandado su foto,(tengo 3 fotos) lo he reconocido en las fotos publicadas por ustedes como
First name: Dennis
Last name: Gudman
Age: 60
Location: Washington, DC
Email: I don't know
On websites: Ok upid
Report: Very interested until I asked him about his need for funds, he decided I was too skeptical and didn't trust him. He stayed he wanted a woman who had complete trust in hm.