First name: Mike
Last name: Cannon
Age: 49
Location: Malaysia
Phone: +601126323465
On websites:
Report: Pretending to be a single guy and wanting to come to Australia. All his letters on this website are ones he sent to me.
First name: Henry
Last name: Rosenthal Steinway jnr
Age: 54
Location: Manchester UK
Phone: +44 161 850 3515
On websites: POF Plenty of Fish
Report: I have letters and interview I did on radio and tv his skype: henryrosenthalsteinwayjnr
First name: Clark Douglas
Last name: Dwayne
Age: Unknown
Location: California LA
Email: Unknown
On websites:
Report: This photo was used as a profile picture on with my relatives email address. Fake account. Scammer.
First name: salvatore
Last name: ellis
Age: 55
Location: capetown, south africa
Phone: 27845427854
On websites:
Report: found each other on started emailing he became quickly in love. sent me 'form' letters as he did to others, never answered questions I asked, said was from netherlands, sent me a check to hold until it was cashable, sent me other forms from s african gov't related to project he was supposedly working on there. was to meet him one day then didn't call or show up, says he's going to send a limo to my home to pick him up at the airport when he returns. he's been returning now for over two weeks, says maybe this weekend as he still hasn't received proper paperwork from s african gov't to be able to return home to cash his check, worth over 6 million dollars supposedly, another fake document. very smooth operator, but his form letters are too generic and mention things that were never stated.also mentioned we should both take our names off chemistry because we were already a couple in love. documents he sent appeared legit, but when he was to tell me he couldn't make it back this weekend I would have put the entire thing on hold until he could get back. what a slimy creep
First name: Richard
Last name: Abbott
Aka: Richard Rocas, Harrison Martin
Age: 48
Location: Manchester, U.K, Sarawak, Malaysia, Belgium
Phone: 447031802688, 60164011674, 447031835789
On websites: Latinamericancupid
Report: He is Belgium, living in Manchester, U.K. Works at construction company, He's 48. He had a travel to Sarawak, Malaysia to reggarding the contract to his late father with the PETRONAS OIL AND GAS COMPANY. He let me 3000 dlls to help him pay taxes and needs my support with that money and needs a transfer by Wester Union at his Name Richard Abbott with this Address:?1/ 4 Jalan Padungan, Sarawaka Malaysia...I hope that repory can helps like I do
First name: John
Last name: Myers
Age: 49
Location: Afghanistan
On websites:
Report: He is a conartist. Glad I never sent him any money. Always thought it was odd, he never wants to talk on the phone. Very vague with his answers or avoids questions altogether. Contacts you at odd hours with the same recycled words. Asks for personal info but doesn't reveal any of his. BEWARE! So glad I inputted his email address in a Google search and here his is on this site. Hope this LOSER gets caught.
First name: Ray
Last name: A
Aka: Aaron Hanz Schmidt, Aaron Schmidt
Age: 48
Location: Wheeling, IL
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who sends junk mail to elderly woman age 48/68: You are absolutely brilliant, is the least interesting thing about you. it's like a big breath of fresh air when I log on to this site and you will see, here we can get to know each other hello how are you doing today i would like to know you more Typical scam message: ? i wanna know everything about you coz you see nice and you look pretty how old are you ?are you single or married? what do you do for fun?what is your turn on and off ? i cant wait to hear from you
First name: Porter
Last name: James
Age: 35
Location: Us
Phone: +2348183476414
Email: No
On websites: Yes
Report: Facebook, From Us army in Libya Tripoli, soldier, widower, have son..
First name: B
Last name: Williams
Age: 31
Location: Poland warsaw, Malaysia
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged Scammer - fake profile - image stolen from Deputy Mircea Lubanovici, Chairman of the Romanian communities Wrong location: Poland warsaw, Malaysia Age doesn?t macth image
First name: Harry
Last name: B
Aka: Claus Hartman, Morgan William, Geraldo Owen, Almedia, Gregg William,
Age: 64
Location: New York City, NY
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer sent me a friend request on Tagged Romance scammer
First name: David
Last name: M
Age: 59
Location: houston texar, Singapore
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged. Romance scammer with very wrong location: houston texar, Singapore
First name: Mauro
Last name: C
Age: 51
Location: Miami, FL
On websites: Tagged
Report: Junkmail to elderly woman age 51/68: you are so pretty and adorable lovely smile you have. am so happy to meet you i would like to know you more better probably gets to meet with you some day too African/English wording: am Typical scam: my dear distance time and age has nothing to do with matters of the heart sometime we dont allow age to stock us in getting alone with some one who could make the heart feel love and happiness again age is just a number
First name: Peter allen
Last name: Olsen
Age: 49
Location: Lagos nigeria africa
On websites: and mulitple others
Report: Contacted me off pof. After maybe couple days was head over heels in love with me talkin marriage. Poems sweet words and just sappy things most me dont put or say. Asked for money to get food clothing and to go to scoccer games. Send via western union only...wanted to transfer money into my account here and we share once he gets home. Airline tickets bought 2 times no show.asked me for laptop phone and all with him engineer makin mega money while im on fixed income just lookin for love. Been suckered into this now for 2yrs and i just cant do anymore.had him checked out thru private detective found out was scammer trying to save others from my terrible heart wrenching ordeal. He also has a partner that works with him beware plz beware save yourselves the trouble he had a daughter named jen that died over in nigeria every detail told constantly changed never same story. Was told police had passport and couldnt get it back was robbed once and beaten. He also had some way of knowing i was on my phone without me doing anything.had me so parrinoid to even call my kids. Everyone warned me but i didnt listen to them. Now im broken hearted broken with no money and just sick after 2yrs he has made up excuse after excuse to not come ladies please please be careful this man will also play games blaming you for not understanding,not listening, not caring and mind games. He even called me a lier and said i was evil.he was along with others stalkin me day and night for weeks just blowin up my phone.last thing he asked for was 50.00 for food and then turned on me cause i didnt have it.just flipped out way out.
First name: David
Last name: Robert
Age: 60
Location: Arlington, VA, Quebec, Canada, Johannesburg, South Africa
On websites:
Report: David Robert contacted me on and gave me his private email address to contact him. He told me he was an engineer and had been a widower for 6 years and had an 11 yr old daughter named Merriam. We continued to email one another and he would call me on a daily basis. After about 2 weeks he said he had gotten 2 contracts - one in Asia and one in Africa. He chose to take the one in South Africa. Once in South Africa he gave me his phone # their and then told me how his daughter had lost their baggage that contained his laptop, wallet, phones and passports. He asked if i could sent $1,000.00 so he could purchase a new laptop and phones. I told him I didn't have $1,000.00 to send him so he asked for whatever i could send and that he'd repay me back. I sent him $400.00 via Western Union to a Sibusisiwe Nontlantane, 121 Nelson Mandela Square, Johannesburg, South Africa. He then sent me pictures of the so-called laptop he had purchased. I was extremely suspicious by then so decided to check online using some of the things he'd said to me in my search and found this site with same messages sent to me as someone else had received but with a different name than David Robert. I know I will probably never see the money again and to be frank I wanted this guy to be for real. I just don't won't anyone else hurt. He called me again this afternoon and I told him I was on to him. He told me that he loved me and that he had been truthful with me but after seeing the information here on this site I'm not convinced.
First name: Davis
Last name: Aaron
Age: 53
Location: New Youk US, Kuula Lumper Malaysia
Phone: 716-229-0487,718-416-6984
On websites:
Report: i met Davis Aaron in dating website, we had email communication several times, then exchanged to private email address, and chatting with LINE for about month, he told that he have to travel to Malaysia to take care his construction project. about 1 week after he arrived Malaysia Kuala lumpier, he asked money help to pay the tax he owed to Malaysia gov, then asking money for construction material, then money for the crane truck,etc, so i believe something wrong and stop wired any money to Malaysia, then the phone call stop, i called him several time for the New York phone no, nobody answer. I truly believe he scammed me for the money.
First name: Bradley
Last name: Riley
Age: 60
Location: Kabul Afganistan
On websites: Facebook
Report: Bradley Riley contacted me on Facebook, claimed to be 60 years old widowed for 14 years had a son. Said he was a Captain in US Army. The photo I managed to get off Facebook was of a Sargent Riley. Came from Long Beach, California. born 18 Nov 1956. email: I think the man he is claiming to be is on my Linkdin account and is very qualified and definitely not him, He then had to get 2 boxes out of Iraq and his friend (the only one he could trust Dr Scott Wilson(Wilson Scott) was taking them to Bangkok with him as he had a conference there. The shipping company then contacted me saying there was more money to pay. After contacting my bank they were very suspicious and contacted their fraud department and reversed the payment. The company has contacted me and said they have not received the payment. Had sob story from Bradley and said my bank has frozen my account. He has sent me a couple of emails which I am not answering. Just saving them to his file. On his first message he mentioned Larry Reeves but quickly dismissed this as one his army blokes used.
First name: Christopher donovan
Last name: McCoy
Age: 64
Location: ST Stephen NB, Cape Town SA, california
Address: 285 millstone road St Stephens nbunknown
Phone: 661-412-0472, 506-300-1158
On websites: Facebook
Report: 10 on the relationship by phone and messaging, asked for phone cards a couple of times, asked for money for medications,help with airfare, wanted me to transfer money in an episode bank account containing millions. When I was asked to accept wages from a company he had done work for. This money was supposed to be deposited into my account. I asked for some transaction information the fraud dept. at my bank put a hold on my account. I was told there were many hits on my account from many countries. The fraud specialist knew exactly what Christopher was up to. My account was closed by my bank. Christopher has lines smoother than you can imagine. He uses documents from BOI with the name Lorraine Smythe as his personal banker. She writes emails regarding my assistance on his account. Suddenly, his account, which I have full access to, disappears from online banking. There is one mishap after another such as an auto accident in SA, two hospital stays, limits he placed on his credit card before traveling to SA so he quickly reached his max. His daughter is bi-polar and in an institution. Therefore, since he is a widower, his only lifeline was me.
First name: JACK
Last name: REDD
Age: 51
Location: London, and Malaysia
On websites: facebook, linkedin, gmail
Report: URGENT: As far as I know, this man on the picture is DANIEL ADAM. If his real name is JACK REDD, then he is scamming me. He is in Petronas, Malaysia and we are still communicating. I have his numbers. HOW CAN WE CATCH HIM..MY GPS IS NOT WORKING. PLS DO NOT POST THIS YET SO HE CANNOT READ THIS. My mobile number is 09326399996 and I am Rose Galang Panelo...we are still aweethearts I will narrate my story later.
First name: Gabriel
Last name: williams
Aka: David Williams (Casim), Brian Scott. Ronnie Williams,Allan McCarty, Oliver Achimstein,Eugene Clayton,David Boffar,Richard Wolf
Age: 59...many different ages
Location: Canada, USA-Chicago,Florida, Georgia,New York,Virginia, Washingto, DC. Australia, Germany
Email:,,,,,,,,, ronnie.williams6@aol.c
On websites: badoo,facebook,jdate,,tagged,
Report: The true identity of this man is Ron Lykins, He is on Facebook. His photos and personal history has been stolen and used in a long history of scams
First name: Mile
Last name: Bosnic
Aka: Jack Redd
Age: 50
Location: Afghanistan
On websites: facebook
Report: I actually reported this person about a month ago and got no response. I thought I followed all the protocol but I got nothing. I received this email today and thought you might be interested in it anyway. TODAY VISION OF PASTOR TB JOSHUA CHURCH OF SINAGO People Today at 3:24 AM Message body good morning may the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be upon you and your household i don't know who you are but when i was praying i saw you and a called mile bosnic in my vision the lord told me to let you know that matt zeller is your real man for you and you have to keep the lord command and the lord say you have to talk to him and you both will make a better family, you have to contact him through this email this is all i see in my vision if you get this message reply and let the church pray for both of you and bless your family.. thank for your understanding may the lord guild you both pastor tb Joshua church of sinago
First name: Oliver
Last name: William
Aka: possibly James or Oliver James James Oliver
Age: 49
Location: New Jersey, Australia, Benin
Phone: 856-294-6072
On websites:
Report: I was contacted with a file name of
First name: Franklin
Last name: Holmes
Aka: Oliver Johanan, Johan Froder
Age: 55
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60162985739, +60166094963, +16042107652, +16049663880
On websites: FB, LinkedIn
Report: I had a contact with a scammers whom I fall in love with. I am too stupid to believed everything he said and had sent him Financial help - sold few of my properties till one day I accidentally stumbled on looking for a long lost Aunty. I was just curious about the site and had type in the name of my Fiance and his email address and what a big shocked to me to found out that he was a scammers. I cried and was heart broken but no need to cry over spilled milk - so I stopped talking to him. He managed somehow to call me on my phone and was even asking another Financial help
First name: andre
Last name: hanson
Age: 46
Location: manchester
On websites: okcupid
Report: Receive similar email from scammer as reported on this site. The email also there in website
First name: Joshua
Last name: Collins
Age: 60
Location: Ghana, New Zealand, la
On websites: Skype
Report: Working on oil rig off coast of Ghana . Have had meant conversations on Skype and emails promising he has a lot to give, but cannot get to his funds because of high security on the rig. Asking for money, which I have paid, a lot, then tells me held up in customs and cannot return to NZ because he has so much gold to bring back. Correspondence to assure me that all is fine with a person called Frank Buck, who assured me that he is a respected man, and a colonel in the army. Thinking now but too late for me , that this is the same person
First name: Gabriel
Last name: Sean
Aka: Joe Watson
Age: 50
Location: Santa Clara, california
On websites: Tinder
Report: Sent me a message and said he doesn't go on the website often, says he lives in Santa Clara, California. Asked for my email, just gave a separate email I have set up for people on the dating websites for protection. Claims to be Ceo and left email link of says he is born on 12-7-65, father was from Bulgaria and mother from London. Standard scammer profile, wife died 6 years ago, etc. Works doing onshore drilling. Sent a 7 page long email with typical words misspelled, cut and paste verbiage, etc.
First name: Jack
Last name: Pero Smith
Age: 58
Location: USA
Phone: +18303226820
On websites: yes
Report: Asking me for borrowed the money and work to gather with his son to tell lies that he's dead in2012 and three and a half year later saying that he's still alive and I guess he's trying to check it out whether could scam me again.
First name: Lawrence
Last name: S
Aka: Larry S
Age: 47
Location: Phoenix, AZ
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged Fake profile - Image stolen
First name: Kwame
Last name: Sarpong
Age: korulbelul 55-58 eves
Location: Ghana Accra
On websites: Zenith Bank Ghana Accra
Report: Penz csalas. Ez az ember kicsalt tolem korulbelul 2,5 millio forintot azzal az indokkal, hogy O kezeli a Gen. Paul J Selva penzet,amit szeretne nekem eljuttatni, ezert kulonbozo indokok alapjan kicsalta tolem a sok penzt. Azert, hogy elkuldi nekem a 2 millio dollart,es abbol En kapok 25 %-ot. Ez az egesz 2015.eveben eppen 1 eve kezdodott el.En megneztem az adatlapjat ennek az embernek Kwame Sarpong O tenyleg a Zenith Banknal dolgozik es biztam benne, hogy ez az ember nem csalo. Most julius 12-en kuldtem el neki az utolso reszletet 200 dollart es azt igerte, hogy masnap mar utalja a szamlamra a penzt meg kiallitott dokumentumokat is a nevemre az atutalasrol. En nagy marha meg el is hittem, de az utalas a mai napig nem erkezett meg. Ezert ugy dontottem, hogy megteszem a jelentest itt.Nem tudom eldonteni, hogy az O neveben valaki mas csalt ki tolem ennyi penzt,vagy tenyleg O a csalo es az email cim is hamis. Kerem felkutatni es felelossegre vonni es a penzem szeretnem visszakapni.
First name: David
Last name: G
Age: 75
Location: Estambul, Turkey
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged. from his About me: I hope we can cooking together, travel, sports, do all we want to do, and stay together, leave the rest of life - typical African spelling mistake
First name: Mark
Last name: W
Age: 63
Location: San Antonio, TX
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer wanted to meet me on Tagged Fake Native Amerincan Military scammer ? image stolen from General Mark A. Welsh