First name: James
Last name: Harrison
Age: 60
Location: U.S.
On websites: Hangout
Report: James introduces himself trough linked in as a U.S. Dr Col of the U.S army.currently in Iraq as director of health facilities. After few exchanges he loved me. Then he had to go for a 3 days mission against ISIS where they found money of terrorists and decided to keep them. He was supposed to send to me a briefcase with 2500000 Euros. He gave the whole to a diplomat called Fran Edwards he got stuck at Heathrow custom asking me for money providing certificate from custom. James could not pay since he was not allowed to use his money in Iraq. I the end I parked 2800. Unfortunately I found this site and check the custom to late. When I discovered them they disappeared. I hope you register this case. I have pictures of my James and the fake custom certificates.
First name: Jude
Last name: Clark
Aka: Jerry
Age: 50
Location: Benin, Brazil, UK, SA (Kempton Park)
Address: Mamora Road, Sao Paulo, D04, Brazil, 8901
Phone: 22998510684, 22998071405
On websites: outlook, yahoo and yahoo IM
Report: Met online, went to Republic of Benin to finish work and get paid $1 300 000 for work done (even sent me a pictute of cheque). Got stuck, needed money for guest house bill
First name: Ralph
Last name: Aepler
Age: 46
Location: London or Liverpool or Manchester , UK
Phone: (44)7452017745
Email: No email address
On websites: FB, LinkedIn, other
Report: He approached me end of Sep 2015 on . He used the pic of a pediatrician called Jeroen Dudink( later checked out) as his pic. And he also used a lot of Jeroen Dudink's pics on other things. He even has a website called Health for the Poor Foundation, which also used Jeroen's publication pic. If you click ABOUT you can see it on this link : And this man claims he is a pediatrician himself , pretending those pics of Jeroen's to be his. And he has posted Jeroen's pic on a dating site too. Here is the link : This fake man has an African accent as he talked to me on LINE chat. His LINE ID is Jeric4u. I think he is Nigerian. And after three months of talking on line and Skype( he used another man on Skype , maybe a video ) , he said he was in Chad, as a contract doctor and he overshot his expenditure, so asked me for 5000 British Pounds. Of course I did not send him. He said he was gonna meet me in December but did not come, because he said he needed to solve the money problem. He kept on asking me for the money, and then I said I know his name is fake. I told him I know this etc, and finally he admitted he is a scammer and stopped talking to me. I have a question : on Skype ( he said the voice machine does not work so I could only c the man ) I saw a white man . But is it possible this white man was just a video he displaced on Skype to pretend he is white ?
First name: mulla
Last name: ferrer
Aka: michael kurt / agueda espinoza
Age: 46
Location: chicago ill
Address: po box 2583 san rafael cal.
Phone: 760 393 0483
On websites: facebook
Report: 46 year old man frended me and anoter female friend. hi i like your profile. comes over people you may know. started chatt.says he is from chicargo ill. and a drilling contractor. who is going to be working texas. starts romancing me gave me address. and pictures on facebook and email address above.. ims.says has 10 year old daughter. alot conversation did not add up.he calls me on phone number above. and voice does not match . i questioned that and said thats cause his mother is spanish and dad scottish. well he sounds like more.negro.etc. then spanish. then he says something on his drilling equipment has gone wrong wrong and need 2000 to fix it. of course i know something was wrong almost in the begining. especially when he wanted me to sent money to his sales rep above po box. and asked for company name ect.
First name: Juan
Last name: Leonardo
Age: 38
Location: East Oakland, CA and Cape Town South Africa
Address: 13495 Bancroft Ave, San Leandro CA
Phone: 321-926-2821 and +27 611-331-157
On websites: SilverDaddies
Report: Juan initially contacted me on Solver Daddies, and we chatted for a few weeks, then he said he had to fly to South Africa to claim his Father's inheritance (he claimed it $3.2 million and $3 million in diamonds and gold). He arrives, then contacts me and needs $600 because his bank account had been compromised and could not get any money from an ATM. I sent money via Moneygram. Then he needs $1,800 for the Golden Acre Security Company where the money was held. I sent money again via Moneygram. It just went on and on with the amounts becoming larger. I finally cut him off and his reaction was the typical wild crazy behavior and threatening me. He has some help from Barrister Marco Johnson Cape Town, SA; Mary D. Davis in Hiram, GA; Daniel Farmer in CapeTown, SA, who contacted me via gmail. 3 receivers for Moneygram in Cape Town, SA.
First name: Johnny
Last name: Mayka
Age: 46
Location: Kentucky, USA/Dublin, Ireland
Address: 55 Palmer Road, Rush, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Phone: +353768887285
Email: Peter Paul (
On websites: Badoo, Facebook
Report: Met this chap online on Badoo. Has an account with Facebook but was deleted. Saw him on Skype and it is the same person on the numerous photos he sent me. Chatted on wechat and claimed he works in the Oilfield business. Spoke with him for over a year and found many lies concorted by him, asked for money on numerous occasions. He gave me his residential address and I actually sent a postcard with my email address on it. The real owner of that address sent me an email to confirm there is never such a man staying here (another lie). Most likely he is the scammer himself. Have stopped communicating with him and felt I need to report this scam case and have his photos out to warn ladies of such scams.
First name: Wong
Last name: Liong Sheng
Aka: Unknown
Age: 49
Location: America
Phone: +18022311823
On websites: Don't know
Report: I want to comfirm he is a scammer or not.He find me through Facebook.we always chatting using whatapp.His job is pilot.he tell me that he want to send me something for Christmas gift and when receive the parcel need to pay some fees.and he put some money inside the parcel.after that courier company call to pay the fee after send the parcel to me.after I pay,courier company call me that scan the parcel have USD so need to pay for the certificate fee after I pay the huge amount I haven receive the parcel until I want to comfirm this is scam?
First name: Richard
Last name: Mertens
Age: 49
Location: Sydney, Australia
Address: 101 Bathurst Street Sydney
Phone: 282942151, 390204596
On websites: Zoosk
Report: This guy said that he was Danish and a chemical engineer working on oil rigs in Timor Sea and Aberdeen Scotland. He claimed that he had dual citizenship with The Netherlands and Denmark. He claimed to be a widower and his wife had died from breast cancer a few years ago. He had been living in Sydney for about 5 years. He claimed to have had his wallet stolen whilst travelling between Timor Sea and Aberdeen, Scotland. Everything was going great for about 3 weeks until the engineers 'made a mistake' and everything froze in the pipes. He needed money for the new chemicals which he had mostly paid for. There were a few more problems whilst on the rig which he needed money for and then whilst proceeding back to London he was detained for tax evasion. He needed money for a lawyer, then the tax bill. Then he got mugged. He had sent me a passport, a document from the UK saying that he had been detained and was required to pay tax, as proof that he had been detained. Then he got sick, needed to go to hospital. Then his father got sick and he had to go back to Denmark to visit him. He gained my trust by pretending to be loving, envisioning holidays that we would go on together, having children etc. He even asked me to pick him up from the airport. On his 'way home' to Australia for the 2nd time he was stopped in Hong Kong International Airport saying that he was vomiting and they wouldn't put him on the plane. Then he got mugged, and then he got arrested for assault. This entire 'affair' went on for 6 months and I cannot believe I fell for it. He had obviously done this before. He scammed a lot of money out of me - I didn't realise the documents were fake. He also sounded Danish too. Please be careful.
First name: Richard
Last name: Jeffrey
Aka: MrJef6543
Age: 60
Location: USA Chicago
On websites: Yes
Report: Scamming for money . He wants you to setup offshore online account for the two of you for millions on oil deal he makes . He can't let his company know or he will be fired. He proposes two deals. Marriage proposal and Business proposal. He says he has a ring. Later ,he claims he sick needs treatment. Please send money.
First name: William
Last name: Caldwell
Aka: Johannes
Age: 59
Location: Belgium
On websites: Tinder
Report: On Tinder, I had a doubt on his Dutch name but US looking and as soon as I 'liked', I had directly a match and a message 'happy new year to you my lady'. Not a way Dutch men talk...
First name: Frank
Last name: Warren
Aka: Christopher Smith, Stephen Murphy
Age: Sept 17,1959
Location: London, UK
Phone: +447709161148 and 1-330-769-6896
On websites: met on,, Google+,
Report: I met Frank Warren on in Aug, 2015. I have corresponded with him until today, Jan 1, 2016. Several events should have told me he was scammer.Money requested for buying his way out of Army early, had to give Commander $2000,Money Gram sent to Felix Seglah, Delivery Paks 230, Accra Ghana, money for phone$450, money to travel to London $5000 all to Felix Seglah. Got arrested at Heathrow for smuggling gold bars,$14,500 sent to atty Richard Marfo from Caxton House law firm, acct name Napps Trading, Acct.#51133567 Santander Bank in London,UK, for bail. He has been living with R. Marfo, so he says. Also Money Grams of $1,000 to Richard Marfo, $500 to Claire Watson in Yorkshire for food for Frank while in jail, MG also to Linda Patrick from Nebraska (friend of Felix Seglah)for$2500. I also wired $2500 (cash advance from my credit card), personal loan for $30,000, and $20,000 from savings to East West Bank, Houston, TX, acct Southwest Intl, Inc, acct#1131143.Said he had to pay fine on gold so they would give it to him. Then needed $10,000 to travel. Total=$87,950
First name: Will
Last name: Warren
Aka: Keyon
Age: 35
Location: Long Beach, California
Phone: 5622565479
On websites: iconosquare, instagram,interracialdating(tangowire)
Report: We met on a dating site and he was nice at first. We started talking privately on Whatsapp and then he began to beg for money , sent me pics of his empty fridge, pics from bills he soon has to pay. He said if he cant pay his phone bill, he would not be able to talk to me again and so on. I was stupid and believed him. I sent him money twice (about 450 USD) and he was still claiming for more. Soon i realized i got scammed by him and told him that i dont sent money anymore. He stopped talking to me. His phone number still works and I am concerned that other women got scammed by him.
First name: Lawrence
Last name: David
Age: 63
Location: Plano Texas
Phone: 1214 702 9280
On websites: Mature
Report: My report about this scammer is the same as Debbie USA reported in Nov.2015. all about being in England and fixing the turbine, then money for tax in England and 2650 for ticket and luggage to come home. He asked for huge sums of money with great reasons.
First name: Rick Maxwell
Last name: Burr
Aka: Vaal Derk
Age: 51
Location: Aleppo, Syria
On websites: Facebook
Report: This man sent a friend request to my website on Facebook. For some reason, I accepted and a few days later he contacted me just to talk. And then the con began. The complete time line for our discussions was from 12/15/15 to 12/26/15. He tried to convince me that he needed to help his son over the holidays. I refused to send any money, A few days later he contacted me again and wanted to deepen the relationship. When he thought he had me convinced that he was legitimate, he once again tried to talk me into sending money to South Africa. I cut him off at that point. .I reported him to Facebook, but I think he still has active websites going.
First name: Jack
Last name: Harrison
Aka: Maxwell Taylor,Bryan Jack Taylor
Age: 47
Location: Cameroon and Nevada
On websites: Facebook,Yahoo
Report: Romance scammer. Contacts women through facebook. Says he's in Cameroon on deployment. Asks for money to send a parcel containing gold coins and jewellery to the value of $700,000. Then tells you tha his facebook account has been hacked and its not him asking for money
First name: Handerson
Last name: Cook
Aka: Destiny williams
Age: 40
Location: 5 palamentary rd. Calabar ctoss river state
Address: Nigeria30001
Phone: +2348094966254
On websites: Facebook
Report: He is the owner of the in nigeria he is the one who scammed me.
First name: Colin
Last name: Jones
Aka: conjon
Age: 55
Location: USA Kansas City
Phone: +1 816 882-4659
On websites: facebook
Report: He began with compliments. The first few weeks I answered only some time, mostly out of curiosity. He made a long presentasion, as divorced, hardworking ingeneer. No family except for one daughter. Alone. Later he started sending music, lots of compliments and he 'fell in love with me'. I explained that I have an active life, I do not think you can fall in love over the internet. Asked if he wants to use Skype, but he did not. He wanted us to talk via Whatsapp, which we did. I was suspicious early on, but remained out of curiosity. So he told me he had a big contract coming in Malaysia, it would provide $ 1.2 million. He wanted to marry me after working in Malaysia and put money on my business. He went to Malaysia, sent pictures when he signed a contract. But then came the 'but'. He needed money, $ 8,000 for a document that would give permission for the contract. His credit cards had gone out, he had no internetbankin, but wanted meto send money. This was just before Christmas. I refused, saying it was impossible that he could not access his money in the United States via the Internet. He became more aggressive and assertive, but still there were many 'baby', 'dear and' honney 'in the messages. He wanted email copies of his passport as evidence, which I agreed. I saw right away that the passport was false. Right after that I continued to refuse to send money, he ended our relationship with 'that fate did not want us to be together because I refused him money. Here is his fb ore the fb he use. and were you can se the same picture. His passport (???) cid:0C569233-BB4A-42C7-902B-63FA37373DDB@lan
First name: Andreas
Last name: Townsendss
Age: 56
Location: UK
On websites: Mingle2
Report: This man is a scammer!! He switches locations and profile names, but he has tried to scam me and disappeared when I was onto him...trying to send me packages.
First name: Phillip
Last name: Thompson
Age: 62
Location: Belgium?
On websites: Tinder
Report: I didn't initiate any contact as I felt it was a too official picture to be real. Again it was a 'soldier' so I googled the picture and found it was the image of Retired general George Casey and not from any Phillip. Phillip Thompson appeared in Google+
First name: Chris
Last name: Steinberg
Age: 49
Location: Germany, Scotland
Phone: +44 7784 713781
On websites:
Report: I started conversing with Chris Steinberg through a website on 23 September 2015. He claims to be a widowed father of a girl and a Finance Manager / Civil Engineer. He tried to win my affections by claiming to fall for me. He also claims to be working on a
First name: Reece
Last name: Holiday
Age: 61
Location: USA Springfield, MA
Phone: 413-461-4146
On websites: pof, zoosk, our time,
Report: Reece Holiday contacted me first about one month ago on plenty of fish. He eventually asked me for money. His hangouts message was carefully written
First name: Lorenzo
Last name: Sanchez
Aka: Lorenzo Antonio
Age: 48
Location: Longbeach CA
On websites: oasis
Report: Lorenzo contacted me on Oasis and soon after started to email me professing his undying love for me. Never asked me for money as it did not get to that stage (thanks to my daughter) BEWARE of this catfish. He is believable and will tell you everything you want to hear. Not to mention hes attractive. He sounds way too good to be true and HE IS! He will also try to add you on skype and chat to you this way but will not turn on his webcam. HE will probably give you a story about being deployed as he is in the US Marines.
First name: Palmer Nicholas
Last name: Scott
Age: 54
Location: Mountain View, California
On websites: Facebook
Report: Has been scamming my disabled mother for money for months. Says he wants her to wire transfer money to his daughter in Cambodia. Says he works on an oil rig in California but is originally from Italy.
First name: Charles
Last name: Preston
Aka: Kevin John Friend
Age: Said he was born 1959
Location: Winter Park Fl
Address: 3208 Oak Lawn Place, Winter Park FL 32792
Phone: +1 469 630 2422; +1 662 786 0049;
On websites: FaceBook
Report: I recognize this man from a picture that I have. I met him on FB in October 2015. Became very friendly and in a short time romance was evident. He is a smooth operator with poems, and know what to say and when to say it. Made no demands until he left to work on a rig in South Africa toward the end of November. Then gave me a story of being robbed and having lost everything. As a South African that left the country because of the crime and violence there, he caught my attention and sympathy but still no demands. I tried to get him set up with friends to help him but he declined. I should have been alerted then. Then I received shock pictures of ?his son? in an accident and in a coma? . That is when the requests for money came in. I resisted for a long time but did in the end give in and he managed to get $1100 out of me. For hospital and replacement documents. He had a person working with him in this..... willingly or unknowingly. Not sure. Her name is Carol Schneider who lives in the same building and who took receipt of some of the money from me. She was supposed to be the boy?s nanny. On the day I was to collect him from the airport. He just disappeared. He continued to read my notes on viber as I could see that , but never made contact again. He did tell me that he was going to spend the Holiday?s with his mother in Scotland. He told me that he was a Scot who came to the USA in 2008. I can provide documents and pictures when requested.
First name: Anthony
Last name: Miller
Aka: Obioha Alaoma Daniel, Frank Marling, Frank Maxwell,Teresa Frank
Age: 45
Location: Niger,Nigeria,Afghanistan, San Francisco California
Address: 6 Festa close Amawire,Orji, Owerri North,Imo State,Nigeria
Phone: +2348139059871
On websites: yahoo messenger,Google Plus, Hangouts
Report: He asked for me for money he has asked for naked pictures of me and has also been talking to two other at the same time as me and he has asked me to send him chocolates to him and he wants to marry soon before the first of the 2016 he is on Facebook page and also on Google plus and hangouts to and Yahoo messenger and it doesn't take him long until he gets mad at you when you don't have enough time to chat with him and then has the ball's enough to call you a liar and he has bad mood swings and gets hateful fastly and then if you ask him any kind of questions he will refuse to answer he just replies saying I love you honey and saying I can't live without you and needs marriage and kids and says he has never been married before and no children as well and I knew that something was up not long after talking to him because he has nothing but women in his circles on Google plus and last time I checked them there was more than 1,999 that's in his circles there and he has two active Google accounts and he is still trying to scam me and lots of other women on site he has to be stopped and this is real sad stealing pictures off line and posing as our Military men and women
First name: david
Last name: robert
Aka: martin taylor
Age: 55
Location: austin texas,doha
On websites: facebook
Report: wanted money sent to doha had lost his wallet when I refused stopped any contact
First name: desmond
Last name: laney
Age: 41
Location: boston Massachusetts
On websites: facebook
Report: Hes on facebook sends friend request his letters are just like the ones you have here hes a global engineering contractor agent
First name: christopher
Last name: smith
Aka: James jonse
Age: 50
Location: bagdad iraq and texas
Address: wast, African Tamale, Ghana box 1734 zip 00233
Phone: 8036660928
Email: faceboob/james.jonse.5
On websites: yes
Report: Confessed his love for me said he couldn't live without me. First asked for a care package to be sent in his diplomats name: OSMAN MASDUK COUNTY: WAST AFRICAN TAMALE GHANS ZIP CODE: 00233 BOX NUMBER: 1734. When I told him I wasn't sending it because it cost to much. He proceeded to confess his love for me. That he wanted to marry me. Then he asked me to send him 3000 $ to get a leave home for Rr. I told him no I didn't have it so he asked me for $1500 I said there was no way so he said can I send him $550 for the form. Screech went my brain. Investigate investigate and I told him I was going to talk to my sister and a friend and see if there was a better way to do this other than western union and he got pissed saying I didn't believe him. I said really what gave him that clue. Tried to get me to not ask anyone or say anything because it was all top secret. Well guess what Christopher Smith I got ur ass.
First name: Kelvin
Last name: Haymanns
Age: 60
Location: Ghana
Phone: 233 57748335
On websites: All dating sites
Report: This man said he just moved back to Ghana and has a shipment of gold worth 74 million dollars and need money for papers for the gold shipment. He has many email address and uses a NY well know male model photos for his profile. He is well connect in Ghana and lives in a hotel in Ghana. He said he was born in the UNITED STATES AMERICA but moved to Germany with his father when his mother passed when he was (19) living in LA, CA. He has a German accent and is a real charmer and uses religion as his trademark.
First name: ayesalha
Last name: gaddafi
Age: near about 40
Location: oman
Email: never sent
On websites:
Report: she offered me 5 million us dollars kept in a box in oman.she want to send it via diplomatic courier and demand 2500 pounds to send via wetern union money what can i do ?