First name: Victor Badie
Last name: Francies
Aka: Doctor victor badie francies
Age: 61
Location: New Cairo Egypt
Phone: +20 127 8886312
On websites: facebook, match me, plenty of fish, bottled
Report: This man contacted me on match me telling me he is a surgeon and he works in oman ministry of health hospital. We started chatting and he told me he's searching for a wife as hes alone. He is apparently in egypt looking for a big villa in new cairo egypt and said to me that he wants to start a family with me. We talked for 1 year and yesterday he messaged me saying that he has been shot in the leg and urgently needs 20,000 Egyptian pounds to cover his medical bills. I told him i don't have this type of money to give him and he got angry at me saying i dont care about him and dont love him and i want him to die because i wont give him the money. He then blocked me telling me im dead to him.
First name: stefan
Last name: good
Aka: lucas koskinen
Age: 50
Location: turkey
Address: 4 seasons hotel in turkey
Phone: 617-702-4813, 346-787-2049,858-859-0208
On websites: linkedin, whatsapp
Report: He contacted me on linkedin. we talked back and forth, and later went to whatsapp. And Botim. He told me he was working on a project in turkey and will be going there soon. he went and claimed his debit card would not go through because of the ember season. he asked me for money. I sent 1300.00 via nordstrom cards. he wanted me to send bitcoin, but i did not know how. I did not feel good about sending money to him and started to watch him, just hoping he was real. He claimed to contact typhoid fever from the water there, he asked for money for his treatment, 1700. i refused. But i cared about him and could not pull away. he became extremely rude and mean. even had his friend, Michael garrett call and and try to rough me up over the phone . I saved the voice messages from whatsapp, they are pretty rough. he calls me everything but a white woman. I began to see what is going on, and texting less and less. he text me yesterday , and i had nothing to say. I immediately told him that i had no money to send him. it made him mad. I believe he has blocked me now on whatsapp. i fell hard for him and was completely heart broken, even though i tried not to be. I would like to see him prosecuted , as I belive he has done this for years as his pictures show age, to an older graying of the beard. he is already listed on this site 2x
First name: Butcher
Last name: Robert Johnson
Age: 46
Location: Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire
On websites: tagged
Report: Military scammer ? image stolen
First name: Bob
Age: 40
Location: New York City, NY
On websites: tagged
Report: Military scammer who wanted to meet me on tagged ? images stolen
First name: Fernado
Last name: Mendz
Aka: Fred
Age: 49
Location: America Saltlake
On websites: Tinder, Plenty of Fish,
Report: I met this man on Tinder and Plenty of Fish. He told me he was Italian he had a son who lives with his mother. He is 18 and in Australia. He mother is still alive but his father is pass away. I started talking to Fernando 20 months ago. We where suppose to meet up but he rang and said he was going to visit his mum. whilst at his mothers he was going away to work. He is a Genealogist working with Gold and Diamonds. He said he would be away for a month then when he got back we would meet up and go out. Second week of being away thats when things started to change. He said he tried to take money out of his account but because he was not in one of the countries his bank knows he travels to the bank froze his account. Fernando rang me on Viber telling me all about how he had couldn't get money out to pay his bills and could i help him out. He had showed me what he said was his bank account and how much he has in it so could afford to pay me back with interest. I sent him via his Agent ?2,000 which he was thankful for. He said his agent would sort everything out and he would be back within the month. But 20 months later he is still in South Africa and i am ?51,000 worse off. This man makes you feel like your his everything and really gets into your head and heart. Please be don't be like me and suckered in report him now and shame him. I don't think i will ever get my money back now .
First name: Hyeook Gyu
Last name: Park
Aka: Jerryson Smith, Yong Glee, Shumphrey, Dunfordfrancis, Hungong, Kimhee,
Age: 39
Location: Coreia do Sul, Seul, Busan, Portugal, Acbul, Afeganistao
Phone: +447830326488, +14706735635, +821050087358, +15015570040
On websites: MEEFF, Instagram e Pixwox
Report: No dia 09 de janeiro de 2021 eu tive o desprazer de conhecer esse homem, ele se apresentou como sendo Hwang Young Park, soldado oficial da Coreia do Sul a servico em Cabul. No dia 17 de fevereiro ele veio com uma historia que de havia recebido um dinheiro por servico prestado no Afeganistao, e que so podia enviar isso para mim, pois ele e orfao. No dia 19 o inferno comecou em minha vida, comecei a receber emails de uma empresa de transporte, essa tal empresa fazia cobrancas absurdas, e esse homem comecava a pedir, para eu nao deixasse o dinheiro dele sumir, resumindo gastei 17 mil euros com esse ladrao. Agora que descobrir toda a armadilha que ele criou para mim, ele comecou a me ameacar de morte e os meus familiares. Cuidado esse homem e perigoso
First name: Ryan
Last name: Wilson
Aka: Kojson, Law Miller, Bryan William, Marc Jan, Ramos Flores Micheal, Santos Bolante, Douglas, Mike Luis, Anderson Luwis Lucius, Kevin, Leon, Lumor Marvin, Vincent, Mike, Bruno, Steven, Mike Johnson, Mike Terry Johnson, Michael, Roland Kyle, Scott Rios Brown, Gregory Shank, Donald, Bryan Jolly, Joseph Stevens
Age: 56
Location: California, New Jersey, United States; Nigeria, Delta; Albertson, New York, United States; Burnt Ranch, United States; Cave Springs, United States; Houston-TX, Texas, United States; Floral Park, NY; Adger, Alabama, USA; Berlin, Germany; Ah Soo Garden, General, Singapore; Nigeria, Abuja; Switzerland , Zurich; Brussels, Belgium; Lagos, Nigeria; Long Beach, USA; Acton, USA; Addison, New York, United States; Gurun, Kedah, Malaysia; Las Vegas, United States
Phone: 447542817982, 447732148170, 5168565310, 12512613110, 4072160625, 2347069495455, 6106156980, 13393004127, 69172925685
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Andrew
Last name: Mendes
Aka: Arvid Gabriel
Age: 65
Location: UK WIndsor
Phone: +447451273662, +447404202604
On websites: eharmony, whatsapp
Report: Andrew first contacted me October 2020. When we spoke I thought the voice did not fit the picture, so kept that in mind. Shortly after he had to go to Canada to work on an oil rig. We messaged many times a day and he was very intense, which concerned me. He was a widower with 2 children. His mother was Austrian and father was Portuguese. He seemed very kind and caring. In November he suddenly disappeared with no trace. In February he reappeared just as suddenly. He said there had been an explosion, both his phones had been damaged and he had been in hospital. I did not believe this for one minute but with Lockdown I was happy to talk to him. After a few weeks he showed his true colours and asked for money to buy a new piece of equipment that had been severeley damaged. There was no way I was going to send any money. He sent me a copy of his passport as securety for the loan, definitely a fake, the signature did not match his name. I started to investigate and found him on this website. I then reported him to the police. I am still in contact with him while I wait for the police to tell me what they are going to do. I'm sure he will ask for money again as he wants to come home. He is a very clever and skilful man. I hope this man will be caught, he seems to have been doing this for a very long time.
First name: Daniel
Last name: Meyer
Age: 55
Location: London, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 289-275-7772; 27-(73)-425-8938
On websites: Plenty of Fish; WhatsApp
Report: I sent the first message end of February. It lasted online only for 4 weeks. He had to rush to Capetown South Africa to sign a contract for work and then had to stay for extra weeks to get the project up and running. Sent a page of a contract and said to keep it confidential but it looked suspicious. Kept saying things that he had to send pictures of things I requested to prove he was in South Africa also wearing a mask. Got defensive when I mentioned the change from text message to iMessage and called the questions childish and irritating. No money changed hands but requested a purchase of laptop and phone to be sent to him since his were stolen today.
First name: Jason
Last name: Alling
Age: 51
Location: USA Fresno CA
Phone: 213-336-4799
On websites: Twitter
Report: I met him on Twitter, He asked me to DM him. I did and once we talked for a while he asked for my phone number to text. We texted for about a week, always got back to me very early in the morning. Then he asked me to help him with something. He wanted me to get a green dot card. He told me was wealthy and like to help those going through a hard time due to COVID. I told him I was not comfortable with doing this. Texts stopped and he disappeared.
First name: Abilene
Last name: Waillmas
Age: 54
Location: Burkina Faso
On websites: Tagget, Hangoust
Report: A road construction engineer has a 4-year-old daughter. She doesn't want to talk about the child's mother. She wants to send her money to my account to buy a house here and raise her daughter together. The bank address ask for the transfer .When I said I would not pay anything you would be wasted and not write since.
First name: Marcus
Last name: Stephen
Aka: Hector Elmer
Age: 60
Location: USA - New Jersey
Phone: 210-714-9582
On websites: Match
Report: In late 2019 I met this man on Match. At first he was pleasant to speak with until he became obsessive with wanting to call me constantly. Said he was working in New Jersey about 50 miles from his home (?). Wanting a good, kind, passionate woman. After a couple of weeks emailing I relented to using text messages. That's when it got weird and stupid on his part. He is a whiny, self-serving man. Complaining about how women do not know how to treat him. Well, duh, if you speak to him for a period of time you get how he is. Anyways, I dropped him and he kept begging me to come back and speak to him. He is nothing but a loser and would not divulge full disclosure on his whereabouts, what his plans were for the future etc. Steer clear ladies!! Also, at the time I met him - he called himself
First name: Clark
Age: 45
Location: Frankfurt Germany
Phone: +49 176 35724528
On websites: & WhatsApp
Report: This man here is a Dating Scammer and he is already reported on a another site as a scammer since December 2020 using same name as Clark. He is divorced with no kids but works in the infrastructure. He is also using a Germany phone number: +49 176 35724528 (WhatsApp) This scammer English is not very good when communicating online on a dating site or WhatsApp.
First name: Thomas
Last name: Ken
Age: 50
Location: Reno,nevada, India
Address: 1001 south meadows parkway Reno be 89512
Phone: +1 (775) 499-9691
On websites: Facebook
Report: We started talking from a friend. He was okay at first. He then started asking for 50.00 then the amounts started getting higher. The last amount he asked for was 50,000. To collect his 700,000 dollars from his family lawyer. He even gave me a code number of 1011 to collect the money. He then asked for my bank account number and routing number and the name of the bank. I refused all he begged for 50,000 saying it wasn?t much and he would pay me back. I refused and blocked him.
First name: James
Last name: White Harris
Aka: Kaufman, Hodges, Chris, Jamess Caparrotti, Cody, Michael, Richard Larry, Chris Rodriguez, Rlees Michael, Ethan Harris, Chris Murray, Marcus Roddy, Dennis, Thomas Stanley, Joseph Stevens, Scott Zlateff, Mike Johnson, Daniel Spencer, Bryan Walsh, Liwei Terry, Scott Alex, Henry K Manford, Douglas, Zlatkos Kirinecs, Greg Andy, Williams Mathies, Clark, James Aganados, Wong Kim, Ozorn Wilson, Zhang Wei, Chester, Thomas Winks, Dave Johnson, Jerry Greg, Kelly Amed, Micheal, Frack Wellem, Raymond Morris
Age: 60
Location: Houston, Texas, USA; Los Angeles, California, USA; Afton, New York, United States; Alexandria, Tennessee, United States; Somerset, UK; Griesheim-pres-Molsheim, France; Orlando, Florida, USA; Richmond Virginia, Sweden; North Carolina, USA; Virginia, USA; Somerset, UK; Pana, IL; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; Eden, Georgia, United States; Las Vegas, United States; South Bend, Indiana, United States; Greenville, USA; New Hampton, United States; Ghana , Central; Nigeria , Delta; Damascus, Syria; Alness, Highland, United Kingdom; Nigeria , Ekiti; Addison, New York, United States; Alexander, USA; Alamo, USA; Kuala Lumpur; Brantford, Ontario, Canada; Berlin, Germany; Alger, Ohio, United States; Nigeria, Imo; Alexandra Estate, General, Singapore; Abstatt, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany; Meadow Lakes, United States
Phone: 9734096314, 12135674983, 17123062860, 18282224697, 6106156980, 12134785499, 3477868491, 4917635724528, 13109744501, 9723797198, 2348111635362
Email:,,,,, Militarymix -,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Thompson
Last name: Jerry
Aka: Andreas Wolf
Age: 56
Location: USA
On websites: Facebook
Report: This is hi s text to me Am Thompson Jerry from Miami Florida,USA.I prefer Hangout because, is more reliable, faster & Economical in Data consumptions here I retired two years ago & since then,i have engaged myself in BTC online Trading business He said he is a widow and has daughter 9 y/o/
First name: Roberto
Last name: Destro
Aka: Alfred Keller Milton
Age: 62
Location: Maco
On websites: match, facebook instangram
Report: Has Italian voice sometimes talks young and sometimes talks older. Will tell you anthing and will still all your money. Yes he will marry you and just wanting on getting him money out of Turkey and he needs money to open is account for 11,2000.00 dollars and will tell you how much he loves you and how much he will buy you and wants to be will you and can't wait to be will you. But he will use you like a mule . He is a Romance Scammer and He will use your bank to send money and then he gets you to sent it to him throught bitcom so no trace of names. So you are called a MULE by the FBI. And then the bank will take all your money and close your account and you could go to jail. So be careful..he is a real good at this. His heart is a devil and his soul is dark. Be careful he uses different names...and he has used a lot of women everyone on my friends list on facebook he tried to talk to them.
First name: Anders
Last name: Brown Hansen
Aka: Kevin Anders, Lars- Henrik, Siji, David, Lawrence
Age: 48
Location: Nigeria / Malaysia
On websites: Facebook
Report: I know him as Anders Brown Hansen, but he uses lots of other names. Using bank accounts in other countries,using religious sects. Always got stucked all over the world and women have to pay lots of money. But he will never meet them. It seem that there is some connection between him and Nigeria / Malaysia. He is reported everywhere both to the police and important banka.. And if he is not get stucked somewhere he got sick in some country. And he has a connection to Norway probably Sweden to. All his photos are stolen. Im not sure of those photos of the man from Nigeria?! Maybe they are to. Now he is in China. He sent me a photo of a young man, wearing a winterjacket. Stolen photo. He / they are reported on may groups on Facebook.
First name: Christos
Last name: Papadopoulos
Age: 56
Location: Atlanta USA
Address: 333 Chilton Dr NW Atlanta, GA 30318
Report: He approached mr by messenger and told ke to continue in hangouts. He supposed he is a seafarer working for US government through a construction company who built bridges in Atlanta. His contract was due a few days ago . He returned to his home in Dusseldorf with the ticket l bought for him because his account was frozen and he also had not access. He gave me his user name and password to make the transfer to the travel agent. But the problem with the account didn't let me to make it. So l sent my own money by Western Union to the (fake) travel agency. Before he take the flight he sent me a parcel because this equipment of his job couldn't get in the suitcases. Also there were his contract papers in there. The parcel held in Istanbul customs and l was needed to pay the duties because of the frozen account. I denied. He pressed me very hard, over and over again. He said that l don't care of my husband's properties. I also sent him Google cards to contact with the bank. After l denied to pay stopped to text to me.
First name: Boeh
Age: 47
Location: Nashville, TN
On websites: tagged
Report: Scammer ? image stolen
First name: Bola
Age: 58
Location: Centreville, VA
On websites: tagged
Report: Scammer ? images stolen
First name: Borris
Age: 50
Location: Arizona, USA; Netherlands
On websites: tagged
Report: Military scammer
First name: Kyle
Last name: Blake
Aka: Kelly, Jason Estes, James S, Alex Smith, Jesse Igor, Agupta, Stephen Dorf, Mark Luthor, Thomas Fernando, Harris Jay, Mason L, Frederick Wilson, Mike Brooks, Gwillson
Age: 58
Location: Coosa, Georgia, United States; Berlin, Germany; Brooklyn, NY; Tuggeranong Dc, Australian Capital Territory, Australia; Louis Trichardt, Limpopo, South Africa; al-Fujayrah, United Arab Emirates; Arizona, United States; Boyce, Louisiana, United States; Las Palmas, Spain; Yaiza, Spain; New York, USA; Abenberg, Bayern, Germany; Senglea, Malta; City Fresno, California, Italy
Phone: 9852952255, 971524023053, 5109274877, 8954673677, 34612583150, 41794182551, 17403376176
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Brown
Age: 56
On websites: tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on tagged
First name: brown
Last name: michael
Age: 54
Location: London, Nigeria, Cambodia
On websites: tagged
Report: Typical scam: my wife died from breast cancer Am always busy because of the nature of my job
First name: James
Last name: Borham
Aka: Ethan Williams
Age: 58
Location: All States
Address: Inverness Florida
Phone: 13308705024
On websites: Zoosk, WhatsApp
Report: Using pictures of prominent LA California businessman. Scamming women out of money. Says he found his wife cheating on him with a drug cartel and is in hiding. Claims he was being poisoned by the cartel. Claims to be a solar installer. He has you access a bank account in Texas to transfer money because he is in Canada in Iqaluit. When he is confronted with being a scammer will call you and plead with you. Matches the same picture as Ethan Williams. Also had a Facebook page listed as Louis Daveson. Also on XING as civil Engineer out of Oslo using same pictures. Uses pictures of a young girl saying he adopted her when his best friend dies and leaves her as an orphan. She lives in OHIO with an uncle.
First name: Andy
Last name: Williams Dogan
Aka: Wandy
Age: 46
Location: Kabul,Afganistan
Phone: +1 563 549 7197
On websites: Ingstagram,Hangouts,Whatsapp
Report: He is telling that he is peacekeeping mission in Kabul. Ia m 90G military officer with 1s infantry 62nd battalion army in field 16 till man Kabul camp afgan....11B is `?rifle infantry,an?? am Captain E-5 ranking army and my MOS is combat soldier. I was with Turkish military army before I decded to work for the US army. This is how he interduce himself.
First name: Maison
Last name: Wyatt
Age: 39
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Phone: +17845296951
On websites: Facebook , what's app
Report: On the 10th of March I got a message on messenger from Maison Wyatt and I swear it was my son Eli John Keatinge he just looked so much like him and on his profile Maison says his hometown is Brooklyn NSW well that's our hometown, I was so excited because I have not heard from my son for a few years and I don't know where he is so I could not contact him anyway I have been an emotional wreck ever since. He has changed his pictures now and he was dressed in army gear but now he's a doctor( my god I'm sick over this ) I did a bit of detective work and the area code for phone is actually St.Vincent and Grendines ???? He says he lives in Detroit, Michigan and I think he might have stolen my sons identity but I can't be sure Sincerely Katherine Shakeshaft Oh he asked me if we could talk on whats app
First name: Brian
Last name: Hawkins
Age: 55
Location: Afghanistan
Email: brianhaw1200@gmailcom
On websites: dating site, Hangouts
Report: This guy has been sending me messages for two months, then eventually kept asking for money I gave him one lot but then realised something wasnt quite right.
First name: Arvid
Last name: Gabriel
Aka: Cole Graham
Age: 55
Location: Rochester NY
Phone: +1 (585) 204 6684 or +447742740094
On websites: Words with Friends, Wordzee, WhatsApp, Face book, Hangouts Signal
Report: I met this guy on Wordzee he was allegedly on a rig in the Shetland islands he asked me for a Uk SIM card to set up a new WhatsApp account he gave me all the usual garbage I love you you?re beautiful I want to marry you spend the rest of my life with you when I suspected something wasn?t right I put the uk SIM card in an old phone and changed all the pass word and low and be hold all these women started texting him but they came to me instead that?s how I know he has many names and many profile pictures and he has S daughter called Olandra