First name: Justin
Last name: Michael
Age: says 55
Location: Sacramento, California
Phone: 1-916-554-8169 also 011-447-024-071739
Email: Welcome123@PlentyofFish also
On websites: Plenty of Fish & Yahoo
Report: This guy approaches you with words of finding love and then a trip to London to collect a debt for his deceased father..then yeah it's being transferred and oops I need $2000.00 to finish the deal will you help me please honey?? I have all the emails and a bogus transfer slip.
First name: henry
Last name: eric
Aka: david flesher
Age: 45
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Address: 162 Balgreen Road Edinburgh, Scotland
Phone: 447031846288
Email: or
On websites:
Report: I met this man Henry Eric on an online dating website, He told me he was from Edinburg, Scotland. He said he was 45 years of age and worked for British and Australian airways and had his PhD in aviation engineering. He said he studied at Oxford University for his graduate degree and graduating for a college in Canada for his doctrine. He said that is were he met his prior wife who died in a car accident 4 years ago. He told me he had a son who was 6 years old named flesher. After weeks of talking he professed his love for me and wanted to meet me. We had video chatted several times and I really thought he was legit. He then told me he wanted to come and visit me in the US but he had to go to Australia to work for a few days before he could come. He proceeded to tell me he was sending his luggage ahead of time so it would be there for his arrival. He said he had a gift for my child and later on told me he had 50k in USD in the suitcase. He gives me a website that i could track his parcel. If you click on tracking then enter username:nancy password:nancy you will see where it looks legit. I then receive and email from and agent at all time courier saying I owe 2654.00 in charges before they can send it. Well of course I do not have this kind of money so I sent half. Then he begs me to pay for the rest so I do. Then after all of this the
First name: Peter
Last name: Judd
Age: 55
Location: England, Australia
On websites:
Report: takes a few months to build trust, love, etc... then hits you up for money. He used this name of Peter Judd, used someone elses photos and copy and pasted letters from all kinds of romance and scam letter sites.
First name: Clement
Last name: Andrade
Age: 52
Location: Chilton, WI
Email: pedro
Report: Came from dating site. Widower. one son, said was in import/export business. Asking for money even though was supposedly wealthy.
First name: mark
Last name: Rivers
Age: 46
Location: Says California on profile but is from Forth Worth Texas
Phone: 214-628-3239
On websites: Military pen came from other site as well unknown
Report: Says he is a structural engineer and waits about 2 months and then says he is going overseas Malaysia. After being there supposedly for 5 weeks sends a glorious love letter and says he is going to by you and mom gifts. He then says he can not come home because he can not pay for the courier to send the stuff. Asks for $3,250 and if you don't have it asks for half since his friend will pay half. Usually uses the friends name as Tony. When he does not get the money he stops communicating immediately. Pic on site has him with a dog named Becky. Tall 6'2 black hair , fair complexion. Sends a pic of him in a hotel with a dark blue flannel jacket with work logo on it. Then one of him in jeans and a pink dress shirt standing by the hotel bed. Always mentions his mom and she is in Michigan
First name: David Jones
Last name: Martins
Age: he states 51
Location: Anderson, SC USA
Phone: (864) 556-0268
Report: This meeting took place on seniorpeoplemeet website. We started corresponding by our email address. He claim to be a single father (daughter 14years old) name Sisi. He states that he is a geoligist (oil and natural resources). He had a job to do in Nigeria (his daughter travels with him & home schools her). His daughter became sick, he couldn't get money with his debit card, he didn't have his credit card with him and had no one else (no family) to help him out for money. So as the story goes I believed him and he scammed money out of me. He claimed that he had money and promised to pay me back. He had a client that owed him for a job that he had done and had the client send me a cheque so I could send him money. The cheque was no good. I have reported this all to the police but wanted to report this further to help others from being scammed. I would greatly appreciate my name be kept confidential due to my report still being under investigation. Thank you
First name: ELLO
Last name: LUQMAN O
Aka: Philip Baron
Age: 29?
Report: He has asked me to send $1300 to him via Western Union. Claims he is in the US Army
First name: Robert
Last name: Wilson
Age: 52
Location: USA/Ghana
Phone: FL 561705 2008(Ghana-011233242569130-233242364581-233202387569)-233268972764)
On websites: unknown FB / Hotmail
Report: This man is a very cool operator, knows how to lower a woman,however made his mistakes along the way as, he forgot that he has on FB profile that his wife has been dead for 3 years, he has 1 son Paul,who suposedly is 12 years., then in chatting to him, I crossed questioned him, he said he has been divorced,4 years ago.,he also lives in Boca Raton Fl and that he was going to Ghana to buy gold, will be back to open up a biz and have people work for him and then go into retirement,then again I pretended as if I didn,t remember that he's in Ghana on Gold biz, I asked what was he doing there, he told me he was in construction biz, ha..ha..ha! caught u , the wretch!!! At first he had a story that he lost his wallet and laptop that got stolen, all his credentials and need me to send him money?Yes been a fool for that moment, I was in Jamaica, and sent him $350.00 USD,but of course came to figure out the guy., He was and is a real cool operator, but not too smart. He can be a real good Romancing Scammer, Loves me endlessly, I am his life, his Princess he would move and live anywhere with me. Next suddenly he wants me to send put $2.5mils in my acct, wanted me to send all my details ---the usual, Name, dob, acct# Add., copy No!) that I should work with his banker namely, Paul Coffie of
First name: James
Last name: Scott
Age: 45
Location: VErmont
On websites: AOL,
Report: I received an email from someone on with the username of xperiencexxxxx. We started emailing and I soon got suspicious that he was a scammer, so I googled some of the phrases he was using in his email and the exact phrases were being used by a number of other men posing as
First name: TONY
Last name: LAGER
Age: 43
Location: Nigeria
Phone: +2348060057481
Report: Sgt Tony Lager claims that he's working in a military presently deployed in Nigeria for peace making. He said that he's looking for a lifetime partner somebody that he can share life with forever. And he said that it was me. He wants me to pay for his passcard so that he can file a leave never to come back there and be with me forever. I sent him total of $300 for the passcard and needed another $300 to pay for the processing fee when its supposed to be $700 but he said he was able to borrow $400 from a friend. He said he'll be receving bonus inheritance a total of $700,000.00 upon his arrival here in southern california being his fiancee who requested for the leave. And now he said were going to meet face to fact of July 17, 2011 which im not sure will become a reality. Please help me find out about this man. I am totally confused now. I appreciate any help you could give me at this time. Thank you.
First name: Mohammed
Last name: Anwer Abdelaal mahmoud
Age: 26
Location: Alexandria, Egypt
Address: 10 taha abdelgawad street frm qanal elsuwez street-moharam baik-Alexandria, Egypt
On websites: FaceBook,Yahoo messenger, Msnmessenger, Windows Live messenger
Report: He scammed me out of $700.00 and I sent it Western Union. He claims to be a lawyer over in Alexandria, Egypt. He says he's 26. He was going to come here to the USA. To get married.He has been online with me for about six months. He wanted $1000.00. I told him I couldn't send him any. Acted like I was insulting him by calling him Memo. Memo was another guy from there that scammed me out of $450.00 It could be the same man.
First name: Roben
Last name: Boehner
Age: unknown
Phone: 2347061800433
On websites:
Report: I met this man on he said his name is Roben Boehner born and raised in Italy, in the states for the past 2 years, gave b-day of Feb 14th, 1960. Currently said he was residing in N.H. claimed to be an egineer. A few days after we met he told me he was going to Nigeria Africa for work. Wrote me on IM with this number to call him 2347061800433, he called me and he would only be on the phone for a minute or 2 than would want me to call. I purchased cheap intenational calling card. We continued to write on IM, today he asked me to send him money to Africa. Knew for sure he was a scammer at this point.I did also report him to with his user profile name of Choicepartner830. Thankyou
First name: Joe
Last name: Harold
Age: 61?
Location: Vinland, NJ; Selangor,Kuala Lumpar,Malaysia: UK; Nigeria
Address: 625 Vally Ave,Vinland, NJ
On websites: yahoo,Zoosk
Report: First contact through Zoosk, Then on Yahoo chat. Joe had to go to Malaysia on business. Sad story,lost his wallet. Desperate for help! I wired him $400. He sent me International money orders 3 @ 700 each (counterfeit)Now he is supposedly in UK, still asking for money! I have sent no more, but he keeps trying. Says he loves me. I have reported him, but he is still using same email address.
First name: allyn
Last name: smith
Age: 40s
Location: dallas texas
Report: claiming to be an american soilder stationed in iraq,approached me on a chat site,was in love with me from day one,told me i was his world,swamped me with poetry every day,said he was gonna come to uk,he then announced he needed A?100 cos his laptop was busted and he was gonna find it hard talking to me if he did nt get it repaired,said to send it toTHERSA DEMING,PALMER,ALASKA,USA,ZIP 99645,im one of the lucky ones was i onto him long before,i could tell he was ent american poor use of words that he could nt string together,like broken english,after i confronted him he still tried to tell me he was genuine yeah whatever.
First name: Anthony
Last name: De Sousa
Age: 34 or 36
On websites: FACEBOOK, GMAIL
First name: Nuah
Last name: Ishaq
Aka: Steve
Age: 38
Location: UNKNOWN
Phone: 949-891-6249 and 011-6016-644-1302
Report: I had posted a profile on His profile was on there. I think it is still on there. Anyway, he sent me emails taken from ' I had a feeling something was not right. I guess I didn't let it go on long enough for him to ask me for money.
First name: nickson
Last name: mcnmara
Age: 56
Location: abuja nigeria
Phone: +2348128822788
On websites:
Report: i met this person on dating ste and he said he is working over in abuja but had a car accident and his passport has been held needs to pay hospital bill and asked if i could give him A?400 then it went down to A?350 because he had to cancell his flight back to glasgow on sunday there i just dont know if the person is genuine or not and i would like to find out as soon a possible thank you.
First name: Bill
Age: 47
Location: united states
On websites: oasis
Report: Think this guy is defo a scammer
First name: henry
Last name: norbert
Age: 55
Location: england or USA
Email: norbert,
On websites: un
Report: during one month this man wrote to me romantic loving word and poetry,he told me that he loved me and he misse me and that i was his queen , his wife; after a few days i asked him a meeting in Geneva and he sent me a flight confermation from london to geneva from KLM incredible ; so I confirmedmy suspecions and i wanted to see what he wanted from me . Finally he told me that i must sign a affirmavit of succession for im ,because he was alove and i was his next of kin. I have more to write.I told him to send me this document.He said that the lawyer had problem with my connection.I left for geneva,he phone me asking 1500 dollars.I was waiting the date of his arrival , 30 may.When this date arrived , I sent him an sms : time is out , you lost , you didn' understand , i know you are a love scammer.He answered that he ha found money and he will be in Geneva. Next day he phone telling that he was in Geneva, so i tell him we can meet. He said that because I din't believe in him , so he didn'want a woman like me. incredible this experience.
Last name: OWUSU
Age: 47-52
Phone: 233244048741 233244055413
Report: talked to him for a long time asked for money many times. did send some after he sent many things to me flowers and other gifts. was in mexico then in ghana. saw him on web cam and he sent many me.recently saw him on miliary cupid as jack diff age. reported him there diff pic same person. claimed earlier a widower now divorced
First name: harry hon
Last name: wise
Age: 51
Location: redding USA, Amstelveen Holland, Johannesburg SA
Phone: 0027710043018 and 0027763431446
On websites: datingsite, Badoo, msn
Report: I met this man 2 months ago, he's from america, living in Amstelveen, Holland. Had to travel SA. While he was in sa he was asking for money.... he had to do things and didnt had enough money. I sended money. Last time i sended money was for hotel and ticket for coming back to Holland. Today juni 25 th he shall arrive on schiphol. but i got a sms this morning that he had a accident yesterday on his way to the airport, so...... didnt come back to Holland. I think he's a scammer.I have photo's from him.
First name: Mike
Last name: Watson
Age: he claims to be 40 years old
Location: Malaysia
Phone: +447031867629
On websites: Facebook
Report: This man befriended me on facebook. He said that he is an American who is based in London. He said he is looking for a serious relationship and wanted to be friend with me. I gave him my yahoo add and we chatted almost everyday. After 2 weeks, he said that he has strong feelings for me and it's happening very fast. He is using profile pictures of a handsome guy, that's why I got attracted to that guy in the pictures and fell into this scammer's trap. In short, we became on-line lovers. I corresponded with him for 2months before the incident. This was the trick - He said he sent me some valuables and huge amount of cash via diplomatic courier. He sent a copy of the airway bill that he used with matching tracking number that's why it appeared to be legitimate. Then, the parcel was put on hold at the Malaysian customs. The fake Malaysian custom called me on my mobile and asked me to check my email about my parcel and that I need to pay 1500 USD for custom tax clearance. I paid 1500 USD via bank transfer. After 2 days, they asked me to pay another 5000 USD for additional documents needed to release the parcel. This Mike told me to pay first the 5000 USD and then re-imburse all my expenses as soon as I receive the parcel. However, still no delivery. I only realized that it is a scam when I received another email, this time asking me to pay additional 20,000 USD. These are the telephone numbers of the fake Malaysian customs: +6016 672 7545, +6010 267 9034. The bank where i deposited the money: Account Name: SITI NURAINI BINTI RAMLI CIMB BANK Account No: 03030073946522 Bank Address: No. 261 JLN MAS SID 18500 MACHANG, KELANTAM MALAYSIA I lost 6500 USD from this scam. I reported this incident to Royal Malaysian Police via email. I got an auto-generated acknowledgment letter, but have not heard any update yet. I hope they are doing something about these scammers.
First name: Benjamin
Last name: Fried
Age: 40
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Swansea, Glamorgan U.K.
Address: SA1 3AG
Phone: 011-44-795-160-4620
On websites: Lavalife
Report: Within a few day asks you to put your profile on hold, be exclusive. Has business installing electromagnetic doors, security systems. Has to go away on a job, back in a week. Claims of love. Next day emails, saying credit card expired, he can't cash $13,500 in travelers cheques. Wants you to wire money, via Western Union, to pay his hotel, says he hasn't eaten, father died in car accident, mother moved back to South Africa
First name: Benjiman
Last name: Kofi Can
Aka: Frank Akwetey Lamptey or Daniel Leibston or Samuel Yeboah
Age: N/A
Location: London
Phone: 07707678384 - (02 Mobile service)
Email: or
On websites: Cupid online dating
Report: Scammed $12000.00 plus 280pound mobile top up. He prentended to be a USA army soldier in Aghanstan and he robbed me by saying that he needed custom 5000USdollars to clear his goods from the custome and after that he needed 2000usdollars to insure it and then 3000Usdollars to get clearence papers. JHe claimed that he had 250.000.000usdollars in the package and he wanted to get out from the army camp to where he can keep it safe until he leaves the army in May so that he can collect it and it to USA. He asked me to help him and that he will return my expenditure when he comes out. He his a Ghanian man leaving in London. One of his gang send me an e-mail and said that he was also cheated because he never paid him for the part he played in the scam. Find this man - He called himself Curtis Miller a USA army, His picture of an innocent USA army man with the name of MILLER. He also call himself Brandon Louis also an army man but he his a part of Ghana Scam. He uses a person with an America accent. He call himself an American diplomat courier , who delivers packages to families of american soldiers.
First name: ROBERT
Last name: WILLIAMS
Aka: rob
Age: 42
Location: united kingdom or nigera
Phone: +2348088469717
On websites: yahoo and facebook
Report: we was chatting and he asked for my help he owes me $1500.00 he will say he loves u and he wants to marry u he will tell u his little girl is hungry and he has to send his grandmother money cause she is dieing but she already dead and he will tell u anything i fell for dont want no one else to get burnti save one person already
First name: mark
Last name: russell
Age: 54
Location: florida
Address: 2655 Nebraska Ave Palm Harbor,Fl
On websites: Connecting
Report: Ask me to send him a cell phone. Then he couldn't get money from his account wanted me to send him money, I called the bank he claimed to have money at they had no record of him.
First name: capt bruce
Last name: ferris
Age: 52 fake
Location: he says texas
Address: unknown he says tel aviv-jaffa,israel plano texas military base
Email: and chat yahoo messenger
On websites: unknown yahoo
Report: wanting to send request for leave and to pay proccesing fee and give my id and bank details to this poor capt has had his idenity stollen it odvious by the spelling that he is not american i first met this scum on ayi face book he is still in contact and dosnt know im a wake up to him please stop this rat from getting to anybody else please inform me of results thank u ph aus 0418185320
First name: sam
Last name: neil
Aka: jon
Age: 60
Location: , nigeria, arlington va
On websites: seniors people, facebook,yahoo
Report: romance scam that started supposedly arlington va. 8 days ago. alleged daughter yahoo messenger me today wanting 3500.00 for surgery for sam he had been mugged and beated. is an alleged engineer and their to design power plant. she even sent x-ray pic of fractured tibia fibula, that i found online first x ray entry.
First name: Jean
Last name: Arthur
Aka: Jean Mark Arthur
Age: 52
Location: Accra, Ghana; Monrovia, California; Syracruse, New York
Address: 315 washington St accra medina Ghana
Phone: 011-233-245449955, 315-308-8638
On websites:, plentyofish, yahoo
Report: Scammed me out of $8000 after 5 months of getting to know me...He's French/Scottish, widowed with a 15 year old son, a civil engineer and international consultant...did work n Togo and states his money, $13,000,000 from the work performed is being held in the Intenational Commercial Bank of Ghana because he tried to transfer too much to the United States. Says need to get a Certificate of Affidavit from the Minister of Finance of Ghana, but when I called and talked to the Minister of Finance he stated there is no such certificate. Jean States need $14,888 to pay for it before can return to the states and refuses to leave with out his money. He is super good friends with a guy named Pastor Mark Edward, and Philip Andrew and receives packages through Alex Amoo. The bank manager he is working with is Abu M. Kofi, Operation's Manager at ICB Ghana and the lawyer is Dr. Charles Kurankye who works for Oakhouse Law Firm, but I couldn't confirm his affliation with the firm. And why would a lawyer have a public health degree. Jean Arthur is very good at what he does...SCAMMING
First name: Ruddock
Last name: Dawson
Aka: a military commander
Age: unknown (he said 56 years old)
Location: Iraq, Afgahnistan, Ghana, US military near Washington,USA
Address: c/o Vincent Ansah, Barnes Road, PO Box 91, Accra, Ghana
Phone: +233279930764, Vincent Ansah(Diplomat) 1-327-606-8207
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: met on site Plenty of Fish. He contacted me first. He asked for money to get out of the military and the war & Iraq, and to transport some parcels out of that country, then wanted money for medical when he was supposedly injured in Ghana. Then I knew because it was one excuse after another why he never arrived and wanting more and more money. I lost $40,000 to this scammer. I have Western Union receipts. Corresponded from May 2010 to Feb. 2011 before I realized what had happened. I was physically and mentally ill, under Drs care, at the time this was going on and felt bullied by this Mr. Dawson and Mr. Ansah, who were demanding that I help him. I have several photos of the supposed military individual. I am 60 years old and I am financially ruined.