First name: Lucas
Last name: James
Aka: William Haggard
Age: 48
Location: Montana /USA/
Phone: 4062902818
Email: nincs
On websites: Facebook
Report: 2014 augusztustol csalt ki tolem penzt,mostanaig korulbelul 4. millio forintot.O koveti a Gen. Sean Macfarland szolgalatat, mert most is 1 honapja azt irta, hogy nincs az irodaban, mert ki ment a taborba. Mar 1 honapja nem ir nekem. Hazassagi ajanlatot tett, es hogy O Gen. Sean Macfarland Amerikai katona, aki most Sziriaban teljesit szolgalatot. Tobb nev is szerepelt, hogy kinek kuldjem a penzt.Sir. Terry Wyles, Dr. Elizabeth Morgan Mike Smith,ok mind Ghanaba kertek a penzt es most legutobb Barrister Darko email cime: is Ghana, O allitolag ugyved, de persze ez is hamis Meg az elobbieknek is tudom az email cimet, amire En irtam. Ha szukseges kerem irja meg es En meg irom azokat is. Bizonyara ez mind hamis, nev es email cim. Kernem szepen a segitseguket, mert nagyon becsapott ez az ember. Szeretnem visszakapni a penzem. En egy ozvegy asszony vagyok es nagyon hianyzik az a penz. Nagyon sajnalom, hogy igy elhittem neki mindent, de olyan kedvesen irt mindig.Kerem szepen segitsenek, hogy visszakapjam a penzem. Bizonyitek mind meg vannak, hogy elkuldtem a penzt. a Western Unionon keresztul.Ha valamilyen bizonyitek kell kerem irjanak.Sajnos minderre csak most jotem ra, illetve a scammer oldalon talalam meg. Udv. Marta
First name: bruno lucas
Last name: alexander
Age: 48
Location: dubai
Phone: 386 473 1162
On websites:
Report: I met this guy in he emailed me and said that he liked my s imple profile and wanted to know more about me. He writes the same story i have been reading in this site that he owns operates a gas flams oil and gems in Dubai. Thst his wife died of cancer e years ago and has an 11 year old daughter. He called me and he has an accent. He says hes iralian but he sounds not italian. He has not ask me for money but instead ask for my address to send me a surprise. I received a bouquet of flowers. But after i read letters from scammers in this site his letters are the same. He said hes coming to florida in few weeks and wants to meet me. What do i do... I am really svared now.
First name: Fred
Last name: Jonas
Age: 54
Location: United States
On websites: MIngle2
Report: Long story cut short...He was nice and very caring for a few months but then started asking me to borrow money, I told him I didn't have what he needed So he asked for my back info to have money deposited into my acc. I didn't give him what he asked for so he stopped talking to me for a bit. We spoke again things were going good then he needed money again I told him I was sorry because I couldn't help him he continued talking to me for awhile. I blocked him later but then he emailed me a pic of an invoice I asked him what it was for He said he was back in the States and wanted to send me some money. I tried to open it and it just brought me to another site. The next thing I knew someone had tried to sign into my Google acc. I was sent a notification I was also sent a notification someone had requested to change my Facebook password I secured my FB.
First name: Matteo
Last name: Franchesco
Aka: Toni Pizzaro Franchesco
Age: 63
Location: Adelanto, CA USA
Phone: 203-490-6500
On websites:
Report: He contacted me first from 13 days of contact. Leaving the country for Singapore on very short notice. Never asked for money, I never let it get the far. I sent him a email calling him out. I found correspondences from him, Word for word to others.
First name: Alwin Jose
Last name: Devafoss
Age: Unknown
Location: Greece
On websites: Facebook
Report: This guy sends out random friend requests. He says he's from Greece but living in Newcastle,England. It's the usual chat up lines i.e. Hello dear how are you today. He's very vague with his answers to my questions and his English is not good. He's another scammer that's for sure
First name: Ryan
Last name: LaRocque
Age: 58
Location: Boston, MA., Accra, Ghana.
Report: I was scammed by this person via online dating ( approx.6 years ago. I don't know if he is still active on that site. I would like this scammer to be found and thrown into a maximum security prison cell. He had stolen a very high amount of money from me ($100,000 CA).
First name: martin
Last name: dorboi
Aka: Kenth wells, john freeman
Age: 52
Location: Galveston
On websites: Facebook
Report: Had a check sent to my account from a lady named Shirley leneave from OK, hacked into my account and caused my account to be 3500 short.
First name: Kingsley
Last name: Giovanni
Aka: Kingsley Batista Giovanni, and Kingsleylovingyou
Age: 46
Location: HE says. Miami Florida, and Denver Colorado
Phone: 786 410 7172. and 786 410 7175
On websites: and Facebook
Report: Goes by KingsleyBatista Giovani in Miami, and Kingsley Giovanni in Denver Colorado
First name: William
Last name: Roberts
Aka: Harry Roberts, Robert Harry, Ornelas Patrician, Kevin Brien Meyers
Age: 57
Location: Afghanistan, San Diego, France
Phone: 8572559438, 2017782660, 8482283218
On websites: all dating sites
Report: He can sweet talk the birds from the trees. He does the Afghan scam, the money coming to you scam, the jewelry coming to you scam, The love you and on his way to you, the CIA scam.
First name: toni
Last name: anderson
Aka: steven garfener
Age: 54
Location: afrigana
Address: delected
Phone: delected
Email: delected
Report: He claimed as the captain of USA army in Afrighan. He has a son. His wife died and was also worked as military woman. He wanted me to send him money cause he could not assess his account in Nigeria. He promised to marry me when we met. He claimed he has 7 million usd after retirement. He sent me pictures with soldiers and local people of Afrighan. I did not send him any money and he called me a bad woman. I delected all his letters, emails and pictures.
First name: Thomas
Last name: Cole
Age: 53
Location: Geneva, Switzerland, Aberdeen , Scotland
Phone: +44 7721 620653
On websites: POF
Report: This man approached me on POF in March 2016, Introduced himself as a divorced Ameican born with Dutch routs, and this was the reason of relocating from New York , Manhattan to Geneva two months ago. Oil and gas private consultant/analyst, working from his home office. When I asked how American can easily settle in Switzerland , he replied that his mother worked for the embassy and the whole family had diplomatic status and we will apply for one for me too ... Too good to be true. But anyway, he asked me straight away to correspond via email and the next day I noticed that he had already removed his profile from POF. In a first letter he informed me that he flies to Aberdeen, Scotland for two weeks contract job on Oil rig and he will call me from there once he gets the phone number there. And he did call me with all the details of the new project, very excited, he supposed to be a private contractor who manages the whole project, from hiring 22 workers to dealing with suppliers from all over the world. We started communicating via WhatsApp, he called by WhatsApp too, and I received long emails daily full of love feelings and praises of my beauty and my exceptional personality. He called me darling already. This was my first encounter with a scammer so I did not see the red flags all over the place. When I asked him to use Skype or FaceTime, he said his Nokia phone is 4 years old and doesn't have camera, I checked Internet and of course there is a camera on Business Nokia too. He made me feel that he is rich and at the end of the contract he got a paycheck of 1.8 million pounds. But he can cash it only in Switzerland. In two days he supposed to fly to Geneva and sent me the flight details, said that he will come to see me the same evening . But on that day he called me in the morning very nervous and concerned, the bad accident happened at workplace, the worker was badly injured, he took him to private hospital and the treatments costs 8000 pounds , he had only 5000 left in cash, and his bank doesn't release money abroad because his ex wife took 3 million dollars before without his conscent . He asked me to send him 3000 pounds to pay the bill and then we will be together .,, the moment of truth came, I was shocked. Because as I said I never came across a scammer and he sounded so sincere and charming, caring especially on the phone. I refused to send money... He was very upset saying that how I cannot trust him he will definitely pay back on his return to Switzerland. He kept asking for help on Watsapp, complaining that he goes through hell there dealing with authorities ... Even two weeks later he asked to help again.., I haven't blocked him yet , thought maybe it is better for report..
First name: joseph
Last name: dunford
Age: 64
Location: US
On websites: SKYPE
First name: Paul
Last name: Garcia
Aka: Paul garcia, also uses the name John fourie
Age: 51
Location: San diego, california
Phone: 619 473 5156
On websites: Tinder
Report: He claims he is a architect, interior designer, construction. Claims he is working at Cardiff by the sea in San Diego, California. Claims he was born and raised in a middle class family from Budapest, Hungary. I googled him and found his fake facebook profile and complaints from many women claiming he is a fraud and tried to scam them too. Did a check on his email account and it doesn't recognize his gmail email as a valid account. Lousy speller too. Just found his profile on pig busters as well as a scammer.
First name: Alex
Last name: Hawkins
Age: 52
Location: Nigeria
Address: 4794 W Hartford Ave Glendale Arizona 85308
Phone: 002348161746215, 002348062303004,0014808083243,0013073203273,0013479792287
Email: ,
On websites: Topface, Military Cupid, Match
Report: This man claims to be a Major in the US military posted in Camp Chapman, Afghanistan. Gives MOS25B, trained in info and communications technology. Has one grown up son. Wife is d ead. He suffers with depression and plays on your heart for monies. He claimed much funds off me over his lost pistol. Planned to meet after giving him the fare home. He is very clever in his chat line but not over romantic. Asks you to send money to various people in USA, saying they are the military paying officers. I now find his profile on Pigbusters (scammers website). Produced false Retirement Certificate and ID card,
First name: Greg
Last name: Rodriruez
Aka: Kuntz Leroy Konard
Age: here 62, formerly 67
Location: Springville, NY USA, West Africa
Phone: (716) 794-1306
Email: do not have one
On websites: Senior Soulmates
Report: Claimed to be a self employed Civil Engineer living in the USA in Springville, NY. We corresponded briefly on Soulmates, then switched to texting and phone conversations via (716) 794-1306. He very quickly started to profess to be in love with me and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Within about a week of conversing, he suddenly had to leave to pursue a contract in West Africa.He even sent pictures of him supposedly working on the site in West Africa. We continued to text and converse via phone until he had an
First name: Randal
Last name: Wasserstrom
Aka: Randy
Age: 58
Location: Texas, Nigeria
Phone: (919) 374-8077
On websites: Badoo, mingle2
Report: Messaged me on mingle about 8 months ago , we have talked off and on since, he declares his love for me, swearing he wants to come home to me, yay, when he gets paid, So it rocks on I'm listening to all this : Honey am trying all i can to do come home for us honey, Honey dont worry i will give you a very special suprice okay honey Honey i will do you a very way that you will believe in me honey, Dear i will like to pay you all your bill off honey if you can have trust in me honey.his way of paying my bills were for me to give him all my account information, of my bank account, ss#, credit card #. Plus all other information we hold dear, Guess he thought I was stupid.
First name: Lucas
Last name: James
Aka: Jamlex
Age: 56
Location: Anchorage, Alaska
On websites: mingle2
Report: Asked to friend me on Mingle2. Recognized this losers pix. I screen printed his file info.
First name: Manuel
Last name: Kelly
Aka: Manny
Age: 68
Location: US Fairfax, Charllotsvive, VA
Phone: 571-293-1431
On websites: Kellekelleengineeringllc
Report: This person contacted me through Started wth romantic letters and texts I later found on your website. I was surprised by his sudden falling in love with me and his insistence of having found the woman of his life after the death of his first wife. Then he started asking for money in several occasions arguing he had to travel to Estonia for a problem with his company. He started asking for $75,000 then 25,000, and finally 10,000 which I never sent.. Apparently his company had a seroious accident and ir order to avoid going to court, local police asked him for a bravery and he did not have enough money to cover it. He mentioned that the police took his passport to make sure he would not leave the country. He used mind games to continue pressuring until I did enough research to discover him. I ever received a fake bank account as a
First name: Ernie
Last name: Wilson
Age: 54
Location: China or USA
Report: Met on became a bit suspicious and came on this site and found this man immediately and also found that the letters he sent me and the photographs are exactly the same as he sent to a lady called Susan. I think this scam went a bit further he is supposed to have been on a 3 month contract that he won to China quite a few bizarre events happened and my last message on Viber was that he had been burgled and lost everything but his cell phone that he had been shot twice and was going to be going into life saving surgery and if I didn't hear from him he had died! I have not herd from him but call me cynical but a man in such awful pain and about to go for life saving surgery might find it hard not only to send me a very detailed message on Viber but also a long email!
First name: Jenson Kenneth
Last name: Bjorksby
Aka: Anthonny
Age: 33
Location: usa
Email: skype kenbjork23
On websites: Badoo,skype
Report: He is surching for women on datings site..he start to chat with women and later he is asking for money..he is a money scammer and i think men like him should be stoped from hurting women. this is how he playes it: [18-4-2016 23:18:05] sa: seems to be normal to ask a fee [18-4-2016 23:19:30] Kenneth Bjorksby: It don't help have emailed them about 3 times trying to make sense of it and they insist the insurance fee has to be paid to IMF [18-4-2016 23:21:45] sa: in that cause u don't have another option to pay the sucks [18-4-2016 23:27:06] Kenneth Bjorksby: It really sucks [18-4-2016 23:27:47] Kenneth Bjorksby: The fee is $2,509 [18-4-2016 23:27:50] sa: i know and i feel sry for u [18-4-2016 23:28:32] sa: thats ALOT [18-4-2016 23:28:34] Kenneth Bjorksby: It's alright [18-4-2016 23:28:53] Kenneth Bjorksby: Well the engine cost a lot. Yes it's a lot [18-4-2016 23:29:29] sa: but u can't drift aimless on see for ever...if u can pay it,pay it and argu later with ur bank [18-4-2016 23:30:38] Kenneth Bjorksby: Well I can't pay it from the sea, that's the issue. That's why am pissed it's not that the fee is huge to me. I don't know if you could help me pay it I know it's crazy am asking you for this [18-4-2016 23:30:50] Kenneth Bjorksby: But I do feel helpless right now [18-4-2016 23:32:16] sa: wow..i hardly know u [18-4-2016 23:33:47] Kenneth Bjorksby: Never mind sorry I asked. It's ridiculous [18-4-2016 23:37:34] sa: if i had know u for irl i would have help u...but as a business woman myself...there r alot of scammers in this world [18-4-2016 23:38:33] Kenneth Bjorksby: That's alright I understand. [18-4-2016 23:41:15] Kenneth Bjorksby: I wouldn't judge your decision for being careful I would be as well. If I didn't need your help I would not ask. I know am asking you to risk a lot to someone you don't actually know but am worth it that's a promise and I Ll definitely pay you back [18-4-2016 23:48:00] sa: no.i wont do it,if u was irl friend i dont even want the money sry but ur dealing now with the business woman in me [18-4-2016 23:48:33] sa: why dont u call 1 at ur office to do the transfer [18-4-2016 23:49:01] sa: call ur account manager [18-4-2016 23:49:10] Kenneth Bjorksby: Ok
First name: Jeff
Last name: Asmund
Aka: Jeff Johnson
Age: 46
Location: Sweden and Virginia
Phone: +60143872894
On websites: Facebook
Report: Claimed his was widowed. 2 daughters in boarding school aged 9 and 11. Spoke for 3 months and claimed he was coming over to visit with his eldest .. I had redecorated the house and prepared her bedroom. Claimed he loved me and we was going to be a family, he said he was going over to Malaysia to collect his ?300000 cheque from work he had previously done there, as a civil engineer consultant with his eldest daughter before coming over to the UK to stay here for a month. On arrival in Malaysia he claimed he must pay 10% tax upfront in order to cash his cheque. He said he had only expected it to be 5% so took the 5% (?15000) and ?2000 travel expenses. He claimed he couldn't get to any more money whilst he was there and needed the rest. I obviously couldn't give him that and then said he had given the ?17000 tax and was stool with nothing.. Needed ?200 for hotel expenses and couldn't get home, he used his daughter against me saying that she needed to get out of Malaysia because of ISIS ect. I questioned why he would pay over the only money he had instead of going home to get the rest. He completed flipped and called me every name under the sun and blocked me. This is not the first time it has happened to me online either.
First name: Martin
Last name: Bryan
Age: 57?
Location: USA - St. Louis
Phone: 562-666-3484
On websites: Match
Report: He reached out to me on Match 04-20-2016 and was very complimentary. He also included his email address to correspond by email as he said he was new to Match and not comfortable with it. We emailed, texted, and several phone calls in a span of 2-3 days. Something just didn't seem right with his emails . . . very lengthly, font was different in the last email as if it were copied/pasted. He wanted to call several times a day. His photos on the site are professionally done which was also a little strange to me. After the last email, I googled his name and found this site. I blocked him immediately. He also gave me the same story about dual citizenship in UK and Hungary, lost both parents in car accident, lost his wife 6 years ago to breast cancer, raising his 15-year old daughter by himself. Very evasive when I asked what part of St. Louis he lived in.
First name: Frank
Last name: Gorenc
Aka: frank
Age: 58
Location: China Beijing Dongcheng
On websites: QQ
Report: This guy claims that he is a four star general from US air force, and is in Syria for peacekeeping mission. He has been there for more than 2 years, and he want to get out the war zone. He has applied for vacation twice, but was turned down. He divorced with his wife Sharon two years ago. He would like to meet some other woman to be his wife. Anyway, he has a lot of money and need to get out from the war zone. Finally, he need his significant other to apply for vacation from the United Nations, and he give the email of UN to send the appication. After the application was accepted, but it was conditional. His significant other has to pay the life insurance for him to travel out and the charge for his consignment box which he was labouring for his entire life.
First name: David
Last name: Roberts
Aka: Michael S. Biunno
Age: 58 or 55
Location: Modesto, CA or Maryland, USA and Nedderlands.
Phone: 301-851-0520
Email: and
On websites: and
Report: See scam info on this person here:,11256.0.html Also, I was on a free singles dating site, and this person had a new image there. I have screenshots of it along with some of the conversation and his
First name: Edward
Last name: Howarth
Age: 41
Location: Garland, Texas, USA
On websites: Mingle2
Report: So, this guy contacts me, says this great line:
First name: Alvin Djurovic
Last name: Olinsky
Age: 51 or 53
Location: Seattle, WA and Sunnyvale, CA USA
On websites: mingle2
Report: I was contacted on a dating site and
First name: Edward-Kelvin
Last name: Duncan
Aka: Ed
Age: 50's
Location: Germany, Accra Ghana, Florida, Ontario, Texas, New York, Nevada, Brazil, Turkey, Paris, Dubai, Sierra Leon, China, South Africa
Phone: 8632158088
On websites: OKCupid
Report: Ed and I started emailing from OK Cupid on February 26. He went by the screen name of: only1insaintp. Ed said he was a diamond/gold broker which i didn't care about because I hate both. He said he was in Germany on a business trip and would be back in 3 weeks time. He's single for the last three years. His wife Kate died of breast cancer and is buried in Florida. He was born in Germany, moved to the US for 10 years. Living in Battle Creek St. Paul (supposedly in Minnesota at 1012 Conway Street) Parents Names - Felix Moore Duncan and PATRICIA M LABROCCA. I have over 34 emails, over 400 text messages and have stupidly sent him the total of $2,000 via moneygram and in clothes etc. shipped through FedEX. I have pictures of him supposedly on the Beach in Ghana. Emailing with Ed seemed great until he started pushing for money. The first time was in the amount of $800 on March 10th, then came another request for $550 for transportation, food and other things. Then he asked me to send him some sweatpants, underwear, cologne. After buying and shipping that stuff $140 in Clothes, $355 for Fed Ex, then he had to ask again for $275 for the taxes/tarrifs from Africa that had to be paid in US Dollars. Distinguishing Marks and Features - He has a females face tatooed on his right calf, an eagle, and a name on his upper arms(something close to Nina - he said it was a Friend of his who died in Iraq. Keeps his hair cut close and wears glasses and has a lazy left eye. Last Given Address: Ed-Kelvin Duncan Saxel Estate 76 Fourth Road Accra, Ghana 00233 Phone: 863-215-8088 email: Please let me know if you want me to send pictures and foward emails and texts.
First name: SMITH
Last name: TURNER
Age: 59
Location: UK
On websites: YES
First name: David
Last name: Garriison
Age: 54
Location: USA
Email: non
On websites: Odnoklassniki
Report: 1. He 2. Odnoklassniki 3. Couple of weeks 4. His way to write letters and some extracts from his letters to me I founded on your site (letter 1 George Summer) 7. I'm not finished yet. Will report him to website at first.
First name: Eric
Last name: Davis
Age: unknown
Location: Syria
On websites:
Report: Uses stolen pics of Ryan Newman. Scammer is asking of personal data including address and phone number. He is asking to receive his luggage