First name: Lewis
Last name: Britz Kartel
Age: 56
Location: Afghanistan, New York
Report: First contacted me via Facebook about 4 months ago. He seemed like a very nice man. Said he was an Army general stationed in the war zone of Kabul, Afghanistan. But within a couple of weeks was already telling me he loved me and calling me his wife. Said he was a widower. His wife and daughter were killed an a car accident. Has one 15 year old son, Alex.
First name: Edward
Last name: Cole
Age: 55
Location: Lubbock, texas
Phone: 608-432-5433
On websites: Pof
Report: Wanted me to send money because he was stranded in a forge in country.
First name: Rick
Last name: Simon
Age: 55
Location: Westmount, Canada
On websites:
Report: he contacted me and he used the same letters sent to Cathy. thank you for help to stop communication with him and to help other people to stop this kind abusive persons of the world.
First name: Yves
Last name: Brichard
Aka: Richard
Age: 47
Location: Quebec
On websites: Badoo
Report: This man contacted me through Badoo. Like a normal contact in the beginning he introduced himself as civil engineer who had his own company in Quebec city and travelled around the world. and suddenly he told me almost the first day we started talking, that he was in love with me, what i expressed to him that was not possible because he didn't know me yet. Anyways, we continue chatting through Facebook messenger. the second day chatting he told me he had forgot to let me know he had a travel scheduled to the Republic of Benin, because he needed to supervise this project. This morning called me and let me know he needed I lend him 273.00 Euros because he needed to complete his ticket to Quebec. When I asked some questions like why i have to lend money to him if I barely know him and following the warning signs posted in this site that I am so thankful for those posting, they were so helpful for me this time. He couldn't answer and he stopped talking with me and he deleted his account in Badoo. I blocked him from my messenger as well. i hope this help any woman who can be in a similar situation. The picture doesn't look like the one in the profile of this person
First name: Nelson
Last name: W
Age: 58
Location: Mosherville, Denmark
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who sent me a friend request
First name: Justin Jaromil
Last name: Dawson
Age: 53
Location: Miami FL
Phone: 786-529-3998
On websites:
Report: I saw this man on dating site I thought it was weird that he had two profiles on the same site with 2 different usernames. The profile info was identical and the tel #786-529-3998 he gave directly on the site was the same. The photos used in each profile were different but clearly the same person. He used the usernames Golburg and Componett. His profiles both say that he is 50yrs old. I asked him thru the site if he had 2 profiles and what I had seen and he never messaged me again. He never gave me an actual name.
First name: Donald
Last name: Wilson
Age: 66
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Address: 1434 W. Lark Street, Apt. 101
Phone: 573-539-0603
On websites:
Report: This man contacted me on OurTime dating site in early December, 2016. He proceeded to get acquainted and then in a few days wanted to make a date for us to meet. We set a date night on December 17. Three days before our date time, he suddenly had to make a quick trip to Singapore due a business problem with items he was purchasing from there for his business. He went there and continued to correspond with me via email and text and the occasional telephone call. At one point, he needed to borrow $1,000 to secure some products because something had happened back in the States in regard to his bank account and he could not get funds out of his account. He managed to talk me into sending him two gift cards for $500 each. However, as it turned out that wasn't quite enough to cover all the expenses and later I sent him $1500 by depositing it in a Bank of America account. He had me completely convinced at that time that he would soon be back and that we would be married. He sent me flowers and a teddy bear that were delivered to my apartment. He also had delivered to my mail a check made out to him for over $97,000. This made me very nervous and I soon convinced him to send me an address to mail the check because I didn't want to be responsible for it. I've continued to be in touch with him until he again asked me to send $2500 to help him get back to the States because the place where he had been staying wouldn't let him leave without paying them for his occupancy. I told him that was ridiculous, that they couldn't do that, but he said that is the way it was done in Singapore. I refused to send any further money and told him I thought it was a scam. I have blocked him from being able to call me or send text. He has sent an email scolding me for blocking him and urging me to send the money so we can be together. I have refused again.
First name: Nicholas
Last name: Browning
Age: 52
Location: New York City, NY and Nigeria
On websites: Tagged
Report: Military scammer with African/English grammar: am from USA in california, i work for the US army, i am single with no kid, i work as a combat engineer for the US army, i to was deployed nigeria for a peace keeping mission
First name: Owen
Last name: Alan
Age: 49
Location: City of London, United Kingdom
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer ? fake profile ?image is stolen from former member of the board of Unicorn Children?s Foundation
First name: Owens
Last name: Bennett
Age: 50
Location: Austin, TX
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer
First name: Micheal david
Last name: Lopes
Aka: David paul petersen, Michael dirk
Age: 53
Location: Cyprus, lagos nigeria
Phone: 424-282-3093. 737-777-9083
On websites: Mdlf.Com
Report: You have him under David paul petersen. I believe his I'd is 11120. He Is now Michael David lopes as well on facebook and LinkedIn. He is also Fredrick Conrad, Melissa Williams, Dirk Michael, Michael David Lopez, David Michael Lopez Camacho, Michael david lopez Benavides. He has about 8 profiles now on facebook as Michael david lopes.
First name: John
Last name: P
Age: 55
Location: united state of American, South Africa
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged ? African/English grammar and image of a white male and wrong location: : united state of American, South Africa
First name: James
Last name: Brook
Age: 64
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Zug, Switzerland -Bristol city ,England
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer with African/English grammar and image of white male: Am James brook by name
First name: Alloy
Last name: T
Age: 64
Location: Washington New Town, United Kingdom
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged ? fake profile ? image stolen
First name: Paul
Last name: B
Age: 48
Location: Bangkok Noi, Thailand
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meeet me on Tagged ? fake profile ? image stolen
First name: William
Last name: H
Age: 52
Location: Los Angeles, CA
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged
First name: Strongerheart097
Age: 55
Location: Farmington CT
Email: Unknown
On websites: Facebook
Report: Found this guy on Facebook again. Winked at me but once I found his picture in the site I advised him and blacked him. Also turned him into Match. They just never go away!!
First name: Christophe
Last name: Verratti
Age: 50
Location: Toulouse, France
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer ? fake profile ? image stolen
First name: Brandon
Last name: C
Age: 60
Location: New York City, NY
On websites: Tagged
Report: Lottery scammer ? fake Native American Image stolen
First name: Raymond
Last name: H
Age: 52
Location: Somerset, KY
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged ? fake profile ? image stolen
First name: George
Last name: Sparks
Aka: Georg, sparks, Georgie
Age: 47
Location: Grove city Ohio, United Kingdom
Phone: 4242528210, 6105452323
On websites: Pof,Facebook
Report: Met of pof. After two days asked for 2,000.00 for a flight ticket home from the uk. Then asked for a 300.00 visa gift card for his daughter Alicia in Ohio. He also asked for 500.00 for food because he was starving and has the flu. Also asked for 1,000.00 fir his hotel bill. I questioned him on it asking if Halliburton could pay his bill because he works for them. He said no because his contract ended and the company went broke. I called Halliburton and they never heard of George sparks. I didn't send money. After a week he kept telling me he loved me and needs to be with me forever. He said he wants me as a mom to his daughter Alicia because her mom died when she was born. When I ask him a questions he did not answer. I have several pictures of this scammer
First name: Richard
Last name: Jaap
Aka: own
Age: 46
Location: Los angeles
Phone: 646-491-9625. 323-275-1737. 310-935-4447nown
On websites:
Report: Romance scammer. Claims to be a chemical engineer who travels a lot. Claims to work on oil rigs in various countries, but says he lives in Los Angeles. Asks for money after grooming you for about a month. Writes poetry and is a very good looking guy. Has an accent . Speaks Dutch and English. When questioned about his predicament the line will suddenly go fuzzy with bad reception so you never really get all the details. Very persistent and polished.
First name: James
Last name: Vicar
Aka: Bernard vicar
Age: 45 till 55
Location: Ghana, usa and uk
On websites: Be, eharmony,
Report: This isn extremely active scammers with hundreds of pictures stolen
First name: John
Last name: Giovanni
Aka: Giovanni John
Age: 59 DOB 5-21-57
Location: Oceanside, CA, Accra, Ghana, Teipei, Taiwan
Address: 5075 Mendip, Oceanside, CA.
Phone: (323) 942-9629, (818) 465-8573, (617) 586, 2399
On websites: Facebook
Report: Giovanni John contacted me with a friend request on July4,2016, stating he was an engineer for Exxon/Mobil working on an oil rig off the coast of Aberdeen, Scotland, widowed, with an almost 18 year old daughter named Jessica who was in a boarding school in Wolverhampton, UK. He asked me to help him get her an IPhone for her birthday which was 7-26-98. He stated this was his last Exxon contract and then he would be getting his daughter and returning to their home at 57 Via Del Cielo, Rancho Palos, Verdes, CA. the end of July. On Aug 4 he contacted me to say there has been an accident on the oil platform and that three had died and four were injured including him with a broken left ankle so was delayed in getting home. In Aug. 2016, he asked for $2500 to ship home some uncut diamonds he had with a security company in Taiwan. A short time later he asked for $7500 to pay for the demurrage and storage fees since he was stuck on the rig completing the investigation
First name: Luke
Last name: Castellan
Age: 61
Location: North Carolina - Turkey
Phone: 1+336-5430720
On websites: POF
Report: He says he Was born in Australia- Camberra, ingeniring in geologist,, sagitario , blue eyes gray hair , to be relocated in Jupiter Florida, widowed, He is e very good writes , Tello very hiden and is very convincing. Also historia very good chater. And writes beautiful poems, his photografh that Hi post is not him, he evades video conference and never answer the phone if you call him, has a were a cenit some times , luck like two persons are talking in the phone. He is very sweet and very hot in his conversaciones.
First name: Richard
Last name: Adams
Age: 65
Location: Lives in Thousand Oaks Ca. Presently in Cario Egypt
On websites:
Report: Met this man on OurTime .com and talked thru texts and emails and phone conversations. Talked for approx 1 week and then he told he was leaving on a business trip to Cario. He said he was a construction engineer (aren't they all engineers of some sort). He stopped in Texas to purchase some very expensive tools for his job in Cario. I heard from him 2 days later once he arrived in Cario and he said he left his expensive tools in the cab. I knew something was up by this time. Been thru this before. But I played him to see how far he would go with this. He contained this game for a few days and finally asked me for 1500.00 to replace his tools. I told him flat out NO. He got nasty of course and contained with for a few days and then he changed his course of action. He said his friend from Ca was lending him the money and was going to send me a cashiers check which I was to cash at my bank and then send him the money by Money Gram. I responded by telling him he better not send me anything and if he did I was turning it over to the authorities which I did when it came. I called the sheriffs office here in Hillsborough County Fl and they sent a sheriff out and she took the cashiers check along with the phony Walmart letter and envelope he sent it in. I was given a case number and that is the last I heard of it.
First name: William
Last name: Carrick
Age: 56
Location: Coventry, england
Address: 175 beaker , Coventry, UK
Phone: 44 7784 715787unknown
On websites: Skype
Report: I have been talking to this guy for almost 2 years, have sent money and couriered packages to Malaysia and Australia. He apparently is on a cargo ship and is having problems with ships propellor, anchored off Malaysia, had to send valuables off ship because pirates are near. 2 kids David and Chloe, in boarding school, he has lost custody of kids as he not supporting them. Wife died when David was born 9 years ago. I was just flipping thru your list of new scammers on my email and I can't believe my eyes, there he is. Under the name Yalu C.
First name: Larry
Last name: Gibert
Aka: jeffery lawson
Age: 62
Location: Togo Ghana
On websites: Match
Report: He scammed me for a year very bright. Lost a lot of money. Ruined my life. I am so embarrassed. Please beware.
First name: frank
Last name: jeson
Age: born in 1960
Location: san francisco us (now armyuss in syria
On websites: facebook
Report: Sorry for the bad english. I want to know if i have the good site for reporting a male scammer. I Lear to know him through Facebook where he did a request as a Friend And i exept this. Then we go chat for serveral weeks And he said he fell in love with me ( he did know that i am married) He said he was a Churgion in the US army en at this moment he was in syria Then he had a week absence and he want to come to holland to get to know me better. Then I was asked to sent his general a letter with a requist for absence. I found it very strange but i did this becouse i was curious in what comes next?! Then I get I letter back from the so cold general in witch I must pay to see him!! I didn`t do this and I was sure this was bad! I surf on the internet and find out that you never have to pay for something!! Then i knew he was a scammer!!! I said to him that he was desposted as a scammer that i would go to the police to sent them all the information that i have and that he can burn in hell Even i said that he must close down his facebook!! And indeed he did this! Then i blokked him on all sites!!
First name: Jim
Last name: Parker
Aka: Nelson Abrams
Age: Approximately 51
Location: London, England; Sarawak, Canada; Dunkirk, NY
Phone: 646-490-1184
Report: I met Nelson Abrams, of Orchard Park, NY, and working for Global Resources, Ltd., on Facebook and we started chatting at the behest of mutual friends. When we became close, he began hounding me for money and he continues to do so. He now goes by the name Jim Parker, of London, The UK, originally from Sarawak, Canada. All his details and photographs have been changed. I believe his son is also complicit...if he is his son...and goes by the name Jimmy Parker, of Dunkirk, NY, on Facebook. He had been working in Malaysia and is now in Indonesia.