First name: Peter
Last name: Dave
Age: 52
Location: New york
Phone: 315-629-8774
On websites: First Met
Report: He contact me for dating site First Me old AYI page. Speaking for love. Told me that need go to China for business, told me loss my credit card told me I need that you buy some Apple cards each one for $150.00 and I. Can return quickly for meeting with you. Of course I don't Buy nothing I told him you are scammers
First name: Michael
Last name: Ritz
Aka: Lewis Prezo Ryan Aggio
Age: possibly 66
Location: Los Angeles, New York USA
Phone: 929-244-3794; 213-262-9838
On websites:
First name: Micheal A
Last name: Dundon
Age: 71
Location: Pretoria, South Africa---is what he says
Address: 5128 pioneer way. , Antioch , california
Phone: 27842372482 , +27(62)9240932,
On websites: Craigslist and know he's on others
Report: This person is scamming women for money saying he needs to get money for a contract he has in South Africa so that he can come home. And it's one excuse after another why he needs more money. Please contact me I have more information I want private.
First name: Bronny
Last name: Brasseaux
Age: 48
Location: Camden Town
Phone: nown
On websites:
Report: Viewed my profile yesterday morning. Seemed unkeen to communicate on the site and wanted to move to IM. Pleasant enough interaction though a little intense. Lovely pictures of 'himself' and his 4 year old daughter. Woke to a very sweet email but again a little intense. My friend had been scammed a few weeks ago and so I googled some of the wording to discover the exact same email on your site.
First name: Lucas
Last name: James
Aka: Simpson Kent Arthur
Age: 55
Location: Syria
Email: Unknown
On websites: Facebook
Report: On 4/26/16 can't believe I was scammed by this Simpson Kent Arthur. I wished I have known about this site. I read many of the reports on Lucas James. Contacted me on Facebook via messager. Told me he loved me after two days. God brought us together. Stationed in Syria. Asked me to money gram $200 to a Priscila Cason in California so we could video Chat and it will be put on a security card so terro groups couldn't trace the call. He was in A war zone and couldn't access his bank account. I did. Then on 4/27/16 Said part of military base was bombed. US won't respond to their request until Monday. Could I sent money for food to our diplomat who is coming to Syria. It didn't add up and I researched and found this site. I told him about this site and he said Are you proud you were scammed. Then he got ugly and said i have stupid pride, you are so ugly for my liking Stop fooling yourself for me. This guy needs to be stopped.
First name: Andrew
Last name: Owen
Aka: Owen844
Age: 45
Location: Abee, Canada and Athen, Greece
Phone: +1 613 917 2863, +30 698 9907651
On websites:
Report: I contacted him on match. He was nice and sweet. He said the
First name: Morris
Last name: Ronald Geoffrey John
Aka: Peter Carlo, Rodney Carlo
Age: 60
Location: Malaysia
Phone: +60163641110 +6063850195 +61497120925
On websites: Facebook
Report: I was the victim of an extensive romance scam with this man. He groomed me for six weeks and claimed to have fallen deeply in love with me. He then supposedly went to Malaysia for work and was held up at immigration for bringing too much money into the country. He then asked for money for living expenses until he got his stuff back.The initial request was for a small amount of 600 AU dollars. Then the requests became bigger each time, the first one being for getting his stuff back from immigration otherwise he would go to court and then prison. Enter the Chinese lawyer into the scam. Money was to be deposited by wire transfer into the Chinese lawyer account but not a Chinese name. The account name was Ariyati Binti Zaral Gaffar. the other account used was in the name of Iwuajoku Kelechi Chima. this account was CIMB bank and the other one was Maybank account. Then he said that his good s had to now go to the head man of immigration and the fee then doubled. All up it was 35,000AUdollars now sent plus the initial 600. Then finally whe he has his goods back he was supposed to give me that oney back but then said he was going to send by diplomatic courier via Interlink courier express. They have a web site set up for this service with tracking sheet and everything. then the next thing is to fill out a document for Malaysian internal affairs for the exit clearance fee which was another 25,000 dollars. then enter Chinese lady from the courier service who recommends a diplomatic red stamp just to make things extra safe. The Chinese lady has the name of Sharifah Mohammed Danial. The red stamp was another 21,000 AU dollars. Then I got a text from the so called diplomat from an Australian mobile saying he needed another 25,000 dollars for entry clearance fee in Australia. At this point I have a tracking sheet saying the consignment was in Melbourne. The courier site was very professionally done and difficult to pick it was a fake. All the while Carlos as I called him was saying he would be coming home soon but always another drama and more and more money all the time. finally when he was supposed to deliver the entry fee money to the courier company and come home as he said he was a resident in Australia and was a widower and wife died some 8 years ago, then another drama occurred. Finally what tipped the balance for me was I got a call from someone sounding like an Indian man saying that there had been a bad car accident and that Carlos and the lawyer were in a critical condition. the money for the courier company was being held by the police and then the courier company asked me for another 25,000 for the non-existent entry fee into Australia. then the so called wellness medical centre kept sending me emails about the condition of Mr Carlos and the lawyer. then finally after some weeks Mr Carlos made a rapid recovery and then the dialogue on facebook turned quite nasty. this was because I would not send the deposit demanded from the wellness centre of another 6,000 dollars. By then I knew that I had been scammed but of course the money is gone and so is Carlos. He even asked for money for meals and toiletries whilst in the wellness clinic. I think I was talking with other people at this time as the nature of the dialogue changed to a more aggressive tone. finally when I said that there would be no more money Carlos just cut off contact. However I believe is still operating from Malaysia as the phone number is still active sometimes. I don't know how they manipulate the phones but sometimes it says the number is disconnected and other times he answers the phone. Once he called me Allison. This is clearly a syndicate operating out of Malaysia and I would love to see them caught. they have exceptional IT skills and there are a number of players in the scam.I know that I have lost my money but worse still is the emotional investment of six months with this man. This is a predator of the worst kind to prey on the compassion of other people to steal their hard earned money all the while pretending to have deep feelings of love for that person. I am submitting this report in the hope that this will help prevent other women from being scammed like this.
First name: Tom
Last name: Miller
Age: 54
Location: Afghanistan miami ghana
On websites: Christian dating
Report: Identity theft as a military sergeant over in Afghanistan, widowed and has a 12 year old boy Mike. Wanted a iPhone 6s, Confesses undying love, marriage, wedding, life bla bla bla
First name: Charles
Last name: Presten
Aka: James Hansen
Age: 59
Location: Mesa, AZ
Address: 1959 not 64th Street,
Phone: 14807577015
On websites: EHARMONY
Report: It saddens me greatly to discover
First name: Trie
Last name: Johnson
Age: 45
Location: Lagos, Nigeria Australia, New Orleans La
Phone: (+1121611611)_(170693810791) (9105370421)
On websites: Fb,youtube,twitter,badoo.vconnect,linkin,google
Report: He goes by the name TrieJohnson I met hin m fb.He told me he was from Austrailia that he was raised byhhis Aunt. That he moved to New Orleans in 2006 and he lived with his daugther.His wife died in a car acciddent. And his dad had been dead for 6yrs. That he won a contract for a building contract in Lagos,Nigeria that he would be over there for about a month.Then he ask me for money because his internet was about to be cut off. When that didnt work, he said that his boss was going to pay him but he couldnt get it because his bank card wouldnt work, that he needed my address to put on a cashier check,to send to me to deposit in an a account in my name, withdraw the next day and send to him through western union.After i told him i knew he was a scammer he still kept on texting me i had to change my number.Because he kept texting me say that he cared for me and that he wasnt a scammer.Even after i told him i had reported him to the FBI andd Facebook he still tried to contact me through text messaging. I have blocked him on Facebook i am no lnger in contact with him.
First name: Mark
Last name: Finn
Age: 59
Location: Charlotte, NC
On websites:
Report: This person immediately asked me to go
First name: Fred Lance
Age: 39
Location: Norwich
Phone: +447752787823
On websites: Tinder
Report: - Fred was the one who initiated contact when we got to swipe each on Tinder app - Fred was asking to message each other via Whatsapp - Fred called me every night between 12 midnight to 1am (Malaysia time zone). He talked to me and sometime sang to me too - We been contact each other since end of March 2016. - Fred said he like me even we knew each other in very short period. - I started suspected him to be a scammer when he sent me same food pictures. First time i received that picture, he said he was having lunch with his family. 2nd time I received it and he told me that he having lunch with his office colleagues. - Fred didn't requested money from me, but he said he going to visit soon and he wish to send his luggage to me and he sent me the courier service centre website link and the tracking number. - After 2 days, a lady who can speak in Malay called me and she said Fred's luggage was been tracking that got money inside and she was try to contact Fred but he seem unreachable. Then, she asking me to transfer RM5,500 for the administrative fee and clearance fee due to Malaysian customs restrictions. Once she received the money, she only will release Fred's luggage to me. - I just told the lady that I won't pay the money and please send the luggage back to Fred. - I just block Fred & that lady from my call list.
First name: Bradley
Last name: Miller
Age: 51
Location: Manchester
On websites: parship
Report: Known on your website as Adams Hegh
First name: Saul
Last name: Brendan
Aka: Saul Brenda, Saul Wesley
Age: Both 65 and 57, June 10
Location: Shreveport, Lousiana (Military in Africa)
Phone: 337-656-3628
On websites: Facebook, Badoo
Report: This man contacted me on Facebook as Saul Brendan. Right away we moved to texting. When he emailed his name said Saul Brenda. He said it was a mistake. He has very broken English which he tried to explain by saying he was born in Spain. His sister is very sick with cancer (he pays for her treatment) he is divorced from a woman who ran off, and he has a 16-year old son. He said he was looking for a woman to share his life (and large amounts of money) with. He told me he owns a nice house in Sheveport, Lousiana and sent me the address and a picture of it. He told me he had to go to Africa for an Army mission. He told me he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He sent lots of poetry he wrote (I later found through google word for word.) He talked to me for about a month and then started telling me that someone stole his wallet. Hmmmm?I sounded suspicious, he sent me a pic of his passport (which had been altered.) He said he needed $20,000 to fly to my state and be with me. He needed to pay his way out of his post in Africa, pay for his replacement, and pay for his leave. His money was tied up and he would pay me back. He sent me an itinerary showing he was flying to my local airport. It had another last name on it, Wesley?? Well, that did it. FB listed that he was born in Spain ? his passport listed Shreveport as his birthplace. (His scam-ring must not know that passports only list the state and USA, not the city and USA.) I could see glue where the pic was replaced. His pics in ?Army? uniforms were not correct ? no patches USA, no ARMY, and no last name on his shirt. Searching online he had a second FB (same photo) with the last name Wesley, a wedding ring, and some seriously bad photoshopping. He is also listed on the dating site Badoo (with the same pictures he gave me, but as younger in age.) Land records show ?his house? belongs to another person. The state department now has the fraudulent passport number, and I?ve sent Badoo a complaint with pics of his FB sites.
First name: Steven
Last name: Robert
Age: 46 years old
Location: United Kingdom
Address: 3 mill lane terrace mill lane Telford Welligton city,Tf13RT Burmigham United Kingdom
Phone: +44793451469
Email: -
On websites: Tango, Whatsap, Viber
Report: I Meet him from tango on November last year(2015). He convice me that he is looking for serious relationship that can lead into marriage. In short we chat on whatsapp everyday but he refused to make video calls..he initiated that he will visit me with his daughter Jenifer (6yo) on Christmas day. He told me that he would send me christmas present that included ring for our engagement, other valuable goods n even money. I kept ask him not to send me anything yet but he insisted that is to show that he was really serious n to show me how much he love me, then finally I agreed. I gave all my details address and my email. He gave me the delivery receipt n told me that all the charges has already paid. 3 days later I got a call from Malaysian number, she told me that she is from delivery agent, she ask me to send money for SGD.800 to release the luggage as it is has to pay for tax to enter my country destination. I ask him how come the Malaysian custom ask me to send money than he ask me that the procedure then I send money under receiver SITI NABILLA BINTI A.RAHMAN (+601126023321 and +60102120836) And the following day that lady call me n told me that she was in custom office with the luggage, she said I have to pay another SGD.1700 to pass the tax. I was so feed up that he told me he already paid all the charges n in the end I still had to pay for a lot of money. He kept urge me to transfer money to lady n he promise me he will give it back once he meet me. And I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me, I send all the total amount of SGD.1700 n the money successfully transfered to that lady i even got notified from my phone that she collected the money immediately after I sent her the code from Western union. After 2 days I got sms from that lady. She pretend to be Malaysian police n threatened me will come on my doorstep of I don't send her another $GD.2000. During this periode he is more likely on that lady side, he keep telling me not to worry about my money. I told him I would make police report against her but he told me not in hurry he worry that he would lost his luggage He promised me will come to my country then go together fly to Malaysia to claim the luggage. He said he have to wait at least a week to get his leave but after 2 weeks he still give me excuse that he still can't travel due his work. This time I realised n 100% sure the both are scammer, I ask him to send me his passport or do video calls n he refused. In this stageI was so pissed off to myself how could I can be so dumb n stupid believe to people that I never meet. I feel like I'm being hypnotized. It happen in about a month I knew him from online then he dissappear n blocked me from the applications he used. I tried to track him use another number but I guess he changed number . I haven't actually make picR report not tell to anyone as I feel ashamed how stupid n easy I am can be cheated by online scammer????
First name: David
Last name: Reyes
Age: 54
Location: New York, NY
On websites:
Report: Contacted me first through; asked to email off the site; his profile then become hidden; Emailed me for 3 weeks, and promised to relocate, etc. etc. Looked for his construction company online - and found that is a completely fake website. Claimed to have just moved here from England 3 months ago, divorced 5 years. Found parts of the letters he wrote, verbatim on the this site. Stopped emailing, and haven't heard from him again
First name: Christopher (Edgar)
Last name: Anthony
Age: 57 (18. Oktober 1957) or (7. Juli 1958)
Location: California, New York, Texas City, New Delhi
Phone: +1 213 204-1640 +1 209-924-4380 +1 4097771515
On websites: Facebook since 22. November 2015
Report: This man contacts me on my Facebook account this February and told me that he is a widower with one son named Sammy, born in UK and lived in New York and now in California and in Texas City. He is an Oil Merchant/ Construction Engineer and Owner. He was very polite and wrote beautiful messages full of love and was very attentively. Once he wrote that he got a confirmation from a Gas Company in India. He sent me a copy of his Passport and of the contract Approval and that I am the next king to this contract and shall be part of all benefits. Now he is in New Delhi and needs 5000$ to open the bank account. I send him 1150 ?. Now he always asks me to send another 800 $ with MoneyGram or Western Union that he could pay his hotel bill and the account name was: Olive Swain. He said he has no account in India and this person works in the hotel in New Delhi. When I asked hime some questions he never gave me a right answer. Once he wrote the name Edgar at the end of his message and I asked what is the right first name. No answer. Since I said that I have no more money he stops to write the messages and is no more reachable.
First name: Thomas earl
Last name: Thompson
Age: 58
Location: Rochelle virginia
Email: Unknown
On websites: Ok cupid facebook
Report: This guy says hes an oil rig on government contracts in malaysia and currently in nigeria.has a large contract and has run out of money can you help.all the usual things wants to marry you and is going to retire soon contact with many women.this is a nigerian scammer
First name: Francis
Last name: Thunds
Aka: Franc Thunds
Age: 50
Location: Sydney Australia & New York USA
Phone: +1 970 535 2233
On websites: Facebook & Skype
Report: I met this guy online on a Dating Site call, and he's name is Francis Thunds from Sydney Australia. At moment now he is in New York on a Business trip & he says he is a Business Man that owns a Company that produces Bournvita and Milk. He is widowed with 1 daughter call Phyllis (20 years old)
First name: Timothy
Last name: Lonsdorf
Aka: Richard A Adams and Richard V Adams
Age: 62
Location: Mineola, New York
Phone: (805) 500-7385
On websites:
Report: My experience is almost identical to Taliya's, listed here. Only this time, his name is Richard Adams. He expressed interest on After responding, he asked for my email. He took his profile down. We wrote extensively for a week. Then he said he had just won a contract for a major project abroad. He never called, but sent a text message. I noticed today it had a familiar area code - California, where I used to live. He said he was from Mineola, New York. I thought it was weird, so I started checking. He asked me to cancel my membership before he left, and asked my ring size and asked for a commitment. He said that his parents had died when he was 15 yrs old; that his wife died of lung cancer 4 years ago, and his daughter, son-in-law and one grandson died in a car accident. He said that he was raising his grandson, John, after the death of his family. I asked for his travel plans, and he sent me a copy of the awarding of the EXACT contract shown here addressed to Timothy Lonsdorf, except it shows the name
First name: Daniel
Last name: Smith
Age: 63
Location: Oklahoma, Silver Spring, MD, Indonesia
Phone: 580 366-3019
On websites:,
Report: Daniel contacted me on dating site. Emailed through dating site 3-4 times before going to regular email. Owns his own company, petroleum engineer, grew up in Brazil does have a Portugese accent. Soon after we met, he had to fly to Chicago, important presentation in Rockford. Won a contract in Indonesia for 52M. provided pictures of him giving presentation. Indonesia has large population of Arabic, presentation had Arabic writings.Flew from Chicago to Indonesia to start job to finish phase 1 in 4weeks. He professed love for me within first 2 weeks. I have emails, texts, many pictures. We talked on phone 2-3 times daily.Kept up pretense of time differences...always knew what time it was here there. Wants to marry me. He initiated phone sex. Have recordings. Within last 3 days escalated with equipment breakdowns, repairs, ran out of $$ and requested I send him $2000 for food and gasoline for vehicles. Applying extreme pressure for $$. Will not give me account number of SC friend until he knows I have $$ ready. I have tracked down the real person to pictures; notified them of issue, hijacked pics, and scam. If he contacts me again, I will get account #
First name: DAVID
Last name: SHAFFER
Age: ABOUT 50
Location: UK
Phone: +447477750058
On websites: OkCupid
Report: HE IS USING PICTURES OF Gafur Aliser ( I found on internet) and using pictures of his kids . Also he falsified a web page of company just changed a logo. THIS IS ONE OF HIS LETTER :honey i know you would love to know more about my work, i work at westgate resource.with over 20 years experience westgate resources corp ltd. is leading the industry with 21 years of experience in, building/construction: roofing sheets, ceilings, building materials,building/construction of houses(personal/public housing) and offices. import and export:general merchandise, including palm oil. vegetable oil, sunflower oil, freight services,haulage service,mining and crude oils. westgate has become a leader in the area of the above listed as we have dedicated staffs, up to date technological facilities to keep up with the trend of manufacturing and export/import of raw material when and where needed at the appropriate time. how head office is located at 1334E 79th St, Chicago, IL 60619,USA. as the chief constrictor engineer my goal is to open a new branch out here in the UK,honey lol i know have been talking too much i love my job that's why am so proud to talk about it. can you check how official site if you want to know much about what i do ...if you check the site you could see some of my hand works,if you got any question feel free to ask me my love .honey i just feel its best for you to know every tin you need to know about me and i hope how love,friendship works out.i just believe time will tell and i promise you i will try my possible best to come visit you when ever am free,hopefully this holiday if i don't have any work at hand .stay blessed my love
First name: Perera
Last name: Dulan chanaga
Age: 45
Location: US.CHICAGO
Phone: +233231155034
On websites: FACEBBOK
Report: I think it's a scammer. He contacted me on messenger facebbok... I keep in touch with him for six months... He said he was an engineer and his work abroad , namely in Ghana. I do not want to talk on video call because he has broken the phone webcam. He tells me he is in Ghana in October 2015 and has no access to his accounts from US . I at first I sent in US money that is supposed to be for his daughter who is sick, I sent the nanny's name and her name Isabel Realy. I then sent back money for it but the name of the driver in Ghana. Driver's name is ADELEKE ADEOLU. I sent his daughter for 200 euros, 250 for him in Ghana. story is not over yet because I want to believe that he is not a scamer. Please I want maximum confidentiality. thank you very much.
First name: Kevin
Last name: Vincenzo
Age: 62
Location: Baltimore, Md Kent,U.K. Dubai, United Emertis
Phone: 447700002181
On websites: Match
Report: I was contacted by the person 8 weeks ago. Many of the emails I received were almost identical to those posted on this site, only this changed seemed like some of the names. They were very convincing, I am glad I discovered this site to prevent any further emotional or financial damage.Lewis Prezo Ryan Aggio to Deborah (USA) were the letters that almost were identical to the ones I received.
First name: Luna Juan
Last name: David
Age: not sure
Location: Philadelphia, USA
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: Started talking with this man who claims to be a Neurosurgeon of Danish descent living out of the country. Upon doing an IP address earch, discovered he was in the USA (of course!). I went back to the site where I met him (POF-Plenty Of Fish) and he'd deleted his account. The only picture I have of him came from when I did a screen capture of a series of men I had been talking with. He says he has grown children, but by his picture, he can't be over 38 to 45. I do not believe he is telling the truth. Also, I recall seeing one of his other pictures and his children are all much younger than high school age. I am a scammer magnet.
First name: Donald's
Last name: Wilson
Age: 60
Phone: +18135406629
On websites:
Report: He send many pictures but he don't allow me to see him on cam.
First name: Mark
Last name: Griffin
Aka: William Griffin
Age: 50
Location: Libya
Email: I can not remember. I know he used
On websites: Facebook
Report: He said he is in the army. He started asking for money. I read all your repots and I realized he was a scammer. He was going by Mark grffin. Now he showed up again under the name William Griffin. I did notice that sometimes he would send prewritten messages. It sounded like he was a women. He is good at what he does. I hope he can be stopped. Thank you
First name: micheal
Last name: yooga
Age: 45
Location: new york
Address: 10006 new york
Phone: unknown3059857137
On websites: match
Report: We met on Match. He winked at me. The chat on Match didn't work well so he suggested we email on Hangouts. He was very charming. He says he is posted in a top secret zone in the Middle East so he can't Skype or send anything from where he is, not even a selfie or voice clip. He did send me 3 photos, one in uniform, one portrait in front of a rock wall and the profile photo, as well as a photo of his daughter. He mentioned his daughter going on a school trip soon early on in the first days of conversation. Then a week later, he shows me an email supposedly from the daughter's temporary guardian, Fred. She has been in an accident, the hospital in China won't operate till full payment is made. Alvin can't send any money since he is in a top secret location. Fred has managed to put up most of the money, can I help. $8,117.50USD (I didn't). Alvin then says he has a safe box with a security shipping company, All Planet LLC. (the company cannot be found anywhere and website is bogus, just a domain) Can he have the box shipped to me so I can use the funds to pay for the operation, obviously it can't be sent to him, and he wants this kept secret from Fred. Can I give him my address and info. There may be charges. I received an email from M. Jason Williams from All Planet LLC, the box will be shipped to me just as soon as I pay $1082 in levies. (I didn't) So now Alvin tells me I must cancel the shipment. There may be charges. $76 to be paid in bitcoins. (I didn't) I said I would have a friend check it out. There was no more communication between us after this.
First name: dixon
Last name: scott
Age: 46
Location: idaho falls, idaho
Phone: 915-209-1608 looked up listing & its clint, TX
On websites: unknown i have a picture if you need it
Report: He has 2 sons, age 4 and 6. Works in mining. Divorced due To wife aborted baby daughter. Talked for 2 months in which time he retired from mining and started automobile company. Had to go to Japan to talk to dealer and get cars. Dealer made a mistake and didn't get enough cars which delayed his return home. He ran out of money. Ask for bank information to put $5000 in my acct so I could wired to him. When I ask for copy of id he got upset and deleted me.
First name: kevin
Last name: anderson
Age: 47
Location: malaysia,kulal lumpur/ new york
On websites: facebook
Report: He requested me as friends through facebook more than one year ago. He said he was working in Malaysia in a construction site. He signed a contract with a company for rebuilding the old buildings. He sent me a police report. It showed he was robbed by 4 indian guys near the hotel he was living. He lost all his credit cards and passport. He would be sued by the company if he could not complete the work. He needed me to remit money for him to pay the hotel bill, too. I remitted a few times. Totally I lost 60000usd. It is my hard earned money. He sent me the invoice of hotel and many pictures including his late wife and a 15-year-old son, Peter. He said he is a French but has been living in New York for 15 years. I requested him to send me video. He said his camera function on the phone did not work. I was so stupid of being scammed by him. He showed our engagement in my facebook. I was so happy cause he promised to marry me after finishing the work in Malaysia. After I sent him the last 20000usd, he claimed he suffered from denger fever and stayed in the Prince Court Medical Centre. I checked by calling the hospital by providing his date of birth and name. The result was no this patient. I reported to the police in hk. It is still in investigation. I am the unlucky woman.