First name: Kelvin
Last name: Vankleect
Age: 40
Location: Washington-Kabul -Afganistan
Report: He contacted me via a date page - app . And send me his e-mail if I was interested in know him, so we should do this only via e-mail. At first I didnt notice but in every e-mail I found words with mistakes and every mail was like a poem sometimes long and very charming but too fictional. So one day I thought this guy is copy pasting a poem or romance book and he thinks im dumb not to notice so I copy some part of he last email about What is LIFE and the I found the same messages with some changes but the same Idea. So I immediately reported.
First name: salvatore
Last name: ellis
Age: 53+
Location: ocean veiw
Phone: 302-289-0542 27845427854
On websites: chemisty
Report: still talking useing your copy of freddie adams and debra he contacted me at chemisty talking for 3 weeks whats to meet said he is in africa know
First name: CRAIG
Last name: MILES
Age: 44
On websites: Tagged; Hi5 and Okcupid
Report: He and I began communicating on April 14, 2016. He contacted me through OKcupid. We seemed to have an immediate connection He said that he is an independent construction engineer. About 3 weeks into our communication he stated that he received new project that would require him to travel to China for 1 week. Around May 2 the money requests began. In total I
First name: Jonathan
Last name: Ortiz
Age: 62
Location: Reno NV
Report: I received an email through my account from allaboutfun on 5/24/16, I deleted the message without even reading. On June 5, I was cleaning up my emails and happened upon allaboutfun's 5/24/16 email to me. She introduced me to an awesome guy, out of thousands, my profile touched him beyond, from a lady to a lady she wrote me, we never know if we don't try, if we don't try, lovely message actually. I wrote her a thank you, emailed, 775-391-6574, on June 6; I received a reply from Jonathan on June 8. Since June 8, a wild love affair via words, an electronic relationship was born for me, a first, welcomed. I started hearing warning signs in his mixed messages, he rarely called, when he called, he chatted for a very short time, and this was the only time I felt he was not a real relationship, it was an odd feeling, I let it go until yesterday morning, June 22nd. I wrote to him early am, like I had since June 6, sent the email, and I cannot tell you why, but it hit me to look into male scammers. I do not live in he social electronic world, have just reacquainted myself recently, googled jonathan ortiz civil engineer, reno nv and his story appeared on screen in your website. I contacted allaboutfun, she responded she did not know who I was referring to, it was a scam replied, I contacted I texted jonathan, referring to John Gimes, aka evidently, and Barney Diego, Patrick, 62, noted in your published report on Jonathan, fake-come reference. I was not scammed out of money, Jonathan had just gotten to the stage where an appointment had been scheduled, thankfully, my family and friends smelled bad male scammer before I was asked for money. I have no money, thank you.
First name: Tomas
Last name: Hernadez
Age: 60
Location: Minnedota, Tbilisi Georgia
Phone: 3204031902
On websites: Match, zoosk
Report: This person started out in Minnesota stating he owns his own construction business. Was flying to Tbilisi Georgia to do a job there. Within 4 days of talking he asked for $3000 as he needed money to pay for his supplies to get off the ship. Then from there it just got worse. Now a year and half later
First name: Gilbert Asher
Last name: Jones
Age: 54
Location: lagos
On websites:
Report: New Information: Scammer website: Gilbert Jones Ventures was created September 5,2014 by tech- David Sawyerr @ 13 Ayinde Sanni Street, Magodo Phase 2, Shangisha, Lagos, Nigeria code:2341 Registrant Phone: (803) 447 4055 -AT&T Mobility Columbia, SC 29201 and 2348020906324 mobile- Lagos. The tech email Information source: On September 11, 2014 the website Philibert Engineering was mirrored to create the website Gilbert Jones Ventures. This Scammer Gilbert Asher Jones is a Blacklist Match: Gilbert Asher with the email Scammer Gergen Adams using the alias Safford Williams claims to be employed by Philibert Engineering in New York.
First name: James
Last name: Crosby
Age: unknown
Location: unknown by me
Report: is listed as the registrant email for Scammer Gilbert Asher Jones business website Gilbert Jones Ventures. I searched this email through Spokeo and got a photo match. Information source: Review-Stat Analysis Report
First name: CHARLES
Last name: Turner
Age: 58 ?
Location: United Kingdom Rochester Ny Little Rock Arkansas
On websites: Hangouts Facebook Oasis Dating
Report: Charles was very kind to me when we first met on the Oasis Dating site. We then stsrted chatting on hangouts. Everything was wonderful even though he shared some hard luck stories about his wallet getting stolen and his cousin getting robbed. He never asked me for anything until today. Now his daughter has Leukemia and he wanted me to send $600 via western union to : Name:Paul Sullivan State: Texas City: Nolanville Zip: 76559.Thank you for your help.
First name: Jackson
Last name: Brown
Age: 60
Location: Canada y Ghana
Address: a traves de la pagina de wayn
Email: o
On websites: Wayn
Report: Se hace pasar por: Jackson Brown Benson Mark Jeffery James Tom G Prior Desmond Ronald Sullivan Melvyn
First name: Dario
Last name: Littera
Aka: Kathleen Ann Stroud(Christopher) ,Christopher Mitchell Marjorie
Age: 52
Location: Calafornia,USA
Phone: +14083593711
On websites: Facebook & Viber
Report: Befriended me on Facebook & was soon proclaiming his love & saying that he wanted us to be together. Said he was working on an oil rig in Scotland & that he was a widow,his wife had died from lung cancer 4 years previous,he had a 17 year old son named Michael who was back home in LA with a nanny. He was looking for someone who would look after his son,even sent a picture of him & his son. Was soon calling me his'wife' & saying that we would marry,he was going to relocate over to England where I live. Said he was retiring in a few weeks & wanted me to take delivery of his retirement money but to do that I was to pay $2050 to some delivery person so that it could enter the UK at Customs. Received several emails from 'United Nation Canada' with regards to taking delivery,several phone calls from a Jamie Mcmillan demanding I pay this money or Customs were going to confiscate the 'consignment'. Several phone calls & text messages with 'Chris' who was getting angrier with me saying I had to pay the money & that he would commit suicide if I didn't. I didn't pay the money as I didn't have it anyway. This person is a smooth talker,knows exactly what to say or write.
First name: martin
Last name: james
Age: 56
Location: ghana
On websites: skype
Report: he is also a very good hacker, so pls be aware, tries to show up once more just to get money but get s upset if he does not get it, be aware of this guy , to consider more or less criminals. on skype with his different names blocked. would like to know whether once can get him
First name: Ryan
Last name: Foster
Age: 56
Location: San Antonio
Phone: 361--255-4844
On websites:
Report: Tried to get 1500.00 then 700.00 became verbally abusive
First name: Gibson
Last name: Summer
Aka: George Aron,Brian Perris,Patrick Samara Kodjoe,Charles Summer
Age: 55
Location: Accra (ghana)kabul (Afghanistan)LLagos Nigeria
Address: Kanda Highway, Accra Ghana,11a Achimoto Rd.Accra Ghana, 00233
Phone: 233262162651,233236132874,6505434800
Email: gsummer_cars,
On websites: Facebook,Skype,Yahoo,Messenger
Report: This is the letters to Mr.George Summer Aaron sent to my email.Dear Mrs.Alex Remy Richard.How are you doing today and how is your family fairing?In regard to your message i want to let you know that i will be the pilot in charge of the private Jet to take your husband and your son from africa comes to Australia before taking along the items you listed including the car and the boxes with luggages to USA.have been very busy with business thats why i wasn't able to respond to your message immediately. Your husband is very good and honorable man and i must say that you are a very lucky not lucky this man his not my husband .it will cost you $43,500 United State Dollars,the reason why the amou t is $43,560 is stated below..Captain Charges- $10,500 USD,Private Jet Charges- $20,060 USD,Stewardesses- $10,000 USD,JET Fuel/Gasoline- $10,000 USD.Total Cost of private jet-$ 43,560 plus interest 10%. Note: Madam i want you to let me know as soon as possible when you are going to make the payment in other for me to get prepared on time.thank for your understanding and i really hope to hear from you Mrs.Alex remy richard. Stay Blessed.Yours Faithfully,Aaron Gibson
First name: Thompson
Last name: G
Aka: Tom
Age: 52
Location: New York City, NY
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer
First name: Richard
Last name: Beardsley
Aka: Beardsley Julian Richard
Age: 51
Location: New York City, NY/United Kingdom
On websites: Tagged, Yahoo, Facebook
Report: Typical scam:I lost my wife after the day she delivered my lovely Son. petroleum Engineer. i work as the head of operations to Exxon Mobile Oil, - Real name of the company is ExxonMobil- Junkmail: your profile got me captivated and I knew I had to meet you. I would like to ask you some questions and please don't be shy to answer them... where you were born and places that you have lived. and am hoping that I will find that person in you.. African/English wording: born in Washington D.C in States. I'm a family man. I have been a widowed for 13 years, and am hoping Bad language from having English as his first language: I believed not only in what a woman looks like but that her heart plays the most important role. I try to never give up no matter how bad a problem maybe. I am looking for someone that wants to share their life with me as well. neither did he promised rain
First name: Dennis
Last name: Henson
Age: 52
Location: Manassas, VA
On websites: Tagged
Report: Junkmail to elderly woman age 52/68: i would really like to know more about you. what type of relationship would you like to have,because im here for something serious Typical scam: for me age dont matter in a relationship. i may not be here often to reply your message (nonsens he is online everyday - often twice)
First name: David Richard
Last name: Thompson
Aka: Ovie Gbaje
Age: Na
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Address: unknowLekki-Epe Expressway Ajah
Email: rexlove4denise@yahoo. com
On websites: Hangouts
Report: I sent $330,000 through Rex Jensen in Oblast Russia who had me wire for 23 months all money to Gbaje Ovie Account # 0050998189 Lekki-Epe Expressway Ajah Lagos Nigeria through Diamond Bank PLC Bank I'd DBLNNGLA Address: Plot 1261, Adeola Hopewell St. Victoria Island Lagos Lagos State Nigeria
First name: Jayden A
Last name: M
Aka: Pardew Smith, Agent Smith, Peter Maled, Frank Mezias
Age: 66
Location: London, United Kingdom
On websites: Tagged, VK, Google
Report: Romance scammer
First name: Duff
Last name: Wilson
Age: 57
Location: Australia
On websites: POF (a dating site)
Report: Duff contacted me from the dating site and immediately came on strong which raised my suspicions. He deleted his profile straight away but he said he was in Brisbane and lecturing part-time at the university there (engineering, as they all seem to be) and had one son and was widowed. I asked for a picture, which he sent, and it was of someone much younger possibly 30's and the boy maybe 6 or 7 years old. When I checked his email address it matched a Stanley Nosike, age 53, Ironwood Ct. Apt 202, Rochester, MI 4807. I also compared some of the words from his emails to other dating scammers and found the same
First name: George
Last name: Keith
Age: 36
On websites: Badoo
Report: Honey we were engaged in an open fire, I feel sad because I lost one of my men.. we captured two tallibas terrorist which we brought in..we found some money and armed in their territory base, honey we decided to share the money among ourselves so I got 200,000 US dollars..honey I have the money here with me but is not safe with me here in camp where I hide from our superior seeing the money On Mon, Jun 20, 2016 at 3:33 PM, wrote: > ATTENTION:, > > This is a diplomatic agency that runs a courier service which is called DS DIPLOMATIC SECURITY AGENCY, our services are meant for transferring hard documents, huge funds, precious stones and personal properities. I am a diplomatic agent, named ANGELA LAUB-CARROLL and am mandated to deliver a consignment to you in your country of residence from Sgt. George Keith currently deployed on a peace keeping mission in Libya, more would be disclosed to you after i confirm that you are the rightful recipient of this Consignment. I am presently in Tripoli Libya and before I can deliver your cargo to you, I would like you to send me the following information to reconfirm and ensure that am dealing with the right person. > > 1.Full Name..................................................... > 2.Residential Address................................... > 3.Age............................................................... > 4.Occupation................................................... > 5.Direct Telephone Numbers........................ > 6.A Copy Of Your Identification..................... > 7.Deposit Number.......................................... > 8.Deposit Code........................................... > 9.Deposit Ceritificate.................................... > 10.Consignment Description........................ > > After verification of information with what I have on file, I will contact you so that we can make arrangements on the exact time I would deliver your cargo to your residential address. Kindly proceed by sending the requested information so that this office can proceed. > > Best Regards, > > ANGELA LAUB-CARROLL
First name: David
Last name: Jossy
Age: 36
On websites:
Report: Hello Sir, My name is Desmond D. Jones.I work with the diplomatic courier USA. I thereby write to update you of a package that must be delivered to you. I will keep you posted on my movement and hope the best of your co operation because i will count on that to make my work more meaningful.I will await till you confirm the above information regarding to your package that is registered with me with the code number (PISC/IR/XH/4821) for transportation to your house location.I am sending you this e-mail because your package is been registered on an express personal delivery to the home address.Also i would like you to attach your drivers license or your ID card for easy identification when you confirm this email as well as your personal cell number. Kindly note that the sender Sergeant David Jossy did not leave us with any further information.I hope that you send your response to me as soon as possible because if you fail to respond until the expiry date of the foremost package that is registered with me,i may refer the package to the Aghan Commission for Welfare as the package do not hold a return address. Delivery Terms: .......... Diplomatic express Home Delivery Parcel No : ......... (PISC/IR/XH/4821). Total Weight: ................51.04 kg Please confirm the above details for me.Let me know if all the information are correct but first.As i am writing to you now,I am having the package booked and will be on my way as soon as i get the confirmation from you.I will keep you updated on what is going on.Well i will end here and i hope to get the final confirmation from you. Best regards. Desmond D. Jones
First name: Andreas
Last name: Morowaski
Age: 55
Location: Atlanta, GA
On websites: Tagged
Report: Romance scammer
First name: Thomas
Last name: Oliver
Age: 55
Location: Cheras, Malaysia
Email: and
On websites: Tagged, Facebook
Report: Scammer who sends junkmail (his e-mail to me) to elderly woman age 55/68 Text in his e-mail to me is typical scam: I am open-minded, very health-conscious, cheerful. I am very sincere in finding my other half in the near future. If you are similarly sincere and looking for good Guy, then I hope you will give me a chance. I am down-to-earth, loving, very respectful, and know how to treat a lady. If you are truly looking for a loving, pleasant, cheerful, health-conscious man that you can have a wonderful, fulfilled life with, Text to his e-mail is very alike here
First name: Steve
Last name: William
Aka: Mccollins
Age: 47/51
Location: Fiano Romano, Italy
On websites: Tagged
Report: His dreams: I wish to find my soul mate. He is: a very open & a laid back Man. I'm very open minded, honest, easy going, definitely a gentle type, and I love to make people laugh. mentally stable, physically fit, warm, caring, honest, a good listener, God Fearing. I am really easy person to talk to. I am a family oriented person, love children, for me i love to smile al lthe time and laugh always no matter the situation African English wording: am, I'm Junkmail to elderly woman age 47 (51)/67: Yes i am aware of that and it doesn't bother me (I am 20 years older than him). Hello why can't we know each other more better. I understand i love your pic not just for friendship but something beyond friend ship. you are so beautiful. Yes i know that, I must say it to you because it's true. Please i will want you to give me chance in your life. I want to live the rest of my life in your arms, you seems wonderful to me. I want you.
First name: david
Last name: schubert
Aka: possibly Roland schubert
Age: 54
Location: mallarca kuala lumpar
Phone: 00601126165015
On websites: Hi5
Report: This man claims to be working as an undercover sniper in Terendak in Malaysia...He has already taken thirty thousand euros from me and is now looking for forty thousand ....says it to get his pension money out and more ey needed for tax purposes...
First name: Ricky
Last name: Ben
Aka: Rickky
Age: 61
Location: Austin, TX
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer with African/English wording: am Typical scam from his e-mail to me: I am 6`0
First name: Raymond
Age: 58
Location: Frankfurt, Germany/Gwynedd Wales
On websites: Tagged
Report: Typical scam that he wants me to delete my account on Tagged: I also want to to take off your account of from this this. And I will also do. Asking for private informations: Send me your email so i can write to you more about my self Wrong location -On his profile he lives in Frankfurt, Germany: I lives in Gwynedd Wales From a person living in UK his language leaves a lot
First name: Carl
Last name: Gregory
Age: 59
Location: Pinedale WY
On websites:
Report: Contacted me with no last name available. The phone number was not listed either. When he made contact his story was that he has a 10 year old daughter in England living with his dead wife's mother. He claims that his wife was a nurse and killed in a car accident three years ago, he says he works connecting investors with products in the oil industry on an international basis. Wants to come see you in the next few weeks to check out the area to see if that is where he wants to live. Lots of red flags. Not American, talks with mixed accent Cagey.
First name: Kevin
Last name: Anderson
Aka: Christopher reid
Age: 55
Location: Florida
Address: 3335 north marina parkway
Phone: 1-786-600-4859
Email: Kevin_a55@yahoo
On websites: Dating site
Report: Meet on dating site told me his wife died of cancer and he was in army got deployed to Africa have sent money to get a phone because his didn't have hardly any good reception also money to pay so we could talk, sent video and songs really feel for him Now is telling me that needed money to pay for his flight home service won't pay for his flight.
First name: Sergio Barraco
Last name: Morgan
Age: 64 according to him, but I am doubtful.
Location: Ewing, NJ, USA; Boston, Mass., USA; Houston, TX; Beaconsfield, South east, UK; Moscow, Russia; Dubai, UAE.
Address: 211 Timberlake Drive, Ewing, NJ
Phone: 940-618-4037 in US; 4474585222631 cell used from UK and possibly Moscow, Russia.
On websites:
Report: He contacted me on 4/5/2016 from, said his subscription was going to expire next day and asked for my email, which I gave him. He said his DOB is 6/25/1951. We have emailed up until 2 days ago when I told him that I knew he was a scammer because I had seen letters identical to those he sent me but that had been written to another woman. He called later in the evening but I did not answer call and he did not leave a message. In either the 3rd or 4th email he said he worked for Keller Williams Real Estate as an appraiser for international investors. Keller Williams is a large real estate franchise and does not have appraisers on staff. So I was immediately suspicious, but went along with what he was writing. He said he loved me in early emails even though we had not met. We were to meet the first weekend and he had urgent business meeting in upstate NY, then had to fly from there to Houston, TX for meeting. When that meeting was over, he was to fly back to NJ but his aunt in UK was very ill and he had to immediately fly there.