First name: Tim
Last name: Coffey
Age: 57
Location: Brighton, Ontario, Apopka, Florida, South Africa
Phone: 321-396-7438, 27-74-491-8412
On websites:
Report: He contacted me on on Nov 14/15. He indicated that he was cancelling his membership so sent me his personal email asking that I contact him. He said he was Australian born but lived in Florida, New York and Brighton Ontario. Mechanical Engineer working on Oil Rigs. He escalated the relationship very quickly. By Dec 5th he was talking about love. Sent me poems, a lot of romantic language which I have since found, word for word on various internet sites. His grammar was strange. Used
First name: Harry
Last name: James
Age: Unknown
Location: New Delhi India
Phone: +919654159817
On websites: Known
Report: Harry James borrowed money yo me he promised me he will return after 3days. But after he reeived my money he disappeard. I sent the money thru western union here are the mtcn nos. Sept.22 mtcn no 6623714801 oct.5 mtcn 80286417 oct 15, 2015 mtcn no. 0779207431 he told me the money he will pay for th plane ticket going back to us. But no no i came here to report him.
First name: larry
Last name: bill
Age: 62
Location: Bellevue California, Jacksonville, Florida
Phone: 561 509 1334nknown
On websites:
Report: I am a scammer magnet. Met Larry Bill a few wks ago. He first got me to buy him iTunes cards. Then, a few days later he was asking for 1500$ to buy his Mother a ticket to USA. He promised me a 1.7 million $ house in Charleston. He claims he is from South Africa, his Mother is from South Africa and Father from USA and deceased. He sent me numerous pics of himself. He has a South African accent which is very strong. His occupation is Real Estate. He says he can work anywhere in the world and work. This guy is white or his pics are.
First name: Steven
Last name: Roland's
Age: 49
Location: Greece and Albany, New York and Denmark
On websites: Google Hangouts and Gmail. Com
Report: Been talking to this man who never wanted to talk on phone or video. But wants to get married and said he was from New York and is in Greece on job and lived in Dearly most of his life all but eight years in New York.He has tried to get money from me to get flight to USA cause he cannot access his money over seas.. When I said I could not send he wants to send his money to him after I fill out a paper to get his money through me and I send him flight money to get here so we can marry???
First name: Michael
Last name: Clint Brown
Age: 45
Location: West Africa
On websites: &
Report: This scammer identified himself as a soldier in deployment to West-Africa. He contacted me trough We were corresponding for a period of almost 2 months. I suspected him when he started to telling me that was in love with me almost right away and that he wants to marry me. Also, he use to email me with a lot of poems that he supposed write them, I did research online and all the poems were stolen. He told me to contact his commandant to process with the request for leave permit, I ask him and his commandant their military email address to start with the process, the first one just avoid to provide me with his info
First name: Christopher
Last name: Lopez
Aka: Krist
Age: 55 years born May 3 1960
Location: Kabul Afghanistan, Camp Egger and Austin Texas Camp Hood
On websites: Lustandfame
Report: December 16, 2015 Corresponding since Nov/15. On Krist interupted in pop up requesting chat. He contacted me then sent an email requesting we go off Match encase we get disconnected to to send pictures. Claims to be E9 Sergeant Major (gave himself a promotion) Christopher Lopez,(aka Krist), age 55, retiring 2 weeks, widower-wife died 6 years ago, no kids. Lives on army base Fort Hood Austin Texas, stationed for 2 years in Kabul, Afghanistan at Camp Egger, working for UN special peace assignment. Night Patrol Duty in field for survey & topology. Helps Afghani children in the orphanage. Did not ask me for money or items(I was waiting for it). Wanted me to leave he waited 11 days for me to go off Match site to communicate. His patience sold me he was legit. He asked for my cell number never used it, asked to come to my home for Christmas never asked for address? Red lights: profile picture was different than 4 others he sent me, his low level grammer for a Sergeant Major, his unusual terms, he didn't understand familiar english terms, his insignia looked navy not army.
First name: Johnson
Last name: Jacks
Aka: Captain Johnson Kelvin Jacks
Age: 42
Location: Afgahnistan
Email: johnsonkelvinh
On websites: Facebook
Report: Pretending to be a soldier to scam money
First name: ogo
Last name: Israel
Aka: Stephen uzoma, Lawrence woodgate, Frank west ,paul Williams
Age: 40 to
Location: Nigeria,Ghana
Phone: 232245327566-905078682535
On websites: viber, message
Report: 419 scammers. Turkey. Several of them taken my mother for life saving Don't support these people don't send money We don't want it in terrorist. Hands say no to scammers
First name: david
Last name: Harris
Aka: david hartman, david caudell,anthony henriech, scot robert
Age: 58 ?
Location: says he is in California
On websites:
Report: he contacted me on Match and says he is the CEO of Harexs Equipment and sells all over the world...wants to get to know me so we can be married...
First name: Aaron
Last name: Castle
Age: 66 yr .20 nov
Location: USA, Dubai, Accra
On websites: CMatch ,but already suspended
Report: It started on the 3 rd of november with a wink on C Match. Corresponded up to the 9th of dec. After only a few mails he started to call me babe and his feelings for me? Also some english words were not written correctly. He said to be a Geologist had lost his wife in a car accident 4 yrs ago. Has 2 children but no contact as they blamed him for the accident. At the time he contacted me He said to be in Dubai working for a sheik. Was negotiating for a job either in Accra for less then a month or to go to spain for 1 year. He ended up in Accra. Lost part of his luggage and start asking me to send him a laptop. After refusing he tried one more time and that was on th 9th of dec aain I refused and that was the last I heard.
First name: lucas
Last name: james
Aka: frank marvin james
Age: 52
Location: syria
Email: ?
On websites: redhotpie
Report: This guy contacted me on redhotpie.. claims to be retiring from the us army real soon etc... his words didnt seem right so i found you guys and there he is .. i have him on yahoo messenger but hes not talking to me.
First name: Michael
Last name: Jones
Aka: Carter Jones
Age: 52
Location: Tamale Ghana
On websites: facebook
Report: In August I received a friend request from a Jones Carter said he was in Afghanistan and was a soldier with the US Army. have been talking to him for 2 months until I realized it was a scam also mentioned an orphanage and wanting to adopt a child. Says he is ready for retirement. I believed him. was very smart and had me convinced I was talking to a Real Soldier. Am heartbroken and would love to find the Real person behind those pics to share my experience and get some closure.
First name: Adams
Last name: Amen
Age: 54
Location: United States, Houston
Phone: 281-409-3551
On websites:
Report: This person initiated contact with me on this dating site. Corresponded for a couple of months before money was requested. There actually a couple of people working under this name and talking to each other. One is in Ghana and the other Houston , Texas. Met this scammer on Says he is a Civil Engineer, as a private consultant in the oil industry on a final contract in Ghana. Says he went to school in London at Brunel University but was raised in Texas. Mark Agyakwah is the agent in Ghana that received the wire transfer.
First name: Yale
Last name: Tompson
Aka: Jonas Tompson
Age: 36
Location: Johannesburg South Africa
Phone: 312-292-9933
On websites: okcupid
Report: Claims to be from Chicago, IL with family ties to his mother in Johannesburg. He contacted me via Ok Cupid in spring of 2014. He lays elaborate ground work for his backstory and how is now
First name: Peres
Last name: Watkins
Age: 42
Location: Abuja Nigeria
Phone: +2349081393203, +2348175670049, +2348104177234, +2348063005658
On websites: WhatsApp,
Report: Met him on badoo October 2014. We chatted yahoo IM, then WhatsApp. Said he was a freelance contractor on contract in Nigeria. Sent him several thousands of USD to
First name: moran
Last name: hopkins
Age: 55
Location: afaganistan
Email: rabit 37723@yahoo. com
On websites: messenger
Report: asking for money to come home for service to see his dougther
First name: Thomas
Last name: Mark
Aka: Sergeant Tom
Age: 55
Location: Afghanistan
On websites: Facebook
Report: Claims to be US sergeant serving in Afghanistan. 31 years in army. Canadian by birth widowed with a daughter Nancy. Claims to be NCO on batallion in charge chemical warfare defending. Has sent photos of a soldier he says he is and a family photo but with soldiers ID badge blacked out. He last reported that his troup had found large amounts of money left by Taliban and he kept it as he needs it to retire after this mission and is going to send it to me via diplomatic means . I believe this man is also in touch with other women in the US and Australia from the research I have done. He uses other alias also but can tell from his poor English that this person is a fake using stolen soldiers ID. I no longer contact this man and have sent the correspondence and fake photos he is using to the US foreign consulate in Edinburgh . I am angry that I was initially fooled by this scammer who got my details from Facebook. Tks
First name: Jonathan
Last name: Mcdavidson
Age: 60
Location: Park City, UT, Australia, Istanbul, Turkey, Miami, Fl
Phone: 305-570-3175; 90-548-833-9605
On websites:
Report: Said he was a geologist born in New Zealand, moved to Australia, then to Miami where he met his wife, married, she died of colon cancer in her father's house in Park City. He was going to Istanbul to mine blue garnets. Sent a pic of
First name: Alex
Last name: Connor
Age: 58
Location: Ghana Accra, Afghanistan Khabul, Kansas City
Phone: 00233263346391, 00233265406738
On websites: facebook, flirtfever, Skype, Whatsapp
Report: wrote me at Flirtfever, General in Afghanistan, retireing. His probable illigal package was caught from Ghana duty on its way to Germany. He needed money for exhausted time stamp. But that money I gave was not enough, sent 5000 Euros . He needed of course more. Wanted 70.000 later I did not give. He contacted later again, sweared his Love to me. Wanted money to pay Ghana police, to catch the scammers that , so he told me, pretended to be him and cheated me about that 5000 Euros. He got 900 again. But that was not enough. He wanted me to pay 800 for hotel Bills so he could come with flight to Germany. I gave no more money. So he threated me with bad words and told me he would find me. he made much pressure all time, called me at whatsapp and phone. He is at facebook and at Skype with his name Alex Connor. Skypename is justhome5.
First name: Rolland
Last name: Wilkers
Age: Unknown
Location: Manchester UK
On websites: Facebook
Report: Contacted me on Facebook, started chatting, I got suspicious and hardly participated in communication. He eventually sent me he's email address. I have he's profile picture I can send to you. Thank you.
First name: Francis3232
Age: 42
Location: Saint Paul
Email: Unknown
On websites: OK Cupid
Report: This guy been very active in okcupid website and he create few account using a same photo .normally he will send you message like this Hello to you dear I'm Francis by the name . I was browsing at this very site when your loving photo caught my attention I want to complement on it to let you know I like your photo you can see I'm from England shut I live in USA where I'm working . Do you have whatapps, we chat add me in this number +447746857243. Here is my mobile number is USA you can call me +12182580749. And after that he create another account name francesbertino96 at okcupid
First name: Steven
Last name: William
Age: 55
Location: Ireland
On websites: Facebook, yahoo messenger, skype
Report: Steven william contacted me thru facebook. Told me that was working on an oil rig in Ireland. He had oil and gas shares that he could not receive and ask if he transfer ownership to me and have them delivered to me.
First name: Joseph
Last name: Dunford
Aka: General Joseph Dunford
Age: 60
Location: Afganastan
On websites: Skype and Messenger
Report: He contacted me wanting a wife he was fix en to retire. He wanted me to send 7000.00 for his leave. I knew right then he was a scammer.
First name: clark
Last name: douglas dwayne
Age: 54
Location: usa
On websites: skyp
Report: Clark was writing to me......but now is he Frances Clegger. skp aa123463 13:27 Brooklyn, New York,usa e i was stuped and naiv i send to him 500 late i found you...your internet site
First name: john f.
Last name: campbell
Age: 58
Location: afganistan
On websites: facebook
First name: Phil
Last name: Williams
Aka: David Walker, Terry Butler
Age: 1968.10.23 or 54 years old
Location: now in Jakarta
Address: Marble Hill
Phone: +16128516400 +6285714530704
On websites: LinkedIn
Report: It is a same picture with different name on LinkedIn, maybe he is a scammer, too / or he is the original???? Same person, different name/ profile on LinkedIn
First name: Nicholas
Last name: Simons
Age: 65
Location: USA
On websites: Match
Report: Nicholas contacted me and said he was returning to the UK from USA....he said his mother wanted to return home to end her years in Britain where she was originally from..he arranged to meet me but had to go to Cape Town on family business..Once there he told me he got into financial difficulties and could i send him money towards his rent. Unfortunately i did and lost money...I became suspicious when saw him on other sites with different names and ages. Wish i had know about your site sooner....keep up the good work.
First name: Bryan
Last name: Williams
Age: 47
Location: Quatar, Dubai
On websites: Eharmony
Report: Met on harmony and quickly built up a relationship with me saying that he owns his own construction business over there.Started begging for financial assistance as he got into trouble with the law and was meant to send the money via a third party as the authorities had confiscated his passport and could not collect the money himself.Then his lies got more elaborate than before stating he was homeless, then was hospitalised following a car accident where his leg was amputated.As with other ladies he was sending me love notes via text and emails both morning and night.Said we could not video call as something was wrong with his desk top. Said that he was divorce ,Claims that he is half irish and half Portuguese and claimed that he use to live in Canada but owns a house in the states. Said that he does not have any kids. Wish I had known about this site before falling for his lies. Now looking at sites and sees that he goes by the name of James Nicholas ,Tom Oliver and Smith Turner. I often wonder what sort of deprive human being could be so deceitful and yet so calculating. I wish that some one can stop him from using and hurting other females.
First name: Erik
Last name: Anthony
Aka: Bell David
Age: 54
Location: Nigeria
Email: N/A
On websites: Facebook
Report: Erik Anthony is Bell David on Facebook. I have known him about a year now, always asking for money
First name: Paul
Last name: Silver
Age: 53
Location: Accra Ghana
Phone: 00233237128264
On websites: skype
Report: wrote to me thru skype wanting my cell number to whatsapp me...did not give it...thank god...found him here