First name: Harry Richard
Last name: Morgan
Aka: Vincent Morgan
Age: 64
Email: harryrichardmorgan@gmail,,
On websites: uncredit online com
Report: He said he works for the united nations cargo shipping company as a naval engineer on the high seas of Rotterdam. Which is sure to be at sea. For 3 years we talked about asking for money leave permission to come to the countries you visit united nations I received an email about me to pay for a leave license for a plane ticket insurance and a marriage license and even for a replacement person the Exchange man was Peter Charles Radloff. When it came to this I should have sent a fake FBI detention which I forwarded to the FBI. After that I got a bank login to send the money back to fill in the data it was on uncreditonline. com. When I filled out the account information I wrote it out to pay $ 2,500 for a tax code. Well, I didn't pay for that anymore
First name: Thomas
Last name: Winslow
Aka: David Clarke, Elias Griggs, Andreas Nicholson,Henrick
Age: 66
Location: Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Phone: 5613165804
On websites: Vidamora, Kinkedin, WiX
Report: Claims to be an architect working on his final project in Cyprus, Had some delay due to the delay of materials. Very eloquent with a British accent. Very intelligent. Exchanged songs and beautiful texts. Said he was returning to FL after a trip to Switzerland to re establish his credentials as this job had paid him 17M pounds. Never heard from him afterwards.
First name: Sixtus Sunday
Last name: Nwogu
Aka: David Sunday-William Stephen
Age: 38
Location: Ghana or Nigeria
Phone: +233246887857/+233270732230
On websites: Hangouts, Facebook
Report: Hello my name is Jackie, I met this man name Sixtus on Social Media and he sweet talk like any other man out here, He was telling me his life story and all about how he was struggling and had very little money and how he needs help with this and that, tHEN HE WENT ON to say that he helps his mom, then he told he some sad story about his father passing . and how he had to care for his four brothers and sisters. He was pulling a con game. He was telling me has has little to eat , and that he has to go out and work and pay rent and he was telling me is trying to get some app he is trying to dev . He was always asking for large sums of money to send to his mobile wallet and that his family in the states was send money that i had to pick up and send to him and send to his mobile wallet. why can't his family send it directly to him. scam. and he was always claiming he was hungry and having malaria and confessing his love to me. then he said he wanted me to come down to come and get him and bring him back to the United states . then i found out from the embassy that he was trying to apply for a residency card which is a green card, -using me. HE is just a scammer if you ask me,. He got mad at me because I would not give him a debit card. he does not have a bank. he is not from ghana, he is from nigeria living in ghana. everyone needs to be aware. i need to drift away from him. something i not right with him. he is always asking and not giving , cancel out coming here,.
First name: Anthony
Last name: Simon
Age: 51
Location: Kalifornia
Phone: +1(217) 319-1397
On websites: whats up
Report: he contacted me via messenger .. we wrote for 14 days and the money was requested by the courier service through which he sent a package for me .. It was about 3800 ?, but I did not pay it and the person in question assured me that it was okay and I was not afraid to accept the package and I have to help him when I love him. It's not over yet, but I'm not interested in sending money if I don't know who. All communication took place via Whats up. That's why I'm looking for this page to see if anyone has already reported it here.
First name: Stanley
Last name: Young
Aka: Leonardo Fabio, Michael Fabio
Age: 65
Location: USA, San Diego
Phone: 6613065861
Report: I have an updated picture and added an AKA for Stanley Young. There is no place to put a new picture.
First name: Immel
Last name: Robinson
Aka: Jonh Gibbs
Age: 31
Location: Houston
Address: Twickel
Phone: +1 (937) 687-8564, +1 (469) 527 9582, +1 (408) 471-3043
On websites: Instagram
Report: Yesterday my world has been completely cleared up and I fell victim to sextortian. A few weeks ago I approached via Instragram and something I never do, but yes too curious, I started chatting. Nice man and sweet words. And stupid I showed a little more than I normally would and I was confronted with that yesterday. He claims to be a U.S. soldier and sent to Syria. I had indicated that I no longer wanted contact and then his hard was broken so that he ended up in the hospital and had to pay his bill. If I wanted to transfer 1000 euros otherwise he would share the photos with my friends on Insta and Facebook. In the meantime, his profile on Insta had also changed and I was contacted via whatapp with the 3rd phone number. Received all kinds of ways to transfer the money, which fortunately does not work at the moment, in the end this was done via bitcoins. I could no longer deal with the manipulation and was very weak because of this. Really let this work on me and then looked for what to do next. Everything blocked and luckily put my accounts on private before. Also had contact with the bitcoin sites, and the customer service has noticed the transaction and when the money is received they hand it over to me. Just wait and see if this is actually going well. This was lucky because he has to wait longer for his money during the weekend, because I transferred it by bank transfer. Only now I am a bit expectant / a little afraid what will happen if he finds out that he will get nothing. And now he threatens me to unblock him on whats app otherwise he will spread the images. I'm going to report to the police
First name: Christian
Last name: Cowad
Age: 40
Location: houston, Texas
Address: 9909 MALVERN DR
Phone: 9547245591
On websites: Vidamora
Report: Met Christian on line and he told me he was widowed and had a four year old son. His wife died shortly after the birth of Christopher. Claims both parent are deceased and father was in Steel and Oil. Very wealthy said he owned homes in LA and Houston, airplanes and helicopters. Claimed VP Pence was his godfather. Ashed me to take a blood oath until he could come home and marry me. Works for the US Ambassador to Nigeria and is stuck in Nigeria due to the pandemic. Asked me for money to fix his helicopter so his son could be taken to his dr. in California,.
First name: Joe
Last name: Mckane
Age: 44
Location: Milford, PA, USA
Address: 102 Oak Ridge Drive
Phone: 18452459051
On websites:
Report: Mckane has been stalking my best friend and our friends on Facebook. Sending porn and threats through Messenger story through fake accounts. Mckane and I live in PA... Apparently he googled my name and my mom's obituary showed up. He proceeded. To make an account in my deceased moms name..
First name: Paul
Last name: Tony
Age: 81
Location: USA Deltona, Florida
On websites: Our Time
Report: I'm a woman widowed 10 years and 81 years old, but the wish for someone special never dies! I was hoping to meet a male who could be a friend. I still work and look at least 10 years younger, so decided to try this Site. I saw this profile on Our Time on Saturday, June 13, 2020. After several days of messaging, Paul asked for my email address. I had set up a email address for this dating site, so as not to involved my personal information. Then, he said that I was such a great
First name: Hubert
Age: 47
Location: New York City, NY
On websites: tagged
Report: Scammer who sent me a friend request on tagged ? image stolen