First name: Walter
Last name: J
Age: 57
Location: Boston, MA
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to met me on Tagged ? image stolen
First name: Alex
Last name: W
Age: 60
Location: San Jose, CA
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged
First name: Christopher
Last name: Mccoy
Aka: unknownharry vanstone, Roy pierre
Age: 65
Location: South Africa and ST Stephens nb canada
Address: unknownmillstone road
On websites: Chemistry
Report: Roy Pierre just appeared as a new scammer. The photo is one used by Christopher McCoy when he was scamming me a couple of years ago. At that time I had filed a report on Christopher.
First name: Brad
Last name: Wilson
Age: 56
Location: Louisville kentucky
On websites: Love thing
Report: This man I approached on dating site, the site said he lived in UK ,but he's in USA.,an American.he asked to chat off site ,mails were sporadic at first ,then claim his undying love for me last week!! Said he was a gold merchant,, he asked loads of questions about you in beginning like a quiz!! .he wanted to Skype ,but never seemed to want to set it up.I suspected he was a scammer Became more intense passed week ,then he asked if I would help him financially if needed...I refused and called him a scammer ....he mailed a few more times saying sorry not heard from him since!
First name: Mike
Last name: Schmidt
Age: 62
Location: Usa Morganton wv
Phone: 612-234-7021 or 304-371-2203
Email: Unknown
On websites: Unknown
Report: He claims to be the owner of a oil and gas company called Baker's. He claims I was the best thing since he lost his wife in childbirth. Has a son. Meet him on POF . When he asked me to send him money for transportation cost of sending equipment that was the last I heard of him
First name: Carey
Last name: Nelson
Age: 60
Location: Borno state base Nigeria
Email: Careynelson62
On websites: Facebook
Report: I was scammed by this man for $400 for a liberty pass
First name: Santi George
Last name: Luka
Aka: Bruce Wiltord
Age: 60
Location: Alberta Beach, Alberta, Canada
Address: T0E 0A0
Phone: (317) 759-3765
Email: Bruce Wiltord (
On websites: Badoo
Report: This man stated he was a widower with two children and that he was Spanish and Native American. When I questioned his cell number, he told me that he had kept his American cell number. He is supposedly working in the oil industry and had a contract in South Africa to complete. He contacted me after he supposedly got there and was supposedly robbed of all his important items such as his laptop, $20,000 in cash and travellers cheques and his credit card. He told me they tried to use his credit card and the bank would not allow him access to his funds until he came back to Canada. He has been there since around mid-January, early February and he has spent most of that time supposedly in the hospital and supposedly needing funds for medications because he has no money. I found his picture under Santi George Luca on this website. I confronted him about it and he told me that he forgot to tell me that his identity had been stolen. How do you forget that your identity has been stolen? I may have believed some of his garbage but am definitely no pushover. He told me the last time I talked to him that he had finally made his way to his destination but he now needed $300 in order to get the proper paperwork to be able to work on site. I just chose to leave and not come back.
First name: PITTS
Last name: MANUEL
Age: 48
Phone: 1.336.439.0513
On websites: FACEBOOK
Report: Met him on Facebook and talked for months. Said he was a business man from UK working on a contract in Nigeria. We talked for almost nine months. He wanted to give me my Mothers day gift and a gift for my granddaughter. He had a company check issued to me and sent he wanted me to sent him $3000.00 for a plane ticket home and the rest was for my mothers day gift and to but shoes, clothes and a toy for my grand daughter. I put the check in the bank and waited the bank said it cleared so I took out the money and sent to him . Then the bank comes back and says the check is returned for altering . I was scammed out of $3k
First name: Frank
Last name: Waugh
Age: 55
Location: united kingdom
Phone: +447742627180
On websites: facebook before, but only on mejl lately
Report: romance scammer. Say he is an engineer from UK.
First name: Patrick
Last name: Cramer
Age: 52
Location: Alaska
Phone: I had it but delete it
On websites: First Met
Report: He MAKE you fall with him. Got a company of timber he is the President. He went to South Africa for business and start having problems, SO he asked you for money to help him, and then he said just forget about it I will find a way to my problems because I love you so much and wanted to be so much be with you. SO time pass and he told me that he sell some of his funds and the check will come to me so I can cash it and then send him the money. So i did recived two cheque ONE 9,000.00 and 48,000.00. Went to the bank and told the teller that I was not sure if those cheque WAS fraud so I asked the teller to make a big recherche with it.
First name: Matthew
Last name: Edward
Age: 64
Location: Europe
On websites: LinkedIn
Report: Accidentally thinking he was someone from my church invited him to join my LinkedIn. Since that time it's been daily correspondence with him. I'm not certain if he's a stalsandyker are a scammer seems very nice but I've been told by friends that is very possible
First name: Fred Fabio
Last name: Fabregas
Age: 46
Location: Chikago, Illinois
On websites: fb, tagged
Report: He wrote to me on tagged today and after a few sentences he asked if I have facebook, if yes I should add him there. I did it and I told him I have to go because I have to do something for my daughters wedding. Before on tagged he told me he knowes a man from Interpol who will bring me back the money I lost to a scammer several years ago. He is a barrister with name Thomas Browne.
First name: James M
Last name: Lawson
Aka: Wick Peteron
Age: Peter Manly
Location: United kingdom and USA
Phone: +447418331662 9609625891
On websites: Linkdin, facebook
Report: Contacted med on FB. Wanted afterwords to write on messenger, but quickly wanted to use mail. He said he was a widowed man with 2 children, ingeneer working in london (lived in Whetstone), in a one man company. Called me one time on skype, but didn't get to se his face. Later he wrote he was going on a trip to greece and later Russia for bying oil drums. He then wrote me that the ship had an accident and they were afraid of russian pirates to attack. Hen wanted to send diamonds to me. Was very insisting on that. Sended me this Link, to trace the packet, and the documents i send to. I could see it was a fraud. I later confronted him, and he went on and on how stupid I was thinking that. I contacted Facebook to for his profile. They shut it down. Yesterday I found him on Linkdin under the name James M Lawson, and i afterwords found him on FB. This to has now been shut down. The link he used: This is the Tracking Number: TK028832DE This is the company Website :
First name: Jerold
Last name: Milford
Age: 54
Location: Ghana
On websites: Yes
Report: Asking for money so he can send is personal belongings to you.
First name: Eric
Last name: Hanson
Age: 50
Location: Ogun Nigeria
On websites: Fb and hangout
Report: Eric claims to be in detention. He had also went by the name Philip Johnson. He went to Nigeria to do a construction job to save his sons business and while there he was having people send me money and have me send to him. He claims to be in detention in origin and refused to do a video chat to prove himself. He says he had to pay to do that. He said that he loves me and I should take care of him until he gets home. The main reason to get money is for food and meds.saying the people that have him in detention feeds him only ever 3 days and then sometimes they forget to feed him.
First name: Bill
Last name: Banks
Age: 62
Location: Beverly hills, Ca
Phone: 347-901-5137
Email: Bill Banks []
On websites: POF
Report: Met on POF; corresponded from 2/5/17 to 3/25/17. Said he had to fly to UK for Ins business. I contacted Vanguard Investment and they never heard of him. then said his mother died in Italy. Then he went to Saudi Arabia where he supposedly brokered a million dollar deal and wanted me to be a silent partner and authorize sale
First name: Andy
Last name: Hoffman
Age: unknown
Location: San Francisco,CA
On websites: FB
Report: Requested I friend him on Facebook. Would only contact me at weird times, that were 8-9 hours from my time. FB removed him due to scam.. beware.. don't accept friend request...he is not who he claims to be...
First name: Johnny
Last name: Berenger
Age: 62
Location: USA, Sugar Land Texas
Phone: 904-410-0538
On websites: POF, Facebook, and Linkenin
Report: Romance scammer tried to get me to receive packages.
First name: Thomas
Last name: Grizzard
Age: 53
Location: Folsom, California, Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: +1 (661) 293-7824
On websites: Facebook
Report: Told me he got an account in oil in Nigeria. Moved there last month. Then he informed me his bank card has been deactivated and needed 5,000. And an amazon gift card to buy food. I refused to send it to him. He then said he need 100 dollars for a doctor bill. I told him no. He then again tried one more time asking for 6,000 for an airline ticket. I refused. I told him to stop texting me. He did stop texting fir two days. He text back saying he loved me and wants me in his life. I did not respond back.
First name: Micheal
Last name: Miller
Age: 53
Location: St Petersburg,FL and Doha, Qatar
On websites: Hangouts
Report: In mid-February I received a FB friend request. Because I thought he was a friend of a friend in St Petersburg, FL I accepted. He said he was on a Shell oil rig offshore in Qatar widow with a 6 year-old son. We were just friend friends, but he later asked help getting a package to the US as his son was too young and he did not trust anyone else. Being so trusting, I believed him and helped out but the package was delayed and it cost more and more. I did try to check up but did not then know about these scam websites. I had suspicions because of the language and spelling at times and it seemed that there may have been more than one person. Finally I realized that the shipping company was fake and that another web was not legit. I notified FB and he was removed. I contacted ic3 and local FBI. I think the photo was not of the scammer and I wonder about photos I sent being misused. Any way to find out?! Also, is this a Nigerian scam or Russian? I ask because of names and places he said he visited. I Am old enough to have known better at 67. Thank you.
First name: Clark Douglas
Last name: Dwayne
Aka: William T Dawson
Age: 51
Location: Arizona, Alaska, Scotland, Denmark
Phone: 9282632616
Email: unnkown
On websites: FirstMet
Report: Contacted me on FirstMet. Was very pushy and fell head over heels, poetry, late night and early morning texts and calls immediately - a lot of lead up. Claimed to be a widow. Mentioned and sent pics of his 15 year old daughter
First name: Kurt
Last name: Weller
Aka: Russell Johnson, Raymond Coolman,DeHart Walker
Age: 55 ?
Location: N.C.,Cario Egypt , London ,Canada
Phone: 919-514-3695 or 929-336-3695 has several
Email: blindspot233@aol,com
On websites: the dating sites
Report: This man Kurt Weller I met on Senior people dating site , is a big time scammer . I never even heard of a scammer until he was on the dating is illegal it was a hurry and drop your e-mail address . We e-mailed and text now for 10 months with promises and lies he is great at writing Fraudulent checks and hacking your computer and taking what info he needs like credit cards and he is always going to pay u back but never does. He passed a $60,000.00 fraudulent check on me I will never get back ,ruined my bank account and my life. He is turned in and reported to the FBI . I have kept all e-mails asking for money and have copies of all text asking for money .He is a smooth talker and can may you believe he is for real well he is not he is scamming other women now. HELP we need to get rid of him . He claims to have a 15 yr. old son named Billy claims to live in N.C. He has scammed me out of over $100,000.00
First name: John
Aka: Clark Douglas Wayne
Age: 51
Location: Afghanistan
On websites: Tinder
Report: Ooh busted thanks to you guys, happened to see his picture. Just started talking with this fool on Tinder for about 3 days now. He stated that he is working as an engineer in Afghanistan on contract with the Air Force. As soon as I saw his picture today I reported him on Tinder. That site needs to do a better job seriously. Luckily I just started talking to this idiot.
First name: Sgnt
Last name: allen
Age: 30 ish
Location: camaroom, nigeria
Report: Sgnt allen asked me to help find his stepson, by giving him ?450 to pay for documents to get him leave. He gave me the address of his agent Alake olawufami Post code 234 I also have screen shots of conversation and stepson. The profile has now been taken down
First name: Brandon paul
Last name: Mason
Age: 52
Location: Cypress texas
On websites: Love thing
Report: This man claims to be in u.s army in Syria .he contacted me on the above website .within a week he loved me .I suspected he was a scammer,due to poor spelling ,was ott about everything .very convincing ,sent lots of photos of him and kids .we mailed 3weeks ...then he said his house was broken into ,safe and jewellery taken .could I lend him money for the kids !!! I knew he was a scammer....when I told him this ,he still tried to convince me ,he wasn't ,but could be still have the money !! I obviously refused ...many thanks .there seem to be a lot of scammers on love thing site .
First name: Maciel
Last name: Carter
Age: idk
Location: jersey city, new jersey , usa
Phone: 1-609-528-2754
Email: idk
On websites: and facebook
Report: Maciel claimed he loved me he kept sweet talking me and harassing me in the middle of the night alot on my cell it was overbearing i'd have to block him off at times so i could sleep he asked me today true colors arised he stopped texting and emailing me swearing at me getting mad i told him i don't have money he kept pushing me for money so he could get a itunes card i said no i blocked him off!! he's very dangerous!! i think he's nigerian!
First name: Matthew
Last name: Edward
Aka: Matt
Age: 45-65
Location: Houston
Report: He initiated contact with me through email. He mentioned he saw me on LinkedIn as someone who he may have known and reached out via email.
First name: Bryan Louis
Last name: Harris
Aka: Brass
Age: 49
Location: Kuching, Malaysia
Phone: +601151122481
Report: He supposed to be an Engineer from Australia working in Malaysia for a construction project for ASEAN. After 2 weeks of chat via watts-app, he told me that immigration officers were in the site of the project and took away some of his workers and he has to pay a usd 23,000 fine because his workers were undocumented otherwise he will be imprisoned by the Government. He told me that he has few time and he collected around 15000 and wanted me to help him with 7,000.
First name: Richard
Last name: H
Age: 49
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged
First name: Mason
Last name: C
Age: 51
Location: Tampa, FL
On websites: Tagged