First name: Victor Jones
Last name: Hernandez
Age: 58
Location: Warrior
On websites: POF
Report: He sent a message asking me to use messenger. Then he wanted to text me. So i sent him my number and he texted 4-5 times a day. We text for about a week. In that week he told me that he was a Commander in the US ARMY. He was on his way to WA and he ran out of money. He asked me to send him 242.00 to finish the money out. I did. Then it was more. A total of 14,000.00.
First name: James
Last name: Rinehart
Aka: James reinhart
Age: 56
Location: Dallas Texas, Ohio, Oyo,Nigeria Lagos Nigeria
On websites: PLenty of fish
Report: Has asked many personal questions. Told me he loves me within two days of talking, asked for 3,000.00. I didn't five him. Has a 21 year old son Justin studying in London. Says he needs to ship his diamonds to me and need my address I didn't send. Says he is an engineer building bridges in Nigeria. He sent me a stolen pictures of a different guy. Ladies be careful of this man. He is a scammer. He said when he gets paid his 6.5 million he will give me half.
First name: Dr Benjamin
Last name: Edmund
Age: unknown
Location: Bremen, Georgia USA
Report: Ben asked me to be his friend on skype right before Thanksgiving. Did not take him long to ask me to send money for him to get home. He asked me to write the U.N. and ask them to allow Ben to come home for an urgent mater. He said I would have to pay a large sum,,,but soon as he got here he would give it right back to me. NO WORRIES he said. I wrote the U.N. but did not ask them what he wanted, I told them that he was needed at home but I did not have the money to send. I am sorry looks like he will be staying there longer. He was PISSED. Ben said I made him feel like less than a man ....poor baby NOT! I would tell him I did not have that kid of money and he said if I loved him I would get it. I should ask my boss, classmates, friends, family, even my kids. This guy is crazy, told me to take out a loan!!!!
First name: Henry
Last name: Matthew
Aka: Lewis Britz Kartel
Age: 57
Location: Ghana
On websites: Facebook, Hangouts
Report: approached me on Facebook first by the name of Henry Morgan, blocked him and after that he contacted me on
First name: Eric
Last name: Preston
Age: 52
Location: Hawaii
Phone: unknown202-798-4186
Email: I do not have his email only talked to him on messenger
On websites: Unknown
Report: Eric Preston ask me to send money for a contract in Nigeria Africa he said it was for a Mr Emmanual he started to become verbally abusive when I said no for four months I stopped contact three days ago he said he lives on the main island in Hawaii
First name: Benard george
Last name: wood
Aka: Ben
Age: 60 ( he says)
Location: ghana and uk
Phone: 925-266-3583/925-269-4617unknown
On websites: millionaire dates
Report: He contacted me on millionaire match and we talked and became close. He supposedly was in martinez , california at the time. he then took a trip in october of 2015 to visit his mother in england, then saying he was leaving for a business trip to accura ghana. He supposedly had problems the whole time... was on this african trip to open a store in ghana----while working on the store cut his hand badly and was in the hospital and asked for 100.00 to pay hospital bills. I sent 100.00 per money gramm to a man named Gabriel Owusu, because Ben was afraid to show his passport because they would steal his information. Gabriel was supposed to be an employee. He then wanted me to accept packages here at my home that was to be for the opening of the store. I did and later sent them to the same Gabriel Owusu. I was then asked for 30.00 because he was broke. I sent it. He then wanted 300.00 for rent and I sent it. He was later evicted and asked me to get together 4500.00 to send him so he could open this store and have enough left over to get a visa and plane ticket to come see me. I told him there is no way that I can send that much money. I stopped believing in him and was leary then. We continued to talk but we argued as I had lost all faith in him. One morning I got a love poem that was addressed to mary margaret and I blew up. I told him off and stopped talking to him. we were talking for 1 year. He said it was a mistake he sent the poem---he had forgotten to edit it from the site that he took the poem from. I think it was a mistake alright----sent to the wrong email address. He contacted me recently and is still in ghana ----I believe he has always been in ghana. He is a scammer I believe. He poses as a white man---but has an accent---he swears it is british. I have nothing to do with him.
First name: Ryan
Last name: Beck
Age: 45
Location: New York, NY or Syria
On websites: Hinge
Report: Individual contacted me and mentioned almost immediately that he was sure I was the one and he wanted a long term relationship with me. He shared very little details about himself and remembered very little about me. Eventually he told me he needed my help to get leave from the military both financially & with sharing info with his command. When I told him I knew about getting military leave because my brother is in the military, he immediately stopped contacting me despite his professed
First name: Morris
Last name: Bennard
Age: 42
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Address: 80 Honey Street
Phone: 22787122197
On websites:
Report: Found his profile on Used pictures from a male fitness model (won't give out name to protect his privacy) Used Nextplus to use as US telephone number. Claims to live in Jersey City, NJ Claims to be a marine engineer. Has an associate by the name of Nomxolisi Zilwa (found someone who shares that name on Facebook but later changed it to Pinky Zilwa). First he will pretend that he is working in Australia and then move to South Africa and learns that he can't leave because he needs to purchase equipment for his work. Document that he sends is fake because the signature show the word John Hancock upside down.
First name: Jerry
Last name: Pele
Age: 48
Location: Los Angeles
Phone: unknown1 650 557-2805
On websites: I think so
Report: I became friends with Jerry on Facebook and then he said he was in trouble and needed money over the next few weeks I lent him $2300 and he never paid me back
First name: Alex
Last name: Kristoffersen
Age: 62
Location: Essex UK
Phone: 00447939837384
On websites: Wave 105 dating
Report: This guy contacted me via the dating site at the same time as Larry Vernon. I will send you the emails he claimed to go to Newfoundland to complete an engineering assignment. I responded and sent some photos...have not hear from him since 24th Nov till today when I received a WhatsAp and an email with several photos. The individual in these photos is very different from the photo on the website. This guy has curly hair the site photo did not have this type of hair...another scam...such a shame
First name: Larry
Last name: Vernon
Age: 60
Location: Berkshire UK
Phone: 00233540453351
On websites: Wave 105 Dating
Report: I got suspicious when he said he'd gone to ghana to collect a shipment of medical supplies. Google didn't show any results for him but he talked about a colleague Kenneth Coles, that google search brought me to your page. I noticed some of the example letter which matched his. I sill have them. He left a voice mail which definitely gave the game away although I have deleted the message however clearly an African voice not Anglo American.
First name: kevin
Last name: richard
Age: 55
Location: africa,ghana,city is tamale
Address: 233249610477
Phone: 4842620567
On websites: facebook
Report: My mother bev weir has been in contact on facebook for over a year with this person.she has sent money an a phone to this addresz.he used to have stuart james picture for his profile an has now changed it to another military mans mother is in denial an we are very upset.he claims to have an adopted son ,so she sends him money.the name she sends it to is mahama yassir arasheethis is supposedly his adopted sons name.
First name: Robert
Last name: Alessandro
Aka: Roberto Alexander Alessandro
Age: 47
Location: California
Phone: 602-674-7435
On websites: Match PrinceCharming00
Report: Says he is living in San Diego single dad to Abby and the mother doesn't visit. She was caught cheating with his friend. He is new to on line dating and very interested in bad online dating stories. His phone is registered to Dagmar Keller of Suprise, AZ. She is on Facebook. His IP is San Francisco area. When talking on the phone connection is very bad and he sounds more French than the Italian he claims. Says he was born in Rome but moved to UK at 3 and went to college there. Says both parents are deceased and no siblings, divorced and living in AZ and CA for 15 years. Yet I can hardly understand him. Says he has an uncle in NYC. Has sent two copy and paste emails. A love poem by unknown about believing and long letter about commitment and keeps asking me to respond to it. Says DOB is July20,1969 and daughter is Dec.10,2010
First name: Donald
Last name: M
Aka: Klement Banaszewskik
Age: 52
Location: North Carolina
Phone: (717)7150595/ 210-660-2676 (friends phone number from San Antonia, Texas
On websites: EliteSingles and
Report: I met him about one year ago on We talk by emails then phone calls. The phone number he was using he doesn't have any more. These other two numbers were what he was using several months ago. He was suppose to be in Pittsburg, Pa. Because several months ago I was to pick him up and bring him here with me. But, something was bothering me and my sister had a stroke and I told him I couldn't come and pick him up, which upset him some but he got over it. He is good at what he does that's for sure. I also have almost all of our emails plus pictures he gave me. I also have the picture with him with the saddle over his shoulder because that's my favorite one plus the one on page two of the pictures is one I have. Thank you
First name: David
Last name: Berger
Age: 56
Location: Denver Colorado now in Afghanistan
Phone: +1 (720) 410-5800
On websites: Tinder
Report: David started chatting to me - a widowed engineer , his wife passed away due to breast cancer. Then he told me he had this big engineering in the war zone of Afghanistan. He is not allowed to make calls, because it's very stricken and can be picked up or interfere with radio room. Two guys were killed by Taliban and his contract finished on 21 November 2016. He asked me a favor - if I can receive his box of income for safekeeping as he didn't feel very safe and a United Nations diplomat will deliver it at my door. I said that can't do me any harm - it can stay with me. At that point in time I was in Saudi Arabia. The box was on its way to me when I let him know that I will return back to South Africa. I was contacted by Sunny Petraeus +44 20 3322 2452 from Heathrow in Londen. They short a Bill of lading tag1,250 GBP. I send money via Western Union to:ID NAME: OKI ANITA RUKEVWE Country: AMERICA STATE: MASSACHUSETTS CITY: BOSTON ADDRESS: 31 Hiawatha Road Mattapan 02126 ZIP CODE: 02126 Telephone number: +1 6466796779. Then they need a Irrevocable / Unconditional Guarantee of Cargo Release by obtaining the (NON INSPECTION STICKER) for 2820 GBP through Ghana - apparently cheaper. ID NAME: EMMANUEL AGOBA Country: GHANA City: ACCRA Address: 30 Bank Road Nungua Accra 00233 Telephone number: +233 554541360 Then he wanted 2800 GBP more for Cargo for box and his ticker to Soth Afica and when arriving here he needed a 22845 GBP extra for FINAL DESTINATION DELIVERY OF CARGO CERTIFICATE!! That was when I realized this will never stop. I was naive in trying to safe this for David
First name: john
Last name: campbell
Aka: jc
Age: 59
Location: USA
Phone: +15169861852
On websites: santander bank london
Report: i was made to believe that he is transferring to my offshore account that he sent me in santander bank london. i activated by sending to the bank 1820 us dollars to activate account then send me activated account then send me user name and i saw my account number activated . and instruct again for transfer to my local accunt and i send again 2000 pus additional for activation transfer to my local account. he did not give me any login code after that/ and till no he is not connecting anymore. that money should be used as we agreed for the ministry expenses for the projects. incidentally i am a pastor here in the philippines, and with this deception i entered in i was under dicipline now indefinitely. i was so blind then . i thought i am talking to the right person for he a also talking about his mission with feeding kids also in AFRICA. SO pls i hope and pray you can find him and let him bring back the money i supposed put in santander bank london for offshore account. GOD bless and more power. sincerely,josefina santiago
First name: Joe
Last name: Leaumont
Age: 54
Location: Atlanta, Georgia USA Afryka Cotonou
On websites: ConnectingSingles
Report: The scammer wrote to me on the dating portal connecting Singles. First, he inquired about my bank account. I told him that I do not. He wrote me that he had problems in Africa because buying precious stones and lacks the $ 1,000 asking for help .Poprosilam him his account but he wrote to me that I have the money to send Money Gram or Western Union
First name: dave
Last name: robert
Aka: dave roberts
Age: 56
Location: jersey city nj
Phone: 201-351-4948
On websites: zoosk
Report: (zoosk) He took profile down right after we exchanged #'S....First he wanted to meet than his mother was sick in Canada, than he got a big contract from a diamond company showed me a contract BUT he had to go to Africa ..he was there for awhile but lost his bank card texted me his bank info ( I went to library to sign in) wanted me to see the millions in there asked me to transfer money but for some reason I could not ( I assumed it was fake)this guy or whoever was good // anyway he asked me to sent 24 k to get home he was stranded . Yeah .. I told him with all that money in his account he should have no problem with them send new card. oh no he needed me to do it!! I was honey the love of his life till I would not give to his requests ( I had no intentions) than it was nasty I was making him stay in Africa ... PLEASE !!! SCAMMER stop already! I have pictures
First name: Nolan
Last name: Bradley
Aka: Daniel R
Age: 51
Location: City, Denmark
On websites: Tagged
Report: Military scammer who wanted to meet med on Tagged. Image stolen
First name: Alex Morris
Last name: M
Age: 56
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged - fake profile - image stolen member of parliament in Lithuania Tagline is tyical scam: I am a honest,loving,sincere man searching for a good woman that has the heart of a human that can take care of me Scam tags at his profile.
First name: Gamberg
Last name: M
Aka: Franco William Miller
Age: 52
Location: Louisville, KY
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer first tried to message me in my own language which ended up in pure nonsens ? his next message in English showed: Scammer with African/English grammar: im franco william miller by name, Am single
First name: Roy
Last name: Morgan
Age: 56
Location: Austin, TX
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer ? fake Native American who wanted to meet me on Tagged and who suffers from gender confusion ? bad mistake from someone living in Austin, TX: His about Me: I am a great guy, who loves life and who knows how to treat a Woman. I maybe old Fashion, but I think It is still a man's duty to care for her partner: I have never been a believer in like Mothers Day. or Fathers day. Valentines day as well. We should act like this everyday and not just because someone said
First name: Desmond
Last name: J
Age: 56
Location: Sao Bernardo do Campo, SP, Brazil
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer ? fake profile ? image stolen from head of Kuibyshev district administration Donetsk
First name: Paul
Last name: D
Age: 59
Location: New York City, NY
On websites: Tagged
Report: Military scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged ? image stolen
First name: Steven
Last name: Norman
Age: 52
Location: Houston USA
Email: unjnown
On websites: Google +
Report: He contact me trough Hangouts. He said he is from Denmark but live in Houston over 20 years. Is divorced and have a 15 years old son. Used to work in a shell company but 3 years ago is in his own business buying and selling gold. Now is starting a new project (millionaire) in South Africa constructing malls. The conversation was pretty normal for about 3 days. Then he said he was in love with me and I was the perfect woman. Start to call me angel, babe, sweetheart. He was elusive in answering some questions I asked. But he insisted that I could ask anything I wanted him to answer. The declarations of love were getting stronger and stronger, so I began to suspect. Two days later he said that he had an emergency and that he was traveling to China (on a Friday) and he needed my help so he could send money to his contractor in Accra Ghana. He gave me the name of a woman - Francisca Okaiko. Unfortunately after that I deleted him from my network and I did not get copies of the conversations. But I have 3 photos he sent me. Nothing else.
First name: David
Last name: Kushner
Aka: Dave
Age: 43
Location: Lagos Nigeria
Address: #3 Fort Richardson Bay Alaska USA
Phone: +19047019023
On websites: Tagged
Report: Beware of this man. He is a dangerous man. He is a scammer. I met him through the site called tagged. He introduced himself as David Kushner from the US Navy which is assigned in Gulf Alaska. He first asked for my email for continous communication because according to him it would be difficult for us to meet on tagged due to the nature of his job. He was so nice and sweet and he even uses the name of the Lord which made me open a communication with him. Being a christian it has always been my prayer to have a relationship with someone who have the same faith as mine. David Kushner seems to be a good follower of Christas He always include the name of God in our coversation which made me trust on him. After almost one month of chatting, he told me that he would sent me a package not to win my heart but as assign of his love towards me. And then after one day Dec. 6, 2016 the package arrived. One of the staff of named Sam Garcia contacted me and tell me that the package is already arrived and ask me if I already check the tracking number on the site that David Kushner had given me. Upon browsing on the site I was able to see the Shipping Detail of the package. It seems so really real. I texted Sam Garcia to inform her that I have already check the tracking number and she told me that I have to pay for administrative charges which is amounted to Php 18,300. I ask her why before I pay. She told me that I have to pay for it for them to pull it out immediately and to have a confirmation from the accounting manager once the payment is done. I even ask her why I have to pay for it, was David unable to pay for the charges? But he insisted I have to pay for it as an administrative charges coz if not someone might open the box. Being threathened for the box to be open I paid the Php 18,300 administrative charges and I deposit it at 11:57 am through metrobank account of JOCEL DAYAL DOMINGO with account number 218-3-21829506-2 and sent the deposit slip through for confirmation. Sam told me that the delivery will take 2 hours after the confirmation for deposit is done. Being busy at my work I havent noticed that its already 2pm but I havent received a notice from her. Until I texted her and ask her if the box was already deliver. I was so shocked when one of the releasing officer Michael Moss of told me that they have found $5000 dollar on the box being sent to me. He ask me if I am aware of that, I said no because I am really not. He told me that I have to pay the 20% of $5000 for the violation. He even give the phone to Sam to talk to me. And like what He has said Sam also told me to pay for the 20% which is equivalent to 47,000. I was so shocked because that was a big amount of money. On Dec. 7, 2016 I texted Sam Garcia because I already received an notice of infringement from coming from ALBERTO IMELDA regarding the violation of David Kushner of putting an undeclared amount of $5000 on the package. It is written in the notice that I have to cooperate with them and have to pay for the 30%. So I call Sam Garcia because on our conversation last Dec. 6 she and Michael Moss only ask for the 20%. And Sam assured me that 20% is ok. So I have to pay for it so that the package would send immediately to me. I pay for it and deposited on the metrobank account of EMILY DOMINGO 434-3-434-50703-1 at exactly 11:04 am. Same procedure I also sent the deposit slip through I was shocked again when in the afternoon I havent received any notice from Sam Garcia. I texted her for so many times until she replied and told me that she still in the custom and begging from the releasing officer on my behalf for the package to be release. She told me that the officer was asking for additional 10%. Sam Garcia texted me that their office is about to clise and it is their clearing officer who will contact me and in the position to give me the status of the package. I even call and text David Kushner about the status of the package that He sent. He replied on my email and asking me to pay for the additional 10% because it might cause him from being blacklisted in his arrival in the Philippines as a part of the US Navy working for south china sea. He told me that I need not to worry because I have to less the money I paid from the money that is inside the package. He even ask me to borrow money to pay for another 10% and give it immediately to for them not to confiscate the $5000 dollar. At this point I did not pay I almost cry out for I realized that I was being scammed. Please I am begging you to removed the account of this person David Kushner before He can victim a lot of women here in our country and other part of the world.
First name: Lorenzo
Last name: Franco
Age: 53
Location: Nigeria , Cape Town , Glasgow , Turkey
Phone: 447031916977 , 0027638831446 ,0747891818
On websites: Badoo , Skype ,Zoosk , Christian Dating
Report: All photos are stolen
First name: Roland
Last name: Weiss
Age: 60
Location: Ireland
On websites: Badoo
Report: Typical Marine Engineer scammer. scamming for package shipping fees
First name: James Lucas
Last name: Patterson
Age: 67
Location: Fairfax, USA
Phone: 757-364-2168
On websites:
Report: He sent emails and texts that he cares and wants to meet at Bravos Restaurant then sends confirmation of date then cancels because he has to go to Cyprus on business. More texts, phone calls and emails he loves me and then asks for $15,000 for equipment fees.
First name: Kelvin
Last name: E
Age: 56
Location: Houston, TX
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged. Image stolen