First name: James
Last name: Crawley
Age: 48
Location: USA, Richmond, California
On websites: Craigslist
Report: He met me on craigslist under personals ads and we've been emailing for a couple of weeks. I question why his English was a little broken even though he said he was born in Virginia and went to TC Cleveland high school. He's had a really good answers to everything that's just the little things that I've questioned. He claims to be an ex-priest and he recently left the priesthood about three years ago but he's lived the last 25 years in Germany Cypress turkey Mexico as a priest. He started to say some things that question and I questioned and he got defensive. But then today he sent me some answers to a question I had about the church pastors on the differences of a priest. And what he sent to me was literally copied from an Internet post that I found. Literally verbatim. And he did not have an answer when I asked him if he copied it from the Internet. Then I questioned where his mom and dad had met because he told me they met in Michigan when his mom was a sales clerk at Walmart. Well he was born in 1967 if he is 48 years old he says his birthday is July 10. And I looked when Walmart had their stores in Michigan. They did not open their first store in Michigan until 1988. They were only in Arkansas in 1967 at the time he was born. So if his parents met at a Walmart in Michigan before he was born then he's lying. I just have a lot of questions about emails he sent me and I have the mall if you need them. And I also wanted to give you his pictures as it's too good to be true.
First name: william
Last name: jones
Age: 48
Location: san jose, ca
Phone: 408-658-6624
On websites: okcupid
Report: Told me he was in Syria and retiring on March 13th, 2016. He asked me to send two of his bags forward which I stupidly gave me work location on where to send them. They are to arrive by the end of this week. He apparently put them in my name, I will refuse the delivery as I never ordered them, etc.
First name: Alfred
Last name: Garcia
Aka: Jonas Emmy
Age: 54
Location: South Africa
On websites: Thunderbolt City Dating
Report: Romance scammer. Contacted me via site and immediately asked for an e-mail address as his subscription is about to expire and he doesn't know how to load pictures onto the site. I created a new e-mail and subsequently received an e-mail from him. Claims to have grown up in
First name: James
Last name: Malvin
Age: 55
Location: Afghanastan
Phone: 415-329-6770
On websites: Plenty of Fish (POF)
Report: This person is posing as military stating he has a 14 year old son named Jeff, became immediately too friendly and pushy, and then proceeded to start declaring he was made for me, etc. see below... My sweetheart,Good morning sunshine. I feel like everything in my life has led me to you. My choices, my heartbreaks, my regrets. Everything. . Because if I had done one thing differently, I might never have met you. I was made and meant to look for you and wait for you and become yours entirely.I feel sad and lonely. I miss you a lot. I?ve been thinking about you all the time. I'm missing you like crazy and I think I?m going mad. From another realm of consciousness I heard your voice..... faintly calling me, among chaos and pain ...on another plane....I felt your touch... I heard your voice.... willing me back to you ... in a circle of noise.So I live each day with a new found joy.... a gratitude of all that surrounds me... like a child with a new toy.
First name: David
Last name: raddok
Aka: Mike Cone, Mark Fish
Age: 50
Location: New York, Keller Virginia
On websites:
Report: I saw a photo of a man on your website that matched photos of a man that attempted to con me. He called himself Mike Cone on He sent me photos and letters. once i stopped corresponding with him, i saw his photo on the same site calling himself Mark Fish, Keller, Virginia. I still have information and letters from him in my computer that i would like to forward to you.
First name: Bryan
Last name: Walker
Aka: Nick Arnold
Age: 50
Location: Nigeria , Florida, Southfield MI
Phone: 2486303256
On websites: Facebook
Report: Claims to work for Shell Oil company, in Nigeria. Charms women then starts asking & demanding money to pay employees, food, phone bill, doctor bill. Always wants you to fix your phone so you can make overseas calls
First name: Kornelius
Last name: Zeth
Aka: Kopernikuss
Age: 51
Location: Denmark, Roskilde
Phone: 46742336, 0045 604 666 29
On websites:
Report: We have contacted about month ago... All was fine and I even started to in love in this man, but then...then he just wrote that have no good shoes and ask me to help him)))!!! Without any explanations, he just said send me 400$ and gave me his information for transfer... He broke my heart((!
First name: Martin
Last name: Sixsmith
Aka: Mart
Age: 49
Location: England Cornwal
Address: arch.sixsmith@mail
Email: arch.sixsmith@mail
On websites: Romantico Brazil
Report: This man chated with me on whatsapp for about two months proposed to me sent an email with a ticket to my place and then disappeared for 2 days.After that he sent me an email telling me he had been between life and death and asked me to give him my number.Only and that day I found a false profile on him and a denunciation on this site.
First name: Rory Joseph
Last name: Burchatz
Aka: Cort Henrick, Josephe, Ron O'Neill, Francis Banor
Age: 54
Location: USA, California
Phone: unknown540-
On websites: Facebook
Report: Met him on fb. Befriended me, while telling me how much he liked me. Seemed to be very polite, and serious. Made me feel special. At Christmas time told me that he was going to Germany to visit his family and after that he had to go to Cyprus on a construction contract. Said that he lived in Virginia. Asked me if I could help him with wiring funds to Nigeria for missionary donations that he gave. Someone by the name of Ron O'Neill wired me funds from New York on three different occasions, which I in turn wired to someone named Francis Banor in Nigeria. Then he started asking for my account number so the funds could just be transferred to my account instead of wiring it. It would be more convenient for me to send the money that way. Also kept telling me that after his contract in Cyprus was fulfilled that he was coming back to the states to be with me. I felt something wasn't quite right. Whenever I called his 540 number he has never answered it yet. He always had a n answer for all my question. Once I asked him if there was anything fraudulent going on, he never responded back to me. He stopped answering my text, calls through the fb messenger and everything thing. What an idiot I felt like. Don't trust anything that you meet on fb. He very good at what he's a doing. Someone needs to put a stop to this guy. He needs to be taught a lesson by doing some jail time. Who knows how many women this has taken advantage of.
First name: Raymond
Last name: Dard
Age: 51
Location: Winnipeg Mb
Address: North Kildonsn
Phone: 1-204-400-8066, +30 21 1198 6021
On websites: Plentyoffish
Report: Name: Raymond Dardanos Aka: Ray Dard Age: 51 Location: Istanbul Turkey Address: unknown Phone: 204 813 6943 Or 709 400 1818 Email: On web sites: Zoosk Report: I first contacted the scammer on August 2 on zoosk ... Correspondence ended August 31st ... Phone text email based on refusing to send a second money instalment Claims to be a Greek national, widower, civil engineer by profession who has worked the past 7 years in Istanbul Turkey. Just received a job offer from a large canadian based multinational engineering firm, after spending his holiday time in Canada to work through his application and interview requirements. Claims to have to return to Istanbul to resign In person as his current employer was unaware of his job application in Canada .. Needed to go back to officially resign and to wrap up his household and paperwork for the employer benefit payout . While there former employer creates undue bureaucracy ... Reluctant acceptance of resignation ... Causes delay. Then father has coronary emergency back inLarissa Greece , requiring him to fly to Greece immediately to attend to family emergency ... Has to opt for private care surgery for heart bypass operations paying in excess of $ 40,000 . Travels back to Istanbul to sign final discharge papers ... But final payout takes 30 days ... Now cash strapped .. Cannot pay for one way ticket to Canada asked for $2700 ... Which I stupidly paid ... Another delay... Now proof of travel allowance of $ 5,000 bybturkish authorities if travelling one way to US or Canada . Uses other player ... Daughter emailing ME ... And alleged HR employees of SNC lavaling emails to me to maintain legitimacy ... End to end plot took 4 weeks . Very good English skills almost too good , claims he went to engineering school in Cambridge . Claims to have a 22yr old daughter Athina studying micro biology at Heidelberg university in Germany . Wife died of mandular cancer in 2009 . Claims to have been between two job locations with SNC lavalin group as part of his engineering job application process : London, Ontario and St jjohn's Newfoundland. Final permanent placement is London Ontario. ( please note this is an excerpt of what already was reported. HE has done the same scam to me but I never sent money!) This person is very elusive. Makes all kinds of excuses and if well rehearsed! do not fall for his lies as he is just out to scam people!
First name: John
Last name: Correy
Aka: John Correy Malarchik
Age: 47
Location: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpa
Phone: 061116803767 061401518030
On websites: tinder, badoo
Report: This man has scammed me of several thousand dollars. Its is a very hard to believe he managed to get that out of me. But, he did. Now a struggling single mum is truly struggling now. He worked on me over several months. Said he was in Christchurch NZ. To help with the rebuild of our city due to the earthquakes. Just before we were going to meet, he flew out to Malaysia. And then the scamming begun. He claims he works for the USA Army, but the Engineering side of the Army. USAEC U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. He is very knowledgeable. He has produced several types of documents. Airplane ticket, work pass, passport.
First name: Bill
Last name: Long
Aka: Harold Long
Age: 55
Location: USA. Milton, wi
On websites: Plenty of Fish,, Harley Lovers
Report: This guy is a serial dater and is very good at the game. He plays the victim and gets women to spend money on him which he never intends to repay. He's looking for a free ride!
First name: Franka
Last name: Thunds
Aka: Rudolph
Age: 51
Location: Milvale, Sydney-Australia, New York USA & Ohio USA
On websites: Cherryblossoms & Skype
Report: I met this man call Franka Thunds from a Dating Site called! He is a Australian Citizen living in New York USA as a Retired Army soldier-Australian Army. Skype ID: franka.thunds1
First name: Christopher
Last name: Baker
Age: 36
Location: New York City and Afghanistan
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: I got the same emails as you listed here. Here is
First name: George
Last name: Philip
Age: 45
Location: Malaysai / Dublin Ireland/ St Helier Jersey Island UK
Phone: 60169485600/ 075977344844
Email: georgeliphip@gmailcom
On websites: Facebook
Report: This man contacted me on facebook early December2015. He told me in his list of lies that he was a widowed in 2010, only son and Marine enginer of an oil exploration, then early January 2016 he told me that he was to travel to Malaysia to have a contract signing with PETRONAS, then make a few calls on me then told me that he needed $50,000 to pay out the tax to carry out the maintenance project with PETRONAS, the following day he writes me again he was short of $12,0000 to come out with payment with the board inorder to get the $4 million as part of the contract. But I never give any money to him and that's the end of everything between us.
First name: Robb
Last name: Schaeffer
Aka: Robert Longstreet
Age: 50 something
Location: 5000 miles away
Phone: 7039401201
On websites: tinder
Report: I match with Robb on Tinder, and we started texting and emailing. He would often call me. he said he was an Engineer working on a ship in the gulf of mexico. We talked off and on for about a month, and then he told me he could n't come home because of this IRS letter, and he needed financial help. He sent me copies of the could tell they were fake. I have copies to send to you. I told him that I didn't appreciate being scammed and stopped talking to him. I recently saw him on facebook with the name Robert Longstreet.
First name: Maritn
Last name: Joel
Age: 47
Location: Ohio City, OH
On websites: Facebook
Report: We fell in love almost immediately. He was very charming and handsome. He knew how to make me feel good about myself. I believed he was my soulmate. He told me he was a contractor and traveled all over the world and that he was going to be in India for a while but would return to see me at the end of my trip. When he was going to return he told me he ran into trouble and didn't have enough money to make it back so he asked me to lend him some money and he would pay me back as soon as he returned. After I sent him the money, I never heard from him again. Beware of this man. He will make you fall in love with him and then break your heart.
First name: Ryan
Last name: August
Aka: ryals, Donald brooks, Stephen
Age: 23
Location: California
Phone: 3104942074
Email: Unknow
On websites: OK Cupid eharhomy Christian mingle yahoo
Report: Involved with 419 scammers and dating scammers
First name: Louvel
Last name: D'artagnan
Aka: Dr. Lou
Age: 50
Location: Texas & New York, USA
Phone: 682-231-0151
On websites: Plenty of Fish
First name: James Stanley
Last name: Archer
Age: 01.08.1967
Location: Atlanta Georgia USA
Address: 312 3rd St NE #6, Atlanta, GA 30308, USA
Phone: +2348181835708
On websites: Facebook, Google+
Report: He wrote to me on Facebook and was very charming and courteous. He said that he lives in Atlanta Georgia, operates in the oil business and has to travel a lot. He is alone with his son Jackson (8 years old) after his wife passed away. We have been chatting for some while and he is supposed to come here when his project in Scottland is done. With me has found the
First name: William
Last name: Bosch
Age: 50
Location: Corte madera, caif. London and kuals lumpur in Malasia
Phone: 415-4133324,601133794374,49152175550909
On websites: Facebook, whatsapp
Report: He begin with the relation He contact me on facebook invite me with a message The relation was for 8 months For me something is wrong Because never show me her face and when I instead he told me that her phone is spoiled I send the money by the way Money Gram and Western Union but the name is other person He said me that taci driver stolen her stuff and dont have money for eat The name of the person who received the money is INTAN LIANA MOHD MUSTAKIM in Malasia The total of the amount is 11,765 dls. and I send in 4 or 5 times. He suddenly block me. He have on facebook account like his name, but he stole the identity and the pictures from BART BOSCH Thanks for your support.
First name: David
Last name: Jeff
Aka: Daniel Cole Turner
Age: 50-54
Location: United Kingdom/ London
Phone: 614-686-6877
On websites: EHarmony, OK Cupid and possile more
Report: This individual goes by the name Daniel Cole Turner, met through Eharmony. Wanted to get off dating site and wanted me to set up yahoo account immediately. Contacted me and stated he lived in Columbus , Ohio and was a civil engineer Within a couple of weeks, he advised me he was making a large investment after completion of an administrative building in London. In October 2015, he texted me when he landed at the airport. Then he was going to get settled into an apartment he rented, then have a briefing with his staff the next day. Contacted me via text about 3 times a day, wanted to secure me , and show how in love he was with me almost immediately. I thought this was odd, then he phoned me. I asked him his nationality and he said he was British, been in the states since age 14. He did not sound British, but foreign broken language. He texted me one day and said two guys fell from a scaffold and one died. He had to pay off this family, borrowed money !!
First name: Grant
Last name: Stoddard
Aka: Dailey
Age: 47
Location: Ohio
Phone: 16467809943
On websites: Facebook
Report: He has contacted me on January 18, 2016 He found me on Facebook We talked about a copule a weeks He asked me to pay a satellite phone to call me and his daughter because someone have stolen his credit card His request was about $ 776 but i've never sent my money His name was Stoddard B Grant He asked me to pay many times but i've always refused He blocked me on fb and and He sent me an email
First name: Vincent Julian
Last name: Wischnewski
Age: 58
Location: Sacramento,California
Phone: +1 229 514 4163
On websites: Facebook
Report: he is asking for money for a sick daughter that is going to school in Nigeria.
First name: Mario Elber
Last name: Lucas
Aka: Nick Valastro
Age: 60
Location: Chicago, IL, USA
Phone: 940-618-6938; 44-7839799439
On websites:
Report: He contacted me as Nick Velastro through Match on Jan. 20, 2016...but the letters were those I found belonging to Mario Elber Lucas
First name: Ramson
Last name: C Bright
Aka: Ramson Carlson Norberg
Age: 53
Location: Bedfordview South Africa
Phone: +1 (631) 866-6137; +27796763142
Email: none given
On websites: Tinder
Report: I met this man in January through Tinder and he claimed to work as a civil engineer for the UN and UNICEF. He is on facebook as Ramson Carlson Norberg - the same name he used on Tinder. Then suddenly he appeared as KLEIN on Tinder and he called me from the (631) number above saying he was in NY on business. I became suspicious and remembered he had first said he was Ramson C Bright and I googled only to see he was listed with a photo that he had sent me, on your site. I have other photos of him if required. I hope I get free registration as there is another scammer I am looking for aka Shane Brandauer who cost me a lot of money!
First name: Martin
Last name: James
Aka: Rumfelt
Age: 56
Location: Belgium?
On websites: Tinder
Report: Rumfelt, seems to be currently stationed here in Belgium. I was in contact with the same guy end 2015, but then his name was Lionel or Craig. A lot a new pictures here
First name: James
Last name: Andrino
Aka: Chester R Curtis
Age: Unknown
Location: California City, CA
Email: Unknown
On websites: Facebook
Report: I just became a member on your site and was looking for someone else when I came across this guy who just friended be on Facebook. Just started talking today, 2/21/16. I have a picture of him that he has posted on his Facebook page and it matches the one of James Andrino.
First name: Robert
Last name: Davidson
Aka: Robin Wilson, Georg, David
Age: 52-55
Location: Minnesota, Texas, Massachusetts
Email: rob19wilson@
On websites: American Match
Report: He contacted me on the dating site, after a few messages he asked to Talk on Hangouts. He apparantly had a 9 yrs old soon who lives with his mom in Florida. In Feb he had to go to Ghana to sort out why his shipment endend there and not South africa. He Tool 30000 Dollars with him knowing his Card would not work there. Been a Bank clerk myself I told him that is rubbish. He then had to pay 56000 Dollars to get the shipment er send as the paperwork used was out of date..... I questioned that ..... He then asked me to send money so he could find a place to stay there. Told him I was now unemployed and that I can't..... 2 days later he stopped contact. Have Found different Profiles of him on American Match and confronted him. His excuse was that his Internet Stick with fotos and Laptop were Stolen out of his car..... I had a bad feeling all along Thats why I invented the story about me losing my job......close call I would say!!!
First name: Ronald
Last name: Stewart
Aka: Claims to be civil engineer
Age: Claims to become 47 by end of March
Location: Claims to live in New Hartford WI USA
On websites: Unknown
Report: I didn't met him (is it really him? I don't know anymore) on dating sites, but on Xing, a rather professional social network. He started with compliments about my professional experience and portfolio... Slowly started with somehow more personally though very polite conversations. Untypically didn't ask immediately to get outside the Xing site, but the day came. After some sharing of pictures related to motorbikes (admittedly my passion), we switched to emailing each other. In that time I was not so aware of scamming and anyhow I never used dating sites consequently... He claimed to be widowed and working as self employed civil engineer in US and overseas. I must tell that this type has an incredible endurance, creativity and patience. We used to talk basically about quotidian situations and experiences. He could keep such a logic, detail level and credibility!!! I must say if he's not an American himself or doesn't have an academic grade he must have been then very well assisted. It took months long before he asking me for financial help, first to get to an inheritance in UK, from investments from his passed away father, that if not claimed until deadline so and so, would be reverted to UK government. Always claimed to have funds through not readly accessible investments. In that time I couldn't help (could not really, the requested fee to release the funds were way too high for me). After the episode it passed some months till we restart conversations. It was months later when he started confessing his love for me, dreaming of a life in common, although 'knowing' he couldn't have me because I was already in a long lasting relationship. Then he had some amazing construction projects in China, then in Malaysia, arguably faced immense problems, from getting to pay high fees to release s loan in order to be able to fund his part of the project, invested almost everything he had, then been robbed in China, then facing immigration issues in Malaysia, being returned to US to gather funds and be able to solve his residence permit overseas, then the associate bank was not committing on time to their part, then he considered to 'withdraw' from the whole in order to get his part back and be able to 'redeem' to everyone that loaned him money. I must shamefully admit that at this time I gave him some money 'for a short while', bit by bit. At this time we've 'built a certain trust relationship' to each other... Pretty the same way as I have with so many good and lifelong friends (with the difference that I know all of these others). Only when the contact the replies got longer and longer I got some distrust that he actually would never pay me back, although knowing I need the money for a surgery. Then I remember that his webcam never worked when we tried to talk on IM or Skype, his bank contact was from Julie Thor, resident in Snowqualmie, with a contact number that never gets through. I ended up googling his data, that never completely matched, from Julie Thor also not, till I made a reversal research on some pictures he sent to me just to find out that 'all' of them have been stolen from the same sources under 100ths of different fake profiles... That's when I had no doubt anymore I had to do with a scammer of incredible refinement. Except for these details I found out later and for the fact that his Xing profile disappeared relatively fast after we've been in contact, it took me more than 1,5 year to uncover him, send a last message saying how I admired his creativity and endurance. If all that was worth to him because of 24000?, in small instalments, I don't know... Got the lesson, thanked for that and broke the contact line... Only regret having deleted the whole mail thread over time and at the end...