First name: Alexander
Last name: Ferdinand
Age: 53
Location: Manchester City, England UK
Phone: +44 7522 859926
On websites:, WhatsApp & Facebook
Report: I met this man on a Dating Site call, and he lives in Manchester City, England UK, as a Marine Engineer for ExxonMobil. He is a widower with a daughter call Joyce Fiona. This man has also a Facebook Profile with three nigerians friends in he's friend lists.
First name: Oscar Alexander
Last name: Chai
Age: 49
Location: Singapore, London UK & Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Phone: +44 7873 560557
On websites: & WhatsApp
Report: This man here is a Dating Scammer and in he's Dating Profile call Twoo it says he lives in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia not in London UK. This scammer said to me in WhatsApp online etc:
First name: David
Last name: Age
Age: 65
Location: Florida/Illinois
On websites: Fitbit
Report: David Age sent me a friends request on Fitbit first. He said he enjoyed chatting but would prefer to chat on Hangouts because he didn't go on Fitbit often. We began to chat on hangouts and he told me that he was a widower and he was raising his granddaughter because he lost his son and daughter-in-law in a deadly car crash 5 years prier. He said he was a contractor on an oil rig out of the coast of Florida. He was living in Miami and his granddaughter was living in his duplex in Illinois. Within a few weeks he began to profess his love and that he trusted me wholeheartedly. He began to always include emojis of hearts and kisses in all his messages. He would send long poetic messages and loving GIFs. He would ask if I could love him the way he loved me. I would constantly repeat that I couldn't because I was married and loved my husband very much and that were just friends. Then he began to ask if I would ever help a friend that needed help. I said I would depending on what that help was. He played on that. That's when he started asking for help with his WiFi. He said he had left his wallet back in Miami and didn't have a credit card to pay for his WiFi. He said he really needed help with it he needed it to send in his reports so he could pay his men and that he would repay me.I told him over and over that I couldn't help him. I began to look him up on social media. I first looked on Instagram and i found a profile under David Age with three photos. Then I started looking on Facebook and on a page of posted scams and scammers I came across a website that detected photos that have shown up on the internet. I then downloaded the Photos that he had sent me and I checked on the website and sure enough all the photos showed up with all these different names and identities. I found out that the photos were stolen from a gentleman from England who's real name is Adam Smith .
First name: Michael
Last name: Barclay
Aka: Mark Harry
Age: 58
On websites: Google Hangout
Report: Contacted by this man via Facebook. Stated he is a contract doctor in Iraq from Quincy, Massachusetts. Day 2 or 3 he told me he was in love with me and wanted to marry me. I felt I was being set up so I look on this website and lo and behold there was his picture!
First name: Tony
Last name: Richards
Aka: Joseph Daryl
Age: 60
Location: Chicago IL
Phone: 551-225-0744 & 404- 436-2394
On websites: Scrabblego
Report: He contacted me on Aug 13, 2020 told me he drills for oil for the government . Has 2 kids and is divorced. He got very angry when i googled his name.
First name: Michael
Last name: Wood
Aka: Mike Wood, Michael Ruckel Wood
Age: 43
Location: North Carolina. Texas
Address: 23078 Craig Road
Phone: (954) 613-6570, (724) 364-8679
On websites:, Zoosk,
Report: States he is in the Army..Only has a brother overseas..Didnt ask for money for months..We talked for 5 months. Said he got a transfer from North Carolina to California. Had to go to Texas to see his Aunt first .
First name: Charles
Aka: Charlie
Age: 65
Location: USA - Anaheim California and Beverly Hills, California. Also listed as
On websites:,
Report: Charlie/Charles, claiming to be a 65 year old widower contacted me through He claimed to be in the US, in Anaheim, California and nearing retirement so he could move to be with his future partner. We exchanged a few emails and he immediately wanted my cell phone number to communicate privately. After the second email I began to notice the spelling errors and syntax issues, reading like Google Translate did it. I asked him what country he was from. He said he was American. I invited Charlie for a Zoom drinks chat at 7pm California time. He replied that the time didn't work because he is
First name: Michael
Last name: Moore
Aka: Mike
Age: 42
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Address: 22 Nerena Crescent Fish Hoek, Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa
Phone: (084)318-5985. (662)4483504
On websites: Plenty of fish
Report: Met on Plenty of Fish, stated he was a marine engineer doing a job in Milwaukee Wisconsin, immediately wanted to move to Hangouts. Within two weeks he was in love with me and requested I send his daughter a gift card, red flag for me. Continued conversation, move to WhatsApp, then claimed he needed my help getting money from his previous job but he needed $7,000 shipment? Another red flag. I managed to track him down by email address and found out he lives in Cape Town South Africa but in the videos he sent he has a very strong southern accent and he claims he's from Texas. I don't know if it's actually him in the photos and videos but his first name is definitely Michael. I do not want my name published publicly possibly due to retaliation because he does have my contact info and I never sent him anything . He is a man going after women
First name: Michadl
Last name: Burman
Age: 54
Location: Tallinn
On websites:
Report: He send a link to his company web page, but it was not his company and he had profile in LinkedIn, which he removed.
First name: Max
Age: 60
Location: palestine
Phone: 561-287-9415
On websites: unknow
Report: calms to be a surgeon in the military
First name: Grey
Last name: Cooper
Aka: Gray
Age: 39
Location: Hoodriver, Oregon USA
On websites: & Hangouts
Report: This man here is a Dating Scammer and he stole photos off a American man who lives in New York USA, as a motivational speaker, life coach, and lifestyle blogger. This scammer says to me in Hangouts that he lives in Hoodriver, Oregon USA, as a Engineer. He works on contracts like Truck & Tractors.
First name: Paul
Last name: Erno
Aka: Paulson
Age: 45
Location: Helsinki Finland, Paris France & Berlin Germany
Phone: +33 7 53 77 01 86
On websites: & WhatsApp
Report: This man here is a Dating Scammer and he stole photos off a American man who lives in New York USA, as a Medical Doctor/Physician. This scammer says to Whatsapp online that he is originally from Finland but now he works in France, as a Doctor Surgeon. He is a widower with one son
First name: Christopher
Last name: Lee
Age: 38
Location: Canberra Australia
Phone: +61 480 048 831
On websites: & WhatsApp
Report: This man here is a Dating Scammer and he stole photos off a Chinese man who lives in Beijing, China, as a Founder & Creative Director of @sartorial_beijing & FEI Show Jumper. I met this man call Christopher Lee on a Dating Site call and we swap WhatsApp phone numbers but I didn't get much information about him. He is using a Australian phone number: +61 480 048 831
First name: Eddison
Last name: Zikri
Age: 34
Location: Amsterdam Netherlands & Perlis Malaysia
Phone: +31 97005032406
On websites: & WhatsApp
Report: This man here is a Dating Scammer and he stole photos off a American man who lives in Los Angeles USA, as a Senior Vice President for Unilever Prestige. This scammer says to me in WhatsApp online that he is originally from Malaysia but he was born & raised in Amsterdam Netherlands, as a Rig Driller. He's parents are from Perlis Malaysia.
First name: Randy Moore
Last name: Brown
Age: 60
Location: Palstine
On websites: Tinder, Facebook
Report: This person made the first contact with me via the Facebook dating site. The chatting continued for about a week. The pictures this person uses on their profile is of a man in military uniform with a Major ensign on the uniform. When I first started talking with this person I asked them what military rank were they and they told me 2LT. I questioned the Major rank showing on his picture and his reply was
First name: Michael
Last name: Wood
Aka: Mike Wood, Michael Ruckel Wood
Age: 43
Location: North Carolina. Texas
Address: 23078 Craig Road
Phone: (954) 613-6570, (724) 364-8679
On websites:, Zoosk,
Report: I talked with this guy for over 5 months. Seemed very legit. Never asked for money for a long time. States he is in the ARMY. Even sent a picture of his ID when i asked for it. Really fell for this guy..He is a scammer..Watch out ladies..He's got a story..You will get hurt by him..
First name: Jack
Last name: Reiss
Age: 35
Location: Florida City, Florida USA
On websites: & Hangouts
Report: This man here is a Dating Scammer and he stole photos off a American man who lives in San Diego, California USA, as a US Marine soldier, Artist & Photographer. This scammer says to me in Hangout that he lives in Florida USA, as a Detective Officer/Detective Personnel. He is also single too.
First name: James
Last name: Osborn
Age: 54
Location: Detroit Michigan
Address: Detroit
Report: He is vrealy something ....terible
First name: Jason
Last name: S
Aka: Carter
Age: 40
Location: Canada, Cairo Egypt, Melbourne Australia & Zurich Switzerland
On websites: & Hangouts
Report: This man here is a Dating Scammer and all he's photos all over the Internet on different Dating Sites & Social Media with different names and countries. This scammer says to me in Hangouts that he lives in Canada but at moment now he is in high sea in Cairo, as a Petroleum Engineer. He is a widower with one son who is thirteen years old. He's wife died of breast cancer some years ago
First name: Steven
Last name: Richardson
Aka: Richard
Age: 52
Location: Turkey, Romania
Phone: +1 (506) 498-8306
On websites:
Report: We initiated the contact through He claimed to be a Canadian citizen and wanted to move to Romania for his mother. He claimed that his mother was born in Romania and after her husband's death she did not want to live in Toronto. He told me that his wife was shot dead in a grocery store and has a 13-year-old son (kelvin). He claims that he came to Iasi with a friend, business partner. We talked for 2 weeks only on whatsapp, without seeing each other. A week ago he told me that he was going to Turkey to find some fabrics for a client (he claimed to be a businessman). He described my business as very profitable, but that he still needs 30,000 euros to pay for the fabrics because the contract is very big and the bank refused his loan. I told him I didn't know him and I didn't have that money anyway. I wrote him a message telling him to stop because he's a scammer. He considered himself a victim and then I blocked him.
First name: Shur
Last name: Dickson
Age: 49
Location: New York City
On websites: Tinder, Loveplanet, Love.misto
Report: I met this man on Tinder few days ago. After short time he wanted my mail cause currently working in Perth/Australia and not always on Tinder. Since 5.8.20 he writes endless letters (lost his parents, his wife )...same procedure as always and same style as Scammers write. I found his pics today on Yandex where he is called William Smith (age 55), Leo Dickson (age 48) and some more. Will delete him after sending you the mails for approval.
First name: Jake
Last name: Elliott
Aka: Joshua Amoo
Age: 29
Location: Ghana accra
Phone: +19042488896
On websites: Suejake petroleum
Report: Claims to be Jake Elliott and uses alot of aka names Raycollins as well Jake Brown. Claims to be in USA but he is in ghana. He is a romance scammer and has resorted now to scam me for posting my pictures on social media. He used different people to receive money which he did to me . Emmanuel Aning Deloris Brown Adamba Asante, Makissha Almodohovar and many more. He claims to be retired veteran and claims to have a daughter called Jane Elliott. I believe he also uses Linkedin and claims to be Joe Begley too.
First name: Matthew
Last name: McGuire
Age: ???
Location: Miami Florida
Phone: 1-321-275-1887
On websites: Instagram what?s App
Report: I met Matthew on August 7 on Instagram. He quickly wanted to move our conversation to what?s app.Thdn today he said he was trying to get an Apple store card so he could video chat with me.enclosed is the text.He then said he couldn?t get the card and asked if I could get a 500 dollar card at Walmart when I went out today. I went a long with it and he said he trusted me.Enclosed is photos and the dialog I had with him. Thank you Laura James Kentucky
First name: Bobby
Last name: Scott
Age: 49
Location: Nigeria, Nevada, California
Phone: +1 (731) 388-9072
On websites: Zoosk
Report: Met him on Zoosk . Same day he said he was in love with me. Two days later asked for 500.00. I said no. He got mad and demanded me to send him 5-100.00 amazon cards. I said no and he blocked him.
First name: Gulzarz
Last name: Muhammad
Aka: Gul
Age: 56
Location: Pakistan
Address: House no C/3, Swat Cloney,Naseen,Sector B,Haripur Kpk
Phone: +923015427422,..+92919212196
On websites: Tagged, Whats App, Messenger
Report: I had been in a relationship with this man Gulzazr Muhammad for over 2 1/2 years. I have just found out he is married, not single as he said. 2 weeks ago he married another woman. This person i now know. He will make out he is a poor man, but he isn't. He has an excellent paying work as a School Teacher, & he also teaches orphan children in the afternoon's. He conned me out of 2 late model Samsung S plus, Mobile Phones. One, he said he lost, the other, i was told he has given out as a gift to someone. After a time, he wants to see photos of of you naked in the shower or he wants to see your breasts, or private parts. He will ask to have sex together on the computer with him. I did none of that. I have morals . I did catch him out with 2 other women in June 2020, this he denied, i forgave him. This week i caught him again with another woman, the woman he married 2 weeks ago, which i didn't know about. He will send loving messages from a book to make you feel special. He will tell you he loves & adore you. But these are all lies. I have since found out, he has many women he contacts all over the world. I didn't know of his latest marriage,until that woman told me. He was still pledging his love for me, & calling me his wife, & that if i left him, he could no longer live without me, even though he married this other women 2 weeks ago. He will bombard you morning, day, & night leaving messages or wanting to talk to you saying he loves you Making you believe, you are the special & only one to him. But when finished talking to you, he then starts up talking to other women . He is a smooth talker, which i fell for. His latest wife contacted me telling me he has lots of women. And many women had contacted her previously telling her , this man broke their hearts. She had been with him for 8 years, then she left him. Then after all that time apart ,he entered her life, married her, now she finds out about about other women again, as well of me. No woman deserves to be conned & told lies. If he gets caught out , he will deny he has known you. He told his wife i was an old friend, this was not the case. I could prove it, & sent her our long last conversations, with his photo beside our messages, plus about 300 photos of himself, that he had given me. The very same photos i got , he sent them to her as well. That's because at the time prior to him marrying her, she lived elsewhere. She was shocked & could see i told her the truth. If this man contacts you, keep your conversations. If you catch him out, he will block you. Skype, Messenger,& Whats App was where we talked. But he is on dating sites. Tagged was where he contacted me. Please give him nothing, he will use you,, for sexual desires for himself. You will mean absolutely nothing to him. Its like a game he plays,, to see how many women he can get. His latest wife has now left him,as i did too. BEWARE.
First name: James
Last name: Gomez
Age: 40
Location: Texas
On websites: Kik, hangouts Whatsapp, Instagram
Report: I knew something was up when I got request on social media by this individual. For one thing these pictures are stolen from a Military personal that lives in San Diego, California. I believe who ever is behind this is definitely is straight up scammer and this scammer did get at me by using another military person pictures. I?ve learn that our military personal will never ask a random stranger that they never meant to help them with money. Our military personals have access to there own bank accounts. Definitely what is a red flag when they express there love to you within couple days of texting each other.
First name: Jamal
Last name: Rodrigues
Age: 50
Location: Provinence town, Massachusetts
On websites: Instagram
Report: Promised marriage. Sent stolen checks.
First name: Alexander
Last name: Nobert
Aka: Alexander Nobert Isak
Age: 58
Location: Phoenix AZ
Phone: 602-563-1010
On websites: facebook and tinder
Report: This person poses as owner of Alexanderite Gems and Mining. He also has a Linkin account as well as the website. Everything was going will with chatting and video calls but the one and only video call appeared to be fake. Then he stated he was having internet problems at a job site in Alaska and asked me to send an email for him, using my internet because his would not go through. I have numerous pictures as well as the email that he wanted me to send for him. I don't know if the email is legitimate but the through thing does not feel right to me.
First name: Richa
Last name: Lee
Age: 48
Location: London UK
Phone: +44 7781 514021
On websites: & WhatsApp
Report: This man here is a Dating Scammer and he stole photos off a Lebanese man who lives in Beirut Lebanon, as a Actor & TV Host - Producer & Performer. This scammer says to me in WhatsApp online that he is originally from Oman but now he lives in Uniting Kingdom, as a Building Contractor. He is divorced with one son.
First name: Chris
Last name: Johnson
Age: 47
Location: NYC, Carl Junction, Malaysia
Address: 4891Pretty View Lane ,10001
Phone: 4172738373
On websites: Fiesta Joyride Topface
Report: This Gentleman here is a Fruad. He has so many way to rip innocent people and he is so good at photoshopped. Chris is just good at what he does.