First name: Benjamin
Last name: Walter
Age: 50
Location: Lagos & Virginia Beach va
Phone: 757 918 9967
On websites: Plenty of fish
Report: He comes across as having money wanting to give you the world, then says his arm card got stuck in the arm machine and needs $2000 to pay for machinery, and the flight back to the United Statws with his daughter Vera Whois 15 yrs old
First name: Louvel
Last name: D'artagnan
Aka: Lou
Age: 50
Location: Cape Town, Pretoria, Yemen, France, Forths Worth Texas
Phone: +27733459715 & +1(682)2310151
On websites: Zoosk, Singles 40 plus and facebook
Report: This is a con artist of note who claims to be a renowned medical Specialist specialising in Gynaecology and Obstetrics who works for the UN Government and MSF Doctors without boarders claiming to be travelling the world to save patients. His so called 14 year old daughter Chantal lives with her Grand Mother in Texas and then gets arrested for causing a car accident under the influence of drugs and then he cannot raise the bail money of $14 000 then pleads for money as he is kept hostile in Dublin by the UN Government cannot reach his bank to pay the so called Grand mother the bail money. This man has caught out six women of whom we know with huge sums of money to pay the bail money over to Western Union or Shoprite Checkers in South Africa. This man does not have much intelligence as gives the previous woman he has conned contact details as reference claiming it to be that of the Grandmother, so we have formalised the train of events. This man has no conscious he is busy with serious money laundering to Nigeria and will take the last penny off a women to promote his criminal act.
First name: Bryan
Last name: Johnson
Age: 41
Location: San Diego, CA; Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: 716-537-4163
On websites:
Report: He reached out to me on and started sending messages every morning professing his love for me. These messages sounded fake and when I googled them, they were from other people's writings on different websites. Three days after we started talking, we were supposed to meet but then he had to fly to Nigeria to fulfill a cocoa contract he had just received saying he would only be gone for two months. He said he was going to Nigeria because he had gotten scammed when he went to South America. He says his business name is JB Cocoa and he has three warehouses in the States and has lived here for 6 years. He was from Munich, Germany and had a mother and brother who lived there. His father had passed away in 2013. During the time we communicated, he asked me to send him pictures of $150 iTunes gift cards. When I tried to talk to him via Viber, he claimed the wifi was bad. He sent several sound clips and his voice had a very heavy accent. He is actually a black Nigerian who has not lived in the States and he is using someone else's pictures and name. Be very aware; he is great at Photoshop! He even sent me a photo with my name in it.
First name: Lucus
Last name: James
Aka: William Haggard
Age: 48
Location: Accra Ghana Africa and Montana USA
Phone: 406-2902818
Email: I dont know his email address. He never mentioned it to me.
On websites: Face Book and WhatsApp
Report: William Haggard invited me on face book a few times in the past but I didnt accept. About a week ago I accepted. He gave me a few pictures of him.. one was a soldier with the name Haggard on his arm. Said he was born in Montana USA but was stationed in Ghana Africa. Said he was a E8 Officer.. Navy.. I was going to send him a care package. Then he said he was stationed in Accra Navy Base in Ghana Africa. I have already caught him in a few lies.. so the red flags were flying. He then told me he was in the Army. Came up with all kinds of excuses to cover up his lies. He wanted to me to send him money to buy himself a phone. $250.00. That was the end of that. Since then he has told me that he had my address and was going to come to my home. I told him I had a gun and that it was a really bad idea for him to show up. after that went down I looked up Accra Navy Base. {scammers} I looked at the pictures and found one that Lucus had given me.
First name: Frederick
Last name: Kucera
Age: 50
Location: Boardman, Oregon, USA
On websites: delightful
Report: Have been corresponding since Jan 29, 2016 - slightly over 2 weeks.
First name: Carter
Last name: Ham
Age: 60+
Location: New York, US, Syria
On websites: Skype
Report: This person contacted me on Skype, saying he was a General (retired) working in Syria as a consultant. I had come across him some years ago and stopped contact. He said he wanted to visit me and asked me to send him money for him to come. He asked for ?1000 but then agreed ?500 and asked me to send the cash by MoneyGram to UAE in the same of Chukwuma Hilary Idoko. This I did on two payments. I then got emails saying they were from the UN anti terrorist unit saying he had been arrested and asking for ?2000 to release him. They have sent me 3 emails, the last being two days ago. I have refused to pay.
First name: wilson
Last name: Harry
Age: unknown
Location: nigeria
Phone: 559-967-4036
On websites: yes
Report: Wilson Harry is a romance scammer He starts with saying he lost a wife and daughter and tells you how lonely he is than he tells you he is falling in love with you. After about a week he says he is going to Africa for a job. About 2 weeks later he is telling you he needs money for his supplys .I know of one person who has sent him money because she believed he loved her.
First name: Stephen
Last name: Ray
Aka: Prodigy
Age: 53
Location: Ohio, Texas, Calif
On websites: gmail
Report: Stephen likes to troll sites for women he asked me if I would friend him on facebook that since his wife and daughter had died all his old friends treated him differently . So I did stephen also speaks with a thick accent, He asked for a money loan he would pay me back in two weeks he was going to Saudi Arabia to make a bid on an oil refinery in Delhi 1500.00 I will never see again he got ahold of me and told me he was in Africa and he needed help he was caught trying to take drugs across the border .. I said a big no to that so he is still there I think he has done this to quite a few lady's..
First name: Alexander
Last name: Rossi
Aka: Alex
Age: 47
Location: San Francisco
Address: 2145 Green Street, SF CA 94123
Phone: 447480036131, 14154840731
On websites: was on OK Cupid
Report: found him on OK Cupid, sent him a message. he replied a month later, said he was working in Oxford teaching about mining, then got a contract to work in Wales to mine Quartz. two weeks into job, a tool got damaged and he needed money to get it repaired, asked for $1500.00.a month into our conversing. I said no. the communication decreased significantly after that. He says his wife died 6.5 years ago in a car accident. Has a 14 year old son who lives in Ohio with his sister. he still sends me messages via viber checking in once and a while. poems sent were copied from internet. he did speak on viber phone but he would not chat via face time
First name: Gilbert
Last name: Asher jones
Aka: Gilsh
Age: 55
Location: Dubai?
Phone: 3134516156
On websites:
Report: I met Gilbert on 10/14 and was in regular contact with him until Dec 2015. I never met him in person, but felt completely attached to him emotionally and fell in love. He was supposedly in Dubai working on a construction project and had a series of situations requiring sums of money. I eventually transferred most of my retirement and divorce settlement money to him. Like Susan I was charmed by his amazing emails and messages and calls. Email #4 that was sent to her is word for word one that I received. Soon after I transferred money to him he sent a message and called once saying he has been arrested, He had claimed to be a British citizen so I called the British consulate in Dubai - they had not record of an arrest. That was our last phone call- 12/28. I got a text message from him last week when I accidentally called his number but have not blocked his messages. I reported this to the FBI and
First name: Jack
Last name: Redd
Aka: many
Age: 58
Location: from Miami Fla. In syria now
On websites: facebook
Report: He sent me a friend request in december. Accepted about 2 weeks later. Talked everyday wife died of breast cancer, family gone, only child, one daughter sharon. surgeon in syria for the UN..Loves me and wants to come and see me and wants me to contact his superiors as his wife stating there is an emergency at home so he can come to be with me. I refused kind of got upset. He befriended me when I kept harping on him that he was a scammer, them told me to friend him again if I would stop accussing him of this. I just did this but havent heard anything.. Am still looking int alot of things. How do I report him? wants me to get skype so I can see who I am talking to. Wouldnt that give him away since I have his profile pictures and and If I can see him I will know its not the same guy. Never wanted any money or anything just to write the letter. What a jerk
First name: Kurt
Last name: Rubben
Age: 73
Location: Kansas City. MO
On websites: Zoosk
Report: He first contacted me on Zoosk dating site and then wanted my e-mail address
First name: Eden
Last name: Coffey
Age: 55 or 62
Location: Short Hill NJ
Phone: 203-680-8991
On websites: eHarmony
Report: He saw my profile on eHarmony. Pursued me for a month before I became suspicious. He had to travel to Africa on business as a self-employed construction engineer for oil rigs who just landed a $4 million contract. On the way to Africa, the airline lost some of his luggage and then the money scam started. He needed my bank info to deposit a $5K check from a friend so he could pay the taxes on his materials. It didn't sound right to me. I never gave him any info and started searching online to verify his phone number and pictures. It was a scam and I stopped all communication.
First name: Micheal John
Last name: Gasper
Age: 25
Location: Does not say
Email: Not sure
On websites: Facebook
Report: I had a friend request from this man Micheal. I checked his picture. Match came up as Frank J. Gasper. An Army Sergeant who died May 25, 2008 at age 25. I reported him to Facebook already.
First name: Ernie
Last name: Wilson
Age: unknown 53-55?
Location: San Jose, CA
Phone: 408-758-5219
On websites:, Viber
Report: yesterday I submitted a report regarding Ernie Wilson. Today I saw that a Richard Smith was identified as a scammer. I am almost certain that he is in a picture with my scammer
First name: William
Last name: Wesley
Aka: Shane Scott, Sven094
Age: can't remember..maybe 58-62
On websites: both on Christian
Report: All within last 2 wk. contacted me thru Christian Mingle....what made me suspicious was they had words that I found on their profiles &/ in their messages they wrote me on Christian Mingle, words I found to being on known (various) scammer sites...did not take long, their spelling & grammar became progressively worse. None asked for money...communication was stopped short when I refused to give them my email address &/or phone# for texting only...they insisted...never heard back.
First name: Jan
Last name: Piotrowsky
Aka: Patrick E. Cota, Jefferey Ewine, Victor Ohue
Age: 50+
Location: Homs, Syria
Address: 11a Achimoto Rd. Accra, Ghana 00233
Phone: 650-543-4800 ?
On websites: Facebook
Report: Jan Piotrowsky first contacted me on Facebook on 12/15/15. He said he was a widower of five years and had a son, Jefferey Ewine, who was adopted and in a private school in Accra, Ghana. He quickly
First name: David
Last name: Kauffman
Aka: Marcus Gray
Age: ?
Location: Canada, Turkey, Florida
On websites:
Report: He has a dozen other names as well. I have emails from him to verify.
First name: Bryan
Last name: Johnson
Age: 41
Location: Pacific Beach and Nigeria
Phone: +1 (716) 537-4163
On websites: and Viber
First name: Fredson
Last name: Smith
Age: 50
Location: California
On websites: Facebook
Report: He has contacted me via Skype on February 01 2016 and has told me, that he was a general on a peacekeeping mission in Syria, in the city Damascus. I was very suspicious about that and I haven't told him much about me. I have noticed, that his english was bad. He has used sentences, for example ?I am divorced 6 years ago?, ?Have you gotten the request?? ,
First name: Ernie
Last name: Wilson
Age: states to be 55 but presents DOB as 4/10/1963
Location: San Jose, CA
Phone: 408-758-5219
On websites:
Report: Ernie Wilson initially contacted me just before Thanksgiving through a listing in (Culture Vultures Singles over 50 out of Cambridge MA). He told me he was a widower and liked my picture requesting my email address so that we could chat further. In his first email he described himself as a 55 year old widower stating that his wife had died in labor 3 years ago. His 3 year old daughter was being taken care of by his mother due to his business was his response when I expressed that I was not interested in a man with a young child. He then stated that he was in San Jose CA with his mother and sister for the holidays and would I pray for him because he was hoping to get a big contract. The contract came through in Jan. He sent me a certificate from China showing that he was authorized to stay their for 3 months to complete a 5mil+ contract. Eventually he sent a Visa (his name was spelled wrong and he was younger than stated) but not the passport picture ID and address I had requested. He states he is Canadian (hence the accent) and sent numerous pics of himself and daughter (I do not believe they are of the actual scammer). There is an Ernie Wilson who lives in San Jose and I have talked with his ex. She states that he is a black man and she does not recognize either the phone # or email address. The names that he has given for his mother and sister are not connected to the Ernie Wilson listed in San Jose. He did send a letter supposedly from his mother at a different email address.
First name: ryan
Last name: talor
Aka: rupert marc andre
Age: ?
Location: US, MD
Email: ?
On websites: chemistry and
Report: I told him I didn't have a job or any money and he stopped contacting me after that. I earsed all I had on him. I didn't know who he was til I was searching for Antonio Walker and I found he was listed under an alias of Ryan Talor. Both names came up on
First name: rupert
Last name: marc andre
Age: 48
Location: GA
On websites: chemistry
Report: Ive several photos of Rupert and his10 yr old
First name: Tristan
Last name: Karl
Age: unknown
Location: London
Phone: +447031862984
On websites: linkedin
Report: Customer is phishing for information about me. Pretended to be an Engineer and sending suspicious emails.
First name: claude
Last name: laud
Age: 50
Location: New Mexico Albuquerque
Phone: 6367646905
On websites: skpe/military date finder
Report: He stating that he lives in Albuquerque New Mexico and he is a engineer
First name: Elvis
Last name: Ford
Age: 48
Location: Austin Texas
Phone: (512)765-4956
On websites: Tagged, facebook
Report: He goes on date sites and talks to women making them believe they are the only one. he tells us that he works for Unicef and he is in mexico doing a bid on a job. he needs money to get back to be with me he said. He also has a son named albert, and a mother named cinthia who lives in Portigul . He lives in Austin texas. I had different other women contact me and he tells them the same thing
First name: John
Last name: A
Aka: Andrew
Age: 58
Location: Chicago Ill.
Phone: 8722121998
On websites: Badoo
Report: First met this gentleman on dating site. He was a widower with a daughter. Owned own business. Of Irish descent. Took a job in Ukraine in which customs had confiscated his equipment. Needed money to get his equipment. Then it was to pay his men. Then it was to get back to US. All kinds of stories. Tried to bully me into giving him the money calling me greedy etc.
First name: duane
Last name: Norman
Aka: Eddy Sylvester
Age: 45
Location: Levittown
On websites: datingrsu, 1st
Report: He is a male black man from Nigeria. He Has An Active Face Nook Account under eddy Sylvester. He Uses DUANE Norman As An alias.
First name: Carlos
Last name: Perotti
Aka: Michael Abate
Age: 48
Location: Moldova, Nigeria
Phone: 561-247-8342
On websites: OKCupid, Match, POF, Ourtime
Report: Met Carlos Perotti on in 2014. He said he was working on an oil rig in Gulf of Mexico and then became stuck in Mexico for months due to injury. Claimed he owned a foster home in Moldova that his mother helped run and it burned and he needed money to repair it. Also asked for money for the mother who needed medications. Then asked for money for his daughter to have surgery.
First name: Kendrick
Last name: Hisey
Age: 58
On websites: okcupid
Report: USES USUAL LETTERS AND FAKE OCCUPATION TO LURE WOMEN INTO SCAM I am a global Engineering contractor agent, Am into Installation of a Gas turbine, engineering job has taken me to over 16 countries of the world ranging from Asia, Middle east , Europe , Oceania and Africa. I do basically rig constructions and renovations or over water bridges. We have worked at many countries across the globe. The present project is my last on the field and i shall quit field works and continue my works from my home office while my men do the field ops. I think i really have gotten to this height cos i embraced work for so long. Now i feel i can settle with a woman I love and love me. ** I was born to a loving home, by a US Man and an Carribean mother from Monserrat and now i live in Austin TX. My father was an international worker for shipping company who met this Island orphan whose family was close friends. She says there was something about the man that no woman could ever resist. Sometimes she says she sees same in me, lol. I met my deceased wife and best friend in Monte Carlo, France at a fashion show, she was a fashion model and she was very good at heart.