First name: Bryan
Last name: Anderson
Age: 50
Location: Poland
On websites: LDS Pals
Report: Contacted me on LDS Pals Said he was divorced caught his wife in bed With a man..He has a daughter 8 years old in boarding school. Worked as a sailor .on a container ship and is in France waters. Fell in love with me in 2 days..can not send pic. Due to security. We spoke on whatsapp he had a nigerian phone number.. Then he asked me to wright his company to get permision so he could visit me for xmas.. Head of Department googled this strange email provider and found out it is a fake site used by scamners to get your information.I have his profile pic.and whatsapp prof.
First name: Jason
Last name: Tilley
Age: 39
Location: Beverly Hills, Dubai
On websites: Hangouts, badoo
Report: I met Jason on Badoo on October 17, 2018. He said he was in Denver helping a friend. Told me he owned a house in Beverly Hills. Said he was a US Army soldier. A few days later he told me he had to go to Dubai on a mission and would be back in 2 months. That same day he told me he was falling completely in love with me and he couldn?t wait to get home to meet me. One week later I got the lost bag story and he told me that he had been approved leave but didn?t have enough to fly home said it would be $500 and that he would give it back when he got back. He has also said he would rent me a house where I live so that things would be easier for me.
First name: Ben
Last name: Hiscox
Aka: David Bringman
Age: 71
Location: Morristown NJ
On websites: POF
Report: Already interacted with this person twice in the last three months on POF. Stupid enough to use the same photo. Says he is a contractor working on an oil rig will be back in three weeks and ready to retire. Falls in love immediately and never uses your first name.
First name: Harold
Last name: Champagne
Aka: Thomas Champagne
Age: 50
Location: Texas
Phone: 3202042836
Report: Sent me pics Ids and a Dept of defense contract, but information he shared was incorrect.
First name: Kim
Last name: Taehyung
Aka: Kim Lorenzo
Age: 59
Location: Afghanistan
On websites: Facebook and hangout
Report: This man claims that he is doctor in U.S army and claims that is american citzen. But i dont believe that is he. He had told me different infomation every time i talked to him he wanted me to set up facebook account and now he wants my personal information such as full name and address and phone number so i can accept a huge amount of money. I didnt give to him.i know something was he upset because i told that i will not accept the money.
First name: Martin
Last name: Jurgen
Age: 60
Location: Sarasota, Florida, USA
Address: 136 Golden Gate Point
Phone: 001 971 252 1450, 0039 351 1163866
On websites: was on Facebook
Report: - First contact from him: 17.01.2018 via Facebook ( Profile is deleted in between). - Correspond via Messenger and G-Mail until July 2018, last contact 17.10.2018 by phone from Italy Phone No. - Love Scamming with a lots of letters until 7.3.2018, after that only via Messenger or phone. - Money requested to get out a package with US 750'000 and Gold worth 10 Mill. Euro from the Customs in Milano - Money requested from: EVAH CASTRO. (Phone: 0039 351 027 68 898) For: Security Air Express. E-mail: E-mail: E-mail: Asking for money to take out a great value package for custom, for the Lawyer, to bail him out of arrest or jail total 9 times After I paid a very high amount and I stopped payment beginning of July, I did not hear anything from Security Air directly. On 16/17. Oct Martin Jurgen called me again, wanted new Money for Ticket go back to USA. After I refused it, one hour later the profile in Facebook was cancelled by him. Myself I am ruined with the amount of money, I paid for this Scammer
First name: Matthew
Age: 35
Location: Riverdale, Bronx
Phone: +1 (862) 774-7499
On websites: Pof
Report: I am speaking with him now. We were supposed to meet yesterday and then he came out with being ribbed and asking me to send him money to get his I.D. He had a. Elderly Aunt between 71-76 years old, whom he isn't close with but she sent him $100.00 online. His birthday is tomorrow. We have skyped and I saw that he looks like his photo and he sent me his plane ticket to prove he is telling the truth.
First name: Kim
Last name: Lorenzo
Age: 52
Location: Overseas
On websites: Facebook
Report: I beieve this man is a scammer. He has told two different names and his age has changed. Frist he told me is was 59 now he is 52. He has asked me to set up a facebook account for him so he contact his children has shown photo of his son claims he has daughter too. Seem very clingy and seem he looks for a realtionship
First name: Wilson
Last name: Ries
Aka: Willy Nice
Age: 42
Location: Switzerland
Email: +41779471888
On websites: 2Datee
Report: He claims his wife died two months after giving birth to twins boy and girl,he said his ubs card Got lost and wanted a large sum of money to pay for the goods and he would return it but no money was Given,but he uses the kids to get women to give money
First name: Anthony
Last name: Morgan
Aka: Mills Morgen
Age: 55
Location: Toronto, ON CA & Florida, US
On websites:
Report: He contacted me and kept pushing for me to give him my email address for hangouts yet would not answer my questions. I was looking up someone else when I came across his photo on this website and dropped any conversation and reported him to the site.