First name: Richard
Last name: Berrier
Aka: Webb Rick
Age: 50
Location: Deltona, Florida, USA
Address: 2405 Albury Ave. Deltona, Florida, US.
Phone: 1 (386) 951-3687
On websites: Facebook, Badoo
Report: Met this chap in late June. Was told he was a mexican and living in Florida. Has 2 kids. Claimed his mother was Doris Kay Clark and she died a week ago. Have sent gifts to his 2 children. Plus Euros 3000 for his expenses. Now he wanted more for his airticket to go to Canada. An anti-scam investigator warned me and I googled and found he was on 3 websites. I have tried to stop communication with him.
First name: Chris
Last name: Wells
Aka: Garry Hill, Smith Leslie Kerr
Age: 58
Location: Holly Springs, GA, Miami, Fl,
Phone: 678-961-4317
On websites: LinkedIn,
Report: He contacted me on and we started chatting.
First name: Harry
Last name: Hill
Age: 56
Location: Chicago, IL, Lagos, Nigeria
Email: harryhill522@yahoo/com
On websites: Was on LinkedIn
Report: He contacted me on LinkedIn to be a connect. I said we had nothing in common. I'm healthcare he's Civil Engineer from Norway w 13 yr old son and hi ex-wife is drug addict. We chatted from Feb 2016 to Juy 2016. In total he received from me $18,000.00 funneled through a woman with a US bank account in West Palm Beach named Debra Faaland. Debra Faaland's phone number is: 561-876-4972, 561-469-9052, 561-222-5290. She has 2 emails:, and First I sent money for the sick child, then money because he had Malaria, then he was in Nigeria with the United Nations Development Program and didn't have enough money to complete some deal with heavy equipment because of the exchange rate, then money for Malaria again, then money because he was going to jail for an expired visa. .I also transferred money as a US wire transfer through Citibank to First Bank of Lagos Nigeria, LTD under the name John Ezugwu, and/or John Diecke, a couple of other transfers via Western Union to Chinwendu Onah,. Debra Faaland contacted me through LinkedIn to be a connection but was actually getting additional information. She had been with these guys for 4 years and had opened an LLC in Florida
First name: Ryan
Last name: Scott
Aka: Johnnathen Bruce
Age: 49
Location: Dubai..Nigeria..california
Address: 90803
Phone: 3158342093
On websites: facebook messinger
Report: I met him on Baloo in 2015 .he gave me a story he was a civil engineer in Dubai.and his contract was finished and he hasdid me transfered money from a signature Swiss dank account that had a Swiss tax code which I payed $2921.00 and something happened in the transaction it was a red flag and locked me out.the bank was a fake bank which I found out after getting coded out of an other $20,000.00 I have all the documents to prove all off this,...along with people interested he sent me that I had analysed which I can send you.This guy is real smooth a sexy accent romances and is real convincing Says he practices the secret .an absolute charmerI have pictues.we of him on a dating site in Germany Posing as a Richard Marcus as well
First name: Peter
Last name: Ward
Age: 42
Location: Nigeria
On websites: U S military singles, country match
Report: Uses picture of deceased vet Joshua Allen Ward states he is on a top secret mission in Borno Nigeria and gets shot. Asking for money for food, Dr bills and travel expenses.
First name: Henry
Last name: Hoffmann
Aka: Henry Rosenthal Steinway Jr
Age: 54
Location: Savannah GA and UK
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: I sent a note to Henry on Plenty of Fish. We emailed back and forth for the last 3 weeks everyday. He was extremely handsome and very romantic. He supposedly has a PhD from Oxford and was running an oil and gas operation in Manchester. The first red flag was when he said his wife died from psoriasis of liver from drinking rather than Cirrhosis. Finally had him checked out, total fraud. Part if a Nigerian or Ghana gang.
First name: Thomas
Last name: Fuller
Aka: Ricky Maurice
Age: 53
Location: Indiana, Los Angeles, U.K., Italy, Greece, Dubai
Address: also connected to Los Angeles, Ca. Address
Phone: 260 632-8366
Email: Thomas __Allen
On websites: Likein, Match, MissTravel
Report: This is my recount on the alledged Scammer: known to be using the photo of a man named Thomason, but this picture is really not that of the real person that speaks in the name on the telephone, or in writing of any e-mails which are hard to trace, (per the FBI ,as well as other data-based tracks. the IP address bounce from this Country to others as well. who ever is this, ALLEDGED SCAMMER THAT USES THE NAME OF Thomas FULLER, with his Mother being an introduction to get to the-point of sympathy, as he says that she dies, and he was going to travel to see her, but works too much... then, also having a Daughter
First name: Jonas
Last name: Emmy
Aka: Alfred Garcia
Age: 54
Location: London, UK and South Africa
Phone: +44 1618506338
On websites: Facebook
Report: So his story is? He?s 54yrs old, widowed (his wife died in a car accident in 2010), he is an only child to deceased parents. He?s from Germany, but relocated to the UK 3 years ago. He is a civil engineer, his business is which is allegedly construction. He has a 15yr old daughter called Sharon in private school in Germany. He made a friends request to me via FB, followed by a pleasant message, so we started talking via messenger and email, then on the phone. After a week of talking he said he had to go to Cape Town - South Africa for an urgent business meeting, a very lucrative deal for his business. This is where the fun begins. On his day of alleged arrival in SA his credit card doesn?t work and he has limited cash. On the day he is due to return to UK, he has a car accident on the way to the airport, missing his flight. Then, when he is allegedly going to board a connecting flight from Johannesburg he is arrested for tax evasion (?1,300). On each occasion he was asking me for money. I suggested he spoke with his bank and embassy, and sent him the phone numbers for both. At this point a concerned friend found out the info on scammers site and forwarded it to me. So I played along for a little while, I emailed him the following:- If you want my help then I need some proof. You keep saying I've seen your ID/ I have not, perhaps you are thinking of someone else, but if you'd like to send me a copy then I would appreciate it. 1. Name 2. Full Home Address 3.Date of Birth 4. Details of exactly where you are 5. Were you in SA May/June this year? 6. If payment was made, who is it made payable to, and how will the transaction happen (direct bank transfer, direct debit, western union)? His response was - ?You have to send Western Union to the one of the officer that will help me get a lawyer and sign paper for me?
First name: miller
Last name: peterson
Age: 48
Location: army
On websites: facebook
Report: said looking girlfriend and mother for 2 kids2 kids school harvard
First name: fredrick
Last name: collinson
Age: 45
Location: new Brunswick canada
On websites:
Report: He's style of scam is he meet you on dating site make you trust him with his sweet tongue with the support of his allies. He's target is a filipina easily to fool. He used an agency and a posed agent to process your peppers, but once he get the money he disappeared.
First name: Shane
Age: 51
Location: Alabama
Phone: 3148276881
Email: Doesn't have one
On websites: Mingle2
Report: He contacted me and immediately asked me to deactivate my account. After getting his picture I researched it on Tineye. The scams came up. I've only been talking to him a few hours so no chance to get anything from me. He called and had a heavy Hispanic accent.
First name: Kevin
Last name: Owen
Aka: scott george
Age: 50 +
Location: South Africa and Nigeria Lagos
On websites: facebook
Report: I came into contact with this man, who told me he was a project manager at United nations association of Australia. He seemed nice at first just friendly, asked loads of questions, then short time later came the romance He was over the top, I couldn't understand why anyone would fall in love so quickly so I ignored it Then a few weeks later he told me his son was on a school trip to Italy and had run out of money, would I send him 500 pounds to keep him going for a while. I refused and that's when he became angry saying you don't care about me etc to punish me he blocked me so I accepted this then he asked for my friendship again, and apologised for treating me badly I accepted again , and a few weeks later came up the subject of money again for his son. I refused again, with the same effect. He blocked me again, so I just left it. I saw his picture on your website but his name was Kevin Owen and facebook was name of Michael Roland Rice. I ac
First name: Richsrd
Last name: Presdirio
Age: 55
Location: Florida
Email: Unknown
On websites: Facebook
Report: This man is here as Daniel Burns. He contacted me on Facebook as Richard Presderio. Says he is an engineer and was supposed to be leaving for an assignment to Australia. I googled his photo and came up on several scam sites. I faced off with him with my proof. He broke down, apologized and came clean with me. Said his name is Eze and he's only doing this to support his siblings. I have the messages on my end messenger. How do I transfer that to here? I don't know how. Anyways, hope this is helpful to someone....
First name: Michael
Last name: Gibson
Age: 55
Location: Virginia Beach, VA USA
Phone: 757-538-7099
On websites:
Report: same as others - Holland, Bigfoot Construction, going to South Africa, have spoken on phone several times and long, uncomfortable emails. Accent was NOT Dutch on the phone. I have reported him to He contacted me first and immediately started emotional emails. Continued to press for meeting and relationship far beyond what was reasonable in a 2 week time span - even after he was told I was speaking with others. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. This did not feel right from the beginning.Went by name Heave_Sent. I have 3-4 pics.
First name: Peter
Last name: George
Aka: Robert Wilson
Age: 55
Location: California
On websites: Tinder
Report: This guy is back at it again on Tinder. I reported him already, but I want to make sure as many people see this as possible.
First name: Michael
Last name: Gibson
Age: 55
Location: Sugar Land Texas USA
Phone: 281-909-4171
On websites:
Report: His letters to me match word for word the letters submitted by another member on this site
First name: Willem
Last name: Horst
Age: 50
Location: UK
Phone: +447700309042 08443384
Report: He contact me via facebook messenger, we got chatting and thought to have gotten to know him. He said he Had a contract in the UK with ExxonMobil. He sent me confirmation of his Flight tickets back to SA and I was to meet him at the airport, he then contacted me to say that there had been an accident at the sight and he used all his money trying to finish the contract and was now in dire straits for he had no money left to fix the problem and that he had to pay for the 4 workers that had been seriously injured in the explosion. He asked me to help him with the money , so that he can could complete the job and return back to SA urgently. I could not help him. I got a phone call from Heathrow Customs to say he had been arrested for tax evasion in the UK. I sent him the money . He then sent me a cheque to show that he had been paid and he was coming home. On the day 27 July the day he was supposed to arrive, I started to get suspicious and called a friend and did a few enquiries at Heathrow and no one with that name even went through Heathrow , never mind being arrested. To cut a long story short.,, his cheque is fake as well as his contracts and profile. He still has his profile up on Facebook. Everything is fake.
First name: Luca's
Last name: James
Aka: James Lee payne
Age: 60
Location: Africa from calfornia
Phone: +14242422841
Email: James Lee
On websites: It was on favebook
Report: I have been talking to this guy who told me his name was James Lee PAYE I see on the site here his real name is Lucas James he was texting me on my phone I don,t have all the messages as I selected a lot of them cause my mai box was full a lot of time's he told me he loved me made me fasll head over heals for him as he claims to be in the military he did give me a email military email address told me don,t give that to anyone and he has quite a few pictures of me cause I trusted in him there is more to write you he wanted my bank account to put money in to send home that is what he told me I told him no way I don,t give it out unless I'm, buying something or paying bills there is probably more I can say but can,t fit it here
First name: John
Last name: Pedro Lube
Aka: John Lube
Age: 52
Location: Cleveland
On websites: Mico
Report: he mde the first conection, we was on the same web site looking for dates partner, we almost talk over 3 months even he proposuse to me with a ring an everithing but all this througth web, we used to comunucate on skype bue only calls and texting, not video he always said to trust him that now he can?t get in contact by phone or vido because months backs he was hacked and rob online, so he wa kind a protective about hiself. he said he was a contractor engineer and he has to go to Columbus to do a jobe for 2 weeks, during the days he ask me for $3.000 to pay a machine he has to fix because they damage, so i told him i cant and from there he start to treat me offensive, i had always like the suspect that someting it was happening because he didn?t want to get total contact with me... finally it was true, i?m glad i didn?t agree to give him any money at all.
First name: samuel
Last name: fitchette
Aka: Selangor Kuala Lampur Malaysia
Age: 56?
Location: malaysia
Address: sunway rd
On websites: facebook
Report: a/m scammer asked for friendship on fb with name DAVE MIGUEL, nice and affascinating charming ascpects, e-mail davemiguel, ,that at the end of July, very well spoken english,very smart behaving, all together seems a real nice friendship,handed me over one foto of house with car,had to state the plate of the car was not english,seems more or less african,nigeria or ghana,that what now was more or less convinced that really a scam,alerady before sent another foto,but could not find the scam on the list of the malaysian ones you have placed. looking on my FB friendships seems all england, starting requests
First name: Kevin
Last name: Larry
Age: 56
Location: LA, CA
Phone: 209-372-7514
Email: Unknown
On websites: Tinder
Report: Matched with this man, claims he is in construction, but does architecture, and interior design. Stated he is widowed for 3 years, with two children. Has a few photos, but not sure they are of the same person. Claims he wants marriage. After texting for a few days, something just did not feel right. I think he is a scammer, texts only at certain times. Something is very peculiar, after I did not text back, he stopped contacting me. FYI ladies be careful with this one!
First name: thomas
Last name: hernadez
Aka: james
Age: 56
Location: melrose
Phone: 320-403-1902
On websites: plenty of fish, meet me
Report: contacted me, asked my phone number. His texts are sounding suspicious.
First name: Josh
Last name: Spinner
Age: 42
Location: Jacksonville usa
On websites: Meet me halal. Com
Report: He contacted me at meetmehalal. Com. He claim he is Muslim and immigrants frm Australia. After we exchanged emails for sometimes I asked to have video call and he said he has no phone sell or Web cam. And insist to have email only. After I insist to have video call he just disappear. After 1 month he pinged me again at same website and this time he looks like doesn't remember me at all and again I gave him another email address and the story repeat again. So I assume he is scammer.
First name: John
Last name: Starman
Age: 52
Location: Uk
On websites: Tagged, hangout
Report: He contacted me on tagged and after some days conversation. He sent me email. As far as our conversation his English is too bad for someone who claimed born and stay in UK. I have asked him abt this and he was bit upset abt my questions. It is weird for me so I assume he is a scammer.
First name: Wayne
Last name: Francis
Age: 56
Location: Atlanta, GA
Email: Unknown
On websites: Tinder
Report: Matched with this man, all photos are of a military person. Claims to be on temp assignment in Syria. Says he is an Army Aviator. One pix shows a first sargeant rank, another shows E-8 rank. Name on uniform does not match the one he claims. He gives a lot of compliments about beauty..Things did not appear to be ligit... Be careful I think he is a scammer. He also says he is from Georgia Atlanta (Americans would say Atlanta Georgia). Just beware he appears to be very nice!
First name: Alex
Last name: Oystein
Aka: Petter/Peter
Age: 60
Location: Sydney, AU
Phone: 19492649001
On websites:
Report: Received IDENTICAL emails as those posted by Johanna (USA). All leading to IDENTITY THEFT and ILLEGAL Commodities Trade.
First name: Danny
Last name: Cox
Age: 51
Location: Afghanistan
On websites: Police
First name: Albert
Last name: Gijs Barnabas
Age: 51
Location: Austin Texas
Phone: +14095714081
Email: Albert gijs Barnabas
On websites: Unknown
Report: I know him from tinder,than after I have his number we communicate by Viber.For three weeks we communicate he told that his company send him to Malaysia. He try to asked me send money about 3000 USD but I said to him no money.I know you Scammers.
First name: JACK
Last name: REDD
Aka: Frank William
Age: 56
Location: BRIGHTON UK / Accra Ghana / Nigeria
Address: n.a.
On websites: N.A.
Report: a long story to tell that i wished to share but i need to make sure of its confidentiality of my identity since the scammers are still in contact with me until this time. i don't know what to do -- it seems everything is true to me and i'm so confused until i saw Jack Redd's photo in your site few days ago with similar resemblance for the photo he sent to me --- until i search all documntaries and videos for scammers with similar stories that i have. His name is Frank William (his code name as he said would distinguish that he is belong in this group the company is using to protect the image of the company not to be damaged for misused by other people.
First name: Adonis or Miller
Last name: Adonis or Miller
Aka: Raphael Achebo
Age: 50
Location: London, UK and Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: +447042041391,+447042041391,+23448159534914
On websites: Face Book and Skype
Report: The picture I saw on your site who's name is Raphael Achebo is now going by Adonis Miller and also Miller Adonis. He sent me that exact picture you are showing plus others. He contacted me on Face book with the name Miller Adonis. I added him and he started the romance. He told me he decided to terminate his FB account and only wanted to correspond on Skype so I did. He said he was a wealthy business CEO and was going to Africa to buy lace with his daughter (which he is also using a little girl piture in his scam. I have it.) He then said he cannot access his bank funds there nor use a credit card and needed me to send a money gram to this hotel in Lagos, Nigeria. I told him I did not have the amount he wanted (2000 USD). So the next day he told me he negotiated less and could I send 700 USD. I said no I did not have it. He said 500 USD. I said no I need what I have to live. He got angry and said his and his daughters life were in danger and he needed it but first he said it was for his shipment cost. Then when I still said no he sent me a picture of thislittle girl in a hospital bed and said she fell sownstairs. I still would not give money and never did. He also had a total of 7 known FB. He had 7 FB accounts with some same pictures re-used. He is very good. He gave me bank account info to show a balance he had plus e-mailed me air line ticket info that he was coming to me after he left Africa. He almost had me convinced until he asked for money and started becoming aggitated and being verbally abusive when I did not comply. I have pictures of his fake FB accounts I took pictures of. I reported him on FB and all but one account has been removed so far. I have blocked his phone numbers and blocked him on Skype. I did report him to Skype also but do not know if anything has been done there yet. I reported his e-mail as spam. I have a few of pictures of him that he sent me including the one in your data base under a different name. I might still have the bank info and hotel address to sent the money gram. If I don't, I might be able to recover it on Skype. He also gave me some customer info with a Canadian name, phone number and e-mail address to confirm his identity to me.