First name: Martin Jason Joseph
Last name: Trey
Age: 54
Location: U.K and France
On websites: Facebook
Report: This is probably the 6th or 7th time I am contacted by a scammer. The easiest for me would probably be to block them, but now, when I know what ? or who I'm dealing with, I can?t be disappointed when I discover it's all bluff. And the more I discover, the more I can announce here This man here - Martin isn?t different than the others. He is very good to act the victim and hurt
First name: ALEX
Last name: MATT
Age: 51
Location: USA AUSTIN
Phone: 5128124606 5124023209
On websites: yahoo
Report: This man contacted me via email on December 6, 2014 as a friendship request. He said he was a widower of four years, had a male child of 11 years. He claimed to be an orphane, of Swedish decent,brought to the USA at age 13 by a family friend and raised by her. He did have an accent. He had been married for twenty years, but his wife died in childbirth. His messages were very gracious. In January of 2015 he went to S Africa to work , was there for some time and while there his son was kidnapped for ransome, was found and then contracted typhoid. That was when the money transactions began because there was a supposedly a problem with cashing his huge cheque. Many problems followed before he returned to the USA. He continued to claim love for me and was going to come to Canada. At some point I became suspect of this man but he had already gotten $40.000 from me. Now, he refuses to pay me what he owes and my life is a struggle to survive.
First name: D.
Last name: Tinker
Age: 56
Location: San Antonio, TX
On websites: Tagged
Report: Romance scammer ? image stolen
First name: Henrik
Last name: K
Aka: Henrik Kresten
Age: 56
Location: Los Angeles, CA
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer with African/English grammar: Am Typical scam: because am not always online here Asking for private information: Can we talk on phone if you don't mind giving me your number so I can call you. Do you have Facebook
First name: K.
Last name: Edmondss
Age: 60
Location: London Borough of Sutton, United Kingdom
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer with stolen image Typical scam: i am not often here and want to know more about yourself if you do not mind can we talk off here to know each other better
First name: Smith
Last name: Anderson
Age: Claims to be in his 50s
Location: Miami, Fl
Phone: 786-322-6060
On websites: Unknown
Report: This individual sent me a poem
First name: Diederick Joe
Last name: Raynard
Age: 60
Location: New Bern,, NorthCarolina, Lithuania
Address: 37420 Cerise Circle, New Bern, NC 28562
Phone: 252-649-2821, 370-641-48103
On websites: POF
Report: Diederick initiated the first contact. From Plenty Of Fish (POF). Money was exchanged. First amount was sent and he paid it back within 4 days. The request for money was there to the tune of 40k. this went on for 75 months.l He sent me flowers, longerie, cards. I finally googled the letters he sent me and the dream he said he had of me. All used by a know scammer of Alex Williams.
First name: Brian
Last name: Furbush
Aka: Brian J Dominy
Age: 49
Location: Malaysia
Address: KL
Phone: (323) 315-0316
On websites: Over 40's dating
Report: This scammer has a website and talks about needing money to build a pedestrian bridge in Malaysia or pay for tax in relation to the job. He is romantic and sends 20 plus messages a day to the person to keep their attention and gain their trust. He gives plenty of information about himself in order to appear genuine and gives copies of documents (such as itineraries and cheques) in order to make people think what he is saying is true. He gives enough information to incite trust in people who are not that tech savvy and don't know how to spot fraudulent documents. He encourages you not to tell your family members about him and says he is worried they will try to drive you apart. At first he talked about coming to Australia and then cancelled twice before then coming up with the story about needing the money to get his big payout. He can't Skype or facetime as it is conveniently banned in Malaysia, but has no money to drive 2 hours to Singapore despite apparently paying for rent and food for 6 months while waiting for his money from the government. He romances women by telling them he has money and that he will take care of them when they are finally together and he is willing to spend 6 months getting to know you and developing the relationship. His website is poorly written and was only created in August 2016 and his contact details on the site keep changing. They were originally Michael and now they have changed to brian. His name is also related to a Brian Jon Dominy of the same age who the net says may be related to Furbush's in America.
First name: Steven Lothar
Last name: Breguilla
Age: 62
Location: Nigeria
Phone: 1 240 349 6461
On websites: telephone texting
Report: Always needs money, needs new phone.
First name: Christopher
Last name: Knut
Age: 57
Location: Do not know
On websites:
Report: He has stolen the identity of a Danish man. I wrote with him. He sent me a mail, which words I googled. On your site I found the same text. Here his name was Brian Wilson. I confronted him, and he stopped writing to me. Here is the text, he wrote to me: Good morning Bodil, Thanks for the mail. I am very happy to hear from you. I have reflected about everything that you wrote on the email I want you to know that I find you very interesting and I think you have a good heart as well. I will be more than happy if you can give me the chance to bring back to you so much joy and happiness. Let me tell you more about myself, like i told you my work tweakes me around the world, when i was in Medical School in the U.S. I traveled within the country. I have visited San Antonio on three separate occasions for about a week each time. I enjoyed River Walk and I also enjoyed staying at the historic Manger Hotel across from the Alamo just to relax and do some intensive reading over the weekend. I've been to Houston only once. The climate there is truly uncomfortable for me with its intense heat and high humidity. I did enjoy the Jones Performing Arts Center in Houston. Dallas I've found to be sterile and boring, except for the posh residential area known as Turtle Creek. I have not visited Pittsburgh, Kansas. I have been to Manhattan, Fort Riley, Junction City, Topeka, and Kansas City. Dorothy could click her heels to return there. I would try clicking my heels to escape the Midwestern landscape there. Have you been to U.S. before? If you have...Have you spent much time on the East Coast of the U.S.? More specifically, are you familiar with Manhattan in New York City and with Washington, DC? I like both very much. Of course, they would be far more ideal if the climate were akin to the climate in San Luis. I love DC, I love the memorials, being able to go for long walks in parks, the museums, old town, Georgetown, and just the vibe of the city. I've been to Dubai, Rome, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Belgium, China, India, Canada, and probably some other places that I can't think of now. Bodil, i understand your plight concerning the loneliness, i have been alone for 6 years and i am really tired of loneliness. My parents died long ago and i also had my share of the pie when i lost my wife and best friend to cancer about 6 years ago, ever since i delved myself into work pretending to be hard working even though i know in my heart i was trying to just forget my pain and loss though it sky rocketed my success but am i really successful without a woman to crown me? I do not have big family. The only aunt i have, she's 84 years old nun in the Catholic church. I don't know what to say this morning lol, but tell you another thing about me, it is an important twin question, 1) Do you know what your purpose here on this earth is? Why are you alive? 2) What is the purpose of having a life with someone...having a mate? These are questions any good living person must have answers to, I do not know about perfection or hundred percent righteousness but in an old article i remember very well, it reads, what is the use of a bitter nut, which we eat and it is bitter, yet it has no segment, the writer said, what is the use of life without happiness? It is the duty of ground hornbies to devour corpse, the duty of vultures to devour road kills, it is the duty of humans to be humans, but we barely do our job, we do not even know our purpose any more, It cost way less to feed some hungry people and more to buy a car, but the true joy and peace you feel when you feed a needy is far greater than that of a new car, We have been misled by a mi-structured society and most people think being alive is about finding wealth, when the true wealth is in how less we need, not how much we get...LOL. Now what is the purpose of having a life partner, Because one can never make sense, but two can surely tangle, You will only know the worth when there is someone you know you can't live without...someone you'd trade your life for without regrets. Seriously there is a big difference between thinking you are good and really knowing you are good. Now we live in a world where men are becoming animals in war and politics, but i refuse to follow the crowd, I can lead a good life. I will stop here now as i have to attend to patients who have appointments with me this afternoon. How is your day going? Do have a blissful time today. Write to you later. Christopher.
First name: Freddfik
Last name: Reed
Age: 59
Location: Manchester City, London, England
On websites: skype
Report: Claims to be a neurosurgeon working with a UN peace keeping mission in Afghanistan. Working on a military base called, Bagram's Route 5/6 mural highlights airpower in Afghanistan. Claims to have a 12 year old son who is in boarding school in London and have now made a trip to Ghana. Next he'll be wanting me to send money.
First name: Patrick
Last name: Davis
Age: 58
Location: California and Nigeria
Phone: 1 917 382 5682
On websites: Facebook, Viber
Report: Contacted me on facebook in December 2016. Said he was and engineer on an oil rig in California. He had to go to Nigeria to finish a contract there. He hasn't asked for money but did ask for an ITunes card because he cannot purchase one in Nigeria. Told him no. I googled imaged his picture and photos were stolen from a man in Germany.
First name: Mark
Last name: Wilson
Age: 56
Location: Liverpool, England
On websites: Facebook, Yahoo email, Viber
Report: Mark contacted me in September of 2015. He said he was from Rome Italy and moved to Liverpool England and became a citizen of the UK. Said he was divorced and raising his five year old son Tino. Told me was a civil engineer and won a road contract in New Delhi India. We talked for three months before he started asking for money. He started telling me he loved me and wanted me to come to England. Before I realized it I gave him 20,900.00 over sixteen months time. Other women began contacting me on facebook and he was telling them the same thing and getting money from them also. The last time I talked to him he was in San Martin, California and needed money. this time I told him no. He contacts me now though messeges on my phone. The phone number he uses from San Martin, California is 408 692-6404. he has also used the phone number +234 810 122 0249 and +44 7534 428984. He started using my picture on his profile and I reported them and had them removed. I heard he is still on facebook using same pictures but a different name.
First name: Alexander
Last name: Hernandez
Age: 57
Location: Liverpool, England
On websites: Facebook, Yahoo email
Report: Contacted me on facebook using the name Wilfred Alexander at first. I told him that I searched his picture and that it came up as a different person. his profile disappeared and he contacted me again on facebook as Alexander Hernandez and told me he was sorry that he lied to me. He hasn't asked for money yet.
First name: JASON
Last name: James
Age: 48
Phone: 404-947-2869
Email: JAY10010@YAHOO.COM
On websites: MATCH.COM
Report: Talked on google Hang Outs app and texted each other for 6 weeks. Then he finally came up with this stupid story of how he found this Kings kidnapped daughter and the King gave him 50 million dollars and it was being stored by Macwellsageny and I needed to contact Mr Kofi Abolah.... I found the information about this Kofi Abolah person and that it was all a scam I was suspicious of him the entire time. I always felt like he was hiding something and one day something would happen. It finally did but he didn't get me! Add his information to your list please because I am certain he is still out there using another name. He could still be using the google hangouts chat because I can see that he has been online. He's talking to someone and will try the same thing in them soon. THE PICTURES YOU HAVE OF JASON JAMES ARE NOT THE SAME PICTURES HE USED WITH ME..TOTALLY DIFFERENT!!
First name: Lynn
Last name: Lower
Aka: Levi Luke, Edsel Lane Swanson, Mark A.Strong
Age: 55
Location: Kabul, Afgahnistan, Accra, Ghana
On websites:
Report: He appears as a widower with a kid of 15 years old. He is a Major in US Army, He wants a lot of money to get out of Afganistan, Kabul. He have a lot of profiles on Facebook with different names.
First name: Jire
Last name: Rice
Aka: JayRay
Age: 45
Location: Lagos
Phone: 720 744 2537
On websites: match hi5
Report: I met this man on He said he lived in Toronto Ontario. The address he gave me was registered to J. Rice. I went to the address he provided. The house belongs to Jennifer Rice. I called him on it and he quit messaging me. He said he was a jeweller and was travelling to Dubai to get diamonds. Once he got there he was detained and needed money to be released. He asked me for $1500.00 U.S. funds I viewed the source of his email and he was writing me from Lagos
First name: Frank
Last name: Moss
Age: 53
Location: Afghanistan
Address: Unknown
Phone: Unknown
On websites: Facebook
Report: Said he was on duty in Afghanistan and need money, and would repay immediately. However, it was a scam and I lost my money.
First name: Santi George
Last name: Luca
Age: 58
Location: LosAngeles, CA, NY,,Philadelphia, Rome, Italy, Massachusetts
Phone: 1-906-914-9757
On websites: Was on Facebook & Senior People Meet
Report: Was on Facebook and Senior People meet but I turned him in as soon as I found out he was a scammer. Was taken off the sites. As you can see I try to play along with them to get all the info I can. Thanks again to Jeff on pigbusters for helping me to break these guys as you are doing. I do not like scammers
First name: Richard
Last name: Mertens
Aka: Richard Jaap
Age: 46
Location: Aberdeen (Scotland)
Phone: 6464919625
On websites: Match (but he cancelled his account)
Report: A week after I joined the, this guy chatted me when I was online. He briefly introduced himself and asked my cell number so that you can chat with me. Since he looks nice and his profile seems legitimate, I gave my number. Following day, he sent a text saying ?hi?. He sounds nice and asked several questions about my job what I do, what I did last night and if I have a good rest etc. He says he is originally Dutch person and has lived most of his life in the Europe before coming to the USA. He also asked me if I am first timer and on-line dating. I told him no but I have not done this for a while. He asked me which site I was and how long ago and asked any bad experience with men on the site. I said not yet. And he sent a nice picture of him and asked me of my e-mail address. So I did give it to him. First he sent me many questionnaires asking about me as ?homework?, questions like what I like to eat for breakfast to something like what I desire from the ideal man. I told him I would fill out and send back to him. And from this point onward, he text me and sent me letters every day. And the tone of his mail turned into very romantic very quickly. His letter consisted of about 4 to 5 paragraphs describing how much he was thinking about me and how grateful he is finding me etc. He must have written first paragraph himself and he copied the template for the rest of mail. The reason I say so is I noticed punctuations are different in the first several paragraphs and the rest. When he writes it himself there is no space after comma or period (Sample: ?Hope you had a good night rest?So thrilled connecting with you on the phone last night,you made me smile.I want to??). But when he copied from somewhere punctuations were correct (Sample: ?I did not know that this feeling of wanting a woman could be more powerful than air, water, and food.?). I also noticed that he says ?Am excited? instead of ?I am excited? omitting ?I? in many cased in text. You will see some samples in Letter attachment. He said he is an engineer working for oil rig operations offshore or onshore. He claims he procures ROVs and fiber cables for trans-ocean sites. He gets quote, supply and delivers equipment and installs if necessary. When he contacted me first he was working in Gulf of Mexico working for the off-shore operations. As I just broke up with my ex and was vulnerable and wanted to be with someone for upcoming Valentine day, I fell for this guy quickly. His loving and super-affectionate mails actually healed me. He actually start saying ?I love you? and ?I miss you? phrases and call me ?baby? only a week after we started communications. I felt weird but I could not deny that his messages were healing me. He sometimes called me and we actually chatted on the phone. The voice sounded quite different from his picture images and he had heavy accent. I thought this is because he is Dutch and dismissed. Funny part is that I sent some Dutch phrases, using Google translation, to him via text like ?how are you??. Probably he did not understand them?LOL I asked him when he comes back to LA (that he says on his Match profile). He said next week. But when he was about to come back, he text me saying he won the tender for an on-shore operation in Aberdeen in Scotland. He said feel sorry, but I encouraged him to go for the next project. So he flew to Scotland for this one week project. Before his arrival he lost his wallet and his phone got broken. He lost his IDs and credit cards but kept Passport as ID. He asked me to pick him up at LAX following Saturday. He said he cannot wait to finally be with me etc. He also talked me he is going to cancel his Match account. He asked me if I am in touch with other guys on the site and asked me if I would like to cancel the account too. I said we can discuss when we meet. Almost a week was about to pass and he was wrapping up his project, an accident happened. His teams of engineers screwed up. The wrongly preserved chemicals was used in flushing oil pipes and got frozen. He has been trying to order for new chemicals but no luck. He said if he does not complete the project by the due date his contract will be terminated and he loses all money he has invested so far. He said He has exhausted all funds on this project and the chemical company sends new chemicals when funds are in hand. He became very desperate day by day as nothing was working and time was running out. Then, he told me if I can assist him. He said I can loan money and once he get chemicals he will pay me back ASAP. He says he can give me his passport copy or any information I need. I asked him if he has family or friends. He said no. I asked him the contact information of the agency he is working with to get new chemicals. His name is Marleen Lozica. I asked him to contact me. Marleen e-mailed me and gave me his phone number. So I called him. He did not answer and voice mail picked it up, but he text me (funny thing is that he also has same punctuation traits just like Richard?s). So I text him back. Marleen said Richard is one of the best individual he has ever come across. He described what is going on with Richard?s project. And it coincided what Richard had described to me. Richard also sent me copy of his US passport. So after all, I was convinced and also Richard pressured me I finally sent money (US$5K) to Marleen?s account per instructions. I have his name and bank information with me. Richard is still contacting me with romantic notes. I will see what he is up to next now that he is scammer? I am already well aware that I cannot get my money back. This is a lesson I learned and I want to share this to other women out there to be careful?.
First name: Sargent Scott M.
Last name: Peterman
Age: 49
Location: Washington, D. C., DC
On websites: Tagged
Report: Military scammers ? image stolen
First name: Saul
Last name: D
Age: 50
Location: Antioch, IL
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer
First name: A.
Last name: Smith
Aka: Albert Smith
Age: 47
Location: New York City, NY
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer ? image stolen from an actor
First name: Niklas
Last name: David
Age: 56
Location: New jersey
Address: NJ 90760
Phone: 17328538255
On websites: Viber
Report: He ask me for help I send money then the last ladt time I have not sent nit his cut me off completely. No communication s at all now
First name: C.
Last name: Smith
Aka: Michael Smith and ghbjhbjh
Age: 54
Location: New York City, NY / Israel
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer
First name: F.
Last name: Smith
Age: 56
Location: New York City, NY
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged ? image sstolen
First name: Song
Last name: M
Age: 60
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer
First name: Barrett
Last name: Jonas Schiller
Aka: Garrett Jason Smith
Age: 50
Location: Malaysia
Phone: +447756591873
On websites:
Report: He cheated me for two years,I lost a lot He wrote is a soldier us army This scammer uses, different names,,,Barrett Jonas Schiller,Garrett Jonson Smith,Jeremy Rutherford,FrankHollys,Jason Hobbs,McdonaldRyan Collins,Styles D,David W,Van Andro Alexander It uses different profiles,
First name: Ron
Last name: Williams
Age: 65
Location: Valley Center,CA Palermo, Italy, Fresno, CA
Phone: +44 1536609188 1-213-784-6889
On websites: was on Ourtime
Report: If you notice he has copied and pasted emails to me from posting from a Cino Crocetta and Jamie Fidel to which is on your site in the email section I am guessing. Jeff from pigbusters sent me the link. I noticed they were word for word only names changed and places some what. This guy is good at what he does but never thought he would be caught.
First name: jamie
Last name: carlino
Age: 62
Location: usa
Phone: 205-224-8103
Report: Jamie Carlino who said he was a stock broker at Bain Capital out of Boston started emailing me from a contact on He postponed meeting me various times, had to go to Cuba for mom's illiness, then mom's death etc. I the last email he talked about having 600 shares of Bain Magellan stock so I googled that and saw an article about a scam and the letters that the other scammer used were the same as the ones he sent to me. He now has to go to London so he probably intended to start the scam from there about buying stocks.