First name: Greyson
Last name: Marino
Age: 59
Location: Lexington Kentucky USA
Address: Lexington Kentucky
Phone: 410-517-7145
On websites:, Facebook
Report: I had originally been on and was in contact with a man named Andrew pressman. Andrew had wanted to transfer thousands of dollars to my bank account and then wanted me to wire it to Scotland to his account I didn't do this. and He no longer was in touch with me. I google searched his image and it wasn't him. He used the photo of a CEO named Greyson Marino of Marino Satallite Corporation based in Lexington Kentucky. Greyson was in touch with me for 3 1/2 months and during this time he sent me roses, and beautiful loving letters and emails. He told me in the emails that he loved me and planned to marry me. I trusted and believed him foolishly. I was in a bad place at the time. I was in the middle of a divorce after being married 32 years (husband cheated on me and had a secret woman and apartment) and was very lonely and so in need of someone to love me. Greyson said he had purchased 8 gold bars that were in Spain and wanted them deliered to my home in Pulaski New York and then when the gold arrived he would shortly thereafter and we would be together and eventually get married. I am so ashamed about this. I sent him all of my 401 K savings of 38,000 dollars in money grams and western union paying for penalties for the gold, lawyer fees, selling certificates for the gold, etc. He kept asking me to send money and kept telling me he loved me and I very foolishly did so. I want to report this now because if I can help another woman he tries to romance scam it would be worth it. I want him arrested and I want my money back.I feel ashamed and foolish for what happened. He is an awful man. I pray that someday karma gets him back for being so dishonest and manipulative.
First name: Berry
Last name: Shannon
Aka: Kevin Powell Dean Kevin Dean
Age: 59
Location: Dubai and Los Angeles
Address: 1010 Kenfield Ave Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 917-727-9443
On websites: Facebook, Google Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger
Report: He requested me being his friend on Facebook on May 25th, 2017. I accepted of course. A few days later he asked me for a favor...he needed me to send a friend of his Carmen $200. She was getting kicked out of her house. To send it to Rebecca Blanton the landlord. So I sent the money like a fool trusting his word and him! Time passed...On June 7th, 2017 he asked me to marry him on Goggle hangouts. He had a picture of an engagement ring he bought while on his business trip to Dubai. I said yes that I would marry him when he got back from his trip from Dubai. Few days later he told me his daughter Kellie needed a $50 I Tunes card sent to her to her email address on Goggle Hangouts. I paid the $50 dollars and had it sent. A few weeks passed and he told me his daughter Kellie who is going to college over in England got raped!!!! That she got her phone stolen and her purse! He wanted me to buy her a brand new Apple phone that costs $600!!! I didn't have that much money...he asked me if I could pay $300 and send the money to a Rebecca Blanton in South Carolina...that she sold Apple phones and could send one to Kellie right away after getting the $300 dollars from me and Kevin would make payment arrangements to pay Rebecca the remaining balance of $300 dollars. Like an idiot I sent the money by Money Gram to Rebecca. Then he wanted me to buy a $100 I Tunes Card for Kellie and send that to her email account again...because her phone and I tunes was stolen when she was raped. I decided against it and lied to him that I placed the order but put it in his Google hangouts account he gave I am a complete fool believing this person and got scammed!
First name: Shawn
Last name: Reyes
Age: 49
Location: Syria New York Nigeria
Phone: 717-484-9275
On websites: Meet me and Google hangouts
Report: I meet him in meet me he ask me to talk on google hangouts Because it was easy there he told me he was deployed In Syria and he was there for a year and half and He ask me to send him a I tunes card the first time I told him I don't have allot of money to spent but I can send him a small amount $15 dollars after Couple months was trying telling me that he wants To come home and he needs it $1775 for a flight Ticket because the military was not paying for Him to come home I told him that I don't have that Kinda money and he needs to find another way To get home . I know they are allot of scams out there He beg me for another $200 I tunes cards that he had found The rest of the money and he need that to pay off his Captain to put him to the next military plane was leaving Syria on Thursday 6/22/2017 he told me that after the 7 hours flight he will Call me let me know he is home but I never got a phone call Till to day I got a messsge saying that he just made It back to the states and he was going to call me I got a phone cal from the number I provided above And when I call the number back the person don't know who I was I ask for Shawn and that person told me that he was using his phone I realize that I was scam .
First name: Rudy (Rudolph)
Last name: Wall
Age: 64
Location: San Mateo, California, USA 94401
Address: 1725 Dolan Ave.
Phone: 601-460-9762
Report: Communicated well
First name: Garrett
Last name: A
Age: 56
Location: New York City, NY
On websites: Tagged
Report: Junk mail to elderly woman age 56/69: I'm looking for a serious relationship, and I see you as the type of woman I'm looking for no matter the distance. I still think we can form a good relationship Asking for private information in his first message to me: Can I have your email More junk: can you return to me via my private email address below so that I can tell you more about myself and also send you my lovely picture
First name: Mike
Last name: H
Age: 51
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer
First name: Mauro
Last name: R
Age: 53
Location: Houston, TX
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer with African/English grammer: am from romania lives in Texas united state am new here, am industrial engineer, am happy to meet you Typical scam: am new here on this site If he really is from Romania he would not use African/English grammar and I don't think he out set his profile to private
First name: Raymond
Last name: C
Age: 53
Location: New York City, NY
On websites: tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet med on Tagged
First name: Steve
Last name: K
Age: 63
Location: Waterford, Ireland
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer ? image stolen from Deputy Prime Minister (Hungaria)
First name: Williams
Last name: Peter
Age: 49
Location: Saint Augustine, FL
On websites: Tagged
Report: His message to me (typical scam): hello beautiful how was your day Image doesn?t match age. Scammer looks rather older than the 49 years he is supposed to be Scammer is 49 yrs old and likes Hip Hop His about me: : I am Williams Peter a gentle looking man of 48 years of age from Florida ,am a civil engineer , ago and am here looking for a woman i can spend my life with and take care of my daughter and i if you don't mind, Take a chance on meeting a real nice guy....I'm looking for a woman who has a good sense of humor and finds beauty in the world. I want her to be caring, hopeful, and am into constructions,i have a baby girl,and i also adopt a boy after i lost my i lost my wife 4 years strong willed. I want her to be there for me and I for her. Take a chance on meeting a real nice guy His about me: African grammar and typical scammer job - am a civil engineer ,am into constructions i have a baby girl (wonder who is the mother since he lost his wife 4 years ago) ,and i also adopt a boy after i lost my i lost my wife 4 years ago and am here looking for a woman i can spend my life with and take care of my daughter
First name: Augustine
Last name: Maurice
Aka: August or Morgan G.
Age: 42
Location: Poland , Usa, Cote d'ivoire
On websites: tagged
Report: Scammer, they keep sending letter thrue email then after that will send packages, they will going to asked basic information, name , address , telphone # and email add.Then they tell you that, they will going to send a package with tracking # and history of delivery then after they will going to asked money for the payment
First name: Dialay
Last name: D
Age: 53
Location: Elk Grove Village, IL
On websites: Tagged
Report: Military scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged ? image stolen
First name: Catlet
Last name: A
Age: 50
Location: Victoria, Australia
On websites: Tagged
Report: Military scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged ? image stolen
First name: Dautov
Last name: Andrejs
Age: 51
Location: Riverside
Address: Avana Cayon Crest Apartment, no 041, Lochmoor Drive, 92507, Riverside, California. USA
Phone: +1 3237867824
On websites:
Report: Hello, my name is Ni Ni and I live in Australia. Mr Dautov Andrejs contacted me from website in March 2017. He claimed that he is a marine (subspeciality-petroleum engineer) working in oil rig project in Asia pacific region. His FB account( the same name) I checked for his photos. Those pictures of person in FB is the same person when he sent me his photos taken in Singapore, Thailand. I checked with those old photos shown in his FB. They are pictures of the same person. After grooming me for 3 months, he supposed to visit Australia, but got the big project in Malaysia and needed to travel there. He needs to pay agency fees in Singapore and his money in US bank is tied up. He gave me another person account in Singapore and his contact no to transfer money on his behalf. I can provide his photos and bank account given to me.
First name: Paul
Last name: L
Age: 54
Location: Manchester, NH
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged ? image stolen from Gerald Heinrich (Sven?s young boy I think) Ethnicity: Native American
First name: Jack
Last name: O
Age: 59
Location: Avenel, NJ
On websites: Tagged
Report: Military scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged ? image stolen
First name: Thomas
Last name: A
Age: 46
Location: New York City, NY
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged ? image stolen
First name: Alvin
Last name: Jordan
Age: 50
Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged ? image stolen
First name: Solomon
Last name: Jones Beke
Age: ?
Location: Nigeria
Address: Ibadan
On websites: facebook.
Report: The number of my report is: 12168 Dennis Harvey Solomon Beke was his
First name: Franck
Last name: M
Age: 45
Location: France, Cote D'Ivoire
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged ? image stolen
First name: John
Last name: V
Age: 40
Location: Roanoke, VA and Columbia, MD
On websites: Tagged
Report: Scammer who wanted to meet me on Tagged ? image stolen
First name: Fredrick
Last name: Born
Age: 66
Location: Aberdeen Scotland
Phone: +44 7522 976503
On websites: facebook messenger whatsapp
Report: I met Fredrick online on fb. He befriended me. And after that, he convinced me to upload whatsapp for he don't a disturbance on our messaging. He told me he don't want to respond women asking to befriend him. He said he was a geologist and running a family small firm in Scotland. And then, he told me he got awarded of the contract in Saudi working at ARAMCO for a big project. He said he is wealthy, and sympathetic to me, and informed me he'll send me money once he arrives in Saudi. Later on, he told me he can't transact banking transaction for he is not from there. In other wise, the bank over there giving him a hard time. And informed me that he didnt bring any money with him for his hotel and food for he thought he can take money out from the bank there. In short, I offered him the money, and he was happy he showed me the amount of money he's going to be paid on his contract. I was informed that his bank will wire me money from Scotland. The bank was fake..
First name: Sean
Last name: Burich
Aka: Pete Shannon
Age: 56
Location: Newcastle Dubai
On websites:
Report: I googled a project that my supposed internet friend was working on in dubai and suddenly every letter he has emailed to me appeared on your web site entitled peter Shannon to Jane I can only view one photo and it's not one he sent me but I am more than happy to send you the ones he has sent me. I did suspect something was wrong as the photos I clicked on in match .com and the things he says are just too good to be true and he never answers any of my questions . I suggested I fly out to meet him in dubai , he never answered and I guess he would have a heart attack lol. He has not asked for money so far. If he had I would not have fallen for it as sadly this has happened before to me . If you require any information I am happy to send it .
First name: Thom
Last name: Palson
Aka: Norseman
Age: 65
Location: U.S.A. Leawood, KS
On websites:
Report: This individual contacted me on indicating that he had found who he had been looking for when he read my profile and there was no need to look any further. He also asked me to contact him at his personal e-mail because he was not often on the site and his subscription was due to run out
First name: Dennis
Last name: Muller
Aka: Dennis Wackermann
Age: 52
Location: United States Marlton, NJ
Address: 31 N. Maple Ave. Apt. 5 Marlton, NJ
Phone: 19736653894
On websites: tinder, zamama, badoo
Report: Dennis says he is a petroleum engineer who has traveled to the Phillipines on a contract. He had an accident on the work site and workers died, he said he had a car accident, several hospitalizations, and a robbery. He convinced me that he was a legitimate person and he scammed me out of a lot of money. Beware!
First name: Peter
Last name: Hernandez
Aka: Peter Pan
Age: 53
Location: USA Edison. NJ
Phone: 1 614 505 9744
On websites: Firstmet
Report: I was talking to him for 5 days. I didn't want to get scammed so I Looked on this web site and here he is. Looked up his picture on here and saw it. I just want other women to know that he's out there. And to see if I could do anything about him. That's why I'm trying to report him.
First name: Richard
Last name: Anane
Aka: Stifler Heidy,Noble Kind,Jewells Heidy,Kojo,Michael Brenard,Lawrence Gray,Angela Anane,Brianna Lee
Age: 23
Location: Accra Ghana
Phone: 233248806163/233262363248
On websites: Dating sites
Report: He befriended me via facebook as Lawrence Gray an Engineer and as i continued to chat to Lawrence some time later he said he was into selling property and i became suspicious of this lawrence because he kept wanting me to call him.Then i missed a call from Lawrence and actually called back and heard the distinct accent of an African man. Stifler Heidy befriended me many months before lawrence but at that time i just accepted because i noticed his name come up on a friends post.It was about a year later that i decided to chat to this Stifler person who kept saying hi in my inbox.I was now chatting to a white man inlove with me and a little black boy who said he was struggling to pay school fees because his parents are dead and that he wants to become a doctor.This kid stole my heart within days and we became mother,son and my best friend and i wanted to change his life as i did for the streetkid in my country.Stifler loved me and i loved him too until he indicated that he was inlove with me It was impossible to believe he was 18 and it now seemed as if i was chatting to a man in his late 40's.Oneday i called him and immediately recognized the very same distinct accent of the lawrence Gray guy.I then compared the phone numbers and discovered that amongst the numbers Stifler gave me was the numbers lawrence gave me.It was game on for me as i started to play this boy who was professing his undying love for me I played with him as he thought he was playing me and many times i thought i was mistaken because he would force me to apologize for even thinking he is a scammer and i actually did apologize several times
First name: Ben
Last name: Carson
Age: 48
Location: London (he claimed)
On websites: Facebook, LinkedIn
Report: He offered to be a lover.. He found me fron LinkedIn and sent me letters.. I found him as a scammer accidently.. But it was quite too late i think.. Because i already sent some photos to him.. Kindly be careful, ladies.. When i was looking for the company that he worked for.. I felt so weird.. The company is located in texas but he claimed he lived in London.. His phone number couldn't be reached.. Wa and messenger also couldn't be reached.. Then i was looking for the company.. And because i felt weird about the location then i was looking for the title that he mentioned in his letter.. Until i was so surprised that i found all his letters in this website.. Thank you for accommodating us to identify a scammer here.. Hope there will be no one who will be scammed by him.. I don't know why he could do this..
First name: Jonathan
Last name: Fredrikson
Age: 58
Location: Sweden, United Kindom (Manchester)
Phone: 0044 7031898670
Report: He contact me in twoo and ask for my email address. He claim to be an active Marine engineer, working in construction and ship maintenance. Because of his work he travels a lot (China, Spain, Canada, Panama, Germany). He has been a widower for 6 years; has a 24 year old son who lives with him and is now looking for someone to build a home. He supposed to be very religious (Catholic). He writes in Spanish and the way he express in this language is better than a simply translation in web translators but he does a lot of mistakes. He said he was living in Mexico (Guadalajara) and recently he spend some vacations in Cancun and expect to return in October and meet me. He gave me his telephone number but he will be sailing in a ship. I try to call but always sent me to a voice mail. After some weeks and long messages telling me about his interests and life, he started to sent short messages telling me he loves me and he has an engagement ring for me, and asked me to sent him a scanned copy of my official ID, or driving license so he could send me the package. The messages were the same and in a very poor and bad Spanish. I never did that and try cut the communication.
First name: Brandon
Last name: Limones
Aka: Brandon
Age: 7.3.1980
Location: Delaware,Amsterdam NY,Kabul -Afghanistan
Report: I started to text with this man - Brandon through Tinder at first , he wrote me that he is the 5th group Special Forces Sergeant stationed at the Kaia Patrol Base in Kabul , Afghanistan, he started to write me about very deep feelings to me and connection between us , how he wish to visit my country (Czech republic), I?m the right woman for his life , his parents are both dead so he hes no any reason to return to US , later for better communication he asked me to install KIK Messenger , so we started to communicated this way . Then he asked me to write request for his termination as his fiance- I wote this mail to , I also received reply that I should pay a fee 1700 USD . I know that this man is a scammer , I?m still texting with him pretending to believe him everything, loving him etc. , I told him that I still haven?t received any reply to my request . I have safed a lot of pictures he sent me , he is already posted here under the name Chris Limones . I would like to publish his pictures here , I only don?t know how it?s possible ...