First name: David MC
Last name: Parker
Age: 55
Location: UN Syria
On websites: Skype
Report: Fantastic good writer. And very sensitiv person. Seem to be with a beautifull hart. Untill is shows up the money is an important point in all things. But injoy him until things go wrong. He should use his abilities for better purpose.
First name: Jackson
Last name: William
Age: 50
Location: UK
Phone: +63 918 807 4452; +63 906 444 4070
Email: Unknown
On websites: Facebook
Report: He is asking for 5,000$ for him not to expose nude picture sent to him and asked to deposit to this account:
First name: patrick
Last name: Schmidt
Age: 55
Location: USA Sacramento
Phone: 9165727283
On websites: OKCupid
Report: Says he is buying a house in florida in city which I live but cannot give any info on what location in the city.Will not talk on the phone only text..
First name: Jack
Last name: Redd
Aka: Bonada Edward
Age: 55
Location: Califonia, San Jose and Nigeria
On websites: Facebook
Report: We started chatting on Facebook in October 2015, he invited me on facebook. First it was all normal text mesegaes on facebook. The next thing he said that he had fallen in love with me and wanted to marry me and he even sent me a photo off the so called ring he bought. Ten he started to ask me if I can help him with 650 USD. That's to secure his contract in Nigeria. He also asked me for my banking details. So that the Nigerian, Mr Francis Deede can transfer the contract money over to my bank account. just this morning Mr Fancis Deede asked me if I will help Bonada with 290USD as he was in the Nigerian prison. He can not afford to pay his hotel bill, and was arested. He also known that I'm a widow.
First name: Tim
Last name: Williams
Age: 40ish
Location: Malaysia
Phone: 60166244651
Email: timwilliams008
On websites: skype
Report: Taking money from lonely women
First name: fxevans
Last name: fegi
Aka: David Joe
Age: 54
Location: Abuja Nigeria
Phone: 1-585-393-9603, 757-453-5890
On websites:,
Report: I met him on on October31, 2014 and he had me im him on He said he had a 9 year old son named Richard, living in Garner, KS. November 2014 he sent me a eticket from Kansas City, mo to Kuala, Lumpur, Malaysia. He sent me emails and you tube videos. He called me and we chatted several times. He asked me for money cuz his son was hungry and he was sick and needed money because his son was in the hospital. On October 21, 2015 I told him not to contact me anymore.He texted me saying that he deserved an explanation why he should not contact him anymore. I deleted him on
First name: Prince
Last name: Castro
Aka: Lucas Fredo
Age: 49
Location: Jacksonville
On websites: Zoosk
Report: First contact wanted to email direct. Here's his first (and thankfully only) email. Obviously a creepy scammer still trying to hustle: Hello Hope how are you doing today and hope you are doing good i am looking for a serious relationship someone to spend the rest of my life with and i want you to know that i will really want to get to know you better.I am Lucas, and i am a contractor,i work as oil and gas fame and gems stones natural reasources and i travel alot but I am in DUBAI right now for oil and gas with gems stones, i will be coming back to state soon after am done with my job hope you dont hate me for my job because once i found the right woman i will stop all the traveling just because of her,I want you to also know that i am a widower,i have been married once where i lost my wife through cancer and i havent dated anyone since then.I just decided to move on with my life then look for that missing half of me,i have a daughter her name is susan and she mean a lot to me, and i want you to know that i am not on here to hurt anyone and i dont want to be burned too.I just want to settle down and meet that special woman to spend the rest of my life with.You sound like a very cool and nice lady and will want to know more about you.I will want to know what you seek in life.I'm a quiet, kind, loyal. A great meaning for me is a human's soul. Circle of my interests is various. I like literature, music, and cinema. personality traits are; calm, honest, kind, loyal, flexible, elegant, sociable, sensitive, gentle, cheerful, optimistic, romantic ,am very understanding,open minded with a heart of forgiving, loving and caring with sense of humor, hard working with cheerful character,honest,sincere,kind, warm and intelligent with good look Will be waiting for your email listen to this song celine dion fly Lucas
First name: Reign
Last name: Philips
Aka: Construction company
Age: 54
Location: L.A Nigeria
Phone: +2348183823367
On websites: Badoo, facebook, Yahoo messenger
Report: I first me him on Badoo web site, where he began to message me. We then started chatting on there for about a week. We then moved to facebook messenger. where he said that he was going to complete a contract for the government in Nigeria. When he arrived he said he need some money for work permits. I did not send him any. After a month he said he lost his credit card and need some money to get a replacement. I sent him ?65 the month after he was in a serious car accident and needed an operation. I sent a further ?65. For the whole of the seven months we were communicating he asked for money. July he asked for ?7000 to help to finish the contract. I sent him ?1000 By October he requested another ?200 I said no and deleted my yahoo account. We had an argument at the end. so deleted my account.
First name: Jason
Last name: Smith
Age: 36
Location: Lagos Nigeria
On websites:, Facebook
Report: Says has own business was traveling got stuck in Nigeria needs money to get home.
First name: Edward
Last name: Loe
Aka: Michael Young, Frank Carpenter on LinkedIn
Age: +/- 55
Location: London, England
Phone: unknown+447937459407
Email: On Facebook
On websites: LinkedIn and Facebook
Report: I have reasearched this person's image on Google and found that he has at least 3 different names for the exact same photograph!! This obviously has to be a scammer. He contacted me on Facebook and keeps telling me how much he wants to get to know me. I became suspicious as his English is pathetic, although occasionally he sends me messages that are in perfect English. I am positive that this person needs to be investigated before somebody falls for his scams!!!
First name: Dene
Last name: Leonard
Age: 50
Location: Cameroon, Africa/ Washington, DC
Address: 20266
Phone: 1-502-694-0759
Report: He's asked for money because he can't get home to see to his daughter's heart surgery that just came up. He say's the military won't give him emergency leave to get to the bank to get a loan for the rest of the money his insurance won't cover. He says he as an older sister who's looking after his daughter who's 9 yrsold they live in Miami, Florida. He says his job with the military is
First name: Jack
Last name: Williams
Age: 45
Location: Afhanistan
On websites:
Report: He's suppose to be a in Afghanistan, he says he's with the Special Force Officer, but his spelling and the way he writes/talks is all over the place.
First name: Charles
Last name: presten
Age: unknown
Location: dubai United Arab
On websites: skype
Report: Is this Man in one of his photo or video or is it taken by the Scammers to use hate to think I was wrong he was on my Skype as dir.eaglesec holding a safe for a Soldier in Iraq please let me knowif I'm right in reporting this
First name: Michael
Last name: Richmond
Age: 61
Location: us
Email: michaelmichael On websites: i dont know
Report: He contact me on SKYP, he presented as brig. general Michael Richmond, who is in mission in Pakistan. He told me , the his wife past away from cancer, and he has a daughter Jennifer 19 years old. After 14 days, he said , how much love me, and his daughter is very happy about us. Also ''jENNIFER'' contact me, how happy she is about us. After month ago, he ask me to help his daughter, she is in mission in Nigeria, with a scool, and she is very sick. I never now before that scammers exist, until i got a warning from one lady. I stop to chat with him. After few days contact me some man by name Alfonso Rossi, but i block him, he was a scammer to.
First name: Fred
Last name: bressan
Age: 37
Location: Usa, Buffalo
Phone: 701-390-1561 and 49 7032705377
On websites: ok Cupid
Report: I reported Fred to ok cupid he is a scammer, He said he was in Army in Camp Eggers Kabul Afghanistan. He was in fight in Military. military froze his account could not pay his fines. and asking for money. It lasted a month and half. The money was requested by Fred $1500 fine and for medical expenses $3500 of other solider injuryed. Fred asked several times for money. He asked for bank information and online access. His friend put checks in my account and i pulled the money out and sent it him through diploma agent.The first time i sent Amy Rost in Buffalo,ny I sent money Micheal Olusolo Omotosho in Nigeria seven times. Also found he is not Army. I contracted the Army by phone and they respond by email. I connected local police and report to the FBI.
First name: kelvin michell
Last name: morgan
Aka: max lance, maxwell lancelot
Age: says 48 and 52
Location: canada
Phone: 1-204-808-3670
On websites: facebook and POF
Report: I filed before but I got proof , he has 2 account on facebook with different names.
First name: Curtis
Last name: Norris
Age: 59
Location: Isreal
Email: curtisnorris108@gmail
On websites: POF
Report: Says is Colonel in US Army in Gaza. Has asked for cell phones and computers. Never uses military email or Phone.
First name: Kyle
Last name: Mahoney
Age: 35
Location: Bakersfield, CA United States
On websites:
Report: This guy Kyle C Mahoney claims to be currently serving in Afghanistan.
First name: collin
Last name: burt
Age: 57
Location: lagos,nigeria,austin,texas
On websites: tag,,zoosk
Report: this man he's fake
First name: maxwell
Last name: Lancelot
Age: 52
Location: Canada
Phone: unknown204-808-3670
On websites: POF
Report: Scammed me out of my life savings
First name: Paul
Last name: Hood
Age: 52
Location: Africa..., Accra, Ghana
Email: ;
On websites: Google+ , Facebook, Wayn
Report: He asks to be friends with you and says he is a multi millionaire and then he wants a romance with you. Then he asks for you to send $600 to take over his $3.5 million dollar bank account and when you don't he gets mad and says his daughter and aunt will starve in Australia.
First name: Larry
Last name: Morrison
Age: 59
Location: Kabul
Email: we dont have his email
On websites: messenger and facebook
Report: This guy contacted my friend by messenger -he said it was a mistake at first but they chatted and it all ended with him telling her that he would retire in 3 months and wanted to come to Finland. He told her that he had send a package to her 27.11 and sent a picture of a shippingdocument. Then he said he had paid for all expenses but that she had to pay for London airport tax about 2500euros to get the package. The package included 1,2 miljon euros and diamondring and more goldproducts :) When she told him att she knew he was a fake he immediately closed his fb account and also his messenger account. He told her he was born in Houston and work at the USA Army and was stationed at Kabul. My friend has saved the photo he used and i did put it in your fb-site
First name: Michael
Last name: Bergmann, (Klinsmann)
Age: 26.02.56
Location: Oslo, Chicago, dubai
Phone: un+12245449232known
On websites: Match
Report: He have contakt on match and Ask for friendchip. He tell me he was American from Chicago, lake forest, IL USA. Work foe some American company in partnership with Norwegian company for the Norwegian government as interorarcitect. He told that job would be around 5 years. Widow with one dougther and two grandcids. We talk to each other about many things around one month. He have a new contract in USA and traveling from New York to Dubai for buy things for a new work. I am on holyday but when I was home in Norway he ask me for help. He have problem with some payment in Dubai , and want me to pay 3000 us$ . He beg me to help and will pay me back as soon he was back in Oslo.( next week )......... He send me a reseipt for payment for some sertificat ..... I must believe what he told me......I will not do that, and told him I never have so much money. I told him I was afraid he was a scammer, he say no he was not. After a week begging for help, he be so angry at me. We speake on skype in this time. He wil not speak to me anymore. And I think that was one way to go out of it for him. He have no money from me, so why talking to me?
First name: Damian
Last name: Howard
Age: 54
Location: Wood avenue amani court 4 nairobi
Phone: 16577774863 254720971127
Email: hdjovial@gmailcom
On websites: Lexa facebook
Report: Spoke with him untill september 2015 for almost a year... A real gentleman but he is so bad. Even my kids he used watch out for this man!!!
First name: Chris
Last name: Stanton
Age: 46
Location: USA New York
Phone: 917 722 0076 / whatsapp 424 358 5815
On websites: Zoosk
Report: This guy pretends to be a US marine stationed in Afghanistan on a special mission. Of course he fell in love with me within a week.. Lol. Met him on Zoosk.. Of course he could not skype nor give me his military address etc.. As we know is a scammer.. Then he sent me an email by mistake which was probably meant for another victim because the things he stated had nothing to do with me..attached below.. ______ m catholic as well , nice to know that you cook i love eating home made dishes . I 'm a military officer currently in Afghanistan for UN peace keeping force, i lost my wife in a ghastly motor accident some years ago,i have a son he is 7 years old, his mom death was painful because i have to be the mom and dad same time it was not really a fun changing his diapers but i just have to cope with all that. I am a God fearing man and believe in the words of God that's what have been keeping me going,i found life boring for me without a woman by my side,life is meaningless without a woman life is too short to be alone i now know why after God created a man he created a woman to keep the man company because he knows the man would be lonely and boring.I would describe myself as happy, unpretentious,loyal, confident (but not arrogant), kind, fun, attractive (on the inside... the outside you'll have to judge for yourself), adventurous, optimistic, athletic, successful and well rounded with a good set of values.I believe in living life to its fullest...... I'm looking to meet that person that respects simplicity.The person that when I meet her... I will just know that she is the one. I have heard people that are happy say... YOU JUST KNOW. I like to keep my life uncomplicated and calm. My life is not about career or material things but who I am, and how I live each day. I would like to meet someone that is *done experimenting* and is seriously wanting a 100% committed partner in life. I am a giver and I do it well, but have come to expect it in return. Some of my favorite things are laughing, sharing, being outdoors, colors, music, dancing, fires in the back yard, deep conversation, spontaneous road trips, the smell of a fall morning, the smell of my special someone, reassuring looks, and touch... the touch that makes you feel so warm and content. I enjoy comedy clubs, theater, hiking, putting with home projects, gardening. I can enjoy a night out on the town, but don't like to frequent the bar scene. Coffee shops and lattes, music, intimacy, talking, shopping... , dancing, children, and just doing nothing together? Or something? I have made my share of mistakes, sometimes repeating them before learning the valuable lessons that have made me who I am. I know now that I am ready for an unconditional love relationship...a forever relationship.I also missed your chat on zoosk because i have blocked my account on there ever since i met you , but is all for security reasons hope to read back from you my Future wife in the making Kisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Thanks and much happiness Chris.
First name: Arne
Last name: Trond
Age: 51 to 55
Location: Edinburgh
Phone: +44 7596394092
On websites: WhatsApp
Report: He got in contact on plenty of fish. He said he come from Norway and was a norwingian and moved to Scotland because of issues where he was and wanted to start a new life. We first talked by emails for some time then went to whatsApp. I asked to meet up for a coffee but kept coming up with excuses. Like he needed to know me more then it was he got a interview and I that I was mentioned in the interview as it ment he was traveling as a graphic designer. And I would travel with him it did not add up what he was saying to me. So we agreed to stop contacting but I believe he is a scammer when I told him I had sold my house he said would not go to Africa if I would support him and meet him that evening. I told him I did not believe a word he was saying and blocked him that day.
First name: Hendrik
Last name: Robins
Age: 52
Location: Sea of Ghana
Email: N/a
On websites: Whatsapp
Report: Male contact request. Skype contact then whatsapp Very romantic, told me to change profile public to private and asked to help. I'm glad I did myself. Otherwise, he would have my skype password! On whatsapp, friendly, romantic, knows what one wants to hear.Seeking marriage. Did send a few pics. That's it. Pics were me at work.
First name: Giorgio
Last name: Mancini
Age: 51
Location: Chicago
On websites: Our Time
Report: This man has a deceitful profile on Our Time
First name: Stephen
Last name: Murphy
Aka: Oscar Cob
Age: 46
Location: Iraq
On websites: Oasis
Report: This man claim to be Oscar Cob but using pic of Stephen Murphy saying he is a Austrlian solder working under the Amrican army but where's a British uniform and has a son that his 18th birthday is the 15 dec and is at school in Africa that he need so 500 for his last project that he's studying to be a chemist all lies then he want 5000 for a package he want to send to me what rubbishing
First name: Bernard
Last name: Vincent
Age: 50
Location: Los Angeles, USA
Phone: 16465837927
On websites: yahoo, skype
Report: 4 months ago I was contacted by SKYPE For a user qqq123456827, telling Call BERNARD VINCENT, Mechanical Engineer Harvard, a widower with two daughters aged 11 and 8, who works in Australia but his daughters lived in a boarding school in California. He started very friendly, and I asked that we continue our communication by Yahoo messenger, because he was not very friendly with social networks and then a 2 weeks longer wanted to come and marry me para Colombia promising heaven and a perfect family life. His email address is:, and called me from cell Where is 1646-5837927. Were the first 2 months perfect, and solo Words and poems of love, until I said his daughters were going to Africa, but as he worked at the ship, in Australia the company STIGMA alleged call, he couldnt turn money to his daughters, and I accepted and i sent by western city of Ghana USD 280, Boateng name of peace, though I ask Usd 1000. Then asked me to buy cell to send it to his daughters in Ghana by the name of Abraham Ghana Borketey name, because they had no way to take pictures of their supposed journey, and as I was his new mother, that they were desperate to meet me and talk to me. Now I am given me that he works contracts and that his company paid him in cash and money sending me to my house, but I asked to do rotation UN Western USD 400 a delivery company Taiwan trust your company SECURITY PREMIER name Yung Tang Fong. The information used by thus man During his talk; BERNARD VINCENT Name Born November 11, 1965 Live CALIFORNIA, 2520 West Avenue 33 1646 5837927 Movile emal email his supposed daughter; email Assumption school principal; - Paul Williams *** I have pictures of the alleged Bernard who contacted me, but I want to know how to find the true man of the photographs to warn what this people doing with their identity stolen.** Left now truly emotionally destroyed because I thought Rebuild UN esta home person, I worry, because it has all my data, telephone, address, pictures of me and my family. I just hope that the data provided by You Can Stop a great con esta online ..