First name: Kelly
Last name: S
Aka: Janutz Palikot
Age: 56
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged. Fake profile - Image stolen from Janusz Palikot ? Polish politician
First name: Gordon
Last name: Henderson
Aka: Kevin Rockwood
Age: 47
Location: Houston, TX
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged Scammer ? fake profile ? image stolen from model Kevin Rockwood Scammer with fake image who is looking for serious relationship
First name: Alex
Last name: Caleb
Aka: Alexander Caleb, Michael Ferriter
Age: 56
Location: Rockville, MD
On websites: Tagged
Report: Military scammer Image stolen from Major.Gen. Michael Ferriter
First name: Simon
Last name: L
Aka: Juan Soler
Age: 49
Location: Cannes, France
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who sent me a friend request on Tagged Fake profile. Image stolen from Juan Soler
First name: Donald
Last name: D
Age: 54
Location: Manassas, VA
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged Military scammer - image stolen from Col. Clark W LeMaster Jr
First name: Julian
Last name: Beardsley
Age: 51
Location: Lagos Nigeria
Address: 74 D pinto trail
Phone: 5014724628
On websites: Messenger Facebook
Report: Contacted me on messenger. Sent me messages about wanting relationship etc. After about a month sent me messages his daughter needed surgery immediately wanting me to send 480. To pay Dr. I figured from the start what he was due to inconsisties in his messages. I have all messages still. When I called him a scammer he got off my messenger immediately .
First name: Thomas
Last name: Crane
Age: 54
Location: Boston Massachusetts
On websites: Facebook
Report: Found me on Facebook and messaged me. Very polite. His Facebook page contained practically no information. Started talking to me & phoning on messenger. Said he was American but had foreign what sounded like African accent. Said he was in construction and had been working on a contract for 7 months. Then sent me good news that he had got the contract and would be shipping equipment to Spain and then going there himself. After about 10 days of messaging and phoning he phoned to say there had been a glitch. He needed ?4000 to complete the deal. He had no one else he could trust to help. I told him I believed him to be a Nigerian scammer and would not be sending him any money. He tried to message me a couple of times more but I ceased all contact. A few days later his Facebook profile was deleted and all his messages on messenger to me deleted. Nearly 3 weeks passed by then he suddenly emailed me with a sob story as to why I had doubted him. When I started asking questions he evaded them telling me he was in love with me and if we talked per webcam would this put my mind at rest. Webcam just brought up his picture and appeared not to work. I could hear screaming child in the back ground. Had also created a new Facebook page. I got drawn in once more and we talked for 2 days and I told him I would send him the money. But I have sent nothing.Found this site instead.
First name: Joe
Last name: Patterson
Age: unknown
Location: Boise, ID; Alton (B'ham), AL; London, Dubai
Phone: 011 44 7978 360985'; 205-386-8683
On websites:
Report: The man initiated the correspondence thru but quickly gave me an email address. I did see his profile on Match & it had a written profile, many pics & said he was in Boise, ID (and I'm in FL).I corresponded with him for a month until I finally was trying to do some research on him. (Never could find him on Bain Capital site). I must have put in the right words to prompt me to come to this site where I was taken to the exact page that showed the letters from Kevin to Nancy. His letters to me were almost verbatim & they should have been my red flag. Too flowery & expressing love. I'd asked him for some add'l pictures & when he sent them I saw one that I recognized from Match & it was labeled differently on Match. He never made it as far as asking for money. On 9/28 I blocked his phone number & stopped sending him emails. He tried calling me a few times from his London number but the calls were blocked. He then called me from some other # early this morning. I answered not knowing who it was & I told him I knew about him. I've spoken to the man whose Match identity he stole & he knows.
First name: Jason
Last name: Coleman
Age: 40
Location: Sarawak Malaysia, Fremont, California USA & Hawaii Honolulu USA
Phone: +1 702-427-0767
On websites: Fdating
Report: I met this man call Jason Coleman from a Dating Site call He lives in Fremont California USA but at moment now he is working in Honolulu Hawaii as a Mechanical Engineer-Temporarily Official Duties!! He works for a Company call Air 7 Seas Transportation Logistics that is based in California USA. (A Fake Company Scam on the Internet!!) Jason Coleman was born & raised in Sarawak Malaysia by mixed parents he's Father was Malaysian and he's Mother is American!!! Jason Coleman is single, never married with no children.
First name: David
Last name: Roberts
Age: 60
Location: Canada Soth Africa
Phone: unkno4238977483wn
Email: Davidroberts@gmail. com
On websites: Davidrobertgmail
Report: Money send I tunes card to make calls . What's 2.500 cash sent to South Africa now claims daughter lost luggage He will scam u . Has a daughter he claims .do not contact this Sob . Wants money gram sent to Khangwolo Mavhhunga 121 Nelson Mandela Square at 9:00 Soth Africa time to pick money up. Please caught him. He thinks he's picking up money.
First name: Chris
Last name: Grey
Age: 46
Location: Denver, CO
On websites: mingle2
Report: He messaged me on mingle2. Wanted to chat on fb or whatsapp. I suggested fb. We started chatting on fb. He immediately started in with
First name: Allen
Last name: Mark
Aka: known to me as John W Wells
Age: 57
Location: Defiance,Iowa
Phone: 385-203-8649
On websites: not sure meet on facebook 2yeras ago
Report: I have been texting and talking to him for since May of 2014,He said he lived in Iowa and that he had to go to the UK to do some art because he is and artist. He has a son name Dave who is in collage who he misses very much. I have been trying to get here from the UK for the passed 2 years so we can be together. I have sent him several Thousands of dollars trying to get him home but something always comes up and he can never make his flight. He started out using a green dot card now I send the money to a friend he stays with family so they can send the money to William the guy he said he lived with I send the money by money gram to Nigeria to and Abiola Peter. I have stopped sending money and he does not talk a lot anymore but says he loves me and wants to be with me and will be very soon as soon as he can get the money up to buy his ticket. I tells me he loves me and will ask for a small amount of money every now and then. I have tried to stop talking to him several times and he will text me after a while and tell me how much he loves me and miss me and tell me what a good woman I am and how much he loves and misses me.
First name: Eric
Last name: Turner
Age: 58
Location: Hook, UK
Address: Scures Hill, Nately Scures, Basingstoke RG27 9JS
Phone: 07397943727
On websites: Plenty of Fish (POF)
Report: I was contacted by this person on Plenty of Fish. After several messages on the site we exchanged email addresses and eventually mobile telephone numbers. We also then chatted on Google Hangouts. I had several 'red flags' come up to warn me that this person might not be who they said they were but he always came back with a reason as to the error or why I shouldn't be afraid of him not being who he said he was. The first 'Red Flag' was when the email came addressed to a different female name and not mine! The second was when he sent me a nude photograph via the chatting website Google Hangouts and the just about visible face didn't look like him so I asked for another photo of him that was just his face and he sent a photo of himself sleeping on a couch and another of him and two other men standing together! Because the emails were always full of wonderful quotes and poems I thought I'd google them to see if I could find out where he was getting them from and they came up on the scamming websites - every single email was listed there! I couldn't believe my eyes and was obviously upset to begin with and then angry! So I decided to let other women know that they are not alone in receiving these scamming contacts. This is the first time I have been scammed on Plenty of Fish though! I have reported the contact on Plenty of Fish and it has been removed.
First name: One
Last name: L
Age: 50
Location: Los Angeles, CA
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged
First name: Mark
Last name: D
Age: 56
Location: New York City, NY
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer with fake profile - Image stolen from Montana senator
First name: Richie
Last name: H
Age: 50
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
On websites: Tagged
Report: Romance scammer
First name: Thomas
Last name: G
Age: 52
Location: San Francisco, CA
On websites: Tagged
Report: Typical scam and junkmail to elderly woman age 52/68: It nice been friend with you here What is the serect to that beautiful smile I see in your face? Bad language from someone living San Francisco and junk from a mature man: About Me: My friends describe me as cut, pretty, fun loving, greet personality, and even beautiful.... I have a great friends!!! I love spending time with the special someone no matter what we say I am mostly adventurous. On top of all of this, affection and kisses and very important.... As the song says ... It 'in her Kiss
First name: Andrew
Last name: Bowles
Aka: Andrew Jon Bowles; Bowles Andrew Jon; Andrew M
Age: 56?
Location: Miami Beach, South Miami Beach, Rome, Australia, Ghana
Address: 800 S Point Dr., South Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone: (305)340-5943; (305)209-4710
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: I was contacted by this individual on Christian Mingle. I was new to this, first time on any dating site. I thought Christian Mingle (CM) just by the name alone, surely had to be safe. It's not.
First name: Shaun
Last name: Becker
Age: 49
Location: california & Afghanistan
Report: using pics of army guy. same old script. looking for woman to share life w... blah blah widowed w/1son. broken English. when I called him out as scammer he blocked me
First name: Leonard
Last name: Hanson
Aka: James Segredo
Age: 60
Location: Fresno, California
Phone: 559 512 7399
On websites: Our Time
Report: On 12/30/2015 I received a view on Senior People Meet dating site from a Coolfriendlyjay who later indicated his name was James Segredo. I told him I did not know who he was and asked where he was located. He said he was in Fresno
First name: Michael
Last name: Sanders
Aka: Mike
Age: 52
Location: San diego, california
Phone: 916 246 9324
Email: Unknown
On websites: Tinder
Report: Tells you he is originally from Denmark but moved to the US after losing both of his children in a car accident in January of this year. Works as a contractor but is now in dubai doing a job. Typical scammer. After talking to him a couple of weeks, says he was robbed at gunpoint and forced to give his pin number to robbers and now they have transferred a large amount of money out of his bank account and now needs your help to send him money that he will repay. I say no, then asks if I can send him a laptop that he can use. I say no again. Ask him which bank he uses and i tell him to contact them to rectify. No response, lol. Typical scammer.
First name: Wicher
Last name: Ceres
Age: born July 31, 1960
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
On websites: Facebook
Report: This man uses photos of Use Hubertus, that's why I immediately realized that he is a scammer. That's why I didn't start contacting him and reported him on Facebook. But his profile is still there. And this is a danger to unsophisticated women.
First name: James
Last name: Ambrose
Aka: Slade Duque Ambrose
Age: 46
Location: San Antonio, Tx
Address: 2733 S 28TH ST
Phone: 3256658642
On websites: Badoo, Kik
Report: Spoke to this person on Kik for a few months. After a couple of weeks he stated he loves me, wants to meet but the Army has his money in trust. Claims he is a widow with a daughter who just turned 4 but all his money goes to her Guardians. Told him off the bat didn't trust him that he was a fake he continued to give me information and send me photos of himself that seems real and all photos are the same. Until it was time for his daughter's birthday. He was concerned about how he was going to buy her an Xbox 360 for her birthday. He was stressed out about not being able to get her everything he wanted and wanted to know what I was going to do for him. When I told him I had no money I was sending him no money continue to tell him he was a fake and went off on him he no longer wants to have anything to do with me. Which is fine because I knew he was a fake.
First name: Brian
Last name: Nelson
Aka: Andrew William, Robert Van Macaulay
Age: 48
Location: North Carolina, London, Ghana
Address: 106 Dixie trl, NC 27607
Phone: 2347060789318, 2348146553849, 2348146553845,2348077
On websites: Cupid,
Report: I was texted by him, for a relationship, then two months he kept me saying all that is mentioned in the letter mentioned on your website, he said he works on Cunard shipping, sent me his ID and also sent me many pictures in navy uniform, etc, I also have the letters exactly the ones he sent to the other woman in Phillipines and Ireland, he took me till the day he will come offboard from his ship on August 25, 2016 and mentioned he will marry me, and cheated me till this day
First name: Phillip
Last name: Rollins
Age: 46
Location: Nigeria
Phone: +1-989-665-5158
On websites: match n chat
Report: Been chatting with him since dec 2015. Said he is a marine from new york. From Fort Hamilton base. Said he's been in the military 15 years. Said he's birth date is Oct 1st 1969. Said he's on deployment in Nigeria training with the Army. He scammed me out of 300.00 dollars said he needed it to up grade his common access card and for his Internet connection. Said his name is Phillip Ramos Rollins. I Google his name and came across his information that someone else turned him in and the site said that he is a scammer that whoever is impersonating he is a scammer stole his pictures
First name: Frank
Last name: Wilson
Age: 49
Location: Ghana
On websites: American matcher/ Worldfriend
Report: Long Time ago,think about 2 years or more he contact me on Worldfriend .Ask me for Yahoo messenger and after while he told me to travel to Ghana ,Accra.then begin the story of gold and asking me for money to help him with the fee and transport of the gold.Was not paying and stopped the contact to him.Was seen him here with two different names,I just remember the name Frank Wison,same pic like this Robert S Think his age was 49,but I am not sure.
First name: curtis
Last name: baker
Age: 61
Location: Idaho
On websites: plenty of fish
Report: he comes off saying that he just thinks you are the one and that he is a widower ,how he cared fro his wife until she passed , told him i was a nurse he said his wife was to ,that we had a lot in common .wanted to everything both very personal and where I saw my self in 5 years , I asked him about where he said he came from , which is totally wronf there is no Sioux falls Idaho ! just in north Dakota . but when I did call him on it he went away !! Just beware of him he is not what he says he is could be a stolen Identity theft have no clue ,just wanted women out there to know about this guy .
First name: Desmond
Last name: Harrison
Aka: Donald Scott
Age: 38
Location: Syria
Address: Los Angeles California
Email: Us military e-mail
On websites: Facebook
Report: Just updating some of fields I missed. And please, I don't think this gorgeous guy is the scammer. On our conversations he always calls me dear, sounded like an old hack hahaha.
First name: James
Age: 40
Location: Oakland, CA
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer
First name: James A.
Last name: Williams
Age: 47
Location: Cotonou, Benin
Email: Unknown
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet on Tagged. fake profile - image stolen