First name: Dario
Last name: Littera
Aka: William Davis
Age: 49
Location: San Diego CA
Phone: 619-940-5379. .233-23-246-7245
On websites: Facebook
Report: Said he was from San Diego CA working on a oil rig. He said he has a son in school that needed money. Also wanting I phone 6 sent to him ( well a friend of his). Wanted me to sell my house so we could be together. Also has a Ghana phone number that he says is for work. This man can get very nasty if he don't get his way. Even threaten death. He also will talk on yahoo messenger, vibor, and hangout.
First name: Oscari
Last name: Williams
Aka: clifford ramsey
Age: 52
Location: UK, London and Togo, Africa
Address: 14 Waring Road, Sidcup Kenth, London, da14 6sh
Phone: + 44 7851 478075 and + 228 92927053
On websites: Facebook, Google+, Be2, Datanta
Report: His story is: 52 years, divorced, from London UK. Owner of company selling/ installing medical equipment. He has got a job to install medical equipment in hospitals in Togo, Westafrica. His credit card and bank account have been hacked and afterwards closed. He asks for money to buy food, to pay his workers, pay hotels bills, etc., etc. Finally I was contacted by a doctor, who informed that Oscari was hospitalised in a clinique and was seriously ill. Next day I got more information. They informed he had been a victim in a traffic accident, needed an operation and they asked for money to send him to a bigger hospital.
First name: Nelson Onuoha
Last name: Chijioke
Aka: Brig. Gen. Richard M. Murphy, Gen. Richard M. Murphy, Brig. Gen John E. Michel
Age: 36,50
Location: Accra Ghana, Afghanistan
Phone: +233231912718, +233237633033
On websites: Linkedin: Gen. Richard M. Murphy, Yahoo Messenger: richardmurphy_m
Report: I was emailed at the end of August from a Gen. Richard M. Murphy USAF on LinkedIn. He told me he was in Afghanistan on a mission and would be back in the states in November with his16yr old adopted son John who was a student in Accra Ghana. After a few brief emails he wanted me to go on yahoo messenger. the first couple of weeks he was great no problems, he was charming and wonderful and I had no doubts. Then one day we started talking as usual and he told me he was upset that his son had no extra cash to buy food outside of school because he used all his extra cash. He asked me if I could send his Teacher Nelson Onuoha Chijioke, well at first it was Nelson Chijioke Onuoha the money, because he couldn't contact the school (only John's teacher) and didn't have any personal information, credit cards, nothing, so I agreed. the General said to send the money to the DHL office via western union. I wasn't thinking and of course did. Soon after that John had his laptop stolen and needed one. I again said ok so he picked one out and I sent the laptop through Amazon to Nelson
First name: Ryan Prezo
Last name: Gale
Age: 61; 12/5/1953
Location: Jenkintown, PA
Phone: 940-602-8782; 447978347902
On websites:
Report: 1st contact me on on 9/21/2015 under the Id 'Fixit21', he said it was his last day on match and could I email him on his private account. He immediately began to romance me after telling me he was widowed 10 yrs ago, he was a contractor for a financial firm from the UK; he had a daughter that was studying to be a pilot in Italy. He said he was born in Palermo, Italy but came to the US at age 6, then went to Germany at 16 to study, then getting a Masters degree in Scotland, it was here that he said he had a thick accent that sounded German. He did call me once and left a message that was very hard to understand because of the accent. I called him back but only talked a couple of minutes because I was in the car, his accent was very thick and I could hardly understand him. In addition he wrote that his father and son had been killed in a car accident and he moved from Calif afterwards because of the bad memories. His letters continued for over a few weeks, at first he was on a business trip to Texas for work, he was there a week then emailed that he was successful in getting a contract signed and that the company then wanted him to fly directly to the UK to sign papers. All along I was trying to find him on the internet to no avail, he finally gave me the name of the company 'Bains International' in Kent England. When I searched on that along with his name a scammer profile popped up under your website. Once I realized he was a scammer I stopped communicating with him, he emailed and tried to call 1 more time then stopped. I have pictures of the person he claimed he was that are different from the Ryan Gale previously reported. I never let him get as far as asking me for money but wanted to tell my version along with giving you additional pictures.
First name: David
Last name: Magid
Aka: David, Nelson
Age: 52
Location: Ghana
Phone: +447548357255
On websites: viber, tango,facebook
Report: God i am stupid. I meet this man and he was telling me that he worked for the united nation as an orthopedic surgeon. When he started asking for money. My friend checked him out and found out that he was not who he stated to be.
First name: Richard
Last name: wallace
Aka: mick johnstone
Age: 49
Location: afghanistan
On websites: WeChat
Report: I had contact with this man from OkCupid dating site and he ask me for large sums of money and I found him here and I did not give him a penny, this man is still scamming woman
First name: Bevan
Last name: stonebridge
Aka: Emmanuel Temiton
Age: 49
Location: Georgia
On websites: facebook
Report: Today I have found and talk to 14 other lady' s this man has scammed he is good at what he dose and will tell you he works for the us army but this is not true and he go for woman in the UK always and you need watch our for this man
First name: Robert
Last name: Owens
Age: 48
Location: Aurora, Illinois, United States
Address: 2190 Candleberry, Aurora, Illinois
Phone: 630-984-7661
On websites:
Report: I started chatting on Match with this individual on 8-7-15. He said he was born in Berlin and lived in Atlanta, Georgia. He sent a picture and I fell for him pretty quickly. He told me he lost his wife in a car accident 8 years ago and had a 16 year old son, Beau. He told me his son lives with his parents in Berlin. He even sent an address in Berlin of a person he said was his mother. He said he was in the army getting ready to retire in November. We chatted regularly and sent a lot of e-mail back and forth. We actually talked on the phone twice. On 8-24-15 he said he was being sent to Ascuncion, Paraguay for the army. He made it look pretty convincing by sending pictures and videos of the training. I started getting suspicious when he asked me to fund a school trip for his son from Berlin to New York. Then he said because of his job he had received a reward
First name: Anthony
Last name: Edelson
Aka: John Wilson
Age: 54-55
Location: Los Angeles, California
Phone: 254-876-0623
On websites:
Report: I started chatting with this person on Match on August 7, 2015. We moved to the yahoo site and have still been chatting. He claims he works for an import-export car company in Los Angeles, California. I was not suspicious of him until we talked one night about orphans.
First name: David
Last name: Nickolozo
Age: 48
Location: athens, Greece Palermo, Italy Rochester, NY Santa Monica, CA
Phone: 5188824702
On websites: facebook,,
First name: Robert
Last name: Oduoza
Age: 50
Location: Nigeria
On websites: Yes
Report: He says money in the bank and keeps on asking for more moneyl
First name: Jeffrey
Last name: Nuklyn
Age: 59
Location: USA Beverly Hills
Phone: +1 (323) 892-2620
On websites:
Report: ad LoveRock23 for this man. Fake photos. Fake everything. See Sharon's posts on Jeffrey Lawson- same guy. Claims to be educated, potential Network Securities with a PhD (but also repairs satellite dishes!! Ha- really stupid) and claims to live in Beverly Hills. Claims Paris as the place he grew up, married, has daughter or son who attends Cambridge, and wife cheated on him. Divorced for five years and ready for love again. He only played me one day, he sent an email from the above address so I googled that name. It took me to a fake website and a fake linked in account with the name Dr Richard Vanzard. So that's probably another name he uses. I confronted him in an email and dropped screenshots into the email and asked who he really is. That was the end of our conversation. I hope this helps anyone else out there. This guy, and others like him, are psychological predators. They know how to manipulate the human heart. Beware!!
First name: Holger
Last name: Casper
Aka: Erik
Age: 51
Location: UK, but living on Malta
Phone: 00442033228775
On websites:
Report: I have learn this sacmmer by name Erik on He told me, he work in hospital as face, eyes, nose and ears doctor. After longer time by writing emails, he told me, he must travell to Japan by work. Now he is in a land near Japan and he need 150k Yuan for paying hospital stuff, because his agent is in trouble. The name of the dog on the photo is Lucky and he found this dog in a animal foundry, very sick, and he growing up the dog, for this the dog name is Lucky. For he ask me to help me by money, I started search on this site and found him by photo with his dog Lucky.
First name: Reid
Last name: Larson
Age: 45
Location: New York, CA, Maryland, Nigeria, Tbilisi
On websites: Unknown
Report: He may be using a different name, email address. His location was confirmed as being in Nigeria but he also says he is in a country in Tbilisi Georgia.
First name: Joseph
Last name: Mucek
Age: 56
Location: Unknown
On websites: Facebook
Report: 9/30/15 I received a friend request from Joseph Mucek. At my request on 9/30 I received 4 pictures of him. He claimed to be widowed Lt Colonel with an adopted boy, 10. He sent me 3 emails & several Fb messages until the last one on 10/4/15 in which he asked to mail me a package with $1 million & a gift for me. I declined. End of all communication.
First name: kevin
Last name: green
Age: 55
Location: USA. .texas
On websites: tinder and Facebook
Report: I have met Kevin by tinder and he asked if I had Facebook so we could chat At fist he seemed like a normal man who was a truckdriver. He told me he was taking care of his grandson because his parents had died in a accedent. In just two days he was already telling me how much he loved me and that he wanted to visit me in Holland He even send a foto of his grandson . I was already holding back because I have been scammed before so I know what to look for. A week later he told me that his son had a terrible accedent by the swimming pool and that he needed money for the operation. He even send me terrible foto's of a boy in the hospital But this boy was sundely much older than the first pic he had send me.I told him he should ask his own family to help him.but he didn't know we're they were. I told him I couldn't help and I blocked him of my Facebook. With kind regards Maria
First name: Paulo
Last name: Rossi
Age: 53
Location: california
Phone: 4157458709
On websites: was on
Report: I was scammed out of several thousands of dollars by this man..he played on my he shared his life story with me....saying he was widowed...after 15 years of marriage to a women named Stella...his mother died of cancer when he was 12...his father was also failing with cancer...said he needed to get back to his father before he passed as he was working on a project in Malaysia....and needed additional funds for that as well....after taking money and told him i had no more....he cut off all communication with me....said his fathers name was Roberto Rossi...his name Paulo Rossi...and also his wife died of cancer....these dirt bags need tp be caught
First name: Thomas
Last name: Golson
Age: 46
Location: Stationed in Afganistan U.S. Army
Email: unknow
On websites: Facebook
Report: This man friended my girlfriend on Facebook he send her love and then ask for money. !. Son needed surgery...then for food...She refused so she did unfriend and reported him to Facebook..I told her right off he was a scammer...Now She Believes.
First name: James Donovan
Last name: Dunlap
Aka: Gene Alan Dontje
Age: 63
Location: Accra Ghana
On websites: FB and yahoo
Report: Conversation started September 24
First name: Jason
Last name: Hart
Age: 48
Location: California
Email: Don't know
On websites: Badoo
Report: He pretended to be a soldier requiring payment for leave.
First name: Ronald
Last name: Gilbson
Aka: Usa
Age: 56
Location: Sout Afrika, capetown
Phone: +27620919269
On websites:
Report: He take kontakt on and later on Skype. He told HIS vife and cildren was dead in accident. He are global contractor Owner. Make oil rig constructions, over vater bridges, interior decors. Now he are en sout Afrika for bulding a wearhouse. It was a big contract. He told me he was born in France, but go to New Berlin when he was 1 year. Lost HIS fatter and live in Cairo many yers with HIS uant. He have bee the arkitekt and move back to NY. Now he vant a new vife, and he say he loves me and kould do everything for me. He want merry me and love me more and he hope it kould be me. He Ask for 300? for the hotellbill and will pay me beck after he have the money for HIS jobb in sout Afrika.........he beg me many times for money, but I will not pay him. After this I am not hear anything from him. But I am sure he try to cheat me.
First name: David
Last name: Lewis
Age: 59
Location: Africa ip address
Phone: 716-320-6749
On websites:
Report: proclaims to be a construction engineer and gemologist..travels extensively within two days proclaims totally in love, requests you remove yourself from the dating site to be exclusive. Family (wife and children) died in car accident in Georgia. Lived in California and Virginia. Has dog, Barry (shizzle).
First name: David
Last name: Anderson
Age: 52
Location: usa---chicago
On websites: skype
Report: Mr Anderson scammed me out of $3000 dollars
First name: Daniel
Last name: Burns
Aka: Dave Scott, Jack Redd
Age: 55
Location: LA, CA, UK, Ghana
On websites:, Skype
Report: Report: Met this person on as freewqwe33. He asked to get my email first off. Why do they do this? Do they use our email headers to mask their IP addresses or something? Anyway, I demand to see these guys on Skype so he contacted me thru Skype as daniel burns 14 but the name on the account said davescott202. I believe he used the pic for Jack Redd but curious as to why he would use a picture of himself if he is indeed the scammer? We went to video chat but there was only a still picture of someone resembling Jack Redd's pic on this site, and the pics he sent me through Skype. He asked me if I could receive his gold bars (about 14billion dollars of gold bars he said) LOL. I said no, so he moved on and I went to bed. Through the night, I kept getting Skype calls, about 5 of them. I hit a button that stopped the noise and went back to sleep. In the morning, the same name on Skype video called again so I answered it. I saw an African face, young guy looking at the camera then he realized I'd answered it this time so he turned the laptop away as quickly as he could. I asked where he was and he responded Ghana. I was confused but then figured it out. I told him to get lost and have the chat to send male-scammers.
First name: marc
Last name: epps
Age: 60
Location: iraq
Address: 6012 W pico Blvd Los Angeles California
On websites: Military meet
Report: I answered to his profile on Military Meet Page we have been writing over a Year,,, now saw the Scammer Lopez and saw the photos he had sent me on his file didn't know about this sort of thing read the data ,he is on my Skype now got a Diplomat,Mark Brown to Skype me,,,,,,,, saw him in office even put a Military coat on and hat wanted to see what I looked like and when I asked about the Photos I saw had a Emily Smith to Skype me as she was a Secretary Under a Government Official serving in Iraq as she said the same thing happened to her I still have them on my Skype,, I have sent him about $20,000 he used Well Fargo Bank in Los Felix Los,, Angeles California to send money to him at one stage I even tried to talk to someone in that Bank but wouldn't listen Outcome noticed a age difference two photos he sent especially with him standing by a huge Framed photo of me where I had seen same photo one similar on the Scammer's Photos I,, feel he did put a lot of effort in this one with me or really trying a new way but he was good in his letters very clever
First name: Tom
Last name: Bloks
Aka: hopeoflove5 (Skype)Douglas Wenger is his real name I think
Age: 51
Location: Santa Barbara, CA, Netherlands
Phone: 805-678-0865
On websites:, Skype
Report: He contacted me on Match as Vit0065 and then on Skype as hopeoflove5. Skype name on profile is Tom Bloks with the name Douglas Wenger as the real name of the account. I also know him as a totally different person called Eddie Jackson which I will make another report about. He never actually got to the point of asking me for money because I think he detected that I was wasting his time scam baiting. But because he spoke like the other scammers I've spoken to, and used the same scripts, I knew he was a scammer. He had a voip phone, and fell in love very quickly, was very amorous, and the pictures he sent supposedly of himself, were on many of the scam sites. They weren't of him but of a poor but handsome soul from the Netherlands. He would talk to me on Skype as Tom Bloks, then write emails from Eddie Jackson, and forget what I told one or the other and get the stories mixed up, which is how I knew they were the same person. To Tom I told I was going to dinner with my son, and the next day, Eddie asked how my dinner went...when I hadn't told him about that.
First name: Robert
Last name: Davidson
Aka: Luigiono
Age: 50
Location: Warwickshire Rugby
On websites: Unknown
Report: Robert got in touch with me on Great British Penpals and he asked for my email address which I sent to him. In the evening I received a email from him and it the way his letter was written that I believe he is a scammer . He say his wife died 5 years ago and he travels all over the place and he is a merchant . He is of Italian by nationality . The whole of his email makes me think he is another one.
First name: Gordon
Last name: Layer
Aka: Andy Williams
Age: 57
Location: Sacramento, Califonia, USA
Address: 777 Campus Commons Road, Suit 200, Sacramento
Phone: 15032060779
On websites: Zorpia, Facebook
Report: Contacted through Zorpia (!LayerGordon1) and chatted on Yahoo Messenger. Claimed he is a German but sounded like a black. Found his photos on Facebook in a different account name. Gut instincts that this man's photos were stolen and used to scam.
First name: PHILIP
Last name: NADE
Age: 55
Phone: 1(805)4346897 / 1(512)7616959
On websites: AYI dating site Australia
Report: He claimed he had offshore contract in Perth, original from Taxes, USA. He have a son named Ortiz stay with his mother in Taxes. He ask for help for his ticket back to Perth, called to send to his Agent named Sarah Queckborner. I send USD400.00 to his called agent Sarah Queckborner. After few days he told me he was landed in Perth. I asked him return the money. He started to disappeared and blocked me from viber that we always commincated from there. I called to both of his telephone number. He never picked up. Until today I no where to find him. Please tell me how to reported him to the interpolice to catch him out, avoid for next victims
First name: Brian
Last name: Cel Mare
Aka: Lawrence
Age: 50
Location: Cape Town
On websites: Zoosk / Facebook
Report: He has contacted me via Zoosk, fortunately I had been scammed before by Stefan Kennedy that I reported on your sight, so I am very aware of scammers, checked and saw his profile on your sight. He is from Romania in construction building a business in Cape Town and has many contracts going on in the UK. His wife and son killed in an accident 3 years ago. He has a 3 year old daughter that lives with him. Asks many questions about your finances and if you own your own house and car. He started asking for money to pay his workers, he didn't have any ready cash on him, because he hadn't been paid for his contract yet.