First name: Harry
Last name: Banks
Aka: Roland Walker
Age: 20.04.1963
Location: Pocklington UK, Accra Ghana
Address: 22 Denison Rd, Pocklington, East Riding Of Yorkshire, Y042 2LH, UK
Phone: +44 7934 826719 and +233 23 185 0623
On websites: ICONY
Report: The first contact on Icony came from the scammer Harry Banks (he is similar like Roland Walker in your data bank) and I reacted to it. We have been writing for 3 months. There were some signs that he was a scammer but I missed it. Because I don't knew it. A friend has made me aware that there are Romance Scammers. Then I started researching. I am ashamed and do not want to say how much money I sent on the whole. I've sent money to: Derrick Baffour Awuah, Harry Banks said Derrick is his friend. The money was for the widening of goods. Otherwise he would lose everything and not know where to live with his son. It happened 3 times for this occur. We are still in contact I keep him. He wants money again. But I will only be able to hold him until April 21st then he definitely wants an answer.
First name: Chris
Last name: Jones
Age: 49
Location: Singapore, Uniting Kingdom & Bern Switzerland
Phone: +447440274033
On websites: Cherryblossoms & Whatsapp
Report: I met this man call Chris Jones on a Dating Site call, and he is originally from Bern Switzerland but now he lives in United Kingdom as a Structural Freelance Engineer/Architect for a Construction Group UK. He is widowed with one daughter call Shirley
First name: Wesley
Last name: Volwater
Aka: Wesser
Age: 38
Location: Belgium
Address: Molenstraat 49 3870 Heks
Phone: +32498231139
On websites: Linkedin: (Wesley Volwater), ( Wesley v), ( W v)
Report: Wesley Volwater ( Belgian Citizen) made several women into believing he was an US soldier. He asked many dollars to those women. Wesley Volwater works HCI (Industrial cleaning company) in Belgium, and live Heks! Wesley Volwater make a fake Facebook profile, named Jan Kommeren. Jan Kommeren has 5 Linkedin profiles! Jan Kommeren died 3 jears ago! Wesley Volwater has 5 Google + Profiles! Wesley Volwater has also 3 Linkedin profiles!
First name: Martin
Last name: Douglas
Aka: Doug
Age: 51 to 60
Location: Ghana
On websites: Facebook messenger
Report: This man named Martin Douglas has been getting money from me every week in 2016 and when I sent money to come home with $500 he said he got robbed and stabbed. He also goes by Stewart James on fb
First name: David Max
Last name: Antonio
Aka: Bjorn Nelson
Age: 57
Location: Italy
On websites: Tinder
Report: This man, going by the name David Max Antonio, matched with my mom on Tinder and sent her similar letters like the ones already posted on this page. The stories are the same: He works away and things happen to him, he gets mugged, arrested, is sick in hospital and needs money to cover the medical bills... When my mom finally told me, I did an image search and found him here and on another page under various names. Here as Bjorn Nelson and the multiple other names listed, on another page as James Parker. It would be good to add those two names to the list. I also have more photos and a photo of the obviously fake passport.
First name: Robert
Last name: Ho
Age: unknown
Location: UK Nottingham
On websites: Facebook
Report: He sent me a friend request in FaceBook just at the end of December 2016 which I unwittingly accepted since he seemed like a decent person. He then sent me a message & wanted to chat with me using whatsapp.He said he had trouble with the UK government over medical equipment. He has ordered a shipment from Beijing. The goods was stuck in Malaysia which he had to go & attend to it. He said he would contact me from Malaysia. He flew to Kuala Lumpur, then said he lost his wallet in a taxi & reported to local police. I sent Malaysian dollars 4 times as I pitied him for being stranded in a foreign land.Total is Singapore dollar 61,000. He promised to pay me back every penny when he get home to UK. Money were sent to Hotel managers once in KL and the rest to Kuantan Hotel manager. Strangely 2 main bank accounts were in East Malaysia. He said he will get cash to pay the custom. He also used my credit card to buy a phone which he claimed broken the new whatsapp came from another number. He stopped all communications since 13 April 2017.
First name: Tom or Tommy
Last name: Willas
Aka: Villas
Age: 63
Location: Blanchard, OK - London, England - Athens, Greece
Address: 503 N 45th West Ave
Phone: 1-218-724-5041, 1441163260254
On websites:
Report: Was first contacted by this person in January 2017 from I didn't reply until March 2017 and we corresponded from 03/03/17 to 04/12/17. Didn't think he was a scammer until a friend of mine found some of his same exact letters on this website. Sent him an email and told him to never contact me again. Still received one more text but nothing since.
First name: Finn
Last name: O'connor
Age: 52
Location: Los Angeles /egypt
On websites: Dating sites free dating
Report: Met a man on dating website ,free dating .com.said he was American ,on board ship,engineer in Egypt (gave the name of company ,which exists) came off site after a month .he asked me to take a package ,I refused and lost contact .then we started up again ..stupidly I carried on .fell big time for him ..we then started to Skype ,only txt or talking ,he always made excuse for face time ,so sent a more recent photo instead! This carried on for 5 months there were lots of red flags ,which I stupidly ignored ...,but they groom you.I sometimes felt emails were from someone different!! Eventually he wanted to meet me ,but could I send his flight money !! That's when I realised it was all a scam!! I refused ,so had a lucky hindsight I should have gone with my gut feeling ,before I got in too's left me angry ,and very wary .unfortunately I deleted my mas as I was so annoyed,and he's deleted all the Skype ,I've blocked his mail and removed him off Skype ,which then removed his photo!!! , these people are scum ,regards jan
First name: Herman
Last name: C
Age: 56
Location: Saint John, Canada
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer
First name: Alden
Last name: C
Age: 60
Location: Cardiff, United Kingdom
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who sent me a friend request on Tagged Image stolen
First name: Michael
Last name: Herron
Age: 57
Location: Afghanistan, Texas
Report: He contacted me on Facebook and send me 3 x friends request. When I asked why each time I had to accept it, he said because of connection. Was in love after 2 days and asked me if I could receive a package for him.
First name: Lukas
Last name: Lopez
Age: 50
Location: USA Richmond, Virginia
Report: Lukas contacted me at the German Dating platform Finya. He told me that he intend to relocate to Germany because he was born in Zorbig (a little city in the former GDR). His mother died when he was 6 years old and because his father was an American he grew up in the States. He said he would be a E-6-Staff Sergeant and serving in Syria and looking forward to come on retirement within a month. I became suspicious because he asked me not to talk about us. Furthermore, his emails sounded similiar almost every time. He did not react on the content of my emails. My son-in-law served 10 years in the German Army and he is convinced that Lukas Lopez is not a soldier because all the things he told about confidentiality were ridiculous. And the picture he sent me was not a proof to be a soldier. The contact started on March, 24, 2017 and until now he did not ask for money or something else. My daughter investigated this matter. All I want is to warn German women because I am sure that there are more of this guys on Finya.
First name: Jack
Last name: Red
Aka: Mark Fransworth
Age: 51
Location: Africa
On websites: Yes
Report: I was scammed by a person claiming to be Michael Fransworth, come to find out he is Jack Red. I fell in love with this man and he promised we would marry in August 2017. He disappeared then re-appeared as other people. He demanded money from me. When I did not send it he became arrogant.
First name: Micheal
Last name: Krigsholm
Age: 48
Location: Kenya
Email: Michealkrigsholm@yahoo
On websites: Facebook
Report: He may be a possible scammer because he keeps asking for money. He constant has money conflicts to solve. He had a great imagination. He is caution not to give personal information about himself
First name: Mark Anthony
Last name: Roger
Aka: Luc Roger
Age: 64
Location: San Antonio texas /Nairobi Kenya
On websites: facebook
Report: I was scammed by this man who calls himself Mark Anthony also called Luc Roger also called Earl James Luc Roger claimed to be an Engineer an oil company in Kenya . He contacted me on face book I have pictures of him and his daughter .I feel Nigerians are connected to this man . I may be wrong but he took me for a ride . I hope he gets arrested .
First name: Victor
Last name: V
Age: 47
Location: Frankfort, KY
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to mee me on Tagged
First name: Morgan
Last name: G
Age: 56
Location: Manassas, VA
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer ? image stolen
First name: ameet
Last name: goole
Aka: digital shiva
Age: 31
Location: london uk
Address: london e1
On websites: adultfrendfinder
Report: pervet and storker he want some moneys ask for make picture nakeds
First name: frank
Last name: winstone
Age: 30-40
Location: california city
Phone: +12097548028
Report: I was suspicious when looked at the data and of the conversation as signs of scammers
First name: Charles
Last name: Look
Age: 58
Location: Morgantown West Virginia, US, Oklahoma City, OK US.
Address: 36 Buckingham Court, Highlands Road
Phone: 07710752339
On websites: Facebook
Report: I've learned to spot these. What they seem to do is to hack into and hi-jack a FB profile that isn't much used, They strip out all the posts, photos etc and replace them so it looks like a brand new account. Be suspicious if all the post dates are very recent. Then they use the account to message you and create a friend request. The messages look suspicious like they are scripted and they are all very similar, either current or previous military or public service, divorced or widowed and has young child. Avoided discussing anything about me even though I'd given him a reasonable precis of my life to date. Wanted to chat, wanted to use a webcam. All these rang warning bells from what I know already about scammers. Despite asking him not to, he persisted in calling me 'dear' - something I loathe from people who have only just friended me online. Was over-familiar in other things he said. First claims to be civil engineer, then a marine engineer for company that appears not to exist.
First name: Jonathan
Last name: Miller
Aka: Sgt.Jonathan or Roland Miller
Age: 54
Location: NATO base kubal Afghan
Email: Jonathan Miller
On websites: Hangout google
Report: This person is asking for money to come home or money for his sick son he has ask me to send money to turkey for a package that I am to receive at first I was just to get the package now he wants to send money because it on hold I have send at least 700
First name: Rex
Last name: Darron
Aka: Carlos Oliveira
Age: 47
Location: Malaysia
Address: Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 447053861137
On websites: was on facebook and now on whats up phone
Report: This person presented himself as British Citizen and Businessmen delivering cocoa beans for Cadbury Company in UK. Then went for business to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and later informed me that had financial trouble with shipping cost increase .. asked me for help. Unfortunately I did.. and was scammed by this person for more then $130,000 He pretended that fell in love with me and even proposed to marry him. Obviously he never returned my money and claim to be in Malaysia because cant afford ticket to London I am really upset and heart broken... I lost everything in my life and faith in people
First name: Anthony
Last name: Oliphant
Aka: Anton
Age: 61
Location: Wewoka, Okla
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: Claims to be a owner operator of a business that builds and repairs oil rigs in San Francisco California to do a bid for a job. He calls me to say that they have changed the dollar amount they need for them to have in account for securing job, ask me for 59,000.00 he will pay me back . Advised I don't have that kind of money ask about money's coming to me from divorce. Advised that money I have is tied up in escrow at Atty. He sent 2 dozen long stem roses, chocolates and teddy bear to me before asking for money.
First name: Harris
Last name: Thomas
Age: 61
Location: Houston
Phone: 7133894985
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: Says he is in management in Houston, Tx something just does not feel right about him
First name: John
Last name: Taylor
Age: 59
Location: New York
Address: Unknown
Phone: 6147415847
On websites: Unknown
Report: Army guy got hurt son needs surgery asking for money
First name: BENSON
Last name: SMITH
Age: 52
Email: BensonSmith2024
On websites: facebook
Report: Trying to get my bank account number so he can have someone transfer money from an investment he made and says it has doubled. Below is a transcript of our messages on Hangout A friend of mine introduced me into the business before I left for the mission I invested about $4k and he said I will be expecting double and some bonus. Benson ? Wed, 4:29 AM ok give him my email address Wed, 6:17 AM Benson Smith I should send them your mail? please Benson Smith I will Baby I'm so happy I want this money so quick I need to get somethings done I will get it quickly and get it to you or should I say your agent ASAP. I know how to do that. I asked you about this before remember. I question why it was in a woman's name in Arkansas?? I understand it but it's not for me to understand. They could wire it straight to your debit card. Weird stuff if you ask me????? Benson Smith You don't like the idea my love I will work with your broker to get your money and I will take it to western union and send it to your agent. I have no problem doing that. Benson Smith I believe soon he's going to send you a message.I think he's busy now ok. I'll have my pinkgirl email up. That is how I get to you on hangout. No worries. Benson Smith That's cool baby I want you to get yourself some new clothes and pay off some dept you owe. No sweetie you are in need of money, you have told me this over and over again. I would not feel right taking your hard earned money. I am getting a part-time job starting very soon. It's been a very difficult adjustment I admit to take of me but I'm the only one that can take care of me. It's a rude awakening for sure. I guess a wife's job is never done even after the husband dies. She must continue to provide and take care of herself. Hmmm. it's new & different that's for sure. The loneliness can be overwhelming at best. Sorry to vent and take up your time in the control room listening to some old woman feeling sorry for herself. She sucks!!!! Benson Smith No baby Please don't say you suck You are my best friend and my lover I will be coming home soon baby I need to make things right. Benson ? Wed, 9:15 AM .Just have them email be so I can get you your money OK? I just don't think - nevermind. Enjoy your day O Wed, 9:39 AM Benson Smith God bless you love
First name: Bill
Last name: Banks
Age: 62
Location: U.K. Beverly Hills los angeles
Phone: 3479015137
On websites: POF
Report: Very much like the story of Cino on you page. Different photo. He has same job. U.K. Connection. He wanted me to wire money for a friend. Gave me bank routing code. What was odd when he called. It came up as 222-5555 nothing else. The cell number was never answered by him but instantly he would call back. I This encounter was from 3/27 -4/12-17. When I missed the deadline to wire money which I did on purpose. He became someone else
First name: Dave
Last name: B
Age: 42
Location: Kokomo, IN
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged. Fake profile ? image stolen
First name: Thomas
Last name: Anderson MD
Age: 61
Location: New York City juba South Sudan
Phone: 718-882-7245
On websites: Unknown
Report: I met Dr Thomas Anderson through someone that was on Silver Meet. He was not on this site. We exchanged emails and then started chatting on Viber. He fell in love with me quickly and we started planning for our future. He wanted me to find a retirement home in the Orlando Florida area so I found one. He said he wanted to transfer the $400.00 to me so I could purchasehase the house.It is a real listing on Zillow.Then he told me to contact this security company who handles these funds. Then their response was suspicious. I will forward all of the photos emails that I have to help me nail this guy.. I wouldn't want him to shatter more ladies dreams. Thank you. Sincerely Laura James PS he was claiming to be a Brazilian Doctor having duty outside the US until the end of May 2017
First name: stan
Last name: johnkenned
Age: 43
Location: Bugallon, Philippines
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who sent me a friend request on tagged Fake native American