First name: Damon
Last name: Allan
Age: 50
Location: Las Vegas
On websites: Facebook
Report: He claims to be Scottish, residing in London. Divorced, with a daughter named Elisa, but I'm pretty sure that some women tell him his name is Elena. After a month and a little, she said that her daughter was 9 years old and had decided to spend her birthday in Las Vegas. She even sent the picture of her daughter in a bowling alley and another one with the birthday cake when I demanded the photos. From the beginning I knew I was a scammer because I had several previous experiences and this man's method was a bit different from the previous ones but he never deceived me. A few days later he told me that he was returning to London the next day and that they were going to see a museum that day. At night he told me that he had been robbed and had stolen the documents, the money and the credit card. He only had a little more than $ 400 at the hotel. He asked me for help paying for the hotel and for the plane tickets. I told him that I had little money but that I was going to try to sell some jewelry to give him the money. And I went rolling the delivery to see how the payment would be made. And one day she told me that I would have to send the money to a Karen (I apologize I forgot the full name and address but I can search our chats, because I have not deleted them as I did not delete it as a friend, so I can go seeing how things are going and what women are he trying to deceive now. At the moment there are two, one Jewess and one Oriental), woman of the manager of the hotel that lived in another State. The excuse was that as he had no documents he asked the hotel manager to raise the money but the latter had no time and decided that it would be his wife who would raise him.I arranged a brutal discussion, a scene of jealousy, so that he would get angry with me, told him that I would not hand the money over to a woman, I complained that he was cheating on me and this Karen was his wife . He became very angry, argued with me and left the chat room. He showed up again two days later, apologized, and asked for my help again. I told him that I no longer had the money from selling the jewelry I had given to an NGO. In fact, the excuse I gave him was not totally a lie because I actually sent money to an NGO several years ago and he knew it because I told him. I apologized and he accepted, said that it was his fault for having lost his head. In short, she continued to ask for my help, tried to make me feel guilty for not helping her. He invented that the daughter was sick and he did not have the money to pay the doctor. I urged him to go to the embassy, ??but he always made excuses behind an excuse. The last one was that a woman who knew him had gone to the hotel, paid the bill and took him to her house. He also said that she wanted him to make love to her. You must have said that because I always told him I was very jealous. Then he begged to get him out, that he wanted to go home in London. I told him I gave him the money in a condition. I wanted to see his face in a video conference to make sure it was the same person as the photos. I never thought he'd take it. But he did, though I never could see his eyes which, according to the photos, were blue. He had dark hair and eyebrows, freckles on his face, but I suspect it was all a characterization because the eyebrows were too thick to be natural. I'm sorry I can not see his eyes because I could draw his face easily and maybe it was easy to know who he was. I recorded it well in my memory. I showed him very upset, told him that he was not my Damon, that I would only believe it was him when he showed me the eyes because the hair could have been painted but the eyes did not deceive. And I added that I had been very upset and I don't know if he had looked at the camera or not. But he replied that we both knew he had not done it. I did not get anything else after that. He is intelligent and must have realized that I had been hunting for him. Keep having my picture and his on his page, with the phrase Forever together Honey and below, in a relationship. Sorry, my english is not well.
First name: James Craig
Last name: Henneger
Age: 58
Location: Phoenix Arizona
Phone: 760-646-8685. 256-812-0256
On websites: Hangouts
Report: I first met James on Oasis last week.Our conversations swiftly moved ahead to exchange phone numbers and emails.Then we started talking on hangouts. It went well at first and promised marriage after he got back from a ship trip to deliver goods to AsiaThen I started communicating with his son Josh and he started calling me Mother right away James asked me to find a house to live in for the 3 of us.I did find one.He wanted me to buy a 25.00 credit card so he could put the funds for the house on it .Then he said he needed 1350.00 to pay late frees to his sons school so he can take his exams on Friday. He is in Italy. I told him I didn't have it and he asked me to ask my family. I became discusted and blocked him on hangouts. I got two emails from him after I did this and he didn't understand what happened. Or what's going on. Thank you. P.S. His account on Facebook got removed because it was spam
First name: Richard
Last name: Reitz
Age: 64
Location: California
Phone: 1-301-684-4207
On websites: facebook, Ourtime
Report: Wanted me to get a code for him for an Outlook mail account. Also asking for 10,800.00 dollars from me and another person on Facebook. I have the documentation of the conversation.
First name: Timothy
Last name: Witt
Age: 54
Location: UK
Report: The man, who calls himself Wilson Williams on Facebook sent me a friend request which I accepted. He then started sending me good morning message which I initially ignored. Later on I responded and he started making advances, telling me he liked me.. As time went on I fell for his charm and we were like dating, and started chatting on whatsapp. One day he sent me pictures of items (laptop, cellphone, jewellery, bags) which he said he had bought for me from Germany and he said he was sending them to me by courier. On the day that he sent the parcel he told me that I would have to pay a small fee to release the parcel and that he had put some money in the parcel to replace whatever amount I would have paid. The next day I was called by a lady who was claiming to be working for the courier company in RSA and that the parcel would be delivered to my house after I paid US$180.00 which was then equivalent to 2400 Rands. This was to be paid into a bank account in South Africa. Having paid the R2400.00 I was then told machines had detected the money in the parcel and that I had to pay another US$500.00 (6685 Rands). This I stupidly paid as well. After that I was told to pay US$2200 to insure the valuables and the money. That's when I started to be suspicious. All these time I was reporting these payments to my 'man
First name: Brad
Last name: Milton
Age: 44
Location: Waxahachie texas
On websites: Badoo
Report: Contract on Nigeria. His credit card stolen Hardcti back to the states. Widow ,single dad,son called Back On boarding school. Dad left his business to Him.
First name: Aaron
Last name: Park
Age: 51
Location: Glasgow, Capetown
Phone: 011-44-141-280-3845
On websites: Tinder
Report: I am currently working in Kuwait for the school year, however I am a U.S. citizen.
First name: Bill
Last name: Cole
Age: 50?
Location: Cape town south africa
On websites: Match,and our under a woman named Jen wilde
Report: Pulling the old I am stuck in Africa and need money scam
First name: Clark
Last name: Steven
Aka: Toni Fabio, Richard Moore, Scott Bruce, Mi Gael Steven,Paolo Simmone
Age: 55
Location: Damascus, Hamburg, New York
Email: Clark,Steven.336717
On websites: Can be on Facebook, Messenger and hangouts
Report: He send me a friend request on Facebook he was a widower , father to two kids one daughter 14 years aqnd a son 12 years. They are in boarding school in us. He works for FN and was in Syria he want to leave earlier and beg me to send a eamil he wrote . Then I should send $ 1000 to $ 1500 so he could get his ticket home and leave about 48 hours when I said no he got mad and told me a disturb he carrier. Don't heard anything from him now. On hangouts his name is Michael Steven
First name: Rudge Penrod
Last name: Seeger
Age: Oct 16
Location: Syria
Email: I have his email address
On websites: Twitter and hangout
Report: I started talking to this guy off of Twitter. Said his name was Rudge Penrod Seeger from Colombia Ohio and he's in 44th United States Army Second Brigadier General. On deployment. This is his Twitter account Rudge Penrod Seeger @RudgePenrod1. He finally told me he's not him that his real name is Daniel from Nigeria. I never sent him money and he never asked me to. But did want me to spend my money to help take care of his daughter named Tiffany.
First name: alex
Last name: becker
Age: 55
Location: toronto, on, canada
Phone: 647-495-0949
On websites: match
Report: very convincing....widower, moved to my city 3 years ago from Netherlands, son studying medicine in England. Alex claimed to be an architect, too busy to meet till his project was done. Day of date, he suddenly had to get on a plane to CapeTown to receive a massive tender. Forgot that smart women would notice lack of media coverage given how big the contract ceremony was to be. Command of English got spottier in writing. Calls stopped once I started asking pointed questions. Still waiting for the money request to come. Other profile handle was BKTL
First name: Michael
Last name: Steven
Age: 55
Location: Syrien
Email: ?
On websites: Facebook
Report: He send a friend request at Facebook and there his name was Clark Steven then he want to chat on hangouts. He works for FN and want to leave and come for visit me so he want me to send a letter to tem and I should pay$1500 for that to have him to leave. I said no then he got mad and told me I have destroyed his carrier. J never heard anything from him after that. He was from USA ,kids. We chat at messenger then he want to chat at hangouts
First name: David
Last name: Lopez
Aka: David Nathan Lopez
Age: 54
Location: Accra, Ghana
Phone: 310-307-1893
On websites:
Report: He contacted me on as a gay male looking for a romantic relationship. We exchanged 100s of texts, emails, pics, and XXX videos over three weeks. He told me that he was a Structural Engineer and had just won a multi-million dollar bridge construction project in Ghana, West Africa. Suddenly, he had to leave the USA for Africa. I suspected that something was wrong when I noticed a scar on one hand that did not appear in other pics. Then I noted that the XXX videos (body parts) were slightly different in each video. After about three weeks, all forms of communication suddenly went silent (to get me concerned and worried). He called me sounding very tired and distressed; big problems with the construction equipment and high cost of materials. He needed $5,650.00 sent via MoneyGram in multiple installments. The guys who would pick up the money are Daniel Kweku and Richard Vidzro (both in Accra, Ghana). All names have been reported to MoneyGram and to, I said that I would send the money, and then stalled. I led him to believe that I had a lot of money. The more I stalled, the more desperate he became; 36 text messages in one hour! I just sent him a pic of my two middle fingers, with the caption: CAN YOU FEEL THIS BABY? Not a word since it was sent.
First name: Robert
Last name: Fernando
Age: 48?
Location: Baltimore maryland
On websites: Unknown
Report: Will pose as engineer originally from Spain. He will go very fast in pursuing you and says he trusts you etc...
First name: Peter
Last name: Adams
Age: 66
Location: London, UK
Address: 36 Buckingham Court, Highlands Road
Phone: 07710752339
On websites: WowApp
Report: Claims to be from London and native British but written English is very poor and doesn't comprehend common English words and phrases in some instances. Other things he says about his life don't ring true. Here it is very uncommon for children to be weekly boarders at school unless their parents are abroad a lot (and also with a lot of money!) but he claims that his daughter is. I invited him to join my business as an affiliate but he didn't understand what that was. When I explained that to become an affiliate he would have to upload ID documents he backed off. He does not know what a 'utility bill' is or why it would prove anything about you. Appears to be in a different time zone to me, but the UK only has ONE time zone.
First name: Dennis John
Last name: Louchen
Age: 48
Location: Usa- Connecticut
On websites: Plenty of fish, Hangouts
Report: He claims he is Dennis from Australia on contract building job in USA. Claims he lost his wallet with money , doesn't have funds to pay for airfare to get back home to his 16 year old son. He claims he is widdowed. Apparently his female contractor in USA is unreachable. After some time he claims he went to police to lodge report about his contractor who is known to police and he is waiting for outcome and she will pay him back and he will be able to come back to Australia. After he did not get any money from me he stopped to communicate on Hangouts application.
First name: Becker
Last name: Ralf
Age: 44
Location: Krung Thep Thailand & Kabul Afghanistan
On websites: & Facebook
Report: I met this man call Becker Ralf on a Dating Site call He works as a Army Sergeant, First Class for German Army under the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. He is stationed in Kabul Afghanistan and he is widowed with no children.
First name: Matthew
Last name: Edward
Aka: Matt
Age: 64
Location: USA Texas
Address: Unknown
Phone: Unknown
On websites: Unknown
Report: He said he had not been on LinkedIn and guess someone signeded him up. Then said he was looking for a business acquaintance, and though my that was how he was on site. He said he received a notice from LinkedIn that I was someone he may know. The emails back and forth for very kind, never mean or to forward. He was just allusive and wanted my info to call me. He never called.
First name: jayden
Last name: brody
Age: unknown
Location: kabul
Email: unknwn
On websites: wiber
Report: I started the conversation.It was posted on face book.The language was strange , sometimes unpolite. 14000 euro was sent thru western union. The person was who received the money is Hartanto . He wanted more money.
First name: harry
Last name: scott
Age: unknown
Location: Indonesia , Jakarta
On websites: whattsup
First name: Burk L
Last name: Erickson
Aka: Jim Lopez
Age: 45
Location: Philadelphia, PA
On websites: Burk L.Erickson
Report: This guy is a scammer. He's so good at what he does. He tells you he loves you, you're beautiful, you're the woman I always looked for. He wanted me to leave my boyfriend for him. He said that he had enough money till he dies, I wouldn't have to work. He wanted me to move to Philly but he never asked me for money. I thank god. I fell for this guy hard. It still breaks my heart knowing what he does to men & women. I found him on gay sites. Please ladies & gents be careful. When I confronted him about being in gay groups he got so upset. I asked him if he was gay (I have nothing against that) He really got pissed. He told me he was single with no kids. Works as a security deputy in Philly.So he travels alot. Right now he's in Ghana. I spoke to him over messenger. I asked him about his accent. This is a good one..he said he has an accent cuz he picks them up where ever he travels..yeah right. I video chatted with him and he is the man in the pictures that he sent me.
First name: Frank
Last name: D.
Age: 69
Location: Ohio/Virgin Islands
Email: unknow
On websites: Tagged
Report: This man sent me a friend request on Tagged We have chatted on the web site only. He says he is a widower and is raising his granddaughter...her parents are deceased Says he is 69 He asked me for my number and I told him I would not share it he could chat on the site He begged I said no then he said granddaughter is very sick(heart) and needed money for her medical....Long Story I told him to go to Social Services and shame on him for using a child for money....Now I have downloaded pictures and will share with this site....Ladies be careful do not believe all these men tell you....
First name: James
Last name: Hood
Age: 55
Location: California
On websites: Love thing
Report: This man contacted me on love thing site .,it said he lived in UK ,but he was a marine engineer ,in Australia at this time..on board ship .we messaged for a week and he announced
First name: Donald
Last name: Williams
Age: unknown
Location: Ukrain
Report: Contacted me on FB in april has a son called Danny widower then he was blocked on FB while having this conversation I have 3.800.000.00usd with them as statement of my account Honey can you help me receive from the bank Anything they ask from you just try and meet up with them When you receive you remove 20percent from the money And keep the rest to your self
First name: Scott
Last name: Wayn
Age: 54
Location: Riverhead, NY
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer ? image stolen
First name: Greg
Last name: J
Age: 50
Location: Marlengo, Italy
On websites: Tagged
Report: Military scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged ? image stolen
First name: Dawson
Last name: M
Age: 55
Location: McLean, VA
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged
First name: Fredddd
Last name: B
Age: 46
Location: Kansas City, KS
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged ? image stolen from Former Moldovian ambassador in Austria
First name: Alex
Last name: P
Age: 56
Location: New York City, NY
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer ? image stolen
First name: james hartely
Last name: wilson
Age: 56
Location: Californa
On websites: skye
Report: This person has scammed $20K from me
First name: George
Last name: W
Age: 57
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer