First name: Rex
Last name: Darron
Age: 50
Location: Acra - Ghana
On websites: Skype, Facebook
Report: Es un maldito estafador, se hace la victima con versiones como hijo sin alimentos en internado, enfermo, tarjetas de credito bloqueadas y muchas mas historias. Promete viajar hasta mi pais para conocerme y siempre hay excusas que lo impiden. Se hace pasar con el nombre de Davidson Porter, me robo 5000 USD
First name: William
Last name: Mark
Age: declared 64 but looks like 48-50
Location: declared Iraq US mission, general
Email: no his e-mail address
On websites: facebook
Report: He looks like a marriage swindler . I have pictures. He is on line with me in chat on facebook page. How can I be of any assistance to you for punishing this person and what should I do in this case? His last request is as follows:
First name: richard
Last name: david
Age: 60
Location: lagos nigeria
Address: north carolina usa
Phone: 19195334083
Email: drichhard@yahoo
On websites: mingie
Report: hej jag vill saga att han ar ingen bedragare det ar falskt for jag har faktigst haft kontakt i ett ar med honom han heter nicholas esposito ar 51 ar och ar arcitekt ar fran italien verona jag ska aka till honom halsa pa han har aldrig lurat mej sa jag tycker ni ska ta bort honom har i fran han ar oskylldig han ar underbaraste jag traffat han ar arlig snalla ta bort honom har den tjejen som har jugit om honom hon har forstort hans liv pa grund av detta so jag ar riktigt arg beskylla en oskylldig fran en upprord marina han ar ingen bedragare
First name: phillip
Last name: Rollins
Aka: phillip Ramos Rollins
Age: 46
Location: Nigeria
Phone: +1-989-665-5158
On websites: kik, match chat
Report: I started chatting with him Dec 2 2015. Says he's a marine training with the army. He told me his base is Hamilton in new york. He's a E-7. When I first started chatting with him he was in Iraq. He said he coming to Utah to be with me. He leaves Nigeria June 28th. I haven't had any luck finding him on any of these scam sites. Some of the things that he's told me just don't add up. So please help me. I really need to know if he's real or a scammer? My email address is, Thank you
First name: stanton
Last name: bryson
Age: 62
Location: Nigeria
Phone: 2347062411649
Report: The scammer pretended to be the colonel of the army in the base of Nigeria. He persuaded me to believe his soldier, David Joe Chris, is real and a good man. I have paid 18000usd for leave process for David who claimed he is Sgt. in the army. He need me to pay for his leave process. I want to kill myself cos it is my hard earned money. I have his video in whatsapp.
First name: Fred
Age: 65
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Email: Unknown at this time
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: Contacted me several days ago on POF. Last message contained verbiage identical to that of Ronniecu1 who was also on POF and has been removed (
First name: David micheal
Last name: Gallagher
Age: 56
Location: Chicago and tampa florida
Email: Unknown
On websites: Badoo and facebook
Report: This guy has contacted many women we feel the person is actually nigerian He appears on badoo chicago under david and Gary On facebook as david michael gallagher from tampa florida
First name: Christopher
Last name: Baker
Aka: Chris, SGT Christopher
Age: 36
Location: Afghanistan, Iraq
On websites: Adam4Adam
Report: Hello Timothy, I'm really glad to read your profile,I am 36 live in New York, presently in Afghanistan. Have been in the US army about 6 years now.. I'm one of the squad of infantry soldiers dedicated to protecting our great nation and the rest of the world.. We are sent to shithole countries like Iraq and Afghanistan to disrupt or destroy an enemy that has extreme hatred for us simply because we represent the American flag. We might not all believe in the reasons that we are here in the Middle East but I guarantee that those soldiers will fight, if necessary, just for their fellow soldiers. That is why I love my job! We are true Americans, not the greedy and selfish Americans we are mistaken for on a daily basis in the Middle East. I love my country and see no better way to serve it than how I currently am. Am a very decent guy, good looking people say, but I always tell people to wait and get to know me deeply and you will see that my heart is more beautiful, Am an easy going person and a level headed guy, not into games nor hookups as they say. Am a very shy type, i love nature so much. i lost my ex 2 years ago, he died to cancer of the lungs, so i mourn him for so long as a respect. now i feel its time to carry on with my life, my friend often say to me that i should stop living in the past and focus on the future, and what i want for the future is someone who is ready to love and be loved. who i can love and show that i care for, someone i will love in and out of bed, and someone who will understand me, through the sun and the rain. and that's why am here sitting on the computer writing to you. you sound so honest and you seems like that kind of man i have been longing for, i don't want to hang around the site, going from one man to another, i just want someone who will take me to the dream land and take away the growing pains of loneliness. I have some questions for you, Are you single? What do you like in a guy? What do you for sex? Hope to hear from you soon.... Sgt Chris.
First name: MICHAEL
Last name: Sandro
Aka: Daniel Sandro
Age: 47
Location: New york
Phone: 6469305868
Email: Daniel Sandro
On websites: Facebook,Badoo dating site,Flicsh dating site,like me dating site
Report: I met this man on Flicsh dating site after a few weeks went to face book with him.He told me he lived in New York was a engineer he said he had a small jewerly store named m&jewerys afforable. he then texted me and said he had to go to Africa to buy more goods ,in the mean time he was saying he loved me lets get married a red flag got my attention sence i was scammed before for 2,500 so i downloaded his pic on google nothing came up then i downloaded his phone number whic came up on Romance scammer with the same pic he sent me but with the name Daniel Sandro said he had been scammer sence 2014. When i told him about it he got mad at frist. Then told me he would not stop till he got what he wanted. He had asked my once to send him $400 then again $ 400 then $4,000. HE HAS BEEN THREATING ME IF I DONT SEND THE MONEY. I cant report him to facebook cause i delted him profile and blocked him.
First name: konecny
Last name: pavel
Aka: david
Age: 44
Location: Lagos, nigeria
On websites: facebook, whtasapp, viber
Report: His adding me in facebook we are meer there last Jan 1, we are two months, after that last Jan when he is Nigeria he said his treat a bad guy there, and he is in hospital many times I send money for his treatment , last day many times I alwys calling him but his not reply my calling...
First name: siegfried
Last name: hofmeister
Age: didn't tell me
Location: dublin
Phone: 00447031897684
On websites: facebook
Report: He made me a friendship request on facebook saying he was impressed by my photo and wanted to know me better, asking if I am single, married....what hob, likes ecc. He said he was widow with a girl, marine engineer working for Maersk shipping company and living in Dublin. After the first two mails he said was leaving to Australia for a month gave me his number to talk before leaving. no contact possible. Then after daily beautiful love letteres (realized here were all similar to other letters ) an sos mail for pirates attack, to call him immediately, could get to him and a strange slight Asian accent (I'm teacher of English in Italy) but short talking not loud voice so only an impression, then a mail saying he wanted to send me all documents, his money (a lot, he had to buy palm oil to sell to Mexico and Great Britain,( seemed very strange to me)) and a jewel had bought for me, asking name address to give the DIY Security Company he was sending the parcel with, also gave me a cecurity code to open it when arriving and check mails as that company was telling me what to do. And they asked me to make bank transfer of 980 euros to RHB BANK TO NOR SHAHIDA BINTI MOHD YUSOF to bank ; ONE UTAMA DAMASARA, KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA. Then send them a copy of the payment. Too strange, did nothing but a mail to him saying hadn't that amount and to give the company other name and address to send his parcel to, very kimdly didn't want him to suspect something. It was m Monday 28th of March, then nothing more, disappeared. Called the postal police, was worried for my address etc they assured me telling they want just money. First and last time to accept friendship when I'm not sure, but in the fb picture seemed a very serious man.
First name: david
Last name: scott
Aka: david birger scott
Age: 50
Location: kabul afghanistan
Email: not sure
On websites: facebook
Report: Beware a scammer on facebook claiming to be us marine. Wife died..has son.. claimed he needed 1500.00 for excursion.. his money is put on hold in kabul afghan.. his a us soldier. Suspicious from beginning.. real chalmer . Wants to meet a lady as his retiring in couple weeks..goodlooking in soldier outfits but can tell his a scammer from start. Always says will you be my lady... im not that dumb.. women be ware ... i just blocked him..
First name: Paul
Last name: Winkell
Age: 48
Location: Benin, Parakou
On websites:
Report: He contacted me at the end of March on OKCupid in French. I answered in English, and he was afraid of writing in English (??). He's a young Canadian born in May 1967. He has done his studies in agronomy. He spent 10 years in Sydney, to become professor of agronomy. Now he lives in Brussels (and is still afraid to write English (??). He writes multiple times, e.g.,, Thanks you. After a few days of contact, he went to West-Africa. Email contact went well, he was very romantic and well educated. Within 2 weeks of contact, he should return to Brussels and we planned a date. We didn't have contact for a few days, and when he contacted me again, there was a story of an assault on his way to the airport.
First name: Benjamin
Last name: Colt
Aka: Ben Cares & Ben Colt
Age: 37
Location: Columbia, South Carolina USA, Scotland, Uniting Kingdom & Western Africa
Phone: +44-702-401-6903
Email: &
On websites: Facebook & Skype
Report: I met this man call Benjamin Colt from a Dating Site call Cherryblossoms, and he lives in Scotland Uniting Kingdom but he is now working in West Africa as a Structural Engineer-Construction of Buildings. He is single with one boy!! Skype ID: facebook:benjamincolt442
First name: Eric
Last name: Bullard
Age: 63
Location: Houston Texas
Address: 600 Wilcrest Drive
Phone: 2762222059unknown
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: Eric contacted me several weeks ago. He sent me a certificate that he was going to Egypt. I found out that he was talking to other women on Christian Mingle and that he had given different description of himself.
First name: Calvi
Last name: Harris
Age: 55
Location: Dublin, Ireland from Copenhagen, Denmark
On websites: Facebook
Report: I was friended by a person going by the name of Calvi Harris on Facebook. He stated he was living in Dublin, Ireland but from Copenhagen, Denmark. We started exchanging messages on Feb. 11 this year until last week. His messages were often about expressing his love for me but occasionally mention ?personal? information; he was an engineer by trade, dad lived in Denmark, mother was decreased, moved to Ireland for his job, had a son who was 9 yrs. Old and went to a boarding school in Dublin, and was divorced years ago when his son was small. Our last few exchanges were about a subsea contract he had just won and was heading to Malaysia. (Week?s before he mentioned having to go to Japan for work, but did not give details.) There were a few things that appeared odd. After stating he lived in Dublin he mentioned he lived in the UK. I noticed questions I would ask often went unanswered. His facebook profile also showed no other friends, posts, pictures, etc. At one point he wrote me a poem and I wanted to find out the title and author. My Internet search led me to the male-scammers web site. I messaged him back that I had found many of his messages to me on a male scammer web site and de-friended him.
First name: William
Last name: Moore
Age: 52
Location: California, Portugal,
On websites: Miumeet
Report: He was in dating side he initial our conversation, we have been talking for 1 year now he wants to marry me, he works in oil crude oil he has 1 son , and wife died, he stated he needed help financial little by little by now it's like 8,000 I have given him and still needs more,
First name: Raymond
Last name: Chandler
Aka: Jerry parker
Age: 56
Location: ottowa canada, edinburgh
On websites: yes
Report: Claims he is in Afghanistan, captain of NATO troop, widowed in 2008, lost a brother and daughter from a car accident. Going to retire at the end of April. He poetic, wants to have a relationship with someone special, says he loves me and wants me to find a home for us to live together.
First name: David
Last name: Jasper
Age: 54
Location: kuala lumpur malaysia
Phone: 7695534594
Email: dont remember
On websites: no took him self of facebook
Report: He ask me for money that he was having trouble with his late brothers estate that he need 50000.00 to get his money .i send him 1000.00 keeps asking for more told him i dont have more he stoped texing me i would like to get my money back it belongs to my 13 year old granddaughter please help stop this guy
First name: Dawoood
Last name: Yasmin
Age: 48
Location: Indonesia
Address: unknown45 E , 7th st. Convington Kentukey , USA
Email: Unknown
On websites: Facebook
Report: I have meet this guy around 4 months now .I just find out it not real . He have very remarkable story . He can melt very woman heart but I am a warrior not a victim cause I believe a lot of liar have ahead in future .I am learning the real world
First name: Even
Last name: Artsen
Age: Unknown
Location: USA Pickerington
Phone: 011 44 7451 226769 2
On websites:
Report: This scammer claimed to be a soccer scout from Pickerington, Ohio travels extensively (all the idiots seem to travel extensively) He said he was divorced with one daughter and two grand daughters. His phone number was quite similar to one I had received from another scammer. These people need to be prosecuted and given jail time!!!!
First name: Lawrence
Last name: Rosendorf
Age: 59
Location: USA Akron
Phone: 225-395-8752
Email: bringme2u12
On websites:
Report: Was contacted by a man with a thick accent who claimed to be an antique dealer who traveled extensively and said he was from Akron Ohio, age 59 whose name was suppose to be Lawrence Rosendorf. His phone number came up as a landline in Springfield, La. when I ran a cross check of the phone number. when I confronted this scammer, he called me all kinds of names and even made what I took to be a threat on my life. thjis was another scammer from I've since removed my profile
First name: Lazzero
Last name: Moretti
Age: 65
Location: USA Cleveland Heights
Phone: 915-229-3003
On websites:
Report: Individual claimed to be a stock broker with Bains Capital Investments in Dallas, Tx then asked me for $31,000 to open an off shore bank account. He further claimed to be conducting business in Kent, UK. He told me I would have to email a George Lucas @ This man stated he was born in Palermo Italy, was married to a Claudia Moretti and was supposedly widowed 10 yrs ago. He claimed while he was in the UK on business his mother became ill passing away on 12/30/2015. He also said he had a daughter in Milan attending Aeronatical school. He said his son and father were killed in an auto accident.
First name: Taylor
Last name: Joseph
Age: 57
Location: Ottawa michingan,california
On websites: facebook,SKYPE
Report: Contacted me in Facebook after 2 month want to come in my country promise to marry me.He said he is a Medical Doctor Surgeon is now in Syria.He asking me money have to send in another name with this person from Ghana. I didn?t send any money because i knew this is a new Scammer.He contacted many older women?s make believed he is a Doctor.
First name: George
Last name: Wilson
Age: 50
Location: Non so
Phone: +16028421932 +447907401268
On websites: Facebook
Report: Contatto da Facebook.messaggi affaccianoil cuore. Chiamate da viber 4 volte al giorno. Per 5 mese. Mi ha chiesto soldi perche ha mandato un pacco da Washington dc il pacco e rimasto bloccato a kuala Malesia il ha chiesto di pagare perche contiene documenti della societa of shor e onshore. E che lui non poteva per e in mare .ma il bello che la genzia di nome abbourg courier service malesia mi manda la conferma del pacco e che devo pagare la dogana e l'assicurazione. perche il pacco contiene una cifra fuori legge . Lui mi chiedeva di pagare mandando me suo documenti di conferma che lui lavora a venezuela in piattaforma petrolifera ho mandato soldi a kuala tramite western union .solo una con moneygram da un mese e scomparso
First name: Dario
Last name: Littera
Aka: Brandon Tyler Scroggins
Age: said 53
Location: Peace Officer in Kabul, Afganistan
Address: Chapman, Nebraska
On websites: Facebook- presently
Report: Contacted me on facebook, said he was divorced, had a 12 yr old son, Brian, who is living with his mother in Malaysia. A real smooth talking ladies man, very romantic and from personal experience can talk a woman into or out of anything. His profile is on facebook with family pictures under Brandon Tyler Scroggins. He said he was born in Atlanta, Ga. moved to Ukraine when he was 4 till 14 to live with Family friends, came back to Atlanta, Ga at 15 and is presently living in Chapman, Nebraska, but Presently on a Peacekeeping mission in Kabul, Afghanistan. I only corresponded with him for 2-3 days but he was already proclaiming his love for me and saying he was looking for a wife and mother for his son. That he was a professional and well educated and could love me and look after me the way a woman should be. He sent me beautiful love poems and e-cards. I told him I only wanted to be friends and that I was married, I found this all too strange and fast. I unfriended him before he could do any damage, only to find his profile on this site. He had me second guessing all along.
First name: Hansen
Last name: Kowalsky
Age: 46
Location: UK, South Africa, US, Holland
On websites: facebook
Report: He contacts women on Facebook through posts they make about 12 Tomatoes recipes. It is ALWAYS the exact same reply, always ending with a friend request. He then starts messaging them in the private chatroom and in as little as 3 days you are his soulmate. He claims to have been in the US Army for 20 years, but is not a citizen of the US. He claims to have attended University in the US, but his broken English gives that away as a lie. Within a week he has lost his wallet, has nothing to eat, and cannot access his bank account. He has used several of the scam letters on this site. He has contacted at least 8 women in this manner in the last 5 days.
First name: Martin
Last name: JAMES
Aka: peter grech spencer
Age: 46
Location: kubul, Bagh
On websites: hangouts
Report: Im in the US army Im Colonel Peter Grech Im from Australia but it happened i went to join the US army in a longtime lol but i will soon be retireing soon and coming back home to Australia to settle down in few months now. Im from Brisbane.Hello Helen,How are you doing there? Its so good to read from you again this lovely day ..... Well i will Only let you know my Interest in you ... I am very loyal and will be the best friend you could ever have or want. I may not have the biggest shoulders in the world, but I am a friend for life, and want to always be there for you.I do not smoke or drink. I would try all my best to make you smile and Happy at all Time. Its nice seeing new places and meeting new people from the world, Bedroom aerobics are great, and I consider that an important part of a relationship. Being able to come home after work and hold a nice conversation is something that has been missing in my life for a long time. Believe it or not, the most sensitive part of my body is my fingertips. I love to touch!!! Holding hands and showing affection is very important to me. I believed in friendship so much cos to me it is the key role to a long lasting relationship. I am looking for someone to cherish to love or be loved .I want the person whom i can share my ideals with, express my concerns with , comfort her in an hour of need. i am down to earth, very practical, common sense individual. I believe in trusting one another. Trust is the most important of a relationship don't you agree?. Without trust a relationship cannot exist. I want to be the one that can be there to reassure You in your times when you questions something. I want to be the one that can make you laugh for i do have a good sense of humor,and a general good disposition about me. One cannot fake this, I am a one woman man and i would respect my love for who she is. My heart would not permit me to hurt my love emotionally for to hurt you would also hurt myself. There would be great emptiness in my life if i was to lose you. I will value you like myself ,ideas, and feel that what ever you have to say is important! my values are traditional. I was taught by parents to respect a man like Yourself. To treat that person as i would be treated. I would like to give it a try and get to know you as deep and compassionate as yourself better. This is my interest and i want you to know what you think about both opinion. Thinking about you. Colonel Peter Grech SpencerMy late father is from Brissy while my Mum is from South Africa. Careful ladies if he contacts you do your homework. Wow what a chamallot this guy is Shame on him for using the military and impersonating some officer. Not sure whether this guy is he says he is was a guy claims he is from the US military look it up and do whatever it takes to protect yourself because I'm lucky he hasn't asked me yet for any money
First name: Peter
Last name: Grech Spencer
Age: 47
Location: Iraq Kubul and Baghdad
On websites: hangouts
Report: He claims he's been a second Lieutenant aviation ROTC program Central Washington university and has a Bachelor of Arts an aviation officer has a rotary ring flight schedule and army Scout and also claim to the military Lieutenant officer with advanced course he is also done army Command and general staff and a masters degree of science in public administration Central Michigan university and that his mum lives in Cape Town also claims that he is a 3G current operations / Aviation early entry Commander post airborne army Commando a claims that he's a Kernel of the US Army and that he has done 3-1 3D agk AVN regt 3rd at home Hunter army field and general staff um he's also claims that he has done work for army S3 plus OX and 1st and 2nd cavalry nd that he has attended 4 Chords in 2005 for the S3 and S4 combat aviation for ID other claims include metal such as a bronze star Metro service with the two oak leaf clusters Army amendation and 4 Oak Leaf clusters Iraq campaign medal Korea Defence Service humanitarian service um Hurricane Katrina to overseas ribbons and I monitor unit um aviation operator in the us army operation Iraqi freedom. I have kept all the information that was sent and if anyone else needs more information I can provide them with that information. Currently pertaining to be a Colonel in the US army fighter against ISIS
First name: Michal
Last name: Wilson
Age: 55
Location: Los Angeles
On websites: facebook
Report: His photo belongs to a man in France. He is the type who falls in love in one day, Says he is from Poland but working and living in LA since 12 years in his own company in Oil business. I confronted him with that fake photo and he blocked me. He has 2 different accounts on Facebook.