First name: Marvin
Last name: M
Age: 53
Location: Anderson, IN
On websites: Tagged
Report: Junkmail to elderly woman age 53/68: Hello, i saw your profile picture and it got my attention, i will like to be your friend and get to know you more, I hope you don't mind Reading his profile he seems to be a fantastisk man - he is almost everything. From being an American he makes too many mistakes with the language: Best Features: I am very positive, spontaneous, warm, witty,well-read, honest, open minded.I also walk and Meditation to keep my body, mind and soul clean, healthy and happy..I am socially conscious, appreciate other Cultures, tolerant, independent, sensitive, sensual, Sexy, adventurous, Romantic, very communicative, playful, healthy, can make you laugh, I can bring excitement in your life.I am fun loving, creative and at peace. I appreciate others and respect other people's feelings, opinions and cultures. About Me: I?m seeking LOVE (no game playing please) with someone who appreciates..I consider myself a good-looking, i do believe in soulmates and i know that God has the right woman for me when the time comes, I am a nice person as well. With my friend is communicate and sociable. In the couple partnership i am affectionate and romantic,friend and confident.I'm open-minded and cheerful.i work hard and i wants to grow both in my job both personally.i am romantic,caring,faithful.I am jealous of what i love.I hope to find and meet a woman to fall in love with.. clever,Communicative, honest and ready for commitments But also i would like her to be sweet,supportive,faithful,caring,comprehensive, family lover, elegant,cheerful.With whom plan her future, a nice family with strong feelings. I would like to meet someone special that I can grow old with, and that we can always look into each other's eyes and know that the love between us is just as wonderful and exciting as the day we met... want to love a woman for who she is, to spoil her, and love her, and let her know just how much she means to me, by the little things I do or say to make her feel special
First name: Scott
Last name: B
Age: 51
Location: Utica, MI
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer wanted to meet me on Tagged. He is 17 years younger than me Scammer with African/English grammar: Tagline: I am energetic, God fearing,loving and i am the caring type
First name: Erdem
Last name: E
Age: 28
Location: ankara, Turkey
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer wanted to meet me on Tagged. Using photo of President Ali ? Turkish Airlines Cargo
First name: David
Last name: Williams
Aka: David Miller
Age: 55
Location: Dallas, TX
Phone: 814-273-2354
On websites: Badoo
Report: Began conversation around Memorial Day and received daily emails
First name: Mark
Last name: Gill
Age: 52
Location: London, England
On websites: Facebook First Met
Report: Would like to know if he is a scammer. Has asked for money.
First name: Mark
Last name: Williams
Aka: David Ronald Ferris, Wendy Goldberg-Ferris, Inspector Richardson
Age: 55
Location: Edmonton, California (Brea, Anaheim and LA), Washington
Phone: 587-409-0940, 714-805-6598, 714-494-6098, 425-287-5880-
On websites: yahoo messanger, linked in, facebook, tinder possibly, e-harmony
First name: John
Last name: Desiderio
Age: 73
Location: Reno
On websites:
Report: Femalnposting on as dying and trying to hook up women with her boyfriend so he is not left alone. Her username on match Konagail.
First name: Lewis Britz
Last name: Kartel
Aka: Henry Morgan
Age: not known
Location: Afghanistan
On websites: Skype, Hangouts
Report: Contacted me first on Messenger, than on Skype and Hangouts. His wife died in car accident wants me to be his wife and mother of his son after 2 days talking But I recognized him from this site, because have been chatting with someone for 3 years who had the same picture but another name.
First name: Durbin
Last name: Christopher
Age: 59
Location: Says he lives in USA but think he is located in S africa
Address: 22051 Montoya Dr, Boca Raton, FL 33433 USA
Phone: 8722442634, 8722442875
On websites: Whatsapp, facebook, Badoo
Report: Contact me on Badoo. He sent photo shopped pictures. Says he was a engineer working at Exxon Mobile located for the moment at the Baltic Sea outside Stockholm. He wanted to start a project in South Africa and wanted money for taxes and for involved a HR firm in South Africa to get the right Peppe to work with. Said that he couldn't send money by his one because he was at the island. The address he gives me in Florida is from a commission agency. He said that his wife died in a car accident three years ago. I was the only one he could trust and the only one how could help him. He wanted use to talk at Whatsapp very shortly after he has taken contact. Three Times he was going to came to Sweden but Every time something happend. Now afterwards I can see all the signs that his a scammer.
First name: Phillip
Last name: Rollins
Age: 46
Location: was in Nigeria but said he's going to Iraq
Phone: +1-989-665-5158
On websites: kik match n chat
Report: Started chatting with him Dec 3rd. 2015 off of kik match n chat. Said he was a marine training with the army in Iraq then 2 weeks later went to Nigeria. He was supposed to leave there June 28 to come back to the states. But that didn't happen said he was going back to Iraq July 8th. Last time we chatted was July 4th. Said we probably wouldn't be able to chat there.
First name: Kelvin
Age: 56
Location: Houston
Phone: 7137669267
Email: Non
On websites: Ok cupid
Report: I found information when searching his photo online that he has used another name of Ecarter Edison
First name: Robert
Last name: Anderson
Age: 55
Location: Houston
Phone: 2149605269
On websites: EHarmony
Report: He said he lived in West University, Houston, Tx
First name: Roy
Last name: Gilbert
Age: 54
Location: USA Arizona
Phone: 5203570947
On websites: Hitwe
Report: Contacted me through Hitwe. We exchanged phone numbers. After several romantic conversations, Roy asked me to marry him and said he was moving from Glendale, Arizona to Los Angeles, California. He asked me to move with him. He sent me pictures of the supposed new home and his 2 sons. He said that his wife left when the youngest son was 10 months old. His wife ran his best friend is what I was told. Thompson was the oldest and Jimmy was the youngest. Roy gave my email address to an accomplice, who he stated was his sister. Netishia Patrick's. She start writing to me telling my how wonderful a brother Roy was. I found Netishia on Facebook and informed Facebook of possible scammer. Facebook contacted me back confirming that it was a scam account. I went to the Russian scammer website and found a Roy Gilbert there with a different picture. Shortly afterwards I was contacted by, detective Brian. He stated that he was investigating the conversations between Roy and I. Supposedly triggered by my doing a search on Roy. He confirmed our phone numbers, state from where the contact took place, all of which I never disclosed to him. He also gave me the name of the dating site we met on with times and dates. Roy told me he would be visiting me shortly after his business trip in Africa. While in Africa he ran short on funds and asked me for $3500. I told him that was not going to happen. He was very upset and we haven't spoke since.
First name: Robert
Last name: Tate
Age: 64
Location: Abdul, Afghanistan
Email:; robert,;
On websites: facebook
First name: Palmer
Last name: Engall
Age: 50
Location: Nigeria
Email: Facebook
On websites: Facebook
Report: He says he's from Dayton Ohio needs money to get home
First name: Bryan
Last name: Welsh
Age: 49
Location: Texas, Michigan , Virginia , Germany, Russia, Nigeria
On websites: Facebook, POF, military singles
Report: Ask for money within days of talking. Claims to have been robbed while in Nigeria on business
First name: Patrick
Last name: Estes
Age: 40
Location: Nigeria, Phoenix Arizona
Email: Patrickes1900
On websites: Kik
Report: I'm sure he is a scammer, and he got me out of a phone, toiletries and some money.Made his story sound good. Knows exactly what to say to the ladies to make them feel important
First name: Charles
Last name: Presten
Aka: David John, Harrison William
Age: 55
Location: USA, ENGLAND
On websites: SKYPE, SKOUT
Report: This man has contacted me on both Skype and SKOUT. He pretended to want to be with me under both names mentioned. When he first contacted me on Skype he told me he wanted me to pay to help him get his money out of a Nigerian Bank. He had me to contact the bank and I was told I would have to pay $1800 when I refused to pay that price he kept telling me that if I really loved him I would do it.
First name: Kurt
Last name: Leuenberger
Aka: Siegfried Hofmeister
Age: 48
Location: Bristol UK, Australia.
Phone: 00447031897684
On websites: Facebook
Report: 1. The scammer 2. facebook 3. one week 4.he invited several female friends too with the same messages.And he started to write strange romantic letters. 5.Before he asked money I was stopped mailing already. Friends and I reported facebook and this site.
First name: mark anthony
Last name: welsh
Age: 63
Location: Rock Hill
On websites:
First name: Farris
Last name: Castillion
Age: 49
Location: California Pensacola, Germany, Malyasia
Phone: unkno909-939-8396wn
On websites: Facebook, twitter, badoo
Report: He meet me on faebook and we started a conversation after about 2 weeks he started asking me to do western unions and money grams and also open bank accounts. He promised we were going to be together get married all the good stuff. He said he was divorced with one child which is a lie he has two children. He goes under 10 different names so ladies beware.
First name: Sean
Last name: Mcdonel
Age: 54
Location: San Francisco US, Afghanistan,
On websites: Facebook, Messenger
Report: Most of the time had contact with him on Facebook
First name: Alexander
Last name: Hamilton
Age: 61?
Location: California
On websites: Tagged
Report: Contacted me on Tagged. Stated he was in Nigeria. That he was a civil engineer doing construction there. Stated has 16 yr old son that is staying with his grandmother. Widowed 16 yrs ago in child birth. He wanted to pay my credit card off & asked me to buy a Iphone6+ and send to his son. Also said they needed money. He ordered an extra credit card to b sent to Arizona to his sister supposedly. Also had her put as an additional user on my card. He made deposits into a bank account he asked me to open. Both deposits & payment of my credit card were returned. I hope this will prevent him taking advantage of some other lonely woman.
First name: Albert
Last name: Pelton
Aka: Bernard Coleman
Age: said he was 53 but you have him as 60
Location: Dallas, Texas
Phone: 14695732117
On websites: seniorpeoplemeet
Report: I recognized his picture on your site. He writes how much in love he is with me and wants to relocate here to LA. He told me he is a jewelry designer and sells precious gems and metals. He says he lives in Dallas by himself, no children. When he called me his voice didn't match his picture, he had a distinct African dialect. He told me his name was Bernard Coleman but on your site you have him as Albert Pelton. I read the letters you have posted that he sent to others. He has not asked me for money yet but I'm sure this will come. He wants to relocate and asks me about my car and what kind of job I have. How were you able to confirm his real name and all those alias?
First name: David
Last name: Brown
Age: 52
Location: Buffalo NY
Phone: + 1(646)434-6885
On websites: Timber
Report: He is looking for women who are over 40 years old He wants to send messages only from his private email, when he got answer on the dating website than he immediately deleted himself from this site. This is the quote from his letter (it is template, I found it on this page)
First name: Benjamin
Age: 55
Location: mexico city , mexico
Email: dont know ,sorry
On websites: TAGGED
Report: he has many profiles using the same photo with different names ,
First name: Leonard
Last name: L
Aka: Williams Brown, Steve Louis
Age: 50/51
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom /Vashon, WA, United States,
Phone: +2348108235859
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer wanted to meet me on Tagged Romance scammer.
First name: Fabiano
Last name: Dino
Age: 58
Location: Los Angeles
Phone: 213-761-7904
On websites: Facebook.
Report: This person met me on but singed off. We talked via personal email for two weeks. He said he was in Dubai on a multi-million dollar project. He ran out of money and needed a final $5000 to pay the taxes to finish the job and then come back home to me. He asked for my bank account information including asked for my passwords and log in questions and security answers. When I confronted him he said I was the gold digger and I only wanted money from him.
First name: Ryan
Last name: Richard
Aka: John Leroy Smith
Age: 55
Location: U.S. Florida
Report: This person is listed among 10 most active scammers and this is second time he contacted me, he said he was a Dr. in Syria, this time he said he is a sailor on ship transporting goods to China. I reconised his photo from scam diggers under different names, this man must be stopped, he contacted me on skype , first time I blocked and reported him. I will do the same thing again,when he asked questions I answered hin with a question and told him I had appointment.
First name: Gregg
Last name: Beaven
Age: 33
Location: Geneva/Switzerland, Arifjan/Kuwait
On websites:, facebook, linkedin
Report: I met Gregg (or whatever his name is on He sent me a message and a friend invitation that I have accepted. We were writing a few days on Tagged but he insisted on writing on Yahoo messenger. Unfortunately my messenger didn't work so for a few days I didn't write to him and he neither. After a few days he wrote me again on Tagged why am I not writing to him so I kindly said that my messenger doesn't work - he didn't want to believe me but anyway he gave me his skype contact and email address. So for the next few days we were writing through the email and on skype as well. He was all the time asking me to use my webcam but I didn't agree - I can write with somebody that I don't know but I will not talk through the webcam until I make sure that the person is real. Meanwhile I checked him in Internet - and it sounded like he's a real man. He also sent me his pictures showing himself and telling about his father who died in WTC terrorist atack. He asked me about myself, what I'm doing etc. He told me he is on his military service, doing voulunteer job there. He told me that his service is until the end of September and at the beginning of October he's coming back to Geneva, Switzerland where he lives. At the very beginning I said that its crazy to me to come to a man who I don't know nothing about and I didn't agree. Also I wrote him that I wouldn't feel safe there and I don't have many to come. He started telling me that he has feelings for me, that he wants to be with me, he told me that I can work for him in his volunteer organization, he sent me a an plans for his projects. (The thing about the money is not true because I can afford a plane ticket but I was thinking that after me saying that he will just let it go but he didn't). He insisted on me to come saying that he will talk with his chapelman Venerable Sir P. Bobo ( who will pay for my plane ticket. Finally I said ok still knowing that I will not come. Anyway, I got an email from Mr Bobo telling me that he made a booking for my plane but he's short of 350 euro. I wrote to both of them that I told them before that I don't have any money to pay any fraction. Then the whole horror started.. I was talking to Gregg on Skype telling him that I can't afford any money to pay for the ticket, and that I will not come. He wanted me to called on Skype with a webcam but I didn't. And in this moment everything happened. He started calling me names, telling me that I am not real cause if I were real I would show myself on webcam, he said that I must be a man not a woman and I have things to hide from him. He started coursing me telling me that I should die and he wished me death in next seven days starting from yesterday. I blocked him on skype, I blocked him everywhere I could just not on my email account. He sent me an email saying that I'm fuck*** cockroach, that he courses me, he wish me to die soon together with my family.... I don't have to tell you how I feel... I got an answer from him that he had already booked my ticket and I own him 359? which I can send him through money gram or western union. Meanwhile I was searching on Internet any hints about Gregg Beaven I found the article just by accident. I translated it on google translator into English and that's how I found out the truth. In this article you can find also other names that he uses.