First name: Jonathan
Last name: Visser
Age: 56
Location: Garden City Utah
Phone: 9135830206
On websites: POF
Report: He contacted me from POF. Wanted to talk only to me for 2 days to see if we clicked. Of course we did. Then he was in love. He works on an oil rig off Galveston Texas. Works 3 weeks on and 3 off. Was going to fly in and meet me. except the helicopter that was to bring him to the air port was being worked on. He had already ask for Itune cards and Amazon cards. Then he had to take a boat to Mexico. Now he has tax issues there and can't leave the country. Needs money!!! I have sent him around $2000. When he wanted me to quit my job, get my retirement in cash and send to him, that is the end.
First name: Thomas
Last name: Rufus
Aka: Othman
Age: 55
Location: Syracuse, Utah
Phone: +1 (435) 287-4237
On websites: Happn
Report: He told me that he works as an engineer in an oil company. He is suspicious . Bad English , and after 5 days he was in love with me . Be careful he tried to come to my house .. he will show you beautiful pictures including his daughter.Before I bring someone in my house I make sure that a person is a good person .so I research him and I saw he tried to do the same before .
First name: John
Last name: Kelvin
Age: 35
Location: California, Nigeria
Report: Instagram account is Jbare3360. Stolen pictures from Nick Bare on Instagram. Gets you to go on KiK and talk, talks to you alot at first then tapers off, just enough to tell you how much he loves you and wants to gain your trust. Likes KiK because messages delete after a few days.then he ask for 1700.00 so he could come back to meet in person,says he will pay he is in the us army on a peace keeping mission in nigeria.wants you to send money to his agent for the army to this person. Dawn Myers, Fairhaven, Vermont 05743. Send it via Walmart to Walmart in monogram or western union or RIA to person above, he will then send the money to john.send john the receipt so he can claim the money at store. They will ask you if you know the person you are sending money to he said tell them yes he'd a friend. Have you seen a man spell his name Dawn? His username on KiK isjokay070. He has a excuse why he cant answer or excuse after excuse. Beware I didnt send money lucky it just got where he was saying strange things.
First name: David Keith
Last name: Pack
Age: 55
Location: Newport News, VA
Address: 222 Tyler Avenue, Newport News, VA
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: I contacted him first on POF dating site. He immediately responded and asked for my 'digit' so he could text me. The next day he was wanting me to get off of the POF site and he did, too. He told me he was a civil engineer and was bidding on a big contract. He won the contract and immediately had to fly to California to sign the contract and then days afterward he flew to Dubai to begin work. He gave a valid address in Newport News as his home address and I was able to verify his name was on the property records. I also contacted the real estate agent and sent him a photo of the man (he sent me a motorcycle driver's license) and the agent confirmed that was his client although he said he was an all American country boy with no German background. He sent some fake photos to me which he doctored up with an overlay of his headshot. He got $8,000 total out of me in three different transfers. The final request was for $11,800. I was pretty sure I was being scammed, but he was so persuasive I gave him money until the last request.
First name: James
Last name: Malloy
Aka: Adekunle Foyalan, Kayode Foyalan
Age: 59
Location: Afghanistan, USA
Address: Stafford Virginia
Phone: 001 320 4338956
On websites: Senior Next, Uniform Dating
Report: I met this man several years ago, on Uniform Dating, said he was based in the Uk at the time. He then went to Afghanistan, and then to Nigeria and back to Afghanistan on missions,, posing as a Captain in the USA army. ( he is actually using the photos of the real USA Command Sergeant Major Rory Malloy). Over time he has had a lot of money off me, wanting internet payments, loan payments and general upkeep in army as has little allowance to spend. This man is associated with a lot of other scammers I have found out lately. He is highly dangerous, not a sweet talker, but is very convincing.. Please ladies stay clear of him. I paid for vpn and smpt software for him and latest was he wanted software
First name: Mark
Last name: Milley
Age: 60
Location: London, UK; Kabul, Afghanistan
Report: General Mark A. Milley @GenMark54568223 Gen. Mark A. Milley is the Chief of Staff of the US Army, with a verified Twitter account @ArmyChiefStaff. This dude is thus a scammer; he has a different username. General Milley appeared in my Direct Message (DM) inbox, possibly because I recognized that his account was fake and followed it. It's my way of being able to find them when I want to warn others. We chatted along happily all afternoon. Milley said he was in Kabul, Afghanistan, on a peacekeeping mission with the UN and had been there a few months. He stated that he is divorced with a son, Daniel, who would be 15 in a few days. He asked the usual questions ? was I married, have any children, what kind of work I do (secretary), did I work for a company or a corporation (law firm), where was I from, and was I looking to have a man in my life. My Twitter account is a woman's first name and initial, but he never asked me what my last name is, nor did he ask where in North Carolina I live. (I don't.) I asked him about the conditions in Kabul, if his position was that of a commander. He wanted to go to Google Hangout, but I told him my email had been hacked and I'd been told that scammers go to hangout. He asked me about a cellphone. I told him I didn't have one anymore, that it was something I did not need. He was doing his best to get off Twitter and asked me for my cellphone number. I told him, ?Hello. I don't have an iPhone. It was a waste of money for me.? So, we stayed on Twitter in the DM. He talked about himself, the things he enjoyed, and what he hoped to find in a woman. I told him the things I thought he wanted to hear, and he asked me if I would like to see him. He said that if I would get his plane ticket, he could tell me where to send the money. It was about that time when he began to refer to me as ?dear? instead of by name. The fare was $1,350 from Kabul to a destination somewhere in North Carolina that he never asked for. I asked if the $1,350 was for a seat in coach. He said it was. I told him he was not flying in coach. He would fly first class. The fare for that was $3,650. He wanted to do an online transfer, but I told him I'd never done that before. He gave me the name Peter James Warr, who was at their UK base. The address was London SE1 5PE, United Kingdom. I was to send it by Western Union and photograph the receipt and email it to him at He received a call and had to leave. He had to go on patrol, but he told me he loved me and asked when I would be back in the morning after I'd gone to the bank. I asked a fellow investigator in a group chat if Gen. Milley is in the military, why could he not fly free on a military flight. A member of the group saw that and wrote in capital letters ?IT IS DEFINITELY NOT THE ARMY CHIEF OF STAFF. HE OFTEN SHARES THAT HE IS HAPPILY MARRIED AND DOES NOT TEXT.? I had to laugh ? I told her I knew. I was catching a scammer; it's what I do. It was nice being looked out for, though. I returned the favor when I recognized her guy on this site as being newly reported, complete with fake documents, and as two other guys from a reverse photo search. I am so very thankful that is available. It really does help!
First name: Gilbert
Last name: Durrance
Aka: 58
Age: unknown
Location: Huffman, TX, United States
Report: He claims to be a widower, has a daughter named Victoria who is supposed to be married to a NYC cop. He currently claims to own a home ad live in same in Huffman, TX.
First name: Richard
Last name: Etemesi
Aka: Postchamber
Age: 55
Location: Accra, Ghana
Phone: 233 27 3028782
Report: this man is the one of the member of fraud gang in accra-ghana. they are working with chief of gang known with richard etemesi,i was fghtened many times from accra police department to know some lnformation about for that guy but i couldnt receive any knowledge,i guess that frauder has been protect from authority deparmentn tpolice.they were stolen 20.000 usd from our company. please help me to find that frauder.
First name: Robert
Last name: Freeman
Age: 56
Location: San Francisco, Salt Lake City
Phone: 4154330987
On websites: Match
Report: Soon as we met he deleted his account at match. He said he fell in love with me and wants to marry me as soon as he is done working on his oil rig. He asked me for 5000.00 for tools to fix his equipment. I told him no. He then asked for 2500.00. I again told him know. He then said he was not feeling well and for me to send him 500.00 for his medication. I told him no. He then didn?t talk to me for a few days. He then contacted me again and said he was in need of 1000.00 for medical assistance. I told him no and I blocked him.
First name: Richard
Last name: Gilbert
Age: 54
Location: London
On websites: Tinder
Report: Esse cara se passou por engenheiro, tentou me seduzir com palavras romanticas, disse q estava apaixonado no segundo dia. totalmente sedutor.