First name: Alan
Last name: Patterson
Age: 58
Location: Oregon, but now the Gulf of Mexico
Phone: 413-200-4275
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: We met on the site about a month ago. He was instantly charming. He knew I was recently widowed and said he'd been widowed about 3 years ago. Said his parents died in a car accident but he had one daughter. He said he was a petroleum engineer and currently working on a BP Oil rig in the Gulf on a 3-month contract that was supposed to end on May 5th. At that time he said he would move to my state to build a relationship. Then the past few days he was becoming increasingly agitated because things weren't going well with some machinery. He then said he needed to rent a new machine and it was going to cost $25,000 and he had $22,000 and he said if I truly cared for him, I would give him the money. When I told him no, he got very angry and called my stupid. I then knew this guy was a scammer.
First name: alexander
Last name: morozov
Age: 57
Location: Ulkrania
On websites: skout
Report: he says that he's name is Christian carlin from Netherlands.
First name: Richard
Last name: Antonio
Aka: Antonio Richard
Age: 55
Location: Ghana
Phone: 233-541-72-8952
On websites: Facebook
Report: This scammer is very very very good. He went for 2 months chatting daily, always the gentleman, very passionate through emails. Says he is an engineer working on an oil well off the coast of Ghana. He lost his wife (as usual) to cancer 5 years ago. He has one son who is living with his month in Milan, Italy. Very attractive pictures. He went until he supposedly left the rig to pick up his contract payment from the company he was working for
First name: Alarick SENF
Last name: Carolson
Age: 40 41
Location: Many locations actual location Nigeria
On websites: Badoo, tinder, Instagram, Facebook
Report: Claims he's in the military black water security. Have pictures and emails and messages.
First name: Micheal
Last name: walton
Age: 46
Location: plano, Tx
Phone: 5306171901
On websites: marriage people dating site
Report: I've micheal on a dating site been talking to him he claim he was bidding on a contract in Malaysia. Will be there for 2 weeks.. ok 2 weeks goes bye n he Need help now he's claiming to struck in Plano Tx need 600 to get back to Davis, CA .he owes the company for taxes or something like that his money is here n callie bank n Davis he need to get to California to straighten out the bank... please help
First name: Michael
Last name: Sunday
Age: 26
Location: Nigeria,warri delta state
Address: Winners Chaplin uti
Phone: +2348123296821
On websites: Worldfriend,Skype,Tango
Report: He get in contact with me over Worldfriend ,telling me his name is Benjamine John Miles from the us army,seargant/ commander,in Syria,living in Florida,Miami .Has 1daughter,1Son,both married.He told me several lies where he was asking for money,At least it was the flight from Nigeria where the army send him after Syria and now he was out of money. Back in the states he was telling me about a box of jeweleries and money which he wanted to send to Germany ,yes I was stupid enough,payed some amount.At least he payed money to me over WU begging me to put money from my side on it and send it to a person in Nigeria of the fee of this box,I received the money,370? and kept it,was payed by a woman from USA .He tried to make me scare cause I was not sending the money ahead to Nigeria ,without result,lol.Connection stopped for a while,till I was sending him a photo of my marriage with a black man.He answered and after a while he told me he is a black guy,not white and he didn't know how to tell me that.But now no secrets any more no we can see each other on what he really did.Now I turned the whole thing,told him how much I love him and he wants to come to Germany .so now I got his adresse,his phone number ,number of his car and at least he scanned his new passport and send it to me..I will him advise also by the FBI ,was in contact with them already
First name: Jacob
Last name: Nguyen
Age: 51
Location: Texas, New York, California, Dubai
Phone: +45 475666153, +1 (408) 956 6691, +1 (425) 333 8409
On websites: Tinder, Facebook, viber
Report: Quite an elaborate plot of gaining a multi million dollar contract. Professes to be fuel buyer and distributer from Dubai to Scotland, has a profile on both Facebook and tinder, encourages email and phone number exchange. Goes to great lengths to build trust sending photos etc. finally asks for money
First name: Brad
Last name: Waldo
Age: 30
Location: Nigeria Victoria Island
Report: says he is a lawyer dealing with inheritance of a Garry Lewis who himself is not who he says he is. He sent photo supposedly of himself as a white man where he is colored. Said he was born in Holland and his father was American but father died when he was small. Says his mother lives in Holland whereas both his Mother and Father are Nigerian as he is. Has scammed thousands of ? out of m, had stolen money paid in my bank accounts from various places saying it was his money. This all then got sent to him, over a year or so. He is on Many dating sites with his picture as a white man, also there is a facebook page with same picture. First contact was in around June of 2011 when he said he was in Liverpool UK and needed to fly to Nigeria to get Garry Lewis to UK. He had me send money to a so called Friend in Nigeria for court fees. In total sent to him is about ?90,000 much of which was stolen money he had paid into my bank account.
First name: Arnold
Last name: Jens
Aka: Marc gusseenhein/ Marc smith/Derek/Mike wright/ Bryan rollins
Age: 49
Location: Germany, Texas, Kuala Lumpur , Lagos
Phone: 2348155684060 - (281) 936-8612- 011601116576272
Email: Jens.familylover@gmail.cim
On websites: Skype, facebook
Report: Widow with 2 daughters... German, lived in Texas.. Went to Kuala Lumpur almost 3 years ago for a great job opportunity...could finish the deal, lost everything but because he owed the money for the company got stuck over there...asked money first to try to finish the deal, then for room a board for him and the daughters... When couldn't get more money started Ask for Apple cards( small amounts)... Almost 3 months ago asked me to send money that a friend was lending to him, so I found out thra the friend was another woman that he was scamming... In the total we found it 3 other ones that he used different names pictures...
First name: Marcus
Last name: Adulf
Age: 60, he stated
Location: Greenville, SC, USA, Spain
Phone: 6174097346
On websites: Match Our Time
Report: Had been friends for about 1 month. His daughter came from Spain to visit over Christmas2015. They got a call from whoever was caring for his Grandson Max that he was hospitalized He and daughter left for Spain within 24 hours he was calling me for money to cover cost of Max's care.5,000 or 10,000 Sent me pictures of max all wired up at hospital. I made comment he(child) was trying to conceal a smile and he certainly didn't look sick. Marcus maintained he was big hotshot contractor in Greenville, SC I refused to give money and he started calling me at all hours. Needed money now to bring Max to States for better quality care. I said that was a very sad story. Gave him nothing. Again he called me from Spain. Said he had a contracting job there to remodel apartments and he sent pictures. Big sad story about getting over wife's death. I don't think she is deceased. Beautiful Blond lady from Spain and I think she worked with him. They had a home in New York close or on water as many pictures of him driving a boat.
First name: Christopher
Last name: Smith
Aka: Daniel
Age: smitjas
Location: Jubar sudan
On websites: Facebook messenger
Report: hello again you have Daniel smitjas aka Christopher Smith his picture is the same one I have had and his letters are the same he got me for 6300$his excuse had to pay for someone to take his place so he could come home he said he was a general, you got him all in your website. I am a widow he broke me.
First name: Giovanni
Last name: Christain
Age: 51
Location: Washington DC
Address: Kent WA
Phone: 1-507-481-2208
On websites: Face book. Senior soul mates
Report: Four months of emails telephone calls and requests for money. Followed the scammer script. Off line contact, fast love and marriage, sharing false documents and pictures. Familiar story: Italian widow of two years, wife died from cancer, has 16 year daughter lives with nanny who wants a mother and communicates via email. Oil rig engineer finished three month contract in Texas, had two week contract in India. Everything that could go wrong did. ID stolen, death of employee, death threats, broken parts, bank statements with millions of dollars but locked due to investigation. Taxes due before he could leave ... On and on. Did wire him money to Texas woman who later I learned was seen as a victim vs accomplis as per detective yet her accounts took my money. Stupid then smarter now but too late. It's a crime that no one cares about. No local charges, DA blames victim for lack of due diligence and in foreign country no one is going there. The detective who was on the fraud unit could not work an IPhone how can he research an IP address? Banks have to decide to cooperate vs subpoena power.
First name: steve
Last name: galanis
Age: 63
Location: rothfled netherlands florida atlanta georgia
On websites:
Report: I met steve on singleparentmeet he was very nice and said he livrd in Atlanta ga he was from rothfeld Netherlands was contractor self imployed owned home in Atlanta ond daughter chris one brother ande elderly mother in Netherlands. we had been talking for several weeks and on easter sunday he suddenly told me he had to fly to Dubai for business he had completed a job there a deluxe service station when he arrived in Dubai and signed off the job he was not paid for his 50% due 1,500,000.00 due. he was in hotel had to ship equiptment and materials back at cost of 25,000 he was trying to raise entire cost for shipping and was short 3000 in funds would I be able to help him I told him no we talked for 3 months and he was still in his phony destination he never made it back to ga. I have talked with him on phone and he is not African however he is a scammer beware of steve galanis Netherlands he is a scammer he suddenly has to visit grave of his deceased wife Susie to say goodbye to her so he can begin new life. sad people have this man scammed my heart not money
First name: daniel
Last name: smitjas
Age: 56
Location: Jubar sudan
On websites: on Facebook messenger
Report: he contacted through Facebook got all serious about me,then he needed help to come home borrowed money all I had to pay for a replacement so he could come home or yes he said he was a chaplain and also has a.14 yr old son his wife died of cancer.anyway was going to pay me back when he got in the states he got to London needed more money,I dumped him but not before I gave him 6300dollars,his picture is allover and he has so many different names one is Jeff Yates I think.he is such a prey on widows.
First name: Harry Lawrence
Last name: Nelson Jr
Age: 60
Location: United Kingdom/Leipzig Germany
Phone: 447937446545 and 60196102348
On websites: IQ-Elite
Report: My contact was in the webseit of IQ-elite. I initiatie with the Contact at 25.03.2016. Our contact was by IQ-elite. After by my personal e-mail; 2 Months; The mails were very special like I love you so very much, I will be with you soon. In fact, our spirit is one, we are already working as one, this is an indication that our union will be a great one..Like I said earlier, if we must build a good relationship, we must avoid listening to people. He requested money for his project in Malasya This is account, where I should sent money. It was in this week, but I didn?t send anything. Account Holder's name: Dave Cowel; Account No: 11499561;Sort Code: 11 05 91; IBAN: GB07HLFX11059111499561;BIC: HLFXGB21Q97;Name of Bank: Halifax Bank Address: 9-13 Powis St, London SE18 6HZ; United Kingdom
First name: Andrew Ejovwoke
Last name: Mabiaku
Aka: Smith George or George Smith
Age: 55 not sure
Location: accra ghana
On websites: not sure have not seen this person only phone and email
Report: I met this man posing as close friend of jerry alexander hoeke he was the man that had agreed to transport treasure from Ghana to me as beneficiary he would call and check to see if I had deposited the required sum of cedis to pay cost to transport box to me he was very clever giving me various bank accounts to transfer money to . I have only talked to this man via email, and phone I have not seen a posing picture of him but he is definitely African. he always addressed me as madam. I told him I could not find a way to send money to him because money transfer to Ghana has been blocked for international transfers, however he continued to try to find ways I could send the money to him he was to pick up the money and transport fortune for man posing as hoeke jerry alexander on facebook beware both these men are scammers working together however they failed with me because I saw the red flags thank god for that warning it saved me. hoeke jerry alexander is using stolen identity of us army sergent stewart james
First name: jerry alexander
Last name: hoeke
Aka: hoeke jerry alexander
Age: 63
Location: demascus syria
On websites: facebook
Report: i saw this mans profile on facebook and sent friend request to him he responded and we talked and developed a romance he claimed to be lt. general in is army stationed in Syria. he was divorced for 3 years and had one so david age 16 his son was in private school in crypres because of his deployment for 16 months I received letters from david telling me how much he wanted a mother and he would love and respect me and please be good to his daddy jerry proposed marriage and promise to come here so we could meet in july when his contract was finished in Syria. my first clue was a letter I received addressing me as veronica. I kept quit about that and moved ahead to see what he really wanted and I found out he confided to me that he had a box stored that contained a fortune but he need help to get to transported here to me as beneficiary. he had a friend in Ghana that would transport this treasure with out customs check however his friend needed an un disclosed amount of money to transport this treasure to safety. this man is a scammer using stewart james us army idenity
First name: thomas
Last name: barrel
Age: 50
Location: Ohio, New York
Phone: 13045132900
On websites: email,skype,tango,yahoo email
Report: I meet him on Sept 2015 that he need mother to his two daughters finally he catch me then he ask me money I give him 150usd that was on Sept bcz her in London for school project then.again I send 700usd for excursion them. They have two daughters name Nancy n Helena her email nancybarre519 after that many monthss alwys text me on skype continue until we are 8 months..he got problem again bcz he need to pay the tutor of his daughters in London ..that wants 8000usd I said to him I dont have much money..he have money in Nigeria ..must to activated the bank.account there to pay 480usd its big money I send to him now I dont have now here ...
First name: Ethan
Last name: Walker
Age: 49
Location: Worcester uk
Phone: 01733530447
On websites: Plenty of fish
Report: I was contacted on pof by a man named Ethan Walker ,we communicated by text and email for about 3 weeks, we even spoke on the phone on a couple of occasions ... I had no reason to doubt he was who he said he was..until after 3weeks he told me he was finishing a job in Norway and was receiving a cash payment for this.. He preceded to tell me that he was being chased by Viking pirates yes I did say Viking pirates.. To this he wanted to send his valuables via Ups even texting me a fake tracking number.. The clincher is that I would need to pay for the local delivery charge?1055.00..I also received 2 emails from a company claiming to be the courier asking for address confirmation & the second for payment of shipping fees ,I ignored both..I received a text asking if I had made payment which I hadn't. But I had reported it to the fraud intelligence service linked to the police here..I then received an abusive aware. Thank goodness we have your site to report these scumbags.
First name: Michael
Last name: Lawson
Age: 60
Location: Malaysia
Phone: 424-243-5862
Email: Na
On websites:
Report: This person has contacted me through as of Thursday, April 19, 2016. He text me his number and I text him back only to find out he's a scammer. I searched his name on pig and his profile popped up. Also I've been trying to get on your website and I need to change my old email address to my new email address and update my password. Can someone please contact me at 210?378-1794 or at
First name: Ricky
Last name: Stiverson
Age: 65
Location: USA, Kansas City, MO
Phone: 224-366-7531
On websites: Zoosk
Report: I received a request to chat which I declined. He then sent me a message indicating he had read my profile, thought I was beautiful and would like to get to know line. Requested that I contact him by e-mail or text him using the phone number he provided. E-mail address was also done using an incorrect format. Spelling, punctuation, and use of the English language were incorrect. I copied an excerpt from his message and googled it.
First name: William
Last name: Perry
Aka: mark william
Age: 61/56
Location: Los Angeles, ca.,USA
Email: Unknown
On websites: Meet me , yahoo messenger
Report: In looking at your site I found a familiar picture. You have him as William perry 61 and I met him on meet me as mark William 56 of Los Angeles, ca. It's obvious English is not his first language.... He says he is from Germany but my friend who is from Germany could not get good German out of him. He wanted to get off of meet me right away and go to yahoo messenger as said he was getting too many contacts and was going to delete his profile - this was in February 2016 and as of today In may 2016 he is still active on meet me. It was obvious he was not a truthful man and was too into me too fast so I stopped chatting with him in February
First name: rosc
Last name: Jackson
Age: 40
Location: south Africa
On websites: messenger and Fb
Report: This man has been lieing to me telling me about his job in the military
First name: hams
Last name: jefferson
Age: 47
Location: oak. california
On websites: filipinocupid
Report: I read all the messages here on your website... Am a bit shocked when i found out that the guy named hams jefferson is the one im talking to tru email... I gave my number and address. Im scared to find out that hes a scammer. I think he should be put on the jail for this. Hes so scary...
First name: Mark
Last name: Boehm
Age: 54
Location: Lagos
On websites: Connectin singles, Viba, Hangouts
Report: Mark Boehm is also activ on Hangouts with name Jerold J
First name: Donald
Last name: Wilson
Age: 65
On websites: Hi5 dating site
Report: Sent you email..write sweet massages,talked about true love and try to win your heart by his sweet talk...sent pictures of flowers and gadget and show you lots of money..promise to fly down to your country to meet you and your family..sent package through www.worldfreight with tracking number but to your surprise you should pay first the administrative fee of the packages before release..ask you to deposit thru BDO...I'm lucky because of this site...
First name: James
Last name: Hooks
Age: 56
Location: Afghanastan
Phone: +233578864257
On websites:
Report: Says he is in the Army stationed in Afghanastan. Asked for money to purchase a phone for when he goes into the bush. Says he has a daughter Lisa in Ghana who needs money to finish school. Asks for money constantly. He wanted me to open a BOA or Chase account to have $400,000 put into my account for gold he is buying in Ghana. He says he is worth 5 million dollars. He sent pictures of a gentleman in the Army but on the uniform it has the last name of James not Hooks on the uniform. He sent a picture of a mans leg with stitches and says he was attacked by the Taliban in the bush. He says that his commander is releasing him to Ghana for treatment and that I should send him $100.00 for food. He says he cannot access his 5 million dollars and neither can his Financier. When I asked him the name, phone number, and the company the Financier works for he said he needed to ask him for permission to give it to me. I told him I was going to have the police, and FBI check up on the man before I opened the account. He told me the mans name was Warren. No other information was given.
First name: Joseph Darrell
Last name: O'Donnell
Age: 49
Location: Las Vegas, Africa
Address: 8887 Gala Ave, Rancho Cucamonga CA 91701 USA
Phone: 18018509783
On websites: Zorpia
Report: Met this chap on Zorpia. Claimed he is an engineer. He was sent to Afica fora contract for few months. Then he asked for money because his dog is sick and dying and needed treatment. Refused to send him the money and he was mad. We have since stopped chatting.
First name: Rupert
Last name: Marc-Andre
Aka: Antonio Walker
Age: 49
Location: Georgia, USA
Phone: 404-369-8675, 404-666-2460
On websites: Chemistry
Report: Thank god for this website. This jerk laid it on thick from the beginning but I was in a very vulnerable state. He made me feel like I hit the jackpot. He was loving, romantic and hot. Who could ask for more. Then he told me he adopted his daughter from an orphanage and my heart melted! I was ready to marry the man!!! My gut started telling me something was wrong when he gave me his cell # and it wasn't working at first.So I googled it and it led me here. I was shocked - my romeo was a scammer??? Can't be, right? Must be some horrible coincidence. Until I read an email on the site that he sent to a victim - it was verbatim to one I received from him earlier. The nail in the coffin was the pictures. Again, I would have never sent him and $$$ and my heart bleeds for the woman that fell victim to his scam. I'm just happy I found this before I formed any solid feeling for this asshole.
First name: John
Last name: Klinge
Age: 63
Location: New York
On websites: Facebook, Skype
Report: He asked for friendship 17th of april 2016. His name is John Klinge and I have a lot of pictures of him, that are also on the scammers list. My story is very much like the other ones here. Widower, a doctor working i Libya for the government, a son at a boarding school in UK, wife died in a planecrash. He talks a lot about true love and wants marry and start a new life etc. After a week or so he asked if I could help pay for his sons school 1000 euro because the banks were not working in Libya because of the war. A week after that he told me, that the Government wood reward him with a lot of money for being such a good doctor. They delivered him a briefcase with 4,5 mill. USD and some diamonds. He wanted to send the money to me,so I could have it here till he comes. He wants to invest in my country. a private hospital. He gave me the name of a diplomat I should contact. He should deliver the briefcase. He promised me 700.000 euro!!!!!Now the customs want 15000 euro for fee. And later for The yellow Tag they wanted another 15000 euro and at last for a Delivery Permit document they wanted 45.000 euro. It?s unbelievable. If I did not send the money he would kill himself. He is a very bad man, his english is not correct. I hate him so much for letting him into my life. I ended up sending money four times all together 10.000 euro. I never heard of scammers before. I wish I had. :( :( :(