First name: Joseph
Last name: Durrant
Age: 51
Location: Said to be in Iraq. Chicago, Kansas
On websites: OKCupid
Report: Said he was in Iraq, retiring end of Nov. He wanted me to accept a box from a diplomat from Syria. He said it would not cost me anything. Later the diplomat sent me documents to sign so I could accept box to my door. Then got a document from diplomat wanting $7550 for airfare back home. Said he was in Germany at the time. I stopped all communications with them, and blocked Joseph Durrant from all I could. I told him I knew it was a scam. I quit answering calls and text from both. I checked raw messages and found Wisconsin, Wichita kansas, Ghana, California ,few other places. Would not give me a military ID so I knew it was a scam. He said his whole life's fortune of 1.5 million dollars was in that box.
First name: Kelvin
Last name: Bowles
Age: 42
Location: Assigned in Kuwait but phone no is from Nigeria
Phone: +2348145994410
On websites: MeetMe, WhatsApp
Report: We met in a dating site called meetme. He was very charming and said that he is a US army personnel. We were dating online and I started to suspect he is a scammer when he ask for my salary. He ask for $100 at first, then $500. Of course I didn't send him and I immediately blocked him in WhatsApp. He was furious mad and emailed me that he will make my photos and videos viral if I can't send him $2000 in the next 48 hours.
First name: Emmanuel
Last name: Bright
Aka: Ghana, Afghanistan
Age: 31. Dezember 1955
Location: USA
Address: 1108 south bartow road Lakeland Florida 33801
Phone: 12026704912
On websites:
Report: Slogen in Skype Protecting and fighting for humanity in Afghanistan! Mein Yahoo-Protokoll mit dem Bertuger - Captain Frank Davis Capt. Frank 03/2/16 Silvia remember all our wishes, remember the love we promised each other. CF Capt. Frank I wonder why you refused to help in buying my ticket to fly out of here, i have made all the arrangements and it is left for the money to be sent. CF Capt. Frank Please please and please Silvia, I don't want to die here, help me, so I can enjoy a little of the rest of my life in Germany and in peace. CF Capt. Frank Talk to me please, if you don't want to send the money to Africa office, now you can send it to America and they will get the ticket for me and i can fly to you in germany CF Capt. Frank Silvia so you believe other people more than your husband to be??? CF Capt. Frank Silvia please Send to: Emmanuel Bright. Address: Lakeland Florida 33810. U.S.A CF Capt. Frank His number is +12026704912 And the amount is 1,700 euro CF Capt. Frank I have requested his email I wait for the reply US Angela I need eMail from Emmanuel Bright CF Capt. Frank I have requested his email I wait for the reply US Angela ok CF Capt. Frank Silvia his email is: CF Capt. Frank My love please should I have the hoe of coming this weekend? CF Capt. Frank Dear Silvia, Why are you doing this to me? Do you value the money you will spend in buying my ticket than me? If you don't love me anymore is it not right you let me know than abandoning me here when i need you most? Why are you even not replying my mails or messages in messenger? Is that love or wickedness? What exactly have i done wrong to you? Do you think i deserve all these? My health keep on going down everyday i think about what you are doing to me. Just remember you have left me alone in the whole world. My companion is my Gun. If you think you are doing the right thing then let my Love judge. Thank you for all these. Thank you. Frank CF Capt. Frank Silvia can you tell me why you are doing this? CF Capt. Frank Hello my love CF Capt. Frank Silvia why are you doing this to me? Is it what we promised ourselves? Do you want me to die here before you buy my ticket? I am so worried and surprised to hear from Gen. Emmanuel that you have not sent the money to him. why why Silvia? CF Capt. Frank CF Capt. Frank Silvia please talk to me CF Capt. Frank CF Capt. Frank hello CF Capt. Frank So Silvia you come online and you refused to talk to me? You come and go invisible to avoid me? You are heartless Silvia. Why are you treating me this way? CF Capt. Frank Is this the love we promised each order? CF Capt. Frank This is wonderful E-Mails Dear Silvia, I got information this morning that the ticket can also be obtained from our home office in USA. Please you can also send the money to USA so they can cut the ticket and send to me. I have requested for the full contact also. Please respond to me my love. Frank Jesus Christ, Silvia you are giving me condition? Oh my God, you never trusted me since almost 3 years? No wonder you abandoned every thing about me. Now please for your information....Western Union does not operate here, Our status here is by UN Identification. We report and also our sources come from Koffi Annan United Nations Peace Keeping Center, Ghana. This center coordinates all our affairs since the American link was hacked 4 years ago. No American or German Airlines comes directly to Afghanistan because of the Terrorism and that is why we operate from African airlines who goes on transit. Silvia when you are convinced to help me this last time then i will give you the contact of the Officer that will secure my ticket and confirmation so i can fly to Germany. He is also a commander in the Army. Thank you Silvia but I am very sad that the woman that renewed my love in life don't trust me anymore. Thank you. Frank Dear Silvia, General Emmanuel Bright wrote me and send he has sent the his bank account to you. He also sent it to me so I can give you also. His bank account is below: TD BANK Beneficiary Name: Emmanuel Bright Beneficiary address: 1108 south bartow road Lakeland Florida 33801 Account number: 4320470935. Routing : 067014822: Swift codes: TDOMCATTTOR, NRTHUS33XXX. Bank address: 32 chestnut st. Po box 1377 Lewiston ,Me 04243-1377. My love please send the money to him fast so he can buy my ticket for me. Thank you. Frank Dear Silvia, General Emmanuel Bright wrote me and send he has sent the his bank account to you. He also sent it to me so I can give you also. His bank account is below: TD BANK Beneficiary Name: Emmanuel Bright Beneficiary address: 1108 south bartow road Lakeland Florida 33801 Account number: 4320470935. Routing : 067014822: Swift codes: TDOMCATTTOR, NRTHUS33XXX. Bank address: 32 chestnut st. Po box 1377 Lewiston ,Me 04243-1377. My love please send the money to him fast so he can buy my ticket for me. Thank you. Frank Hello I have sent my bank account which you requested to you about two weeks ago. Capt Frank said you did not get it. I am sending to you and to him this time. I will obtain his ticket as soon as I receive the money from you. My bank account is: TD BANK Beneficiary Name: Emmanuel Bright Beneficiary address: 1108 south bartow road Lakeland Florida 33801 Account number: 4320470935. Routing : 067014822: Swift codes: TDOMCATTTOR, NRTHUS33XXX. Bank address: 32 chestnut st. Po box 1377 Lewiston ,Me 04243-1377. I will be waiting for the evidence of transfer. Yours faithfully General Emmanuel
First name: David
Last name: Kushner
Aka: Dave David
Age: 43
Location: Unknown
Address: Alaska
On websites: tagged
Report: He message me in tagged asking my email add for he is not always in tagged because of his very tight schedule in the camp. He is very sweet and nice to me sending emails. But i have a strange feeling for him. That maybe hes scammer so i decided to search his name on facebook and I google it. Viola! Good thing I googled his name. I'm writing this to give awareness of all ladies especially in philippines. Thank you.
First name: robert
Last name: andrew
Age: 60
Location: uk
On websites: yes
Report: I met him on plenty of fish and he told me he worked for baines management plc and the letters the guy was sending are the same things he's saying it's scary
First name: Richard
Last name: Cook
Age: 55
Location: Indianpolis
On websites: Tinder
Report: Says he is from Indy, his wife died and he wants a true love. he doesn't care what I look like, just that I am a good woman and LOVE god. he asks me to trust him. He pretends to fly to TUrkey for work, and gets stuck there unless I can send him some money. If I send him money he will return to marry me. No questions asked.
First name: Josh
Last name: Craffert
Age: 59
Location: Kansas and South Africa, Cape Town
Phone: 913-982-9440
On websites: WAYN
Report: asked me for money today 300 dollars to send to daughter
First name: Jeffery
Last name: Calahan
Age: 34
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan; California; Japan
On websites: Growlr
Report: 1.) He initiated contact. 2.) Via the Growlr App - he sent me a message on there suggesting an email. 3.) About a week and a half. I have all the emails, but not the original message on Growlr. 4.) He only used my actual name once, some minor logical inconsistencies, and then when I was Googling a poem he sent, this website was the first result because his emails are listed word for word in the database. 5.) He didn't get that far. 6.) Didn't get that far. 7.) I haven't responded to him since discovering this website. It's been less than 24 hours since his last email, so there might be an update on my end.
First name: James
Last name: Robert
Age: 48
Location: Stockholm Sweden & Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.
Report: I met this man call James Robert on a Dating Site call He lives in Stockholm Sweden as a Architect and Real Estate Management (Architectural Engineer). He is widowed with one son!!
First name: Matt
Last name: Lloyd
Age: under 30
Location: Florida USA.
Address: Mobe 13506 Summerport Village ParkwaySuite 1004Windermere, FL 34786
On websites: UNKNOWN
Report: Mobe 13506 Summerport Village ParkwaySuite 1004Windermere, FL 34786 My time with Mobe and Matt Lloyd By William John Thomas Internet Marketing. I have been told by a representative of MOBE that what I have written here is lies is defamatory is libellous and slanderous and I am being unreasonable. Everything below is fact and is a true account of myself and Mobe. APPROX one year ago I joined a company called MOBE I joined for the price advertised which was $49 for this price I got a so called coach and a 21 video course only two video's are opened at any one time after about video 4 or 5 I was asked for a payment the coach told me that I would have to pay APPROX $3,500 he also told me that would be all I would have to pay, bells should have started ringing after all I joined at the advertised price of $49 this was catch number one. After completing the 21 video steps which just concentrated on selling this scam to other people, I was told the full price for this program was $30,000 catch number two, such a ridiculous price was out of my range for anything especially for something bought of the internet, I was not told upfront the full cost of joining MOBE so I decided to ask for a refund on the grounds that I had not been told the full cost upfront, I applied for a refund which in my mind seemed fair enough any legitimate company could see I had a valid point, I received an email from MOBE support telling me I was not entitled to a refund catch number three. To be entitled to a refund a member of MOBE must produce the email they joined with and must advertise for one year with three types of paid advertising catch number four; this is the key to this scam Matt Lloyd who owns MOBE knows that unless again told upfront no person is going to keep the email they joined MOBE with and the advertising for one year is going to cost more than the money a person may be owed so this is what Matt Lloyd is counting on that people will think it?s not worth going on with their claim for a refund I suggest Matt Lloyd has scammed more money this way than he has made selling his high ticket priced programs. Most countries and states already have legislation in place to cover such refund claims Matt Lloyd must think he is something special if he thinks he has the right to override government agencies I say he does not have any such rights to ignore any county?s law. For all the people out there who have been scammed by MOBE and that is thousands upon thousands don?t give up on your money flood the appropriate agencies with complaints so they have to do something about this thief who has stolen hundreds of millions of dollars from us. Approximately one year ago Matt Lloyd advertised that he had made one hundred million dollars with MOBE that is money that belongs to people like you and I so let?s do something to get our money back. Matt Lloyd has been very clever putting this together but if you look at it, it soon becomes clear that each step of his refund policy has been thought out to make sure his customers get scammed if they invest any money at all into MOBE. Matt Lloyd does not have a refund policy he does have a high paying SCAM policy, please be aware any money you spend with Matt Lloyd is money you will not see again. But it is not just his customers who should be aware of Matt Lloyd and MOBE one affiliate who is owed over $50,000 has had his access to MOBE blocked this man has made a short video so that unsuspecting members of the public can see how Matt Lloyd treats at least this affiliate you can play his video below to see this for yourself there is also a link to other people who have been scammed by this company. Any person contemplating buying this over priced knowledge is going to Pay $30,000 for information they can get off the internet for a very small cost and can even get the same information free from (wealthy affiliate). I have tried to negotiate a refund but I am expected to sign a legal document that I do not agree with in other words a gag order they have no chance my story is just that my story and I will publish it for all to see in the hope I can help prevent others from being scammed by MOBE and Matt Lloyd. Matt Lloyd has offered me my money back subject to me signing a legal document that I am not prepared to sign, this document is in fact a gag order and I will not have my right to free speech interfered with by Matt Lloyd or anyone else also there is a $25,000 clause in it. This offer to refund my money is proof that Matt Lloyd scammed me and he does not want me to post my story for anyone to read the legal document I refer to is below for you all to read. The offer of my money back is because I told Matt Lloyd I was going to post my story. All other people who have lost their money with MOBE in the same way I have, should also post their story to show unsuspecting people what they can expect from MOBE and Matt Lloyd. Every person who has been scammed by mobe the same way I was should have their money refunded without any conditions. In Matt Lloyds words 98% who buy into Mobe do not make any money and that is 98% who have been scammed by Mobe because they were not told the cost upfront and not told the so called refund policy, Matt Lloyd has to scam people because who would buy into Mobe if they knew the full cost and the refund policy upfront. Please read the links below and see others scammed by Mobe and Matt Lloyd. Because I will not sign my rights away Matt Lloyd who stole my money without any legal documents Is still holding on to my money, he must be in real need of my $3,420 AUS. You can write to me ( better still post your story on social media. William John Thomas Settlement Agreement And Mutual Release ? This settlement Agreement and release (?? Agreement??) is made and entered into by and between MOBE, LTD. (?? MOBE ??) and William John Thomas (??Student??). And is effective as of sometimes referred to herein individually as ??party?? or collectively as the ??parties??. Recitals A Student entered into an agreement with MOBE where MOBE was to provide business Educational training. b Student and MOBE have mutually agreed to part ways; c The parties seek now to settle and release claims against one another d Student must sign and return this Agreement to MOBE by September 23, 2016 or the offer herein will expire. Agreemen Incorporation of recitals ? the recitals set forth above are incorporated into this agreement MOBE promises and obligations under this agreement ? MOBE promises to refund student Two thousand four hundred ninety seven US dollars and no cents (USD$2,497.00) via wire transfer to the bank account student designates, no less then seven days after student returns this signed release to MOBE and complies with removal requirements set out below 1. Student?s promise and obligations under this agreement ? Student promises and agrees to keep this agreement and all terms, conditions and obligations in the agreement confidential. Student agree to assist MOBE if necessary to ensure there are no issues with a merchant processor or banking institution. Student agrees to remove any and all negative online post regarding MOBE. In addition, Student agrees not to make any future negative posts or comment about MOBE. Student agree to only communicate , the following statement with regard to this statement: ??Student and MOBE have resolved their differences?? Student agree to be bound by a permanent injunction without a need to post bond in the event any breach of this Agreement occurs. Students agree to forgive and waive completely any and all claims asserted or unasserted, known or unknown, against MOBE that accrued up to the time of the signing of this agreement. Student agrees to contact any regulatory body where a complaint may have been lodged regarding the disputes between the parties and notify them the disputes have been resolved. Please warn all your friends about this scam William John Thomas.
First name: Roger
Last name: Watts
Age: 57
Location: South Africa
Address: 138 Saldanha Ave
Phone: +27603227298
On websites:
Report: Roger said that he was working on repairing on oil rig in Cape Town South Africa for the Department of Energy at that it was an 11.5M project and that he had 300 people working for him; 30 expats and 270 local workers. He said that he had worked in Melbourne Australia for BP and lived in Altona for 2 years, before going to South Africa but he would be returning to Melbourne as soon as the job was finished. He first asked me for money about 8 weeks into our communication as he said that a man had been killed on the site and he needed to pay for his funeral but he did not get paid until the job was finished and he had already paid hospital bills for the 4 other men that had been injured. I sent him $1,300.00 Aus $. He then said that he had been paid but that the Barclays Bank South Africa where the cheque had been paid into was asking him for $18,000.00 for a Remington Code before they would release it. Once that was paid his money would be released and he would return to Melbourne. He sent me a copy of his bank account to prove that he had the money but I know realise that it was probably false. All up I sent him 200,000.00 for various fees in order to get his money released.
First name: Phillip
Last name: Mannie
Age: 63
Location: Birmingham,AL, Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: 334-231-4551
On websites: POF
Report: Professes to be Engineer. Went to Istanbul for a large government construction project. From Alabama. Fell in love, asked if I would move in with him in AL also asked if he could send me a ticket to Istanbul after he was involved in horrific accident and was in a coma for 5 days. Had to have back surgery. Gave me the hospital info but I could only reach him at the hospital if I sent him text First.. hospital had web site. Now claims he can't leave hospital until paying bill. Claims his U S bank account was frozen. Begged me for $4500. Just to get out of hospital. Other parts of stories don't add up.
First name: Rick
Last name: Price
Aka: Ricky
Age: 57
Location: Tulsa, OK
Phone: 918-734-1179
On websites: POF Meetme
Report: Contacted on Meetme then text He asked for money cause he didn't have money to live on or take care of his kids. He could pay me back on Friday. That was $3000.00 ago.
First name: Lorenzo
Last name: Franco
Age: 52
Location: Cape town
Phone: 0747891818
On websites: Christian datingonline dating site
Report: I started chatting to this Lorenzo dude from Gordon's bay And after 4days he wanted to buy me a ring... I immediately knew something is wrong and blocked him...He sent me the exact same letters as he sent on Trish on this site... his a scamster
First name: Chris
Last name: Anderson
Aka: Gareth Morgan, Gareth Elbado, Michael dean Duncan,
Age: 52
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
On websites: Tinder, Facebook page w this name
Report: He contacted me on Tinder. On Tinder he used the name Gareth Elbado. After a few conversations asked me to delete tinder. I did not do this but he had deleted himself so I could not follow up more there. He Claims to be a 52 yr old widower with a son. He is supposedly due to retire this year. I think more than one person may be behind this scam as the syntax and language varied in conversations. Initially I thought he was not a native English speaker . Then his English improved. I checked another site and the pictures are stolen from the real Steven Murphy. I saw 200 posts on Facebook about this guy. He must have at least 100 aliases. The page also listed 2 Scammer names including the one above and Michael Dean Duncan.
First name: Mac
Last name: Willie
Age: 54
Location: Accra Ghana
Report: I was on POF and he messaged me almost instantly. We began chatting in Google Hangouts a little more than a month ago. Claimed he was in Syria. Army E9 Sergeant Major. Was ready to come home to the United States within the next few months. Things were going along fine with regular communication until he started asking for money. He gave me a guys name in Ghana to have the money sent to. He asked me to send him money for his hotel bill while he was in Ghana before he was to fly
First name: Michael A.
Last name: Miller
Aka: Michael Anthony Miller
Age: 57 birthday is in February
Location: USA- Perrysburg, OH. & Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Address: A-07-3B Zeva Residence, Seri Kembangan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 43300
Phone: 801-613-7391
On websites:
Report: I met Michael A. Miller via on October 27, 2016 and we have been texting and have talked by phone for the past four weeks. I ended this contact today on November 21, 2016. Mr. Miller is an independent contactor working with PETRONAS to complete a 10km bridge in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Due to problems with money transfers and clearance of supplies, the project has been delayed and there is demurrage, GST and additional taxes that are creating a shortfall in the finances of the project. I was asked to help Mr. Miller raise $31K to cover the shortfall and I was offered 5% of the $1.2 million dollar payment that Mr. Miller would receive at the completion of the project. Mr. Miller has an associate he refers to as his personal assistant, named: Wong Poh Yien. The apartment that Mr. Miller rents in Malaysia is at this address: A-07-3B Zeva Residence, Taman Pinggiran Putra Permai, Seri Kembangan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 43300.
First name: Peter
Last name: George
Age: 56
Location: London, columbus, ohio
Phone: 469-759-0198
Email: peter.george55@aol. com
On websites: tinder
Report: Peter pretends his wife is dead, and he wants a real relationship. Develops one for a week then takes off for an international trip. he cant complete trip unless you give him a loan or recieve money as he works for some company named either Ohio Health, Axis and needs a loan. Of course, he will come home and marry you as soon as he is done. He provides false Jamican passport and copious photos, and Axis contract. He is a professional.
First name: collins
Last name: hayne
Age: 57
Location: accra Ghana
On websites: hangouts
Report: He says he is an american soldier who is in a combat zine in syria. He says he lives in Alanta Georiga.has two daughters in Ghana with thier grandmother. He has a caretaker named Tishmark Boni in ghana and all money is sent to him. He says he does not have access to his money. Today he says he was give some loose diamonds and needs to me thur a dipolmat named douglas frank castel from the us. But needs 5600 dollars. Has become very angry when i declined.
First name: Antonio
Last name: Dickey
Aka: Steve Dickey
Age: 53
Location: Bowie MD
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: Contacted me on Christian Mingle. Claimed to be E8 in the US Army in Syria. I looked him up on two Army sites, no such person as Steve Dickey currently in the US Army. He told me it was because he was fighting ISIS. Which is not true - all active duty personnel are listed in these Army sites which I have access to since I also work for the US Army. He told me he had a 16 year old daughter. He told me he was an 11B which is Infantry but also a team lead which he said is a 12B. A 12B is Field Artillery crewman. so that was 2nd lie I caught him in. One message he used in Google Hangouts with me...googles it and found it to be a scammers' words. I believe there is no ideal relationships, Be honest, a relationship is hard work and compromise, It is as good as you make it, What makes a relationship ideal to someone is how much time and effort one puts into it and how committed two people are to it.I want to meet a woman that is tolerance level and how far she can go in life , If she is willing to stick around when the going gets tough and she will be there for me and I will be there for her too when the going gets tough on us. If she will still love me when I am falling apart.
First name: Stephen
Last name: Jones
Age: 51
Location: US
Report: I was contacted on Skype by S. Jones I chat to him once He told me he was working in Iran or Irak as a engineer and he was building roads and bridges . He called me dear . I know he was a Scammer I told him i dont want to talk to him again He tried to call me on Skype but i blocked him from contacting me .
First name: Jeff
Last name: Miller
Age: 51
Location: Miami stationed in Afghanistan
Address: Unknown
Phone: Unknown
Email: Unknown
On websites: Plenty of fish.
Report: I met Jeff Miller African American 51 year old from Miami now stationed in Afghanistan. Thhe e site was plenty of fish. After one week he said he needed 200.00 for his 11 year old daughter Sandra. Sandra is in Ghana city. I am suppose to send 200.00 to Mohammad Aziz. Ghana city Accra 00233. Please help to stop him
First name: Jamie
Last name: Chandler
Age: 51
Location: Louisiana USA
Address: 200 Magnolia crossing bossier city Louisiana
On websites: Was on Oasis dating site
Report: Introduced himself as jamie chandler After a failed marriage. .was looking for love again..wife apparently died in car accident and son is in Sth Africa going to school.says he is currently in Africa to take son back to states and then to Australia to be with me. .wants $800 to finalize some outstanding debts..have not sent money..
First name: Adriano M
Age: 47
Location: Albany, NY
Email: n/a
On websites: mingle2
Report: Just popped up as dave 5471 54 year old man from Albany, New York
First name: Darren
Last name: Fletcher
Age: 56
Location: Aberdeen
On websites: Prime Singles
Report: He came on contact with me on the website: prime single. He told me about himself, he a agent and he has a son names Edwin. The son is 15 years old and is in a boarding school in London. His wife died for five years, but he was divorced . Now he is in Syria since August last year. After three month contact with him, he ask for a IPhone and other stuffs. Supposedly there was a fire in the camp, so he needs many things: boxer shorts, tshirts, socks , toothpaste, deodorant and all this things.
First name: Dennis
Last name: Beckley
Aka: Denny Beckely
Age: 56
Location: Vancouver, Canada and Massachusets
Phone: +1 774 214 9184
On websites:,, Zorpia, Loveaholics, facebook, linkedin, and many more
Report: We were chatting for almost 8 months , he asked me for money of course , a huge amount He is using the pictures of a pastor in the US - I found by myself the pictures of which man he is using , Shawn Thornton He is very talented, He has a wonderful English, very high level , he has a technique that He cooks with his victims He doesn't do video chats of course because he is from one of the African countries ( Ghana or Nigeria , not exactly known by myself )
First name: Mario
Last name: Bachmeier
Age: ?
Location: Dubai, UAE
Phone: 0012139354694
On websites: FB
Report: I have been scammed by a person pretending to be American from San Francisco and went to Dubai, UAE for a business trip. Pretends there was an accident, has his bank account blocked and needs financial help. I have just read the letter published on your site and some of the paragraphs I have received from this person are word for word exactly the same. At first, I believed him and did send him money to help. But it was getting out of hand and I began searching to see if this man was really on the level. I have a document that I would like to send you. It's a fake of course. How can I do this ?
First name: Andolf
Last name: Moritz
Age: 51
Location: Sibu, Malaysia
Email: Unknown
On websites: Wayn, Facebook
Report: I knew this guy from Wayn. He sent me a request to connect. He claimed to be a US citizen of Brazilian origin , working as an engineer and a project manager in my hometown Sibu(i was working in Kuala Lumpur then). He claimed that he had a son named Jerry back in States and he divorced his wife for cheating. We were in contact for 3 months when he started asking me to lend him MYR10K to open a foreign current account. I didn't give him any and he started to be verbally aggressive. I blocked him and cut all connection after that. Upon checking the Wayn account, he had change his profile photo of a local Chinese man, looked like a gangster.
First name: Ben
Last name: Harrison
Aka: Steven robert
Age: 51
Location: Long beach, california,usa
Email: Unknown
On websites: Facebook
Report: Said he was a contractor on oil rigs and needed money to get off rig! Also needed money to finish contract on rig as machinery broken down!?
First name: David
Last name: Oder
Age: 53
Location: Arizona
Phone: 5203856859
On websites:
Report: This man says he is in Africa then says new orders to go to Nigeria and then says he needs help to keep internet and also states he is helping children in Africa then asks you to help him get the kids supplies once you say no h won't talk to you anymore