First name: Henry
Last name: Halle
Age: 60
Location: Virginia, US
On websites: Eharmony
Report: Email part from the user
First name: unknown
Age: unknown
Phone: (213) 261-5170
Report: This unknown individual found my profile from a friend's website and inboxed me via Messenger. Posing to be a man
First name: John
Last name: Sogwa
Age: 56
Location: Near Australia
On websites: Hangouts was on facebook
Report: Have been talkingwith him for about 3 weeks he told me he off the coast of Austrailia on oil rig has a daughter.Tells me he is in love with me.I know this is not true.He has not asked but I have a feeling it will be coming.He has mentioned some things like he doesn't have money.His daughter left skates in USA.
First name: Harry
Last name: Franklin
Age: I do not know late 30s to 40s
Location: Africa
Email: Larry@godlovefoeusall
On websites: Yes
Report: This guy is a scammer I had different pics of him . Well I think he's using this pictures . He used to writ me in 2013 and 2014 asking for money well all his stories seems so true he even send me pics of mom and him still think he's using all this pics from this person . well he got away with 3000 made a full out of me he even send me flowers one time i try to ask the flower shop but they said couldn't give me any info . And i was just looking on twitter and there he is . I wonder if he can be arrested for doing this is the same emai he wrote to me .
First name: Ralph
Last name: Mullins
Age: 54-60
Location: USA... Tennessee
On websites: Mate1 dating site
Report: He met me on mate1 dating site. He told me he was a contractor. Eventually he had a job in Austrslua. He claimed to run out of money and started bugging me to help him. I didnt have the kind of money he wanted. So he said he lost that contract.. He said they offered him a job buying gokd in Nigeria.. Soon he claimed hed been robbed. They took his passport all his eating money...When I wouldnt help him he stopped talkingcto me!! All these months he first sent me beautiful flowers love letters, declaring his undying love. When I couldnt send him money his love died fast. I checked other dating sites andvthere he was.. Trying to scam someone else...
First name: Turner James
Last name: Remy
Aka: Turner James, James Remy Jamie, Niko Carini, James Remy & Smith Ben
Age: 51
Location: Brisbane Australia, Quebec Canada, Singapore & Malaysia
Phone: +16476944142
On websites: Facebook, Skype, Linkedin &
Report: I met this man call Turner James Remy aka James Remy Jamie on a Dating Site call He's home town is in Quebec Canada but he is now working in Singapore & Malaysia as a French Translator for The Canadian Embassy. He is divorced with one son call Jerry who is 18 years old
First name: Dannie
Last name: Allen
Age: 57
Location: London Lagos
Phone: +2348074534069
On websites: , Messenger
Report: He contacted me on Facebook. Said he was from London. We was chatting for some time on messenger and facebook, Then he had to go to Lagos for business. After a while there he needed money for this and that. I checked his photo on Google Image and found out that he was using the photo of an Polish actor named Wojciech Dabrowski. I confronted him and he got very angry. Said he didn?t know what I was talking about :-) He is still on Facebook as Dannie Allen architect. No friends and no photos on Facebook anymore. Just his name.
First name: David
Last name: Anderson
Aka: Sgt. David Chris Anderson
Age: 38
Location: San Francisco, California USA
Phone: 14154170022
On websites: Skout
Report: He initiated it. He contacted me on 4 days Yes he fell in love too quick and asked me to register to be his fiancee It was $80 USD @
First name: Mark
Last name: Wheeler
Aka: Lopez
Age: 51
Location: Africa
Email: I don't have one
On websites:
Report: I met Mark Revel Wheeler on in November 2016. By December 2016 I gave him 27k. He said he was in Syria. In the war zone and needed to get out. That people were trying to help him. I asked if he was in the service why couldn't he get out when he wanted to if it was a volunteer service that he was doing. He stated he was from Wisconsin. He said the government doesn't care about us. They dump you here and could care less whether you live or die. He told me about everything regarding the military. He said he was a 30 year veteran and was asked to do this secret mission to track down (the bad guys and interigate them. When I wouldn't here from him for 24 hours I would get upset. He would say how can you get upset with me. We were attacked and I was wounded and I lost four men. He was very, very convincing. I had hours and hours and hours of emails. I also said I wanted proof that he was who he was because he said he had no family to help him and all of his assets were frozen until her returned to the united states. He said he would pay back every penny and any taxes. He knew exactly what to say. So he said ok I have a friend that you can call, even though I could never to to Mark, just text. So I called his friend that he said for the government and that he serviced with for many years. I talked to (Robert) many times. In hindsight, Robert and Mark were one in the same. I was telling my son about him and he said Mom can I call you back in just a bit. A picture popped up on my phone. I said where did you get this picture. He said is this Mark. I said yes. He said I'm sorry mom he's not real. I found him on I had several different emails from him and gave them all to my son. He tracked one of them to Africa before Mark wiped everything out. I called the local police. I reported it to the FBI, the FTC. Had an investigation done from my bank to the bank the money was wired to. I called the bank the money was wired to. Nothing. I hate myself. My entire retirement fund taken out before retirement age. Now I have to pay an incredible amount of taxes and penalties that I cannot afford. I don't know what I'm going to do. Suicide was the best answer I could think of until I started seeing a therapist.
First name: Nikolas
Last name: Larson
Aka: Nikolas Zeke Larson
Age: 50+
Location: Oxnard California USA
Phone: 8053507225
On websites: Tinder
Report: been chatting with this man who clamied and had a number in Oxnard.. after chatting with him for a week I noticed his location had move. Now in Syria. So first clue , only a month of chatting , says he loves me.,, this went on for three months. then he started to ask for information so he could send me some money via credit card. Stating his american cards dont work in Syria.. ya right.. well I am with you on warning others of him and his scam.. I don't even believe the man in the photos he has put out and sent to me are even real..I asked him to send a photo of himself with his thumb up and he couldn't .. at this point I knew he was a scam and kept up the game.. two days ago he asked for all my info.. of course I didn't give it to him.. yes he has talked to me on the phone...seems like there are more then one of them as the first guy I talked to on the phone I couldn't understand ,, but the next guy yes I could understand him.. One time on the call I heard many men in the background and heard him say yes she is very pretty... so here you go.. now how do I post photos I have many NOw he is asking for info so he can get me a card and buy him stuff and a airplane ticket out.. right/
First name: Jeff
Last name: Stewart
Age: 01.01.1960
Location: London, Mexico
Phone: +447887945322 +447440498737 +447424018607
On websites:
Report: He contacted me on We sent e-mail to each other about 6 month.He was very nice and I believed everything he said. He said he was at the time living here in Fnland, but went on a business trip to Mexico. Needed money for all kind of things there, and I believed everything he said. The outcome of this was that I lost 70.000 dollar. The money was always sent by bank. To a Cynthia Shonubi,and a Nosa Edokpaigbe.
First name: Henry, David! Alex
Last name: Scott, brown, Herman
Age: 56, 60, 54
Location: Michigan , Los Angeles,
On websites: I don't know
Report: I met him on, he said he was working in Syria as a surgeon for the UN. He sent me a few pictures of him. He was telling me that he was a window and has a son in Australia studying biology. He was 16 years old and needed a mother figure to his son. At that time I was so naive, so he told me that he and his partners found a million dollars cash while going through the ruins in Syria. He needed to send the money to me and keep it safe because he's coming home in two weeks. He's very charming, lovable, and had a cute accent. I lost $15 thousands dollars with that ********** and I hope one day he will rotten somewhere in hell. Be careful ladies...... Reading some of the comments here I feel angry towards these low life scum bags. I wish there is a law to protect all the innocent women and others against these evil people.
First name: James
Last name: Hennager
Aka: Hennager James Craig
Age: 55
Location: Africa
On websites: Facebook
Report: Sexual harassment and asking for money
First name: Frank
Last name: James
Age: 52
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Phone: 701-645-4244
Email: Did not get one
On websites: POF
Report: Contacted me from POF on Jan 5, 2017. Said his name was Frank James, E8 in the Army, second in command in Kabul, Afghanistan. Will be coming home in April to retire after 29 yrs. After about a week started telling me that I was the love he had waited for. Said he divorced 1st wife after 20 yrs due to drug problem. Remarried 2nd wife who died 3 yrs later. Has 28 yr old daughter scheduled to have heart surgery end of Feb. 2017. Has 4 yr old grandson. Said 1st wife was still on an.old bank acct. She took $35,000 out of the account. Bank froze all accounts. Mentioned he paid her off when divorcing, $500,000.00. Then today he mentioned his daughter and grandson needed money to live on. He mentioned early on that because of her heart health issues, she could not work so he takes care of her and the grandson until she can go back to work. Since all his acct are frozen, he can't provide for them. Said it really hurt him that they were
First name: David
Last name: Johnson
Age: 46
Location: Mihsauka Indiana
Phone: +1 (409) 233-1431
Email: Unknown
On websites: Facebook
Report: Scammer wants me to send him money
First name: Bent
Last name: Aron
Aka: BentAron; Aron; bentaron7
Age: 45
Location: Los Angeles; Beverly Hills, Toronto, D.C.
On websites: FB, coffee meets Bagle, Tinder, Toronto Dates
Report: This guy pulls himself off as a busy traveling business man. He is highly active and very smooth. He does not ask for money right away but builds a long con story you know is going to end with him asking for money. I have all his photos he sent me. I am sure they are not him. Poor guy who Evers photos he is using. Declares to be an MIT grad from Boston and a DRU grad from Denmark.
First name: Kelvin James
Last name: Graham
Aka: Christopher
Age: 41
Location: USA Anderson CA.
Email: Unknown
On websites: Unknown
Report: I am on Meetme .com and I came across Scammers by pure luck. As I look through the new scammer picture I get in my email I reconized a picture of a man using the name of Christopher Paul. Here on Scammers his name is Kelvin James Grahm. I hope this is helpful get these men caught or stoppex.
First name: steven
Last name: pieters
Age: 45`68
Location: United States
Address: 167 Central Avenue, Patchogue, New York
Phone: 6316238915
On websites:,,
Report: Steven pieters has scammed at least three women using this name and phone number,,He claims to be working on an oil rig in he has various health emergencies and needs surgery, He claims that the doctor will not operate unless he pays up front, He asked me to put 5,000.00 into an account with the bank of cyprus so he could deposit his millions. He also asks for iTunes cards for 'work
First name: Philip
Last name: Dave
Aka: David Miller
Age: 47
Location: Ontario,Canada
On websites: Twoo
Report: this man asked money after telling me he is coming to visit me. He is with a filipina who connive with him as helping to book his flights.
First name: Dr Robert
Last name: Scott
Age: Don't say on his profile, but his a middle age, ma
Location: Yemen
Email: Don't know it yet
On websites: since 2017
Report: he found me on searching for some one else, and he staring to tell me the same bs than other scammers something he knows, secret than he need someone to really trust..this one is from Ontario, Canada, and he claim to be a Dr. from the UN....ect, ect.
First name: Jimmy
Last name: S
Age: 56
Location: Johannesburg South, South Africa
Email: Unknown
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged. Fake profile ? image stolen
First name: Scolt
Last name: J
Age: 52
Location: Areal Indonesia Asahan Aluminum, Indonesia / philadelphia, USA
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer with wrong location: . Areal Indonesia Asahan Aluminum, Indnesiao/ I am from philadelphia in usa and i live there Typical scam: i am an engineer,i am a widower with a son,my wife died in a plane crash two years ago and since then i have been a lonely man
First name: Thomas
Last name: Brian
Age: 46
Location: Los Angeles, CA
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who sends junkmail to elderly woman age 46/69: Typical scam: i am new on here and i dont come here regularly, i am here to search for a serious and honest lady, i am always a busy man, i work as an engineer
First name: Ramon
Last name: Smith
Aka: Randy Walter
Age: 43-44
Location: Chicago
On websites: silverdaddies
Report: This individual contacted me recently. I have reason to believe it's the same person who contacted me several weeks ago, using a Richmond, VA address. Randy Walter is already posted on this site as a scammer. The previous person used the e-mail address and this person is using There are other things in his last e-mails to me that make him seem to be the same person.
First name: Dennis
Last name: Ben Biniker
Age: 58 maybe
Location: Miami, New York
On websites: Google+
Report: Please I'am. It interested of this information.
First name: James
Last name: steele/dalton/dalton steele
Aka: Tim reed
Age: 56
Location: nigeria and indiana
Phone: 00115202615947
Email: jamesdalton499@yahoo
On websites: Facebook and messenger
Report: I reported this man ages ago, he was using the name james dalton then, he is now back on facebook using james steele.he can be very nasty and convincing, asks for money, has a 101 excuses of why he needs it. The address he gives is 23 meryland street, Ikeja in lagos , nigeria, He also asks you to send to a Tim reed at 924 Oakland street , south bend in Indiana, 46615 in the US He is apparently on some dating websites also, according to some friends. Just thought I would warn other people about this man, he is a real con artist.
First name: David
Last name: Sullivan
Age: 55
Location: Canada
Phone: 705-415-2202
On websites:
Report: Hello Babe, My day has been quite hectic and eventful. I did my final presentation before the contract Board of Directors this morning, they were about 10 contractors including myself who auditioned for the contracts. Out of the 10 contractors who auditioned, only 3 were selected. I came 3rd place and I was given the contract of the African region while the other 2 who came before me, were given the Asian and North American regions respectively. I was really hoping and praying that I would get the North American job which involves Canada and the U.S but I am still grateful for getting something rather than nothing. I was instructed to report straight away to the site and commence operations on or before Monday (23rd January 2017). Honey, as it stands I will be flying directly to Cape Town in Southern Africa tomorrow so that I can finalize operations in time. I would be gone for just 2 weeks and then I will be back home to you. I'm really sorry for this sudden development but please understand that I have been working and praying for so long to get this opportunity. I have attached a copy of the contract award document for you to see. I am very excited and grateful, It's quite a huge contract and I am set to make a huge fortune from this job. I guess I will finally get an early retirement once this is over and we can both travel the world together and do the things that we have always wanted to do but have never been able to. I can't wait to enjoy myself in your company babe...I can't wait. Sherry, do you realize that I have been working to get this job since last year but it never happened? but suddenly you come into my live and everything begins to work in my favor, My days are happier just because I have someone like you in my life, you make my world happier and more complete. It feels great to be able to count on your love, care, affection and friendship because you are the type of friend that everyone should have. A friend like you makes everything easier! Your friendship brings me nothing but joy and satisfaction. Having you close by, makes my days more pleasant and there?s nothing better than to always enjoy your happiness and good sense of humor whenever we are chatting/communicating. I am a calm person and I don't like fighting, but I would go to war with the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and every terrorist or evil empire, just to keep your friendship. LOL You can?t imagine how good it makes me feel to know that I have someone as special as you to call my mine. I want you to know that in moments of joy or when you are a bit sadder, in health or during flu, you can always count on my friendship and my affection! Don?t ever forget that, OK? A kiss from yours
First name: Jackson
Last name: T
Aka: Alexander Fredrik
Age: 53
Location: Rochester New York
Email: Unknown
On websites: Unknown
Report: He said he was a military's doctor, currenly asigned by the united nation for taking care of the armee in Syrie. We talked about a week with eachother and than he ask a picture of me and put it on his profile. I was very angry and demand to take my picture of his profile after one day He had a Son from 15 years and hij wife died of stomach cancerr
First name: Sam
Last name: Kelly
Age: 50
Location: Aberdeen , Maryland
Address: 11536 Olde Tiverton Circle, apt.102
Phone: 5713317052
On websites: Hangouts
Report: Says stuck in China my banking account information. To have company transfer money to me for him.
First name: David
Last name: Johnson
Age: 46
Location: Mishawaka, IN Bahamas,Africa
Phone: +1 (409) 233-1431
Email: Unknown
On websites: Facebook
Report: Asked for my SSN. Asked me to open a PayPal account wants me to get a prepaid Visa card. Typical scammer. I have several photos of him that needs to be posted here asked me to send him $5,000.00. I did not send anything.