First name: Peter
Last name: Duchartz
Age: 48
Location: New York
Phone: 347-619-0333
On websites:
Report: Met him on He said he was widowed, wife died of cancer and two children in the UK. Says he is an international business man. Works in construction and mining. He says he is currently stuck in Africa and needs funds to get back to the US. He needed Rolex watches, iPhones and MAC computers to bribe police. He had me wire funds into various bank accounts and Western Union/Money Gram accounts in Lebanon. He stated he was robbed and stabbed while in Africa. Needed money for the hospital bills.
First name: Rex
Last name: Danny
Age: 42
Location: Uk
Email: Rexdanny1234
On websites: Ecfriend, Worldfriends, Facebook
Report: We met via website
First name: James
Last name: Philip
Age: 52
Location: Orange Park, FL
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer - Fake Native American - image stolen from prime minister John Key of New Zealand
First name: Jemal
Last name: T
Aka: David More
Age: 50
Location: Himanka, Finland
On websites: Tagged
Report: Romance scammer.
First name: David
Last name: J
Aka: Anthony Smith
Age: 61
Location: Manchester City Centre, United Kingdom /West Stockbridge, Massachusetts
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged - this image has often been used by scammers. I think this is a photoshop Scammer with different names and locations: David J/Smith Anthony - Manchester City Centre, United Kingdom/West Stockbridge, Massachusetts
First name: Frederick
Last name: P
Age: 56
Location: Houston, TX
On websites: Tagged
Report: Military scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged
First name: Charles M
Last name: B
Age: 55
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer - fake Native American Typical scam message: Hello dear, How are you doing today? I hope all is well with you and your wonderful family as well?
First name: Michael
Last name: Robert
Age: 48
Location: New Orleans, LA USA, Lagos Nigeria
Phone: 504-662-9945
On websites:
Report: This person followed the typical ploy. Writes to me, asks me to remove my profile because he doesn't want me to talk to anyone else, planning on coming to see me but has to go on a business trip to NY. He would not give me his home address, I only wanted to send him a little token. He goes to NY and when I asked for his flight info so I could track it, he waited until the next day to provide me the information. He would not give me the name of the hotel and when I asked for it again, he only gave me the name, not the address. He then tells me this business trip was for a job proposal. On the spot he gets the job and has to fly the next day to Nigeria to spend six weeks on the job. He is a Google subscriber so the number is not his real phone number. I confronted him about changing his pictures on his profile and he was going to remove the profile. He said he did it weeks ago but I know it was the day before. He was standoffish when I asked him for the name of the company he worked for. While in NY I asked for a picture of the city from his hotel room and he waits for the next day to send another picture that could be any room, but no view from the window. Once he got to Lagos Nigeria, he told me he lost his backpack that had his iPhone and laptop. He proceeded to ask me to buy him an iPhone 6 and a MacBook pro and then would pay me back. I let him know he could order those things online. He said it wasn't favorable for him to do that and now he questioned my feelings for him since I wouldn't get him these items. I let him know to never ask me for money. He told me his background is Portuguese and that he has lived in the U.S. for 32 years. He has a very heavy accent for living here all this time and it's difficult to understand him when we talked on the phone. This is a typical scam.
First name: michael
Last name: gibson
Aka: michael paterson
Age: 55
Location: South Africa, Va Beach
Phone: 757-364-0575, 27715868193,00127715868193
On websites:
Report: He sent me a message on and asked me to email him at We have been corresponding since 8/29 and the letters are the same as the ones Mary USA posted. He was from Holland and had moved her since he lost his wife in a tragic car accident. He asked me to let him transfer money to my bank account to get a iPhone for his project in south Africa. Send the contract award too. Googled this kind of scam and it led me here.
First name: luis fernando
Last name: macias
Age: 44
Location: New jersay
Phone: 1 201 4689397
On websites: lavalife
Report: I saw him in online date Lavalife and he give me the Skype name and will start talking he send me text by phone everyday ............he ask me for money because her daughter Diana he wanted to celebrate her birthday i am not send money and put the picture and google and said he is scammer and by the search i found this site he said the name is Luis Fernando Macias, have a daughter her name is Diana , and hi is Nigeria working in a project but he call me with this phone i give you
First name: Paul
Last name: hinch
Age: 57
Location: auckland NZ and Los Angeles California
On websites: olderdatingnz
Report: i have been contacted via olderdatingnz website which he has now removed himself from by a Paul Hinch . A retired American army field engineer who is now working privately as a security engineer on an oil rig off west Ghana I want to know if he is bogus
First name: Stephen E.
Last name: Hatchell
Age: 52
Location: Atlanta
On websites: facebook
Report: he has send a friendrequest 2 month ago. We wrote several times a day with facebook messanger. He pretend to be divorced. He has a daughter living in USA. He pretended to be an engineer working at a oil rigg. He told that he is also a headhunter for foodball player. He wanted to visit me, but three days ago he had a problem with a mashine and I wanted that I take a contact with a company in UK to get a new mashine. I said that I don't want to do that. yesterday he beg for 5400? for the new mashine. I said again no. He called me with messanger and wrote several times that he need my help. I always said that I don't think about to help him. yesterday evening he has blocked me on facebook. But I know he has other female contact on facebook as well.
First name: Desmond
Last name: Harrison
Aka: Donald Scott
Age: 38
Location: Syria
On websites: Facebook
Report: He claims to be a captain on Peace Keeping mission in Syria. I suspected he wasn't the real guy on the photos he posted
First name: MIKE
Last name: GILLEY
Age: 57
Location: USA
On websites: ALLAN WINKS
Report: Good Morning, I met MR ALLAN WINKS on the OKCUPID website. only discovered after over a month that he was or lets say he is a romance scammer. Requested money from me, I foolishly sent him ? 50,00 via Western Union. I have emails with pictures that I could send you if needed.
First name: Michael
Last name: Lawson
Age: 61
Location: Malaysia
Phone: 4242436852
On websites:
Report: On Thu, Sep 1, 2016 at 9:57 AM, michael lawson wrote: I totally Understand where you are coming from Ashley , I know i might sound like a flip of your imagination but every words I write or say to you is True and real from my inner being , I'm still amazed at how much closer and safe I feel with you I haven't feel that way with anyone in a very long time . I'm Trusting my instincts about us hoping for a better days ahead and I know God plans will definitely prevail when we see each other in person , I'm not so concerned about your pretty faces , sexy legs or cloths but how much beautiful you are on the inside is much more important to me . I don't want you judging yourself when the next person standing next to you haven't judge you yet like I told you before I'm not looking for perfection in my woman I just want a new adventure life of happiness and love I've always known it doesn't matter where we live but with whom we live with .. Taking you for whom so ever you are is what I'm willing to do , I just want you to know you will never regret ever letting me in your life , I want to guide your heart , protect and cherished it till the end of time . Your sad days are over for the light has come , The bible says
First name: Brandon
Last name: Anderson
Age: 48
Location: US, Bahamas, Dubai
Phone: 2347380061
On websites:
Report: He says he is in the Army. Born in the Bahamas. 2 children, one girl, one boy.
First name: Jeffries
Last name: CrOll
Age: 57
Location: San Francisco ca usa
Email: Unknown
On websites: Facebook
Report: Said he was in the UK working on a oil rig. He was a widower of 5 years with 1 child,a son,who was in a boarding school. Wife supposedly died in a auto accident.owned a home in San Francisco at one time told me his dad lived nearby then told me he was dead.said he was originally from Oslo Norway and had lived in Ohio. Birthdate was August 13 1960. I did have a phone number for him but have forgotten it now. I know it was an Alabama number. Questioned that and he said that was what his company gave him when he travelled. Was very convincing took him a couple months before he asked for money.Said he was traveling to Saudi Arabia and sent me a bogus looking contract. Then messaged me that he needed 5,000 to get out of the country as they were seizing his equipment as he did not have the money for the fees. Wouldn't send him money he got angry then he wanted to marry me and move to Paris. Wanted me to send him 20,000 for a down payment on a house there. I told him to sell his house and the 4 Bmws he had to get the money. Blocked him on Facebook and changed my phone number. Really had me fooled at first was falling for him.
First name: Glenn
Last name: mcmuarice o Maurice
Aka: unknown Amy Cox Surbaugh
Age: 55
Location: Kabul , california ,
Phone: unknown + 19162650318
On websites: facebook
Report: Me saludo por el foro de Facebook , entablamos conversacion , a los pocos dias ya me pidio ser su amada esposa , me escribia a todas horas , despues me pidio el skipe y por ahi lo vi , me dijo que era general de estados unidos y estaba destinado en kabul , tiene un hijo llamado Collins de 14 anos , me pidio que le escribiera pues estaba triste despues de dos anos el en kabul , en cologio internado . La primera peticon llego estando de vacaciones su hijo en ghana , no le funcionaba su tarjeta y estaba enfermo y sin dinero , no le mande , discutimos y ya supe que algo estaba mal cuando el correo de su hijo me pedia dinero igual .La segunda vez fue estando su hijo en italia con el colegio terminando sus vacaciones , esta vez si fui a mandarselo y un pequeno accidente hizo que no llegara al destino , no le preocupo mi accidente pero si que no hubiera cumplido su palabra y empece a buscarlo por todos sitios , vi que tenia muchas cuentas y decidi investigar por mi cuenta mientras seguia hablando con el , fue super carinoso durante mas de 1 mes y esperaba que en cualquier momento volviera a pedir , me dio un correo del ministerio de defensa de usa para pedir por ser su mujer que lo reemplazaran , me pidio matrimonio , yo queria saber hasta donde llegaba y supe donde mirar , en la embajada de kabul de estados unidos y alli salia el , el correo me dice que para que regrese a casa tengo que pagar 5.600 dolares , esta firmado por la senora Ash Carter , tengo los correos , fotos en camtidad y encontre una pagina que sale como uno de los estafadores mas grandes pero sus nombres ahi estan anticuados .
First name: Hayden
Last name: Hall
Age: 66
Location: Long Beach, CA., USA
On websites: facebook
Report: He contacted me first. I responded and we just started talking. He is an engineer on a ship in bottom of the ocean. He will be coming up to top in Dec. and wants to come see me, Has a daughter, name Jessica, age 9.
First name: Charles
Last name: Mallon
Aka: Wright
Age: 55
Location: Kabul Afghanistan
On websites: facebook
Report: This man sent me a message on facebook. Within a week he told me he loved me. That raised a red flag right away. Called me sunshine. Claimed he had a 10 year old daughter. We messaged every day. Claims he is a general in the army but he sent me a picture of him in fatigues with the name Wright and US Marine on his pants . I asked him why he picked me from Facebook, asked him to send me a picture of him with his daughter. Everyday. He told me he loved me and I believed him. Then one day he wanted to have his paycheck put into my bank account. Since I only had a few dollars in there I agreed. My bank called me about fraudulent activity and closed it. I told him what happened and he said I should go to the bank to get my account straightened out. That's when it hit me what an idiot I am. Told him was deleting him out of my life. Like most scammed he became angry. He's gone and all his lies are too.
First name: Mark
Last name: Homan
Age: I think 35-40
Location: Nigeria, Bonny
Address: Unknown
Email: Unknown
On websites: Badoo
Report: He initiated the contact through badoo, and it took me few days to to correspond with him. He invited me over to his city which is bonny in Rivers state Nigeria. I live in uyo, Akwa Ibom state Nigeria. I reached Port Harcourt first before I'll take a boat to bonny. He said it was late so he would send his personal assistant to lodge me somewhere. The supposed personal assistant (a black man) came. He took me to a restaurant, I kept my bag in the car while there was another guy in the car. We entered the restaurant and he got me food. While I was eating, the person I was supposed to meet called and said I should give the p.a my phone and he told him someone brought money for me to lodge. The p.a went out with my phone and never returned. I went outside to check but the car too was no longer there. I narrated what happened to me to people there and they said that guy does that always. The guy also impersonated the Nigerian Navy.
First name: Dennis Ben
Last name: Hiniker
Age: 58
Location: US New York, and Miami
On websites: FB, Google+ Msybe Pigbusters and WK as Dennis
Report: About Dennis Ben Hiniker who I have reported. I don't think he is from Ghana because he is very will informed about US Regulatory system. For example it's possible to borrow money on your own car. I'am confused because when he phoned me on FB Messemger I could hear alarm system when he was in the controllroom and he told me he has to call me back later. I have heard dogs who was barking and he told me he has to stop talking and go out
First name: Ryan
Last name: Smith
Age: 53
Location: Miami, FL
Phone: 786-322-5114
On websites:
Report: This person contacted me through He claims he is not a member, but his friend (who is a member) let him use his account. The user of the accounts is: rooter1967; Fair Oaks, IN. I have corresponded with this person through email and text messaging.
First name: Doctor Frank
Last name: Smith
Aka: David Wilson
Age: 55
Location: New York
Email: Frank Smith
On websites: Facebook
Report: Said he was a doctor working in Syria with the red cross, and his son was on a trip with the American Army to Ghana his money had run out and his credit card would not work. He asked me could I sent him money by Moneygram and he would pay me back then I knew he was a scammer. The next time I came across him he was David Wilson he was working on an oil rig his small son was with a nanny and they needed money he could not send as he was out at sea, could I send money his son needed for medication.
First name: David
Last name: Krushner
Aka: David Kushner
Age: 43
Location: Alaska, USA
Address: #3 Fort Richardson Bay, Alaska, USA
Phone: +19047019023
On websites: Tagged and gmail
Report: He approached on tagged and ask my gmail and Yahoo. Coz he said he can't be there always. Because he is always busy in the camp. He introduced himself as David Kushner from Texas, USA and working as a US navy and recently assign in gulf Alaska. He was being nice and sweet to me. Just last week he said he will send me package ( laptop, iPad, cellphone,bouquet of roses, chocolates,perfumes and bag. He gave the tracking number of so I thought he is true. After one day someone called me that I need to pay the administrative charges amounting P14,200 to the bdo account of Arlene T. Policarpio. So I deposit 10,000 as partial payment. Then they said I will pay the remaining balance during the delivery. Then after a few hours they call back again and said that there's a big amount of money inside the box and there's a penalty of e5,000.... By that time I realized that I was scammed. That this David Kushner is a scammer. Please anyone knows how can I get back my money from that scammer?
First name: Rayhan
Last name: Tariq
Aka: Ahmad Zaid
Age: 49
Location: London UK
Phone: +44 7732042250
Email: We had never used email in our conversation
On websites: Active on Facebook
Report: I met him on facebook and I told him about Ryan Brendan and asked some helps from him to report about Ryan to the UK embassy.. and he promise me to report it to the UK embassy and said he has already sent some application form by City Sprint Courier..but for the next day there is a malaysian woman who has name Catry call me and asked some money 6000 Ringgit Malaysia from me to send the package because there are some money in that package and was caught in Malaysia.. I asked Ahmad Zaid he confessed that he put in 10,000 pounds in that package because he felt sorry and sympathies on me...but after I send that money the package never being sent to me...and I noticed that his name on facebook has been changed into Rayhan Tariq and I think his facebook still active until now.
First name: Dillian
Last name: Miller
Age: 48
Location: Connersville,usa
On websites: Unknown
Report: Claims to be in military overseas then starts asking for money to fly his son home and then wants you to send him iTunes gift cards
First name: johnson
Last name: pearce
Aka: pearce johnson..james johnson...david scott pearce
Age: 51
Location: Africa
Address: Atlanta.Georgia....San Diego California
Phone: 404-662-5050
On websites:
Report: I met him from Jacksoville.Florida he suppose me in ARMY deploy to Africa. Need money fly home $1600 he wanted to deposit his dad estate check to come home then he try depositing phoney check bank closed my account just got my social security check started back .he is confirm scammer on male scammers
First name: Bryan
Last name: Harts
Age: 57
Location: Roodepoort, Johannesburg
Address: 306 Cinderella street, florida, roodepoort
Phone: 0786447491
On websites: Thunderboltcity
Report: Engineer supposedly building a huge residential project in Meersig, Walvis Bay, Namibia. Needed financial support after an industrial accident on the site on 28 May 2016. 3 workers were killed and the funds were needed to pay their funeral costs. He sobbed and cried. He attended mass every Sunday. His daughter also wrote about how excited they were about our 'relationship'. No report in any newspaper about this accident. He was able to keep it 'out of the press as the unions would have trashed the project and the police force is too small to control the situation' He needed further funds for a lawyer. The project was a 'crime scene' for a while and then building re-commenced and was completed at the end of July. He was to be paid in early august and would pay me back and then fly to Cape Town. On the way to the airport he was involved in an'accident' which left him in a coma and the driver killed. No police report of this accident, no record of the accident at either hospital. His 2IC 'Richard' asked me to fly up as he should hear a familiar voice. He would not see me when I got there. No response on his phone or email.
First name: Ryan
Last name: Brendan
Age: 49years
Location: Comes from Leeds UK but live in Singapore
Address: Singapore
Phone: +44 7452034014 / +65 83534272
Email: We had never used email in our conversation
On websites: Active on Facebook
Report: He borrowed my money for about 20,000 USD for helping his work in Singapore and never pay my money back to me until now and I've check that he used some fake people from Indonesia and Malaysia with fake addresses too, so I can't find them in their addresses. I had many proofs of our chatting and the money receipts, also had their profile picture that been used by him.