First name: Edward
Last name: Cooks
Age: 50
Location: Rome, Italy/Austin Texas
Phone: 0039-12815477251
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer with wrong location Rome, Italy/Austin, Texas Images of white male ? using African/English grammar: am Typical scammer job: Ooh am a marketing representatives and private pipe line Engineer also. Junkmail to elderly woman age 50/68: we need to assign a suitable time so that we can have a lovely discussion.. I missed you so much. cause I really wants to know you more. Typical scam location: Austin, Texas This profileholder works with Microsoft Data Center, San Antonio, Texas
First name: Edward
Last name: Cleveland
Aka: Eddy, Edward A
Age: 50
Location: Torrance, CA
On websites: Tagged, Wealthy Men
Report: Fake Native American, Romance scammer
First name: Davis
Last name: Jackson
Age: 53
Location: Austin, TX
Phone: +1 877-539-3228
On websites: Tagged
Report: Image of white male. African/English grammar: am davis, am 53. do u what in a partner. what do u Like, am an expert. what do u do for a living?how many kids do u have, am a very logical person Typical scam: i really dint have interest on age. since the day my wife pass away i have decided not to married again until a good friend of my introduce me to the site. Junkmail to elderly woman age 53/67: i would like to know you better or get to meet you in person soon. i saw your picture and profile and i am highly interested about you. .please i am so much interested to know you more and better. From a person that have grown up in Colerado his English leaves a lot.
First name: Michael
Last name: Wagner
Age: ?
Location: Mayo, Ireland
Phone: +447548346661
On websites: FB
Report: rev'd friend request 2 wks ago...responded and have been communicating since then,,,,(June, 2016) posts to me are almost identical to the ones listed here. He professes to be a: marine engineer working for MSC Shipping Ltd in the UK, resides in Mayo, Ireland, widowed as of 5 years ago, and attended Oxford University.
First name: David
Last name: Ascher
Age: 51
Location: Houston, TX
On websites: Tagged
Report: Typical scam: i don't really spend much time here but. It gladdens my heart for the privilege of been your friend.If i may ask how are you doing today? and how is life treating you?I hope all is moving marvelously well with you with a sound mind and health. i don't know how to begin but i must start from somewhere because a journey of so many miles must begin with a step and a bold one, that is why i deemed it necessary and important that i should let you know why i requested for your email ID, its because sometimes in this life you may often get scared if you can deal with a relationship for what it stands for because a good number of people has really abused and discourage so many from it despite all this, i still believe that good ones still exist I was born on 14 August 1964 at manchester city, London (Manchester City is a football club) Asking for private informations in his first message to me: can i have your email address to write you in my free time
First name: Daniel
Last name: Roy
Aka: Dan Roy
Age: 54
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Email: and
On websites: Tagged, Yahoo
Report: Military scammer ? image stolen from Lt. Jeffrey Miller
First name: Xavi
Last name: Alonso
Age: 50
Location: Los Angeles
Phone: 1-702-608-3091
On websites: Zoosk
Report: Contacted me to connect on Zoosk. Stated that he was a jewelry designer who owned 2013 Range Rover and Bentley. Lived in Las Vegas and now lives in Los Angeles in the San Francisco Valley which is no such area in Los Angeles. He states that he is from Barcelona, Spain, but is unable to speak Catalan nor regular Spanish. He stated that he had one daughter named Kelsey, 11 years old. He stated he was a widow who lost his wife in a car accident and is looking for someone to move forward with. Spoke with him a few days till I caught on to his inconsistent information and inability to send pics
First name: Robert
Last name: Borowicz
Age: 48 years old
Location: London -Texas
Phone: OO447087694552 00447579487913
On websites: google+
Report: He contacted me in google+...We contacted for 7 months.He demanded money severl times .until U$S 3000.Lately it would receive Robert Borowiccz.. On others ocassions in France Jimmy Clerempuy and others..suspected when he began to ask for money He never wanted to use camera.
First name: Wilson
Last name: Nesbitt
Aka: Grady Joachim Wright
Age: 55
Location: Corpus Cristi, Texas USA
Phone: 575-448-3188
On websites: Face Book
Report: Has been playing the romantic -too quick with love, love - on an off shore oil rig - won't give name of rig or location - says he is a Chief Engineer on rig, contract up soon. Getting paid 1.8m and will come to Montana and clear out all my debt... BUT all of sudden, has problems on rig and must have 2500.00 to finish paying rest of what he doesn't have for parts, as HE must fix the issue before he can leave rig and come to me..Rude and stops committed communication as soon as told I do not have and will not send that kind money
First name: Mark
Last name: David
Aka: Jack Redd
Age: 58
Location: on a boat in Syria
On websites: Facebook
Report: Contacted me today on Facebook, said he was looking for a woman to start a new life, had a son and was widower. Recognized his face from here.
First name: Tom
Last name: Hollande
Age: 55 and 58
Location: Adelaide, Rose Bay in Queensland (Australia), Quebec (Canada)
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: He approached me on the dating site and told me he lived locally. After moving to emails he tells me has a business in Brisbane and that he regularly travels there. I am then told he used to be in the British navy for 25 years and he sends me some pictures which don't seem to be the same man as in the profile picture. Tom then says he is seeking government approval for a new petroleum business and has ordered 30 trucks from Europe and I wonder why he is telling me this???? Finally Tom tells me he wants to send me a surprise but I have to give him my address too. I refuse saying I am concerned about identity fraud and tell him so
First name: James
Last name: Stuart
Age: Not sure
Location: Damascus-Syria
Address: 25 Speedewell St 3floor Dorchester, Mass 02122
Email: Doesn't have one
On websites: Facebook
Report: James Stuart is using Stuart James's picture as of June 17th on Facebook. He is in DamascusSyria.Saturday June 25 2016 he finally asked me to send him I tune cards worth 500.00 dollars. Wanted me to get on yahoo messager a and skype.
First name: Ronald
Last name: Bernard
Age: 69
Location: Huntington Beach Ca
Phone: (714) 794-2814, 60166842013
On websites: Chemistry
Report: Makes contact, states lives Huntington Beach, he indicate he is engineer ,involved in laying pipelines. Owns company has 4 employees in office. Suddenly has to go to New York, then calls he is in Malysia. States be back 2 weeks. He escalates relationship, proclaiming his feelings. He actually proposes, asks to be wife. He then indicates electrical issue harming equipment , states equipment damaged was leased in Kahula Lumper. He can't get repaired needs to buy new. Asked to borrow $50,000. when informed no dollars to loan, at that point I hung up on him. He re-establishes relationships said he should. not of asked. He will work it out. Continues indicating has not resolved, return delayed. He then asked again for $50,000 begging for assistance. When informed unable to provide any monies, ,then drops to $10,000, he continues until.confronted. He becomes defensive, I blocked his access.
First name: Michael Josh
Last name: McGavin
Age: 65
Location: Anaheim ca; Accra Ghani
Phone: (720) 282-928
On websites: Eharmony
Report: He claims lives in Anaheim, profile states live in apt, speaking with him he says house. Roosters in background, claims he has chickens. His accent is more Africian than Portugese he claims. His use of English irregular, incorrect terminology He offers to Skype, video is not in synch with voice, picture freezes, it is not live feed, he is focusing on someone else. He escalates feelings quickly, refers to person texting and calls them dear. Began on line with him, as soon as he began expressing emotions, phony skype, and Skype address Accra, discontinued contact, blocked
First name: STEVEN
Last name: SHELTER
Age: 40
Location: UK LONDON
On websites: UNKNOWN
Report: Asunto: About my work? My dear, Thanks for your kind reply which is noted and appreciated. As I have already told I own small company (Deepwater Corrosion Services, Inc) that specialize on corrosion treatment in offshore oil facilities. Our job is to designs and manufactures cathodic protection (CP) systems for new structures and anode replacement systems for aging offshore assets with failing corrosion protection. We can retrofit a structure's cathodic protection system more quickly and efficiently, reducing the cost to the operator by up to 60% below traditional methods. As the majority of the world's offshore infrastructure begins to reach the end of its original designed life, it is increasingly important to address corrosion control for valuable offshore assets. Our N.A.C.E.-certified team of engineers and cathodic-protection designers have provided, supplemented or replaced the CP systems on every type of brown-or-green-field asset currently in operation. The basics are to identify corroding environment and take adequate corrosion control of aging offshore facilities. For new-build projects, we provide standard aluminum platform anodes, made at one of our certified ISO 9000 anode foundries. All foundry facilities are located only a few miles from where our design team and engineers manage each project, ensuring that strict QA/QC oversight is observed for all anode materials used in our systems. Due to my company is still infant, most our work is on maintenance of CP and replacement of anode system. It makes me sick whenever I talked about my family background, because it reminds me my past which I thought have forgotten. I will start by telling you that I was born a single child by a single parent (mom). I learn that Dad was from Dublin Ireland but I have never set my eyes on him and I don?t wish for it to happen. At the moment I don't have any family. My dream has always been to have this huge family that comprises grandparents, children and grand children. Maybe on a Sunday night every members of the family will gather together at granny?s house for a dinner. But it never happens in my life. The little family I have always collapses whenever I thought things are getting better. Like my mother died immediately after my high school graduation and I was left alone till I got married to Aliz. She died few years after our marriage by breast cancer without a child, now I?m still left alone. I have uncles back in Scotland England where I was born, but we don?t have good relationship because the way they treated my mother when she was alive, even up till date, the transgression has extended to their children my cousins and nieces and I still feel left alone. Maybe it?s one of those things that nurtured me the way I am today and made me focused. My dream today is to meet that very woman I have been longing for and settle down again to be able to have a wonderful family again! and to give my best to my family once again. Even though we just met, as am writing this letter, I feel like I have known you long ago, and my instincts said that I should put more time and energy in building a quality relationship with you and I can feel that better days are coming. My dream is to settle down again with the woman that deserve all my love, that could take good care of me and make me happy once again in my life and we will spend the rest of our lives together. Have you been to United Kingdom? Apart from your country have you lived in another nation for long period? I would love to have your phone number to keep close communication with you, because I want to give this friendship attention. And finally, how do you cope? because it has not been easy for me ever since I lost my wife, and been alone for years now. I have been into some relationship but it got ruined because most of the women doesn't share the same idea with me, some are after facial outlook, some are for materials things and at end of the day it got screwed up. Now I am looking for somebody who is homely and share the same vision with me. I have the feelings that you might be the right woman for me, but let keep our fingers crossed and see how it goes, because I want to settle down again. With Love, Steven Shelter
First name: Steven
Last name: Harrison
Age: 45
Location: London, UK
Phone: +447497220797
On websites: Okcupid
Report: He claims to be the CEO of Kier group construction based in London whereas the name of the company's CEO on the website is not Steven Harrison. Dad from UK and Mom from Brazil. He went to Philippines to have a skyscraper construction contact of US$3.5 million and it required him to pay 10% tax (US$350,000)
First name: Jason
Last name: O'Connor
Age: 50's
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Phone: 718-487-9584
On websites: Hot for Curves
Report: Contacted by Jason on dating site Hot for Curves on 6/4/16. Said he is a Staff Sergent in the Army about to retire and is in Kabul. Was suspicious about the way he worded things but he had a good explanation. Within a short period he started getting very serious and by 6/16 was saying he loved me. I told a friend about it and she was suspicious as well. Asked him to prove he is real. He asked me to send him a phone so we could talk/video chat (which I didn't do). I told him I would never give him money. He sent me an e-mail about love and money and I searched the words and found this website and the exact phrases had been used in other letters. Ending contact today.
First name: Morgan
Last name: Gaynor
Aka: Mike mintoff
Age: 49
Location: Plano Texas
Phone: 972 379 8938
Email: Unknown
On websites: Facebook Our
Report: This guy contacted me through the our time dating site.Eventually,exchanging phone numbers,photos through texting and fb messenger. Firstly,he asked for iTunes card claiming to be in Malaysia and unable to access his own funds. Then there was a check for $4000 supposedly,going to my bank account from his
First name: Collins
Last name: Gray
Age: 47
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Email: and
On websites: Yahoo, Tagged
Report: Scammer with African/English grammar: cos am not. cos i get busy with paper works. cos i can see. but i am not bothered cos i have. that's why am just mailing you. that am a perfect gentle man. . Typical scam: i work as a civil contractor. i'm not always on the site. i'm a Civil Engineer, i have a 3 years old lil daughter called Lisa.. she is all i have got. i know you are older than me but that is just a number and age differences shouldn't be a barrier in a relationship. let me know about your interest in the site cos i will love to delete off my profile from there so i can get more serious with you alone. i'm a orphan..about the world trade center in NY, my parent were among the lost victims that got involved in the life wasted soul in pentagons on their way back to the state that year. they do travel around the continents for business. they are into business buying and selling, they do buy gold, silver, bronze, jewelry and some plastic stuffs. (How is this possible? They have passed away, so how can they travel round the world?) I?m the only birth, i don't have brother, no sister, no relatives and no marriage partner IP Address: Hostname: IP Address Country: United States IP Continent: North America IP Address City Location: Columbus IP Address Region: Ohio IP Address Latitude: 39.9653, IP Address Longtitude: -83.0235
First name: Tony
Last name: Jovanni
Age: 59
Location: Lutherville, MD, Italy, Dubai, UK
Phone: (940) 603-5624, +447 978 25-5816
On websites:
Report: Tony is a portfolio manager and financial adviser for Bain Capital (although when questioned why his picture is not among the posted employee pictures - did not provide an answer). Born on 29 Sept 1956. Has a daughter in the Air Force, an Airborne Electronic Analysts. Widowed for 9 years .Marriage lasted for 26 years; wife died in in 2006. He is 6ft0 in height .Has dual citizenship, American and Greece; Born in Turin Italy. Has lived in many countries and speaks more than three languages. This one took longer to profess his love. Found many of his verbiage on other websites. Immediately preceding the time we were supposed to meet, he flew to CA to put mother's house up for sale, then his mother died and he had to fly to Italy. Still actively communicating with him. He has requested my full name and an address; provided fake name and PO Box setup just for these scammers. Has an investment opportunity that he'll be providing 2.5 Million of his own money and needs someone his company does not recognize to sign MOU (Memorandum of Understanding). The same letter he sent me has been used by other scammers on this site. Have pictures and many emails from him. He does not have an Italian accent; more of a French influenced African accent. When he says the word
First name: Josh
Last name: Jensen
Age: 51
Location: Benin City, Nigeria
On websites:, FaceBook, LinkedIn
Report: I joined in February because I wanted to see if there were any interesting men that were single. I met Josh on the second day after I posted my information on Match. He popped up with a
First name: George
Last name: Peterson
Age: 60?
Location: Ottawa,Ontario
Phone: +1 325 270 3472
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: He approached me on the dating site with very Godly messages claiming he was widowed with one daughter. He came on strong with the love and marriage and taking me off the dating site and sending constant emails. He didn't really answer any of my questions or relate to anything I said. His emails were a bit over the top for someone who had never met me!!! I asked him if he had a Facebook page and he didn't seem very happy about that and wasn't happy about chatting on messenger. He became rather intense and upset if I didn't answer all the time where as I was struggling to find him interesting lol. I really couldn't see why a Canadian man would chat to an Australian woman to look for marriage but I'm to polite to tell him to go away. He professes how much he loves his daughter and how she means the world to him but tells me she lives in London with her grandmother which just didn't add up to me as a mother! I tell him I have no intention of ever leaving Australia as I will never leave my family when he asks me where I want to live in the world. Next thing he tells me he is going to make arrangements to come here to see me and it sort of freaked me out as I had no feelings for this man what so ever so I politely told him not to waste his time, I think I told him not to
First name: Clarence Oswald
Last name: Busuttii
Age: 51
Location: Manitoba, Canada
On websites: Yahoo, Tagged
Report: Junkmail to elderly woman age 51/67: i will like to know you more. i admire you and will like us to get to know each other, i am here to find my soul mate and i think you are worth been with. I want us to know each other better and lets see where the road leads us. I have been thinking about you and hoping we could be together soon because we seem to have a lot in common. I think we can steer this relationship into something more in the future. i want so many things from a woman older than me for sure and not just any woman but you in particular. i feel with you i will have all i have ever wanted in a relationship, i am happy we came in contact with each other. Asking for private informations. maye we could chat on yahoo msger. add me for a chat on or email me too. send me your contact also. if you have viber that will be a good way of texting each other to keep in contact. IP Address: Hostname: IP Address Country: United States IP Continent: North America IP Address City Location: Moreno Valley IP Address Region: California IP Address Latitude: 33.8775, IP Address Longtitude: -117.2235
First name: Church Walter
Last name: Ettah
Age: 54
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 682 6284901
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer with African/English Grammar: Am honest man and God fearing man too. am single father. taking care of urself. Those of u that know me. when Im done for the day. Typical scam: I don't get on here that much. I am an engineer I deal basically with oil platforms ranging from East Asia to middle east and far West Africa Nigeria Junkmail to elderly woman age 54/67: I saw something in your face, something that made my heart pause to read you, something that tickles in the heart, could there be love at first sight? maybe we could find that out,lol. I'm talking about fate here when feelings are so powerful it's as if some force beyond your control is guiding you to someone who can make you happy beyond your wildest dreams... Please don't let me loss hope on you because i believe you where send to me by God..I really want to spend some loving time with you before death us parth,Honestly i told you before that you are the only woman i have meet on the social network site,and i really don't wanna loss hope that i can find my right woman..I need you and i want to know almost evrything about you in person okay From living in USA his English leaves a lot
First name: Kelvin
Last name: Vankleect
Age: 40
Location: Washington-Kabul -Afganistan
Report: He contacted me via a date page - app . And send me his e-mail if I was interested in know him, so we should do this only via e-mail. At first I didnt notice but in every e-mail I found words with mistakes and every mail was like a poem sometimes long and very charming but too fictional. So one day I thought this guy is copy pasting a poem or romance book and he thinks im dumb not to notice so I copy some part of he last email about What is LIFE and the I found the same messages with some changes but the same Idea. So I immediately reported.
First name: salvatore
Last name: ellis
Age: 53+
Location: ocean veiw
Phone: 302-289-0542 27845427854
On websites: chemisty
Report: still talking useing your copy of freddie adams and debra he contacted me at chemisty talking for 3 weeks whats to meet said he is in africa know
First name: CRAIG
Last name: MILES
Age: 44
On websites: Tagged; Hi5 and Okcupid
Report: He and I began communicating on April 14, 2016. He contacted me through OKcupid. We seemed to have an immediate connection He said that he is an independent construction engineer. About 3 weeks into our communication he stated that he received new project that would require him to travel to China for 1 week. Around May 2 the money requests began. In total I
First name: Jonathan
Last name: Ortiz
Age: 62
Location: Reno NV
Report: I received an email through my account from allaboutfun on 5/24/16, I deleted the message without even reading. On June 5, I was cleaning up my emails and happened upon allaboutfun's 5/24/16 email to me. She introduced me to an awesome guy, out of thousands, my profile touched him beyond, from a lady to a lady she wrote me, we never know if we don't try, if we don't try, lovely message actually. I wrote her a thank you, emailed, 775-391-6574, on June 6; I received a reply from Jonathan on June 8. Since June 8, a wild love affair via words, an electronic relationship was born for me, a first, welcomed. I started hearing warning signs in his mixed messages, he rarely called, when he called, he chatted for a very short time, and this was the only time I felt he was not a real relationship, it was an odd feeling, I let it go until yesterday morning, June 22nd. I wrote to him early am, like I had since June 6, sent the email, and I cannot tell you why, but it hit me to look into male scammers. I do not live in he social electronic world, have just reacquainted myself recently, googled jonathan ortiz civil engineer, reno nv and his story appeared on screen in your website. I contacted allaboutfun, she responded she did not know who I was referring to, it was a scam replied, I contacted I texted jonathan, referring to John Gimes, aka evidently, and Barney Diego, Patrick, 62, noted in your published report on Jonathan, fake-come reference. I was not scammed out of money, Jonathan had just gotten to the stage where an appointment had been scheduled, thankfully, my family and friends smelled bad male scammer before I was asked for money. I have no money, thank you.
First name: Tomas
Last name: Hernadez
Age: 60
Location: Minnedota, Tbilisi Georgia
Phone: 3204031902
On websites: Match, zoosk
Report: This person started out in Minnesota stating he owns his own construction business. Was flying to Tbilisi Georgia to do a job there. Within 4 days of talking he asked for $3000 as he needed money to pay for his supplies to get off the ship. Then from there it just got worse. Now a year and half later
First name: Gilbert Asher
Last name: Jones
Age: 54
Location: lagos
On websites:
Report: New Information: Scammer website: Gilbert Jones Ventures was created September 5,2014 by tech- David Sawyerr @ 13 Ayinde Sanni Street, Magodo Phase 2, Shangisha, Lagos, Nigeria code:2341 Registrant Phone: (803) 447 4055 -AT&T Mobility Columbia, SC 29201 and 2348020906324 mobile- Lagos. The tech email Information source: On September 11, 2014 the website Philibert Engineering was mirrored to create the website Gilbert Jones Ventures. This Scammer Gilbert Asher Jones is a Blacklist Match: Gilbert Asher with the email Scammer Gergen Adams using the alias Safford Williams claims to be employed by Philibert Engineering in New York.