First name: James
Last name: Parker
Age: 40
Location: iraq and california
On websites: Perfspot
Report: He added me from Perfspot and ask to be added on yahoo.....he has talked to me for about a week and says he is a soldier in iraq but lives in california. he says he has a young daughter he left with a babysitter because he has no family. he ask if i would send her babysitter 200 hundred dollarsto help take care of her and can't do it himself because he has no access to his account to send money. i deleted and blocked him now
First name: Michael
Last name: Rothenberg
Age: 42
Location: Nigeria Lagos
Report: Using Australian internet sites and posing as a construction worker in Nigeria. Has accident on way to airport and in Heywhy Specialist Hospital under the care of Doc Mike McGrath
First name: JAMES
Last name: SMITH
Age: 46
Location: NIGERIA
On websites: FACEBOOK
Report: comes on romantic strong, within days starts asking for money, but first acts like he millionaire to pull you in,writes poems, then disappears or angry when he doesn,t get his way, or your money.
First name: RASHEED
Last name: AKEEM
Age: 46
On websites: yahoo, gmail and facebook
Report: He is a scammer, he said he is coming to malaysia for his father gratitute and ends up i had to pay for the tax for the money release to him. Later i saw him at facebook with another woman in malaysia. I added the girl and inform her. Later is disappear. He also link up with another guy. Name: Mores Mack - id with another guy Brenny Mack id brennymack and also Mark Johnson id Mill GOten - Dr Desmond Alberto - id
First name: michael
Last name: Bishop
Age: 56
Location: Cordova Tennessee
Address: 10174 Morning Hill Drive
Phone: 720-808-9219
On websites: Match.Com
Report: He will tell You that he is a consultant for Marathon Oil and Shell Oil and that he is a widow. He is a liar and a thief
First name: Kirk
Last name: Haly
Age: 50
Location: New York, New York
On websites:
Report: This person portrayed themselves as a widower but on line said was never married. Said was in Nigeria
First name: Mike
Last name: Brentford
Aka: white hansom mand
Age: 46
Location: Liverpol, England
Phone: 0049-7086090118
On websites: /
Report: He has a god story about he is in Nigeria and has bin kidnaped, and sudently he is ill to, has no money, and pleds me to send 12000 USD to his ticket home to England/ Liverpol
First name: Albert
Last name: Johnson
Aka: Glen Bolton
Age: 12-6-1964
Location: succasunna NJ, Randolph NJ
Phone: 9732291826
On websites: MyYearbook
Report: Cyberbulling and personal information noter ie... pictures phone numbers
First name: Jerry
Last name: Mcdonald
Age: 50
Location: Seattle King county Washington state
Phone: 0112348167449974 or 2348167449974
On websites: myspace
Report: He wanted me to send him 300$ or he and his son would be kicked out of there motel room and have to sleep on the streets in Nigeria. Please send money to Jimmy Jones No. 1 ajasa Street Ikeja 23401 Nigeria text question favorite color answer blue I did not send money as I knew he was a scammer. I was trying to get enough info from him to prove to my friend who is still being scammed by him that he is a scammer. Sadly with all the info I have she still does not believe he is scammer her. So far she has sent him 2,300$ that I know of.
First name: Robert
Last name: Hagan
Age: 53
Location: Dakota City , Iowa
Phone: 2348132873979-disconnected
On websites:
Report: This scammer claims to be a Christian who is self-employed as a crude oil contractor. He tried to get information from me about where I live, that he needed money to get out of Nigeria where he had been
First name: Robert
Last name: Deane
Age: 45
Location: silver spring maryland USA / coventry UK
Phone: 07827964048/07045700792
Email: /
On websites: and facebook
Report: really need everyone to made aware of this i think he will change his name though so need to add photos
First name: godwin
Last name: cyril
Aka: ben petersen
Age: 30 to 50's
Location: ikjea lagos nigeria
On websites: Yahoo and dating sites
Report: first he needed money for his son then he was coming to me and needed money now he is sending packages and wants me to send them to him. i have the merchandise here not going to send it and i am not answering his calls or emails