First name: Micheal
Last name: Petrov
Aka: Micheall Bruce
Age: 64
Location: USA, West Palm Beach, Florida
Phone: 318-965-7268 For calls 904-715-4148
On websites: Facebook
Report: This person messaged me on Facebook messenger, June 7. He said he was looking for an old friend who had the same name. The name that appeared on messenger was Micheal Bruce. I told him I wasn't who he was looking for and wished him luck finding her. Monday evening, June 13, he messaged again, just asking what I was doing. He started asking questions about me...I kept fairly vague. I told him I couldn't find his profile on he told me to look under Micheal Petrov. It appears he just made the page about five minutes before it appeared.
First name: Andrew
Last name: W.
Aka: Mr. Nicolas Smith
Age: 65
Location: White Springs, FL
On websites: Tagged
Report: Junkmail: You are very good looking!!! i will like to stay in touch if you dont mind. Andrew Typical scam: for now i dont come here much. Typical scam: working as a contractor Asking for private informations: ,please what is your email so we can stay in touch that way
First name: Adams
Last name: Gergen
Aka: Safford Williams
Age: 52
Location: New York
Phone: 516 670 5513
Report: This man is on Facebook as Safford Williams saying he favorites Nigerian Soccer. I was researching Phillibert Engineering when I saw this Scammer Safford Williams claiming to be an engineer and working for Philibert Engineering in New York. This information leads to a common thread with Gilbert Jones Ventures used by Scammer Gilbert Asher Jones as his business website. Philibert Engineering was mirrored to created the fraudulent website Gilbert jones Ventures on September 11, 2014. If you Google Safford Williams you will find a lot of information about Safford Williams posted by Spokeo matched his photo with his email.
First name: Alderic
Last name: Adler
Age: 68
Location: 91764, Canada
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer with African/English grammar From his e-mail to me i am Adelric Adler by name,Am originally from Canada i have lived my youth life in the State. am only looking for a serious woman. am ready to start a better relationship typical scam: I am an engineer by profession,I am an independent Welding contractor. no matter the age because age are numbers. I have been single since i lost my wife 8 years ago due to leukemia disease junkmail: I saw something in your profile, something that made my heart pause to read your precious profile, something that tickles in the heart, could there be love at first sight? Ha-ha maybe we could find that out, LoL. i am new and you are the first person i am exchanging emails with now.
First name: Matt
Last name: Morton
Age: 47
Location: South Africa, Johannesburg
Phone: 0027634185472
On websites: facebook messenger
Report: He hit me through the personals site
First name: Mike
Last name: Cury
Aka: Nelson Robert
Age: 41/42
Location: Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria, South Africa & Melbourne Australia
Phone: +234 807 792 7221 & +61 0401849061
On websites: Badoo, Whatsapp, KIK & Facebook
Report: I met this man online on a Dating Site call Badoo, and he's name is Mike Cury (42) from Ft Worth Texas USA but he says to me is on Business trip to Nigeria as a Contactor Engineering for RCCG Company.
First name: Robert
Last name: Caslen
Age: 56 and 54
Location: Hartford, Connecticut and La, California
On websites:,
Report: I just know him about two days ago (June-11-16) on dating site is, his username is: robertcaslen. He sent an e-mail to told me he is the Lt. Gen. Robert Caslen with his picture and I read his biography, very glorious achievements of Lieutenant General Robert Caslen. I have suspected he was a scammer. Because I have to heard about histories of Lt. Gen. Robert Caslen in the war of Iraq, so I want to learn more about Lt. Gen. Robert Caslen on Google. And exactly what i was thinking, so I was stop keep in touch with him. As this morning I met him on the other dating site is He took one more different username is: robertjr, he wanted to be friends with me (because I also took another username) Immediately I recognized as the same person, he tried to hoodwink lonely women in life as me, who want to looking for true friends from the dating site home page. So I need to make the report to male scammer. Thank you very much.
First name: Borges
Last name: Pexaro
Aka: Richard Mcneil, Ric
Age: 59
Location: Youngstown, Ohio
Phone: 330-960-2982
On websites: eharmony
Report: I started communicating with Ric from eharmony and also signs his name Ric. He said he was raised in Austria and came to U.S. about 20 years ago. We sent emails for about 2 weeks and then for a few days on text message.
First name: simon
Last name: stevenson
Age: 63
Location: bowal nsw australia
Phone: 0423 427 957
On websites: POF dating site
Report: he contacted me and used similar key words on me as another scammer used on me to get money he claims he is a civil engineer and has loads of money and does all his work out of Australia he says he makes roads and bridges he says he lives in bowal nsw australia Yet on his profile on POF dating his lead title is gracealmosthere (Johan) which he claims is his name on the bottom of profile he has Monterey as his place where he lives He has been reported to you before under the name of Simon Stevenson which is what he is calling himself He has sent me emails full of lies about his family he claims his father is swiss and his mother is english he has a daughter who is 27 her name is supposed to be kim and promising me a wonderful life if we get on and he has told me he thinks i could be the woman he is looking for THIS GUY NEEDS SHUTTING DOWN apparently he was on BU2 dating site before when he got reported. I have sent sms to his phone number which is above and got replies same with the emai
First name: Robert
Last name: Wilson
Aka: Peter George
Age: 55
Location: London, England
On websites: Tinder
Report: This same man sucked me in under the name Peter George. Claimed he was in London on business, got mugged, needed me to help him get money from someone in the states so he could get back home.
First name: Tonio
Last name: odegaard
Age: 56
Location: Blackpool, Equador
Phone: 07978382637
On websites: E harmony
Report: Contacted via e harmony, saying his subscription was running out, saying he's a Gemologist, Italian descent, living in Blackpool, currently working out in Equador in the field, comes across as very intelligent, I Googled his phone number and was same as Sami Turner on this scammer site, with very similar details.have chatted for 3 weeks, no requests yet...
First name: Jude
Last name: Zevadero
Age: 59
Location: Burswood, Perth, Australia
Phone: 0414 680 855
On websites: Oasis, Viber, LinkedIn
Report: Contacted me via Oasis Dating Site. Said was in NZ on holidays. After a couple of days suggested we change contact to email & Viber as he had to go to Iran on business. Travelling via Malaysia first to visit parents. I checked him out found nothing on ASIC or Facebook. Found him on LinkedIn - Zevado Oil & Gas so thought he was legit. Said I thought he maybe a scammer & immediately he said lets Skype so you can see my face. Same face as photos on Skype however words did not seem to match mouth & suddenly screen froze. Told me when staying in hotels in Iran the government did not like guests using Skype. I researched that & found that it maybe correct sometimes. Lots of chat messages on Viber & phone calls. Emails as me lots of info about his business & costs of oil barrels as he was purchasing oil in Iran & end buyer was Croatia. I checked prices of oil & was not the same as what he was telling me. Then came the full on email how much he loved me etc etc. Then next phone call about how suddenly it was costing him a lot more for loading fees etc than he had budgeted. Phone calls about how he was so in love with me, another full on email & then the subtle request for needing help to finance the extra costs. He had raised some of it....but could not raise all of it. And then I received flowers, wine, teddy bear plus another full on email. I cut & past some of the phases into your website & wow of course it came up as scam.... Thank god I was so suspicious all along. So sad though as very convincing & would certainly get a lot of ladies involved in giving money. Hope you can stop this rotten person.... I can also supply you with photos that he sent me of himself......
First name: Eric Michael
Last name: Scott
Aka: Eric Michael Scott, Suna Amamvi Steven, Steven James Nuel, Priyanka Gupta, Robert Gabriel, Robert Goob
Age: 51
Location: Kuwait City, India, UK, Texas USA
Address: Marol Plaza, Andelhi East Mumbai Mahashtra 400059 India, 1/2 Fruid Garden residence, Drby, L34-9EA, KNowsley Derby United Kingdom
Phone: +448712346599,+919619406181, +7678069811,16825645566
On websites: Facebook
Report: Pretended to be with a son and loss his wife few years ago. Then businessman travelling on a ship then get's attacked by a sea pirate and will send to you his safe box to keep it until he arrived on his destination. Global Security Company is the courier delivering the safe will request fees one after the other after you pay. Then will tell you need additional certificates to release the safe. After it will tell you the Officer is already in the USA and need money at the Custom for legal registration of the safe. Name of companies are Global Security Company, A&F International LLC. A&F bank account is Wells Fargo acct#1123867986 routing#111900659, Swift codeWFBIUS6S, bank address 4771 Saturn Rd., Garland, Texas 75041
First name: Richard
Last name: Mertinze
Age: 59
Location: Miami, FL
Phone: 305-900-2490
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: He initiated contacted through Christian Mingle. Corresponded about a month. His email wording gave me red flags. He quickly took down his profile after we started emailing. He moved too fast. I put in google a paragraph of his email and most of his letters word for word came up with the same first name and a different last name (Carvalho??). I stopped all contact with him. Also, he wanted me to write his daughter and her email had the same tone as his. He started off born in Milan Italy. His daughter would have been born in this country but she wrote just like him.
First name: William
Aka: Will
Age: 41
Location: Nigeria, South Africa
Phone: 234 905 569 5761
On websites: facebook
Report: I had a guy names Will add me on Facebook. He was supposively in Chicago, was widowed (wife was killed in a car accident), has 2 little girls. He was an engineer and got a job in Nigeria. He got his passport and $10K stolen from him so he needed help with hotel bills and money to finish his job. He asked for money right away. I was stupid and loaned him money. I wish I wouldn't have. Anyways I contacted his supposive nanny and asked her about him. Come to find out he was feeding her the same load of lies. He likes to talk through WhatsApp. He claims he loves you and wants to marry you right away. He wants you to use money gram and western union to send him money. Will ask you to get loans for him and open up bank accounts for him. He started to try and talk to me again so I am playing this game with him because I want my money back (possibly). He sent me this email today...(which I also found on here) I keep thinking about the future, about life, and what I want out of it. I keep thinking about us and what this relationship means to me. I keep thinking about these things and I realize they go hand in hand. This relationship is my future; it's what I want out of life. I want to grow old with you. I want to experience this crazy love forever. I want us to walk through new houses picking the one that would be just right for us. I want to see you walk around our house in a big t-shirt with your hair down and catch me staring at how gorgeous you are. I want you to pull the covers off me at night and then I have to get even closer, if it's possible, to you to keep warm. I want to see you laugh like crazy at me when I do stupid stuff. I want to rub lotion all over your body because you lay out in the sun too long. The CONTRACT CLOSING FEES include the following as mentioned below: 1)Recording Fees, paid by the contractor , charged by a governmental entity for entering an official record ... 2)Document or Transaction Stamps paid by the contractor , charged by a governmental entity as an excise upon the transaction and contract payment check . 3) Survey Fee for a contract survey structures paid by the contractor to confirm lot size and dimensions and check for encroachments. Required by institutional/commercial lenders... Once I am able to pay the contract closing fees of US$35,600.00 the contract will be awarded to me and a check of US$39M will be issued to me. Sweetheart, I canit wait to have this whole thing sealed, because as you already know, I am retiring (working from home) after completing the contract. Honey I need your help here...This contract is for the betterment of you and I ...I need your help so that I can raise the US$7,600.00O I will be glad if you can assist me to finalize this because I know you want the best for us and this is my moment, please donit let this opportunity of a life time pass us by...Please kindly assist me with money so that I can close the deal immediately, and in about week from now we would be celebrating together. All of his emails seemed like they were copied and pasted from a dating site. I just wanted to prevent this from happening to anyone else. These scammers are scum on scum! They need to be in jail!
First name: alberto
Age: 57
Location: Netherlands/ texas usa/ Syria
On websites: tinder/ timber; badoo
Report: Said he was working as an aerospace engineer for UN in the Netherlands, waiting to be sent to Syria. After 2 days said that his former employer did not pay him. I got suspicious and found on the internet that he was operating under the name John Obot as well. I confronted him by asking: is Alberto your real name. He said it was. I told him that: - the distance to the Netherlands did not match The Netherlands or Texas, but matched Nigeria - I found on the internet the same pictures with the name John Obot. He accused me of being insane. I told him he was and he blocked me as a contact.
First name: Kelvin
Last name: Wilson
Age: 41
Location: Dallas Texas
Phone: 2348141520044. Jack
On websites: Facebook
Report: Met on Facebook. Wrote on Facebook Messanger and gmail. Kelvin sent me a friends request, I accepted. I wished him a Happy Birthday on March 20, about a week later he said he would like to get to know me. I told him I would like to get to know him too, that I have a lot of information about myself on facebook but there was no information about him. I said he was a very handsome man and a very private one. He said his friend found his wife on facebook and they are happy and he encouraged him to try. Kelvin: no parents or siblings, orphaned, raised by reverent father, raised a Christian man of God! Lived in Dallas Texas, Reverent sent him to military school, he was in the military for 21 years. Was currently on a peace keeping mission in Bagdad, worked in a basement monitoring, radio, air activity. Couldn't use telephone or computer, that he was using the military equipment to talk to me and he would be severely punished if they found out and it was all worth it to find me. Kelvin wanted to visit me on his next leave around the second week of June and I agreed. He then said that he didn't want to wait and asked for early retirement and his name was on the list along with fifteen other men. Kelvin said that he put my name down as next of kin and asked me to email his Commander Jack Sanchez asking for his help as his wife. I emailed Jack, he asked for my phone number and email address, and a copy of my drivers licence. I sent it to him then he called and asked for 7100. For a delivery agent to deliver Kelvins $. I emailed Kelvin stating what Jack said and told him that my friend said if you ask for $ then you are a scammer. He then sent me two more pictures of himself acted offended that I didn't trust him. I went so far as to check my accounts. I then told them I would not spend $ put of my own pocket, that I would use Kelvins $ to pay for the transportation. I live in an extreme remote isolated place so I agreed to meet him in Campbell River. I couldn't make it out due to weather and finally came to my senses after intervention from my sister and son. I deleted my conversations with Kelvin and blocked their emails. I phoned my bank and the police. Jack Sanchez kept calling. I have the email of the delivery agent and the bank account number, I did find some correspondence in spam mail and I can email two pictures. Account name: Terry Vincent. Atlanta Georgia, Banof America, Account #334046806444. Routing #061000052 Kelvin said his wife died in childbirth along with his daughter, that his wife continued to do drugs and drink while she was pregnant.
First name: CARL
Last name: WILSON
Age: 52
Location: CHINA
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: Asks for money. Claims to be in China and Hong Kong.
First name: Dario
Last name: Littera
Aka: Gracian Julio Alejandro
Age: 55
Location: manathan beach. Ca
Email: Gracianjulio@outlook
On websites: facebook...
Report: he contacted me... via Facebook...very gently at first...
First name: Mata
Last name: Jones
Aka: James Mata, George Mata
Age: 48
Location: Iraq
Email: Unknown
On websites: Facebook and Messenger
Report: This guy claims to be in the Army and that he is stationed In Iraq. Claims he one son named Danny staying with his Agent in Ghana. Has asked me for money and a Credit Card.
First name: jack
Last name: redd
Aka: mile bosnic
Age: 55
Location: kabul
On websites: facebook
Report: I was contacted on facebook by Mile Bosnic. He friend requested me and a romance blossomed from there. I sent him a total of $1000.00 for a variety of reasons including his daughter ($300.00 once and $200.00 the second time, uniforms ($400.00 and food ($100.00 ). He is claiming that he is a captain in the US Army and is currently deployed in Kabul. He is a very loving, romantic person in chat but has now claimed he sent a $450.000.00 to me through a company called fast links. Now they want more money to send the package to me. All of this has happened over the last month.I would still be being used if I hadn't found his pictures on this site. Thank you!!
First name: robert
Last name: mauer
Aka: robert lange mauer
Age: 61
Location: Kokomo, Indiana, Brussels, Belgium
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: This guy has even a fake passport and sends duplicate messages identical word for word to some on this site.
First name: Mark R
Last name: Benson
Aka: multiple
Age: 57
Location: Los Angeles, ghana
Email: MarkRBenson
On websites: facebook, viber
Report: Watch out ladies. Tried to scam money for Internet service he claimed. I did not buy it!
First name: Robert
Last name: Tate
Age: 50's
Location: Stockholm Sweden
On websites: Facebook
Report: Robert Tate has scammed at least 3 ladies that I know of, for thousands of dollars. He stole a photo of Colonel Frank W Tate off the net, which he uses on his Facebook page, he states that he's enlisted in the US Army, and is stationed in Afghanistan at the moment. Whatever country you live in he'll tell you he'll move there to be with you when he leaves the army. He starts asking for money to send a box of his personal items to you, then it goes form there, scamming thousands of dollars out of unsuspecting women. I also suspect he has another Facebook page, and uses the name Peter Frans, as his wording and phrases are very similar, and so is personal life.
First name: Danny
Last name: Alonso
Age: 67
Location: NY, Amsterdam, Spain, Paris
Address: Mahattan 'Central Park'
Phone: 408 669 1250
On websites: Zoosk, Gmail
Report: This scammer has been scamming my friend since he first messaged her on Zoosk back in January 2016. He asked for her phone number and personal email shortly after talking and then cancelled his profile on the dating site. He said he was a Civil Engineer on assignment in Spain and that he had long delays finishing his job due to equipment deliveries, tax issues, etc. This went on for a month or so before he said he was on his way to his home in NYC when they could finally meet. Then he got 'detained' in Paris for 2 months for having too much cash from his job in Spain and needed his lawyer to get involved. I'm sure he asked her for money along the way. When he finally said he was getting a flight to NYC 5 months after they initially started talking, he said he was detained at JFK airport although his name was not on the list of detainees. After that I found him reported on this site but then the report was deleted after a few days. Please report him if anyone else has been scammed by him! He has manipulated and brainwashed my friend.
First name: Mark
Last name: Miller
Age: 60
Location: Los Angeles,California
Phone: (724)-648-3767,(213)-375-8696,27717258823
On websites:
Report: He became familiar with me on vietdating site in the middle of April-16 we contacted by via e-mail and via phone, I have suggested to him that we can communicate by via webcam to know each other, but he always find the ways to denied. A half month period after that he said he fall in loved with me and he want to spent the rest of his life with me. After that he told me he would go to work in South Africa about two weeks. While he was working in Africa we are still in regular contact. Suddenly on June-01-2016 he told me that he had been robbed of all his money, credit cards and ID. He can't return to US without his ID, and he asked me if I could help him $5000 because his financial down, he needed more money to working for working permit. I doubt about his acting, so I said I had no money and from which he is no longer keep in touch with me no more! I attached some pictures of his, was e-mail to me but I think he stole those pictures of a certain victim and not his true pictures. I also discovered that he had used a different account named is marcusdmark101 48 years old on
First name: Dino
Last name: Fabiano
Age: 61
Location: Greenland, IN
Phone: 317-318-8349
On websites: unknown/found on initially
Report: I met Dino Fabiano on a date site as well. Says he works for Apax Investment International, but, I don't see his picture or name on their website, as one gal stated, but, he is definitely working a scam and swears he isn't.
First name: James
Last name: Achor
Age: 45
Location: Fl, Silver Springs United States
Phone: +14083260653
On websites:
Report: I met this guy online on a Dating Site call, and he's name is James Achor (45) from USA. He works as a Civil Engineer and he owns a Company that does Contract Projects building shopping malls and offices. He is divorced with one son call Michael who is 10 years old
First name: Jonathan
Last name: Ortiz
Aka: John Gomes;Barney Diego & Patrick on
Age: 62
Location: Reno, NV, USA
Phone: 775-382-2718;905319551327;
Report: I initiated contact to his email. Barbet on emailed me that her friend, Jonathan Ortiz, liked my profile, but wasn't on match. She gave me his email address and phone number. We communicated from May 2 to June 1, 2016. Barbet said his wife died from alzheimers. He said she died from colon cancer. Both said 5 years ago. He said 2009, which makes the math wrong. I would ask questions in my emails, which he never bothered to answer. He asked for my phone number after five days, so I called him. He said he loved me after nine days. We emailed and called almost daily. He looks white. Said he was born in Panama, moved with parents to Turkey at 15+, and then to Florida and married. Has a son Mario in University of Florida. He has an accent, hard to understand at times, doesn't keep phone up to mouth. He was waiting on a contract to be approved. He got an interview and flew there. He was only 5 hours away from me, but never suggested coming to visit. We had only been talking two weeks though. He flew back to Reno to wait for word on the contract. He won the contract and had to fly to Turkey immediately. He got a new cell phone there. I got an international plan. He called with his new number, but usually wanted me to call him. After working for a few days, he said the officials came and said he had to pay a non resident tax of $104,000. He had spent all of his money on machinery, materials, and paying employees. He was going the next day to see if they would deal with him. They lowered the amount to be paid as soon as possible. He would pay the rest when he received his first payment at the end of four weeks. He'd originally told me he would not be paid anything until the project was completed. He didn't ask me for help right away. When he did, he didn't give me an amount. He just said if there is any way you can help. I told him I didn't have much money. I did find his email address with a younger man's picture on it for Instagram. Then when he asked if I could get $10,000, I said no. I told him I didn't think he was the man in the pictures he had sent me. I told him goodbye and blocked his email on May 28. On May 30, I called him. I wanted to hear his voice. Then I didn't answer when he called me back. I called him on 5/31, and he reeled me right back in. He cried. He said I hurt him so bad with the things I said. He said he is the man in the pictures. He said you will see in three weeks when he takes his break and comes to see me. I said I only had $500 and he asked if I could get $1000. I said maybe. Then he said can you get $3000. Maybe. How about $5000? I'll try. He said he would send an address, and he would see if he could get the information for a bank transfer. He promised to pay me back and thanked me so much. He sent the address: Kingsley Amadin 12 ambarli cihangir avcilar turkey He never sent the other information. But I spent 12 hours searching for him. I found a site for IP addresses and found that he was emailing from Sunnyvale, CA the whole time. So that was all I need to know it was a scam, but I wanted to know who he was. I found picture match and matched John Gomes on your site. I also found picture matches on as Barney Diego, 55 and Patrick, 62. Now I knew the guy in the pictures was the one scamming me. I was hurting, but I was also very mad. I don't want him to actually scam anyone else. He is good at what he does. I fell for him. Likes to kiss over the phone - kissing sound; Very good with loving words, etc.
First name: Michael
Last name: C.Wealth
Age: 54
Location: Alabama City
On websites: Skype charles23461, facebook, Ilike you
Report: A new scammer he contact me on Skype and also on email asking money..