First name: Dan
Last name: Collins
Age: idk
Location: new york ny usa
Email: idk
On websites:
Report: he said that he loved me i thought he wanted to marry me but it turned out to be a con job he ended up telling me to make partial payments on a house invited me to new york city for instructions he was very demandful i told him i don't work he says he's in real estate funny no company name for it though! he's conning women into loving him for money he can pocket
First name: Richard
Last name: Thomas
Age: 40
Location: Cyprus Nicosia ( but ip adress said Lagos Nigeria)
Phone: +44 7539632525 active on viber
Email: wrote on viber
On websites: tinder
Report: I met him on Tinder. His name is Richard Thomas 40 years. Working for US Air Force in Akrotiri Cyprus. He was adopted as a kid and only his aunt is alive. His wife died in a car crash. He has a daughter Sheila (7).Within a week he started to tell he is sooo in love with me... Then his daughter got ill and he asked me for a loan cause he could not pay. I did not pay. But tried to get more info. I send him a link to my homepage, an his IP-address told it was from Lagos Nigeria. Then he wanted to visit me and asked for 250? for a ticket. I should send the money via Moneygram to Nicosia Cyprus. Means that someone with an Id of Richard Thomas must pick up the money from there.
First name: Mathieu
Last name: Veratti
Aka: Thierry Berthier
Age: 47
Location: Lyon, St Malo France
On websites: Vk kontakte
Report: Thierry Berthier in agust contact me... he was a architect living in St- Malo, 2 children twins boys. Very sufficating...called me to 7 times a day and night via Skype. I through Skype of my laptop because he don't stop with calling. Wright in French, but can wright a little English too. I block him a while ago on my blacklist, but still send he messages last one yesterday. Now active under the name Mathieu Veratti on vk.
First name: Ben
Last name: Castello
Age: 53
Location: Turin, Italy and Madison, Georgia
Phone: 706-941-9372
Email: not given
On websites: Our Time
Report: This scammer sent a few pictures and a 'passport
First name: Paul J
Last name: Lacamera
Age: 53
Location: new york ny usa and kabul afghanistan
Email: idk
On websites:
Report: he was very nice at first but he said to me on first email if u want to love me it's going to cost you hearing that automatically implied he was a scammer to me then i saw his photo was another person he's totally fake
First name: Nicholas Logan
Last name: Williams
Age: 57
Location: Charleston South Carolina, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Phone: 803-768-4598(south Carolina) 011 6014 6440 578 (Malaysia)
On websites: Facebook
Report: Friend request on FB from Nicholas I excepted , I have friends from all over the US and Europe so I figured why not Conversations started via messenger then went to email as per his request, emails began as an exchange of friendly information when just general chit chat then the dear, my darling, my sweetheart , my baby and babe started then the story about how I have changed his life, how he wants to spend the rest of his life with me and nothing will ever keep him away from me each email got more serious and romantic....and even though I had told him many times that I was married and only wanted to be friends I found myself developing feelings for this person here is some of his back round info: originally from Sweden, moved to S.Carolina after his mother died (he was 24yrs) and has been in the US ever since because he loves it here so much he is an engineer who deals in contracts(he owns his business) He lost his wife and a son in a car accident 8 yrs ago and also has a son 18 named Raymond and a daughter 12 named Joan said his children are the ones who talked him into going on facebook the emails he wrote where beautiful and captivating we exchanged cell numbers and texted each other almost every day now we are into the month of June we started
First name: Brian
Last name: Furbush
Aka: Mike Cannon
Age: 49
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Address: Jalan 61 Lingkaran Cyber Point Barat Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 601131206576
On websites: Over 40's Dating Australia
Report: This guy pretends to be on a construction site in Malaysia, building a pedestrian bridge. He's very romantic and writes the most incredible emails. He says he received a stoppage order from the government for non payment of tax, which is 10% of the $9.2mill job contract, and needs money to help pay it, He said he could raise nearly all of it but was a bit short. I sent some money and supposedly he continued the construction. He sent me photos of the payment cheque and a certificate from the company that employed him. He gave me a link to his bank account at Diamond City Bank so I could check when the cheque had been cleared. Then he asked me to pay a couple of people who worked for him. When I did so, the website asked for a code at the end. When I asked him about it he said he's never heard of it. He said he rang his bank and found out that he had to pay the World Bank $400K to get the access code. He said he had arranged to borrow money but was short again. He said he'd arrange to get money from his bank but it would take 60 days, and he was worried that he was in danger because of owing the locals money. I said I couldn't give him any more money because mine was tied up in a term deposit. But he was very good at romancing me and convincing me to get it out and help him, but the bank wouldn't release the money for 31 days. He even conned me into getting a loan from the bank for $9K. When my money came out I paid that off and sent him more money. He then said he was still short because his bank would only give him US$55K. I sent the remained of the money but recalled it when I got scared. The bank got it back for me and the account where it went to was closed down. He rang me and cried and pleaded and asked me why I was doing this - I said I couldn't transfer the last of my money. All this time, there was the pretence that I was going to go over and see him, so we arranged for me to go. He said I could collect the money myself over there. I got my ticket, then he said I couldn't come because I'd be in danger. He kept on at me until I transferred the rest of the money and bought another ticket. I found out that I had to buy return, so I paid for that and prepared to travel. When the money arrived in Malaysia he collected it and said he was going to the World Bank. Next thing I got a phone call saying he had been held up and robbed by Indian gang members (who he owed money to). I was supposed to be flying out within a few hours and he rang me saying that the gang had stolen his phone with my picture on it and it wouldn't be safe for me to fly. So I had to cancel my flight and go to the doctor to get a certificate so I could claim it on Travel Insurance. He then said he'd have to go back to the States to get money from his bank to fix everything, and he left on Wednesday night, supposedly for a week and would be coming back. He even made suggestions that I should mortgage my house if his efforts in the States weren't successful. I have not heard from him yet and I don't expect to.
First name: Paul
Last name: Hinch
Age: 57
Location: Auckland, NZ / Jubilee Oil Field off West Coast of Africa
On websites: Found him on Christian Singles Near Me
Report: I'm responding to another woman's report on Page 34 of Not Published Reports. Paul started online dating correspondence with me in August and removed himself from the dating sites
First name: Harry
Last name: Thomas
Age: 49
Location: new york ny usa
Email: idk
On websites:
Report: Harry seemed like a very nice person at first he gets very angry easily like he's hiding something his photos are fake i'm sure of it because i heard he's black and he resists telling me where he is at! He asked me today whom i voted for in the usa election! i told him trump he goes you voted for that racist i could tell he was black too very defensive tone like a black person! Harry's not the handsome man in the photos he's a fake!
First name: David
Last name: Miller
Aka: Eric Baxter
Age: 25
Location: Nigeria
On websites: facebook
Report: This man is trying to con amounts of money from one of my patients and she has brought this to my attention. He says hes a Captin/General based in Nigeria. He says his home address is 302 Adams Street, Brooklyn, New York. 07747-2527. He has also given email as This concerns me as he is approaching vulnerable people saying he is in love with them and wants to marry them. He is requesting large amounts of money from my client. I have now told her to stop replying to his texts as they can be quit ( Bullying) to say the least.
First name: DERY
Last name: ALGORE
Age: 56
Address: 00233
Phone: 233 24 933 9656 / ( 863) 888-5170
On websites: PLETY OF FISH
Report: I been in contact with Dery for 2 Months ,he always say he love me and that God know his love is true and his always say he is God fearing men with pure heart, he starting to say that he love me like in 2 weeks that we were texting , I never met him in person he have one son 14 years old and he supposed to live here in Los Angeles . but turn out that the address to send the money is in Ghana, he supposed to be in Cote for a business trip. The day we supposed to meet he was rare and bring excuses that he need to put his son to sleep then he say that the son does not want to go to sleep ,that he need to give some pills to the boy , he never told me the child was sick before. then he came and say give me an hour, i text you when i ready, he never did. the next morning he said he some was really sick the night before and took it to the hospital, and the boy was admitted to san Jude's hospital, I told him that, I will meet him at the hospital. by the time i was ready to go , he said the hospital already give him the child that he was in his way home but he was tired and just want to sleep , he haven't sleep I say why we don talk by phone he always have excuses or star fighting with me or stop texting ,whet i ask for pictures because the ones he send me ,he looks younger and not the age he said he is., he saying that i don't trust him. when i said is time for us to met because we already have 2-month texting , he sooner star saying that he might travel to make some business out of USA. within a week he leaves to Greece which is his parents land and he what his son to know where his grandparents born. from there he supposed to go to Cote d Ivore for his warehouse shipping inspection to ship the goods to the USA but by the 3day in that country r he was saying his business will prolong there he give me a hotel phone area code (233) plus24 . went i look up the 24 is for a cell from ghana . when i told him why the hotel phone is a ghana dial area he said he do not know that cote share area code 233 with gahna then the next day he call but hand up before i pick up , then he text me that his son was sick and it was admitted to the hospital , 3 days later he said that everything was so expensed that all his money was gone that his son was still in the hospital and the hotel took him out cus he do not have money to paid and there is no body to ask for help and that the wherehouse whos taking care of his shipping are not done yet and he is in deep S.. his situation was really bad that he don not have where to go for help and they do not have nothing to eat or where to sleep. i told him i do not believe him he was very angry with me , saying that i was a bad person who doesn't have sympathy for no body he insults me very bad. the next day he was texting me saying that he love me and he needs me. that he need a loan and he will paid me when his comeback to the USA . i said i can go and put money in his bank here in Los Angeles that way he can use his the ATM. then i say i can put money to his bank account and he can take in out there. , he said that is all cash base there . He told me to put the funds to him by money gram or western union. and he gives me a Ghana Accra zip code. i haven't send the funds to him but today he was texting me really early and saying i do not want to answer him, he was all angry when i told him i was still sleeping he apology but then he came and tell me that i haven't said anything about hes problems, i also been receiving facebook friend request fro male who do not have friends or only have a few mostly woman friends. and i believe is him cus he also ask me if i am contacting some one alse . today he was waitng for a confirmation number where to pick up the funds but i deside not to send it.
First name: Allen
Last name: Smithson
Aka: Lorenzo Franco Lagos Nigerias
Age: 53
Location: UK Scotland Glasgow
Phone: +447031916977
On websites: Badoo
Report: Allen Smithsson contacted Me on Badoo in april this year . He was warking in Turkey with construction on a footballarena and he needed Money to reach up to 50 % so he could get his Money paid out for his work . Money were send to MR Israel Aideyan to a bank in Istanbul I send him a lot of Money Three Times . He is now reported to the police .
First name: LEONARD
Last name: PRESTON
Age: 54anos
Location: UK Y KABUL
First name: Anthony
Last name: Williams
Age: 65
Location: Syria at present / Naples, Florida resident
On websites: Hangouts
Report: August 20, 2016 This man sent me a friend request and I accepted. This started this 2 ? month relationship, which ended with him asking me to get money to pay for his daughter?s needed surgery while he was in Syria working. When I finally accused him of trying to scam me, he offered his Driver?s License as proof of his existence. When I looked it up on the Florida State Driver?s License site, it said that that license number had expired in 2008. When I brought this to his attention, he was angry and thanked me for all the bad names I had called him. All this information is shown at the end of these pages of conversation.
First name: David
Last name: R
Aka: Ricardo Jordao Magalhaes
Age: 49
Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom/London
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer ? fake profile - image stolen from Fundador da BIZREVOLUTION, Criador do EPICENTRO, Idealizador do DIA DO DAVI.
First name: Kelvin
Last name: W
Aka: Daniel Watson
Age: 39
Location: Perry, IL
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged Fake profile ? image stolen
First name: David Fairman
Last name: Podolski
Age: 62
Location: Tilburg, Netherlands
On websites: Tagged
Report: Money scammer. Typical scam from his e-mail to me: I lost my wife in labor, her and the baby. I've been alone since i lost her and the baby 16 years ago, I'm a widow. I'm cool, calm, caring, loving, interesting, romantic, passionate, honest, faithful, hardworking, trustworthy and God fearing man. I read my Bible daily and God come first in all my endeavors. the good news is that I deposit a safe box in November 2006 with a security company in Italy for safe keeping for a period of 10 years. The content of the box is ?3 Million Euros. Nobody knows the content of the box except me. it's quite unfortunate that I'm presently very sick under treatment in USA, I can't come to Europe to get the safe deposit box. I promise to give you ?1 Million Euros after you claim the safe deposit box. Please can you help me to clam the safe deposit box?
First name: Raymond
Last name: C
Aka: Aliyev Magomedsultan
Age: 54
Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer - fake profile - image stolen from Vice-President of Combat Sambo Federation Rossii
First name: Charles
Last name: Preston
Aka: Edwin Bilson
Age: 51
Location: Everett Wa
Phone: 425-363-0427, 601-640-0729
Email: Unknown
On websites:
Report: He contacted me on, started texting through phones then through skype. Picture on match does not match picture on this website. He told me the picture on match is over 10 years old. He told me is divorced, one child 18 years old and in boarding school. He does not pick up his phone when I tried calling him, said phone not working, on skype said he does not have a mic so I have not heard his voice. He has not asked for money yet and I know he is going to. Said he is sick and need surgery that cost $300,000 and fells like taking his life. Will not send me a current picture said I can see him when we Skype. I have been playing with him foto see what his next move will be. I have not ended communication yet, in case you need more information. I have not felt anytime during our text and skype that I could trust him. Match user name envylove557
First name: Captain Kevin shaw
Last name: Rogers
Age: 40
Location: Kabul
On websites: Unknown
Report: He used plenty people to get money out of me said he was in prison in Turkey
First name: Justin Jaromil
Last name: Dawson
Age: 56
Location: Forest Hills, New York
Phone: 1-718-618-4133 +1-867-332-0618
On websites: Linkedin Facebook
Report: I met mister Dawson on After several weeks of emails and phone calls he sent the following text on Nov. 7, 2016;
First name: Clerk
Last name: Pitts
Aka: Ryan M. Pitts
Age: 40
Location: San Jose, CA
Phone: + 1 (551) 900-3861
On websites: Tagged
Report: Military scammer ? fake profile ? image stolen from SSG Ryan M Pitts born in 1985 (scammers is 40 yrs old)
First name: David
Last name: Beckham
Aka: Terry Morle
Age: 49
Location: Nyborg, Denmark
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged
First name: Scott cleaver
Last name: Delaurentis
Age: 45
Location: Brisbane Australia
Phone: +447984055052 +393511410169
On websites:
Report: Met this guy in dating website then asked to go to email after contacting via email he asked me if we can talk somewhere else we went to whatsapp messagenger he told me that he is Italian and his wife died in 2009 from coranary heart disease they met and married in Paris he was living in Australia for 19 years in Melbourne then Brisbane he said he has one child joy 5 years old.he told me he is a financial analysis has his own business seven steps empire.he had to go to Scotland for business lost his wallet asked to borrow money for airfare home then told me that there was an accident on his work site andrew platform and several people had been killed and that he had to pay compensation to the families of the people who died. Every time he was supposed to fly back to Australia to meet me he always came up with excuses as to why he couldn't of birth 22-12-70 supposed to have been born in Milan Italy he does sound like he has an Italian accent
First name: Charles
Last name: Presten
Aka: Mark Williams
Age: 52
Location: Accra , Ghana
Phone: +233261545445
On websites: Oasis
Report: After reading all the reports ahead of me I'm grateful that I was able pick this creep as soon as he started hinting for money. He started by saying he was a Florida businessman, using the name of a legitimate Florida building company, and then the usual drivel about a deceased wife and one son. We soon moved from email to Skype and Google Hangouts. After a few weeks of talking on Skype he claimed to be travelling to Ghana to buy property with the aim of mining it for gold, two trips in three weeks. Whilst on the first alleged trip he sent me jewelry. The mention of Ghana had been warning though and I began to question the person, and never got any satisfactory answers. Then, when there the second time, he claimed that he couldn't complete the land purchase transaction unless he paid the lawyer, a sum of US$3000 and that he had a temporary cash flow problem. He emailed me doctored documents which were supposed to convince me he'd purchased land. He rapidly lost interest when I told him I couldn't afford to loan him money. I did tell him I was sending him a birthday gift and a Thanksgiving gift, and I got two addresses out of him, one in Ghana and one in the US, both legitimate as far as I could ascertain through investigating a little. I am under the impression that this is a network of scammers who operate together. I have the name of a woman in the US and a male in Ghana, and I am 99% sure the information I have is legitimate. If any other people who have lost money and have reported on this forum need this information I am happy to provide it via the website administration. As far as the man in the photos and videos go, I cannot imagine how much distress this must cause him. Obviously he has been a victim himself at some stage, and I know that blackmail must have been at least attempted because of footage that was streamed to Skype. These people are cyber-terrorists and should be dealt with as such. What I can't understand is why all dating websites do not have a list of commonly used images for people to easily access direct from the front page of the date site. For people who aren't particularly savvy with computers doing something like a reverse image search is not something they would know to do, (I didn't and I AM quite savvy with computers!), so it would be a good thing for date sites to actually publish these images themselves.
First name: Jacob Alberto
Last name: Luciano
Age: 51?
Location: Seattle usa
Phone: +1 (206) 673-4277, whatsapp +49 152 12861291
On websites: Hinge, Facebook
Report: For one month I could have sworn Jacob was the best man in the world. He never got around to asking me for money S I caught on when he dissapeared for a few days. So I called NRCC the compnaybhe claimed to be the head of and they said there was nobody by that name. I spoke to him for a week to see what his next step was but his pictures were in every site. So I changed my whatsapp number and blocked him. I am a journalist. I want to find the man in the picture whose name one of the websites told me was perhaps Allen obrien. I am a public figure. A YouTuber and an activist. Please help me mke a small documentary on find I have Allen.
First name: Justin
Last name: Dawson
Age: 56
Location: Flushing, NY
Phone: 718-618-4133 / 867-322-0618
On websites: Elitesingles
Report: He asked that we communicated off the EliteSingles site right away because he was new to social media. First he used a fake name (Frederick) on the site and New Richmond as his location. Then he gave me his name as Justin Jaromil Dawson. He had a sob story about his life. He said he lived in Flushing NY. I went online and checked and didn't find his business, he then said it was new. There was another guy Shawn R Norbert with an identical resume as Justin's. He explained that he allowed Shawn to use his credentials to find work. I told him that it was unethical. when I found out he was in NY, or so he said and I did't find any info on him on line, I asked for his ID to verify as well as his address. He said he had traveled to Canada so he didn't have his license. He then gave me a different phone number to call him in Canada. He ended up needing $2400 to pay for the repair of his equipment so he could complete his work and get out of Canada. He asked me for the money and I refused to give it to him so he hang up on me and that's the last I heard from him. I blocked him.
First name: Daryl
Last name: Black
Aka: Marve Darryl, Frank H
Age: 52
Location: Santiago, Chile
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged.
First name: Robert
Last name: B
Aka: Grzegorz Dziubek
Age: 50
Location: Seri Kembangan, Malaysia
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who sent me a friend request on Tagged ? image stolen from Grzegorz Dziubek, mayor Wloszczowy, Poland
First name: Daniel
Last name: R
Age: 44
Location: Stevenage, United Kingdom
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on tagged. From his profile: 44 years old and likes hip-hop African/English grammar: Am easy going guy, am sure with time Bad language from someone living in UK: : Am easy going guy that is looking to meet a nice lady that is ready for a serious relationship.. am sure with time Typical scam: Find the right woman to spend the rest of my life with. only genuine people please as I am not interested in mind games