First name: Collin
Last name: Craig
Age: 47
Location: Albany, New Zealand
On websites: Tagged
Report: Report African/English wording: So I don't sound like am bragging Junk mail to elderly woman age 47/68: I'm usually not the kind of person that would write a love letter, but I thought I'd do this for you because I feel there is something special about you. Honestly, I really like you. I?m interested to Know you better. I see myself falling greatly for you because you take the time to write me and make me feel appreciated Typical scam: i'm seldom to this site Asking for private information: In the meantime if you want to give me an email address
First name: Godwin
Last name: Palmer
Aka: Danny Leonard Cox
Age: 51
Location: Camp Clark Afganistan
Phone: 619-357-7202
On websites: Match
Report: Danny Leonard Cox is believed to be the same individual as Godwin Palmer. He has an identical phone number and has sent an email letter that is identical to letter 1. Furthermore he appears to be associated with Emmanuel Shadow who is of dubious origin supposedly a diplomat of some type
First name: David
Last name: Jenkins
Aka: Charles Lewis Lee, Henry Joseph, John Loys Phillipd, Kelvin Williams
Age: 65
Location: Tampa
Address: 700 S Harbour Island Blvd, Apt 607, Tampa Fl 33602
Phone: 8135153310
On websites:
Report: He was very sweet from the beginning, send me messages every day. He wrote in the profile he was widow lost his wife 8 years ago, and his son 5 years ago, he was alone in this world and he need somebody like me. After a week he was traveling to Germany for work because he was a Construction Engineer and he was doing a Highway in Frankfurt. He ask me for $15.000 to pay the taxes of the road after he ask me for $10000 to pay the workers and come back to Tampa to be with me. Very charming and educated gentleman but a big scammer. Send me copy of fake US documents. He is very persistence and convinces anyone to save him from any situation sending him money, Be aware, this man send you beautiful pictures, and convince you he just took them but the same photos are in every profile he is at any dating service website.
First name: Robert
Last name: Lloyd
Age: 50
Location: Austin, Texas and New York
On websites: Friends Worldwide
Report: Emailed me on the site. Then sent long email. Searched for content on google and found it on a site exposing scammers. Image searched some of the pics he had sent me and found him on another scammer exposing website. The text in his email also came up on here. He's coming on strong too strong too quick and his grammar is bad.
First name: Brian
Age: 46
Location: Usa, Fresno
Phone: 323-370-7956
Email: Unknown
On websites: Match
Report: He is at it again. Says He is Brian.. Same story as others. Architect and having to go to London. Currently he says he is in Fresno. Hasn't asked for money yet. Googled his number and read all about him. Same crap he said to me.
First name: Ryan
Last name: Scott
Age: 67
Location: Long Beach California
Address: 108 park
Phone: 213537372093
Email: ryanscott@outlook.con
On websites: Facebook messenger
Report: He contacted me on badoo ..we texed and spoke through messinger no pictures . as he was working in Dubai on a military base as a patroliam engineere..very sexy accent from south africa. and practices the secret law of attraction.. Very nice poems sings to you..and impeccable english. He will give you bank accounts in swiss to have you thinking he has him he is a wolf in sheeps clothing I have a lot of pictues and so much more to tell you.
First name: John Barry
Last name: Barr
Aka: Murphy Jerry Wales/Stephen Barr/Steven Barr
Age: 47
Location: India
Phone: 1-760-230-5748
Email: I can't remember?
On websites: Facebook
Report: John Barry Barr first contacted me in March 2015, when he first contacted me he said that his name was Murphy Jerry Wales. He told me that he loved me the first day we spoke on Facebook, then he asked me for $100 the next day. I told him that I didn't have that kind of money and that I wasn't going to take food out of my kids mouths. Then he blocks me from his Facebook. Then he contacted me again a month ago and then on this new Facebook he had the name Steven Barr and I asked him if Steven Barr was even his real name and then he told me that Steven is his fathers name, and he said that Barr is his real last name. Then a day or two later he asked me how much I make and that's when I looked up this website and I found his picture on here. I was absolutely heartbroken, because what my son and daughter tried to tell me was true he is a scammer. I thank god for my children, and this website.
First name: William
Last name: Weathers
Aka: Will
Age: 59
Location: Starkville, MS, USA
Phone: 1 (662) 267-6394, 1 (769) 230-0163
On websites: OkCupid
Report: Will started calling me daily, He had a southern accent (but occassionally sounded black, not white). He was a Widower raising his 13 yr old Grandson, Gospel. His wife & daughter were killed in a car accident in Maryland, so relocated his Heavy Machinery business to MS. Sounded so sad & lonely. After a mo., he didn't communicte for three days, finally heard his grandson had a fall & was hospitalized (injuries were vast & in line with that kind of fall). The next 8wks he called from a hospital (could hear pages & conversations...sounded legit). His AT&T phone didn't work at hospital, so got a Sprint number. At 9 wks Grandson got Discharged, Home Health started taking care of him. Will got me talking to the staff, ( I'm a pharmacist). Within days he left for Cayman Islands where he had to collect on a contract (suspicious). He became very romantic, he could tell from my voice I was beginning to doubt him. So he changed tactics, got HH Agency to have me do some consulting for them. I billed for $2000 (lectures, handouts, exams, grading) & he sent me checks (I checked out Agency). Then talked me in to donating to Orphanage in Ghana. I sent all the money via Moneygram, then 8 days later Bank of America tells me the checks bounced. Agency staff disappeared, I contacted Accounts Payable & they said checks were stolen by a suspected RN & her husband (Female RN African). Filed report with local police, had to pay BofA $2K!!
First name: Steve
Last name: Morgan
Age: 55
Location: Crestview, FL
On websites: Tagged
Report: African/English grammar: am Steve Morgan, am single, am expecting yours. and am sure. what am ready Asking for private information in his second message to me: can i have your email address. can i have your phone number Typical scam: sending kiss in his second message to me: kiss Steve. Wants to leave Tagged for private conversation. and stop complaining about age for am not complaining and i see your age before i care for you Junk mail to elderly woman age 55/66: I will forever be grateful that we met each other. think we are the perfect match for each other. and my mind tells me that you're the kind of woman I am searching for all this while that's the reason I decided to contact you. For you make me feel so special each time i read your reply. How i wish you can know how much you really mean to me now.
First name: Stephen
Last name: Brown
Age: 50
Location: Seattle, WA /Afghanistan
On websites: Tagged
Report: Military scammer: I am an American military officer on duty here in Afghanistan. I am united state army sergeant, now I am stationed in Afghanistan and employees sergeant, I am here in Afghanistan for my military service, also to train some Afghanistan securities forces Typical scam: My wife died 10 years ago in a car crash Junk: I have no relationship after the death of my wife, because I've been busy in the city of Kabul struggle With the Taliban , to restore peace in the country. but I just trying to get use to you as my future wife, mother (OMG) and best friend African/English grammar: I have my own Apartment in United State (WOW for some love mails to elderly woman age 50/67)
First name: Floyd
Age: 56
Location: USA
Phone: 202-505-5510
On websites: our time
Report: I met him on our time dating site he contacted me first, he wanted to chat off site immediately, so we started chatting on Whatsapp. He told me he is a doctor and he is in Afghanistan his base is in Kabul. When I went back to the site his profile had been deleted by the site for some violation, when I ask him about it he said oh I deactivated myself. He told me that he has brown eyes, hair is graying, stated that he is divorced and has one child he sent me an email which was copied and pasted from the site looks as if it was copied from the dating site. It was general information that you fill out on the dating site when you first join. I don't talk to him a lot he claims he is busy with his profession. I don't believe him to much. the subject of money has not come up yet. But if we continue to talk I believe that he will eventually ask. My gut tells me he is not who he says he is.
First name: robert
Last name: schneider
Age: 58
Location: Kenya
Phone: 281-572-6923 and 011-254-738-739372
On websites: this person was on Lavalife website
Report: This scammer said he was a researcher; doing some research in plants and cassava in Kenya. I corresponded with him/her for three weeks. From the very beginning I knew he was a scammer for all the stupidities he was writing. The first time he asked me for money I stop corresponding with him. I need to send all the pictures that he has stolen from this probably very nice gentleman. I await for your response. Thanks a lot, Victoria
First name: Scotth
Last name: Williams
Aka: Scott
Age: 53
Location: Venice, Italy
On websites: Tagged
Report: Typical scam: for me age is not the problem for me. i am not italian man,i am from US but i base in italy for work that is why i am there. i am business man so that is why i travel around the world. i know you are very old now and you need once that is older them you (From being a business man from US his language is very bad)
First name: Renfred
Last name: Walton
Age: 50
Location: City of London, Malaysia/ Manchester London
On websites: Tagged
Report: Wrong location: City of London, Malaysia/ Manchester London Fake profile: image stolen from Grzegorz Bernard Napieralski, Polish left-wing politician Junk: i scarcely enjoy social life due to the fact my tight profession that restrict me from communicating the outside world (nonsens: I am Renfred working here with Shell as a staff in an company) Junk mail to elderly woman age 50/68: It is my intention to relocate to know you here as a very good friend. I am ready for us to establish a mutual understanding among us as you can see that i just came in here for a search and you are just the only woman that is courageous enough to put this question to me which makes you a special person. I will wait for life time for your response
First name: Peter
Last name: James
Aka: Peter M
Age: 55
Location: Guateng, South Africa
On websites: Tagged
Report: Typical scam: .I am new here i really want to go out of here can will chat on whatsapp because i am not always here. my father an I have a lot of properties here in south Africa and both United States ... I have been here since last month trying to put all the documents in other for enable me to sell the properties.... Junk mail to elderly woman age 55/67: I wanted to send you this mail to let you know that i am thinking of you and love you very much. I am very lucky to have such a wonderful woman that you are to me and I wanted to say thank you for changing my whole life with the love and feelings you make go through my mind everyday of my life. Before you came along, I felt empty inside. You filled an empty void in my heart and I can never thank you enough for loving me unconditionally. Regine, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to wake up to you every morning. I want to hear you breathing while you're sleeping. You make my life complete and you make me feel like I can touch the sky a million times (poor Regine, whoever she is because she is not me)
First name: Paul
Last name: Williams
Aka: Paul William
Age: 46
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: +905531515456
On websites: Tagged
First name: Paul
Last name: Panter
Aka: Paul J
Age: 49
Location: Hillestad, Norway
On websites: Yahoo, Tagged
Report: Fake Native American ? Military scammer African/English grammar: am paul, Am paul panther, am 49 years of age, Typical scam: work in the US military but presently on deployed Sudan for a peace making mission to save human life's and properties. have a 7 years old daughter she stay with my old cousin in USA
First name: Hams
Last name: Jefferson
Age: 46
Location: Riverside county
Address: N/A
Phone: N/A
On websites:
Report: A certain Hams Jefferson emailed me on July 1st who claims to be an Architectural Engr and live in Riverside County California USA. He said we met in FC so I tried to recall all the person i had chatted with remembering i didnt chat with certain name... so i looked him up through google and i came up in this site... im just so thankful i havent provided any personal information
First name: danny
Last name: caldwell
Age: 66
Location: lincolnton n c charleston sc
Phone: 9802413675
On websites: zoosk
Report: in 8 months he took me for a small fortune hepretends to be a good old country boy and he moves in and relieves you of your hard earned money with the promise of paying you back.that day never comes.
First name: KENNY
Last name: GOH
Age: 54
Phone: +61412485104 and +19049994559
On websites: Facebook
Report: This chap requested friendship on Facebook. Chatted on whatsapp for 10 days and he wanted to establish a relationship. Subsequently told me he had to go to Jacksonville, Florida to settle some tax matters on a property left by his deceased father that is worth US$6.5Million. I suspected and observed 3 things that are 'red' flags. Firstly sent me a picture of a photo of his meal with the name of the restaurant which doesn't exist in Sydney. Secondly sent me a bunch of the house photos that were ripped off from the internet. Thirdly sent me his passport photo to reassure me of his identity, which was totally fake. Then he sent his employee to my country for some shipment he ordered. Because he 'claimed' he is in the States, he cannot pay for the shipment which is $6500 and asked for a loan. This is the first time I have encounter with a chinese scammer.
First name: Rhys smith
Last name: Williams
Age: 60
Location: USA Denver Colorado
On websites: Facebook,okcupid
Report: Said he worked for United Nations, either someone stole his id all he photos are the same
First name: Brian
Last name: Harry
Age: 61
Location: USA Hendersonville, TN
On websites:,
Report: this and other pictures are from a site called landmark. Same story of many scammers, widowed, 1 child, claims to be self employed engineer. Falls deeply in love instantly. Knows how to woo a woman with all the right things to say.
First name: Charles
Last name: Great men
Age: 52
Location: Florida USA
On websites: All sites
Report: The email here is same as the email I received I found out when the two person sent me emails and I noticed is the same words only.. then I start to think.. it's scam
First name: Jim
Last name: Joerr
Aka: Kevin James Joerr
Age: 60
Location: Nigeria
On websites: 6tin, FB
Report: He's works in construction and is shipping his equipment back to the states, there is a problem and the shipper changed and now he needs more money for the new shipper.
First name: Moris
Last name: Breek
Age: 50
Location: Houston, TX
On websites: Face Book, Tagged
Report: Parcel scammer ? his e-mail address is registered as a parcel scammer Asking for private information in his first message to me. African/English grammar: am good too. i we write you a mail soon (deleted)
First name: Mario
Last name: Jemenez
Age: 46
Location: Charlotte, NC
On websites: Yahoo, Google, Tagged
Report: Typical scam: Shame on distance but distance is not a barrier to find a soul mate because I am open to relocating for the right reasons and for the right person to be with me. i have also need to switched off my profile from the site because i don't which to be contact by much woman if you are serious with me then we can move from here rather than wasting my precious time on there. am not on here for games. Age will never be a barrier for me. Junk mail to elderly woman age 46/67: I am looking for long lasting relationship with a woman who will love me for what i am and simply being me and I will love her unconditionally. Will like us to get to know each other better and see how its goes. I can feel from our few messages we exchange on the site, that you are serious type of woman, I never take time to write long message like this for many people but for you alone. African/English Grammar: United State. am not on here. haven't been into dating scene cos have be very busy. be aware am not into. I am a God fearing man. I am telling you this cos.
First name: Kenny
Last name: Williams
Age: 51
Location: Seattle, WA
On websites: Tagged
Report: African/English grammar: am sending you a morning prayer. i wish am there to give you the hugs. Typical scam ? asking for money: my late wife brother filed a case against me because of properties and other things. i am talking to you now in the custody of the police. I am so short of fund in me now, please i beg you in the name of God to please raised at most $700usd so you can send to my lawyer, I promise to pay you back when all this is over. i beg you to please help me. I will send you my lawyer's name so you can send what ever you have to assist if not all..please dear
First name: Kelly
Last name: Luis
Age: 48
Location: Vigo, Spain/London
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer with African/English grammar: am an marine Engineer by profession. I wish to spend the rest of my life with someone who is God fearing. He doesn?t seem to be where he is staying: but I'm presently in Spain now, I am currently in London now. Typical scam: lost my wife four years ago, to cancer. I am the only child of my late parents. My son stays with my house keeper when i am sailing. I am mentally stable, physically fit, a bunch of laughs, warm, caring, honest, a good listener, God Fearing, and a positive person. I am real easy person to talk to and a loving and outgoing father. I am a family oriented person. I also do enjoy my job though risky because we are always on the high sea.
First name: Justin
Last name: Were
Age: 57/61
Location: Miami, FL
On websites: Tagged
Report: Typical scam: my lovely daughter live's with her grandma in Nevada US. i am an engineer by profession. i am working for myself as a contractor. i do not get on this site a lot. i have brown eyes and light brown hair: Image shows a man with grey eyes and grey hair . I'm 56yrs old ? on his profile he writes that he is 61 years old junk mail to elderly woman age 56/67. I would like to knowing you more. would like to know you more better.
First name: Jonas
Last name: Benson
Age: 57
Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom
On websites: Tagged
Report: Typical scam: I want to tell you about my fate when the feeling is so powerful it's as if some force beyond my control is guiding me to someone who can make me happy beyond my wildest dreams. I work in England as an Engineer with oil giant BP I work as a pipeline engineer. asking for private information in his first message to me: give me your email to talk better Junk mail: i viewed your profile, i sense you will be a good woman if am not mistaken African/English grammar: , am glad to, am Jonas Benson, if am not. Am single now. Junk mail to elderly woman age 57/68: You are beautiful and nice, just what I'm looking for. I am here for you and not for any fun or play. I can not say what is best for you. but for me, I think you and I as a couple, as a family. overcome this together if there is nothing that can ever break us