First name: Anton
Last name: Aldrik
Aka: Harris logan
Age: 58
Location: Belgie brussel
Address: Kroonstraat
Phone: 0480614180
On websites: Tinder en skype
Report: Heb harris leren kennen op tinder , Eerste contacten waren hemels en vroeg dan om een pakket in ontvangst te nemen en daar moest ik kosten op betalen tussen de 1500 en 1800 euro ,heb ik niet gedaan nu vraagt hij om steamkaarten op te sturen van 200 euro ,ik zou hem 20 oktober ontmoeten!
First name: Frank
Last name: Herry
Age: 58
Location: Accra
On websites: Instagram
Report: Said was an American contractor working in Ghana. Claimed to be a widower with a young daughter in boarding school in Indiana. Claimed to have been in an accident and needed money to cover bills. Sent obviously photoshopped images.
First name: Alex
Last name: Williams
Aka: Calvin Anthony, Eric Arvid Porthcawl, James Gilbert
Age: 69
Location: USA
Phone: 908-228-0535
On websites: Facebook, Twitter, maga-chat
Report: This man is on various sites with the same photo's he has taken over someones profile on Facebook. He has contacted me through facebook looking for a relationship. I've been chatting with him for 3 months and he has managed to con me out of $6800.00 Canadian and keeps asking for more to pay medical bills. He gave me access to his bank account to prove to me he had plenty of money in his account but could not access it and would pay me back as soon as he could get back the the US He has had me transfer money from his account to a 3rd person in the amount of 1,200,000.00. I have cut off all communication with this person. I did a reverse image on google of Alex Williams photo and found the real identity of the person they belonged to and contacted the owner of the photos.
First name: Andre A
Last name: Murphy
Aka: Steve Profin
Age: 50
Location: Swansea, Oslo, Phnom Penh
Phone: +44 7503 386124
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: I saw his profile on Plenty of Fish and saw he was a widow with children and lived close by which was perfect for me. I sent him a message as he was new on the site and I wanted to make sure that I got his attention. He replied and asked if we could get to know each other better. Within 13 hours he suggested we get off the site and gave me his phone number and we text via Whatapp. He said that he was continuing to get lots of messages off the site and I said that I was too and would he be happy to be exclusive and he agreed. One of the things that came up in conversation was my job. He said that I could work for him, and that he would find work for my daughter too as his daughter wanted to be a civil engineer like him. He said that he was originally from Oslo Norway, where he had moved in with his gran to look after her while he was in university there. His wife Annabel Murphy had died of Leukemia in 2017. His father had died a year later along with his best friend. Andre was a civil engineer and had been working for 6 months in Thailand last year and was now on a 3 month contract in Cambodia renewing roads. This earned him big money, where his daughter Cherry (14) was in boarding school in Swansea and his dog Jack a German Sheppard was in Kennels. He was hoping to finish this contract before his 50th birthday on 21/09/22. He said that an order he?d made from Turkey to finish the road was delayed as customs had confiscated it (discoutage importing since Covid) and were demanding 10% of the order total wich was $12,500. I had doubts about him before this as I couldn?t pick him up by Google in Swansea (Birchgrove) on 192 or his wife?s death - but I thought maybe this was because he was foreign? He provided without my asking a copy of the 10% demand and the contract. I noticed his signature didn?t match his name, nor was his address a full one - no house or street. The name of his company was on it, so I Googled Andrewtech Construction Group. The first thing that came up was a Facebook page for Steve A Profin (written with Eastern European letters) This was an alias for Andre Murphy based in Texas. All photos were of him and his daughter, with random people as friends from different countries. I then searched Steve A Profin images on Google and came across his picture on a Canadian website, Signal Arnaques. This warned that he was a scammer and had asked a female for money as he had lost his wallet and passport in Turkey while on a contract! I didn?t bother replying to him after that. I subsequently checked the messages a week later and indeed he had said that he wasn?t anle to get a loan and that all his workers wouldn?t get paid etc etc ? ?? Needless to say none of this is true. I?ve no idea what nationality he is or which country he?s based in.
First name: Spencer
Last name: Camp
Age: 55
Location: Aleppo, Syria
On websites: Google Chat
Report: This man sent me a friend request on August 25, 2022 via Instagram. I reveiwed his profile and it appeared to be legitimate. we began talking. He says he is a US Soldier on deployment in Aleppo, Syria where he has been for 6 months. He says his wife died 5 years ago from cancer. He says he is from Fresno, California which is where he has lived since he was 13 yo. Originially from Lithauania. Does not know much about his mother, father died three years ago. He has a 14 yo daughter, Elena, who is currently with a family friend in Egypt while he is out of the country. He quickly moved me from Instagram to Google Chat. He does occasionally still send messages on Instagram or likes my posts. He confesses his undying love to me daily and talks two to three times a day. He says he wants to marry me. Says I have made his life worth living again. Asked me to send him a Steam card for his daughter Elena, since he is unable to purchase one there in Syria. I gave in and sent a $100 steam card to him to send to her. That was about a week and a half into the relationship. He also told me he wanted me to be his beneficiary for his family benefits he would be getting. He needed my ss#, id and email. which i reluctantly sent because I had already called him out as a scammer twice and he made me believe that he was indeed not a scammer and that he was real. i asked for his MOS and unit number and he sent them right away to me. He has now, today, asked for another steam card for his daughter and wants to know if I can make it more than the one before. i need to know if this man is real or fake, ASAP.
First name: David
Last name: Morales by
Aka: David walker, David Walkers, Daivd Walker
Age: 63, 53, 52
Location: New Jersey city new jersey, Dallas Texas , Dubai, canada
Address: 1488 May Rd Seagoville tx 75159,
Phone: 713-389-4401, 713-468-8537, 330,758,0150, 412-593-4658,424-772-2703, 816-459-0471, 713-510-9327,
On websites: Dating com. D8u. Com. Hangouts. Instagram Instagram what's app
Report: I was involved with this man for close to 2 years. I fell in love with his smooth talking self. He has a way with words. He got me to go to hang outs within a day and confessed his love with 2 or 3 days. Said he has a son named Josh who was only 11. His wife died of breast cancer. He said he was working in Dubai and underbid the job so I sold my truck to help him he said he had a big check to pay me back with. I said ok. Well on the way to the airport he was involved in a bad car accident. The taxi driver was drunkhe sent pictures of him in the hospital. That had a date of June 6 2006. He talk his way out of that one. Well he spent the next few months in a Dubai hospital. I was sending money for medshe said. Then the time came he was ready to get out of the hospital. I had to send another $1500 for his plane ticket. He made it to Canada that was over a year ago. Still haven't seen him. The plane malfunctioned he was stranded. I sold my house to get him to michigan. Last my winter. Still no David. He got all my unemployment money. And he tried to get my retirement check. I finally said no more after over $50,000.and he had the nerve to get mad at me and say it's my fault he isn't here yet. And he's to good to take a bus. And he won't take a prepaid flight. He wants the cash.
First name: Damien
Age: 50
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
On websites: tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on tagged ? image stolen
First name: Michael
Age: 47
Location: London, United Kingdom
On websites: tagged
Report: Scammer ? images stolen
First name: Davis
Age: 51
Location: Lake City, FL
On websites: tagged
Report: Scammer ? image stolen
First name: Micheal
Age: 45
Location: Antioch, IL
On websites: tagged
Report: Scammer ? image stolen
First name: Adam
Last name: Smith
Age: 60
Location: Australia
Email: adamsmith200100
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: He contacted me while he was on a contract job in Australia. of course he happened to have a cash flow issue getting some new equipment. Gave me a bogus bank site, equipment company and equipment procurement site. He had me login to his supposed bank and transfer funds. Then I started getting emails that they had logged my ip address and I was going to jail for impersonating this guy. I reported this to DHS and the FTC. Amazingly enough he stopped contacting me when I told him no way was I sending 10,600 to a bogus equipment company.
First name: Jody
Last name: Bujaski
Age: 51
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
On websites: tagged
Report: Scammer ? images stolen
First name: Patrick
Last name: Murphy
Age: 48
Location: Caesarea Germanicia, Turkey
On websites: tagged
Report: Military scammer who wanted to meet me on tagged ? images stolen
First name: Emmanuel
Last name: Di Rita
Aka: Alex
Age: 41
Location: West sydney
Address: 1 Virginia street
Phone: +61 424 884 579
On websites: Pof
Report: He is a User a Womaniser he is a tranny and mayb bi/gay but will pretend his straight?.will love boom you and doesn?t care to ask you for money or buy him things..
First name: Richards
Last name: Bill
Age: 58
Location: Turkey
Phone: +905318729533+905488348842,
On websites: tinder
Report: I met this guy in tinder. He told that he is a pilot. Living now in Turkey flying inside flights and flights to Greece. One morning he called me just before he had his flight. He was sitting in pilots side in the airplane with colleges. Everybody told me hi and after he showed me all the thing what exists there in their room also out from the window. Soon he told me that he is leaving the job and goes to Australia to buy gasoline for airplanes. After some time he showed me his account. He seemed to be real but then I found photos of the real pilot with photos he sent to me (NicoB) and I blocked him
First name: Thomas
Last name: Campbell
Age: 68
Location: Ca. and Tx, maybe Canada
Address: not real addr, gave me a San Antonio, TX
Phone: 619-383-3424, 213-295-0718, 647-724-2325
On websites: zoosk, Telegram
Report: I am reporting a male scammer. I was first contacted by this person on Zoosk dating site. He got his claws into me. He managed to convince me that he was a businessman that handled business off of an oil rig. (yes, I know) He was good. He did not ask for money right away, He was more interested in creating a relationship. Or that was his creative cover. I did have doubts but he seemed to squash them. He even gave me (worthless) promissory notes for the money he eventually got out of me. $30,000 total. I knew better, but he was good. He told me he was originally Australian, 2 years divorced, (wife left him), no children, recently moved from CA. to TX., 68 years old, even brought in a friend? called David to help convince me he was legit or for real. he worked hard at becoming a love interest. before asking for money. I was not so much interested in him, but thought might be an investment. I was wrong, it was all a scam. As soon as I said no to additional requests, all numbers ceased to work and zero communication where he would call me all the time and send me little love notes and messages. One of his favorite thing to do was send me various lovey YouTube songs. He sent me emails asking me relationship questions. Run ladies.
First name: robert
Last name: Ryan
Age: 62
Location: usa
On websites: hangouts
Report: using fake photos , states works for oil ring
First name: Thomas
Last name: Williams Ragland
Aka: Thomas Williams Ragland
Age: 59 December 14 1962
Location: USA Canada
On websites: Facebook
Report: I was first sent a friend request on fb. His was like a friend of mine. This started Mar 14th 2021 to present Aug 20th 2022. He was quite charming. We became close within 3months. He asked me to buy 200 for a piece of equipment on his oil rig Atlantic Ocean in Canada. As time goes on I fell in love with him. He first told me he love me. He had quite a list of the most beautiful things to say. I kept giving him money. After about 8mo he would start using the same pre typed romantic thing's. I always called him out he was using the same romantic pre typed things on me. I was to stupid to see it. I never use dating sites and don't talk like this. Google app and telegram apps were used. My story is long and I'm heart broken. This day present I have given cards mailed cash to him for alittle over $22,000.000. I get 800 a month for disability. I took money from my x checking account. I'm so sad and crushed. I was so lonely. I'm not doing well at all. Please help me stop him and I want every woman to see this face. Please !? stop ?? him from hurting someone else ??
First name: Gonzalez
Last name: Bonilla
Aka: Wendy Chella, Dino Tantawi, Billy Jordan, Marco Lorenzo, Jin, Morry Berry, David Chris, George Greg, Tony MUGU Williams, John Maddox, Nelson Hooks, Joseph McCarthy, Nelson Hooks, Morris William, MacKenzie Scott, Benni, Micheal Williams, Edgar Kelly, Patrick Anthony, Jack McCampbell
Age: 55
Location: Brussels, Belgium; Lagos de Moreno, Mexico; Los Angeles, USA; Aripeka, Florida, USA; Saarlouis, Saarland, Germany; Lagos, Nigeria; Frankfurt am Main, Germany; Metz, France; Dubai, UAE
Phone: 35796876580, 12817469838, 13372845032, 19802770762, 14048546624, 54747884, 33756758602
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Henry
Last name: Smith
Aka: Dwayne Jones Murphy, Michael Petraeus, Dean Higgins, Davis Becker, John Peston Yawson, Daniel Blowers, David McGrath, Iford Paul Sean, John Mark, Nick Hoffmann, Alexandra Mbrito, Wills Jugo, Andrea Roy Watson, Alex Terry, John McClay, Mark Henderson, Steve Swanson, Anthony Williams, Slalge James, Adam Treon, Victor Johnson, Bobby Hamblin, Victor Benson, Victor Kwasi, Godfreey Lawlucas, Hills Austin, Philip Walker, Chia Hao, Pedro Rolan, Phillip Armstrong, Johnson Swaz, Webster Henry, Robert Wellington, Kelvin Wong, Afetse Komi, James Roland
Age: 58
Location: Michigan, USA; Auckland, New Zealand; Brookesmith, Texas, USA; Houston, USA; Berlin, Germany; Chicago, USA; Atlanta, USA; Ohio, USA; Amsterdam, Netherlands; New York, USA; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; London, England; Abuja, Nigeria; Los Angeles, USA; Bangkok, Thailand; Chumphon, Thailand; Beijing, China
Phone: 12536932972, 2349069024174, 221708349870, 8562092069162, 6193530290, 14697805491, 19145397238, 16479575296, 447418351108, 447518204156, 447309571573, 14036680509, 12184332664, 306992002946, 9087658508, 19797094822, 14029486184, 13132616277
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Patrick
Last name: Hugo
Aka: David Charlton Hyatt
Age: 73
Location: Scarborough, England
Phone: +44 7418 371667
On websites: Facebook Dating
Report: I have been in touch with PATRICK since approximately 15 July 2022 up to today (3/8/2022) and he contacted me first. He soon asked me to move to What's App where he was texting me and telephoning me daily. Then we went on to email where things began to get more intimate. I have read previous letters he has written and a lot of them were copied to me. He is a real charmer and falls in love with you very quickly. He told me he owned his own shipping company which he had learned from his father. He had been trying to finalise a contract to build one last ship before he retired and this he gained during the
First name: Fredrick
Last name: Peterson
Age: 65
Location: Athens, ON
Phone: 613-767-9071
Report: This gentleman has been chatting with me on and off for about 3 weeks. He doesn't answer the phone most of the time. He began by sending me all kinds of emails and texts and such but now is ghosting me. Says he is right in love with me but never has time for me now because he says he is too busy. I have tried to find his name online before this but this is the first place where I have come up with his name
First name: Ethan Craig
Last name: Wyatt
Age: 55
Location: California
Phone: 9406416778
On websites: Instagram
Report: I was contacted by him through Instagram DM. He asked if I was interested in being his sugar baby. That as long as I gave him attention, he would in return give me money. He convinced me a few times to let him send me money (a check) when I declined his gift of a Cartier bracelet. I knew something was fishy so I played along and said that I wasn?t interested in his money or left. That I just enjoy talking to him thinking he would drop me because I wasn?t buying his scam. He does have a what looks like a legit Instagram account but under another name. The name he used to talk to me was Ethan Craig Wyatt. When he tried to talk me up, at first I was trying to mess with him but I mistakenly fell for his words but something still didn?t seem right. He said he was a personal bitcoin and binary trader. Sent me a video of him in the car in Dubai (did not show his face) and said he was staying there for a month or two on business. We talked for about 2 weeks going on 3 weeks. He has highlights on his Instagram but he could?ve potentially stolen from the actual person. He stopped posting photos because supposedly someone was pretending to be him when he?s pretending to be THAT guy. I took the next step to see if he was actually who he said he would be so I gave him my number and we started texting but something didn?t seem right there .. the # he was texting from was a 940 area code in Texas. He told me he resides in Beverly Hills, CA and he has an iPhone but the texts showed up green AND when I looked his number up, it shows to belong to another guy who lives in Texas. He is so charming and caring. He makes you feel vulnerable with him. He?ll tell you a sad story about how he lost his wife and never had a chance to have kids because she was 3 months pregnant when she had an accident. He has an answer for everything. Maybe some were true and maybe some are not but we?ll never know. Just beware of him if you ever come across him on social media.
First name: Raymond
Last name: White
Age: 47
Location: Birmingham Alabama
On websites: POF
Report: Met this guy Raymond White. Claimed to be from Poland and was a Captain in the US Army. Claimed to have a private company building roads around the world. Claimed to be travelling to England on a job and lost his wallet in a taxi cab. First it was a small amount that I sent thinking this guy was in serious trouble. It ended with me cashing a 25K cheque which was counterfeit. After all said and done, 'invested
First name: Franck
Last name: Braunn
Aka: Francky
Age: 62
Location: France
Phone: +33757820389
On websites: Tinder, Facebook
Report: This guy discussed with me and told that he is an engineer of construction and had a project of construction in France but I don't know where. I lost this discussion when I denied him to contact me. I met him in tinder and he asked me to go to WhatsApp because of better discussions. He was divorced with no children. The marriage was very difficult. The wife cheated him. He payed a lot for the marriage, hotel bills etc when the wife cheated him with another man. He was so sad but his father has loaned money to pay the credits and now he is better. One Sunday he told me that he has to go to work that there is coming some staff for the work for Monday. In the evening he told that if I can give him some thousand euro because of the materials which came. I didn't pay anything and then he told me that he will make a hell of my life. He made a page with my photos. One friend of mine had got invitation and informed me. I have this page in my documents. Also I have some videos he sent me.
First name: Eric
Last name: McGuin
Aka: Such Harris, Joshua Zaiah, Jue Emmanuel, Jason Mark, James Harry, Andrew Young, Joshua Bickel Spencer, Mike Howay, James Foster, Kelvin Johnson, Martin Raphael, Dav Robinson, Lawson Roman, David Blake, Roland Rome, David Cuccia, Leon Murphy Jay, Donald Hamilton, Guillaume, Jurgen Mike, Scott Williams, Scott Williams, William Brandon, Scott Hillary, Brian Miller, Oscar Ben, Romeo Geovanni, Michael Clayton, John Wifred, Silva Walker, Anfield Polycarp, Mike Rodrigues, Steven Jay Huff, Dennis Sesplankis, Ben Woodman, Daniel Bobby, Martins Gabriel
Age: 56
Location: New York, USA; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; California, USA; Alberta, Canada; Koluszki, Poland; Berlin, Germany; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Washington, USA; Izmir, Turkey; Los Angeles, USA; London, England; Rome, Italy; Miami, USA; Texas, USA; Liverpool, England; Dakar, Senegal; Houston, USA; Bristol, England; Walsall, England; Plano, USA; Bremen, Germany; Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Phone: 9038167682, 6823020798, 15513343543, 18644856537, 66971180628, 225585400016, 447776726637, 18135690730, 14092548548, 447700184969
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Scott
Last name: Miller
Aka: Alfred Williams, Robert Leon, Smith Jamie, Erickson Burk David, Chris Davis, Greg Thevot
Age: 57
Location: Iraquara, Brazil; Marathon, USA
Phone: 447933185593
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Steven
Last name: Kvlad
Aka: Kenneth Ceasar, Austin, Solomon Soner, Brett Harrison, Andrew Smit, Malcolm Williams, Richard Davis, Kirk Harnack, Romeo, Richard Terry, John Clark, Mark Schaefer, Watson Gross, Frank Edward, Charles Daniel, Vince Walton, Jurgen Ibrahim, Derrick Green, Marcus Brown, David Kevin, Stephen Jones, Kelvin Mark, Larry Lange, Micheal Lange, Linda John Harrison, Dennis Scholz, James Mcananly, David Graham, Donald Eric, James Dunggan, Winston David, John Greyman, Mike Carlos Harrison, George Williams
Age: 55
Location: New York, USA; Dakar, Senegal; Berlin, Germany; Toronto, Canada; Arizona, USA; Atlanta, USA; Stuttgart, Germany; Sapele, Nigeria; Orerokpe, Nigeria; Amersfoort, Utrecht, Netherlands; Barton, Australia; Kachia, Nigeria; Michigan, USA; Dallas, USA; London, England
Phone: 221774740519, 5873233031, 3146691743, 2347367035974, 16673103865, 447422865457, 2349037929246, 18473107223
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Green
Last name: Jonathan
Aka: Juan
Age: 60
Location: Hamilton,OH
Address: 1014 Hayes Avenue
Phone: 234-264-1109
On websites: Google chat
Report: I was asked to get this man?s belonging out of customs for $3998
First name: Shemar Franklin
Last name: Moore
Aka: John, Jeffrey, Gerry Gilsenan, Robbot Hudson, David Byerly, Zind Lee, Patrick David, Marizu Chinomso, Lucas Frederick, Timothy Dunn Wakely, Benjamin Peter, Donnald Talor, Garth Davis, Eben Tyson, Fred Matthew, Paul Kenneth, Eugene, Gaby Hummel, Steve Jerry, Mark Hanson, Robin Graham Fenty, Owen Josh, Brian Dave, Barry Kovacova, Fred Milton, Anthony, Kelvin Max Johnson, Chris Founye, Damian Luis Hall, Liam Lucas, Noah Mauricio, Scott Donnie, Mark Wood, Richard James, Scott Rice, Phil Stafan, Eddie Nathan, Frank Johnny
Age: 58
Location: Compton, USA; Atlanta, USA; Austin, Texas, USA; Lagos, Nigeria; Ontario, Canada; San Jose, USA; Los Angeles, USA; Patrica, Lazio, Italy; Abuja, Nigeria; Alexandria, Egypt; Kachia, Nigeria; Lome, Togo; Seattle, USA
Phone: 393509328594, 2348020304007, 16692507665, 12137751407, 17542602953, 07498096664, 2349160896100?, 2347039451983, 9712488590, 16207319401
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!