First name: David
Last name: Roseman
Aka: Michael
Age: 57
Location: Old Saybrook, CT
Phone: 860-937-1275
Email: Unknown
On websites: Was on meetmindful
Report: Michael liked me on meetmindful he joined for the 2 day trial he gave me his phone number but I never called him
First name: Bill
Last name: Bolding
Age: Unknown
Location: Newark NJ. California
On websites: Was on meetmindful
Report: Bill liked me on meetmindful. We started emailing. He says he was from California and in Newark NJ for 3 months working. He sent me a picture of his arm that he said was injured in a motorcycle accident and that he was in the hospital and wanted me to send him iTunes cards
First name: Clark douglas
Last name: Dwayne
Aka: Glen on meetmindful. John Adalhard on Facebook
Age: 49
Location: Glen New York ny. John Adalhard Dallas Texas
Email: Unknown
On websites: was on meetmindful
Report: This person said he liked me on meetmindful. He has a Facebook account and profile as John adalhard
First name: james
Last name: Lucas
Aka: Benson Woods
Age: 57
Location: Birmingham, San Diego California US
Report: contacted me on FB, but found him here with different names
First name: Adam
Last name: Chris
Age: 54
Location: Syria
On websites: Facebook
Report: He says he is a doctor with us army in Syria. Lost his wife a few years ago and had a son who is living with his teacher. He has already asked for money or gift for his son, but I told him I didn't have any money. He is still talking to me at present but I know he is a SCAMMER.
First name: Jackson D.
Last name: Bandara
Age: 57
Location: Georgia - Oregon US
Report: FB shows he's a widower then he said he's single and 2 days later he had a daughter called Maria 16 years old Want to marry me after 1 day but made a mistake writing me a mail in Spanish, so probably another victim.
First name: Lax
Last name: William Hugo
Age: 38
Location: Malaysia
Phone: +601161181842
Email: Unknown
On websites: Unknown
Report: WeChat ID is Lax256 He claimed that he is a civil engineer from London. Own his own company and going to Malaysia to sign a project contract. He needs to pay 10%of the project sum as government tax. He then ask me for help. Keep asking me to borrow and lend him.
First name: Charlton
Last name: Whitehead
Age: 65
Location: New York
Phone: 518-406-6739. 610-634-5027
On websites: Unknown
Report: Scammer initiated contact on Facebook we have been talking since August 2016. He told me he loved me within 2 weeks. He first asked for money $1100 for a new phone. He was working on a ship in sweeden and he dropped his phone overboard. 2nd time he asked for money was in November $1000 for his son in boarding school next time he asked for $500 in December for his son again. The next time was in December he asked for $15000 for paperwork/documents so he could get his 2.6 million that he put in a security co years ago. I didn't send the $15000. I sent him 1200 in Marchp. He has asked me for $3000 last week I did not send. We communicate on What's app. He deactivated his FB page. He is on instragam. Ogedegbe bright . Nyerowho Ghana this is one of the names I was to send money to Also he said his atty is helping him. His name is Frederick wilmas. Email Another name. Banahene owusu agyen in U.K. Patrick doomson in Tampai, FL Augustine Aghoghovbia in Ga
First name: David
Last name: Watson
Age: 60
Location: Orlando Florida
Phone: 4077065628
On websites: Plenty Of Fish
Report: He scammed me out of $400. When he tried to get $2000, and have it sent to his agent, I then knew I had been scammed.
First name: Alvin
Last name: Djurovic
Age: 51
Location: Tacoma, Washington
On websites: Facebook
Report: He added me on Facebook and for the past week he had been sending me messages saying that he was falling in love. Telling me his life story about how he is a widow. His wife having passed in 2012 from cancer. He told me has was a single father of a 6 year old boy. He asked question about my personal life, about my family, their names and many more. And then all of a sudden he deleted his Facebook profile. I have some screen shots of the conversations we had and a few photos I was able to save.
First name: Richard
Last name: Arhin
Age: I don't know
Location: Accra Ghana
Address: I don't know
Phone: 233244996240
On websites: I don't know
Report: He say he is a manager of UBA bank in Accra asking for $52000 To activate my account in that bank
First name: Duncan
Last name: Jones
Age: 51/54
Location: Ohio
On websites: Facebook, messenger,hangouts
Report: made contact with my on FaceBook, claims to have a son named Kelvin 10 years old. Left to New york for a job for 1 week and said he would visit me before he started a new job in Venezuela, got mails from company he works for and a kind of proof he booked a place on airplane. Then all of the sudden he ran out of money and asked me if I could send money to a certain NKUDA VICTOR in Athens Greece
First name: John
Last name: Morgan Kleinholz
Age: 56
Location: Lybia
On websites: Facebook, messenger
Report: Contacted me by FB, said he worked for army on a secret mission in Lybia, wanted to marry me after 2 hrs because he felt like that. Asked me to buy him an i-Phone gift card for 50 $ so we could video chat told him I could not and after he asked money for foodstuff and I needed to help him out. He wanted to bring me in contact with a friend of his called Richard James also in service with him but stationed in an other sector. Told him I would not send him money and he was really upset about it he told me
First name: Steven
Last name: M
Age: 50
Location: Kampung Selangor, Malaysia
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer with African/English grammar an image of white male Typical scammer job: am a building contractor
First name: Albert
Last name: A
Age: 53
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
On websites: Tagged
Report: Typical scam: I believe that age is just a number of two hearts wants to be together
First name: Robert
Last name: Winter
Age: 54
Location: Sudan
On websites:
Report: I met Robert Winter, a USA Navy, now is in Sudan for a mission, in, then we chatted in After weeks, he wanted me to receive 1,8 million USA from Lloyd Bank in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. The fund belongs to his late father who once worked in Malaysia. Then Dr. West Brown emailed me: Attn: Mr/Mrs/Ms Andjani Aisha Jasfin, We acknowledged the receipt of Mr.Robert Chris Winter letter and for the purpose of clarity we will appreciate your name in full and phone number as the new Beneficiary . Also, in order to avoid complexity,we request that you tell Mr.Robert Chris Winter ?to send you a (LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION) which you shall forward to us for confirmation of your claim. When sending the ?Authorization Letter, We want you Ms. Andjani Aisha Jasfin to back it up with your ?Onward account information where you want the funds to be transferred to. Thanks for your Co-operation , we await for your prompt response . Web:? Dr. West Brown, Director of Foreign Remittance, Transfer Department Lloyds TSB PLC lloyds TSB Bank Channel Islands Branch Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia. the email address, Dr. West Brown used is lloyds official
First name: Austin
Last name: W
Age: 57
Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer ? image stolen
First name: Joe
Last name: Charlez
Age: 48
Location: USA
On websites: Badoo
Report: Typical romance scammer, scamming women for money
First name: Diwey
Last name: H
Age: 53
Location: Shah Alam, Malaysia
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged ? image stolen
First name: Steven
Last name: D
Age: 53
Location: Lexington, SC
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged ? image stolen
First name: Justin
Last name: U.
Age: 58
Location: Scotland, United Kingdom
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer with African/English grammar and image of white male Typical scam: Age is just a number
First name: Alex
Last name: S
Age: 57
Location: Melbourne, Australia
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged Image stolen
First name: Kelly
Last name: Roland
Aka: Charles presten
Age: 63
Location: Shanghai China
On websites: Facebook
Report: First contacted me on Facebook asked me to go to Skype didn't take long for him to ask for help first leeunitednation said I needed something else so then associated national warehouse fee of $650.00 to be sent to Houston Texas in the name of prince o ohimo told him wouldn't go thru sent me two other names to western union funds or a bank transfer one was patty doiel in San Antonio Texas the next name was Miriam chaname in San Francisco.I knew he was a scammer from day one but if I kept promising he might leave someone else alone so I at least stringed him or them along about a month. His pic is the same as Charles presten and numerous other names romance scammer have emails from messages on Skype from Kelly Roland I didn't send him any funds and the last I heard from him was on April 29. English was not written well by either Kelly or the so called company barclayjosel1 that was the transfer company lots of red flags called him out on some but he said I didn't trust him typical scam tactics. The Barclayjosel gmail is not valid but kellyroland420@gmail was.
First name: Carl
Last name: Harvey
Age: 64
Location: Atlanta, Witchita Falls, London, Dubai,
On websites: Match
Report: Has unique approach. Very friendly. Says works with Bain Capital. Romance for several weeks. Has daughter Nora Friedrich write and chat from Germany where studying aeronautics. Will ask you to access his account to transfer funds final step needs money.
First name: Alexis
Last name: Kane
Age: 59
Location: United nations
Address: unknownn
On websites: Don't know
Report: He want me to make a loan at the bank. So that he can come out of a camp at iraq where he is a orthopedic doctor for United nations . He want the money so that United nations can pay out his money to me then he will come to me so that we can get married. He has a daughter as well. Writing email to me as well. Think it is the same person.
First name: Brian
Last name: Lucas
Age: 54
Location: UK
Email: Unknown
On websites: Unknown
Report: Hi send me friend request on Facebook. He was singel with teenagers daughter. Work as contractors. Need money to pay for a contract I thought it was $1500 he asked one time Said no. It was last year we have contact for 2 - 3 month. Chat with him on Line but have lose his phone number
First name: Tony
Last name: Collins
Aka: TonyGaryCollins
Age: 62
Location: Peoria, Il
Phone: 309-423-3667
On websites: Instagram, Facebook
Report: He contacted me on Instagram April 6, 2017. I ask him who he was and how he knew me and he said I came up as a suggestion to him and that is why he decided to follow me. Today he ask for $300 so he could get his Capital One credit card sent to him in Nigeria
First name: David
Last name: Barry
Aka: Alex
Age: 47
Location: California
Phone: 4242658172 4198777847
Email: Not available
On websites: Skout
Report: Posing as a contractor, daughter Tricia(16), mother Haga, who is a widower, states his daughter is living with sister in Australia. Mother donated kidney, to his late father. States he is working in Georgia.
First name: Lewis Nelson
Last name: decosta
Age: 53
Location: Bryan, OH
On websites: Tagged
Report: Military scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged
First name: Carlos
Last name: Hartwell
Age: 47
Location: Amsterdam, Drenthe, Netherlands
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer with African/English grammar and image of a white male - Am Carlos Hartwell by name Typical scam: am very new here and was introduced here by a friend Junk mail to elderly woman age 47/69: ,i will really love to know you more than this Says he is from Amsterdam ? region Drenthe ? Amsterdam is not situated in region Drenthe as far as I know