First name: abraham
Last name: jordan
Age: 54
Location: Spokane ,dubai, adelaide
Phone: 509 316 5606. 971 52 136 8278
On websites:
Report: Same as previous. Lots of really great love letters usually with a song included. Sent a check to me from an insurance payout from a legit bank in Australia. 1.9 million. It's now with the fraud investigators at the bank. Calls you babycake.lots of little red flags that come up when your talking to him. I feel sorry for the guy whose photos he probably stole.
First name: Hams
Last name: Jefferson
Age: 46
Location: Oakland USA
On websites:
Report: Hello Best compliment of the season. Thanks for your reply to me on FILIPINO CUPID, I?m so excited to read your email on the FILIPINO CUPID ,, hope my mail reach to you in good condition of health? It is my great pleasure to meet you. Sorry that it take long to send you mail it was due to my work, when I saw your profile I likes it and it was on my interest to initiate contact with you, well, who knows the future? Hope you are having wonderful time this month of NOVEMBER 2016? Really it?s much of my interest and I think we have something in common that we can share & learn, here is a little about me. I am quite adventurous, single. Sometimes attracted to things that scare me like jumping off a moving plane haha am very funny. I have values & beliefs, but they do not restrict me, I think that personal growth means constant change of your values & beliefs for something wiser. I like animals, when I see one I can't hide a smile. I hate dishonesty, but they give experience, I am new to this site & would love to meet someone with similar Interest. You may want to tell me some more about yourself in the area of religion, and what you will like to get out of this friendship assuming it grows positively... well about me, My full name is HAMS JEFFERSON, I am 46 years of age, and I was born on 27th July 1970. I'm from Riverside County, California United State of America. Am single, I want you to know I'm not here to play games. Just looking for a true person, are you still interested? I'm 5.10 , athletic/muscular body, I live in Oakland, I work as an Architectural Engineer, I own an engineering company where I work , I design, construct houses, roads, bridges and shopping Malls on contract. I do also the sales of building Materials... You can call me a contractor. I love my job, because I do travel some parts of the worlds and believe me I have seen a lot. I do not care that I have a master degree, a good paying steady job, a nice car, motorcycle and everything that goes with it. I will like to know more about you. I hope I have not bored you with my long email, I look forward to read from you soon... Can you send me your different photos for me to see you well?
First name: Barry Roy
Last name: Logan
Age: 40
Location: France
Phone: +17754640765
On websites: whatsapp
Report: He approached on tagged and ask my email. Coz he said he can't be there always. Because he is an engineer on Seven Seas Mariners Cruise Ship. He introduced himself as Barry Roy Logan from Las Vegas, Nevada USA. He was being nice and sweet to me. Just last week he said he will send me package ( laptop, iPad, cellphone,bouquet of roses, chocolates, watch and bag. He gave the tracking number of so I thought he is true. After one day someone called me that I need to pay the administrative charges for gadgets amounting P16,200 to the BDO account of Arlene T. Policarpio. Until I didn't stop googling and found this on your site. Thank God I didn't pay anything.
First name: Michael
Last name: Patterson (Paterson)
Age: 55
Location: Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604-670-7049
On websites:
Report: Emails never answered my questions.
First name: James
Last name: Beer
Age: idk
Location: Birmingham Alabama
Email: idk
On websites:
Report: James said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me his parents and his son live up here he's in nigeria i read and he told me he was going to africa this friday plus he tells me he can't talk to me on phone because his cell phone broke then he tells me it belongs to his commander the phone!! he's divorced i heard and i also heard he tells women he's a widower!
First name: Peter
Last name: Jacob
Age: 51
Location: USA Stoughton Wisconsin
Phone: 405-731-3268
On websites: Don't know
Report: Very nice heavy accent claims to be Dr from United Nations needs 4000.00 for vacation/retirement tells me he is in love with me wants to marry me sweet talker makes you feel good.
First name: Richard
Last name: Doughty
Age: 51
Location: USA
Phone: +12133571438
On websites: facebook
Report: He asked me for money, I suspected earlier, wrote approx. 3 months
First name: Paul
Last name: Gardner
Age: 58
Location: USA Silver Spring Maryland
Phone: 3013277681
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: This man scammed me out of over $20000. Claimed he went to Malaysia on a business trip then ran into problems. We had been communicating for several months he claimed he loved me and I believed him. I sent money through his friends. This man lies lies lies.
First name: Andy
Last name: Wilkinson
Age: 45
Location: Canada / Gatineau
Address: 3171 Route 465
Phone: 5145874138
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: Claimed to be a widower from Philadelphia with a 6 year old daughter living in Gatineau, Quebec for the last 2 years. Date of birth 6 November 1970. Claimed to be an art collector currently in China with his daughter
First name: Morgan
Last name: Wilson
Aka: Jack Redd
Age: 50
Location: USA
Report: cheater spoke to me first of Skype, I had a feeling he wrote to me two days and sent the picture, I was on your side and I saw him there that a fraud
First name: Michael
Last name: Paterson
Age: 55
Location: Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
Phone: +1 418-579-2287
On websites: (was removed)
Report: Started communicating last Tuesday October 25, 2016 through website. Communicated by email afterwards ( and then by phone every day. Today, November 1st, 2016 after some research on the Internet, I found this site and saw that he had sent pretty much the same emails than the ones to Debra (which he used the name of Freddie). Beware ladies!!
First name: oliver
Last name: wesley
Age: 50 +
Location: USA , Irak , Forenta Arabemiraten, Afgnistan
On websites: FB och messenger
Report: Han skicka en varforfragan pa FB , och ar hur trevlig och karleksfull som helst.... Men sen hande massa saker och han behovde pengar , sen rulla det bara pa. Nu sitter jag har helt pank och livet forstort........... En riktig
First name: david
Last name: smith
Age: 48
Location: lousiana
On websites: Badoo
Report: Typical scammer, using facebook stolen picture
First name: ghulam
Last name: nabi
Age: 55
Location: actually in gedda saudi arabia
Email: none
On websites: facebook and skype
Report: also Ghulam Nabi introduced himself after hv seen already in friendship with one of my friends,he is working as driver in gedda(saudi arabia)because in pakistan short jobs, very busy to understand you and trying almost too nice and helpful,having seen his pics seems older than 55jears,unless now never asked money,but now comes on he is widower since 3years when his wife accidently dies in a car accident(classical story we alredy used to hear),showing now fotos of his 2 sons,one 22jears,2nd only 6years.after my ckeck on yr pages and the confirm again sames scammer like asif nawaz,former times like Dave Miguel,just blocked all,and now reporting the fact,with hope no further persons will be fooled or frauded by them. got the feeling the scammer does not want to miss me,sometimes has to show up.tks for your help and informations
First name: Marco
Last name: A
Aka: Andy Mill and Hugo Schwyzer
Age: 52
Location: Andy Mill is in New York City and Hugo Schwyzer is in LA
Email: and
On websites: Unknow
Report: Marco A, Andy Mill and Hugo Schwyzer are all using same photo. Andy Mill claims to be living in New York and working for International Affairs. Hugo Schwyzer claims to be working for Michael Garvey and Company, Absolute Certainty Inc. I spoke with Andy Mill at once time and he ended up going to Nigeria to do work for the company he worked for. After he arrived in Nigeria he claimed to need money to eat on. I never sent money to him. That's when I figured he was a scammer.
First name: Jacob
Last name: Berry
Age: 51
Location: San Antonio Texas
On websites: Plenty of fish
Report: I received an email
First name: Abraham
Last name: Jordan
Age: 53, 10/28/1962
Location: Spokane WA, Adalide AU, Dubai UAE
Phone: 5093165606, +971521368278
On websites:
Report: Story goes... was in spokane, returned to Dubai right after meeting online at Match. He is finishing a two year project as a Project Manager. Is very proficient at saying everything you want to hear. Will send multiple emails all with questions so you can get to know each other better while he is gone the 6 weeks. He quickly asks if he can call you Babycake as a nickname. Most emails also contain a song
First name: Larry
Last name: Wolfe
Age: 59
Location: Istanbul Turkey
Phone: 732-663-9189
Report: States he was born in Sicily Italy, lives in Jackson, New Jersey. Has a 13 yr old daughter Ashely. In March 2016 friended me on Facebook. Owns a company that does End of March went to Turkey on business contract/deal. Stated he received 750K for job done there in 2 weeks. Called and said he needed to send the 750k check to me to deposit in my bank acct savings. Once cleared I was to send him the tax money that Turkey required him to pay 8k+. I received email from DHL company with tracking number for priority envelope. Email stated I was his fiance' and check bearing my name and my address was also part of the information. Check/package sent to Germany where customs held it. Second email from DHL was stating I was required to purchase two certifications, one stating I wasn't a terrorist and second stating money has not been gained through illegal means such as sell of drugs. These certifications were provided for a fee of 12K. I refused. DHL company website link was red, whit and blue. DHL official site is yellow.
First name: Ahammad
Last name: Ashik
Aka: have over 100 names
Age: 56
Location: Syria, Lancaster, Pa, Dallas, TX
Email: &
On websites: facebook, Skype, yahoo messinger
Report: I was new to this part of Facebook, and started getting friend requests from men with same picture. I excepted several and they asked for money within two weeks. Then this Ahammad Ashik from same set of prints started talking to me and grew a repor with him,. We talked several times a day and he also asked me to go onto Skype (which I was naive and knew nothing of this site) so we talked on Facebook, and Skype and by our emails. We talked for over 9 months and there were small things that kept coming up that made me wonder, but he was always able to explain it or why he couldn't answer it or would just skirt around it. Every serious question I would ask it would be as if I didn't ask it and If I pushed he would either have internet problems or have to go on duty. Peacekeeping mission in US ARMY in Syria. Many times couldn't say nothing because of ISIS.He did not ask for money until about 6 months into the relationship then his son's school was going to Ghana on a trip and we had said he couldn't go and he snuck on anyway. Then he got sick and was in the KorleTeaching hospital in Ghana.for medicine. I sent 00.00 western union. It was requested by him and sent by western union to be picked up by a gentleman whom I have the western union slips, and then 3500.00 was sent another time to same name person, because son was in kidney failure and needed transplant. Then he wanted money to come home on leave to pick me up and go pick up his son and move to Dallas, TX where he had a home built for me. After over two months of fighting about me not being able to get money to get him home he said it wasn't working out with us. He blocked me once on Facebook, but has two more accounts and hasn't blocked me from it and still on Skype, he doesn't write on there but just goes online and reads what I write and will just sit there watching me I had a friend go on after we were done talking because even tho I knew he was a scammer I couldn't break him, he always swore he would prove one day by showing up on my doorstep that he was the real man in the pictures. I have collected over 50 pictures of this mans stolen identity. It's really not closed yet because he doesn't totally block me, just watches to see if I come onto Skype when he comes online. When my friend got to where he wanted the western union number for the money for his plane ticket she asked him about me, said he knew no one and when she said there was no money coming he finally admitted knowing me and that he got some money to from me and would not be paying back because yes he is a scammer, he has to do it to build a house and support himself, and he will keep doing it even til he can do it to the Queen of England. I have every chat, letter and pictures all saved, with over 50 different pictures, many different names and their profiles. With all my research I have finally found out some true name of the pictures.
First name: Harry
Last name: Robert
Aka: HarryRobert Williams
Age: 56
Location: Stated Arlington Heights, Illinois, USA
On websites: US Military
Report: Profile called 'loveishereagain'. First contact was initiated by him on 25th October 2016. Profile said that he worked in Computers/Engineering and that he had stated a PhD. In emails he stated he was working as a petroleum geologist on off shore oil rigs and that he was in charge of a team of 45. I became suspicious as we talked more and his responses were not picking up on or responding to what I said, his questions also became repetitive he had forgotten what he had asked me previously. Very poor use of language for someone educated to PhD level. On acting on suspicions I put his profile pictures through tineye and they came back as relating to a Todd Courser who was involved in a sex scandal in the US. I then searched his name (Harry Robert) as a scammer. I decided to speak with him when he last made contact asking more pertinent and challenging questions which he was unable to answer properly. During this he claimed he got his PhD through the University of Nevada, but couldn't tell me his area of study. When asked who he worked for, what his rig was called and where it was - he replied his rig was in the Gulf of Mexico and that he worked for KCA Drilling - when I checked the company out on a parallel computer they do not have any off shore rigs listed in the Gulf of Mexico. I challenged him about this. Contact terminated early morning of 30th October before he had a chance to ask me for money etc. He has however lied and used false photos in his profile. I have taken screenshots of contacts. I have reported this to US Military Singles as a scammer. When I started checking others out it was full of scammers - I found 7 alone who had made contact with me during the last week, so dear knows how many there are there.
First name: Luis
Last name: Buchanan
Aka: Jeffrey
Age: 55
Location: Nigeria Africa
Email: Buchanan_Luis
On websites: Tagus
Report: Captain Buchanan and I have been texting for over one year. He has lied to obtain money. He has convinced me to open bank Accounts to deposit money he said I was registered as his beneficiary therefore I was permitted to send him money. Therefore I don't believe him I looked in your page of scammers his picture is there I also have other pictures. I would like to see more of this person named Jeffrey which is the he go by on your page.
First name: Gilberto, Aaron
Last name: Conlay here L
Aka: Robert
Age: 56
Location: UK. London
Email: just I have not
On websites:
Report: Love money Scammer . I saw him by video on Skype ,He look like on photos .He is whith man . He said that he is a doctor oncolog but on his photos is ~` Alaska - or Canada . He said me that he is now in Ukraina with his patienten and he need helping from me -money . He has son (was on photos -17 ) . This son is in hospital .....Money,money . If this man from photos ( Robert L ,age 56 ) used his image ,the Gelbert Conlay age 56 is scammer too. On the Skype he has many accounts .
First name: Mark
Last name: Smith
Age: 58
Location: Arlington, Virginia
On websites: POF
Report: Told me he was General Commander in Canadian Army. Got pushy about getting on Skype but picture was very broken, his volume didn't work and then poof disappeared and would send me an email. The email was very long first half was well written, middle was broken English and last part was well written...sent up red light started Internet search and he popped up on this site. Thank you..
First name: Billy
Last name: Howard
Age: 58
Location: Los Angeles, California
Phone: 13234351788
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: I was contacted by this man on Christian Mingle after I placed my profile on that site. My first reply to him was that he was too young for me, he claimed to be 58 and I am 75. However, he stated that in affairs of the heart, age did not matter. I finally acceded and took his phone number and texted him and the saga began. I am still in contact with him at this time because I want to find out for sure if he is a scammer. I am 90% sure, but need just a little more evidence. He has written me many wonderful emails about how much he admires me and in taking portions of some of these letters, I have found those portions in letters on Stop I feel very foolish for falling for these lies, however, having recently been widowed, I suppose I am easily lured. The address for his FB page is and his picture links are as follows. fbid=1140455069372968&set=pb.100002254588858.-2207520000.1477756258.&type=3&size=540%2C720 At this point, he has not asked me for money, he has just proclaimed his undying love and respect for me. He works at construction in LA and has just gotten a new contract. I don't know how long it will be before he asks for money, but his desire is to use Skype this weekend so we can see one another. When I know more, if you want to contact me, I will give that information, too.
First name: Terry
Last name: Whitford
Age: 48
Location: Bal Harbour, FL Amsterdam Holland
Phone: 001-681-207-8735, 3168437857
On websites:
Report: I met him on, We chatted for 2 weeks. He said he was an art dealer, widowed with a daughter in college. He said he was short on funding for an art project, and tried to pressure me to invest $20,000
First name: Josh
Last name: hannachi
Age: 38
Location: ireland,egypt,Malaysia
Phone: +12565812673. 15106716600
On websites: no
Report: he contacted on facebookme saying that he was a gemologist and leaving in ireland.after a couple of weeks he told me that he was in a seminar and he got a contract in Malaysia and he had to travel. he fell in love for me and he was saying that i am the woman of his dreams. he told me the story of his life : poor family, his mom died when he was 19 and he had to sell weed to take care of his little brother, as his fother didn't take care of them. soon he started working with Chevron, the petroleum company. they didn't want to pay him for a contract that he had so he sew them and they paid him about 270k ?. with that money he deiced to invest in gold and diamonds.he claims having a jewelry in Egypt, Cairo. however now he was for the gold contract with boroo in Malaysia, his drilling machine broke, but he had no cash to repair it and he asked me for money. he didn't get to tell me the amount, as i got very angry.before that he sent me some pictures with lots of stones (like diamonds) and he told me he wanted to ship them to me as a present for making part of his life.i didn't accepted, and we went very upset bcz of that.
First name: Ferguson Peter
Last name: Rowland
Aka: William Green
Age: 58
Location: Tokyo, Japan, Houston,Texas USA, Dallas Texas USA & Afghanistan
Phone: +1-713-766-8494
On websites: Cherryblossoms, Facebook & Skype
Report: I met this man call General Ferguson Peter Rowland aka William Green on a Dating Site call He is originally from Dallas Texas USA but at moment now he is Afghanistan working for United States Army on Special Peace Keeping Mission. He is widowed with one daughter call Nicole (15) who attends a Private School Home in Uniting Kingdom. (Ferguson P Rowland's Wife died of Fibroid Growths in her body.)
First name: James
Last name: Norman
Age: 60
Location: Minneapolis Minnesota & Cape Town south Africa
Phone: 3198201689
On websites: Plenty of fish
Report: He claims he is a civil engineer working on a project in Cape Town, South Africa. Lives in Minneapolis Minnesota. Too many discrepancies. He says he'll be back in 2 weeks. We have been emailing and texting for more than two weeks and he says he's coming back here to meet me and that he loves me and that we will live the rest of our lives together . Once I told him that I had no money the frequency of his messages lessened. Pe. He's very smooth and tells you what you want to hear and he will break your heart like he did mine. What a foolish foolish woman I was but he got no money from me .
First name: Jamie
Last name: Mattison
Aka: Jamie chandler
Age: 51
Location: Louisiana USA
Address: 200 Magnolia crossing bossier city Louisiana
Phone: +31 89332143
On websites: Was on Oasis dating site
Report: I met Jamie on oasis. .appeared to be a good man...sad story...complicated life and events..wife died in car accident. .son in sth Africa. .who suddenly had a nasty fall ended up in hospital and was sick with malaria..the plot was getting ridiculous. much bad luck and to topit off the IRS froze all his accounts and was broke..he sent me evidence of a transaction for scrap metal saying big money on its way....but needed 2.000 dollars for his sins doctors bills. Of course this is when i got suspicious. ..and told him that i didn't buy the bull crap and to leave me alone...
First name: marcel
Last name: yannick
Aka: Daddy yannick, Yann M. Wilhelm
Age: 53
Location: New york. USA
On websites:
Report: He was from New york n he was a military officer. Now he stared new business in Malaysia. We had gotten e-mail several months n he went to Malaysia. and after that time he asked lots money. He said we got marry soon and pay back 3 times of money. I sent 40,000 USD. But he asked my family'money, and information of my bank account n treated me if i did't give money he would my pics upload in google. i finally knew he was DEVIL n all of his words were lies. When I sent money to him, some malaysian received money Norhema Binti Rizal, Muhammad Farhan bin Mohd Noh, Nur Fatihah binti Othman. Norhema Binti Rizal ID : 921114015566