First name: James
Last name: Rose
Age: 46
Location: Juckeren, Switzerland /France, Johannesburg
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer with image of white male and African/English grammar: am so happy, Am Originally from, am on a business tripe, am a chemical engineer by profession, am here in South Africa, am all alone, am seeking Scammer with wrong location: Juckeren, Switzerland/Am Originally from France/ at the moment in Johannesburg
First name: Sam
Last name: F
Age: 57
Location: Glasgow, United Kingdom
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer ? fake profile - image stolen from John Key ? prime minister ? New Zealand
First name: David
Last name: Owens
Age: 58
Location: Philadelphia, PA
On websites: Tagged
Report: Military romance scammer ? image stolen from SIR Graham Eric ?JOCK? STIRRUP, former chief marshal, UK army I am a British military officer and currently on duty here in Afghanistan
First name: Stephen
Last name: Williams
Age: Unknown
Location: Syyria, Ghana
Address: Unknown
On websites: Unknown
Report: He said that he have in account $ 2,5. Milion. He asked many times the money, at last he had need for IMF certificate that the bank can transfer hiss moneys to my account. At first he asked $10000 but i sais that i have not so much money, the price was $ 5000.
First name: Charlie
Last name: Lambert
Aka: Darren Lambert, Charles Lambert & Daz Speight
Age: 40
Location: Oxford Uniting Kingdom
On websites: KIK Messenger & Facebook
Report: I met this man online on KIK Match & Chat Dating Site (KIK Phone Software Application.) This man call Charlie Lambert I met online on KIK three or 4 days ago lives in Oxford UK as a Aerospace Engineer for United Technology Corporation in Uniting Kingdom. He is single and he's never been married!! I noticed the signs he was a Dating Scammer etc: Bad habit calling me
First name: Raymond
Last name: Chandler
Aka: Peter, pchandlerknown
Age: 53
Location: Afghanistan
Phone: 4698740930 , pchandler014686 at text me app
On websites: Tinder, text me
Report: Connected on Tinder on 6/28/2016. Communicated on there. Profile stated he is 53, major in Army, went to Iowa State University. Chatted on Tinder for about a week, he told me he was serving in Afghanistan on a NATO. Peace keeping group. he asked for my # to text since he is
First name: George
Last name: Sherman
Age: 43
Location: London, United Kingdom
On websites: Tagged
Report: Typical scam: lose my life wife and the fetus during labor, I don't like it here on this site. i mean i just yourself and i to have a relationship that wouldn't have any external influence from this site. Junk mail to elderly woman age: I am so fond of you and i can'r hide it no more. I want you closer to me. Asking for money: Baby i am so confused i have no where to run to for me to be able to get the balance 3000 pounds. My love i am asking you in tears to please lend me the 3000 pounds Links to the artwork he said he would bring to the exhibition Gold figure hanging goldfigure Egyptian goddes Selket: Invisible man by Ralhp Ellison paintings painting reading woman by Nikolay Antonov Ebony Festac Mask
First name: Gabriel
Last name: Williams
Age: 59
Location: Seattle, WA
On websites: Tagged
Report: African/English grammar: moved down to the United State, am happy, am learning, I am a God fearing person Typical scam: my beloved wife also passed away in a motor acciden
First name: Mac
Last name: Collins
Age: 68
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +1126123778
On websites: Facebook
Report: He made a friend request on Facebook after I posted I was a widow and took a total of around 14 days. I accepted because he was born in the same town as my deceased husband and the same age. I thought perhaps they knew each other. He texted me on Facebook messenger and only called me twice. When I asked what the name
First name: Allen C
Last name: Miller
Aka: Allen Miller
Age: 51
Location: Lansing Michigan
On websites: Face Book
Report: This is the second time I am writing about this scammer. After I told him that I knew he was scamming me, and telling him a few choice words, today I got a message from him asking if I am doing ok. This scammer has also tried scamming several of my friends. I find it hard to believe that the adms here haven't posted this since I told them I have pictures of him and if his name is googled the idiots picture shows up. I feel sorry for the real gentleman in the pictures since no one is doing anything about this freak. If he isn't on here by Monday I will post too other free sites that have as much information as this one that people are forced to pay for...
First name: Billy
Last name: Warren
Age: 55
Location: Houston Tx. Or United Kingdom
Phone: 323-364-8479
On websites: Our time dating site
Report: Hi I met him on a dating site our time nice guy text email then week later he had to go to the United Kingdom to go do a job for a month when he got ther so he said his equipment was missing and he needed to start working he barrowed 3500.00 so I thought I wanted to help him he was a widower with one daughter to raise alone I am a helper a giver he continues he shows me his bank account he continued to barrow more money all together was 25,000 dollars that he has taken from me As of today he has told me that his daughter has been kidnapped and there is a ransom I am not going to give him anything but I wish I could do something about it report it anything.
First name: Evans
Last name: Danirl
Age: 50's
Report: SUSPECTED SCAMMER. Evans Danirl aged 50, widowed with an 8 year old daughter, lost his wife in a car accident 4 year ago. Works for Exxon Mobile Oil and Gas Platform as a Contractor Engineer at oil and gas offshore ? located 190 miles south of New Orleans in the Gulf of Mexico. He says he was born in Brazil, and his Mother is from Cleveland Ohio where he lives. Evans says he?s new to Facebook, but knew enough, and was able to hack my Facebook page, and steal a mobile phone number from my Private Settings ? this phone number has now been removed from my Private settings on Facebook. He phoned that mobile phone number at 11.40 pm a couple of nights ago, and it was noted he had a Nigerian accent, not Brazilian like he claims. He made a couple of mistakes in his messages to me, one, he told me his 8 year old daughter Kelly Jane attends New Leaf Academy in Cleveland Ohio, USA. After checking this school, I discovered it only takes in girls from 10-15 years of age ? after I confronted him with this lie he changed the school to Intergenerational School He told me his daughter loves me, and wants me to send her an email at this email address All these scammers use the same line, ?I?m a God fearing man, and very honest?. These scammers are anything bar honest, and usually ask you to marry them in less than 24 hours, as this one did too. They also use the word ?dear? quite often i.e. hello dear, what are you doing today dear. One of his messages:- my dear i think you're the rightful person for i to get married to have been looking for my soul mate and have been praying to God all the time and i know he will answer to my prayer i will love us to get married to each other i need some one that will be there for my kid to call mum fur about 4 year now she have know mum and that makes her very sad some times i know you're a godly person and kind person I didn?t give this Evans Danirl a chance to ask for money, but it was only a matter of time before he would ask. He wasn?t the smartest scammer I?ve dealt with.
First name: Brian
Last name: O'Conner
Age: 58
Location: California, syria, Ghana
Phone: +1 (415) 408-7904
On websites: Facebook
Report: This man contacted me on messenger face book, saying all the things scammers usual say. He told me he was in Syria that he was in the military in the army. Of course he fell in love with me right away. With a month. He was leaving Syria going to Ghana to complete some type of deal he was into. No longer than he had go into Ghana he was asking me for money to help him out because he had over spent he said.i refused. I researched him and found his picture was stolen , it was a pic of Major general Jack O'Conner.
First name: Anthony
Last name: Dennis
Age: 61-64
Location: Olar, South Carolina
Phone: 803-368-9005
On websites: Not sure
Report: He scammed me out of $750.00, then when I asked him if he was a scammer, the first time he denied it, and the second time I knew he was a scammer when I asked him for the money back and he told me: F**K YOU AND GO KILL YOURSELF.
First name: Gerald
Last name: Wilson
Age: 58
Location: Miami, FL and Girne, Cyprus
Phone: 305-501-3603 and 011-905-338220425
On websites: Facebook
Report: Sent me friend request on facebook, i accepted and he sent me a message. We started chatting, said he was architect working on a contract, within 2 weeks he won the contract, went to Cyprus.
First name: Brian
Last name: Dandridge
Age: 56
Location: USA Cecilia
Address: 156 Sycamore street kentucky
On websites: Pof,
Report: This man took me & friend for close to $6k. Started 1.21.16 I have promissory note & copy of bank wire to a Joyce Lavonda Aldridge in Indiana
First name: Carl
Last name: Perkins
Age: 58
Location: Bronx new york
On websites: Tagged, skype
Report: I received an email saying he liked my picture on Tagged. At first we played the message game. Then we started talking on tagged for about two months. Then we added each other on yahoo. Talked for about another two months. Then he had to go to California for a business trip. Took his two kids. Dana and Zoe with him, as he is widowed. He was bidding on a job . He is with usaid. He got the job, hes off to ghana with the kids. 6 months we talked, then the money was asked for. oh no.. his equipment is at the docks needs money for taxes. Then he needed to pay for stones to be moved and taken away. Then needed money for food. Daughter took sick.. motel bill. All in all about 1000. Was sent. I refused some of the things. Oh he was on his way home, he was detained at heathtow. Then arrested. But i was sucked in hook line and sinker. Money was picked up in ghana by samuel anton. Lawyers name was mr emanuel dapaah. I started to get suspicious when i couldnt find him in new york, or with usaid. I asked questions, he had all the answers. Asked why Kids not on facebook. We got rid of it. And then the final one was when he said he was arrested. He was in jail for 4 months or so could not give me name of jail. Hostel where kids are. How they paid for it. A neighbors name to contact.
First name: Frank
Last name: Williams
Age: 58?
Location: Syria...Ocala,FL
Report: wanted me to pay to claim a box from a diplomat containing a ton of money and his passport
First name: Wilfried Werner
Last name: Bluhm
Age: 68
Location: New York
Email: unk
On websites: Facebook
Report: He made a friend request-shortly after said he needed financial help to get materials for his artwork to sell. Said he would pay back as soon as it was sold. There were 4 requests for money. He got $5,000 and then asked for another $500 as he said he could not get paid until he paid for his license. Told him there was no more money, and contact was ended.
First name: Gary
Last name: M
Age: 47
Location: Houston, TX
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer with African/English grammar who sends typical scam message and junk mail to elderly woman age 47/68 Woooooooow what are missing angel you are....Am a type of man,am loving,caring,faithful and above all God fearing,I would really like to build my friendship wall all around your person, ,I care
First name: martin
Last name: james
Age: 56
Location: siria
Address: none
Phone: none
Email: none
On websites: facebook
Report: after having blocked this scammer on e-mail and skype,happened to see someone on facebook named MARK WILLIAMS, expert for war-crimes etc.who reminded me to my previous reports already hv sent you.Just for fun asked for friendship, and he replied on 07/02/2016 telling me that he is a general for peacekeeping mission in siria (apart shown in facebook ghana/accra, what made me curious before) sounds very strange ,his age 52, and told me to ctct him on skype the ID823 /?/number..Then Had a nice surprise, because this ID823 was referring exactly to my previous talkings to a certain Mark Williams,shown in my previous reports 8888, and also as Gen:Murphy Williams,whom never accepted before.On first time in facebook had only two friends,one of them an nigerian/ghana friend called GEGES BILLION'Z NICE, and another one Thomas the mom yu can see a lot of South American friendships, that after blocked on facebook! tks to yr reports relized immediately the situation, on FB shown in good uniform dressing !!!
First name: Lawrence
Last name: Smith
Age: 47
Location: New York City, NY
On websites: Tagged
Report: Wanted to meet me on Tagged Fake Native American Scammer - image stolen
First name: Marcko
Last name: M
Aka: Michael Conteh
Age: 48
Location: Enangiperi, United Kingdom
On websites: tagged
Report: Wanted to meet me on Tagged Romance scammer with wrong location Enangiperi, United Kingdom - Enangiperi is situated in Kenya
First name: Richard
Last name: Luke
Age: 48
Location: Melbourne. Wellington
On websites: Christian
Report: Hi. Just noticed the intensity of the relationship questions and sympathy engendered by saying he had a tragic past. His wife died in a tragic car accident leaving him with 6 year old son. His mum died of a disease and Dad killed himself when he was 15. Requests intense for personal information. In love with me after 3 days.
First name: Terry
Last name: J
Age: 48
Location: San Antonio, TX /United Kingdom
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer. His about Me: I am Terry by name,am from United Kingdom.. let me start saying that i am a hard working easy going man.,a devoted christian and i put God first in all i do .., I detest LIARS!!!, am always busy with my work,,now am ready to find a soul mate Wrong location: San Antonio, TX: am from United Kingdom
First name: B
Last name: Redmond
Age: 52
Location: Bayerfeld-Steckweiler, Germany
On websites: Tagged
Report: Lottery scammer Image stolen from an American Physicist
First name: Ben
Last name: Carson
Aka: Unknown
Age: 48
Location: London, UK
Phone: 447511691517
On websites: LinkedIn
Report: I know him only a few days and when I search for his name in this website, I couldn't find it. But I think I saw a similar picture on your website under the name William Button aka Jimmy. And he has similar email address with this Jimmy.
First name: Mike
Last name: Oneil
Aka: feltez raymond
Age: 53
Location: pa,ny, austria germany,
Phone: 267-820-8005
On websites: Zoosk
Report: This person iniated contact with me on Zoosk back in march 2016 We have had contact with each other via skype text e-mail and phone.He is an auto transporter/ scammer. He was last known to be in vienna austria on buisness as an auto transporter. We kept in contact four 4 months since meeting on dating website. He has since been loving me so qucik and swindeled a lot of money from me since being in Austria we hadnt even met physically. and im a victim of a online dating scam.
First name: Solar
Last name: Radek
Age: 52
Location: New York City New York
Phone: 347-230-7431
On websites: FaceBook
Report: Hello Good Morning Beautiful, Thank you so much for your messages to me which made me happy and also thank you for explaining what you mean by those words i ask you over my text to you and i understand how you feel and also i feel the same way also that i'm in love again i want you to know that i will always be there for you in good and bad times that is what love is about.This feeling of love that I hold within my heart for you runs deeper than any ocean or sea, I just wish you could see how much you mean to me. If only you could hold me then maybe you would feel my love for you that burns with a flame high enough to last a lifetime. If only you could hear my heart beat, then maybe you would understand the language of love with which it speaks. If only you could kiss me then maybe you would taste my love for you that's so sweet and if only you could look into my eyes the window to my soul, then you would know that this is no lie! So if what you feel for me is real and what you say is true then with all my heart do I trust you. If you want me as your love as much as I want you as my love then so be it. I give you this heart of mine and ask nothing less or nothing more but just that you don't go breaking my heart. My love and trust is all I have to give to you sealed with honesty throughout and as time goes by may it grow stronger to fulfill your heart's desire. If it pleases you call me your love from this day forth and you're mine. For your love am I and your best friend too. As our body, mind and soul combine, so do our hearts become one.Hear this my declaration of love from me to you. I love you my Angel with all my heart and I will never stop loving you. You are my life, you are my everything. Though distance may keep us apart, you will always be embedded deep within my heart...Good Morning Beautiful and Happy Sunday too you.
First name: christopher
Last name: smith
Aka: ricardo scott - dill - gsk
Age: 59
Location: syria
On websites: facebook
Report: Approacehd me on face book 21/5.16 he is on peace mission in Syria we chatted he declared undying love etc marriage then asked for money to be sent to his son 4 school trip made payable thru western union