First name: Douglas
Last name: Michael
Age: 48
Location: Nigeria Ikeja
On websites: Facebook
Report: This man first contacted me on Facebook.he said he had found me looking for someone else.Over a short space of time he has more loving should I put it. He sent me pictures of himself and son .He told me he was a supervisor on building a bridge in Nigeria . The next thing is they have had a accident and a few of them in hospital.and he asks me could I send money as he had run out. The address is Frank Aina Ikeja Lagos Algeria Zip code 23401
First name: Rolland
Last name: Fred
Age: 54
Location: North Florida
Address: 33160
Phone: 8704664996
On websites: Facebook
Report: He became a friend throught my friend ... He said he's supervisor in oil and gas also works on ships ... He once asked me for job in Africa to send him 15000 bucks for job in Africa have his false award certicate which I sent to Chevron ... cause he had money but job was more expensive than he thought .... Do not borrow money from my family and did not send him zero ... He now claims working in Alaska .. He wants to have my home adress to send boxes that's not going to happen ... His profile and phone number same as Richard Miller .. He text me many times daily .... Called me once ... And would like to report him ... Read comments of file you have on Richard miller which is identical to this guy I'm supposedly in relationship for I want to nail him .. I have copy of fake certificate and have his phone number with message he sent me that I can provide as proof.. He wanted to send me emails from Chinese vendor for job cause his email didn't work ... I said no did not want job info you can make a new email adress for your job
First name: David
Last name: Krushner
Aka: David Kushner
Age: 43
Location: Alaska
Phone: (904) 701-9023
On websites: Tagged and Yahoo
Report: This man suddenly approached thru tagged and asking for my yahoo email because he said that it is more convenient for him. We eventually message each other from time to time, I think it last for a month. He said that he was from the US Navy and is looking for a friend ahead of time who can help him because he said that they were going to be deployed in the Philippines. Me, being a person who can easily trust agreed. And then suddenly he started to tell his feelings which is very unusual and strange because we never met and he and I are total strangers. He said that he love me and he wants to be with me, and so on. I do not believe so I started to get suspicious but I still continued to communicate with him. Then one day, he told me that he will send me stuff like gadgets and chocolates. He gave me the site and the tracking number (site: tracking number: 5685324568). I studied the information given in the tracking and all the information given about him, his whereabouts and contact number were literally false and not true. Aside from that the courier company was asking me to send a 300$ in order to get the package that as sent for me. I told him about it and he said that I should give them the money they needed in order to get the package and to avoid confiscation. I consulted my friends and they said that he is a totally a scammer. That is why to make everything stop I email that person and told him that I know what he was trying to do and then that's it after that very last message from me he never replied to my emails, that is when I really confirmed that he really is a scammer.
First name: Jesse
Last name: Robert
Age: 51
Location: Accra
Address: Unknown
On websites: Skype
Report: He contacted me on skype, told me he is a businessman in Ghana buying gold, after few weeks He told he was robbed and needed money for ticket, i wanted to buy it for him but he told Me it's better to send him.after few days he told me he can't take the Gold with him because it was bought in Libya and it's better to send the money for secure agency to send the Gold .He told Me the local Company take 1080 $ for sendning. I sent this amount to him ,then he told Me that is not possible because Gold was from Libya and and that UK security agency can send it to usa but it costs more. I told him i cant send more, he begg me to send 500
First name: Johan
Aka: Greenlove59
Age: 51
Location: Stockholm Sweden
On websites:
Report: He wants to know what I'm doing in the weekend how long I'm divorced and how many kids I have. So I block him too.
First name: Kerry
Aka: Pampryl_23
Age: 55
Location: La Souterrain Limousin France
On websites:
Report: He speaks English and French and I think I block him.
First name: Edward
Aka: Worldwide99
Age: 57
Location: Houston and Spijkenisse
On websites:
Report: He tells me: he was born in Spijkenisse/Holland and grown up in Houston and lives now in Houston and lost both parents and is seeking for a woman wherever in the whole wide world. He wants to know everything about me, but I'll give him summary answers. This might be the last time because about 2 days my full membership is passed away.
First name: Tony
Last name: Jovanni
Age: Unknown
Location: Lagos Nigeria
Email: Unknown
On websites: Yes
Report: Tony Jovanni of the United States is not a scammer he is a great man and a devout Christian. The scammer is the man in Nigeria who stole his Match account and his email account. I know Tony Jovanni really well and he's an amazing man. He's the best man I have ever known in my life. I love him dearly and will forever. He's so sweet and kind. Diane is wrong and has these 2 men confused. She should have given her report more thought before submitting without considering the repercussions of being wrong. The scammer is in Nigeria not the USA. It's amazing how vindictive women can be when they get dumped by a man because he chooses a higher classy, ethical and moral woman.
First name: Arif
Last name: Monsury
Aka: Freddie or Steven
Age: 56? April 6, 1960 or December 21, 1960
Location: In Warri, Owerri, or Lagos, Nigeria
Address: From Dallas. Houston, LA, NY
Phone: +2348105829032, +2348171896255
Email: Unknownchild:
On websites: Facebook, Badoo
Report: I started a Facebook chat with him in Feb of 2016, charming, claims to live in LA, be an independent contractor of Crude Oil Rigs, with a Masters in Engineering, Went to Lagos to establish a rig for a German company, has 2 daughters, and lost his wife in a car accident 4+ years ago...the rig deal went bad, he owed Nigeria too much in taxes, his American bank cards/accounts didn't work where he was, he needed help, became homeless there was robbed, from sleeping in Streets. Claims to be Christian, I helped him over time to the tune of $6K, plus, and the day he was supposed to leave, he never made it home, then I got an email from a supposed Dr., saying he had been in a car accident, sustained a head injury, had severe blood loss, needed a better Hospital. I hen did my research, because, for a supposedly educated man the Dr's English was local Pidgin/slang, and not only that but he sent me a picture of Arif in a hospital bed, with gown, 2 IVs, Oxygen via rebreather mask, and showing no signs of injury, claimed he was in a coma, and might die if not helped. Then I got an email from a man he knew there, a local Nigerian, since I have gotten 2 Nigerian bank scam emails. He had been very charming and seemed like someone in need of help, and he wanted to get to know me better after he got home, etc. But the whole time he was ?there, I had to send money via Western Union or Moneygram to local people, I offered to charge his air fare home, no
First name: Loren
Last name: Kosloski
Aka: Doctor Loren, Dr. Loren
Age: 50
Location: Africa
On websites:
Report: 1. Loren Kosloski 2. Kosloski have seen my profile without a picture in and send his e-mail addres 3. about one month 4. I did have doubts for the first beginning. Skype, phonecalls etc. was denied for security reasons.Very quick falling in love from him, talks about marriage and moving to Finland. After two weeks I did find this site and I was sure that the profile was fake. 5. no money requests yet 6. I have stopped responding to his letters
First name: Christopher
Last name: Zeuge
Age: 58
Location: Mississipi
On websites: Badoo and others
Report: Typical scammer using someone identity, i found the real person on facebook
First name: Peter
Last name: Pace
Age: Nov 1945
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Report: First contacted me on Skype as Peter Pace on moonlight22838, soon asked to continue chat as Peter Pace on mbayembengue90, No call or video chat, only messenges. Changed his contact picture at least twice and sent several other pictures, but always pictures that show the real General Peter Pace, Ret. USMC, which I later found online. Talked about a consignment box. Talked about Diplomat Perry Smith, who supposedly called me several times using 233 270 365271, but I could not understand him, and he emailed as Received only one email supposedly from Peter Pace under, two pictures of a briefcase filled with money were attached. Got scammed out of $6500.00. Was asked immediately for more, about $19,100.00, which I have refused and strung him along with various excuses. He claimed his box was stuck in Accra, Ghana, and asked numerous times for the additional financial help. His English was incorrect at times, and he refused proof of his real identity with various excuses. His last brief contact was on Aug 10, 2016.
First name: Pedro
Last name: David
Age: 58
Location: Friedberg in Hessen, Germany
On websites: Tagged, Skype - davidpedro25
Report: Military scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged. Image stolen from Major General
First name: james
Last name: hooks
Aka: lucas james
Age: 56
Location: ghaina south africa
On websites: our time , match, facebook
Report: hi have posted on this site already , just a follow up this person with the south African ascent never give up ! I told him one that I found out about on this web site but he kept telling me it was not true that he had identity theft done to him and he was not a scammer , well new flash he is 1have been keeping up with this person ,saw another women was almost scammed by him 2 days ago on the 18th of this month ! So thanks to this web site I really know what a scum bag he is ! I got rid of his butt by telling him I was engaged now and he needs to move on !! the old song and dance right back to him !!!
First name: J
Last name: Walker
Aka: Carlos Edward, Austin Helsel, Chris Norman
Age: 46
Location: Carlos Edward, Austin Helsel, Chris Norman
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on tagged
First name: Mathew
Last name: Brown
Age: 45
Location: Cameroon
On websites: US Military Singles
Report: Says he's a US Army soldier / sniper from Miami Florida and currently deployed to Cameroon on a Peace Keeping Mission looking for love and marriage. I found him on a different scam site with various aliases.
First name: Jason
Last name: Perez
Aka: Josh P
Age: 30/49
Location: Lafitte, LA, Midlothian, IL
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged Military scammer who doesn't know his own age and with African grammar. Age on profile is 30 yrs and his tagline says 49 yrs old Tagline: I am Sergeant Jason Perez by name, widowed,im 49 year,i have 2 beautiful kids . I am a member of the United State army serving as combatant Josh P, Midlothian, IL
First name: Ethan Laurence
Last name: Moore
Aka: Anderson Ethan
Age: 51
Location: USA,Williamsburg Kentucky
Phone: 1-213-254-3528
On websites: facebook
Report: Romance scam..he contacted me with an interest in getting to know me.I spoke with him several times on the phone.Hes supposed to be working on an oil rig in the gulf.So his story is that there are pirates reported not far from them.Sent pics of a box of money and a briefcase.Said he paid to send it to me to keep safe for him.The delivery service sent me a notice to pay 1800.00 to pick up this package.They sent pics.When I told Ethan he asked me to pay and when I picked up the package he would send me the lock code so I could get my money right back.He even threatened me.Said he knew my address and was coming to get me if anything happened to his money.This man is very romantic and several times when I talked to him he sounded like he was crying because he missed his mom and child.
First name: Bishop Charles oriro
Last name: Oriro
Age: 44
Location: Kenya
Address: unknownkisii
Phone: 254720643444
Email: Kisii Kenya
On websites: Facebook
Report: Fruaded out of $20,000 with items I have recites and pictures
First name: Dustin
Last name: Morris
Age: 43
Location: USA Deleware
On websites: facebook linkedin
Report: Is on Messenger 6 months to write Me Ask money all the time.Engineer by COMPANY OIL and Electricitie CHEVRON.
First name: Anderson
Last name: Garcia
Aka: Ray Askin, Aaron Hanz Schmidt, NelsonScott
Age: 55
Location: Port Alberni,BC, Canada
Phone: 562-846-3446
On websites: badoo; facebook
Report: .. I have more pictures I can send; need help I know this person as Anderson Garcia; often seems to have some ties to Engineering and Oil and Gas. have researched and found various other names; this one above was written in German but I have it translated to English . I have pictures, extensive writings texts on badoo; his supposed parents names and phone number and address in San Paulo Brazil; he claimed to be from San Jose;had business checks sent to me for me to deposit into a Canadian account until he came off the offshore drilling rig; and then forward to Chase Manhatten bank when cleared (which I took precautions to have it clear; and was told it had, only to have it come back as NSF a month later and my bank now hold me responsible for 9000 dollars. Fortunately, I have pictures of everything; I keep everything and I photograph everything.I am turning everything over to the RCMP and FBI and my bank will assist me in this.
First name: fredrick
Last name: rollins Campbell
Age: 53
Location: Michigan
On websites: facebook
Report: He always bug me and claim he is america despite his horrible English Language.
First name: Serge
Last name: Toussaint
Aka: Marc Guinom, Marc-Emmanuel Noe, Thomas Loudot, Frank Rollins, Franck Debouchard, Frank Lambert
Age: 47
Location: Chateau-Rouge, Lorraine, France, Cote d'Ivoir, Abidjan
Phone: 225 56 664 51 67 - 225 09 37 86 34
Email: - skype : live:serge.toussaint125
On websites: Facebook, Hangouts
Report: contacted me throug FB started talking, he's a widower of a 12 year old daughter Sarah. Needed to go to Abidjan for inheritance of his father. Then he got robbed overthere,He send me pictures of injuries,I found back on Google. I had calls from
First name: Jeff
Last name: Stewart
Aka: Jeffery
Age: 57
Location: Reading, PA, Kabul Afghanistan, San Diego CA
Phone: 16166164390, 708-340-7302, 858-227-4971
On websites: OurTime
First name: Chris
Last name: Limones
Age: 35
Location: Syria Damasco Miami USA
On websites: Facebook and badoo
Report: I was contacted by this man in badoo. He introduced to me as Captain Chris Limones, from USA army, born in Miami, whose parents died when he was 18 years old, etc. We started to talk and five days later he swore me he loved me and I Was the woman of his life. At first he asked me to pay for his laptop internet connection sending money to an address from Nigeria with western union or Money Gram, I didn'te pay and he didn't talk to me a few days, but after That he came again into the perfect knight. Last week he told me he Was going to be paid for his services in Damasco and came to Madrid to meet me in few days. This week he asked me to send me a box with documents, clothes, etc. I gave him my postal address and he sent me the box delivery receipt expided by International Federation of Red Cross and Cargo Shipment. Till this moment everything I belived everything was fine. The following day I received an e-mail from Mr. Simon Fraser, Head of the Diplomatic Service, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom. Real Simon Fraser left that charge on July 2015. In this first e-mail he informed me he had received a box for me from Chris Limones. The next e-mail was about the payment of a fee for exceed of weight of the box which had been done using Money Gram or Western Union to an address of the United States of America, that was to Kathleen Mora Garcia from Nevada.I did this first payment. Then he sent another e-mail saying he was so angry because I didn't tell him the box's containts: vital documents, 125.000 $ and two pieces of gold valued in 93.000,00 $. He told me that, as the receiver of the box, I had comitted a Money Laundry fault which would cost me jail for life, and then he purposed me a solution: obtein three certificates (Anti-Money Laundry Clearance, Restricted Cash Movement Permit and Restricted Gold Movement Permit). And asked for money to be sent again to an address of USA, this time to Patricia Ann Cleary from Philadelphia. It scared me a lot because I work with lawyers, so I have called tonight to the International Federation of Red Cross and Cargo Shipment office in Switzerland and they have told me this delivery has never been made, despite the e-mail address and phone number of Mr. Fraser were fake and tell me I must not pay nothing and ignore e-mails and phone calls. I write here false Mr. Fraser e-mail and phone number: +441618503526. The facebook IP of the soldier is @chris.limones.90 . He never gave me an e-mail address. We always talked by facebook messenger or skype. His identity on Skype is military.captain. After this, I have written to both telling them I have called to International Federation of Red Cross and both are disappeared. I have pics and I am going to report them too.
First name: david
Last name: kushner
Aka: dave
Age: 43
Location: alaska usa
On websites: yes
Report: he send me packages consisting laptops flowers and cash but there is really no box i paid taxes and charges
First name: Kenedy
Last name: Jones
Age: 55
Location: Manchester uk
Phone: 447724022227
On websites: Facebook
Report: This man Kenedy Jones befriended me in Facebook stated that he was originally from Oslo Norway living in Manchester, engineer currently in Asia Thailand completing a project a mosque on top of a shopping mall, he sent me a picture of mosque, 55 years old, with a little daughter 6 years old, widower, date of birth 4/12/1961, called me from 447724022227
First name: Richard
Last name: Berrier
Aka: Webb Rick
Age: 50
Location: Deltona, Florida, USA
Address: 2405 Albury Ave. Deltona, Florida, US.
Phone: 1 (386) 951-3687
On websites: Facebook, Badoo
Report: Met this chap in late June. Was told he was a mexican and living in Florida. Has 2 kids. Claimed his mother was Doris Kay Clark and she died a week ago. Have sent gifts to his 2 children. Plus Euros 3000 for his expenses. Now he wanted more for his airticket to go to Canada. An anti-scam investigator warned me and I googled and found he was on 3 websites. I have tried to stop communication with him.
First name: Chris
Last name: Wells
Aka: Garry Hill, Smith Leslie Kerr
Age: 58
Location: Holly Springs, GA, Miami, Fl,
Phone: 678-961-4317
On websites: LinkedIn,
Report: He contacted me on and we started chatting.
First name: Harry
Last name: Hill
Age: 56
Location: Chicago, IL, Lagos, Nigeria
Email: harryhill522@yahoo/com
On websites: Was on LinkedIn
Report: He contacted me on LinkedIn to be a connect. I said we had nothing in common. I'm healthcare he's Civil Engineer from Norway w 13 yr old son and hi ex-wife is drug addict. We chatted from Feb 2016 to Juy 2016. In total he received from me $18,000.00 funneled through a woman with a US bank account in West Palm Beach named Debra Faaland. Debra Faaland's phone number is: 561-876-4972, 561-469-9052, 561-222-5290. She has 2 emails:, and First I sent money for the sick child, then money because he had Malaria, then he was in Nigeria with the United Nations Development Program and didn't have enough money to complete some deal with heavy equipment because of the exchange rate, then money for Malaria again, then money because he was going to jail for an expired visa. .I also transferred money as a US wire transfer through Citibank to First Bank of Lagos Nigeria, LTD under the name John Ezugwu, and/or John Diecke, a couple of other transfers via Western Union to Chinwendu Onah,. Debra Faaland contacted me through LinkedIn to be a connection but was actually getting additional information. She had been with these guys for 4 years and had opened an LLC in Florida