First name: Emmanuel
Last name: Doeller
Aka: Manny
Age: 64
Location: Said moved from Texas now in Orange Park Fla
Phone: 480-485-7665
On websites: Millionaire Match
Report: Contacted me on Millionaire Match. Seemed to be very sincere. Wasn?t even that good looking. Had no problem talking on the telephone with me. Had an accent. Said he was brought up in Germany. Said he was a fiber optics engineer working for AT&T. He just moved from Texas to Orange Park to be with his Daughter who lives in Jacksonville Fla. Said his office was closing down end of November. We were to meet Sunday after Thanksgiving. He was spending Thanksgiving with his daughter and future son-in law. This is when things started to go crazy. Daughter and son in law were in a car crash in Hollywood fla morning of Thanksgiving and taken by a Good Samaritan to Memorial Hospital in Hollywood Fla. Son-in law died and his daughter was 5 months pregnant and in a coma. I asked for her name and he told me her name was Oleisa Chaka. I called the hospital and they had no record of her I checked online for news of car crashes in Hollywood Fl None were reported. Told me she was on life support. Then he told me they were going to transfer her to a hospital in Daytona but he found out she had no insurance and needed money to pay the hospital to transfer her. I told him the hospital bills you pay later on and they would never transfer a patient when on life support. He left his house with no credit card. He wanted to give me his banking information to transfer money because he used up what he had on him. Now he said he needed money to pay the hotel. When I asked how would he get the money he said I should lay out $2000 and I will get it back in two days. This is a very slick soft spoken scammer. I had him reported to Millionaire Match. He has been removed.
First name: Nelson
Last name: Cole
Aka: Randy
Age: 43
Location: Nigeria
Address: Claims Seattle area
On websites: Tagged
Report: I've been talking to him since July 2018. He claims to need $350 for leave. He gets extremely jealous and tries to make me feel bad if I dont chat with him . Disappears for days at a time.
First name: David
Last name: Delone
Age: 51
Location: Los Angeles and London England
Phone: 424-282-9287
On websites:
Report: David Delone British voice, Contract Architect, Divorced wife cheated with best friend, just moved to CA from N.Y. Met on Match Aug 2018. Within weeks blocked account on Match. Says he wants to be exclusive. Never meet you in person, always something comes up. Then goes to London for business, everything that can goes wrong. Needs money for work, bank card not working, hotel bill, dog sitter, arrested for attempting to leave country, no money, living on streets. Wants you to wire money
First name: Murphy
Last name: Joe
Aka: hansell scott johnson
Age: 56
Location: Toronto, Ontario and United Kingdom
On websites: facebook
Report: I received a friend request from this clown & am now wondering why all of a sudden I've been swamped with scam artist requests? Either way, I find them entertaining to mess with. The last scam artist I sent to you guys.(michael julius brian report #15303)... I ended up messing with for almost 3 weeks! It was funny! He tried so hard to get me to give him a bank account number or credit card number.... I turned the tables on him & advised him I couldnt wait to have his child & that I needed cash from a western union because i didnt have a bank account...... that pretty much scared him off!! Sometimes you have to find humor amongst the shitty people that walk this earth. Anyway, I advised awhile back that I spent many years as a skip tracer, so, it didnt take me long to figure this guy out !! If you review his facebook profile it is splattered with all of the red flags! He wanted to exchange email addresses, first/last name combo, Nigeria, no friends on social media,
First name: Greg Andrea
Last name: Caccamo
Age: 43
Location: Downey, CA
On websites: tagged
Report: Scammer ? image stolen
First name: Alex
Age: 57
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
On websites: tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on tagged ? image stolen from former ambassador in Denmark
First name: Philip
Age: 56
Location: Clifton, NJ
On websites: tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on tagged
First name: Nick William
Last name: Clegg
Aka: Nicwil N
Age: 53
Location: Tusket, Canada
On websites: tagged
Report: Cancer scammer Part of his message to me: I have severe cancer of the throat. I have a sum of ???? I would like to make a donation
First name: Colins
Age: 53
Location: Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
On websites: tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on tagged
First name: Frank
Age: 64
Location: Oakland, CA
On websites: tagged
Report: Scammer ? image stolen from former Ludwigsfelder Burgermeister who has passed away